00:14:20  <Leemp>yay, npm test works on cloud9 (when cloud9 is working lol)
00:14:36  <Leemp>I can only assume publish works too :D
00:15:25  <mattpardee_>yay!
00:19:56  <Leemp> /highfive
00:20:43  <Leemp>Now the question is, Mr. mattpardee_, when is cloud9 going to settle down lol
00:21:10  <Leemp>So far, aside from a few random bugs, it's behaving pretty well, but it lags heavily quite often
00:21:19  <Leemp>And goes offline rather frequently
00:21:41  <mattpardee_>Definitely not looking for a sympathy vote, but managing the demand is quite a difficult task and we've discovered some ways to mitigate the problems. But more importantly we're ideating on ways to make it much more efficient in the future
00:22:08  <Leemp>oh i can imagine :)
00:22:12  <mattpardee_>Long-term we are looking at a much smoother experience in much shorter order than it took to smooth out the issues with the last architecture upgrades
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00:23:31  <Leemp>mattpardee_: Out of curiosity, is it actually the "demand"? Or is it that the new software is experiencing growing pains? The difference being.. the former is due to a massive amount of people toying with the awesome new toys.. vastly more so than were online, say, last week.
00:24:18  <mattpardee_>well to give you an idea, by around 11 AM today we were experiencing a 400% increase in the typical demand
00:24:26  <mattpardee_>by 2PM is was much higher than that even
00:24:27  <Leemp>Awesome lol
00:24:38  <Leemp>Looks like you guys launched a good product :)
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00:24:49  <mattpardee_>people are definitely responding positively :)
00:25:23  <mattpardee_>we'll get it worked out, just like we did last time
00:25:30  <mattpardee_>no one here is running away from the task at hand
00:25:40  <Leemp>I'll do my part and launch as many `while 1: print 1000 digits of pie` in as many projects as possible. ;P
00:25:45  <mattpardee_>haha
00:25:48  <mattpardee_>thanks leemp :-P
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01:16:40  <mattpardee_>ok the conversion pool is now empty
01:16:53  <mattpardee_>those workspaces you had that were stuck in creation should now be available
01:18:25  <mattpardee_>and the migration process for old projects should now be working 100%
01:21:21  <mattpardee_>ricklon if your class is not yet underway (I hope it has been, being on the east coast :), then your students should have no trouble cloning projects
02:07:42  <Leemp>mattpardee_: I think tagging is bugged also. https://gist.github.com/298542f2248a9949cd10
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02:52:13  <vdhant>Hey guys
02:52:17  <vdhant>Anyone around?
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02:52:52  <mattpardee_>hey vdhant
02:53:20  <vdhant>How you going?
02:53:36  <vdhant>Just wondering with the IDE, where are the unit tests?
02:53:54  <vdhant>I've had a look and can see https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/tree/master/test
02:54:00  <mattpardee_>all test files are suffixed with _test.js
02:54:00  <vdhant>But it looks pretty empty
02:54:13  <mattpardee_>and will be in the same branch we're working from
02:54:17  <mattpardee_>in this case the master branch
02:54:17  <vdhant>But I haven't seen any with that prefix
02:54:44  <vdhant>Can you point me to one of the tests
02:55:05  <vdhant>Because I've looked in a few different plugins and core and can't see any _test.js
02:56:21  <mattpardee_>here's an example: https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/blob/master/plugins-server/cloud9.process-manager/process_manager_test.js
02:56:50  <vdhant>Cool
02:56:53  <mattpardee_>https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/blob/master/plugins-server/cloud9.run.shell/shell_test.js
02:56:58  <vdhant>But are there any tests in https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/tree/master/plugins-client?
02:57:11  <vdhant>as in plugins-client?
02:57:19  <mattpardee_>for a long time we had selenium tests that were terrible to maintain
02:57:25  <mattpardee_>and in fact we built a selenium2 driver for node
02:57:34  <mattpardee_>but we didn't have time to fully integrate it to work with Cloud9
02:57:40  <mattpardee_>so we relied on manual testing
02:57:58  <mattpardee_>will be the first to admit though that our testing processes need to play catchup with the rest of the codebase.
02:58:09  <vdhant>ok so for the client you don't try to unit test the client plugins, etc?
02:58:22  <mattpardee_>there are some tests
02:58:29  <mattpardee_>actually in the OSS version of cloud9 there is a test panel
02:58:41  <mattpardee_>and it automatically goes through all the directories to find the unit tests
02:58:58  <vdhant>I saw the test panel, I just couldn't find the client test
02:59:04  <mattpardee_>ah
02:59:11  <mattpardee_>then I suppose the best answer is no, we don't have any
02:59:16  <mattpardee_>or they're not accounted for in the test panel
02:59:28  <mattpardee_>I do remember unit tests though for the client
02:59:32  <vdhant>So in https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/tree/master/plugins-client there are some test?
02:59:35  <mattpardee_>perhaps they broke with recent architecture upgrades
03:00:03  <mattpardee_>https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/tree/master/plugins-client/ext.console
03:00:06  <mattpardee_>some tests in there
03:00:18  <vdhant>just looking
03:00:22  <mattpardee_>these likely will not work now
03:00:25  <mattpardee_>the console was massively updated
03:00:37  <mattpardee_>we are approaching API stability though, which was not the case before
03:00:45  <mattpardee_>we have gone through a number of codebase evolutions
03:00:50  <mattpardee_>to accommodate for scale
03:01:22  <vdhant>So what is the point on the console if its not to run tests that are _test.js
03:01:41  <vdhant>How is it different to chrome's js console for instance?
03:02:03  <mattpardee_>well the console reflects what you get from your system console
03:02:10  <mattpardee_>it's a bit more limited since we implement commands ourselves
03:02:12  <vdhant>ok
03:02:19  <mattpardee_>but for instance, you can run git commands
03:02:19  <mattpardee_>npm
03:02:26  <vdhant>So if you had chromes console open you would see the same thing?
03:02:28  <mattpardee_>most of the extensions have their own commands also
03:02:32  <mattpardee_>not exactly
03:02:36  <vdhant>oh so server console?
03:02:46  <mattpardee_>it's an interaction for the cloud9 extensions and server commands
03:02:59  <vdhant>ok
03:03:01  <mattpardee_>a UNIX-y concept ported for the cloud
03:03:18  <vdhant>Are you planning on having client side tests like what you have for the server?
03:04:04  <mattpardee_>yes, it is a hallmark of good coding practices and we intend fully to flesh out testing on the codebase
03:04:45  <mattpardee_>we had trouble maintaining the level of testing we needed without being a massive drag on productivity though, given the sweeping changes to the codebase
03:05:05  <vdhant>Ok cool and with the AMD stuff you have at the moment for the client is it somethign you are happy with (i.e. the general pattern and the way you have implemented it)?
03:05:05  <mattpardee_>scaling a node.js/javascript codebase is a bit of new territory
03:05:08  <mattpardee_>at least on the scale of Cloud9
03:05:38  <vdhant>Ya totally can sympathize with you
03:05:42  <mattpardee_>well, I'm generally happy with it. I think improvements can be made. For example we recently introduced Architect
03:05:57  <mattpardee_>the plugin-based architecture for cloud9
03:06:03  <mattpardee_>http://github.com/c9/architect
03:06:12  <mattpardee_>which is fantastic to work with on the server side
03:06:27  <vdhant>Great call
03:06:40  <vdhant>You thinking of having something similar for the client?
03:06:59  <mattpardee_>I'm not entirely sure what our plans are in that respect, but it would be nice
03:07:13  <mattpardee_>It would be a 5 minutes conversation with the rest of our devs, I just haven't found the time lately :)
03:07:22  <vdhant>lol
03:07:42  <vdhant>But the concept of what you have for the server would work for the client as well
03:08:14  <mattpardee_>yes, I believe so
03:08:35  <mattpardee_>the idea of resource pooling that architect advocates for, is quite nice
03:08:37  <vdhant>In terms of dealing with JS scale, I'm maintaining a large JS code base atm and am finding scale an issue as well
03:08:49  <vdhant>My latest rev will be to switch over to AMD
03:09:15  <vdhant>https://github.com/Glimpse/Glimpse/tree/System.Web.Abstraction/source/Glimpse.JavaScript
03:09:46  <vdhant>I'll have to have a read thought
03:09:49  <vdhant>*through
03:10:32  <mattpardee_>cool
03:10:47  <vdhant>With the resource pooling, do you go into with that architect/doco?
03:11:29  <mattpardee_>architect/doco?
03:11:33  <mattpardee_>sorry did you mean in the docs?
03:11:48  <vdhant>Ya in here https://github.com/c9/architect
03:11:56  <mattpardee_>yeah
03:12:04  <mattpardee_>there's a pretty good write-up of how it works
03:12:38  * hoverbearjoined
03:12:45  <vdhant>cool will have to take a look... I'm assuming most of it is covered in the main readme.md?
03:12:47  <mattpardee_>when I have some free time I intend on updating the demos and doing a longer write-up of its general usefulness
03:12:51  <mattpardee_>yeah
03:12:55  <hoverbear>Wow cool! A local version?
03:13:04  <mattpardee_>hey hoverbear :)
03:13:12  <vdhant>ok thanks for the heads up on that stuff
03:13:13  <hoverbear>mattpardee_: Hey! :)( Finally done with this semester!
03:13:18  <hoverbear>How are you?
03:13:20  <mattpardee_>nice!
03:13:25  <mattpardee_>I'm good. Tired :)
03:13:29  <hoverbear>Hah
03:13:36  <hoverbear>Got time for a problem?
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03:13:53  <mattpardee_>sure what's up?
03:14:11  <hoverbear>ERROR: Could not determine your mac address! Make sure you are connected to the internet for the first run and login.
03:14:19  <hoverbear>After launching the local.
03:14:21  <vdhant>One last question... are most of the client plugins in c9ide ported over to the new arch?
03:14:30  <hoverbear>( bin/c9 )
03:15:51  <mattpardee_>hoverbear what happens if you run just "c9" on your terminal?
03:15:54  <mattpardee_>from anywhere
03:16:02  <mattpardee_>I guess what I mean is, how did you install it?
03:16:08  <mattpardee_>and where are you running it from?
03:16:10  <hoverbear>Well I just downloaded the .tar.gz
03:16:21  <mattpardee_>ah so on linux, ok
03:16:27  <hoverbear>Yessir
03:16:29  <hoverbear>Sorry.
03:16:34  <mattpardee_>no just making sure
03:16:35  * piscisaureus__quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
03:16:39  <mattpardee_>I haven't personally tested on linux yet
03:16:41  <hoverbear>My launch is:
03:16:44  <hoverbear>╭─[email protected] ~
03:16:46  <hoverbear>╰─$ '/home/hoverbear/Cloud9/bin/c9'
03:18:20  <mattpardee_>asking the dev team
03:18:33  <hoverbear>Awesome, thanks.
03:18:42  <hoverbear>I'm really impressed to see a syncing offline version
03:18:49  <mattpardee_>vdhant I'm not sure how to answer that, only cause I need to do some catchup with the dev team on how the plugin arch will change in the coming weeks
03:18:52  <mattpardee_>if at all
03:19:20  <mattpardee_>hoverbear they are aware of the mac address problem
03:19:22  <vdhant>ok... if it changes will it change to https://github.com/c9/architect
03:19:37  <hoverbear>mattpardee_: Ah cool. Is there any sort of debugging I could send them?
03:19:45  <vdhant>like i know it could change to anything but is that the most likely path
03:19:45  <mattpardee_>vdhant not sure, but if you watch the cloud9 codebase you'll see it reflected there
03:19:58  <vdhant>cool
03:19:59  <mattpardee_>I'm not exactly sure if architect in and of itself will be used ont he client side
03:20:12  <mattpardee_>it may be something similar but need to be worked for a clinet-side environment
03:20:34  <vdhant>yep make sense
03:20:36  <mattpardee_>hoverbear we have the dev who created the local version tackling that exact problem right now
03:20:42  <vdhant>thanks for the chat and talk more soon!
03:20:48  <mattpardee_>my pleasure!
03:20:52  <mattpardee_>ttys
03:21:02  <vdhant>You and your team keep up the great work
03:21:07  <vdhant>ttyl
03:21:23  <mattpardee_>yes
03:21:26  <mattpardee_>thank you!
03:21:57  <hoverbear>mattpardee_: Alright thanks. Let me know if I can help.
03:27:55  <mattpardee_>thanks hoverbear :) appreciate it
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08:29:02  <gero3>hmm installing c9 locally in the online c9 isn't a walk in the park
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12:57:26  <bmatusiak>morning
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13:03:57  <bmatusiak>so when are the "Stuck in Processing" going to be fixed?
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13:50:18  <bmatusiak>blah nodejs had a update
13:50:25  <bmatusiak>and it broke my NPM
13:50:37  <bmatusiak>gg SourceMint
13:53:25  <bmatusiak>o well guess ill just force then install
13:56:31  * hoverbearblames Sourcemint
13:57:48  <bmatusiak>yea
13:58:24  <bmatusiak>i blame dependencies in the NPM
13:58:27  <hoverbear>Not entirely sure why it's even there
13:59:08  <bmatusiak>afaik its used to help manage Plugins in C9
13:59:12  <hoverbear>I don't think I've ever had it complete
13:59:53  <hoverbear>I've always just used NPM and fixed the dep errors that inevitably pop up because the fellow who packaged libxml forgot something >2 months ago and it still hasn't been fixed.
14:00:11  <bmatusiak>o lol
14:00:14  <bmatusiak>ubuntu?
14:00:16  <hoverbear>Correction
14:00:18  <hoverbear>No
14:00:22  <hoverbear>It's npm's libxml
14:00:37  <bmatusiak>what OS?
14:00:43  <hoverbear>Correction, he has fixed it, but it's not been packaged
14:00:48  <hoverbear>Fedora
14:00:55  <hoverbear>It's not relevant to OS, I've had it occur on 3 of them
14:01:02  <hoverbear>Funtoo/Fedora/Debian
14:02:25  <bmatusiak>apt-get install libxml2-dev
14:02:36  <bmatusiak>thats what fixes it on debian
14:02:43  <hoverbear>I submitted the bug (Which had already been fixed) and talked to the devs over 2 months ago, it's to do with o3.
14:02:55  <hoverbear>Just noones bothered to update the package
14:03:11  <bmatusiak>o3 requires libxml2-dev :/
14:03:20  <bmatusiak>to be built with make
14:03:42  <hoverbear>I have it :-P
14:04:31  <hoverbear>https://github.com/ajaxorg/node-libxml/issues/5
14:05:29  <hoverbear>bmatusiak: Package libxml2-devel-2.7.8-7.fc17.x86_64 already installed and latest version
14:07:13  <bmatusiak>hum
14:07:54  <bmatusiak>i wonder what version i have
14:07:59  * hoverbearspent like 3 days trying to figure this out awhile ago
14:08:42  <bmatusiak>stupid nodeunit
14:08:54  <bmatusiak>keeps dieing on folder permissions... i think
14:10:00  <hoverbear>I'm just waiting for the local version to work on linux. xD
14:10:13  <hoverbear>(At the moment it fails trying to determine a MAC address)
14:10:22  <bmatusiak>orly
14:10:23  <hoverbear>(Also a reported, recognized, and 'to be fixed' bug.)
14:12:32  <hoverbear>I'm admittedly suprised they didn't just make some chrome extension that has cloud9 in it
14:12:56  <bmatusiak>then it would be cross platform
14:13:07  <bmatusiak>like for IOS
14:13:44  <hoverbear>I'm... What?
14:14:03  <bmatusiak>i didnt call you anything
14:14:05  <bmatusiak>lol
14:14:14  <hoverbear>I realize it's node.js though
14:14:22  <hoverbear>So it might have not been an option
14:14:39  <bmatusiak>yea that too :P
14:15:15  <hoverbear>(I was reacting to the fact that I'd hardly call IOS a platform)
14:15:24  <bmatusiak>i dont know why they just make a VM.. like cloudfoundry did
14:15:27  <bmatusiak>:P
14:15:46  <hoverbear>I mean, OS X sure. OS X is damned nice.
14:16:23  <bmatusiak>haved you ever hacked a pad or phone?
14:16:43  <hoverbear>I hacked one of the early phones for a friend, wasn't impressed.
14:16:58  <bmatusiak>i turned one into a wifi data storge device
14:17:00  <hoverbear>You shouldn't need to hack your hardware to achieve basic functionality.
14:17:04  <bmatusiak>using ssh
14:17:08  <hoverbear>^
14:17:24  <bmatusiak>not verry basic the way i used it :P
14:17:26  <hoverbear>TBH most androids aren't much better
14:18:35  <hoverbear>At least they don't go around sueing competitors for making "Small, think, black rectangular" devices on patent basis, then proceed in the next release of their software to *BLATANTLY* rip off said competitor's notification bar.
14:18:36  <bmatusiak>metro pcs droids are really bad....
14:19:43  <hoverbear>Most things we use today are really bad :-P
14:20:40  <bmatusiak>yet another bad npm package
14:20:47  <hoverbear>Yup
14:20:57  <bmatusiak>message No compatible version found: [email protected]'>=0.2.1- <0.3.0-'
14:21:01  <bmatusiak>lol
14:21:19  <bmatusiak>node -v v0.8.0
14:21:24  <bmatusiak>npm -v 1.1.32
14:21:24  <hoverbear>If you're on a mac try the new local version
14:21:35  <bmatusiak>ubuntu 12.04
14:21:37  <bmatusiak>:/
14:21:44  <hoverbear>Try the linux version
14:21:47  <hoverbear>Let me know if it works for you
14:22:06  <bmatusiak>trying
14:22:11  <hoverbear>http://d6ff1xmuve0sx.cloudfront.net/c9local/prod/c9local-latest.tgz
14:22:20  <bmatusiak>node 0.8.0 giving me hard times
14:23:37  <hoverbear>Yeah I get the feeling node 0.6 -> 0.8 is similar to python 2.7 -> 3.x
14:23:48  <bmatusiak>now i have to wait for 3 weeks for other people to update to 0.8.0
14:23:50  <bmatusiak>so sad
14:23:56  <hoverbear>?
14:24:00  <hoverbear>0.8's been out for months
14:24:21  <bmatusiak>it still takes time for other developers to know its out ....
14:24:25  <hoverbear>Yer
14:24:58  <piscisaureus_>what happens if you try to run npm with the -f flag
14:25:18  <hoverbear>Back later
14:25:48  <bmatusiak>piscisaureus_: using the -f does fine
14:26:01  <bmatusiak>but SM does not force
14:26:15  <piscisaureus_>ah, I see
14:36:09  <bmatusiak>anybody know how to force SM to npm install -f
14:36:12  <bmatusiak>lol
14:36:32  <bmatusiak>can seem to "man sm"
14:43:05  <hoverbear>Heh.
14:44:26  <bmatusiak>i wonder why they dont have --force for sm
14:52:15  * chiblankjoined
14:53:16  <chiblank>so I have a tiny github repo processing for over 20 hours now on c9.io what's on?
14:53:45  <hoverbear>chiblank: Are you converting from the old c9 repo to the new one?
14:54:04  <hoverbear>chiblank: They just did a big update, some kinks are still working themselves out
14:54:08  <chiblank>nope
14:54:11  <chiblank>aha
14:55:03  <chiblank>alrighty then, so hang on tight is what you're saying. will do, thanks
14:55:10  * chiblankpart
14:55:14  <hoverbear>chiblank: Yeah might be the right choice
14:57:44  <hoverbear>Yeah c9.io isn't working for me at all. I can't open files, some of my repos won't even open etc
14:58:56  * visserquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
15:04:54  * bmatusiakquit (Remote host closed the connection)
15:07:05  * bmatusiakjoined
15:07:47  <bmatusiak>c9.io will not let me pull from heroku
15:08:31  <bmatusiak>it dont like my unprotected ssh key
15:08:35  <bmatusiak>...
15:09:41  <bmatusiak>lol if i was dealing with multi million dollar project.. i would be upset
15:17:03  <hoverbear>:-P
15:20:29  <bmatusiak>http://c9.io/site/blog/2012/06/the-new-cloud9-ide-the-day-after/
15:21:24  <bmatusiak>its hard to determine if he's saying "Its fixed" or "Still working on it" lol
15:21:52  <hoverbear>Sayus try again now
15:22:22  <bmatusiak>"For your workspaces that were �stuck� in creation, we have gone through and unstuck all the ones we could find."
15:22:32  <bmatusiak>they didnt find all of them
15:22:32  <bmatusiak>lol
15:25:06  <bmatusiak>i did send a request @c9support, i think i got pushed off to the side for a major issue
15:28:18  <Leemp>Funny about that blog post, i haven't really had problems migrating, it's been simply trying to *use* c9 that's been rough lol.
15:28:32  <hoverbear>Leemp: Same here
15:28:47  <Leemp>Stuff like this, `Error: ETIMEDOUT: Timeout while waiting for Agent agent to connect.` lol
15:29:16  <hoverbear>I've had some interesting errors for sure
15:30:02  <hoverbear>lololwhat
15:30:47  <hoverbear>http://goo.gl/B1qiU
15:31:13  <Leemp>lol, their Google+ widget on the blog post is broke. Instead of going to Google+, it sends me to Google Bookmarks xD
15:31:45  <hoverbear>Huh.
15:32:58  * piscisaureus____joined
15:33:01  <Leemp>bah, permission denied errors again
15:33:15  <Leemp>I hope they get this all fixed by the weekend :s
15:35:26  <bmatusiak>honestly i like the say the only system was with out SM
15:35:31  <bmatusiak>old*
15:35:41  * piscisaureus_quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
15:36:01  <bmatusiak>way*
15:36:51  * bmatusiakgets some more coffee
15:38:15  <hoverbear>Same
15:41:13  * smithbhjoined
15:41:27  <hoverbear>bmatusiak: Sad to say it but C9 is probably the best IDE in linux
15:41:46  <bmatusiak>not at the moment lol...
15:41:51  <hoverbear>Well, was.
15:42:02  <smithbh>are support requests handled here?
15:42:03  <bmatusiak>vim is working better
15:42:05  <bmatusiak>lol
15:42:12  <hoverbear>smithbh: Sometimes
15:42:13  <bmatusiak>not really smithbh
15:42:21  <smithbh>k ty
15:42:22  <hoverbear>bmatusiak: Yeah but vim is annoying to work with
15:42:23  <bmatusiak>twitter @C9Support
15:42:35  <hoverbear>bmatusiak: Wheres something like Textmate or something
15:43:07  <bmatusiak>gedit my 2nd choice
15:43:18  <bmatusiak>in windows
15:43:20  <bmatusiak>scite
15:43:32  <bmatusiak>osx = dreamweaver
15:43:33  <bmatusiak>lol
15:43:37  <hoverbear>Bahaha
15:43:53  <hoverbear>I haven't used OS X in years but I remember textmate being fantastic
15:44:51  <bmatusiak>i used adobe mostly on osx, when i was dependent on SVN
15:45:02  <hoverbear>Sublime looks alright
15:45:04  <bmatusiak>but now im a git`ter
15:45:14  <smithbh>guess I'll hop in on this conversation..SublimeText on OS X is surpassing textmate but NetBeans is the way to go(at least for java/PHP dev)
15:45:30  <hoverbear>Sublime has a linux version too :3
15:45:33  * fjakobsjoined
15:45:42  <smithbh>how is it?
15:45:46  <hoverbear>Never used it
15:46:03  <smithbh>you should check it out
15:46:14  <hoverbear>Might buy myself a copy since C9 can't seem to get it's stuff together
15:46:14  * dannygquit (Quit: Leaving.)
15:46:15  <bmatusiak>im waiting for google docs to be seemless with nodejs :P
15:46:30  <smithbh>rofl
15:46:33  <hoverbear>lol
15:46:54  <bmatusiak>well they are starting to use ace
15:46:55  <bmatusiak>lol
15:47:06  <bmatusiak>google drive is using it
15:47:51  <hoverbear>Hrm
15:47:58  <hoverbear>No Coffeescript :S
15:48:41  <bmatusiak>also waiting for ace to become the SourceViewer for Chrome
15:48:43  <bmatusiak>:P
15:49:01  <hoverbear>No console
15:49:08  <hoverbear>Ah, there is a 3rd party coffeescript plugin
15:51:00  <hoverbear>Not something I'd pay 60 bucks for
15:52:34  * th3reverendjoined
15:52:39  <hoverbear>Maybe I'll just try to make vim usable (hah!)
15:53:43  <hoverbear>Holy shit cloud9 actually opened something
15:54:31  * bmatusiakjust got a new twitter follower
15:54:39  <bmatusiak>lol nodester is following me
15:54:56  <hoverbear>=D
15:55:37  * piscisaureus____changed nick to piscisaureus
15:56:59  <bmatusiak>ok im frustrated with node v8... time to download bitnami vm image
15:57:02  * piscisaureusquit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
15:58:04  <hoverbear>:-P
15:59:58  <hoverbear>As much as I like Cloud9, a local setup of it easily trumps the online version, it's so much faster
16:01:45  <bmatusiak>not if you have node v8
16:01:47  <bmatusiak>lol
16:01:53  <hoverbear>I have node v8 :-P
16:02:04  <bmatusiak>did you update?
16:02:07  <bmatusiak>or fresh install
16:02:13  <hoverbear>I've never used 0.6
16:03:41  <bmatusiak>bmatusiak> when was nodejs 0.8.0 released?
16:03:41  <bmatusiak>WarheadsSE> monday
16:04:51  <hoverbear>I unno then haha
16:05:01  <hoverbear>I was using 0.8.x for awhile now
16:05:13  * piscisaureus_joined
16:06:15  <bmatusiak>you may be using beta or something
16:06:45  <Leemp>Bah, can't push to github again
16:06:52  <Leemp>private key permission issue.
16:07:44  * piscisaureus__joined
16:10:13  * piscisaureus_quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
16:10:47  <bmatusiak>same
16:11:45  <bmatusiak>are they using aws?
16:22:40  <hoverbear>Yez
16:22:52  <hoverbear>Looks like they're using cloudfront
16:27:54  * fjakobsquit (Quit: fjakobs)
16:30:02  * smithbhquit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: http://www.textualapp.com/)
16:35:36  <bmatusiak>https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/
16:35:56  <bmatusiak>free dns by google if anybody needs
16:36:20  <bmatusiak>o ways
16:36:41  <bmatusiak>not free dns
16:41:15  * Gabriel082joined
16:41:39  <Gabriel082>hello guys, i'm trying C9 with a php file, cant find the autocomplete shortcut :(
16:42:45  <hoverbear> Gabriel082 Edit -> Bottom
16:42:59  <hoverbear>Gabriel082: Ctrl+Space ~should~ also work
16:43:07  <hoverbear>I don't think C9 has php completition though
16:43:18  <hoverbear>I've only seen it work with javascript
16:43:49  <hoverbear>(Don't take my word for it, I've only used it for javascript, html, css, and coffeescript
16:44:20  * fjakobsjoined
16:45:20  <Gabriel082>yeah, i tried it
16:45:32  <Gabriel082>and also all other possible combo used in common IDEs
16:45:41  <Gabriel082>seems completion is off with PHP
16:46:01  <Gabriel082>thank you guys!
16:46:04  * Gabriel082quit (Client Quit)
17:09:08  <bmatusiak>i had to go back to 0.6.19
17:09:10  <bmatusiak>:/
17:09:32  <bmatusiak>but at least its working with sm
17:14:54  <bmatusiak>YAY github master is working !
17:15:44  <hoverbear>Hahaha
17:23:29  <Leemp>Anyone know if this new fancy version of cloud9 is officially public? Or is it just exposed to the old beta users?
17:26:48  <bmatusiak>huh leemp?
17:27:11  <Leemp>bmatusiak: Not sure how else to word that lol.
17:27:22  <bmatusiak>there currently no beta afaik
17:27:31  <Leemp>There was last week
17:27:39  <bmatusiak>whats on c9.io is what everybody sees
17:27:40  <Leemp>So, i'll assume this new version is public
17:27:46  <bmatusiak>yup
17:27:51  <bmatusiak>beta became public
17:27:59  <Leemp>Well, to be fair, c9.io hosted both public and beta :P
17:28:19  <bmatusiak>beta to merged to stable "public"
17:28:27  <Leemp>Ah, gotcha
17:29:14  <bmatusiak>they did a big migration
17:29:22  <bmatusiak>:P
17:29:41  <bmatusiak>still few small bugs and kinks to work out
17:30:24  <bmatusiak>mainly because of demand when released
17:37:03  * sergeygjoined
17:37:59  <sergeyg>just so you guys know, the fact that I can't view other people's projects without a premium account is stupid and I won't be using cloud9 anymore. I understand you want to monetize it and all, but read-only mode was enough for that in my opinion.
17:38:10  * piscisaureus__quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
17:38:52  <sergeyg>quite unfortunate, as I liked the product before.
18:00:13  <Leemp>sergeyg: That's not true anymore
18:00:58  <Leemp>It still annoyingly has a popup constantly (which i am going to report as an issue), but you can view projects without accounts now
18:01:07  <sergeyg>"anymore" being 10 minutes ago?
18:01:48  <Leemp>As of the most recent update. I'm surprised you're not seeing it.. try refreshing your cache? I believe it's a public update
18:01:57  <Leemp>sergeyg: Try viewing this, http://c9.io/leeolayvar/bork
18:02:18  <Leemp>If you open package.json, you can even see my cursor, and what i have selected
18:02:21  <sergeyg>oh ok it works now
18:02:31  <Leemp>Live edits
18:02:50  <sergeyg>so I can modify others' files without a premium account now?
18:03:10  <Leemp>I'm not sure there, i don't have two accounts
18:03:34  <Leemp>collaboration might be a premium feature.. lemme see if it shows on the main site
18:04:46  <Leemp>sergeyg: http://c9.io/site/pricing/
18:04:56  <sergeyg>I still can't access my friend's project
18:04:59  <Leemp>It shows free as having Unlimited Collaborators
18:05:04  <Leemp>sergeyg: Has he added you?
18:05:09  <sergeyg>yes
18:05:17  <sergeyg>all that did was sent me an email with a link to his workspace
18:05:56  <Leemp>Not sure there. c9.io is in the middle of a huge update, and it's causing some issues
18:08:54  <Leemp>Open an issue perhaps?
18:11:12  <Leemp>sergeyg: Try viewing your friends project, and "request editing rights"
18:11:28  <sergeyg>it does a popup and redirects me to my own project
18:11:33  <sergeyg>I don't even have that option
18:13:31  <Leemp>I dunno :/, i'd recommend opening a support ticket. I haven't done it yet, so i'm not sure how it's done
18:15:32  <sergeyg>*shrug* I don't know, I was using this for personal use and don't care enough about it to complain "officially". I was just making sure there was no policy change
18:15:54  * fjakobsquit (Quit: fjakobs)
18:25:58  * fjakobsjoined
18:26:04  * fjakobspart
18:26:39  <Leemp>sergeyg: I don't think it was ever any type of policy change, it's features and implementing them
18:26:57  <Leemp>sergeyg: I'm not sure if it was even implemented before, i *believe* collaboration is a new feature.
18:27:04  <Leemp>Collaboration and VMs
18:28:17  <sergeyg>right, but I was able to view others' code before
18:28:31  <sergeyg>and if I am not able to now, that is a policy change
18:28:41  <sergeyg>now, as we just figured out, there is no policy change, just bugs
18:28:42  <Leemp>Why aren't you? Didn't you view mine?
18:28:56  <sergeyg>yes, but I still cannot view my friend's
18:28:59  <Leemp>Ah
18:29:29  <Leemp>Yea, the new system has to be migrated to.. and the sheer volume of migration has been some trouble for them, i believe
18:29:34  <sergeyg>that's fine
18:29:41  <sergeyg>I thought this was a feature, not a bug =)
18:29:44  <sergeyg>and came here to complain
18:29:48  <sergeyg>that is all
18:30:00  <Leemp>Yea
18:56:46  * gjtorikianjoined
19:07:05  * visserjoined
19:18:05  * Franciscjoined
19:18:37  <Francisc>How can I use C9 with my localhost projects?
19:26:49  <hoverbear>Francisc: Privately?
19:28:02  * neonstalwartjoined
19:29:59  * neonstalwartquit (Client Quit)
19:36:22  * flyingmana___joined
19:39:43  * flyingmana__quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
19:40:02  * dannygjoined
19:44:02  <Francisc>Yeah.
19:44:13  <Francisc>Collaboration is OK I guess. But I want to play around with it first.
19:44:49  <Francisc>So privately.
19:48:13  <bmatusiak>surprising not to see matt today
19:50:49  <bmatusiak>master seems to be stable enuff to use :P
20:03:15  <hoverbear>Yeah usually Matt is always here
20:05:51  * Franciscquit
20:07:40  * neonstalwartjoined
20:10:15  <neonstalwart>which branch does everyone work from? i normally update each day (even a few times) and both beta and master have been a little unstable recently. just wondering if anyone else experiences this.
20:30:16  * jkridnerquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:30:35  * jkridner_joined
20:35:37  * dannygquit (Quit: Leaving.)
20:37:04  <gjtorikian>Matt is at Google I/O
20:37:11  <gjtorikian>hustlin'
20:37:26  <gjtorikian>neonstalwart: as of yesterday we're back on master
20:37:28  <gjtorikian>master === c9.io
20:38:05  <neonstalwart>gjtorikian: that's what i thought. i'm surprised it's not broken right now… i have a ton of socket.io errors
20:38:09  <neonstalwart>when using it locally
20:40:33  <neonstalwart>i think https://github.com/ajaxorg/socket.io-client/commit/9d0c0631f390538134a7d1f841db2c72d79f8cb4 is a fix for the errors i'm seeing but i think a new minified file needs to be generated
20:41:28  <gjtorikian>perhaps; you can make a new minified file by calling make package
20:41:37  <gjtorikian>the person who did the socket.io stuff recently….is also at Google I/O ;p
20:41:49  <neonstalwart>good call - i should have though to try that
20:42:15  <neonstalwart>i tend to figure out most things on my own so i'm disappointed in myself for not trying that already :)
20:42:33  * `3rdEdenjoined
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21:13:12  * sergeygquit (Quit: sergeyg)
21:14:13  * piscisaureus_joined
21:54:54  * hoverbearquit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:12:23  * neonstalwartpart
22:17:37  * visserquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:59:17  * gjtorikianquit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: http://www.textualapp.com/)
23:00:52  * Tickthokkjoined
23:02:02  <Tickthokk>Hello! I have a free account, and I'm attempting to copy a github repo into my one free private cloud9 workspace, and I receive this error: "Error: Not enough credits to create this project at ___ " as well as a bunch of other text
23:07:22  * Tickthokkquit (Quit: Page closed)
23:09:32  * fjakobsjoined
23:12:28  * fjakobsquit (Client Quit)
23:33:14  * fjakobsjoined
23:48:55  * bnoordhuisjoined
23:51:37  * wingyjoined
23:51:47  <wingy>is it possible to install clojure in the workspace?