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01:07:21  <Leeol2>Gah, cloud9 is still acting up.
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01:08:29  <Leeol2>mattpardee_: Fix c9 :P
01:12:16  <mattpardee>trying man, trying :)
01:15:14  <Leeol2>Just venting :s
01:15:42  <Leeol2>oddly enough, i load up FireFox and it's been fine so far..
01:15:46  <Leeol2>*cross fingers*
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03:36:34  <Leeol>Has anyone been able to use c9.io at all today? Is there a trick i am missing?
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03:40:37  <aharvey>Hey All. Anyone else bouncing on and offline with their workspace at the moment? Having a tough time saving changes.
03:41:21  <Leeol>aharvey: All day :/
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03:41:59  <aharvey>Leeol: ah alright, thanks! :-/
03:42:07  <Leeol>I haven't installed the master branch since the new feature push, but i am trying now. c9.io is just too unstable to rely on.
03:42:47  <aharvey>Yeah smart move. It's been rough today -- usually works ok during the daytime in the USA, I consistently have problems at night however.
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03:54:33  <Leeol>mattpardee_: Any opinion on a good stable cloud9 branch?
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04:55:53  <superthebobfredm>good morning!
04:57:37  <aharvey>I was about to say goodnight!
04:57:51  <superthebobfredm>getting a little late in the Netherlands?
04:57:52  <superthebobfredm>:)
04:58:18  <aharvey>Haha, I'm in Texas -- just a user who came in to see if anyone else is getting bounced on and offline all day.
04:58:30  <superthebobfredm>ah!
04:58:44  <aharvey>And the word was yes, it seems to be a common problem! So I'm giving up for tonight and going to bed.
04:58:49  <superthebobfredm>I haven't been able to start using c9 how I'd like to, yet, so I wouldn't know...
04:59:04  <aharvey>It's mostly awesome!
04:59:11  <superthebobfredm>yeah, it seems that way
04:59:14  <aharvey>I'm sure they'll get the kinks worked out.
04:59:26  <superthebobfredm>I just want to be able to sync between a remote site and my local file system
04:59:44  <superthebobfredm>yeah, I have no doubt. they seem to be some decent developers....
04:59:51  <aharvey>Better than me, that's for sure.
04:59:59  <aharvey>Alright man, headed to bed -- night!
04:59:59  <superthebobfredm>ha!
05:00:05  <superthebobfredm>have a good'n
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10:08:10  <junt>hello, i have a problem using c9 from office network, it seems always offline :\
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16:33:51  <Leeol>junt: c9 was having some problems yesterday
16:34:20  <mattpardee>we are still working through connection issues
16:46:43  <Leeol>so i see (offline heh)
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16:50:28  <mattpardee>we just pushed a new release
16:50:37  <Leeol>mattpardee: Quit doing that :P
16:50:50  <mattpardee>are you still seeing socket.io errors
16:50:56  <mattpardee>or getting kicked offline at the moment
16:50:58  <mattpardee>(after you refresh ofc)
16:51:01  <Leeol>As of 30 seconds ago, yes
16:51:06  <Leeol>But just now i refreshed and it loaded
16:51:39  <Leeol>I'll ping you if it offlines again :)
16:51:49  <Leeol>mattpardee: Want me to clear my cache or anything?
16:51:59  <mattpardee>no that shouldn't be an issue
16:52:03  <Leeol>k
16:55:04  <Leeol>Files are taking a bit to load, but they're loading
16:55:14  <Leeol>mattpardee: Offline heh
16:55:49  <Leeol>Attempted to load 2 files and do a git command. The files loaded after a moment, the command lagged behind, then it all went offline
16:56:03  <Leeol>I'm back "online" now, but the command is still spinning up
16:56:21  <mattpardee>which project
16:56:24  <mattpardee>url
16:56:27  <Leeol>mattpardee: https://c9.io/leeolayvar/fenearstreamer
16:56:54  <Leeol>i tried refreshing the page with very little luck
16:57:13  <Leeol>Oddly enough, after refreshing the page, the command i was trying to execute showed in the console again, as if it was trying to work
16:58:07  <mattpardee>whoa whoa wahoa
16:58:13  <mattpardee>ok something is very fucking wrong
16:58:15  <mattpardee>brb
16:59:46  <Leeol>That was an interesting response :P
16:59:52  <Leeol>Made me "lol" "irl"
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17:01:26  <ggoodman>hey mattpardee you were telling me something about the way c9 proxies requests and x-forwarded-for
17:01:38  <ggoodman>i am having issues w/ oauth2 and wonder if this may be the cause
17:01:46  <mattpardee>yeah
17:01:55  <mattpardee>what issues
17:02:57  <ggoodman>redirect_uri_mismatch coming back from github's oauth provider with code that works on other setups
17:03:50  <mattpardee>ok but what's the issue on cloud9
17:04:00  <mattpardee>it redirects you to redhat's internal IP?
17:04:05  <mattpardee>it redirects you to redhat's internal IP/host?
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17:05:17  <ggoodman>i really have no idea, b/c i can't see what it's doing
17:05:48  <mattpardee>ok
17:05:52  <mattpardee>but what is happening
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17:06:08  <mattpardee>I mean what is the core issue that happens or doesn't happen
17:07:36  <Leeol>mattpardee: Offline again (though i'm not really working on it, just telling you)
17:07:42  <Leeol>.. and online again, that was fast
17:07:44  <Leeol>offline!
17:08:00  <mattpardee>hm
17:08:03  <ggoodman>the core issue is that an github cannot match the redirect url provided to it w/ the hostname matching it (i think)
17:08:04  <mattpardee>must be the other IDE server
17:08:06  <mattpardee>one sec
17:10:04  <mattpardee>hmm
17:10:08  <mattpardee>no that's not it
17:10:13  <mattpardee>ok I'll get back to you
17:10:19  <mattpardee>doing investigative work
17:10:29  <mattpardee>ggoodman I mean
17:10:41  <Leeol>hehe, multitasking confusion :P
17:10:43  <mattpardee>that's a sympton
17:10:45  <mattpardee>symptom
17:10:56  <ggoodman>ah, i finally see what is going on
17:11:02  <ggoodman>i think it may be a bug in authom
17:12:28  <ggoodman>would the host header be set to the redhat host?
17:13:40  <ggoodman>code that is runnign in a middleware that is generating the proxyied server's hostname: host = request.headers.host || request.connection.remoteAddress
17:14:14  <mattpardee>ggoodman
17:14:27  <mattpardee>in your application, how is it being authed?
17:14:30  <mattpardee>the user clicks on a button
17:14:33  <mattpardee>and it goes to github?
17:14:43  <mattpardee>and then when it goes back to your site after they've authed
17:14:45  <mattpardee>that's when it breaks?
17:15:07  <ggoodman>its actually broken by the time the app redirects to github
17:15:20  <ggoodman>because the wronge redirect_url is being added
17:15:28  <mattpardee>what does broken mean? it's crashed?
17:16:57  <ggoodman>mattpardee: https://gist.github.com/6ade03bf10e241846449
17:17:18  <ggoodman>a request to the server has no header to indicate the actual project hostname it seems
17:17:57  <ggoodman>this means oauth w/ github (at least) is impossible b/c the server's hostname will change periodically and github must know the allowed redirect_url
17:18:19  <mattpardee>ggoodman I have github oauth working fine in one of my apps
17:18:25  <mattpardee>been using it for the past 10 days
17:18:33  <ggoodman>o.O
17:18:46  <mattpardee>it redirects back to the redhat openshift hostname
17:18:50  <mattpardee>which is annoying and I haven't tackled
17:18:55  <mattpardee>but that's not a technical limitation
17:19:00  <ggoodman>how have you set up the app in github?
17:19:17  <mattpardee>I tell it in two places to redirect to my running cloud9 url
17:19:30  <mattpardee>in the app settings on github
17:19:37  <mattpardee>and in the URL the user clicks on
17:19:48  <mattpardee>the link I mean, the anchor
17:19:59  <mattpardee>I tell it to go back there, but that obv doesn't work either
17:20:05  <ggoodman>so you manually set the redirect url you don't auto-generate it from the request
17:20:16  <mattpardee>right
17:20:26  <ggoodman>i think that's an issue w/ c9
17:20:41  <ggoodman>there is no header to allow an app to determine the workspace url its running on
17:21:03  <ggoodman>i thought that's what x-forwarded-host would contain
17:21:24  <mattpardee>it may be overrided
17:21:35  <mattpardee>are you setting that manually?
17:21:58  <ggoodman>i was using an oauth package that guesses the redirect_url based on headers received in the request
17:22:19  <mattpardee>hm
17:22:46  <ggoodman>do you see my conundrum?
17:22:53  <ggoodman>I can hack a solution now that i've found the issue
17:23:04  <ggoodman>but you'll probably have other people ask the same/similar questions
17:23:52  <mattpardee>indeed
17:26:26  <Leeol>mattpardee: Alright i'm back. So, anything i need to do.. or should avoid doing.. while this flip-flop online/offline thing is going on?
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17:30:17  <mattpardee>Leeol fortunately and unfortunately everything is running beautifully on my end and the servers appear to be doing fine
17:30:24  <mattpardee>and when I access your project I don't get the offline/online thing happening
17:30:27  <Leeol>k
17:30:31  <mattpardee>I'll try again
17:30:35  <Leeol>nah
17:30:39  <mattpardee>well actually
17:30:43  <mattpardee>I still had the workspace open
17:30:48  <mattpardee>and it shows you as going offline and online
17:30:49  <Leeol>i'll let you kow when it happens again
17:30:55  <mattpardee>in the chat
17:31:00  <Leeol>I'm off now
17:31:03  <Leeol>eating :P
17:31:11  <Leeol>i closed the window
17:31:23  <mattpardee>k :)
17:32:58  <ggoodman>mattpardee: i got it working w/ a middleware that just forces the 'host' header but this is not a clean solution :p
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17:35:54  <mattpardee>yeah
17:36:06  <mattpardee>I mean the reality is we're a layer on top of openshift
17:36:16  <mattpardee>the URL is just a proxy to the running process
17:36:35  <mattpardee>the process itself has no idea what's happening to it, it's just running on the system and we go "Hey, here's all this redirected traffic"
17:36:57  <mattpardee>so when an outbound request goes down the layers of the application and poops out of openshift's network
17:36:58  <ggoodman>could you set a custom header at the proxy?
17:37:02  <mattpardee>it's reconfigured
17:37:10  <mattpardee>well the problem is the proxy is too high up
17:37:15  <mattpardee>in the layers
17:37:27  <mattpardee>we could work with openshift to have them set the header
17:37:35  <mattpardee>but this seems like a bad idea
17:37:50  <mattpardee>it might be a good idea though, I'd just have to talk to more people about it here
17:38:22  * javrubenquit (Quit: javruben)
17:39:20  <mattpardee>I mean let's be realistic: a hostname is a hostname. it would be nice if it was consistent
17:39:49  <mattpardee>I just don't want to reconfigure the headers and meanwhile there's some other scenario where that will conflict with another application
17:41:35  <mattpardee>ggoodman what does your middleware code look like
17:42:14  <ggoodman>app.get "/auth/:service", (req, res) -> req.headers.host = nconf.get("host")
17:42:19  <ggoodman>not very portable
17:42:27  <ggoodman>host had to be set in my app for other reasons anyway
17:42:48  <mattpardee>k
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18:11:21  <mattpardee>Leeol let me know when you get back on and if you're having issues
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18:40:37  <Leeol>mattpardee: Taking a break for a bit, but will do
18:41:17  <mattpardee>I think you were right
18:41:54  <mattpardee>being attached to the same workspace from multiple computers is a problem
18:41:57  <mattpardee>or even just multiple accounts
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18:48:38  <daddy0>mattpardee_ hi
18:48:43  <mattpardee>hey daddy0
18:49:03  <daddy0>how can I help?
18:49:14  <mattpardee>plz see private message
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22:11:59  <mattpardee>leaving for a few minutes
22:12:13  <mattpardee>if you guys see anything going batshit crazy can you ping me on twitter, @matt_pardee
22:12:28  <mattpardee>will be available again in 30 minutes
22:12:39  <mattpardee>I think everything has been running relatively smooth for a while
22:14:34  * bmatusiakjoined
22:14:40  <bmatusiak>hello everybody
22:15:39  <bmatusiak>im using svn-master... and im gitting stuck on running "debug" -> debugger listening on port 5858
22:18:28  <bmatusiak>any ideas, or is anybody have same problem on svn-master
22:44:30  <Leeol>mattpardee: lol it's been hours, and i reopened that project that was having issues before.. and immediately it pops up with the same task it was trying back then
22:44:39  <Leeol>"[[email protected]]:/workspace$ git add lib/bin/index.coffee" :s
22:44:45  <Leeol>Now it's trying to quit
22:45:37  <Leeol>Seems like everything is currently running fine, it just is hung up on that one process (that probably doesn't even exist)
22:55:35  <Leeol>And now files aren't loading
22:55:39  <Leeol>And it says offline
22:56:20  * mattpardee_joined
22:56:42  <Leeol>mattpardee_: Ack, i was talking to the wrong mattpardee :P
22:57:29  <Leeol>mattpardee_: https://gist.github.com/6a45c1ea13c6df228255
22:59:45  <Leeol>jesus, i cleared my cache and reopened the project, and it still shows that process.
23:03:26  <mattpardee_>I think there is something wrong with the process manager
23:03:31  <mattpardee_>I highly doubt the process is still running
23:03:43  <mattpardee_>Leeol I can't remember, do you have a premium acct?
23:03:48  <Leeol>yes
23:04:17  <mattpardee_>in the terminal when you type top
23:04:22  <Leeol>mattpardee_: Well, my files stopped loading multiple times too (and nothing said offline), so.. yea
23:04:42  <mattpardee_>ok I'll take a look, one sec
23:05:09  <Leeol>Well the file not loading is different, felt like a graphical bug
23:05:37  <Leeol>I typed top and got this: https://gist.github.com/6a45c1ea13c6df228255#comments
23:05:44  <Leeol>note that top is now attempting to run
23:05:57  <Leeol>spinning, and spinning :s
23:06:19  <mattpardee_>no in the full-blown terminal I mean
23:06:21  <mattpardee_>Alt+T
23:06:49  <Leeol>Once it loads i'll let you know
23:07:26  <Leeol>I honestly think i have a graphical bug, i need to install screenr because i can't begin to describe this lol.
23:07:48  <Leeol>What's even weirder, is that i just did a full cache wipe (well, for c9.io) so if anything, i'd hope it would be better
23:08:11  <mattpardee_>interesting
23:08:14  <mattpardee_>I'd be interested to see it
23:08:59  * MimiEAquit (Quit: bye bye everyone)
23:09:23  * piscisaureus_joined
23:12:57  <Leeol>mattpardee_: Recording now, we
23:13:02  <Leeol>we'll see if it acts up again
23:13:07  <Leeol>.. though, it has to load first
23:18:20  <Leeol>oh well, i think the graphical bug is gone (had to close/reopen all of chrome for screenr). But, i have now recorded 2 minutes of lag. lol
23:22:35  <Leeol>mattpardee_: How do you exit 'top' on cloud9?
23:22:46  <mattpardee_>Ctrl-C
23:22:49  <Leeol>q works locally, but it isn't working on c9
23:22:57  <Leeol>that just makes a beep. :s
23:23:07  <Leeol>Then again, perhaps the whole page lag is why it's not working
23:23:20  <Leeol>mattpardee_: I'm uploading 5 minutes of cloud9 not loading.
23:23:24  <Leeol>:s
23:23:39  <mattpardee_>mm I don't know if that's useful for me to see :-P
23:23:52  <mattpardee_>but about your GUI issues: restarting chrome makes sense that it was then fixed
23:23:53  <Leeol>Now it says offline again
23:23:58  <mattpardee_>I've had that happen before
23:24:26  <Leeol>c9 says offline, my files say loaded but have no contents
23:24:46  <Leeol>This has been my story for 2 or 3 days :P
23:26:52  <mattpardee_>sucks
23:28:35  <Leeol>mattpardee_: Anyway.. like i said, not much to see, but this is what c9 is currently doing: http://www.screenr.com/doF8
23:29:12  <Leeol>It didn't start saying offline to about 8minutes after the window was open
23:30:15  * bnoordhuis_joined
23:30:19  <Leeol>at around 2:25 i try refreshing and get a slightly different result.
23:30:51  <mattpardee_>geeze
23:30:59  <mattpardee_>that's insane
23:37:50  * piscisaureus_quit (Read error: No route to host)
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23:38:15  <mattpardee_>Leeol I've been at this for 12 hours, I need to take a break
23:38:20  <mattpardee_>I'll be back online in a whiel
23:38:22  <Leeol>no worries
23:38:27  <Leeol>i'm out for a bit too
23:38:34  <Leeol>i recorded another one that is more "normal"
23:38:43  <Leeol>it goes from working to not working in 3min :P
23:38:51  <Leeol>Anyway, i'm out, talk to you later :)
23:39:01  <Leeol>mattpardee_: Should i ping someone else?
23:39:10  <Leeol>or just let you guys work :P
23:39:35  <Leeol>http://www.screenr.com/CoF8
23:43:59  * mattpardee_quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
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