00:03:08  <bmatusiak>leeol2 you should make stdout to a ace tab and errout to cli tabs
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00:04:06  <bmatusiak>like the ssh plugin
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00:04:11  <ricklon>xmllint is only available in premium. Is it possible to be available in the standard/free version?
00:04:14  <Leeol2>bmatusiak: I never know what to do with c9. Development happens pretty fast, and a fair bit behind the scenes, so you never know what is a safe place to try and submit patches to lol.
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00:07:05  <bmatusiak>mattpardee
00:07:11  <mattpardee>having server issues
00:07:15  <mattpardee>looking into it
00:07:35  <Leeol2>Canned response, hehe
00:08:00  <bmatusiak>o i know i had a quick question on a non related to the c9.io site but to git-master
00:09:19  <mattpardee>back
00:09:41  * Garrickchanged nick to Yarrick_
00:10:09  * Yarrick_changed nick to Garrick
00:10:10  <bmatusiak>ok, in git-master i was looking and is breakOnStart supose to be true in server plugin - node-debug-runner
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00:16:55  <mattpardee>dunno
00:16:58  <mattpardee>sorry what do you mean by git-master?
00:17:19  <bmatusiak>github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/master
00:17:50  <bmatusiak>github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/tree/master **
00:18:27  <mattpardee>I'm guessing that's causing some issues
00:18:32  <mattpardee>?
00:18:38  <mattpardee>probably not supposed to be on
00:18:38  <bmatusiak>yea
00:18:51  <bmatusiak>in narrowing it down
00:18:58  <bmatusiak>ill give more info in a sec
00:19:22  <bmatusiak>so far is in process manager working my way back in call stack
00:20:03  <bmatusiak>it is causing problems tho, i manual set to false and most of my problems are gone
00:24:00  <bmatusiak>ah ha!
00:24:48  <bmatusiak>well i found it
00:25:21  <mattpardee>curious to know, what found?
00:25:22  <bmatusiak>mattpardee: it seems that the gui is sending "rundebugbrk" instead of "rundebug"
00:25:33  <mattpardee>ahaa
00:25:47  <mattpardee>a small victory today
00:26:05  <mattpardee>under what circumstances does it send that?
00:26:11  <mattpardee>does it always send it?
00:26:35  <bmatusiak>well its time to look at the gui to answer that :P
00:26:50  <bmatusiak>client side..
00:27:40  <bmatusiak>i just want to know where to set that option lmao
00:27:47  <bmatusiak>in the gui
00:29:27  <mattpardee>in the debug dropdown panel
00:29:33  <mattpardee>you can uncheck "run in debug mode"
00:29:40  <mattpardee>(in the top bar)
00:29:59  <bmatusiak>if i do that then i cant use breakpoints
00:30:01  <bmatusiak>:/
00:30:21  <mattpardee>so then the answer is it sends that request all the time
00:30:22  <bmatusiak>but there should be another option "run in debug and break"
00:30:28  <mattpardee>even when there are no breakpoints
00:30:38  <mattpardee>it should only send it when you have breakpoints
00:30:47  <mattpardee>although, perhaps it does not know if there are breakpoints
00:30:50  <mattpardee>in all the files
00:31:00  <mattpardee>(although it should keep track of breakpoints whenever you click)
00:31:22  <mattpardee>so there is probbaly some code in run.js that determines based on the settings model if there are any breakpoints
00:31:50  * piscisaureus_quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
00:33:16  <bmatusiak>as it looks it "rundebugbrk" is just breakOnStart
00:33:33  <bmatusiak>so before it starts on line 0 it breaks
00:33:53  <bmatusiak>and rundebug is false and doesent break on line 0
00:40:07  <bmatusiak>i found the exact line in gui
00:41:12  <bmatusiak>plugin-client/ext.noderunner/noderunner.js line 202
00:41:52  <bmatusiak>"RunDebugBrk" needs to be "RunDebug"
00:58:34  <bmatusiak>mattpardee: give that info to nightwing
00:58:40  <bmatusiak>if you can
00:58:53  <mattpardee>mm I don't know if tha'ts right though
00:59:07  <bmatusiak>i think he would know thats why i asked
00:59:08  <mattpardee>because when does it send rundebugbrk
00:59:16  <mattpardee>can you just ping him on twitter?
00:59:18  <mattpardee>or github
00:59:20  <mattpardee>or something
00:59:40  <bmatusiak>all i got is a email,
00:59:52  <bmatusiak>ill try @nightwing
00:59:57  <bmatusiak>maby its him lol
01:00:06  <mattpardee>e-mail is even better
01:00:12  <bmatusiak>k
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01:41:20  <bmatusiak>well damn i think you are right matt lol
01:41:35  <bmatusiak>time to look into more
01:43:44  <bmatusiak>it just may be somthing with the breakpoints
01:49:10  <bmatusiak>lol "[Error: connect ECONNREFUSED]"
01:59:56  <bmatusiak>or maby not
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10:00:31  <panyasan>Hello, I have been trying to upgrade to premium for days without success. Paypal says there is a problem and the return address at http://c9.io:8000 is broken. Does anybody know what's the problem?
10:01:34  <panyasan>(Already tried twitter and support email but didn't get a respnse yet)
10:02:45  <mikedeboer>hi panyasan I just forwarded your message to our support team!
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10:27:31  <panyasan>@mikedeboer Thanks! Hope they can fix it soon.... Bye!
10:27:43  * panyasanpart
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10:46:45  <anu_free>hi, i installed cloud9 on my local machine. But i found that deploy tab is missing. May i know is it going to update git soon or not willing to release it free?
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11:45:39  * MimiEAjoined
12:04:48  <mikedeboer>anu_free: hi! the deploy tab is indeed missing, because it is part of the hosted offering on http://c9.io
12:05:39  <anu_free>mikedeboer: will it be added to git hub code ?
12:05:53  <mikedeboer>no, at least not in the near future
12:06:18  <anu_free>mikedeboer: ok
12:06:25  <anu_free>mikedeboer: thanks
12:06:32  <mikedeboer>anu_free: np ;)
12:08:02  <anu_free>mikedeboer: one more thing is about login and different workspaces to different users. Will this be added
12:09:24  <mikedeboer>no, the thing we will release soon on the other hand is a local version with which you can deploy, keep multiple workspaces and sync to the cloud (back to c9.io and vice versa)
12:09:45  <mikedeboer>anu_free: but these features will also not land in the open source version
12:10:59  <anu_free>mikedeboer: ok thats it for now. thanks for that.
12:11:05  * anu_freepart
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14:32:50  <gero3>Are there still problems with the proxy??
14:40:41  <gero3>I can't seem to get a stable connection for more then 5 minutes
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14:43:55  <gero3>lol just started a cloud9 instance inside of C9.io
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14:47:10  <ggoodman>how goes the battle fellas?
14:48:15  <gero3>good good
14:48:34  <gero3> finnally able to get cloud9 running inside of C9.io
14:48:41  <gero3>and with you??
14:49:04  <ggoodman>c9 is a little flaky for me still
14:49:59  <gero3>it mostly depends on the type of project
14:50:01  <gero3>for me
14:50:08  <ggoodman>offline/online flipping for nwo
14:50:33  <gero3>now for me too as I'm trying to get cloud9 running
14:58:37  <ggoodman>something happening as we speak!?
15:00:51  <gero3>it seems more stable right?
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15:11:58  <gero3>Lol this is going to be awesome
15:12:15  <gero3>http://cloud9test.gero3.c9.io/
15:13:39  <mikedeboer>I get this: Uncaught Error: INVALID_STATE_ERR: DOM Exception 11 socket.io.js:2
15:13:40  <mikedeboer>Unexpected response code: 302 :1
15:13:41  <mikedeboer>WebSocket is closed before the connection is established. :1
15:13:43  <mikedeboer>2Unexpected response code: 302 :1
15:13:44  <mikedeboer>WebSocket is closed before the connection is established. :1
15:13:46  <mikedeboer>Unexpected response code: 302 :1
15:13:47  <mikedeboer>WebSocket is closed before the connection is established. :1
15:13:49  <mikedeboer>Unexpected response code: 302 :1
15:13:50  <mikedeboer>WebSocket is closed before the connection is established. :1
15:13:52  <mikedeboer>Unexpected response code: 302 :1
15:13:53  <mikedeboer>WebSocket is closed before the connection is established. :1
15:13:55  <mikedeboer>Unexpected response code: 302 :1
15:13:56  <mikedeboer>WebSocket is closed before the connection is established. :1
15:13:58  <mikedeboer>Unexpected response code: 302 :1
15:13:59  <mikedeboer>2WebSocket is closed before the connection is established. :1
15:13:59  <mikedeboer>Unexpected response code: 302
15:14:40  <gero3>It is a bit slow still so it gets that frequently but once in a while you can really run it
15:15:36  <gero3>btw you are trying with chrome beta or not
15:15:51  <gero3>nice reports getting back in cloud9
15:15:52  * adrianFquit (Quit: bye)
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15:17:09  <gero3>btw don't edit too much in it or I'll have to reinstall it because my workspace is actually also the code run
15:24:32  * dannygquit (Quit: Leaving.)
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15:26:30  <ggoodman>how are the proxy fixes coming along guys?
15:27:19  <gero3>does seem to be a lot better now or am I mistaken
15:27:24  <gero3>??
15:27:51  <mikedeboer>ggoodman: there is a possible fix from the nodejitsu guys that might also work for us
15:28:01  <mikedeboer>we will deploy it as soon as possible
15:28:10  <mikedeboer>and see how it will hold up.
15:30:22  <ggoodman>its w/ the socket layer?
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17:31:43  <daddy0>anyone else having probs stopping nodejs apps today
17:37:23  * bnoordhuisquit (Read error: Operation timed out)
17:40:13  <daddy0>after shutting down all Firefox instances, IDE Runs & Stops as expected.
17:40:36  * mikedeboerquit (Quit: mikedeboer)
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19:01:19  <naturalethic>any c9.io folks here
19:01:27  <mattpardee>hey naturalethic
19:02:02  <naturalethic>oh hey mattpardee site is zipping along today, just wanted to try cloning from bitbucket, but am getting hg error
19:02:24  <mattpardee>yeah something I'm still working on, unfortunately
19:02:46  <naturalethic>oh ok
19:03:20  <naturalethic>i had just tried the using git config to set up my upstream but got some merge errors and i'm no git pro and didn't want to figure it out
19:04:05  <mattpardee>hmm
19:04:08  <mattpardee>merge errors?
19:04:14  <mattpardee>that sounds interesting, what does the console say?
19:07:18  <naturalethic>mattpardee: it was conflicting with the initial git data you front load on new projects
19:07:39  <naturalethic>anyway i deleted it and am trying to start from scratch, but now i get problems even viewing files on the new project
19:07:40  <naturalethic>[[email protected]]:/workspace$ ls
19:07:41  <naturalethic>chdir(): No such file or directory
19:09:05  <mattpardee>what's the URL?
19:09:09  <naturalethic>indicates that you're cd'ing the session into a directory that doesn't exist
19:09:45  <naturalethic>in pm
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19:47:27  <panyasan>Hi. I am not getting any response by the c9 team by either Zendesk or Twitter. Are they all on vacation? ;-)
19:47:50  <mattpardee>hi panyasan there was a holiday situation on Friday and Monday
19:47:58  <mattpardee>what is your twitter username?
19:48:07  <panyasan>herr_panyasan
19:48:46  <panyasan>I am trying to upgrade to premium in order to use python with my project, but the c9 payment server seems to be down
19:49:00  <panyasan>the one that communicates with paypal
19:49:56  <mattpardee>ok I'm asking the rest of the dev team now
19:50:43  <panyasan>I understand if support requests cannot be answered right away, but this is about infrastructure and frustrating potential customers ... :-(
19:52:28  <mattpardee>I understand - I didn't intend on making you wait 5 days to get a response
19:52:34  <mattpardee>or longer, perhaps
19:52:46  <mattpardee>seeing what I can find out about our payment server now
19:53:46  <gjtorikian>you don't need premium to run python, though
19:53:50  <panyasan>What I am trying to do is to get C9 working with qooxdoo and its toolchain ...
19:54:16  <panyasan>and it's not possible - or so it seems - to run the scripts from the command line without premium
19:55:11  <panyasan>there is another problem that I mentioned on twitter and zendesk: the "RUN & DEBUG" panel doesn't pass command line arguments to python scripts
19:55:50  <panyasan>but even if that worked, the qooxdoo python scripts require to be run from the command line because of path issues.
19:56:11  <gjtorikian>i am cloning qooxdoo right now to check; what do I need to do to build the toolchain ?
19:56:49  <panyasan>I would love it if C9 supported qooxdoo in the free plans - that would draw more users. I have even started a blog post about C9&qooxdoo but couldn't finish it yet because its not yet working...
19:57:25  <mattpardee>panyasan out of curiosity are you on the qooxdoo core team?
19:57:44  <panyasan>no. I use qooxdoo for my project
19:58:14  <panyasan>and I want to switch from eclipse to C9 and from PHP to node for the backend
19:59:35  <mattpardee>gotcha
19:59:43  <panyasan>@gjtorikian That's what my upcoming blog post is about, but I cannot tell you yet, because I haven't go it working yet in C9.
20:00:19  <gjtorikian>well, i can tell you that python runs from the commandline, for free accounts
20:00:24  <gjtorikian>let me try the run & debug panel
20:00:58  <panyasan>@gj hm... that's strange. It told me I needed to upgrade
20:01:27  <gjtorikian>Did you go to View | Terminal? Or did you go to View | Command Line ?
20:03:04  <panyasan>I used the command line that is on the bottom of the page if you have the console open
20:03:13  <panyasan>I am trying it right now in https://c9.io/cboulanger/test1
20:04:11  <panyasan>(never tried the collaboration thing - can I share this in the free plan?)
20:06:53  <panyasan>and now it is going offline all the time ...
20:07:31  <mattpardee>yeah we are looking at our socket connection issues
20:07:53  <mattpardee>unfortunately we are all a bit stretched thin at the moment with trying to solve a number of bugs with our proxy and socket connections
20:08:14  <mattpardee>which, as the interface to just about everything on Cloud9, is causing many users a lot of issues
20:08:32  <gjtorikian>well, the command line passes the arguments correctly; but it's true, the Run & Debug menu does not
20:08:37  <gjtorikian>logging a bug
20:08:46  <mattpardee>there's already a bug :)
20:08:48  <mattpardee>file
20:08:48  <mattpardee>d
20:08:53  <panyasan>yes, I noticed this (connection issues). But I am sure you'll sort this out.
20:08:56  <mattpardee>leeeeeemme see how many lines I can split this up into
20:10:26  <panyasan>hi gj, welcome. just gave you write access
20:10:42  <gjtorikian>the poweeeerrrrrr
20:10:54  <gjtorikian>i just wanted to prove that collaboration is possible in free. i thought joining would be better than telling :)
20:11:07  <panyasan>it's just a test project, after all ;-)
20:11:32  * rendezjoined
20:11:36  <panyasan>ok, so what I wanted to do is to go into testapp2, for example, and then run ./generate.py source
20:12:03  <gjtorikian>ok. it's telling me to pass in a job
20:12:12  <gjtorikian>>>> Processing configuration
20:12:13  <gjtorikian>>>> Available jobs:
20:12:16  <gjtorikian>then a bunch of jobs
20:12:56  <panyasan>ok that is more than before - it DID tell me that I couldn't run the python script without upgrading. hm... strange.
20:13:24  <gjtorikian>i just opened the directory, double-clicked the file, then hit the debug menu in the menu bar
20:13:24  <panyasan>ok but let's start afresh then
20:13:35  * rendezquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:13:39  * rendez_joined
20:14:42  <panyasan>typically, your create a new project by running, from the top folder, "qooxdoo/tool/bin/create-application.py -n testapp3"
20:14:49  <panyasan>does that work?
20:16:04  <panyasan>./generate.py source should have worked. "source" IS the job...
20:16:15  <gjtorikian>going to pm you
20:23:28  * AndreasMadsenquit (Remote host closed the connection)
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20:32:59  * tk___joined
20:34:37  <panyasan>ok, thanks to gjtorikian I found out that running python scripts from the command line does work, after all
20:35:04  <panyasan>even in the free plan
20:45:52  <panyasan>ok, here's the result http://panyasan.wordpress.com/2012/07/24/coding-qooxdoo-on-the-cloud9-ide/
20:46:30  * mattpardeequit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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21:15:49  <fjakobs>@panyasan Hi :)
21:15:50  <fjakobs>nice writeup!
21:21:25  <panyasan>@fjakobs Hi!
21:22:05  <panyasan>Since I knew you were working at C9, I was always wondered why there was no qx support from the start ;-)
21:22:26  <panyasan>But I was happy to find out now that it works!
21:23:07  <panyasan>Even if the generator is pretty slow, but I understand that the VMs aren't 4-core 8GB RAM machines ;-)
21:23:38  <fjakobs>i tried it as well
21:23:59  * jimt_changed nick to jimt
21:24:05  <fjakobs>it is a bit slow :)
21:24:12  <panyasan>what would be nice if the console supported backspace ascii char so that the animation worked
21:25:22  <panyasan>(but of course this is a pretty low priority bug)
21:25:28  <fjakobs>In premium mode there is a full terminal
21:26:17  <panyasan>ok. that's an argument for premium. does premium have a faster VM, too?
21:26:23  * tk____joined
21:26:33  <fjakobs>not yet
21:26:42  <fjakobs>but it is planned
21:27:09  <panyasan>I think that would be a good incentive to upgrade
21:28:32  * tk___quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:29:40  <panyasan>ok, need to go. keep up the good work and make qooxdoo a first class citizen of C9! Bye!
21:30:32  * josdeha_rtquit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:36:41  * panyasanpart
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