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03:39:49  <lellimecnar>Is there any way to get the terminal in the open source version of Cloud9?
03:43:18  <creationix>lellimecnar: Alt+T ?
03:43:24  <creationix>I haven't tried yet
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07:03:50  <jwulf>anyone rocking typescript?
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09:02:46  <ebi>Hi, is it normal that the preview functions have a very bad response time (500-2000ms) and is it possbile to change the apple-number keybindings?
09:18:40  <janjongboom>preview function should have a normal response time that you'd expect from your location -> US Westcoast
09:18:56  <janjongboom>what do you mean with 'change apple-number keybindings'?
09:19:25  <ebi>Cloud9 binds command-num to tab switching inside cloud9 instead of the browser
09:19:51  <janjongboom>yea you can't change it in the hosted version a.t.m.
09:20:07  <janjongboom>unless you like disable the tab plugin :p
09:20:17  <janjongboom>which would be interesting but i don't think it'll work :)
09:20:32  <ebi>bleh :)
09:20:46  <ebi>I might get used to it but atm it annoys the shit out of me ;)
09:21:44  <ebi>Also I think I already stepped into some bugs :-/
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11:40:45  <ebi>Is it normal that completing with tab doesn't work only enter? If I press tab to complete strange things happen
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13:12:41  <ChrisLE>Hi, is it possible to compile java or C/C++ projects (console applications) and see there output on the console?
13:14:04  <ChrisLE>I found this site: https://compilr.com and I dont want an account so I have an acc on github and I use it for c9.io and thats why I asked. So if this feature is possible, I dont have to use the other online IDE
13:14:45  <ebi>At least there seems to be a gcc installed
13:16:14  <ChrisLE>at compilr.com or on c9.io?
13:17:14  <ebi>c9
13:17:24  <ChrisLE>ahh ok, I didnt noticed that
13:17:41  <ChrisLE>So i can compiler C files?
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13:26:09  <ebi>ChrisLE: Yeah seems to work
13:27:36  <ChrisLE>ok I will try it
13:27:52  <ChrisLE>Would be nice whether C++, Java, maybe C# and Assembler could work :)
14:26:48  * ChrisLEpart ("PING 1351175145")
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14:46:18  <bmatusiak>mattpardee: I'm soon going to put c9bot on a mongoose readonly DB, fyi
14:48:58  <bmatusiak>if you could pass the r/w uri to other admins who may need it
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17:47:44  <ebi>Hmm c9 is not reachable for me :-/
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17:49:53  <ebi>Not just for me at least http://www.websitedown.info/c9.io
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17:53:15  <piscisaureus_>ebi: there is a problem indeed
17:53:29  <piscisaureus_>ebi: if you go to your dashboard page directly it should work
17:53:42  <piscisaureus_>c9.io/yourusername
17:57:14  <ebi>piscisaureus_: works, thanks :)
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18:03:06  <ebi>The editor seems to be faster on a windows machine than on a mac (same chrome version)
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18:14:04  <jeffwhelpley>hi, guys, a quick question about architect (https://github.com/c9/architect). it seems like you don't use it for your client plugins, but do you have plans to adjust architect so that the client plugins use it as well?
18:14:19  <mattpardee_>hey jeff
18:14:27  <mattpardee_>creationix you want to take that question?
18:17:31  <creationix>jeffwhelpley, great question
18:17:43  <creationix>I'm in the process of rewriting the frontend to use architect
18:17:48  <creationix>it's a long process
18:17:53  <creationix>and I'm doing it in steps
18:18:02  <creationix>I did recently give a talk about architect in the browser
18:18:03  <jeffwhelpley>ah, so architect is capable of doing the client plugins, though?
18:18:11  <jeffwhelpley>is the talk online?
18:18:28  <creationix>http://creationix.github.com/chicagowebconf2012/
18:18:34  <creationix>I think it was recorded, not sure
18:18:58  <creationix>the code is in github https://github.com/creationix/chicagowebconf2012/tree/master/steps/3
18:19:27  <creationix>In the talk I used jamjs and requirejs along with architect. This week I'm exploring TJ's component system
18:20:29  * lellimecnarjoined
18:21:03  <lellimecnar>Is there a list somewhere of all the features not included in the open source version of Cloud9?
18:21:49  <mattpardee_>I think I can probably summarize it
18:22:00  <lellimecnar>I've got it installed and running on my local machine, but a lot of the features I care most about are missing
18:22:09  <mattpardee_>Terminal, Deployment Tab, Collaboration
18:22:14  <mattpardee_>and Dashboard
18:23:05  <lellimecnar>is there some form of user/project management built in?
18:23:14  <ebi>Is there a recommendation in which browser / OS I will get the best performance?
18:23:44  <mattpardee_>lellimecnar in the OSS version? no
18:24:01  <mattpardee_>in the production version we did have group management
18:24:07  <mattpardee_>the ability to add people to your group
18:24:23  <mattpardee_>but it was taken out in favor of a better system in the future
18:24:47  <lellimecnar>Is there any way of requiring a password, at least?
18:24:48  <mattpardee_>ebi generally speaking Chrome is the leader in javascript performance
18:24:57  <mattpardee_>lellimecnar I believe there is a PR under review
18:24:58  <mattpardee_>one second
18:26:04  <mattpardee_>ah no I don't see one. there was one a long time ago that basically used connect-auth when you passed in a -s flag
18:27:12  <mattpardee_>I guess it got closed without being merged in
18:27:28  <lellimecnar>Is there some documentation shomewhere showing all of the available flags?
18:28:44  <mattpardee_>I don't think so
18:28:47  <mattpardee_>I'm actually working on that now
18:28:58  <mattpardee_>I'm building a page on our tech stack
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18:29:49  <lellimecnar>The thing I care most about is the Terminal
18:30:50  <mattpardee_>yeah that's part of our value prop for the hosted service
18:31:04  <mattpardee_>unless there are plans I'm not aware of, I don't believe that's going into the OSS version
18:31:10  <lellimecnar>Which would be fine if your hosted service was anywhere near reliable
18:31:34  <mattpardee_>:-(
18:32:10  <mattpardee_>we're trying hard to build out a revolutionary new type of platform
18:32:14  <mattpardee_>it's hard work; we're not there yet
18:32:25  <mattpardee_>but we're getting there
18:32:59  <mattpardee_>fortunately many OS's provide a native terminal
18:33:15  <lellimecnar>I shouldn't have to pay for "getting there" and then have my files deleted, and have full days without any access to my workspaces.
18:33:20  * fjakobsjoined
18:34:09  <mattpardee_>lellimecnar I understand your frustration and I would be equally frustrated
18:34:39  <mattpardee_>If our stability issues are plaguing your ability to develop then I certainly can't sit here and advocate you using it
18:34:52  <lellimecnar>The point is having the terminal right in the IDE. The whole idea behind using Cloud9 is that I don't have to install any software to make quick edits from any computer in the world. If I have to SSH into the terminal anyway, then what's the point?
18:35:41  <lellimecnar>Would it be possible to create my own terminal module?
18:35:58  <mattpardee_>certainly, Cloud9 is an extension based platform
18:36:06  <lellimecnar>or somehow extend the console to allow any UNIX commands?
18:36:07  <mattpardee_>you can modify the IDE in whatever fashion you desire
18:36:16  <mattpardee_>yep that is also possible
18:36:19  * fjakobsquit (Client Quit)
18:36:19  <mattpardee_>it's all javascript
18:37:03  <lellimecnar>I'm familiar with JavaScript, but I know very little about Node. Can you point me in the right direction? Where do I go in the file structure to figure out how to do it?
18:38:15  <mattpardee_>without significant node knowledge I'll warn you this might be a hairy task, but I'll bring up some minor docs we have on extending
18:38:25  <mattpardee_>the best way to get familiar is to look at how established extensions work
18:38:28  <lellimecnar>I've already seen https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/wiki/How-to-write-an-extension
18:38:32  <lellimecnar>not very helpful
18:38:40  <mattpardee_>haha ok
18:38:40  <lellimecnar>but I'm a very fast learner
18:38:46  <mattpardee_>that's unfortunate then
18:39:18  <lellimecnar>It's especially unhelpful when https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/blob/master/doc/extension_template/extension_template.js is a 404
18:40:03  <mattpardee_>https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/blob/master/doc/ext.extension_template/extension_template.js
18:40:43  <lellimecnar>You might want to fix that in the Wiki
18:40:56  <mattpardee_>certainly I'm getting right on it
18:41:07  <gjtorikian>I just fixed it
18:41:16  <gjtorikian>That's the beauty of a wiki, anyone can edit it
18:41:20  <mattpardee_>yes
18:41:24  <mattpardee_>imagine the possibilities
18:41:31  * mattpardee_imagining
18:41:55  <ebi>Reporting a bug from the IDE is not working :(
18:42:27  <mattpardee_>ebi one sec I'll check it out
18:42:47  <ebi>But I guess it's already known that tab complection does strange stuff? :)
18:45:56  <lellimecnar>So, it's just a json manifest file, an xml layout file, and a js extension file?
18:46:26  <mattpardee_>yes siree
18:46:35  <mattpardee_>you can also use regular ol' HTML!
18:46:41  <mattpardee_>that's the beauty of it
18:46:49  <mattpardee_>we use AML because it's the UI language for Cloud9
18:47:10  <mattpardee_>and it provides a consistent foundation for layouts and elements
18:47:27  <mattpardee_>but you can do virtually any type of crazy ass HTML or what-have-you
18:47:42  <mattpardee_>you can even embed an iFrame if you want
18:47:44  <mattpardee_>go hog wild
18:48:31  <gjtorikian>ebi: I was able to file a bug, could you provide more details ?
18:48:55  <lellimecnar>instead of the xml file?
18:49:27  <gjtorikian>lellimecnar: no, the xml file would still embed HTML; so it'd be like <a:application><canvas id="somefunstuff/></a:application>
18:49:50  <ebi>gjtorikian: If I hit send I get "Error filling Zendesk ticket" Please email us...
18:50:09  <lellimecnar>I don't suppose there's any documentation for the "aml?" stuff?
18:50:20  <mattpardee_>lellimecnar working on that right now as well
18:50:25  <mattpardee_>not public yet
18:50:40  <gjtorikian>we have an old set of AML doc at ui.ajax.org
18:50:48  <gjtorikian>but matt is right, we're overhauling the heck out of it
18:51:03  <gjtorikian>ebi: can you open your developer console and see if there's an error reported
18:51:15  <gjtorikian>i can seem to file bugs in several projects
18:51:41  <ebi>ah: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)
18:51:49  <ebi>on https://c9.io/api/context/fileticket?xhr=1
18:52:05  <mattpardee_>hmm
18:52:13  <mattpardee_>the URL appears to be working now
18:52:28  <mattpardee_>gives me an error at least on GET
18:52:34  <mattpardee_>(the form submission would be POST)
18:52:40  <mattpardee_>ebi did you try again?
18:53:11  <ebi>I tried again after gjtorikian asked me about more details so I can give the error
18:53:15  <ebi>But I sent an email now ;)
18:53:23  <mattpardee_>ok :-)
18:53:40  <mattpardee_>bugs about bugs! http://applejack.ponychan.net/chan/files/src/134854337706.jpg
18:53:59  <ebi>That bug is driving me crazy... It's really hard to switch from completing with tab to enter
18:54:07  <ebi>hrhr
18:54:37  <mattpardee_>oh for code completion?
18:54:44  <ebi>Yes
18:54:57  <mattpardee_>gotcha
18:55:56  * bmatusiakis working on something weird = https://gist.github.com/3954638
18:58:14  * RobbertAtWorkquit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:59:04  * adrianFjoined
18:59:53  <gjtorikian>Not sure I follow on the code completion bug, what's wrong ?
19:00:15  <mattpardee_>he wants to use tab instead of enter
19:00:28  <mattpardee_>to complete the choice
19:00:45  <gjtorikian>ah
19:01:32  <gjtorikian>Oh that should be an easy fix
19:01:39  <gjtorikian>So it completes, but it leaves the original string
19:01:48  <gjtorikian>def->tab->defaultCommands
19:01:56  <gjtorikian>defdefaultCommands is what it looks like
19:02:28  * jeffwhelpleypart
19:02:51  * jwulfquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:07:15  <ebi>not always the enire string doe
19:08:03  <ebi>cov->tab became ccoverageExclusions
19:09:03  * piscisaureus_quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
19:16:07  * hipertrackerjoined
19:17:30  <bmatusiak>l like my c9bot updater :P
19:17:49  <mattpardee_>yeah that thing is seriously awesome
19:18:46  <bmatusiak>i think it makes this channel/room more�.. useful
19:19:00  <mattpardee_>and lively!
19:19:00  <bmatusiak>when just idle
19:19:59  <bmatusiak>i need to add !news
19:21:13  <bmatusiak>to announce newly posted blog from c9.io/site/blog
19:30:02  <gjtorikian>bmatusiak: c9.io (the site) is down currently due to a DDOS or Amazon issue (they're trying to sort out which)
19:30:06  <gjtorikian>but we have a JSON feed for the blog: http://c9.io/site/?json=get_tag_posts&tag_slug=changelog
19:30:24  <gjtorikian>where tag_slug is the tag (you'll probably want to drop the changelog bit, naturally)
19:30:57  <gjtorikian>https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/blob/master/plugins-client/ext.help/help.js#L82-110
19:31:55  <bmatusiak>o sweet� you made my life easier
19:33:35  <gjtorikian>that's what I'm here fore *flies away*
19:36:14  * piscisaureus_joined
19:37:25  <lellimecnar>I noticed a "splitview" extension in the default config... is that what I think it is?
19:38:04  * RobbertAtWorkjoined
19:38:23  <mattpardee_>lellimecnar yes
19:38:25  <mattpardee_>WIP
19:38:51  <lellimecnar>WIP as in it has bugs, or WIP as in it's not at all functional yet?
19:39:06  <gjtorikian>the first
19:39:44  <lellimecnar>ok, so I uncommented it and restarted cloud9. How do I use it?
19:44:57  <mattpardee_>shift + tab
19:45:05  <mattpardee_>not sure if the functionality is enabled fully but try that
19:45:11  <mattpardee_>so have a tab selected
19:45:15  <mattpardee_>then press shift and click another tab
19:46:13  <lellimecnar>Is it just for the same file? You can't have two different files open next to each other?
19:47:45  <mattpardee_>you should be able to
19:47:47  <mattpardee_>but again, the bugs.
19:48:02  <mattpardee_>that's why we're not enabling it
19:48:07  <mattpardee_>(yet)
19:48:08  <mattpardee_>:-)
19:51:04  <lellimecnar>Any "coming soon" teasers you can share with me?
19:51:26  * hipertrackerquit (Quit: hipertracker)
19:51:38  <mattpardee_>world dominance.
19:51:42  <mattpardee_>Q2 2013
19:51:51  * RobbertAtWorkquit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:52:10  * hipertrackerjoined
19:52:38  <lellimecnar>You've got a long way for that...
19:53:29  <mattpardee_>looks like I've had my first joke #fail for the day
19:53:32  <mattpardee_>:-D
19:54:04  <lellimecnar>Is there anything I can do to get my workspaces to be more stable?
19:55:09  <mattpardee_>we release stability updates every week
19:55:25  <mattpardee_>if you're experiencing issues still the best way to get someone to manage your problem is via e-mailing [email protected]
19:55:39  <lellimecnar>That has done me no good in the past
19:55:50  <mattpardee_>or you can find me in here
19:55:54  <mattpardee_>:)
19:56:00  <lellimecnar>None of my emails were ever replied to
19:56:09  <mattpardee_>that's because I told them not to
19:56:14  <mattpardee_>because we had one-on-one chats
19:56:21  <lellimecnar>Even before I talked to you
19:56:28  <mattpardee_>from the ticket from Friday?
19:56:32  <lellimecnar>I came in here because nobody was responding to my emails
19:57:29  <mattpardee_>the one you submitted on Friday never hit the team in the Netherlands because they were off for the weekend; since then we have instituted a policy of handing that support off to America so we can deal with the problems that appear during the day our time
19:58:11  * lellimecnar_joined
19:58:40  <mattpardee_>did you get my last message?
19:58:51  <lellimecnar_>probably not
19:58:58  <mattpardee_><mattpardee_> the one you submitted on Friday never hit the team in the Netherlands because they were off for the weekend; since then we have instituted a policy of handing that support off to America so we can deal with the problems that appear during the day our time
19:59:14  <mattpardee_>the issue was with process
19:59:23  <lellimecnar_>That's great
20:00:41  * lellimecnarquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:01:12  <lellimecnar_>I didn't quit....
20:01:39  <mattpardee_>never quit
20:01:48  * Ineenthoquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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20:52:58  <lellimecnar_>Is there really no way to get more than 6 private workspaces?
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