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00:17:03  <ceej>hi, is there anyway to do a split view?
00:17:28  <mattpardee>hey ceej we are actively working on splitview
00:17:46  <mattpardee>I believe a PR was just accepted on the client repo
00:18:01  <mattpardee>that makes it possible for all our existing extensions to use the new splitview technique
00:18:12  <mattpardee>when it does happen we'll all rejoice and throw a big party
00:18:42  <ceej>ah ok, I noticed it used to be there.... ha, ye it will be great :)
00:19:26  <ceej>one thing I noticed, I created a ticket for it.... when using ssh it seems to kill connections randomly
00:19:35  <ceej>(when using the terminal)
00:20:41  <ceej>so I start a rails s process and then it will get randomly terminated after x minutes. Using my local terminal this doesn't happen.... which leads me to believe it's something you do to make sure no active ssh sessions are left open
00:21:05  <mattpardee>it shouldn't kill any sessions while htey are active
00:21:27  <mattpardee>my first guess would be either a connection reset/failure on our hosted service or a server crash
00:21:54  <mattpardee>we recover quickly from server crashes so they're virtually indistinguishable unless you're running a process, as you said, or are connected via a terminal
00:22:05  <mattpardee>but it's the only thing I can imagine disrupting the connection like that
00:22:10  <ceej> hmm... is there anyway I could help you debug... as it gets quite annoying having to restart the server
00:22:24  <mattpardee>we log all server crashes and they become highest priority for everyone on the development team to resolve ASAP
00:22:39  <mattpardee>hmm well if it happens very very frequently there may be something else going on
00:22:54  <mattpardee>how often does it disconnect?
00:23:13  <ceej>ok great, I just switched over my dev environment to completely browser based using c9 :)
00:23:15  <ceej>often
00:24:16  <mattpardee>how many minutes in between disconnects would you guess?
00:24:41  <ceej>between 2 to 15 minutes
00:25:03  <mattpardee>yikes
00:25:25  <mattpardee>do you notice it happening more frequently if you run an app or not?
00:25:47  <ceej>ye, it's when I'm running my rails server
00:26:26  <ceej>also I get this a lot http://screencast.com/t/ZdGTQneMBOwA when switching between tabs a lot
00:26:38  <ceej>I hit wait and it eventually comes back
00:27:00  <mattpardee>is there a lot of data streaming over the wire from your server back to Cloud9?
00:27:01  <ceej>chrome mac Version 22.0.1229.94 in presentation mode
00:27:07  <ceej>there is
00:27:10  <ceej>all the dev logs
00:27:11  <mattpardee>ok
00:27:24  <mattpardee>are you starting the app in the terminal or run panel?
00:27:57  <ceej>terminal
00:28:23  <mattpardee>I noticed yesterday when I sent a LOT of data back to the terminal it really had some backlog issues
00:28:30  <mattpardee>but the console actually worked really well
00:29:10  <ceej>ye it does work really well, just sometimes gets terminated
00:29:59  <mattpardee>I wonder if the two are correlated
00:30:07  <mattpardee>the browser backing up/hitting 100% CPU
00:30:25  <mattpardee>perhaps then you get disconnected, Cloud9 thinks you're disconnected fully, and shuts down the connection to your server
00:30:52  <mattpardee>would it be possible for you to run the rails server using our run panel?
00:31:03  <mattpardee>and see if it still happens
00:31:16  <ceej>ye, I can try that
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00:36:39  <DistilledChaos>Thanks, c9bot!
00:36:51  <bmatusiak_>lol
00:37:07  <mattpardee>is c9bot our bouncer now, too?
00:37:12  <mattpardee>checking IDs are the door
00:37:50  <bmatusiak_>sends a notice of the current status of the ide to user on join
00:37:57  <bmatusiak_>!status
00:37:58  <c9bot>Workspace Connection Errors ( http://status.c9.io/ )
00:38:02  <mattpardee>aha
00:38:02  <bmatusiak_>^^
00:38:09  <mattpardee>nice
00:39:34  <bmatusiak_>irc protocal is pretty cool of you know how it works :P
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01:05:33  <bmatusiak_>requirejs plugin compleate: https://gist.github.com/4020663
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02:23:16  <ceej>does the panel not user the users bash environment? In the panel I get foreman doesn't exist, I then load a terminal window and it works fine...
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02:34:37  <mattpardee>ceej my guess is you're using two different ruby runners?
02:34:56  <mattpardee>not sure
02:35:04  <mattpardee>and by "you're" I mean we
02:35:11  <mattpardee>ruh oh it's getting late..
02:35:37  <bmatusiak_>i here that
02:39:35  <jmettes>Surprised you can even use your terminal, I can't even open any of my workspaces!
02:41:18  <ceej>mattpardee it's using rvm but they are the same ruby version when I run ruby -v
02:41:57  <ceej>(I'm using ssh)
02:42:34  <mattpardee>we're really sorry about the workspace issues guys. We didn't announce anything happening because OpenShift blindsided us on the timing of the upgrade. We talked to them and they realized they had made a big mistake by not notifying us. Internal communications problems
02:42:46  <mattpardee>Or whatever it was
02:42:57  <mattpardee>FWIW I can't access some of my workspaces either
02:43:07  <mattpardee>In fact that project I'm working on for Cloud9 right now I couldn't access since about 1 PM
02:43:25  <mattpardee>in any event, I believe they are working to resolve the problem by midnight PST
02:43:29  <jmettes>I was surprised one of mine worked, until now :p
02:43:30  <mattpardee>ceej that's quite odd then
02:43:43  <ceej>I know :/
02:44:11  <mattpardee>ceej maybe our runner is overriding some environment vars?
02:44:47  <ceej>maybe... it's definitely not working like it should
02:49:17  <ceej>whoa no haml syntax
02:50:16  <ceej>https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/cloud9-ide/CU3Wv3hhXWc
02:52:44  <mattpardee>hm you're right
02:52:46  <mattpardee>https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace/tree/master/lib/ace/mode
02:52:49  <mattpardee>quite a list so far
02:52:59  <mattpardee>my guess is it's easy to add haml given what Garen has been doing lately
02:53:00  <mattpardee>but I'm not sure
02:54:05  <ceej>seems like ruby http://screencast.com/t/eeWfg9SuFOv will work for now lol
02:55:31  <mattpardee>:-D
02:55:37  <mattpardee>nice
02:58:05  <ceej>mattpardee: have you seen https://github.com/kemayo/sublime-text-2-git/wiki are there plans to add in those types of git features?
02:59:18  <mattpardee>I'm actually working on the extension initiative and one of the examples I've built is a git log viewer
02:59:41  <mattpardee>bmatusiak can attest to this, but in under 60 seconds you can generate your own Cloud9 extension
02:59:49  <mattpardee>and it will show you a git log of the last 10 items
02:59:51  <mattpardee>inside of a datagrid
03:00:07  <mattpardee>the idea of this being we bootstrap with the community to do this and make it really easy to use the existing cloud9 architecture
03:00:28  <ceej>nice, I'll have to take a look at it. I was going to say if there wasn't plans I would probably start building it and make it opensource
03:00:32  <mattpardee>I think this is one of the things developers have been wanting for a long time so I expect it to happen really quickly, once we maek the tooling broadly available
03:00:50  <mattpardee>ceej check out http://github.com/c9/c9ext
03:01:07  <mattpardee>real brief, to install it, create a new cloud9 workspace. Then do npm install c9ext
03:01:11  <mattpardee>then from the terminal run c9ext
03:01:29  <mattpardee>choose option 4, name the extension. It will generate the extension for you in plugins-client
03:01:47  <mattpardee>go into plugins-client/[name of extension]
03:01:53  <ceej>so you can code.work on it in real time?
03:01:54  <mattpardee>and look for the primary javascript file, [name of extension].js
03:01:57  <mattpardee>yes
03:01:58  <ceej>code/work *
03:02:01  <ceej>nice :D
03:02:20  <mattpardee>open that file, then hit the Preview button. Copy the URL of the previewed file, then go back to the workspace
03:02:36  <mattpardee>go to Tools -> Extension Manager, and paste the URL into the input area at the top, and click Add
03:02:39  <mattpardee>you should see it show up in the list
03:02:49  <mattpardee>let me know when you get to that point
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03:04:57  <ceej>k will do.. (doing it now)... one other thing... are there plans to set your editor settings globally, so when you start a new project those settings are already applied?
03:05:21  <mattpardee>definitely want that feature in, not sure when it will happen
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03:11:15  <ceej>mattpardee: loaded it :)
03:11:22  <mattpardee>k now go to the Tools menu
03:11:24  <mattpardee>it should be in there
03:11:40  <mattpardee>fyi since it's a new project you'll probably have to make some changes, commit them, then load the dialog to see the results
03:11:46  <mattpardee>else you may not see any entries :-P
03:12:08  <ceej>I see it work :)
03:12:12  <mattpardee>woohoo
03:12:31  <ceej>are there docs on all the c9 elements you can use etc....
03:12:38  <mattpardee>there are
03:12:52  <mattpardee>we're handing out the credentials on a one-on-one basis right now because it's in a private beta
03:13:02  <mattpardee>so if you want, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll hand then off to you
03:13:12  <mattpardee>by Wednesday latest we're going to update the site and it will have a LOT more useful features
03:13:35  <bmatusiak_>is that why you guys liked my ext :P
03:13:58  <mattpardee>bmatusiak wrote a markdown previewer within a matter of hours
03:14:06  <mattpardee>I mean really, this is going to be amazing
03:14:10  <mattpardee>I cannot wait to see how this takes off
03:14:28  <bmatusiak_>me also
03:14:43  <bmatusiak_>i wana see what people come up with
03:16:03  <ceej>looks like I came back at the right time :)
03:18:20  <ceej>mattpardee: shot you an email
03:18:24  <mattpardee>cool
03:26:02  <ceej>ye, this is what got me excited about c9 when it first came out :)
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06:08:03  <bmatusiak_>gg
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08:05:45  <ebi>mattpardee: Now I can't wait for wednesday… :)
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10:41:43  <cactus>aww
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12:49:38  <ace>hi there
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12:50:07  <ace>in the repo https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/ is there the real time collaborative edition? 2 coders edit one file in the same time?
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12:59:24  <janjongboom>ace: nope, that's only in the hosted version at the moment
12:59:35  <ace>:/
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13:08:03  <ace>and the hosted version doesn't support meteor :(
13:09:03  <janjongboom>yeah, we tried to get them to work on that but… https://github.com/meteor/meteor/issues/214
13:11:01  <ace>yes i saw
13:11:23  <ace>i think it almost working but almost is not enough :(
13:13:47  <ace>janjongboom: is it you who answered ?
13:14:12  <janjongboom>yeah i did initial investigation
13:14:18  <ace>good job
13:14:46  <ace>so it seems to be mongodb problem, you already have mongodb working on cloud9 elserwhere?
13:15:10  <janjongboom>yes
13:15:26  <janjongboom>as long as you listen mongodb on hostname $IP and on a port > 15000 it works fine
13:15:41  <janjongboom>(to get the IP do echo $IP in the terminal)
13:15:59  <ace>i never use cloud9, i ll try to access to the terminal
13:16:39  <janjongboom>there is a big button on the bottom right of your screen
13:17:50  <ace>yes easy to find ;)
13:23:33  <ace>DAMN, the ALT on mac doesn't work on the terminal… no way to do [ { |
13:24:12  <ace>i can copy/paste but it s not really easy :)
13:24:25  <janjongboom>what do you mean?
13:24:29  <janjongboom>my ALT works fine :p
13:24:55  <ace>ok but not on my french keryboard
13:25:18  <ebi>Yeah you have to choose between using alt for the special chars or as modifier key
13:25:29  <ace>anyway, if i run the meteor on port 15000 , what is the url?
13:25:46  <ace>to see if it render something
13:25:48  <janjongboom>you have to run mongo on port 15something
13:25:58  <janjongboom>meteor (the HTTP part) needs to listen on $PORT
13:26:05  <janjongboom>and then its accessible thru project.user.c9.io
13:26:08  <ace>ah ok
13:26:21  <ace>$PORT is not working, it says something already listen on 8008
13:26:21  <janjongboom>please note that you CANNOT listen on "localhost" or ""|
13:26:24  <ace>8080
13:26:36  <janjongboom>hmm did you start anything already?
13:26:50  <janjongboom>ps aux | grep 8080
13:26:51  <janjongboom>or
13:26:54  <janjongboom>ps aux | grep PORT
13:27:36  <ace>6268 9914 0.0 0.0 103248 840 ? S+ 08:27 0:00 grep --color=auto 8080
13:27:37  <ace>6268 29549 0.0 0.1 724172 9892 ? Sl 08:17 0:00 vfs-worker {"pingInterval":5000,"umask":488,"root":"/","defaultEnv":{"PATH":"/opt/rh/ruby193/root/usr/bin:/var/lib/stickshift/0c18e3a451b34
13:27:38  <ace>fd68db8715cb77feba2/app-root/data/317241/node_modules/.bin:/var/lib/stickshift/0c18e3a451b34fd68db8715cb77feba2/app-root/data/bin:/var/lib/stickshift/0c18e3a451b34fd68db8715cb77feba2/app-root/data/lib/rub
13:27:40  <ace>y/gems/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin","GIT_SSH":"/var/lib/stickshift/0c18e3a451b34fd68db8715cb77feba2/app-root/data/bin/ssh","HGUSER":"Vianney Lecroart","EMAIL":"[email protected]","EDITOR":"","HOME":"
13:27:42  <ace>ME":"/var/lib/stickshift/0c18e3a451b34fd68db8715cb77feba2/app-root/data/lib/ruby/gems","GEM_PATH":"/var/lib/stickshift/0c18e3a451b34fd68db8715cb77feba2/app-root/data/lib/ruby/gems:/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8",
13:27:43  <ace>"PYTHONPATH":"/var/lib/stickshift/0c18e3a451b34fd68db8715cb77feba2/app-root/data/lib/python/site-packages","C9_USER":"acemtp","C9_PROJECT":"meteortest","C9_PID":317241,"LD_LIBRARY_PATH":"/opt/rh/ruby193/r
13:27:44  <ace>oups sorry
13:28:06  <janjongboom>the vfs-worker is fine
13:28:30  <ace> meteor -p $PORT
13:28:31  <ace>Can't listen on port 8080. Perhaps another Meteor is running?
13:28:38  <janjongboom>yeah that's not gonna work
13:28:46  <janjongboom>because meteor is internally listening on "localhost"
13:28:47  <janjongboom>as hostname
13:28:49  <ace>ah ok
13:28:56  <janjongboom>but cloud9 doesn't work if you listen on localhost, has to be $IP
13:28:57  <ace>i have to modify with the ip as you did
13:29:25  <janjongboom>yeah you will have to fiddle around with that
13:31:21  <ace>okay, now i have the mongodb error, cool
13:31:30  <janjongboom>now you know how i felt ;-)
13:31:57  <ace>it s ok, i already made some hack in the internal meteor, and port it on winows
13:32:05  <ace>so i perhaps can find a hack for that too :)
13:34:11  <ace>so mongo must be run on port > 15000 and listen $IP, right?
13:47:23  <ace>hum… now it ll be harder to debug
13:47:37  <ace>the only message i have is "Unexpected error." ahahahah
14:05:23  <janjongboom>awesome :')
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14:27:17  <ace>janjongboom: meteor install a httpproxy from 16001 to 8080 and the proxy seems not ok
14:27:47  <ace>janjongboom: how do you do to have 8080 mapped in the final browser to 80?
14:27:57  <ace>another proxy? or it s the VM that handle that?
14:36:47  * piscisaureus_joined
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14:53:14  <janjongboom>we have a proxy
14:53:19  <janjongboom>that maps it to your VM
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15:31:28  <ace>okay
15:31:42  <ace>i think i find my limit for the moment perhaps you know what to do janjongboom
15:32:06  <ace>nodes try to connect to something and it call a dns lookup and the dns lookup try to connect on a dns i think and it get a NOACCESS
15:33:55  <ace>janjongboom: it s when it try to do a dns lookup on my $IP
15:35:10  * adrianFaquit (Quit: bye)
15:38:20  <janjongboom>ace: sorry don't have time to dive deep into this at the moment
15:38:26  <ace>ok
15:54:12  * mattpardee_joined
15:55:19  <bmatusiak>ace: c9.io's ide doesn't support outgoing connections, except on certain ports
15:55:53  <bmatusiak>and morning matt
15:56:08  <ace>bmatusiak: yes > 16k
15:56:24  <ace>oh
15:56:35  <ace>it s perhaps the problem
15:56:47  <ace>node js try to connect on port 16001
15:56:58  <ace>using $IP
15:57:19  <ace>should it works or not?
15:57:48  <bmatusiak>no, afaik
15:58:12  <bmatusiak>the local IDE will allow it tho
15:58:30  <ace>and localhost:16001?
15:59:30  <mattpardee_>`morning
15:59:50  <mattpardee_>ace openshift has a list of ports somewhere
16:00:20  <ace>mattpardee_: but for the localhost, the port should not be filtered no?
16:00:49  <mattpardee_>if you're opening a port for a stricly on-system connection, anything > port 15000 should work
16:01:13  <mattpardee_>I just did this with Sphinx, setting it to listen on port 15001
16:01:18  <mattpardee_>IIRC
16:02:00  <ace>what do you mean by on-system?
16:05:30  <mattpardee_>are you using cloud9 on c9.io or on your own system?
16:05:35  <mattpardee_>I missed some context
16:05:41  <mattpardee_>my dog is barking at me brb gotta take him out
16:12:18  <ace>c9.io
16:12:38  <ace>i try with and it cannot connect { [Error: connect EACCES] code: 'EACCES', errno: 'EACCES', syscall: 'connect' }
16:13:12  <ace>ok i forget one thing, let s try again
16:13:55  * ryan_joined
16:14:51  <ryan_>hey, quick newbie question, is it possible (or will there be support in the future) to access a database on a local network / vpn?
16:25:28  * ryan_quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
16:26:21  <ace>mattpardee_: ok so we cannot connect on localhost:16000 ?
16:26:22  <ace>$ telnet 16001
16:26:23  <ace>Trying
16:26:24  <ace>telnet: connect to address Permission denied
16:27:01  <ace>bmatusiak: perhaps you know?
16:27:21  * mikedeboerquit (Quit: mikedeboer)
16:28:06  <bmatusiak>looks like a loopback connection
16:28:35  <ace>it s localhost
16:29:29  <bmatusiak>in terminal try "echo $ip"
16:29:46  * dannygquit (Quit: Leaving.)
16:29:47  <ace>it s the external ip
16:29:49  <mattpardee_>ace you have to connect on $OPENSHIFT_INTERNAL_IP
16:29:52  <ace>yes
16:29:56  <mattpardee_>if you are doing a local connection
16:30:02  <mattpardee_>if you are coming from an external source
16:30:06  <mattpardee_>you can only connect on a few ports
16:30:12  <mattpardee_>(back from dog walking :-P)
16:30:15  <ace>i don't find the list on this port
16:30:28  <mattpardee_>https://openshift.redhat.com/community/kb/kb-e1038-i-cant-bind-to-a-port
16:30:47  <ace>in fact it s a server that listen only on localhost
16:30:47  <mattpardee_>http (80/443)
16:30:48  <mattpardee_>ssh (22)
16:30:49  <mattpardee_>SMTP/submission (25, 465, 587)
16:30:50  <mattpardee_>IMAP (143, 220, 993)
16:30:51  <mattpardee_>POP (109, 110, 995)
16:30:55  <ace>i don't need external connection
16:31:02  <mattpardee_>ok
16:31:04  <ace>i just need a local process to connect on the other local process
16:31:18  <ace>i tried with $IP, with localhost, in both case it s denied
16:31:19  <mattpardee_>earlier you wrote telnet
16:31:31  <ace> is localhost yes
16:31:34  <mattpardee_>no
16:31:46  <mattpardee_>you have to use $OPENSHIFT_INTERNAL_IP
16:32:03  <mattpardee_>you can echo that out and use that
16:32:31  <ace>but it s also the external ip
16:32:44  <mattpardee_>can you show me the code you're using?
16:32:46  <mattpardee_>the whole thing
16:33:03  <mattpardee_>you can PM me your workspace URL if you want
16:33:17  <ace>i think there s a unix command to listen a port and echo evertything
16:33:23  <ace>perhaps i can start with that to test
16:34:01  <mattpardee_>if you are starting a server on openshift you MUST use $OPENSHIFT_INTERNAL_IP to bind to
16:34:09  <mattpardee_>you cannot use localhost,, etc
16:34:30  <mattpardee_>if you are connecting to the local server, you also need to use $OPENSHIFT_INTERNAL_IP
16:34:46  <mattpardee_>with the port number in the range >= 15000
16:34:54  <ace>i tried that too
16:34:56  <mattpardee_>that is for _local_ servers and connections to those servers
16:35:00  <ace>$IP:16001
16:35:05  <ace>but it still refused
16:35:30  <ace>i ll do some test
16:35:40  <mattpardee_>k
16:36:51  <ace>damn, the nc command s not there :(
16:37:15  <ace>mattpardee_: is it possible to install it on https://c9.io/acemtp/meteortest
16:37:37  <mattpardee_>nc? I'm not sure
16:37:56  * RobbertAtWorkjoined
16:39:35  <ace>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netcat
16:40:45  <bmatusiak>https://c9.io/usabrad86/internal-connect
16:40:57  <bmatusiak>^^ my test with local connections work
16:41:46  <mattpardee_>bmatusiak I have a request for the c9bot
16:41:57  <bmatusiak>tell me
16:42:06  <mattpardee_>it would be great if we could do something like !add port https://openshift.redhat.com/community/kb/kb-e1038-i-cant-bind-to-a-port
16:42:11  <mattpardee_>and it would store it in its internal KB
16:42:17  <mattpardee_>maybe a simple JSON file
16:42:24  <mattpardee_>so we can make its knowledge dynamic
16:42:30  <bmatusiak>its going to have to be in a DB
16:42:37  <mattpardee_>ah right
16:42:40  <mattpardee_>Heroku :-P
16:42:42  <bmatusiak>heroku
16:42:43  <bmatusiak>yea
16:43:02  <bmatusiak>i did had plans for such a command :P
16:43:08  <bmatusiak>but
16:43:27  <bmatusiak>need to keep a secure check to keep anonymous people from adding BS to it
16:43:46  <mattpardee_>yeah
16:44:00  <mattpardee_>not sure of the best way to do that
16:44:03  <bmatusiak>i do
16:44:05  <bmatusiak>:P
16:44:15  <bmatusiak>a READONLY mongo DB
16:44:16  <mattpardee_>it could be a two-step process where we 1. Have to do it privately and 2. Know a password
16:44:42  <ace>weird, i still have denied even with $IP
16:44:52  <ace>tcp 0 0 *:* LISTEN 21258/node
16:45:06  <ace>$ telnet $IP 16001
16:45:07  <ace>Trying
16:45:07  <ace>telnet: connect to address Permission denied
16:46:07  <mattpardee_>ace please try with a different program
16:46:14  <ace>it must be something else because i can telnet the mongodb on port 16000
16:46:15  <mattpardee_>it may be that telnet is restricted on another layer
16:46:29  <ace>so it s not related to openshift
16:47:17  <bmatusiak>mattpardee_ : i don't want add the use of Password to c9bot :(�. but i do have IRC nick checking already in c9bot (to check if nickserv is logged in)
16:47:54  <mattpardee_>oh cool
16:47:55  <mattpardee_>ok
16:48:00  <mattpardee_>that seems like a good solution then
16:48:28  <cactus>how does autocomplete work in c9?
16:48:37  <cactus>does it look in the prototype?
16:48:46  <mattpardee_>Chip_Zero would be able to answer that
16:53:29  <bmatusiak>mattpardee_: instead of !add, you think it would be easer to manage a mongoDB? and give the c9bot a readonly uri?
16:53:52  <mattpardee_>it'd be much easier for us if it was a simple add command we could run in here
16:55:55  <bmatusiak>humm
16:56:25  <bmatusiak>sounds risky with injection to me for some reason
16:56:55  <mattpardee_>sure, that's why I liked the idea of an auth password
16:57:14  <mattpardee_>and with nickserv
16:57:45  <bmatusiak>ahh i know,, ill just put the Database information in the ENV
16:57:58  <bmatusiak>no need to keep URI in source code
16:58:31  <bmatusiak>ok, plan set, commencing
16:59:01  <bmatusiak>brb, customer just walked in the door
17:04:18  * hipertrackerquit (Quit: hipertracker)
17:14:20  <ace>damned, it just seems that the port 16001 is denied
17:14:28  <ace>if i put 16010 it connects :/
17:15:00  <mattpardee_>weird
17:15:57  <ace>yeah!
17:16:03  <ace>first meteor app on c9
17:16:08  <ace>http://meteortest.acemtp.c9.io/
17:16:29  <mattpardee_>awesome!!
17:16:31  <mattpardee_>yay!
17:16:50  <ace>in fact it s easy, it was this strange 16001 port problem
17:17:20  <miauwmiauw>omg omg omg parties
17:17:26  <mattpardee_>haha
17:17:41  <mattpardee_>I always wanted an International Hackathon map
17:17:46  <mattpardee_>pair up with another user on cloud9
17:18:07  <ace>hehehe
17:18:21  <ace>i hope i ll win more free private account for c9 ;)
17:18:40  <ace>i think it ll be a cool news announcement for c9 to have meteor working
17:21:30  <mattpardee_>tweet it!
17:21:31  <ace>for both meteor and c9 :)
17:21:46  <ace>mattpardee_: i don't have followers :p
17:22:02  <mattpardee_>I'll RT it :-). The only thing is that URL won't live forever
17:22:13  <mattpardee_>since we shut down the dev machine when you're not using it
17:22:23  <mattpardee_>so a screenshot is better
17:22:25  <ace>i ll don't paste the url :)
17:22:27  <ace>yeah
17:22:36  <ace>what is the hashtag for c9?
17:22:43  <mattpardee_>@cloud9ide
17:23:14  <ace>ok, let s make the scren
17:32:47  * RobbertAtWorkquit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:34:43  <ace>let s rewteet if you want and follow me :p https://twitter.com/acemtp/status/265869687542407168
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18:04:40  <ace>perhaps we ll have to see if we can integrate it better, so they don't have to install things, just select meteor and run
18:04:53  <ace>i don't really know how works c9i
18:05:39  * zefhemelquit (Quit: zefhemel)
18:08:33  <miauwmiauw>architect is quite nifty package you've build there
18:08:59  <mattpardee_>thanks!
18:10:21  <miauwmiauw>is there somewhere a list of architect installable nom packages
18:10:23  <miauwmiauw>*npm
18:10:58  <mattpardee_>good questino!
18:13:00  <miauwmiauw>i know rite, not like a repo of easily installable components which i can use, like eventbus, database etc
18:15:53  <mattpardee_>turns out we haven't published any
18:16:15  <mattpardee_>It was my hope that I could concentrate on building out sites and packages etc for our different OSS
18:16:21  <mattpardee_>but I'm on another thing
18:18:17  <miauwmiauw>awww
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23:50:40  <mattpardee>woohoo new textual client
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