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12:58:19  <mastrolinux>for who is interested we will integrate the same collab feature as in https://labs.c9.io in the main |DE very soon
12:59:17  <mastrolinux>feedbacks are welcome
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15:30:36  <mastrolinux>Hey guys, I am the Ops engineer at Cloud9 IDE, I am available to reply to your questions for the next 15 mins
15:47:42  <doublemarked>mastrolinux: that's nifty - but didn't see the message until now ;)
15:48:13  <mastrolinux>cool, I am still available, go on please, ask everything you want to know
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15:49:19  <doublemarked>mastrolinux: I haven't used C9 for the past couple weeks as I've been traveling - but prior to that there were frequently network problems, timeouts, etc. Is this all resolved?
15:49:56  <mastrolinux>Not all but we already did some major improvements, especially updating to the version 0.5.0 or engine.io
15:50:08  <mastrolinux>the last available for node 0.6
15:50:12  <mastrolinux>that we currently use
15:50:17  <doublemarked>ah
15:50:31  <mastrolinux>we are moving to a new platform, but this will require about 6 months
15:50:42  <doublemarked>ok.
15:51:14  <mastrolinux>much more stable than 1 month ago (3x less errors from our metrics)
15:51:27  <doublemarked>do you have a public roadmap for what you're rolling out?
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15:52:13  <mastrolinux>no, but it is a good idea, I'll share it with the rest of the team. Soon we will send you a newsletter about the work in progress
15:52:20  <scottcorgan>cloud9 has been somewhat silent for the last 4-6 months. Can you explain why?
15:54:35  <mastrolinux>yes, we rebuilt the culture of the company, we started to improve our quality at very high level, and this obiouvsly require some time, so less feature but high quality
15:55:41  <scottcorgan>Sounds good. Just curious.
15:57:09  <doublemarked>mastrolinux: are you guys aware of the heaps of spam in your online support system?
15:57:28  <doublemarked>the Forums there appear to me mainly spam
15:57:51  <mastrolinux>yes, we know it and we are working with our support system provider to find a long term solution
15:58:47  <mastrolinux>Is there something more related to the Ops side you want to know?
16:00:53  <doublemarked>mastrolinux: do you have plans to offer direct ssh access to environments?
16:01:05  <doublemarked>the in-browser terminal sucks
16:04:51  <mastrolinux>W do not plan to offer you direct access to the gears, but it is still an idea we can evaluate in the future. you can access your VM via SSH as usual
16:07:17  <doublemarked>which VM are you referring to when you say "your VM" ?
16:07:39  <mastrolinux>SSH workspace type
16:07:51  <doublemarked>ah, right
16:08:06  <mastrolinux>so you can have your VM and use Cloud9 as an IDE
16:08:45  <doublemarked>I've hesitated to do that out of fear of latency, but should probably give it a try
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16:10:28  <doublemarked>btw do you guys post any information about your ops, infrastructure stuff, etc?
16:10:35  <mastrolinux>You can try it, our servers are locate in North Virginia
16:11:05  <doublemarked>do you plan on expanding your network to other regions?
16:11:18  <mastrolinux>No, we just have internal doc right now
16:13:07  <mastrolinux>there is a blog post about https://c9.io/site/blog/2013/03/the-changelog-of-march-stability-performance-features/
16:13:41  <mastrolinux>and especially:
16:13:42  <mastrolinux>https://c9.io/site/blog/2013/05/the-changelog-of-april-infrastructure-improvements-collab-labs-archiving/
16:14:09  <mastrolinux>with some internals about the haproxy and the ELB replacement
16:14:44  <doublemarked>i see
16:16:26  <mastrolinux>multi-region is definitely something that would improve the latency issues, so yeah, we're interested in it
16:19:13  <mastrolinux>ok, guys time is up. Please look at our blog to stay updated about Cloud9 future plans and current infrastructure docs
16:22:49  <mastrolinux>if you like: https://c9.io/site/feed/
16:22:57  <mastrolinux>bye bye
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20:53:08  <Koopz>so... can i ask here for support? I'm having trouble installing cloud9 on my server...
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20:57:12  <Koopz>I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS... already saw that issue on github and installed node v0.8.25 via nvm after running npm install i get npm ERR! not ok code 0 at the last line...
20:58:28  <Koopz>if i try to run bin/cloud9.sh i get Error: Cannot find module 'debug'
21:06:20  <doublemarked>Koopz: any specific messages during "npm install" other than ERR
21:07:11  <Koopz>well i see that it installs lots of modules... several WARNs because of missing repository fields and readme data
21:08:44  <Koopz>and "'repositories' (plural) not supported"
21:14:48  <Koopz>geeze... now i'm getting fetch failed errors while running npm install
21:22:37  <Koopz>doublemarked: npm WARN engine [email protected]: wanted: {"node":">= 0.4.1 < 0.7.0"} (current: {"node":"v0.8.25","npm":"1.2.30"})
21:22:57  <Koopz>might that be my problem? my node is too new?
21:25:09  <doublemarked>Koopz: no, 0.8.25 should not be a problem. I used that same version just the other day.
21:25:31  <doublemarked>Perhaps you got fetch failures the first time as well?
21:26:26  <doublemarked>how about you do a clean "npm install" and drop the results in a gist
21:27:06  <Koopz>woah lol... i deleted node_modules and rerunned npm install for the 5th time now... this time i didn't get an error
21:27:56  <doublemarked>Koopz: Happy I could help ;)
21:42:28  <Koopz>wtf...
21:43:31  <Koopz>what happened to my /var/www/
21:43:37  <Koopz>its... empty?!
21:45:40  <Koopz>...please don't tell me that node deleted everything...
21:55:42  <Koopz>great...just...great..
21:56:33  <Koopz>and i thought i could go happily to bed now...
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