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10:03:43  <Jarda>is it just me or are there some problems with the iriscouch infrastructure?
10:03:51  <JasonSmith>Jarda: What problems?
10:04:11  <Jarda>JasonSmith: I'm getting timeouts while trying to replicate a database locally
10:04:53  <JasonSmith>Jarda: Yes we disconnect idle connections
10:05:08  <JasonSmith>You can set your heartbeat value to 10 seconds which will keep it alive
10:05:17  <Jarda>JasonSmith: yeah but when I tell couchdb to replicate from iriscouch to localhost I don't get all the documents :(
10:05:27  <JasonSmith>Heartbeat at 10 will fix this
10:05:44  <Jarda>also for the initial replication?
10:06:22  <JasonSmith>Well if you see Timeout it means no data is flowing
10:06:24  <Jarda>[Sat, 21 Dec 2013 09:58:58 GMT] [error] [<0.313.0>] Replicator, request GET to "https://admin:*****@insense.iriscouch.com:6984/insense_dev/5b3fe09cbf1f346d3781829c18000a3b?revs=true&open_revs=%5B%224-6dfc873b45e0acad20043b8ce23e80fd%22%5D&latest=true" failed due to error more_d
10:06:29  <Jarda>ata_expected
10:06:40  <Jarda>more_data_expected sometimes, req_timeout sometimes
10:06:52  <JasonSmith>ok let me try something to identify this
10:07:00  <Jarda>[Sat, 21 Dec 2013 09:59:59 GMT] [info] [<0.329.0>] Retrying GET to https://admin:*****@insense.iriscouch.com:6984/insense_dev/6665d050dc4617d0d550857e32000e5f?revs=true&open_revs=%5B%223-0b7e9bd4bcf76b8b42b2eb2775f8afc8%22%5D&latest=true in 4.0 seconds due to error req_timedout
10:07:20  <JasonSmith>Okay I just disabled idle timeouts on your couch
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10:07:29  <JasonSmith>CAn you let me know (or email [email protected]) if this changes things or not
10:07:32  <JasonSmith>either way that is a data point
10:07:55  <JasonSmith>Another data point is comparing http to https
10:08:21  <Jarda>ok, let me retry
10:16:05  <Jarda>still a lot of req_timeouts and I'm missing like 20% of the documents
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14:32:16  <Jarda>it seems I can replicate my whole database if I start replication, wait for one checkpoint log entry, restart couchdb, start replication again etc etc
14:32:38  <Jarda>I'm just guessing here, but do you have a node-based proxy in front of the service and got hit by: https://github.com/substack/hyperquest#rant
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