11:33:02  * abernierjoined
11:34:27  <abernier>hi, I got a premium couchdb server platdujour.iriscouch.com but it is now down for sereval weeks :(
11:35:02  <abernier>I tried to contact [email protected] and also [email protected] but without luck
11:35:31  <abernier>@JasonSmith: can you do something for me ?
14:02:55  <bigbluehat>abernier: JasonSmith no longer works for IrisCouch / Nodejitsu
14:02:58  <bigbluehat>he now works for Cloudant
14:03:03  <bigbluehat>(last I checked) ;)
14:03:11  <bigbluehat>so...you're probably best off going with them
14:03:44  <bigbluehat>or possibly https://www.smileupps.com/
14:03:48  <bigbluehat>though I've not used the later
14:04:00  <bigbluehat>highly recommend Cloudant, however (having worked there myself ;) )
14:33:38  <abernier>bigbluehat: how about my current iriscouch instance ?
14:33:49  <abernier>cannot get any support
14:34:11  <bigbluehat>if you paid for it, I hope so!
14:34:13  <abernier>from nodejitsu to iriscouch, even if I pay 75$/mo for it :(
14:34:16  <bigbluehat>but that'd be via nodejitsu's support
14:34:26  <bigbluehat>yeah. they at least need to get you a refund
14:34:38  <abernier>they do not answer...
14:34:39  <bigbluehat>nodejitsu bought irsicouch a few years ago
14:34:44  <bigbluehat>but sadly hasn't done anything with it. :(
14:34:58  * bigbluehathelped JasonSmith built some of that...so it makes me extra sad
14:35:14  <abernier>the baddest part is for now I haven't access to my datas anymore
14:35:39  <abernier>I fear to have lost them :(
14:36:00  <abernier>2 years of datas...
14:40:11  <abernier>bigbluehat: nodejitsu does not answer also on #nodejitsu
14:40:56  <abernier>nor by email, really this is amazing
15:10:58  <bigbluehat>O.o
15:11:05  <bigbluehat>maybe try twitter?