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21:24:05  * piscisaureus_part
21:36:44  <dominictarr>maybe anything that depends on levelup ?
21:39:54  <werle>oh true
21:40:03  <levelbot>[npm] [email protected] <http://npm.im/lev>: commandline and REPL access for leveldb
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22:14:06  <rvagg>https://github.com/rvagg/level-bot/blob/master/level-filter-stream.js
22:14:34  <rvagg>not quite, I didn't get to dependencies, I was going to make "depends on levelup/leveldown" a criteria but haven't got around to it
22:14:43  <rvagg>feel free to PR if you have better ideas
22:30:45  <levelbot>[npm] [email protected] <http://npm.im/levelnet>: remote API for levelUP
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22:34:47  <dominictarr>rvagg: it works really great to let you know whats going on
22:36:19  <mbalho>is this a correct explanation of leveldown iterator?: var i = db.iterator(); call i.next(cb) until cb gets called with no key/value, then you must call i.end(cb) yourself?
22:37:35  <dominictarr>no, end is if you want to dispose of it early.
22:38:03  <mbalho>oh ok so its optional
22:38:16  <mbalho>so you make an iterator and wait for it to get called with no args
22:38:20  <mbalho>then you know its done?
22:39:03  <dominictarr>yeah, if it's null, null then that is end.
22:39:11  <dominictarr>if it cb(null, null)
22:39:18  <mbalho>cool
22:39:47  <mbalho>im figuring out to wrap the idb api in it
22:41:45  * dominictarrquit (Quit: dominictarr)
22:48:19  <mbalho>IDBWrapper calls next for you and just calls your callback a crap ton of times
22:48:33  <mbalho>so i have to pull req an optional pull-stream style api
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