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00:38:58  <no9>rvagg FFS you know what it's going to look like.. this is just a geek version of the film Crash
00:39:39  <rvagg>perhaps it's like a classic Irish pull request, that's how you guys all do it over there isn't it?
00:39:51  <rvagg>down 6 Guiness before you really get started
00:40:19  <no9>rvagg being a pomme I have no idea what you are talking about p)
00:40:48  <rvagg>bah, you've been over there long enough, I've seen you and your Guiness
00:41:12  <no9>Fair Cop your honour
00:41:14  <rvagg>... nothing like Darach though.. I imagine he could do a pretty awesome drunk-pull-request
00:41:55  <no9>Yup he is doing the first erlang factory on the 22nd I'M IN
00:42:24  <rvagg>mm, that does sound like fun!
00:42:51  <no9>Yup there is a day of Tuts then an evening of talks and then...
00:42:55  <no9>to the bar mobile
00:43:46  <no9>Hey I have a window this week for windows
00:44:51  <rvagg>speaking of which, I'm about to mess with ActiveDirectory... and it's making me cry just thinking about it
00:46:52  <no9>AD isn't too bad
00:47:29  <no9>Are you on the extended LDAP or extended Kerberos side?
00:48:45  <rvagg>LDAP
00:48:57  <rvagg>I simply need to authenticate a node web service against an AD server
00:49:23  <rvagg>it's working fine, I just need a test version for myself so I'm not messing against a production AD server
00:51:57  <no9>There are a load of tuts for that but I hear your pain
00:53:02  <rvagg>I'm working under the assumption that I can just install this stuff on a Windows Server 2008 instance I have running on AWS
00:56:56  <no9>Should be able to but you will need to promote an instance to a DC and then spin up other instances to join that domain to get a resonable test
00:57:15  <rvagg>all I really need is a server that I can authenticate some users against
00:57:52  <rvagg>distracted by the lack of VMWare Workstation on my laptop atm tho, fresh Ubuntu install so I have a lot of missing bits
01:06:44  <no9>spose the real question is are you wrapping windows auth which will abstact NTLM or Kerberos or are you do you have a kerberos implementation
01:07:03  <no9> I would suggest the former
01:15:56  <rvagg>no9: tbh I'm trying to understand as little as possible about this, I don't have space in my brain for more of this microsoft cruft, I just need this hurdle to work and it works against the production server so I need to set something up for a dev server
01:16:45  <rvagg>I'm using ldapauth for node, which uses ldapjs, I have some working ldap settings that let me run a simple ldapauth.authenticate(user, pass, cb), that's all I really need
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01:29:11  <no9>rvagg k so if you are using ldapauth you will need a Domain Controller in order to replicate the environ and have an ldap server you can work against
01:29:14  <no9>https://forums.aws.amazon.com/servlet/JiveServlet/download/30-38001-150845-2806/amazon%20centalized%20management%20environment.pdf
01:29:48  <rvagg>this is making me want to stub this whole thing out for the dev environment
01:30:11  <no9>But do you want apples and apples
01:31:02  <rvagg>I should, but my care factor is quite low on this... because windows
01:32:10  <no9>I know and if I had my choice everyone would be openindiana but alas
01:32:45  <no9>What I am saying is for an apples to apples it's none trivial
01:36:48  <rvagg>mmm... since this is just for a simple authentication call it's looking like the overhead of replicating the production environment in this respect might be a bridge too far
01:40:02  <no9>It's your call and that is why I asked do you need apples to apples In my experience if the auth call doesn't work then you end up debugging it and all of a sudden you need to know a lot of shit about stuff you didn't expect.
01:41:15  <no9>All of a sudden turning round and saying my other LDAP server never did this won't cut it
01:42:28  <rvagg>yeah, so I'm going to have to defer this decision to the client, windows is on their insistence so they have to cop the costs of it.. either they have a staging/dev environment that's a mirror of production or make some compromises to speed dev and save cost
01:43:12  <no9>k but maybe you can you not just spin up a winbox DCPROMO and run your client on the same box
01:44:05  <no9>It will save you some of the issues in the PDF and still test out your protocol which is what you really want to do
01:45:18  <rvagg>mm, might have to deal with this stuff later, they have a non-normalised legacy database issue they need me to look in to... sql server, yay..
01:46:01  <no9>staging/dev never mirrors prod it is just about identifiying the key points you arn't willing to accept as risks
01:50:20  <ChrisPartridge>rvagg: all you need now is sharepoint.. :-)
01:50:41  <rvagg>ChrisPartridge: indeed!
01:51:56  <rvagg>I escaped this land many years ago and yet here I am again...
01:52:12  <no9>k well it appears as though the godwin law of microsoft discussion has been invoked
01:53:23  <rvagg>I'm not familiar with that law but I'm going to escape this all by going to lunch with my wife
01:53:47  <no9>My final word is spin up an amazon instance promt it to a DC and run your app on the same box will get you a good way there
01:54:09  <no9>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law
01:54:29  <no9>replace sharepoint with nazi
01:54:51  <no9>or nazi with sharepoint
01:54:57  <no9>I get confused
01:55:19  <no9>Bed time here too.
02:00:56  <hij1nx>dominictarr: i think you are testing an array for a member name, https://github.com/dominictarr/rpc-stream/blob/master/index.js#L38
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04:23:31  <levelbot>[npm] [email protected] <http://npm.im/bitmatrix>: bitcoin trader bot for mt.gox (@carlos8f)
04:26:00  <rvagg>hah, that's one for ralphtheninja, looks interesting, uses level-sublevel too
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04:29:09  <st_luke>rvagg: are you going back to Europe any time soon?
04:29:34  <rvagg>st_luke: depends on if I can get onto a conference schedule or get a bit more cash in my pocket to justify it!
04:30:01  <rvagg>st_luke: i.e. hopefully
04:30:26  <rvagg>cept the plane trip is such a killer, >24 hours, jetlag is a total mongrel from the opposite side of the world
04:31:54  <st_luke>rvagg: last time I went on a flight like that it got me pretty good
04:35:23  <st_luke>that's the main reason I'm wary about campjs
04:36:16  <rvagg>st_luke: I don't know about NY, but it's only 10/11h to the west coast and the timezones aren't as messed up as between here and europe
04:36:28  <rvagg>USA is an easier destination from here in that respect
04:37:21  <st_luke>ah that's not too bad
04:37:42  <st_luke>I think I'm going to be in las vegas the week before so that would be reasonable
04:37:53  <rvagg>there are direct NY->Sydney flights, perhaps Brisbane too (close to campjs)
04:38:19  <st_luke>I bet I could find a vegas -> aus flight for pretty reasonable
04:38:21  <rvagg>Brisbane->LA I'm sure there are, I haven't done that particular leg tho, I mainly go from Sydney to wherever
04:39:36  <st_luke>campjs is pretty cheap also, that's a huge plus
04:46:40  <rvagg>yeah, and a lot of nerd fun, mainly just a chance to get together with a bunch of other javascripters, it's not so much about the talks
04:52:06  <ChrisPartridge>is there another campjs coming up?
04:52:21  <st_luke>yeah ive stopped caring about conferences that focus on talks and speakers
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04:59:05  <rvagg>ChrisPartridge: yes, August
04:59:16  <rvagg>http://campjs.com/
04:59:43  <rvagg>hij1nx should be there, I should be there, hopefully st_luke too
04:59:55  <rvagg>and of course timoxley!
05:00:09  <rvagg>wolfeidau too I imagine
05:01:14  <wolfeidau>rvagg: I need to buy a ticket too
05:01:31  <timoxley>wolfeidau maybe you can get your company to sponsor one
05:01:52  <rvagg>heh, yeah!
05:01:55  <rvagg>and get Dan along too
05:02:22  <rvagg>timoxley are we going to have a ninjablocks hardware hack thingo of some kind?
05:02:51  <timoxley>rvagg hopefully, I've set the wheels in motion on it
05:03:15  <rvagg>awesomesauce
05:04:19  <chilts>timoxley: are you a ninjablocks person too?
05:07:23  <ChrisPartridge>it's only a couple hour flight for me, i'll see if the boss will shout me a ticket
05:07:54  <rvagg>you should
05:07:57  <rvagg>where are you ChrisPartridge?
05:08:04  <ChrisPartridge>SA
05:08:16  <rvagg>ahh, cool, not too bad
05:08:37  <rvagg>lots of VIC people talking about wanting to come to this one since they missed out on the last, not sure if many have got tickets yet tho
05:08:51  <timoxley>chilts yeah
05:09:06  * mrevilquit (Remote host closed the connection)
05:10:59  <chilts>your stuff looks pretty awesome :)
05:11:28  <rvagg>ninjablocks has an awesome team now, I'm very excited about where they're heading
05:12:01  <timoxley>rvagg hopefully towards leveldb… hassle dan as much as possible
05:12:08  * timoxleykeen to never use mysql again
05:12:19  <rvagg>ohhh yeah
05:12:53  <chilts>yeah, MySql needs to die ... at least MariaDB has fixed a few things (I believe)
05:13:02  <chilts>but Postgres ftw!
05:13:17  <chilts>and other stuff too ... including LevelDB, Redis, etc
05:13:19  <rvagg>timoxley, wolfeidau, I'm determined to work on this Node binary deployment mess, isaac has cut the discussion off at the knees with his code signing and npm-debigifying, but I still think it can and should be started in userland
05:15:09  <timoxley>rvagg agreed. what do you think about the code signing point?
05:15:25  <rvagg>timoxley: I care not at this stage
05:15:36  <rvagg>it's not a blocker to making progress
05:16:37  <timoxley>rvagg I guess if it's it's got to be rock solid but if it's userland, whatever.
05:16:52  <timoxley>* I guess if it's "official"
05:18:00  <levelbot>[npm] [email protected] <http://npm.im/bitmatrix>: bitcoin trader bot for mt.gox (@carlos8f)
05:19:52  <rvagg>timoxley: argh, how many people are going to care outside of the "enterprise"? the big guys are important but they come later
05:20:12  <timoxley>also, not actually sure what the difference is in running arbitrary JS vs arbitrary compiled binary
05:21:05  <rvagg>my thoughts exactly
05:21:29  <rvagg>what's to stop JS from creating a binary too?
05:21:53  <rvagg>it's a general problem to be solved later and ought not hold up progress on this
05:22:01  <rvagg>anyway, </rant>
05:26:01  <chilts>so wait, they want to sign binaries ... but you don't have to sign JS
05:26:26  <chilts>in which case, my evil plan to take over the world using JavaScript has NO HOLES and NO ENEMIES! :)
05:26:32  <timoxley>haha
05:26:33  <chilts>mwuhahahahaha!
05:26:38  <rvagg>chilts: no, I think the goal is to sign everything
05:26:46  * chiltsstrokes cat on armchair
05:26:58  <chilts>rvagg: ok, so at least it's consistent
05:27:10  <chilts>but yeah, no-one does much signing of code
05:27:20  <rvagg>except microsofties and iOSies
05:27:20  <chilts>a la npm, CPAN, gems, pip whatever
05:27:33  <chilts>I guess Debian and RedHat repos are signed in a way
05:27:48  <chilts>but not the language specific ones (to my knowledge)
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07:27:05  <st_luke>what did he say about code signing again?
07:27:06  <st_luke>i forgot
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07:30:05  <rvagg>that it's a blocker
07:30:25  <rvagg>https://github.com/isaacs/npm/issues/1891#issuecomment-17120930
07:30:29  <rvagg>oh, he's gone!
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08:11:05  * wolfeida_changed nick to wolfeidau
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09:20:13  <ralphtheninja>rvagg: cool, it uses socket.io-client though
09:20:23  <rvagg>ouch
09:20:54  <ralphtheninja>but I fixed a bug in ws so it works with mtgox raw websocket
09:22:16  <ralphtheninja>so should be able to use normal streams if I wrap it with raynos data-channel
09:23:27  <rvagg>ahh, is that what you were doing with ws, I saw you messing with it on gh
09:24:34  <ralphtheninja>yeah, dominic told me there was a raw websocket so did some research, but it didn't work with ws since mtgox returns 400 bad request since the request header is not complete
09:24:44  <rvagg>you have an unhealthy obsession with bitcoin!
09:24:53  <ralphtheninja>lol
09:27:12  <ralphtheninja>I just find the idea and its potential fascinating :)
09:29:31  <ralphtheninja>rvagg: how does the levelbot work?
09:30:08  <rvagg>ralphtheninja: simple, he watches npm published packages and filters them as per: https://github.com/rvagg/level-bot/blob/master/level-filter-stream.js
09:30:16  <rvagg>see isLevelDB() function, that's it
09:30:29  <ralphtheninja>cool
09:30:35  <rvagg>he's picking up bitmatrix cause of the dependency on levelup
09:36:43  <ralphtheninja>rvagg: very clean and simple
09:39:42  <rvagg>I have another bot in an aussie node(ish) channel that's supposed to tell us when an aussie has published
09:40:19  <rvagg>but it's got a few issues and keeps losing the list of aussie usernames!
09:40:36  <rvagg>so I need to work on that one, levelbot is much simpler and seems to be nice and stable
09:58:15  <wolfeidau>rvagg: we want an upgrade to levelbot
10:15:29  * wolfeidauwants a refund
10:22:22  <rvagg>NO SOUP FOR YOU!
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15:22:33  <Nicocs_>Hello how are you today?
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20:50:54  <werle>anybody read this? http://vschart.com/compare/leveldb/vs/mongodb
20:56:58  <wolfeidau>werle: intriguing as to why they would bother comparing two completely different approaches, it would be more interesting to compare the persistance subsystem within mongo to leveldb
20:57:39  <werle>wolfeidau: I was actually really surprised to even see that article
20:58:15  <wolfeidau>werle: looks like it is some template system, not really an article per'say
20:59:39  <werle>wolfeidau: and it looks like anyone can modify it
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