18:09:49  * kenansulltopic: http://logs.nodejs.org/leveldb/latest — http://r.va.gg/2013/11/leveldown-v0.10-managing-gc-in-native-v8-programming.html
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20:47:31  <ralphtheninja>mafintosh: I could tag 1.4.0 and push up to github if you want
20:47:46  <ralphtheninja>mafintosh: we can still do that .. then prebuild .. and when we're ready we just `npm publish`
20:57:25  <mafintosh>ralphtheninja: do it
21:12:29  * AustinMathernequit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:14:25  <ralphtheninja>mafintosh: done
21:23:01  * jerrysvquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:23:16  * jerrysvjoined
21:25:50  <ralphtheninja>mafintosh: https://github.com/Level/leveldown/releases/tag/v1.4.0 just go ahead and build
21:25:55  <ralphtheninja>I can take care of linux if you like
21:26:02  <ralphtheninja>linux 64 bit that is
21:26:57  <ralphtheninja>hmm afaik I should be able to do linux 32 bit as well on my machine
21:27:25  <mafintosh>ralphtheninja: i've got vms for everything
21:31:51  <ralphtheninja>cool
21:32:20  <ralphtheninja>mafintosh: you'll have to fill me in later on the details so I can build on them as well
21:32:36  <ralphtheninja>mafintosh: we could even use them for other projects, which I assume you will be doing :)
21:32:52  <mafintosh>ralphtheninja: i'm gonna put the vms on ipfs
21:32:59  <mafintosh>(encrypted)
21:33:14  <mafintosh>ralphtheninja: then you can set them up locally with virtual box
21:33:26  <ralphtheninja>mafintosh: perfect
21:33:48  <mafintosh>ralphtheninja: setup is great now. cd leveldown && npm run prebuild
21:34:02  <ralphtheninja>clean and simple
21:34:23  <ralphtheninja>mafintosh: and --upload too I guess :)
21:34:37  <mafintosh>ralphtheninja: i have that in my global .prebuild rc file \o/
21:34:48  <ralphtheninja>mafintosh: oh of course lol
21:54:20  <mafintosh>ralphtheninja: all the prebuids are uploaded
21:54:37  <mafintosh>ralphtheninja: (currently building win x64 which will hopefully succeed)
21:54:55  <mafintosh>ralphtheninja: but feel free to release now
21:58:08  * jjmalinaquit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com)
22:16:47  <mafintosh>ralphtheninja: you should do raspberry pi prebuilds
22:22:51  <ralphtheninja>mafintosh: yep I will .. just going to finish something else up first
22:22:57  <ralphtheninja>side quests everywhere :)
22:23:21  <ralphtheninja>I feel like I play whack-a-mole everyday
22:24:13  <mafintosh>ralphtheninja: fun fact: leveldown does *not* compile on latest iojs on windows x64
22:28:57  <ralphtheninja>mafintosh: I think you should post an issue on that
22:29:17  <mafintosh>ralphtheninja: will do
22:29:18  <ralphtheninja>mafintosh: we can bring in rod et. al. :)
23:07:00  <ralphtheninja>$ npm publish
23:07:00  <ralphtheninja>+ [email protected]
23:07:06  <ralphtheninja>mafintosh: ^
23:13:21  * jerrysvquit (Remote host closed the connection)