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15:07:02  <ralphtheninja>mafintosh: https://github.com/Level/leveldown-hyper/pull/16
15:07:31  <ralphtheninja>karissa: I think mafintosh has done that already
15:07:37  <ralphtheninja>karissa: you're running mac I guess?
15:09:19  <ralphtheninja>karissa: https://github.com/Level/leveldown/releases/tag/v1.4.1 abi 46 is node 4.0.0 .. if it doesn't work for you please post an issue on leveldown
15:14:48  <ralphtheninja>karissa: maybe you just need to updated leveldown version? let me know how it goes!
15:15:06  <ralphtheninja>need to update*
15:16:59  <ralphtheninja>karissa: oh now I see, you should just change from leveldown-prebuilt to [email protected]
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