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07:20:47  <tsing>luvit does not support nodejs's process.chdir ?
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20:38:04  <creationix>philips, thanks for cleaning up the github issues
20:42:47  <philips>creationix: yea, they were getting stale and I feel bad
20:42:54  <philips>creationix: I hope I can help that guy along with UDP too
20:43:19  <creationix>I would love multicast discovery
20:43:27  <creationix>but I never learned enough udp to do it myself
20:43:37  <creationix>I just know it involves a minor hack to dns using multicast
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21:45:23  <xming>is it possible to bundle additional libs/lua scripts by extending the bundle script?
21:45:45  <xming>so one can ship his own app in one big file?
21:45:49  <xming>per arch that is
21:51:01  <philips>xming: I don't think it is that straight forward at the moment but certainly possible
21:52:11  <xming>okay
21:52:41  <xming>what are the plans for luvit? Any rough roadmap?
21:53:29  <xming>I am wrinting a milter based on luvit, till now it seems quite nice
21:56:11  <xming>right now luvit is so new and the community seems so small
21:56:34  <xming>I just hope you guys won't dissapear
22:14:34  <philips>xming: No plans to dissapear
22:14:53  <philips>xming: We are using it in a real product here at Rackspace so we have a vested interest at least
22:15:09  <philips>xming: Also talks at Open Source Bridge and OSCON this summer
22:24:09  <xming>philips: what do you use it for?
22:24:25  <philips>xming: An on server monitoring agent called virgo
22:24:33  <philips>xming: github.com/racker/virgo
22:41:01  <xming>will luvit one day become like twisted (python) to have several (lots) applications proto included? Or this is not the goal?
22:43:28  <philips>xming: I think that could all be done in userspace
22:43:53  <philips>xming: We provide the primatives to make that all possible I think
22:46:21  <xming>philips: I mean collect a bunch of app proto and include them with luvit
22:46:36  <xming>instead of chasing code all over the web
22:46:56  <philips>xming: No, I think we won't expore anything more than the API that node does from the core of luvit
22:48:58  <xming>I still hope that luvit will one day have a better buffer (slice/append/...)
22:49:29  <xming>the buffer is too bare bone IMHO
22:49:44  <philips>xming: Yea, we need to build the buffer out
22:50:13  <xming>currently I am uusing lua-buf
22:51:18  <xming>philips: so once I have my milter (lib) finished, I can't get it included with luvit? I guess I have to start my own project then
22:52:18  <philips>xming: What is milter?
22:53:08  <philips>xming: We need a buffer so if the API looks good it should be able to merge it
22:55:21  <xming>philips: https://github.com/Neopallium/lua-buf -> looks like a sane buffer to me
22:55:53  <philips>xming: what is the license?
22:55:53  <xming>philips: milter is a SMTP filter, talks to SMTP server over sockets
22:57:19  <xming>philips: it's not included, but the project it's based on (from the same author) has this https://github.com/Neopallium/LuaNativeObjects/blob/master/COPYRIGHT
22:57:40  <xming>we can always ask him to clarify the LICENSE for lua-buf
22:58:53  <xming>philips: want me to ask?
23:09:34  <philips>xming: sure, even if we don't use it having clarification on the license would be good
23:14:27  <xming>done
23:33:45  * AvianFluquit (Quit: Leaving)