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21:34:11  <dpiri>Hi everyone. Can anyone explain me how the module system in luvit works ? I mean, the differences in require function in relation to the way it works in normal lua ?
21:37:59  <tim_smart>dpiri: It works very similarly to Node.js if you have ever used that.
21:38:44  <tim_smart>The stuff that gets exported is return at the end of the module.
21:38:48  <tim_smart>*returned
21:39:36  <tim_smart>And require has relative and absolute support for paths
21:40:02  <tim_smart>A few more features but you should be able to read up on those elsewhere
21:40:35  <dpiri>oh. hmm. I see, so basically what you require() has it's own global context _G ?
21:41:21  <dpiri>ok. great. how do I use relative and absolute support for require paths ? when I require a file it seems to be looking up modules directory.
21:43:25  <dpiri>figure it out. when I start with an absolute path or a relative path instead of just a name, it opens the file directly. great.
21:44:54  <dpiri>and as for globals. assigning to _G directly works.
21:44:55  <philips>dpiri: no the _G context is still global
21:45:06  <philips>dpiri: You can still leak to _G if you aren't careful
21:45:33  <philips>dpiri: The style is to return all exports for the module to a table however
21:46:26  <dpiri>ok, sounds great !
21:47:14  <dpiri>one more question. modules that are required are persistent or not ? I mean, lets say that we call require(table). then do something like _G.table.mysupersort = function() blabla end
21:48:00  <dpiri>next time, when a different module, or a different lua file requires table,, it won't be the same thing that the first file included ?
21:48:07  <dpiri>do I make sense ? :D
21:49:16  <tim_smart>Anyone here with the stats field on the user model?
21:49:28  <tim_smart>Wrong room >.>
21:51:27  <philips>require(table) simply returns a table with all of the table methods as entries
21:51:38  <tim_smart>dpiri: I'm pretty sure luvit does module caching
21:51:54  <philips>I don't know if his addition will persist though
21:51:57  <philips>I would have to test it out
21:52:07  <dpiri>will test it now actually.
21:52:25  <philips>dpiri cool
21:53:29  <dpiri>it works perfectly for an absolutely included file. will try it for modules now.
21:55:42  <dpiri>hmm. how do I create a module ? modules/module_name/index.lua is not enough ?
22:16:05  <dpiri>one important question. How hard would it be for me to go and get rid of luvit's module system and use normal lua's system for this ?
22:16:42  * neomantraquit (Quit: Leaving.)
22:17:12  <dpiri>basically, I am planning to use luvit in production very soon. and I already have quite a bit of client side code written, which I would definitely love to share with the server as it is.
22:40:42  <levi>I don't know how hard it would be, but luvit isn't intended to be used that way, so nothing has been done to make it easy.
22:46:34  <dpiri>I understand. I think I should just try to make my code support both luvit and my system. It should be possible by checking for a luvit specific global variable such as UV_VERSION,, etc.
22:49:11  <dpiri>by the way, Is there any way I can help luvit project ?
22:49:52  <dpiri>I mean, contribute to it in some ways. I am working for Opera Software, I could also try to push it to be used there as well.
22:51:56  <levi>I'm sure there are plenty of ways to contribute, not the least of which would be to use it and release code that works with it. :)
22:52:10  <levi>I am not an authority on the project though, I just sort of watch from the wings right now.
22:53:03  <dpiri>oh, I understand. I mean, It would be great if I could get to know what it is weak at or, what needs to be done. a TODO list basically, so that I can jump in and help the code with something that I might be experienced with.
22:53:44  <levi>creationix is often around, you should ask him when you see him or drop him a message.
22:56:21  <dpiri>ok, great ! Thanks a lot for the guidance !
23:03:29  <philips>dpiri: we have lots of open issues: https://github.com/luvit/luvit/issues?state=open and a TODO https://github.com/luvit/luvit/blob/master/TODO
23:04:03  <philips>dpiri: This pull request has stalled out that adds UDP and I would love someone to pick it up and figure out the issues: https://github.com/luvit/luvit/pull/205
23:04:23  <philips>dpiri: I use fastmail.fm for what its worth, <3 Opera Software simply because of fastmail
23:08:06  <dpiri>Great ! Thanks a lot for the links !!
23:10:08  * bakinsquit (Quit: bakins)
23:37:21  * dpiriquit (Quit: Page closed)