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12:53:41  <CIA-22>Hiroaki Nakamura master * r0195352 / (lib/luvit/fs.lua tests/test-fs-truncate.lua): Port test-fs-truncate from node.js. Add fs.truncate(Sync) and modify fs.ftruncate(Sync). - http://git.io/8oxV_A
12:53:42  <CIA-22>Hiroaki Nakamura master * r7e3678a / (lib/luvit/fs.lua tests/test-fs-truncate.lua): Merge pull request #326 from hnakamur/test-fs-truncate - http://git.io/3xr0uA
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12:55:55  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] luvit/luvit#394 (master - 7e3678a : Hiroaki Nakamura): The build passed.
12:55:55  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/compare/eafbd61df4e4...7e3678a79bb8
12:55:55  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/2188314
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17:01:49  <creationix>http://olivinelabs.com/busted/
17:01:53  <creationix>it's like mocha, but for lua
17:02:38  <creationix>hmm, but it doesn't appear to have async support
17:05:45  <hnakamur>According to https://github.com/Olivine-Labs/busted/blob/master/TODO.md it will go for Lua Lanes
17:07:43  <rphillips>hnakamur: hey!
17:07:51  <hnakamur>Hi!
17:09:01  <hnakamur>There seems many libraries for "threading" http://www.luteus.biz/Download/LoriotPro_Doc/LUA/LUA_For_Windows/lanes/comparison.html
17:10:31  <hnakamur>I also learned Erlang some time ago, so I am interested in ConcurrentLua, too.
17:13:09  <hnakamur>As for testing, what do you think about bourbon or checkit? Those are listed at https://github.com/luvit/luvit/wiki/Projects
17:16:03  <rphillips>i'm partial to bourbon, since I wrote it :)
17:16:23  <hnakamur>Oh, good to know.
17:17:44  <hnakamur>Could we include bourbon in luvit tests/modules directory?
17:18:33  <hnakamur>I would like to use asserts.equals() instead of plain assert().
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17:37:00  <pquerna>super() would be nice
17:37:17  <pquerna>self:super(self):initialize()
17:37:19  <pquerna>thoughts?
17:37:43  <pquerna>Lua Lanes.... sigh
17:37:47  <pquerna>been there done that :)
17:38:18  <pquerna>Luvit + subprocesses are sucha better way
17:38:20  <pquerna>than lua lanes
17:38:34  <pquerna>all IO via callbacks and subprocesses if you really need em
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17:45:00  * creationixtopic: Lua + libUV + jiT = pure awesome-sauce | http://luvit.io | Current task, cleaning up build system
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18:27:52  <philips_>pquerna: I think super is there https://github.com/luvit/luvit/blob/master/lib/luvit/core.lua#L115
18:28:02  <philips_>pquerna: just added a couple of days ago
18:28:07  <philips_>pquerna: virgo might not have it
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18:30:38  <pquerna>k
18:31:26  <CIA-22>Ryan Phillips add_unref_ref_to_handle * r828d677 / lib/luvit/uv.lua : references: add ref/unref functions to Handles - http://git.io/triZBA
18:33:06  <creationix>self.super.initialize(self)
18:33:22  <creationix>?
18:33:44  <creationix>won't work with : syntax, but manually passing in self isn't that painful
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18:34:01  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] luvit/luvit#396 (add_unref_ref_to_handle - 828d677 : Ryan Phillips): The build passed.
18:34:01  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/commit/828d677b3629
18:34:01  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/2192096
18:34:01  * travis-cipart
18:34:54  <boxofrox>add unref ref to handle... sounds oxymoronic imo.
18:35:20  <creationix>unref/ref
18:35:34  <boxofrox>ah
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18:39:07  <rphillips>https://github.com/luvit/luvit/pull/330
18:39:16  <rphillips>almost not worth the pull request
18:48:40  <boxofrox>out of curiosity, how do you use luvit? do you use it to replace a web server like apache, or do you use luvit to supplement your webserver, etc?
18:49:08  <CIA-22>Ryan Phillips master * r828d677 / lib/luvit/uv.lua : references: add ref/unref functions to Handles - http://git.io/triZBA
18:49:09  <CIA-22>Tim Caswell master * r45c1bea / lib/luvit/uv.lua : Merge pull request #330 from luvit/add_unref_ref_to_handle - http://git.io/CbFXsw
18:49:18  <creationix>rphillips, looks good
18:50:06  <rphillips>boxofrox: we are creating a monitoring agent with luvit
18:50:26  <rphillips>boxofrox: https://github.com/racker/virgo
18:54:27  <creationix>is anyone else actually using luvit?
18:54:35  <boxofrox>i take it virgo is part of your job, not just a hobby?
18:55:02  <creationix>I use it for luvit.io, but that's just because I want to
18:55:05  <creationix>it's just static html
18:55:28  <boxofrox>that makes sense.
18:56:21  <creationix>boxofrox, basically I created it for fun and rackspace saw it was a good fit for something they needed and so they contribute a ton
18:56:59  <boxofrox>oh wow. that's outstanding :D
18:57:30  <creationix>yeah, philips_ , rphillips, and pquerna are awesome. The project would have died without their support
18:58:31  <creationix>and now we have hnakamur contributing like crazy all of the sudden
18:59:23  <boxofrox>my thanks to them and you. i look forward to using luvit in a few hobby projects of my own, but my specialty runs closer to the hardware.
18:59:39  <creationix>when I get time, I want to develop a mobile platform
18:59:52  <creationix>luvit + opengl + input events
19:00:02  <creationix>kinda like webgl in the browser
19:00:06  <creationix>but bare-bones
19:00:13  <rphillips>boxofrox: yeah, luvit is great for near metal
19:00:31  <boxofrox>yea, i like the compactness of lua.
19:00:33  <rphillips>low memory, fast
19:00:35  <creationix>luajit ffi has so much potential for all kinds of stuff
19:00:50  <creationix>even if you never actually use it to make ffi calls, the ctypes support is nice
19:01:02  <creationix>want buffers like in node, just create a char* using ffi
19:01:17  <creationix>want typed arrays, uint_8[10]
19:01:25  <boxofrox>creationix: your mobile platform sounds akin to luxinia.de :)
19:01:48  <creationix>boxofrox, mine will be much lower level
19:01:52  <creationix>just the opengl context
19:01:55  <creationix>+ input events
19:01:57  <creationix>+ networking
19:02:04  <creationix>no 3d engine, no physics
19:02:09  <creationix>no scene graph
19:02:18  <creationix>that will all be 3rd party libraries on top of the platform
19:03:30  <creationix>maybe add openSL for multimedia
19:03:43  <creationix>I know android at least supports it
19:03:47  <boxofrox>i haven't come across openSL, yet.
19:03:55  <creationix>http://www.khronos.org/opensles/
19:04:53  <boxofrox>did khronos hijack openAL?
19:05:16  <creationix>dunno, but I like most khronos stuff
19:05:21  <creationix>especially the *es variants
19:05:41  <creationix>egl + openGL ES + openSL ES seems like a solid platform
19:05:50  <creationix>just need a way to get at input events after that
19:06:06  <creationix>and integrate it with the libuv event loop in luvit
19:07:59  <boxofrox>sounds difficult. but then again, Android seems to provide some kind of native library interface for game devs to use (like Unreal).
19:08:35  <boxofrox>i bet the key to input is buried in there
19:08:49  <creationix>yeah, android's ndk has a lot of it http://mobilepearls.com/labs/native-android-api/
19:09:03  <creationix>but cross-platform input events while integrating with libuv is going to be hard
19:09:09  <creationix>but so worth it if I can pull it off
19:13:57  <boxofrox>I'm looking to use luvit to build mini (app?) servers.
19:15:19  <boxofrox>in one instance my neighbor/landlord has issues with burglars when he leaves town. ADT doesn't help, because I can't hear the alarm next door, and cops don't respond.
19:15:53  <boxofrox>i've set up his mac, so I can ssh in and sox to stream his microphone audio to my speakers, which solves the problem of me hearing the alarm.
19:18:22  <boxofrox>but I'd rather he had more control over when I can listen. so i'm looking to create a luvit app that let's him turn the connection on/off.
19:20:20  * `3rdEdenquit (Quit: Linkinus - http://linkinus.com)
19:20:31  <creationix>boxofrox, yeah, it should work great for that
19:20:48  <creationix>I hear that libuv might get serial support some day
19:20:54  <creationix>just not sure how high a priority it is
19:21:17  <creationix>but we already have file, unix, socket, tcp, and udp
19:21:24  <creationix>*unix socket
19:22:30  <boxofrox>for my purpose, i'm interested in creating a server the brokers connections. landlord connects to server, says he wants to stream, i connect to server, say I want to listen. then local apps kick in to connect the peers together and make it happen
19:22:59  <boxofrox>i think sockets (unix,tcp,upd) will work great
19:24:34  <boxofrox>biggest problem i have is these web technologies are new to me, and sometimes I feel it's way over my head.
19:29:30  * travis-cijoined
19:29:30  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] luvit/luvit#398 (master - 45c1bea : Tim Caswell): The build is pending.
19:29:30  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/compare/7e3678a79bb8...45c1bea37d39
19:29:30  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/2192278
19:29:30  * travis-cipart
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19:31:27  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] luvit/luvit#398 (master - 45c1bea : Tim Caswell): The build passed.
19:31:27  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/compare/7e3678a79bb8...45c1bea37d39
19:31:27  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/2192278
19:31:27  * travis-cipart
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19:37:49  <xming>evening folks
19:38:02  <boxofrox>o/
19:41:10  <creationix>xming, hello
19:42:56  * hnakamurquit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
19:43:06  <xming>a lot happened in one month time
19:43:21  <creationix>xming, indeed
19:43:41  <creationix>boxofrox, so you want to run a webserver on his mac?
19:43:49  <xming>I still think that I will maintain the cmake system (at least for *nix) even though things are going to the ninja way
19:44:18  <xming>unless I learn ninja someday :D
19:44:44  <boxofrox>creationix: i want to run a webserver on boxofrox.me, that Tim (landlord) connects to in order to flip the audio stream on.
19:44:45  <creationix>the nice thing about ninja is google puts resources into it, though we don't use any google tech directly in luvit
19:45:02  <creationix>boxofrox, ok, so where is your webserver?
19:45:10  <creationix>in "the cloud"?
19:45:31  <boxofrox>virtual private server I lease. domain is boxofrox.me
19:46:05  <xming>why do you need an extra server for it? Doesn't his mac surfice?
19:48:08  <boxofrox>it's a long story. My landlord lives next door, has problems when burglars, and I don't hear is ADT alarm. We set up an ssh connection so I can pipe audio from his mic to my speakers using sox.
19:48:21  * jbuezaquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:48:22  <xming>afaics ninja is an replacement for make
19:48:44  * jbuezajoined
19:49:19  <xming>boxofrox: yeap I understood that, but since you will need his mac to stream the audio, whu would you want a webserver on a VPS?
19:49:31  <boxofrox>but i can turn it on anytime. too much control for me, too little for him. so i figure abstract the problem a bit. provide a server (not necessarily www) to broker the connection.
19:49:57  <creationix>you can make a simple tcp echo box on the vps
19:50:11  <creationix>tls encrypted and pass in a secret auth token
19:50:21  <boxofrox>the server is always on, his mac or my pc... not so much.
19:50:21  <xming>to me it all sounds making things complicated that it needs to be
19:50:35  <xming>buy a Pi and be done with it
19:50:57  <creationix>xming, are those easy to come by yet?
19:51:03  <creationix>I thought they were still way backordered
19:51:29  <xming>last time I checked (few weeks back) the lifted the 1 person limit
19:52:08  <boxofrox>i'm trying to teach myself something new here. :p
19:52:16  <xming>personally I would never buy a Pi in it's current incarnation
19:53:17  <xming>if I needed an ARM thingy I would buy any Android mediabox out there for around $60~$80
19:53:36  <boxofrox>oh, and other reason for using server on vps, static ip.
19:53:41  <xming>more powerful than Pi, more RAM, with an enclosure and powersuply
19:54:13  <xming>boxofrox: IMHO way too complicated and way too much things might break
19:54:38  <xming>neighbout MAC -> hist internet -> VPS -> your internet -> your PC
19:55:28  <xming>If I were you I would do a VLAN on his wifi router, connect a Pi (or any ARM/MIPS thing) to that VLAN
19:56:07  <xming>write a webserver to let your neighbour to have control to start/stop stream on the Pi
19:56:25  <xming>less things that will break
19:56:44  <creationix>boxofrox, vps works too, it just adds an extra internet hop
19:56:46  <xming>and everything is under your and your neighbours's control
19:56:48  <boxofrox>wifi between the houses is terribly unreliable. signal's too weak and I'd have to buy repeaters to boost the signal from both ends.
19:57:08  <creationix>boxofrox, how secure do you need it?
19:57:23  <xming>if you choose the VPS what would you do if his/your internet or VPS goes down?
19:58:18  <xming>and a cat6 cable is not possible?
19:58:28  <boxofrox>the audio stream is still direct from mac to pc. the vps server will allow the two to broker the connection. i'm shooting for a napster type setup. central server, p2p transfer.
19:58:44  <creationix>oh right
19:59:09  <creationix>how about a process on the mac that sends you an sms with the current ip address of the mac
19:59:12  <boxofrox>server would track that the connection was establish, monitor with keep-alive signals until the connection was terminated by request
19:59:35  <creationix>because, even if the vps gets notified, how do you get notified?
19:59:40  <xming>my concern still stands
19:59:45  <boxofrox>i considered sms. i don't know how to assign a number to my pc to receive the message.
19:59:47  <creationix>will your local process be constantly connected to the vps?
20:00:00  <creationix>or email?
20:00:14  <creationix>sending a simple email is easy enough using the tcp module
20:00:25  <boxofrox>true
20:00:48  <xming>you still have 3 things which are not under your control, which might break
20:01:05  <boxofrox>you're really dead set on discouraging this server idea :D
20:01:20  <creationix>xming, how does a tiny arm device help
20:01:23  <creationix>those can go down too
20:01:30  <creationix>or get unplugged or something
20:01:40  <xming>boxofrox: I am just expressing my concern from a professional pov
20:01:53  <xming>I am sys/net admin and not coder
20:02:20  <creationix>well, the two home isp connections are required regardless unless you run new cables or something
20:02:25  <xming>creationix: he doesn't have to use anthing extra, that Mac is enough
20:02:56  <xming>hence I asked him
20:03:11  <xming>and adding an VPS is *cough*
20:03:37  <creationix>right, so the problem is neighbor starts some program, this looks up current public IP and sends it to boxofrox somehow
20:03:38  <boxofrox>i've had the vps for about 2 years now. never really had time to do much with it.
20:03:51  <creationix>I have several vps boxes
20:03:58  <creationix>I even use one for my daily development
20:04:02  <creationix>it's reliable enough for me
20:04:11  <creationix>way more reliable than my home isp
20:04:22  <xming>boxofrox: I can understand that, and you probably never noticed that it was down
20:04:43  <xming>but those shitty things always come at the bad moment
20:04:50  <xming>Murfy is calling
20:04:53  <creationix>xming, what brands have your worked with?
20:05:00  <creationix>I've had good luck with linode
20:05:06  <xming>creationix: network equip.?
20:05:14  <creationix>no, vps vendors
20:05:17  <xming>oh VPS
20:05:33  <xming>I have a server colocated
20:05:38  <creationix>on a side note, I really want to wire my house with cat6
20:05:51  <xming>and I have a cheap VPS with buyVM
20:05:52  <boxofrox>so the vps is not essential to the audio streaming. just connecting, disconnecting, and viewing status maybe.
20:05:54  <creationix>2600 sq/feet is too big for wifi
20:06:12  <creationix>boxofrox, do you need to be notified somehow when he connects?
20:06:18  <boxofrox>just checked the uptime on vps, 82 days means it did go down when I wasn't looking :)
20:06:19  <creationix>would email be enough?
20:07:08  <xming>boxofrox: any other route is write a client for justin.tv/ustream/....
20:07:28  <xming>he starts the client then you can watch/listen :D
20:07:31  <boxofrox>creationix: i figure on my end. I connect to the server to indicate I'm willing to listen. my connection will be more permanent. when Tim wants to turn on the service, he connects. ip's are brokered, p2p is established, audio flows.
20:08:05  <creationix>and you can reuse the existing ssh tunnel for the actual audio?
20:08:05  <boxofrox>if the audio stream fails, i'll know because i won't hear it.
20:08:16  <creationix>once you get the current IP
20:08:22  <boxofrox>if i'm not in the house, then whether it's working doesn't really matter.
20:08:26  <boxofrox>creationix: right
20:08:51  <xming>oh you don't need a full 24/7 working system?
20:09:10  <creationix>boxofrox, right, so make the vps process speak http
20:09:12  <boxofrox>if the server goes down, then either Tim can't start a connect (he'll call me to let me know), or we're already streaming and vps has no effect.
20:09:20  <xming>whenever I hear alarm I thing of 99.999% uptime
20:09:37  <xming>s/thing/think
20:10:04  <boxofrox>it's just a way for me to hear his burglar alarm in my house.
20:10:14  <xming>boxofrox: then ignore my comment earlier, have fun of what you have in mind :D
20:10:21  <boxofrox>when the audio is streaming, i can hear footsteps and conversations throughout the house.
20:10:33  <creationix>boxofrox, do you want to be able to see history and other stuff on the vps
20:10:35  <boxofrox>xming: thanks, i appreciate the input :)
20:10:36  <creationix>using a browser
20:11:02  <boxofrox>creationix: prabably. that's an eventual feature if this configuration pans out.
20:11:14  <xming>boxofrox: but an other note, leaving a Mac on just to stream audio is a bit of an overkill
20:11:16  <creationix>I guess it can easily be added later
20:11:24  <xming>Pi would fit nicely
20:11:25  <creationix>a luvit process can listen on multiple ports speaking multiple protocols
20:11:37  <boxofrox>since Tim would be out of town when the service is on, I figure maybe a mobile app will let him connect to the server to check on the connect. peace of mind if you will.
20:12:04  <creationix>ok, so since web tech is new to you, I'd make a simple binary protocol over tcp or tls
20:12:04  <boxofrox>of course, he could just call me, too.
20:12:10  <boxofrox>but that would be too social.
20:12:25  <xming>let him call his Mac
20:12:50  <boxofrox>lol
20:13:03  <xming>there exist a perfect solution for all this, sorry I have to come up with other ideas :p
20:13:35  <boxofrox>i agree, but part of finding the perfect solution is stumbling over the mistakes first :)
20:13:47  <boxofrox>at least for me it is. hence the name, box of rocks.
20:15:21  <xming>a voip with a softswitch
20:15:30  <xming>with conference and all
20:15:40  <xming>lot's of mobile apps for that
20:16:08  <boxofrox>i'll have to check that out.
20:16:37  <xming>install a softswitch (e.g. freeswitch) on the VPS it acts like a registrar (like a broker)
20:16:40  <boxofrox>maybe I don't need luvit after all. creationix, you should keep this guy around more often! ;p
20:16:48  <xming>configure it with a conference room
20:17:16  <xming>boxofrox: as said before I am not a coder, I tend to choose solution where I don't need to code :p
20:17:28  <boxofrox>ah, i like to code.
20:17:37  <xming>you connect to the conference room permantly
20:17:45  <creationix>boxofrox, well if you intent it to learn luvit, then use luvit, if your intent is to solve a problem, use whatever makes the most sense
20:17:50  <xming>he joins the conference when needed, voila
20:18:18  <xming>he can always join the conference with any SIP mobile app
20:18:33  <xming>boxofrox: be sure to mute your mic :D
20:18:35  <boxofrox>creationix: yea, i was joking. learning luvit is part of the intent with this project :)
20:19:07  <boxofrox>xming: aye, don't want to broadcast my off-tune singin.
20:19:11  <xming>boxofrox: if you like to code, may you can right a softswitch in luvit? I will be very interested in that
20:19:27  <boxofrox>i'll look into it.
20:19:47  <xming>boxofrox: check out sofia fo SIP, maybe it's possible to use it with ffi
20:20:34  <xming>s/right/write
20:21:27  <creationix>xming, if you decide to use luvit and need ideas, I can help
20:21:28  <xming>SIP (the proto) is roughly what you have described
20:21:52  <xming>creationix: I am using luvit, I am just not finished my 1st project yet
20:22:00  <xming>I am so slow to code
20:22:33  <xming>SIP registrar acts like a broker and the audio stream goes from peer to peer
20:23:28  <xming>I want to finish my milter first
20:24:00  <xming>then I have an ircbot in mind, if I ever achive to finish that I might look into luvit +SIP
20:24:59  <xming>but if boxofrox is going to use luvit + SIP I will change my priorities :p
20:25:13  * joshthecoderquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:30:17  <boxofrox>you don't have to change priorities. i plan to use github, and if I work on luvit+sip, you can certainly consult. i'm never short on need for guidance.
20:31:19  <xming>Oh I mean I would just join you with your project instead of finishing my own pet projets first :D
20:32:24  <boxofrox>cool. i'll read up on sip and let you know :)
20:33:41  <xming>boxofrox: checkout freeswithch, yate, opensips, kamailio for softswitches, sofia for SIP library
20:34:07  <boxofrox>k
20:34:14  <xming>SIP always has DNS lookup to look for the peers
20:34:20  <xming>s/always/also
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21:52:08  <rphillips>luvit: 266 commits / 57,130 ++ / 3,201 --
21:52:19  <rphillips>philips_: 82 commits / 3,015 ++ / 45,483 --
21:52:36  <rphillips>removal of code is even better
21:53:44  <rphillips>there is a stead heartbeat: https://github.com/luvit/luvit/graphs/contributors
21:53:48  <rphillips>steady*
21:56:25  <rphillips>hnakamur has overtaken us all
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22:01:43  <CIA-22>Ryan Phillips fix_o_sync_windows * r706e358 / src/luv_fs.c : win32: remove O_SYNC from windows - http://git.io/pFL5jw
22:12:01  <CIA-22>Ryan Phillips master * r706e358 / src/luv_fs.c : win32: remove O_SYNC from windows - http://git.io/pFL5jw
22:12:02  <CIA-22>Ryan Phillips master * r0a80cb6 / src/luv_fs.c : Merge pull request #331 from luvit/fix_o_sync_windows - http://git.io/WZhsKA
22:12:19  <CIA-22>Hiroaki Nakamura master * rbd6ec21 / (8 files): Use good-style if-statements (avoid one-line if-statements). - http://git.io/uOQwYA
22:12:19  <CIA-22>Ryan Phillips master * rc0e5cbd / (8 files): Merge pull request #329 from hnakamur/good-if-style-in-fs-tests - http://git.io/xH4gcw
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22:52:43  <pquerna>rphillips: i'll get at least one luvit commit today i think
22:53:13  <pquerna>rphillips: https://github.com/racker/virgo/graphs/contributors
22:53:28  <pquerna>rphillips: i like all those numbers because i just kept putting things inline in deps/ :D
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23:17:30  <rphillips>Yeah. I'm not sure if those numbers are correct
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23:34:58  <rphillips>lol
23:35:00  <rphillips>nice
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