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09:07:16  * creationixtopic: Lua + libUV + jiT = pure awesome-sauce | http://luvit.io
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13:43:05  <jrowe>are there windows binaries? the groups threads arent pulling up any links
13:43:25  <jrowe>also, awesomesauce indeed :D
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16:14:40  <grep_awesome>does anyone have luvit running in production? Any opinions on production readiness of project?
16:15:07  <grep_awesome>Also, is a fully buffered reverse proxy recommended?
16:24:18  <creationix>grep_awesome: as far as I know, only rackspace uses luvit in production
16:24:53  <grep_awesome>well as far as a large company to vouch for a project, rackspace is pretty good
16:25:03  <grep_awesome>out of curiousity, do you know where they use it?
16:25:19  <creationix>for their monitoring agent
16:25:35  <creationix>they wanted something like node.js, but not so heavy on resources
16:25:43  <creationix>since it needs to run inside their customer's VMs
16:25:45  <grep_awesome>I think a lot of people want that
16:26:04  <grep_awesome>but thats great, thanks
16:26:19  <creationix>rphillips: do you still work on the agent project?
16:26:27  <creationix>I forget who's left on the team
16:27:27  <grep_awesome>do they contribute to the luvit project?
16:28:28  <grep_awesome>regardless, that is exciting to see something important like monitoring be used by someone large like rackspace
16:30:17  <creationix>grep_awesome: yes, they contribute more than me some months
16:30:24  <creationix>I'm pretty busy with other projects
16:31:08  <grep_awesome>so this is your baby eh?
16:31:29  <creationix>yep, I created luvit over a year ago
16:32:44  <grep_awesome>well it looks pretty exciting, got gears turning on how to use it already. I've gotta drop, but I'll be adding #luvit to my channels and look forward working with it
16:33:02  <creationix>grep_awesome: great, enjoy
16:33:09  <rphillips>creationix: yes, I'm still working on it
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16:33:48  <CyaNox>Heya, I'm having a 200ms additional latency when using examples/http-server.lua compared to examples/speed-http.lua. Is this a bug? And if not then how could I make it so the former is as fast (or close to as fast) as the latter?
16:34:05  <creationix>CyaNox: yes, that's something wrong
16:34:07  <creationix>it should never be that slow
16:34:30  <creationix>what OS and how are you testing latency
16:35:39  <CyaNox>Ubuntu and testing it with chromes developer tools over local network
16:35:57  <creationix>interesting
16:36:27  <creationix>CyaNox: latest luvit from git or one of the release binaries?
16:36:56  <CyaNox>git from a couple of days ago (not sure if there where any changes recently)
16:37:10  <creationix>I don't think so, development has been pretty slow lately
16:37:40  <creationix>I just put ubuntu on a machine, let me clone luvit and build
16:37:57  <CyaNox>I also found that I could make the latency closer to the speed one by adding: req.socket:shutdown()
16:38:20  <CyaNox>but I'm fairly certain that is not really ... correct :P
16:42:02  <CyaNox>I tried looking at the source and figuring out what is so different between the two but didn't get too far due to me not actually knowing the source. Also for the most part it seemed the same just slightly different call structure and the http.createServer does a tiny bit more then net.createServer.
16:43:00  <creationix>my guess is something is waiting for a timeout
16:43:09  <creationix>because of bad connection handling
16:43:36  <creationix>CyaNox: did you build using gyp or normal Make?
16:43:42  <creationix>(did you use configure)
16:43:43  <CyaNox>normal make
16:43:47  <CyaNox>and yes
16:43:55  <creationix>configure uses gyp
16:44:00  <creationix>Makefile doesn't
16:44:02  <CyaNox>for some reason gyp failed on something :P
16:44:44  <CyaNox>so I tried the make way and that worked so never bothered to fix the gyp method
16:44:54  <creationix>alright, I've got luvit 0.6.1-8-g6407b23
16:45:01  <creationix>build using make
16:45:42  <creationix>I'm getting 2ms latency according to chrome dev tools
16:45:59  <CyaNox>hhmmm
16:47:06  <CyaNox>that is for http-server.lua?
16:47:11  <creationix>right
16:47:33  <creationix>you're using the same domain "localhost" for both tests right?
16:48:07  <CyaNox>no
16:48:39  <CyaNox>the box having luvit is a server install ... no gui's so no chrome :P
16:49:37  <CyaNox>lemme see if I can open up the ports to the outside and see if you can notice a difference there
16:52:12  <CyaNox>ok http://cyanox.com:8080 should be http-server.lua and http://cyanox.com:8081/ should be speed-http.lua.
16:54:59  <creationix>I'm seeing a bit of internet latency, but the second one is about 150ms less
16:55:07  <creationix>(about 150 vs 300)
16:55:32  <creationix>do you have apache-bench or wrk on your server?
16:55:46  <CyaNox>I probably have ab on there
16:56:06  <creationix>wrk is very easy to build and generally is more reliable https://github.com/wg/wrk
16:58:15  <CyaNox>ok build
17:01:07  <CyaNox>heh ... you probably want to see it with other arguments but I find this pretty telling: http://pastebin.com/w33yrYEW
17:04:26  <creationix>I get the same
17:04:33  <creationix>250 reqs/sec
17:04:50  <creationix>CyaNox: btw, do you care about having the same API as node.js?
17:05:00  <creationix>I have a new http library for luvit that's much faster, but a different API
17:05:00  <CyaNox>not really
17:05:09  <creationix>luvit.io runs on it
17:05:40  <creationix>https://github.com/creationix/moonslice
17:05:48  <CyaNox>I've actually never really used node.js before but I find its concept interresting. I much more prefer lua over javascript though :P
17:05:55  <creationix>clone it recursvely to get the dependencies
17:06:24  <creationix>with the new API, a hello-world server is https://github.com/creationix/moonslice/blob/master/test-web-hello.lua
17:09:35  <CyaNox>aww theres no udp.createServer :P
17:09:46  <creationix>that's because I don't understand udp
17:09:50  <creationix>feel free to add it
17:09:58  <creationix>though the moonslice APIs are still being experimented upon
17:10:09  <creationix>I'm doing my exploring in node land right now
17:11:09  <CyaNox>well I prefer not to go deep into udp myself :P.
17:11:48  <CyaNox>Problem with UDP is that if you want it to be reliable you end up having to do a lot of stuff which is already handled when working with tcp.
17:12:07  <creationix>yeah, it's an interesting protocol
17:12:12  <creationix>but very useful sometimes
17:12:24  <creationix>I'll soon be using it on chrome to implement p2p finding apps over lan
17:12:40  <creationix>two instances of an app will be able to find eachother if they are on the same wifi
17:12:44  <CyaNox>UDP however has its advantages especially in gaming where most of the time you don't care about reliable data just the most recent data.
17:12:57  <creationix>yeah, that's nice too
17:13:07  <creationix>usually using both is a great combo
17:13:37  <CyaNox>Well I'm not too sure about that
17:15:18  <CyaNox>I while ago I read an article (don't remember where) about whats the best for gaming and it basicly said UDP all the way. It discouraged mixing tcp and udp with one reason being protocol switching in your application stack negating any performance increase you'd have from using udp.
17:15:54  <creationix>not switching, using both at once
17:16:01  <creationix>each for it's strengths
17:17:54  <CyaNox>deeper down at the protocol level its somewhat different. Most applications don't run in parralel so behind the scene in the lower levels it would still switch between the two types eventhough your code in the higher levels sees both at the same time.
17:18:56  <CyaNox>Anyway I don't have enough low level experience or tested this stuff myself so I can't be certain. Its just what I read somewhere.
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17:28:59  <CyaNox>creationix: Just noticed the following: luvit: src/unix/stream.c:631: uv__read: Assertion `!uv__io_active(&stream->read_watcher)' failed.
17:29:11  <CyaNox>thats with http-server.lua
17:29:47  <creationix>strange
17:30:01  <creationix>I didn't write most of the http library, so I'm not sure what all is going on in there
17:35:27  <CyaNox>the moonslice thing is about as fast as speed-http though
17:52:51  <CyaNox>heh ... I keep running into random stuff: http://pastebin.com/Vs56Ka5E
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22:47:00  <jrowe>are there any windows binaries?