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02:33:53  <rphillips>creationix: did you see the note we wanted to release a new version of luvit?
02:36:47  <creationix>rphillips, no I didn't, that's great
02:36:52  <creationix>what do you need me to do?
02:38:05  <rphillips>just need you to push the tarball to the website
02:38:15  <rphillips>there were some exe's as well
02:38:19  <rphillips>for windows binaries
02:38:23  <rphillips>finding the link
02:38:29  <creationix>do you want login credentials for my linode?
02:38:29  <rphillips>rje: around?
02:38:33  <rphillips>creationix: sure!
02:38:45  <rphillips>PM you an ssh key?
02:39:06  <creationix>it's public key, pm or here, your choice
02:39:13  <rphillips>ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDWR2XijrRll/Ehj/EmCkP/if3xPOtfZe1TAiOifXOci2FJKISnhYp/ngI+/00TIzGaCgEe442qh8uXMco/rp/ccoqmhSBB1CFr4PIzAu6jmDyoaFFh1vT7TGWL2J7RsVge0I/CNMERbsW0KUBlNJNlgMjswfqhtVH0AlCvARX0DKWjZuwVrUWxewmQODkgFS3c0TTGyN0q9m1NJmD2lMQUJDhxuujHCpiZQWGEaj0JPuWmMI+8eQq8KUlYoduFNXLjz4o1SwO4UKn3oar9DyuhcKGwQtLEn9w8Fx7Vevk35UaWx1ZeoDDHKvdtZmUpswdWZe0jzEOt0dyvmST9EgpJ [email protected]
02:39:38  <rphillips>changelog and tag are created
02:39:47  <creationix>also I've been meaning to most the site to save on hosting bills. I pay $20/month for a tiny static site
02:39:52  <creationix>s/most/move/
02:40:08  <creationix>maybe a github pages site?
02:40:11  <rphillips>+1
02:40:56  <creationix>ok, so to push binaries, they need to be pushed to luvit/luvit-releases
02:41:06  <creationix>so first, let me see if you have push access there
02:41:47  <creationix>yep, same access as the main site
02:43:21  <rphillips>https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rrroxrzqsp4aovt/vx4-8YIAbS/Debug
02:43:26  <rphillips>binaries
02:43:28  <rphillips>for windows
02:43:41  <creationix>awesome
02:43:47  <creationix>I'm getting a new windows box tomorrow
02:43:55  <creationix>currently only my linux machines work
02:44:10  <rphillips>cool. rje has put into a lot of time on the windows port
02:44:18  <creationix>so how does github pages work?
02:44:28  <creationix>just add a gh-pages branch and some cname file?
02:44:30  <^v>rphillips thanks, i love you
02:44:46  <rphillips>right
02:44:55  <rphillips>the repo needs to be called something special as well
02:45:02  <rphillips>username.github.io
02:46:11  <creationix>rphillips, ok, try logging in as [email protected] via ssh
02:46:22  * creationixis lazy and just added you to his account
02:46:38  <rphillips>hah
02:46:49  <rphillips>worked
02:46:56  <rphillips>^v: <3
02:47:11  <creationix>yep. Though this is temporary. I'm killing this box as soon as I move everything off it
02:47:28  <creationix>see how over-powered it is
02:47:40  <creationix>8-cores and 500mb to serve a single html page using luvit
02:48:04  <creationix>(the actual server only uses 3mb)
02:48:10  <rphillips>lol
02:48:41  <rphillips>not a lot of memory though
02:48:47  <rphillips>512 MB?
02:50:30  <creationix>yeah, it's a $20/month linode vps
02:51:12  <creationix>if I rebuild the box I'd get 1gb for free
02:51:42  <creationix>hmm, github pages would be significant work due to the binaries being in their own repo
02:52:15  <creationix>or I could turn the binaries repo into the gh-pages repo
02:52:37  <rphillips>we could upload the files to github releases
02:52:45  <creationix>that too
02:53:04  <creationix>so originally I hosted everything myself because I didn't trust github
02:53:10  <creationix>they had some serious downtime back then
02:53:19  <creationix>I like to be independent generally
02:53:37  <creationix>but now that I rarely work on luvit personally, I'm less inclined to manage my own server
02:53:52  <rphillips>i could run it on my vps
02:55:19  <creationix>my plan was to move to my new creationix.com vps
02:55:24  <creationix>it's also very overpowered
02:55:55  <rphillips>would you like to wait and move the site over before we announce a release?
02:55:57  <creationix>I'm using a nginx reverse proxy on that box. nginx could serve the static data for me, or if I wanted to serve it with luvit just for fun, it reverse proxies really well
02:56:17  <creationix>naw, transitions for static content like this are easy and can be done any time
02:56:22  <creationix>just mirror the data for a couple days
02:56:24  <rphillips>k
02:56:26  <creationix>while the dns changes
02:56:41  <creationix>I guess what I need now is the binaries added and commited to the luvit-releases repo
02:56:53  <creationix>do you have time to do that? I'm terribly busy this weekend
02:57:41  <rphillips>sure, i can do that now
02:58:21  <creationix>you shouldn't need sudo. Just git pull in $HOME/luvit.io and $HOME/luvit-releases after updating those two repos
02:58:51  <creationix>I'l going to install the ubuntu package updates now. Shouldn't break anything. I'm not using much from the system other than the core os and ssh
02:59:58  <rphillips>k
03:00:31  <creationix>famous last words
03:00:38  <creationix>linode broke cgroups with their custom kernel
03:00:45  <creationix>I was using cgroups for luvit.io:1337
03:00:51  <creationix>:/
03:02:37  <creationix>oh well, I'm pretty sure it was broken already. It would be nice to have that working again
03:02:59  <creationix>rphillips, ok, I'm about to reboot. Are you working on the machine right now?
03:03:03  <rphillips>i pushed up the tarball, and windows binaries
03:03:34  <creationix>doesn't look like it, you don't even have bash in your sshd session
03:04:06  <rphillips>i had the repo checked out to my mac
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03:13:38  <creationix>heh, it sure runs great without cgroups http://luvit.io:1337/
03:13:49  <creationix>but it's not sandboxed other than running as a basic user
03:14:00  <creationix>a single while true loop can busy wait a core
03:21:13  <creationix>ahh, http://nick.stinemat.es/#docker-on-linode
03:21:21  <creationix>the requirements for docker are the same for my sandbox
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05:41:52  <^v>im glad there is still activity on this project
05:42:27  <^v>luvit is my favorite thing that runs lua hands down
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05:59:54  <rje>rphillips: hey, i didn't see you ping me on this channel until tonight. how can i help?
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