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13:07:45  <rphillips>good morning
13:20:35  <rphillips>i moved winsvcwrap into virgo-base
13:21:56  <rphillips>sousoux: things working better for you now?
13:53:39  <rphillips>readme tweaks to the agent, and general cleanup
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14:45:47  <sousoux>rphillips: morning
14:46:30  <sousoux>rphillips: better but still having TLS session resumption problems on ARM. I don't have time to deal with them now so disabled it
14:46:46  <rphillips>gotcha
14:47:02  <sousoux>all the rest looks good
14:47:46  <sousoux>emitter working properly is a great help. I use once all over the place and I really mean it!
14:53:27  <creationix>sousoux: sorry for the nasty emitter bug. I'm surprised we didn't see it sooner.
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15:53:09  <creationix>rphillips: how goes the blog post?
15:53:22  <rphillips>haven't started on it yet :/
15:53:34  <rphillips>fixing this rpm problem on centos
15:56:59  <rphillips>we dont' need it by tomorrow
15:59:59  <creationix>cool
16:03:38  <rphillips>https://github.com/virgo-agent-toolkit/rackspace-monitoring-agent/pull/769/files
16:03:40  <rphillips>fixes the rpm issue
16:03:48  <rphillips>i'll start on the blog post
18:26:28  <rphillips>talked to rob... leaving to take my son to his appointment soon, and rje is going to bootstrap it
18:26:40  <rphillips>it == the blog post
18:26:54  <rphillips>rpm issue fixed
18:29:17  <creationix>cool
18:39:37  <rphillips>rje: https://gist.github.com/rphillips/bf14ef35e54c5789a173
18:39:42  <rphillips>this is a draft I was working on
18:39:58  <rphillips>it's for luvit2, and not necessarily for the agent
18:40:06  <rphillips>but there might be some gems
19:45:34  <rje>rphillips, thanks
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20:18:52  <coderkevin>So, I'm completely new to luvit, and I tried out the sample code on the https://luvit.io/ page. Anyone else notice that this code doesn't close the socket and leaves the browser hanging until you kill the server?
20:19:53  <coderkevin>It should really set the Content-Length probably...or close the socket manually I guess would work too.
20:20:15  <coderkevin>When I modified it to set the Content-Length it worked fine, so I'm guessing that's the way to go.
20:25:28  <coderkevin>Or am I doing something wrong?
20:29:24  <dan336>Are you talking about the first example? i just ran it and it worked just fine. doesn't leave the socket hanging or anything.
20:31:23  <dan336>and it shouldn't need the content-length header, without it, the response defaults to transfer-encoding chunked.
20:34:39  <rphillips>hmm.
20:34:48  <rphillips>i got the same thing
20:36:31  <rphillips>sousoux: ^
20:38:09  <dan336>I'm using luvit 2.2.0, so it must have been a change since last month.
20:38:57  <rphillips>i think it's 3d12495da77e886964ce803379eaac03889180e5
20:39:08  <rphillips>i'm bisecting
20:40:41  <rphillips>yep
20:40:43  <rphillips>it's that commit
20:46:23  <rphillips>hmm. this line is setting the keepalive
20:46:24  <rphillips>https://github.com/luvit/luvit/blob/master/deps/http.lua#L252
20:50:22  <rphillips>creationix: wdyt? send the content length?
20:52:24  <coderkevin>Glad it's not just me going crazy. :) For what it's worth, I don't think setting content length is out of the question for such a demo.
20:53:34  <coderkevin>I'm using the stable build, btw, which looks like 2.2.4
20:55:43  <coderkevin>Also, so what's the package manager landscape looking like for luvit? Maybe I'm missing it somewhere, but I don't see anything decisive on this.
20:56:15  <coderkevin>Is it lit? Or is it npm? Or is it something else like lui? Or just submodules?
20:56:26  <rphillips>coderkevin: lit for the new luvit
20:57:07  <coderkevin>Is there some website for the lit registry where I can browse packages?
20:57:26  <rphillips>http://lit.luvit.io/
20:57:34  <rphillips>we were a chrome json plugin to browse it
20:57:55  <rphillips>https://luvit.io/lit.html
20:57:59  <rphillips>you can also search for them here
20:58:13  <rphillips>oh, there is a button to display all
20:58:15  <coderkevin>Oh cool.
20:58:58  <coderkevin>Looks like https://github.com/luvit/luvit/wiki/Projects might need some updating, it doesn't mention lit in the "Dependency Managers" section.
21:00:41  <rphillips>updated
21:01:22  <coderkevin>great, thanks!
21:17:36  <creationix>rphillips: luvit's http library tries to copy node right? That does keep-alive by default. The body could be a stream and you don't know the length
21:17:53  <creationix>I mean chunked-encoding by default
21:18:06  <creationix>keepalive shouldn't hang the browser
22:16:15  <rphillips>rje: back
22:16:24  <rje>k
22:16:28  <rphillips>just curious if you have a link to the blog post
22:19:15  <rje>rphillips, i'm typing here: https://etherpad.rax.io/p/agentrelease20
22:34:19  <rje>rphillips, we need more customer facing love if this is going on the main blog, less important if its only going on the dev blog.
22:34:42  <rphillips>yeah, which is the focus?
22:35:08  <rphillips>i think we should put the agent upgrades on the rackspace blog
22:35:15  <rje>the preference was the main blog.... but if we don't have, we don't have it
22:35:20  <rphillips>and on the dev blog put the cool stuff
22:35:26  <rje>ok
22:35:26  <rphillips>:)
22:35:38  <rje>lets do this one for the main blog
22:35:42  <rphillips>ok
22:35:49  <rje>(longer lead time)
22:36:17  <rje>Lets take your topic lists and make two
22:39:08  <rphillips>ok
22:39:58  <rphillips>https://etherpad.rax.io/p/agentrelease20dev
22:40:08  <rje>ok
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23:56:17  <rphillips>https://www.techempower.com/benchmarks
23:56:34  <rphillips>we should write the tests necessary to get luvit/luvi into these benchmarks