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14:40:43  <rphillips>good morning
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15:03:20  <creationix>mornin
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16:44:20  * creationixis working on paris talk with luvit, compilers, vms and lit protocol in browser
17:06:45  <kostco>creationix: looking at the shell code, thats really cool, surprisingly easy. Didnt get a chance yesterday, dreadnot issues
17:07:04  <creationix>yep, if you restrict yourself to unix only, it's quite straightforward
17:07:27  <creationix>took a bit of research and experimentation to find the exact technique though
17:20:31  <kostco>the codes quite clean though.
17:20:31  <kostco> albeit i think itd make sense to go a little heavier with the coro support in luvit, should mention it in the docs, examples of using coro split and wrapstream, and perhaps have something like e.g.
17:20:31  <kostco>luvit.coro = { newPipe(), wrapStream(), wrapRead(), split() }
17:20:31  <kostco>One of the upsides of luvit and lua is the ability to use the coro based programming syntax, which some people like, but atm we dont surface that too well. someone new coming in would basically see it as just nodejs, when in fact we offer some niceties above and beyond node as well
17:22:09  <kostco>i wonder if we even want to do it this way on the agent since i remember ryan mentioning the aeps are incapable of handling streaming data and we may overload them. But maybe with kafka or a direct connection circumventing most of the monitoring infra for use by internal rackers only.
17:31:18  <creationix>kostco, eventually I want the agent to be coro style, the new remote checks are in this style
17:31:36  <creationix>I'm writing new bits with it as I go, no time or motivation to rewrite everything
17:32:01  <creationix>as far as luvit, I want to make it clear luvit supports a node style API as well as the coro style API
17:32:15  <creationix>the "luvit" metapackage is the node style API
17:32:33  <kostco>wow, and it looks like youre trying to do the same to ele. yes let me just write code using generators and see if i cant subtly make them all use generators. muahahaha
17:32:53  <creationix>it's the future of JS with ES7
17:32:55  <kostco>ye we should work on the docs a bit during maas week
17:33:17  <kostco>wait i thought the future of js was coffeescript
17:33:21  <kostco>no wait, that was 2014
17:33:30  <creationix>did you see my lit protocol implementation in JS ? https://github.com/creationix/storro
17:33:37  <kostco>isnt it typescript, @script and other transpilers with types now?
17:33:40  <creationix>generator + continuable all the way
17:33:47  * kostcolooks
17:34:09  <creationix>works in chrome and firefox stable without a transpiler
17:34:37  <creationix>and any version of node after the io.js splot/merge
17:34:42  <creationix>*split/merge
17:34:57  <creationix>probably works in IE 11 and Edge, Safari is the black sheep here
17:35:42  <kostco>neat
17:36:05  <kostco>i wish all code looked like that, no i live in python world now, nothing im working with is well written
17:36:10  * kostcocries
17:39:34  <creationix>I'm currently making a quick VM to run on microcontrollers for my paris talk. With full mark/sweep compacting garbage collection, integers, booleans, mutable strings, coroutines, and lisp style cons lists for data structures.
17:39:57  <creationix>(yes I make small VMs from scratch in a few hours every few days, it's a weird hobby)
17:40:08  <kostco>a weirdly impressive hobby
17:40:14  * kostcois impressed
17:40:37  <creationix>I think I'll write up a blog post explaining how this one works when done, as well as how to embed it in luvit using ffi ;)
17:40:51  <kostco>make a repo called tims_vm_collection, upload all of them there. I like collecting stamps and hand rolled custom vms
17:40:59  <kostco>yea +1 on blog posts
17:41:13  <kostco>definitely need more content in the luvit eco system to foster the community aspect
17:41:20  <kostco>i should perhaps write one too
17:41:21  <creationix>I learned a lot of good techniques on this one http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/stamourv/papers/picobit.pdf
17:42:03  <kostco>oh cool
17:42:21  <kostco>what is the purpose of that bot exactly?
17:42:28  <creationix>to teach kids to program
17:43:05  <creationix>Kids will write code in a high-level scripting language in a browser-based IDE and flash the robot over websockets using a luvit bridge
17:43:07  <kostco>ok i guess that makes sense. We're going to take this link and put it in google drive.
17:43:15  <kostco>no i mean erlbot
17:43:23  <creationix>oh, that bot, yeah I don't know
17:44:05  <kostco>whoever built it is russian
17:44:49  <kostco>and makes money selling wp themes
17:45:40  <kostco>well i found their fb page form the ip on that bot, still no idea why it exists, maybe its data mining us
17:46:31  <kostco>hmm i should print out and read this picobit paper, its pretty cool, has a lot of stuff about low level stuff that i know nothing about
17:46:31  <creationix>also the in-browser IDE will be able to publish robot firmwares and libraries to lit (or another service like it)
17:46:51  <kostco>hmm have you heard of microsofts code push?
17:47:11  <kostco>thatd be cool as a service for bots, upload code to git repo, robocop auto gets and installs updates
17:47:12  <creationix>no, but they've been doing an impressive amount of work in the maker area
17:47:39  <kostco>http://microsoft.github.io/code-push/
17:48:27  <creationix>With the lit sync protocol something like that is pretty easy to make
17:48:53  <creationix>just update the root hash, when a client checks for updates it will see the hash changed and pull down just the modified objects
17:49:16  <creationix>kinda like a `git pull`, but much simpler
17:51:57  <kostco>that sounds efficient. i guess after coding git in lua and js youre bound to pick up some tricks lol
17:52:20  <creationix>I wonder where I should put the compiler (from high-level script to low-level bytecode)
17:52:26  <creationix>it can live in the browser or in the luvit bridge
17:52:32  <creationix>just not in the microcontroller
17:52:44  <creationix>probably browser to distribute the compute cost
17:52:59  <creationix>also JS has some pretty mature compiler tools like jison (the one I used for coffeescript)
17:53:06  <kostco>where does theluvit bridge live? local?
17:53:14  <creationix>local or cloud
17:53:33  <creationix>it just needs to be somewhere that both the robot and the browser can connect to
17:54:04  <kostco>hmm if its in the cloud then perhaps thatd be the best place for the compiler. Dont want kids grumbling about their browsers being slow
17:54:18  <creationix>it's not going to make the browser slow
17:54:23  <creationix>using a cloud service, will make the flash slow
17:54:35  <kostco>hmm thats true
17:54:39  <creationix>I hate how slow particle's system is
17:55:06  <creationix>this language will be simpler than coffeescript, compiling and kid written program will only take a few ms
17:55:19  <creationix>*compiling any kid
17:55:31  <kostco>neat
17:56:25  <creationix>if you're interested in the latest incarnation of the language see my notes from last night https://gist.github.com/creationix/b892d54d0e5b8df9224a
18:09:07  <kostco>hmm
18:10:54  <kostco>thats interesting, seems simple, would love to read the final compiler code and take a shot at rewriting it in some other langugage to learn
18:11:32  <kostco>btw creationix have you recieved a formal invite for maas yet with the house address and stuff? im wondering if alex just forgot me
18:13:19  <creationix>kostco, usually it goes out to ele-dev
18:13:28  <creationix>I see one this morning
18:15:00  <creationix>hmm, but no address
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