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13:38:38  <Uniaika>hello!
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15:58:28  <kostco>hi!
15:58:31  <kostco>bai!
15:58:32  <Uniaika>hey o/
15:58:38  <kostco>yay youre still here!
15:58:46  <Uniaika>I am!
15:58:54  <Uniaika>because I've got an error with the dns lib :D
15:59:41  <Uniaika>after a `dns = require("dns")`, I lurked at luvit's tests
15:59:54  <Uniaika>and I found `dns.resolve4('luvit.io')`
16:00:13  <Uniaika>so I tried it but it throws "Unhandled callback error 5: refused"
16:01:44  <Uniaika>(does anyone knows why it would fail?)
16:03:47  <Uniaika>okay apparently each time I use it, this error is returned.
16:03:49  <Uniaika>\o/
16:13:24  <Uniaika>apparently all of the DNS tests in the luvit repo are failing :(
16:16:23  <Uniaika>rphillips: what do you think about that?
16:20:15  <Uniaika>I'll be back in a few hours
16:20:21  * Uniaikaquit (Quit: [error] systemd-irssid: KDBus Timeout.)
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17:39:51  <Uniaika>o/
17:39:53  * Uniaikais back
17:40:51  <creationix>mornin'
17:41:00  <Uniaika>hey creationix o/
17:42:14  <Uniaika>creationix: how are you?
17:45:15  <creationix>I'm good, actually slept last night
17:45:25  <creationix>so I just ran the luvit tests and they all pass for me
17:45:45  <rphillips>morning
17:49:01  <Uniaika>creationix: I'm going to test again (sleeping is nice, I can testify :p)
17:50:56  <Uniaika>okay, everything seems to run fine now
17:50:58  <Uniaika>moin moin rphillips o/
17:55:31  <Uniaika>I'm seeing in resolve4's definition:
17:55:32  <Uniaika>exports.resolve4 = function(name, callback)
17:55:41  <Uniaika>what is this "callback"?
17:57:32  <Uniaika>rphillips?
18:00:28  <rphillips>callback is a function you pass to get results
18:00:41  <rphillips>usually in the form function(err, results) in that case
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18:02:45  <Uniaika>okay, thanks
18:02:49  <Uniaika>hi hdms
18:03:19  <hdms>hello Uniaika
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18:33:33  <Uniaika>pooooh
18:33:35  <Uniaika>-p
18:34:02  <Uniaika>(I am ashamed that it took so long for me to get that those functions were using lambdas)
18:37:31  <Uniaika>creationix: if you're interested, I commited some other changes to my version of lit. It creates a folder based on the name you give to the project and writes the README, the init.lua/package.lua and the lib folder in it.
18:42:10  <kostco>oo so like a lit init
18:42:11  <kostco>+1
18:43:24  <Uniaika>kostco: https://github.com/Annwenn/lit/commit/7135d88d5e3f043b33011f677cf661577bbdb338
18:43:32  <Uniaika>I'm actually diving into init.lua :p
18:47:40  <creationix>kostco, https://luvit.io/blog/iot-relay.html
18:47:46  <kostco><3
18:48:48  <creationix>Uniaika, most luvit APIs accept a coroutine instead of a callback
18:49:00  <creationix>for example, do `dns.resolve4("luvit.io", thread)` in the repl
18:50:07  <Uniaika>oh, that's more interesting
18:50:47  <Uniaika>creationix: do you have a program in which I could see that in action?
18:50:50  <creationix>it will block the coroutine and return a value
18:51:00  <creationix>all of lit uses coroutines, but through the coro-* libraries
18:51:29  <creationix>the luvit APIs (which are modeled after node.js) have the thread option to stay backwards compatible
18:51:58  <kostco>wait how do you water your plants if theres electronics right there?
18:52:08  <creationix>plastic case
18:52:18  <Uniaika>kostco: he doesn't! rural texas is full of cactuses! :p
18:52:29  <Uniaika>yeah, plastic case is also a good way
18:52:31  <kostco>loool
18:52:39  <kostco>i like the he doesnt answer better
18:53:03  <Uniaika>thank you creationix btw
18:53:11  <creationix>Uniaika, actually my part of Texas is thunderstorms and tornadoes
18:53:16  <creationix>it's more like Arkansas
18:53:18  <Uniaika>creationix: :D
18:53:29  <Uniaika>so do you pronounce it "texa"?
18:53:41  <kostco>he says yall all the time
18:53:41  <creationix>lol
18:54:57  <creationix>https://twitter.com/BrendanEich/status/663188663711330304
18:55:09  <Uniaika>oh oh oh, Eich
18:55:57  <Uniaika>=> https://twitter.com/creationix/status/663192038725160960
18:55:59  <Uniaika>priceless
18:58:32  <Uniaika>< creationix> the luvit APIs (which are modeled after node.js) have the thread option to stay backwards compatible // I have never touched Node.JS (^_^) I come from an Erlang and Elixir background
19:00:33  <creationix>right, I'm trying to move luvit away from it's node-clone roots
19:00:38  <creationix>luvit 2.0 is much more modular
19:00:54  <creationix>but the core APIs have the legacy of node and are used by luvit's biggest users
19:10:57  <Uniaika>creationix: is there any tutorial/guide/doc about threading in Luvit?
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19:28:56  <Uniaika>dan336: hahahaha, I just noticed that I was trying to do pattern matching with a lua function
19:28:57  <Uniaika>:')
19:29:27  <dan336>Uniaika: one of my favorite features of erlang :)
19:29:42  <Uniaika>dan336: one of the most useful features, indeed!
19:51:19  * piernovquit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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22:03:44  <kostco>well basically wherever theres a callback, you can pass a thread instead
22:04:25  <kostco>also theres a rough overview of the api here
22:04:25  <kostco>https://github.com/luvit/luvit-docs
23:11:45  * hdmsquit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
23:22:01  * boxofroxquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:37:03  <creationix>why does nginx hate me
23:45:57  <creationix>got it! https://luvit.io/api/
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