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02:57:08  <sclark39>@kostco I believe the idea of that commit is to move the if statement out of the preproccesor #if/#else block... it's a coding standard thing, some places don't like doing this, some would have a greater issue with the proposed change.
02:58:26  <kostco>ah cool thanks man, didnt know it was a coding standard
02:58:30  <sclark39>Arguement for the change would be that having the #stuff prior to the opening curly brace makes it harder to tell that the logic contained is part of a conditional.
02:58:49  <kostco>what a peculiar but at least productive way to get a lot of PRs
02:59:13  <sclark39>Arguement against is that it's an extra line, isn't necessary... etc
02:59:37  <sclark39>But yeah, I don't know which way truly conforms to luv's coding standard.
03:00:01  <kostco>whats interesting is they went to lengths to compile a list of c projects they could contrib to and then over the course of a month made a ton of prs
03:00:22  <sclark39>Yeah... weird.
03:05:53  <sclark39>creationix the obvious solution is to open a Discord server for luvit.
03:05:54  <sclark39>:D
03:12:56  <kostco>i think luvs coding standard is anything you can convince creationix is a good idea. He has opinions, but hes nice. Extra points if you can make him believe itll make the community love luv/it. Albeit that one breaks in the ci pipe so dont think itll go anywhere unless they fix it
03:14:20  <kostco>well sclark39 if you went ahead and did that itd be super great. for example i wrote docs and then i was like hey! i wrote docs! and he was like sweet! and he didnt really have much choice. You gotta use his niceness against him to get what you want see. contribute a pr! or a server! or text! and then with some minor changes bam! youre a core contributer,
03:14:20  <kostco>somehow
03:16:16  <daurnimator>creationix: even I'm not subbed to your mailing list.
03:16:26  <daurnimator>creationix: mailing lists to me imply long term involvement
03:16:48  <daurnimator>If I'm using your library for a one-off project; I might have a few questions and a small bug report.
03:17:02  <daurnimator>and hence won't sub to your mailing list
03:17:22  <kostco>whoa theres a mailing list!
03:17:31  <kostco>oh wait no i remember someone mentioning it one, think it was ryan
03:17:36  <kostco>once*
03:17:54  <daurnimator>sclark39: otherwise that actually breaks another coding style that is more important IMO
03:18:05  <daurnimator>which is declarations only at the top of a function
03:18:25  <kostco>youre in here like all the time helping people daurnimator . id expect you of all people to be in that long term committed mailing list.
03:18:46  <daurnimator>kostco: yeah I know right :P
03:21:17  * daurnimatorfights with google to try and subscribe.
03:22:06  <daurnimator>okay. joined
03:22:18  <daurnimator>google groups doesn't like you when you have ~10 google accounts...
03:22:22  * kostcoclaps
03:22:30  <kostco>wow
03:22:34  <kostco>that sounds like a nightmare
03:22:39  <kostco>i have three and its already hard work
03:22:55  <kostco>which reminds me, i had to reply to an email
03:25:49  <kostco>Ok I have succesfully used email. and found this relevant comic
03:25:50  <kostco>http://cube-drone.com/comics/c/magic-eight-ball
03:25:57  * kostcopats self on the back
03:28:29  <daurnimator>hehe
03:29:12  <daurnimator>btw I made a new websocket api last night
03:29:39  <kostco>in lua?
03:29:47  <daurnimator>works as an iterator: for message, type in mywebsocket:messages() do ..... end
03:29:50  <daurnimator>kostco: yes.
03:30:04  <daurnimator>kostco: not commited or published yet.
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18:49:20  <creationix>howdy everyone
18:52:52  <creationix>kostco, you're funny
18:53:19  <creationix>daurnimator, would a forum be easier for you?
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