02:06:36  <technomancy>speaking of languages
02:07:42  <technomancy>I'm interested in cataloging every language I can find that runs on luajit. so far I have Lua, Moonscript, and l2l (https://github.com/meric/l2l/)
02:07:59  <technomancy>I'm sure there is a Forth implementation, but I haven't found one yet. anyone know of others I'm missing?
02:22:10  <daurnimator>technomancy: depends if you count pflua
02:22:50  <daurnimator>technomancy: there is also brozula: creationix's effort to run luajit bytecode in the browser.
02:23:50  <technomancy>daurnimator: pflua looks interesting, but it's too specialized for my purposes.
02:24:22  <technomancy>I should be more specific; I'm making a game in which programming is a core mechanic, and I want it to cover more languages.
02:25:29  <technomancy>so far I have implemented a fake unix-like environment and integrated the l2l compiler. writing my own forth should be pretty easy, but I'm wondering what else is out there.
02:25:47  <technomancy>I may include moonscript, but since it's so similar to lua conceptually I'm not sure it would add much.
02:26:20  <daurnimator>technomancy: I'm not sure what you mean by "runs on luajit" then.
02:26:49  <daurnimator>you can always to call out to other languages. whether via library or in sandbox
02:27:30  <technomancy>daurnimator: yeah technically, but doing that in a cross-platform way would require me to learn more about Windows than I would ever want to do.
02:27:42  <technomancy>keeping it all in the same runtime drastically reduces the surface area
02:28:51  <technomancy>I want the game to be about expanding your understanding of programming, and fiddling with FFI is not my idea of fun.
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14:59:48  <rphillips>good morning
15:42:09  <creationix>good morning
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19:50:18  <kostco>@creationix since youre always trying to improve the community, these two might be worth a quick read/setup
19:50:19  <kostco>https://ekmartin.com/2015/slack-irc/
19:50:19  <kostco>http://rauchg.com/slackin/
20:24:10  <creationix>kostco neat
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22:34:22  <rphillips>creationix: i think the get-lits in the repo need to be bumped for 3.0.1... maybe even a 3.0.2
22:34:36  <creationix>3.0.1
22:39:19  <creationix>rphillips, did you want to do it?
22:39:52  <rphillips>don't we need to release a 3.0.2 with the bumped get-lit's, and a new tag?
22:40:06  <rphillips>or delete the 3.0.1 tag
22:40:11  <rphillips>sure
22:49:57  * KennethWilkequit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:56:10  <creationix>you can delete and re-create the tag if you want
22:57:02  <rphillips>hmm. fail: [string "bundle:deps/git/core.lua"]:11: attempt to index global 'exports' (a nil value)
22:57:07  <rphillips>make isn't working for me
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