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02:30:23  <creationix>evening
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03:18:30  <creationix>this travis failure for luajit is weird. It build just fine locally on my linux and osx boxes
03:18:53  <creationix>I checked the source files in our makefile, it looks like the same list in makefile.deps in luajit's tree
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03:30:55  <travis-ci>luvit/luv#204 (master - 3f37d42 : Tim Caswell): The build was fixed.
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03:33:28  <travis-ci>luvit/luvi#872 (master - 94f2c64 : Tim Caswell): The build is still failing.
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03:33:40  <creationix>hmm, luvi still has stack overflow when running unit tests on travis osx.
03:33:54  <creationix>at least the luajit build issue seems fixed.
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03:35:10  <travis-ci>luvit/luvi#873 (master - a2c9f8f : Tim Caswell): The build was fixed.
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03:50:35  <travis-ci>luvit/luvi#874 (bump/openssl_1_0_2g - 9d2810f : Ryan Phillips): The build was fixed.
03:50:35  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvi/compare/98793b79417a...9d2810ff27ee
03:50:35  <travis-ci>Build details : https://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvi/builds/114428182
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15:13:50  <creationix>mornin'
15:15:52  <rphillips>morning
15:16:21  <creationix>I finally took the time to find out why the luajit update broke stuff. I guess someone refactored out some code into a new file
15:16:36  <creationix>strange that it only broke on travis though
15:21:56  <rphillips>creationix: thanks
15:22:00  <rphillips>the openssl build worked
15:22:04  <rphillips>merged
15:22:17  <creationix>awesome. I guess we should do a luvi release sometime
15:23:01  <creationix>I tried nim some last night. It's an interesting language
15:23:55  <rphillips>does it have a jit?
15:24:11  <creationix>I still think Rust is my favorite of the modern systems languages, nim looks like the easiest to write (from a scripting language point of view) and Go seems to have the most libraries for now
15:24:23  <creationix>rphillips: I don't think so, nim compiles down to mostly readable C
15:24:45  <creationix>I was interested because it might be usable for my embedded platforms that don't have a proper LLVM backend
15:24:52  <rphillips>ah cool
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15:25:26  <travis-ci>luvit/luvi#876 (master - 6f1ca38 : Ryan Phillips): The build passed.
15:25:26  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvi/compare/a2c9f8f7db2a...6f1ca383cccf
15:25:26  <travis-ci>Build details : https://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvi/builds/114541135
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15:25:46  <creationix>it's great to have choices :)
15:26:18  <creationix>maybe I'll write a lua vm in rust sometime for fun. It won't be as fast as luajit since it will be an interpreter, but it should be smaller and easier to compile
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15:47:42  <creationix>tarruda welcome! I'm not very good at rockspecs, would it make sense to move to yours for luv or it is not generic enough for all use cases
15:47:59  <tarruda>creationix I was planning on sending a PR
15:48:22  <tarruda>but ended up having to take care of other issues
15:48:54  <rphillips>welcome :)
15:49:17  <tarruda>you see, neovim test suite has grown very big, and the neovim client that is now built on top of luv is used to communicate with neovim
15:49:52  <creationix>that's great
15:50:05  <tarruda>so when I tried to use the new version of the client(the one with luv) I was getting a bunch of crashes
15:50:25  <tarruda>the problem is that it was a pain to debug, because neovim suite was only compatible with luajit
15:50:35  <tarruda>and luajit is harder to debug than lua
15:50:54  <creationix>I've done a lot of work in the past few months to make the luvit ecosystem more workable with plain lua
15:51:00  <tarruda>so I had to spend some time tweaking neovim tests in order to have a saner environment to debug luv
15:51:09  <creationix>luv being a standalone rockspec being part of that
15:51:16  <tarruda>true, I noticed
15:51:42  <creationix>we have similar problems with luvit not having much in the way of profiling or debugging tools
15:51:46  <tarruda>I'm not a fan of lua echosystem(luarocks and such), but the majority of libraries target it
15:51:46  <creationix>even luajit has more tooling
15:52:11  <creationix>my new favorite method is to use lua or luajit directly, but use lit to install all non-bianry dependencies
15:52:21  <creationix>luarocks to build luv (and bit for plain lua)
15:52:38  <creationix>luvit-loader.lua teaches lua's native require to find lit packages
15:53:21  <creationix>I may someday teach lit to build binary dependencies, but that's a very hard problem
15:55:17  <tarruda>cool, I was not aware of https://github.com/luvit/lit
15:55:45  <creationix>it manages dependencies somewhat like npm, but hopefully learned from the mistakes there too
15:56:11  <creationix>and can build luvi based apps from package manifests
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16:02:29  <tarruda>There it is: https://github.com/luvit/luv/pull/224
16:02:36  <tarruda>Not sure if it is desired though
16:02:55  <tarruda>this new rockspec does not automatically installs libuv is not available
16:03:11  <tarruda>though it allows the user to specify a custom location with LIBUV_DIR
16:12:15  <tarruda>creationix, have you ever considered creating a lua/libuv binding that doesn't use callback, scheduling all tasks with lua coroutine system?
16:12:17  <creationix>I see. What happens on windows
16:12:27  <creationix>tarruda, yes
16:12:40  <tarruda>that would be cool
16:12:42  <creationix>and it's been been done before by others
16:12:50  <creationix>but they had problems
16:12:54  <tarruda>really?
16:13:04  <creationix>also libuv is callback based, I like to keep my C bindings minimal
16:13:10  <creationix>I add coroutines at the lua layer
16:13:24  <tarruda>sure, in fact that is what neovim lua client does
16:13:39  <creationix>see all the coro-* libraries published to lit
16:13:53  <creationix>I even went so far as to write a C wrapper around libuv that gives it a more poll-like interface
16:14:05  <creationix>so that luajit ffi could be used without any lua C bindings and no callbacks
16:14:07  <tarruda>but what I imagined is a libuv binding that replaces lua standard libraries on top of libuv
16:14:12  <tarruda>with the following behavior:
16:14:31  <tarruda>when a blocking call is made check if the loop is running
16:14:39  <tarruda>if not, run the loop until the call returns
16:15:21  <creationix>hmm, that's interesting
16:15:26  <tarruda>for example, neovim client has a `request()` method that invokes an API on neovim
16:16:13  <creationix>I wonder if libuv's RUN_ONCE would work for that. I'd have to test it to see excatly where it unblocks
16:16:19  <tarruda>the method is not callback based, so what it does is: if inside an event loop, pause the current coroutine
16:16:26  <tarruda>until the callback returns
16:16:40  <tarruda>if not, it will just spin the event loop until the request returns
16:17:01  <creationix>which libuv APIs do you need?
16:17:03  <creationix>just TCP?
16:17:34  <tarruda>right now I only use child process/stdio pipes
16:17:52  <tarruda>but the client API is stream agnostic, so it can be used in tcp or unix socket
16:18:32  <creationix>got it
16:18:41  <creationix>I could prototype something like that and see how it goes
16:18:50  <creationix>just don't want to cover all of libuv for a prototype
16:19:05  <tarruda>sure, this would be a higher-level binding
16:19:17  <tarruda>but don't do it just for my sake, it was just an idea!
16:19:40  <tarruda>I always thought it would be cool if lua had a better standard library, but I'm also not a big fan o callback-based APIs
16:22:05  <creationix>oh don't worry, I love prototypes
16:22:13  <creationix>I also love feedback from people actually using my software
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