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18:03:14  <joconnor>i have a question about, lit. looks like "luassert" is on the repository, but it doesnt reflect the github version at Olivine-Labs/luassert
18:03:43  <joconnor>this is not desirable right? Ideally Olivine-Labs would add the "package.lua" file to the github repo
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19:29:52  <creationix>joconnor what's luasert? I've never heard of that
19:29:56  <creationix>or you mean something published to lit's repo?
19:30:08  <creationix>the lit package repository vs the lit github repository
19:30:08  <joconnor>yes it's a library that is published to the repo
19:30:10  * creationixwas confused
19:30:41  <joconnor>im trying to understand the envisioned workflow with lit. Both as a package maintainer and a package consumer
19:31:13  <creationix>yeah, ScottBrokks should probably include more metadata
19:31:26  <creationix>I try to include the homepage where the source is located
19:32:45  <creationix>also we're still figureing out the best workflows. I just make the tools
19:32:53  <creationix>feel free to file suggestions as issues against the lit github repo
19:32:53  <joconnor>i see
19:33:07  <joconnor>lets use creationix/md5 as an example?
19:33:13  <creationix>sure
19:33:30  <joconnor>while you uploaded that, you dont actually maintain the associated github repo, right?
19:33:30  <creationix>hmm, though I forgot tags
19:34:04  <creationix>right, though in this particular case, I'm no longer using his code
19:34:05  <creationix>but originally it was kikito's code
19:34:15  <creationix>I had some performance problems and wrote my own, md5 is simple enough
19:34:22  <creationix>(or maybe I'm thinking of sha1)
19:34:35  <creationix>I rewrote one of those, both were originally other people's code
19:34:45  <creationix>the first part in a lit path is not the author, but the publisher
19:34:56  <creationix>the lit package maintainer (it just happens to be the author in most cases)
19:35:16  <joconnor>sure
19:35:34  <creationix>ideally there should be a link to both the upstream repo and the source to the lit package
19:35:37  <joconnor>but i see you've manually modified the md5.lua file to add a lit-meta header
19:35:39  <creationix>maybe we needs more fields in lit
19:35:49  <creationix>"homepage" is kinda vague
19:36:00  <creationix>right, I packaged it
19:36:48  <joconnor>im mostly concerned with making that process seamless, especially for packages you dont "own"
19:37:34  <joconnor>using "package.lua" seems like the way to go
19:39:06  <joconnor>since it would be easy to continue grabbing new code from the owner and releasing new lit package versions
19:39:15  <joconnor>without mucking with the actual source
19:40:22  <creationix>right, now that lit packages are just normal lua modules that's possible
19:40:40  <creationix>before exports used special exports for lit metadata and module exports
19:40:47  <joconnor>i see
19:40:48  <creationix>you can just use package.lua for all apps if you want
19:41:01  <creationix>you don't have to put everything in a single file
19:41:16  <joconnor>right. Seems like that is the pattern that should be encouraged in the docs?
19:41:19  <creationix>and sometime I plan on adding automatic testing conventions with coverage and CI
19:41:31  <joconnor>sounds good :D
19:41:37  <creationix>like I said, we're still figuring out best practices, docs are lagging a bit
19:41:43  <joconnor>understandable
19:41:45  <joconnor>have you heard of luarocks?
19:41:53  <creationix>you can submit patches, I'm not against pushing people towards package.lua
19:41:58  <joconnor>okay
19:42:02  <joconnor>thanks
19:42:14  <creationix>of course, I talked to the luarocks author on lua-l a few times, trying to find convergence
19:43:10  <joconnor>i find it a bit... lacking. Hence investigating the work you've done
19:44:13  <joconnor>obviously an easy way to author packages that can, without trouble, be published to both managers would be very useful
19:45:05  <joconnor>even if compatibility between rockspec and lit-meta is not possible
19:45:45  <creationix>exaactly
20:33:20  <joconnor>to that end encouraging package.lua seems to make sense. Since it's non-intrusive for existing luarocks packages
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