01:56:11  <SinisterRectus>are there any luvit libs that provide websocket support using callbacks, like this: http://websockets.github.io/ws/
02:27:15  <creationix>SinisterRectus: why do you want callbacks?
02:27:52  <creationix>the websocket-codec used by coro-websocket could easily be made into that by sitting on top of luvit's node style streams I think
02:28:14  <SinisterRectus>trying to keep consistent with the built in http methods
02:29:02  <creationix>fair enough, but the built-ins are only there to help people migrate from node.js. For anything new I would recommend the coroutine based stuff
02:29:24  <SinisterRectus>ah okay. i'm relatively new to async i/o programming so i'm still learning. i do see more coroutine support, so i'll look into that.
02:29:48  <creationix>weblit has websocket support (weblit is an http framework)
02:30:15  <creationix>also there is websocket-client that makes it easy to do quick clients. See wscat as an example
02:30:52  <creationix>SinisterRectus: https://luvit.io/lit.html#websocket%20author:creationix
02:31:56  <creationix>rphillips: have you ever played with alpine linux
02:32:06  <SinisterRectus>good stuff, i'll give it a try
02:32:08  <SinisterRectus>thans
02:32:09  <SinisterRectus>thanks
02:32:14  <creationix>I think it would make a great sandbox, but I'm having trouble getting luvi to run inside it
02:32:21  <creationix>SinisterRectus: good luck!
02:51:10  <rphillips>creationix: never have, though paul querna used it for a while i think
02:51:28  <creationix>I like how light-weight it is
02:51:32  <creationix>the entire chroot is only 6mb
02:51:36  <rphillips>nice
02:51:41  <creationix>and the package manager is blazing fast
02:51:46  <creationix>but there is no glibc at all
02:51:49  <creationix>so luvi won't run
02:52:05  <rphillips>statically linked?
02:52:07  <creationix>I know you tried before to make a static luajit using musl, that would be ideal
02:52:25  <creationix>alpine is busybox compiled with musl
02:52:29  <rphillips>ah
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