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04:15:39  <daurnimator>konobi: "openresty pattern"?
04:15:54  <daurnimator>the nginx/openresty internals are ugly
04:16:00  <daurnimator>some really terrible code IMO
04:16:31  <daurnimator>and the whole lua interoperation model is really abusing coroutines...
04:16:34  <daurnimator>and they didn't have to
04:56:37  <konobi>daurnimator: yeah, it's more the behaviour of variables over the course of the request lifetime
04:56:50  <konobi>and internal redirects, etc.
04:57:43  <daurnimator>konobi: hmm? I'm not sure which bit you're referring to exactly...
04:58:55  <konobi>it's basically a pretty interesting way to get immutability, lazy evaluation and no globals
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04:59:08  <daurnimator>there are globals all over the inside of nginx
04:59:35  <daurnimator>and openresty uses this really ugly trick of storing a void* hidden in the nginx config as a way to have a context
04:59:42  <konobi>well, maybe it's more about how it does the scoping
05:01:01  <konobi>daurnimator: https://openresty.org/en/ebooks.html --- talks a lot more about how the variables work and scoping and how that applies to lua, etc.
05:03:19  <daurnimator>konobi: how about you just describe to me what you want to do :P
05:06:13  <konobi>the code might be a hack and there's plenty of hacks you need to do in config... but the methodology of how FP the end result is is of interest
05:10:25  <konobi>kinda like how you'd like openresty to be (in lua) if it wasn't such an afterthought
05:14:12  <daurnimator>konobi: huh? I really don't know which aspect you're talking about
05:14:37  <daurnimator>konobi: you could e.g. completely write an openresty compatible layer on top of my lua-http project
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05:29:56  <konobi>daurnimator: oh?
05:58:29  <daurnimator>konobi: yes....
06:38:29  <konobi>i see middlewares and api gateways ahead
07:52:44  <daurnimator>konobi: go for it
07:52:57  <daurnimator>konobi: I've been meaning to talk to the mashape folks about such things
07:53:34  <daurnimator>konobi: anyway, it's not really #luvit related, so if you'd like to discuss lua-http further, feel free to msg me (or talk in #lua I guess)
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13:43:56  <creationix>what is luvit these days anyway
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21:42:32  <konobi>daurnimator: oh, related to kong?
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