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12:35:40  <cat5e>uh can anyone make a luvit package for archlinux? there isn't one yet...
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13:03:20  <cat5e>can I put luvit in /usr/bin?
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13:40:34  <rphillips>cat5e: you can... normally you would put it under /usr/local/bin
13:41:01  <cat5e>rphillips, not if I'm packaging it for archlinux
13:41:14  <rphillips>ah ok. yeah
13:57:25  <cat5e>so how do I make a fully-shared luvi package? it seems like I currently have to use "tiny" make target with a bunch of CMAKE_FLAGS :/
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14:26:13  <rphillips>cat5e: check out the Makefile... you could add a shared-regular
14:26:23  <rphillips>and pass down the required cmake flags
14:26:45  <cat5e>uh nvm apparently I can use cmake directly
14:26:50  <cat5e>idk how to use cmake
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17:20:06  <cat5e>I can't get luvit (or lit for that matter) to work :/
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17:33:33  <creationix>cat5e why do you want it fully shared?
17:33:53  <creationix>also the only thing you can really share is glibc, openssl, and maybe libuv
17:33:56  <cat5e>creationix, because archlinux doesn't like static linking
17:34:00  <creationix>I guess luajit too
17:34:07  <cat5e>lpeg too
17:34:10  <cat5e>and luv
17:34:37  <cat5e>anyway I can't get luvi to work????
17:36:02  <cat5e>my lit is acting like luvi
17:36:34  <creationix>luv should probably be not shared
17:36:43  <cat5e>why not?
17:37:01  <creationix>it's just glue, not a library providing much of it's own
17:37:09  <creationix>does anything else on the system use it?
17:37:31  <cat5e>you're the one who packaged luv as a luarock
17:37:41  <creationix>yes, so people can use it apart from luvi
17:38:01  <creationix>but luv packaged as a luarock isn't the same as luv as part of luvi
17:38:24  <cat5e>oh great even more inconsistent packaging ;_;
17:39:04  <creationix>inconsistent?
17:39:44  <cat5e>ok so can you make this run? I've been trying to make this work for over 4 hours now
17:39:47  <creationix>It's the same source code, but built differently
17:40:02  <creationix>so what's your lit file look like?
17:40:12  <cat5e>what do you mean?
17:40:14  <creationix>what does `unzip -l path/to/lit` show?
17:40:49  <cat5e>it gave me a warning about extra bytes
17:41:00  <cat5e>and then this http://sprunge.us/cCDW
17:41:05  <creationix>right, that's normal. The extra bytes is luvi
17:41:17  <creationix>ok, that's looks sane
17:41:25  <creationix>and when you run it it acts like luvi?
17:41:28  <cat5e>but then this happens http://sprunge.us/GdjZ
17:41:51  <cat5e>the version number is luvi's and the help is also luvi's
17:42:06  <creationix>try `lit path/to/lit`
17:42:37  <cat5e>uhhh....
17:42:45  <cat5e>$ lit /usr/bin/lit
17:42:50  <cat5e>uh wait
17:42:54  <cat5e>$ lit /usr/bin/lit
17:42:54  <cat5e>/home/tim/luvi/src/lua/luvibundle.lua:277: ERROR: /usr/bin/lit is not a zip file or a folder
17:43:08  <creationix>yep, as I expected
17:43:19  <creationix>for some reason, luvi doesn't believe the zip is attached
17:43:25  <creationix>but your system zip can obviously read it
17:44:01  <creationix>looks like you're using my precompiled linux binary
17:44:09  <creationix>(for luvi)
17:44:11  <cat5e>can luv be compiled in a way that works both with normal lua and luvit?
17:44:28  <creationix>it might, I've never tried
17:44:36  <creationix>I mean a lua module is just a shared library right?
17:44:48  <cat5e>I think so
17:44:58  <creationix>so I suppose the version luarocks builds could just be linked to when making luvi
17:45:31  <creationix>it's the same source code, just different link options
17:45:34  <creationix>so it just might work
17:45:34  <cat5e>I couldn't get luvi to build
17:45:52  <creationix>yeah, others added options to the cmake file to have shared deps, but I never use them
17:46:06  <cat5e>:/
17:50:04  <creationix>cat5e: how did you make the lit zip?
17:52:36  <creationix>cat5e, so you're on archlinux trying to use official lit and trying to build from source with shared libraries right?
17:52:58  <cat5e>first "luvi lit.zip -- make lit.zip" then "luvi lit.zip -- make lit.zip ./lit /usr/bin/luvi"
17:53:14  <cat5e>I didn't build from source with shared libs
17:53:42  <cat5e>I used the luvi-bin AUR package that I made, it just uses your prebuilt luvi
17:54:03  <creationix>and lit.zip was downloaded from lit.luvit.io?
17:54:10  <cat5e>yeah
17:54:24  <cat5e>https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/lit/
17:54:25  <creationix>I'm not sure why you did it in two passes
17:54:30  <cat5e>https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/luvi-bin/
17:54:42  <cat5e>uh because arch packaging >.>
17:54:55  <creationix>luvi lit.zip -- make lit.zip ./lit /usr/bin/luvi
17:55:15  <creationix>though really, if you want shared libraries, luvi should be shared too
17:55:17  <creationix>and not embedded in lit
17:55:18  <cat5e>I used that and the normal one, neither worked
17:57:43  <cat5e>I might end up just calling lua from node.js and vice-versa :/
18:14:53  <creationix>the whole point of luvi is to have a single static file for deploying apps. If you make it 100% shared, it makes more sense to use normal lua as well and just skip luci
18:14:56  <creationix>*luvi
18:43:25  <cat5e>having to recompile the whole thing just to upgrade openssl is a pain tho
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20:12:55  <creationix>cat5e luvi updates more often than openssl
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20:13:09  <creationix>but I guess the luvi updates are more optional from a security standpoint
20:13:17  <creationix>openssl updates are often required
20:13:55  <cat5e>creationix, right now, just getting it to run at all would be great tbh
20:14:02  <cat5e>with the official binaries and stuff
20:14:12  <creationix>so you're on normal arch right?
20:14:20  <creationix>I can try to reproduce your problem by creating a vm
20:14:23  <cat5e>pretty much
20:14:46  <cat5e>I mean I have linux-ck and xen installed but that's about it
20:16:23  <creationix>ok, so I'm downloading 2016.07.01 iso and will install it in virtualbox
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23:10:04  <cat5e>creationix, let me know how it goes
23:31:45  <cat5e>(I was really hoping I'd be able to use luvit but then it didn't work :/)
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23:35:58  <jpleau>ftr, I am working on packaging luv for debian, and the debhelper util called dh-lua is particularly helpful is managing shared libraries. You might to have a look at how it does it