01:54:11  <Yorlik>Sure. But win32 + Lua52 just doesn't work
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17:20:09  <creationix>I don't build on win32 with lua 52
17:20:15  <creationix>my harddrive won't help any there
17:20:31  <creationix>the luvi binaries are on windows 10 with 64-bit CPU
17:34:27  <Yorlik>My plan is not to use luvi, but luv from my lua script
17:34:55  <Yorlik>Basically I want to integrate luv / luvit functionality in a non blocking way into my existing script
17:35:11  <Yorlik>I di it with a slef baked coroutine
17:35:26  <Yorlik>What I'm trying now is to use copas
17:35:47  <Yorlik>But it would be great if I could use luvit as a module
17:36:00  <Yorlik>Not sure if that is possible
17:36:35  <Yorlik>Alternatively I could decouple it and still use my existing nodeapp and just connect the gamesever as a client to it using coroutines.
17:37:33  <Yorlik>I'm still playing with diffewrent approaches, and probably it would be wiser to simply use the luvit app as server and the gameserver as client to it
17:37:50  <Yorlik>But basically its a bidirectional thing
17:38:16  <Yorlik>The external app, be it node.js or luvit base also must be able to connect to the gameserver
17:39:30  <Yorlik>Basically what I want is to connect the gameservers (=regions) with a central app which also provides a web forntend and connection to the postgres backend
17:39:52  <Yorlik>I am simply exploring ways to do it more elegantly and robust on the gameserver side
17:40:14  <Yorlik>Switching to luvit would save me the hassle to deal with javascript all the time
17:40:37  <Yorlik>Since I'm a hobbyist I prefer to use as few languages as possible.
17:41:42  <Yorlik>A server sitting directly in the gameserver would also allow me to easily make a web frontend to administer it
17:43:49  <Yorlik>I finally managed to build luv 32 bit agains lua 52, butz it was a pain.
17:44:16  <Yorlik>I finally managed to build luv 32 bit agains lua 52, but it was a pain - lots of manual copying of files and hacking into the cmake script.
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19:47:45  <creationix>Yorlik sorry for the build pain
19:47:54  <creationix>as far as embedding luv in an app, it should be easy
19:48:06  <creationix>the call to uv.run() is blocking and is the event loop
19:48:21  <creationix>but there are ways to integrate libuv with other event loops
19:48:30  <creationix>simple way is to uv.run with the once flag
19:48:36  <Yorlik>Honestly - I think it would be great if we could run luvit apps non blocking inside an app
19:48:45  <Yorlik>Oh thats great
19:48:53  <Yorlik>Like copas.step(0)
19:48:57  <creationix>https://github.com/joyent/libuv/blob/652d5c9e4532fc01c8eebed5303eaf27618b963b/include/uv.h#L257-L268
19:49:38  <creationix>https://github.com/luvit/luv/blob/master/src/loop.c#L26-L37
19:49:51  <creationix>pass in the run mode as a lua string and it will map to the right C enum value
19:49:59  <Yorlik>I am discussing with my codeveloper we might just not use luv inside th game, but luvit externally as a replacement for node.js so we just stick with lua for everytrhing and use a messaging API between game and luvit
19:50:21  <creationix>that works too
19:50:56  <Yorlik>For us it doesn't matter so much how we doo it, for community people it might be nice to have a https securedremote admin interface
19:51:09  <Yorlik>and that directly in the server as a module
19:51:27  <Yorlik>I personally prefor to use a central app decoupled from the game
19:51:35  <Yorlik>and just use a message API
19:51:46  <Yorlik>We use json for that and luacjson on the lua side
19:52:24  <Soni>Yorlik, why not try some LTON?
19:52:39  <Yorlik>Never heared of that - its a new option
19:53:14  <Soni>Lua Table Object Notation
19:53:30  <Soni>aka don't do any work on the lua side just call loadstring()
19:53:42  <Soni>https://github.com/pkulchenko/serpent/
19:54:03  <Soni>(with a bit of sanitization)
19:59:33  <creationix>Soni but you still need a library to serialize data
19:59:37  <creationix>(not that it's hard)
20:00:05  <Soni>creationix, any JSON lib can be modified to output valid LTON
20:00:44  <creationix>my point is, if you need a library anyway, JSON isn't any harder
20:00:51  <creationix>and it's a much better supported format
20:01:08  <Soni>but LTON is faster
20:01:13  <creationix>yes, it has some issues mapping to lua
20:01:35  <creationix>Soni that only matters if it's a bottleneck
20:01:45  <Soni>(the lua compiler/VM performs less checks when creating tables, compared to the JSON parser)
20:01:47  <creationix>which it can easily become
20:01:57  <Soni>creationix, in RPC, it is a bottleneck
20:02:03  <creationix>but it's still good to verify you need a custom format
20:03:54  <Soni>if you're using it for anything more than pure management, it is a bottleneck
20:04:15  <Soni>(so e.g. a modding API through RPC would be quite bad)
20:08:42  <SinisterRectus>i wrote a pathfinding engine to run on luvit. it connects to just cause 2 multiplayer, which uses lua 5.2, via UDP. i don't know if that's the best way to do it, but it's fast enough. the bottleneck is either the game tick (10 milliseconds minimum) or the pathfinding algorithm (roughly 5 to 50 ms)
20:09:30  <SinisterRectus>it uses JSON, too
20:09:39  <Soni>>UDP
20:09:41  <Soni>;_;
20:09:56  <Soni>oh wait
20:10:03  <Soni>it connects to the multiplayer server?
20:10:13  <Soni>as a client?
20:10:17  <SinisterRectus>yes, meant to be run on the same machine, so localhost
20:10:24  <SinisterRectus>luvit is the server and the game server is the client
20:10:25  <Soni>so not as a client?
20:10:35  <Soni>why's it not using unix sockets? >.<
20:10:40  <Soni>or w/e they're called
20:11:08  <SinisterRectus>because 1. i don't know how and 2. some people are using windows, and i don't know if it would be compatible
20:11:21  <Soni>windows has its own thing
20:11:48  <SinisterRectus>it works, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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