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01:01:42  <daurnimator>correct
01:01:54  <daurnimator>I wish midipix would hurry up
01:25:31  <APNG>so I should use luvit if I want windows
01:25:49  <APNG>i.e. if I wanna do anything serious
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02:31:08  <daurnimator>If you're using windows for anything but desktop use you're nuts
02:31:29  <daurnimator>i.e. if you consider desktop applications the only 'serious' programs, then you're right
02:51:47  <APNG>daurnimator, I did talk about a game
02:52:09  <APNG>some time ago
02:52:40  <APNG>quite a long time ago actually .-.
02:53:20  <APNG>but yes, luvit if you want a desktop app, cqueues if you want a linux server app
02:53:42  <daurnimator>does luvit have a GUI library though/
02:54:40  <APNG>idk
02:56:34  <APNG>maybe something in lit
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15:40:45  <SinisterRectus>i'm not aware of any luvit guis other than what is already provided by lua or luajit bindings to things like sdl or gtk
15:41:05  <SinisterRectus>gtk being more a gui, of course
15:43:24  <SinisterRectus>imo, you'd want to use something like love if you're writing a desktop app in lua
15:43:37  <SinisterRectus>especially if it's a game
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18:33:41  <tylerflint>hey folks... just wanted to stop in for a bit and say thanks :)
18:35:02  <tylerflint>we wrote a few utilities with luvit about 2 years ago to manage our PaaS service. This is one of the projects: https://github.com/nanopack/flip
18:35:50  <tylerflint>anyhow, with very minor maintenance these utilities have continued to prove extremely stable, fast, and consistent.
18:35:57  <tylerflint>so thanks!
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