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16:26:42  * creationixtopic: http://luvit.io | https://gitter.im/luvit/luvit | IRC Logs at http://logs.nodejs.org/luvit/latest
16:32:58  <creationix>I finally get a job writing rust code like I've always wanted and I end up using luvit for everything because of tight deadlines. Luajit makes interfacing with random C libraries so easy and the coro-* family of luvit libraries make network code so much fun.
16:52:18  <RyanE>you obviously need rustit.
16:52:45  <creationix>rustit?
16:53:30  <RyanE>yeah, like luvit, but in rust. :)
16:53:36  <creationix>lol
16:53:46  <creationix>tokio does the async I/O fairly well
16:54:02  <RyanE>I haven't used Rust, I've only been to a conference session on it.
16:54:08  <creationix>it's hard to beat lua for rapid development though
16:54:17  <creationix>rust makes you do everything the right way
16:54:28  <RyanE>looks interesting, but my job is Lua 100% of the time already, which I still like.
16:55:02  <creationix>my plan is to prototype everything in luvit while I figure out the platform and protocol details and then rewrite it in rust once it's working in production
16:55:13  <creationix>which means I'll never rewrite it :D
16:55:16  <RyanE>heh
16:55:26  <RyanE>'good enough' is sometimes good enough.
16:55:48  <creationix>when writing an OS for a sattelite, you can't miss launch dates
16:55:57  <RyanE>nice.
16:56:05  <creationix>kubos.co
16:56:26  <RyanE>I write drivers for 3rd-party products and services using Lua (which I embedded in our C++ driver environment 5-6 years ago).
16:56:34  <RyanE>cube sats?
16:56:37  <creationix>yep
16:56:48  <RyanE>fun fun.
16:56:57  <creationix>yesterday i wrote a luvit codec for AX.25 over KISS for the radio on this one mission
16:57:04  <RyanE>I was listening to a Planet Money podcast a few weeks ago about camera cube sats
16:57:35  <RyanE>I wish we had luvit compiled on our controller OS... Maybe someday.
16:57:45  <creationix>I'm using luvi, not luvit
16:57:47  <creationix>but close enough
16:57:54  <creationix>not touching the node.js style APis
16:57:58  <RyanE>I'd love to remote our drivers to run 'out of process' instead of inside our main code.
16:58:22  <creationix>the coro-* stuff is great for network relays, gateways, bridges, etc over various random custom transports and protocols
16:59:28  <RyanE>I'd have to have our core team build it into our controller build, which involves politics... :)
16:59:42  <creationix>we've got a service architecture on the flight segment. Various hardware services communicate over loopback UDP. I've got a relay that acts as a NAT/gateway over radio to ground station when then relays to websockets to browsers
17:00:04  <creationix>yeah, this startup is small and they trust me so I get some freedom
17:00:38  <creationix>I fought lots of politics at rackspace towards the end
17:00:53  <creationix>and don't get me started on politics at daplie...
17:01:18  <RyanE>that's nice.
17:01:38  <RyanE>we don't have all that much politics, but getting something new into the build is always a fight.
17:01:59  <creationix>last week I wrote an in-browser linux terminal emulator that works for really slow remote administration of cubesats (nowadays they run linux, not MCUs)
17:02:33  <RyanE>with miniaturization the way it is, cubesats are the way to go.
17:02:34  <creationix>also wrote luvit adaptors for going over various UARTS. Vim at 115200 baud is usable
17:02:51  <creationix>I'm interested to see how 9600 baud ax.25 works out though
17:02:54  <RyanE>I've run vim over a *much* slower connetion than that... :)
17:03:16  <RyanE>as long as you ran screen/mosh on it, it could disconnect and still be fine... :)
17:03:33  <creationix>first interesting thing I learned here is there is no IP in space for the most part. It's all wild west as far as communication goes
17:03:43  <creationix>and TCP is a non-starter with this kind of latency
17:04:33  <creationix>yeah, I'll probably run tmux for more reliable reconnects
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18:45:09  <SinisterRectus>ayy nice
18:46:36  <SinisterRectus>that's cool that you're working on cubesats
18:47:48  <SinisterRectus>hopefully we've ironed out all the coro- quirks by now
18:57:51  <SinisterRectus>wish i could write lua for satelites. i just play kerbal space program