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00:45:41  <_Tenchi_>hmmm
00:45:56  <_Tenchi_>whenever i try to simply get an object using mget... i get this error ----> Property 'parseBinCaller' of object #<Object> is not a function
00:46:50  * quijotejoined
00:47:17  <_Tenchi_>then it prints out all of the options as if i didn't specify correct options or something
00:47:50  <_Tenchi_>even tried to specify -v and don't get any kind of verbose info to show me what might be wrong
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01:01:09  <_Tenchi_>bah
01:01:41  <_Tenchi_>downgraded from [email protected] to [email protected] and now it works
01:01:57  <_Tenchi_>er now
01:02:03  <_Tenchi_>no
01:02:22  <_Tenchi_>the mget operation starts but coredumps part of the way through
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01:27:41  <nahamu>oh, I seem to be on manta 1.2.1
01:28:23  <nahamu>sad to hear that there may be bugs in the newer versions...
01:31:43  <nahamu>if you mput the core dump somewhere, I'm guessing an engineer would want to look at it...
01:31:47  <_Tenchi_>i dont know much about node or npm
01:32:01  <_Tenchi_>i was working with manta yesterday and it was working fine
01:32:14  <_Tenchi_>provisioned new instance today and had the problems
01:32:20  <nahamu>new instance?
01:32:23  <_Tenchi_>tried the same stuff on the instance from yesterday and it worked
01:32:32  <_Tenchi_>i'm accessing manta from jpc instances
01:32:51  <nahamu>ah
01:32:59  <nahamu>are the two instances identical?
01:33:02  <_Tenchi_>i compared the versions of the manta software that i installed yesterday versus today and i saw the instance from yesterday was using older version
01:33:04  <nahamu>how are you installing manta?
01:33:14  <_Tenchi_>sudo npm install manta
01:33:26  <nahamu>seems like a reasonable way to go about it...
01:34:01  <nahamu>errr...
01:34:02  <_Tenchi_>on the new instance... i couldnt get mget to work, saw the difference in verson... and on the new instance form today i then tried npm install [email protected]
01:34:08  <_Tenchi_>so see if i could maybe downgrade
01:34:11  <nahamu>do you mean "npm install -g"
01:34:25  <_Tenchi_>it seemed to have installed... and get further w/ mget... but it core dumps now halfway through the xfer
01:34:30  <_Tenchi_>r yeah
01:34:36  <_Tenchi_>-g at the end when i use npm
01:34:40  <nahamu>okay
01:34:52  <_Tenchi_>although
01:35:02  <nahamu>what do you see if you run "pkgin se manta"?
01:35:04  <_Tenchi_>actually... the instance i created yesterday does the installation in a home dir
01:35:06  <_Tenchi_>not using -g
01:35:14  <_Tenchi_>on the instance form today i have been using -g to install it for all users
01:35:22  <_Tenchi_>i didn't think that it would make a diff but maybe it does
01:35:31  <nahamu>I don't know.
01:35:33  <_Tenchi_>heh, well, i got pissed and deleted the instance
01:35:37  <_Tenchi_>let me re-provision one
01:35:52  <nahamu>that's what instances are for. creating, deleting, creating new ones, deleting them, etc. :)
01:36:24  <_Tenchi_>i've just been in a bad mood today...
01:36:39  <nahamu>I recommend either doing "pkgin -y in sdc-manta" or doing npm install without -g and using it from the node_modules directory in your homedir
01:36:39  <_Tenchi_>trying to use the analytics in the portal has been very frustrating
01:36:59  <_Tenchi_>when i try to connect to my instances with a key... sometimes it is asking me for a password
01:37:10  <nahamu>but I have an unreasonable dislike for npm install -g...
01:37:11  <_Tenchi_>i have to try to ssh in 3 or 4 times before it finally just accepts the key
01:37:57  <_Tenchi_>yeah actually i always like to contain everything in home dirs
01:38:13  <_Tenchi_>but, in this case, i figured multiple user accounts in the smartos instance would want to access the manta stuff
01:38:50  <_Tenchi_>but if this is problems with the node stuff.. i'm going to see how the java stuff works
01:39:27  <nahamu>one of the Joyent folks would know more than I do.
01:39:55  <nahamu>I mostly just use the CLI tools and I appear to be using the old version that's also packaged in the pkgsrc tree I'm on which is now one quarter old...
01:40:12  <_Tenchi_>i appreciate all the help
01:40:23  <_Tenchi_>oh yeah... what's the sdc-manta package ?
01:40:39  <_Tenchi_>that's a pkgsrc package with the manta cli stuff in it ?
01:40:42  <nahamu>should be a prepackaged version
01:41:14  <_Tenchi_>i'll try that too
01:42:11  <_Tenchi_>provisioned a new instance but cant connect to it
01:42:33  <_Tenchi_>had a prob two days ago where an instance wouldnt even start
01:42:46  <_Tenchi_>got pissed and went and ate dinner... came back and it reappeared, was all configured, and working fine
01:42:49  <_Tenchi_>haha
01:42:49  <nahamu>:/
01:43:07  <nahamu>which DC do you use?
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01:43:24  <_Tenchi_>i've only been using es-east-1
01:43:26  <_Tenchi_>havent tried others
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01:43:59  <nahamu>me too, but I don't reprovision all that often...
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01:49:54  <_Tenchi_>damn, still not letting me connect
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02:36:01  <_Tenchi_>nahamu: installed manta locally in a homedir and it exhibits the same behavior... i'll try the pkgsrc
02:36:53  * chorrellchanged nick to chorrell-away
02:37:36  <_Tenchi_>doh
02:37:40  <_Tenchi_>"sdc-manta is not available on the repository"
02:38:35  <_Tenchi_>im using base64 image v14.2.0
02:38:54  <_Tenchi_>welp, over to java it is
02:41:33  <nahamu>:(
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13:31:38  <nahamu>what does muntar do with symlinks in a tarball?
13:32:51  <jperkin>I'd assume it preserves them
13:32:55  <nahamu>(I can experiment later but if someone knows the quick answer, that would be cool.)
13:33:11  <nahamu>but Manta itself doesn't support symlinks.
13:33:23  <jperkin>ah heh, right
13:33:29  <nahamu>It could create a snaplink, I suppose
13:33:34  <nahamu>or it could ignore it
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18:44:55  <_Tenchi_>well, ok... where do we submit bug reports for manta sdk stuffs?
18:45:27  <trentm>https://github.com/joyent/node-manta/issues/ would be good. Guessing this is for the *node.js* sdk.
18:45:40  <_Tenchi_>trentm: yes
18:45:47  <_Tenchi_>thanks
18:45:53  <trentm>np
18:46:31  <_Tenchi_>mget from latest manta (v1.4.0) doesn't seem to work... not even the basic manta tutorials work at this point :(
18:58:51  <trentm>you are right... looks like there was a fix commit just after 1.4.0 was published
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19:00:36  <trentm>we'll get a v1.4.1 published ASAP
19:00:45  <_Tenchi_>woops, i got lost... browsing the java manta instead of the node manta haha
19:02:18  <_Tenchi_>well, i tried to "downgrade" back to 1.3.1 which is what my older smartos instances had when things were working
19:02:37  <_Tenchi_>the donwgrade appeared to work... but mget dies while pulling the data
19:02:39  <_Tenchi_>er
19:02:44  <_Tenchi_>it coredumps...
19:02:58  <_Tenchi_>is it not really possible to downgrade to older versions ?
19:03:14  <_Tenchi_>i dont really know much about node at all
19:04:01  * abraxasquit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
19:04:08  <fredk>_Tenchi_: 1.3.1 isn't supported, but mget should still work
19:04:27  <_Tenchi_>so older releases just become unsupported when newer releases come out ?
19:06:03  * mamashjoined
19:06:52  <fredk>we recently added some RBAC features to node-manta. 1.3.1 added those features but can result in some backwards compatibility issues (but it shouldn't crash). 1.4 fixes those issues
19:07:03  <trentm>workaround:
19:07:03  <trentm>npm install git://github.com/joyent/node-manta.git#ad709a2f
19:07:28  <trentm>to pull the node-manta SDK at the latest commit (until we publish a new v1.4.1)
19:08:20  <_Tenchi_>ohhh, so that's why i was also having some problems with the env vars?
19:08:47  <_Tenchi_>the cli tools were complaining about MANTA_ACCOUNT and MANTA_USER env vars or something
19:09:21  <_Tenchi_>thanks, i'll install from that commit and see what happens
19:11:12  * quijotejoined
19:13:17  <nahamu>ooh, RBAC is coming to Manta too, not just SDC?
19:13:55  * mcavagequit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:14:07  <_Tenchi_>wow... git has a lot of dependencies
19:14:37  <jperkin>on smartos? try git-base instead, 'git' is a metapackage which pulls in the front-end + docs + etc.
19:14:51  <_Tenchi_>oh ok, thanks
19:15:35  <_Tenchi_>yeah something smells weird when I saw the installation of libX11 haha
19:15:47  <_Tenchi_>installing libXdmcp-1.1.1...
19:15:48  <_Tenchi_>hahahaha
19:16:35  <_Tenchi_>bummer... i get a core dump with this also
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19:36:57  <pmooney>@_Tenchi_ manta 1.4.1 has been published
19:37:15  <_Tenchi_>thanks pmooney, this is good
19:49:29  <_Tenchi_>updated to 1.4.1 and now mget begins the transfer.. but core dumps while downloading
19:49:38  <_Tenchi_>not sure where the core file is
19:50:08  <nahamu>might only be visible from the GZ...
19:50:51  <_Tenchi_>oh ok
19:50:53  <nahamu>I know that there's a dedicated cores filesystem for zones these days that outside of the zone's root filesystem
19:51:01  <_Tenchi_>yeah
19:51:02  <nahamu>not sure if they mount it in for you somewhere... one sec.
19:51:18  <_Tenchi_>it's fine... i wouldn't know how to analyze it myself anyway :)
19:51:24  <nahamu>yeah, I wonder if that should be considered a bug in SmartOS...
19:53:06  <_Tenchi_>erminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc' what(): std::bad_alloc
19:53:17  <_Tenchi_>only downloads between 3 and 5 MB each time i try
19:53:32  * mamashpart
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20:26:55  <dap_>nahamu: there's a copy in the GZ, but there's also a copy inside the zone if coreadm(1) has been configured to do that
20:27:56  <nahamu>dap_: yeah, was discussing in #smartos about that. :)
20:28:16  <dap_>Cool
20:30:14  <nahamu>I still don't know where _Tenchi_'s core file would have gone, though.
20:31:24  <_Tenchi_>i dunno, i've moved on :)
20:31:32  <nahamu>:)
20:32:00  * quijotejoined
20:32:07  <_Tenchi_>the /var/cores dir is empty
20:32:40  <_Tenchi_>I didn't do any configuration with coreadm or anything
20:34:26  <_Tenchi_>seems like the install of node manta i just did failed to setup symlinks in ~/node_modules/.bin
20:34:43  <_Tenchi_>was confused for awhile about why i wasnt able to invoke the command from the path
20:35:36  <_Tenchi_>bunyan and json links are there, but no manta links
20:36:14  * quijotequit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
20:39:49  <rmustacc>_Tenchi_: Did you run npm install or npm install -g?
20:39:58  <_Tenchi_>npm install
20:46:13  <_Tenchi_>i just created the symlinks myself by hand :)
20:46:44  <_Tenchi_>after i figured out what the problem was... my path only included node_modules/.bin
20:51:04  <_Tenchi_>doh
20:51:10  <_Tenchi_>i need a github account to report an issue
20:54:13  <rmustacc>If you don't have one, you can describe it here and it can be filed on your behalf.
20:54:28  <_Tenchi_>oh ok
20:54:31  <_Tenchi_>that works :)
20:55:06  <rmustacc>I mean, we'd certainly prefer you filing the bug, especially if we have to follow up,e tc.
20:55:09  <rmustacc>*etc.
20:55:19  <rmustacc>But I'd rather get the bug report than not at all
20:55:30  <_Tenchi_>well, i can't be the only person running into this problem
20:55:47  <_Tenchi_>just like the with the manta 1.4.0 parsebin caller thingy... i dont think it would work for anybody ;)
20:56:12  <_Tenchi_>i'm only experimenting with manta right now... will be using java, not node...
20:56:39  <_Tenchi_>but, right now... i upload files... from 500MB to 3GB...
20:56:42  <_Tenchi_>mput works fine
20:57:37  <_Tenchi_>but mget starts the download... but dies with a coredump and error message ---> "erminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc' what(): std::bad_alloc Abort (core dumped)"
20:57:55  <_Tenchi_>I tried with 4 different files... same thing each time... mput is fine... mget dies
20:58:10  <rmustacc>Hmm. Let me update the version of the manta tools that I have.
20:58:29  <rmustacc>If possible, it would also help to enable per-process core dumps and capture one.
20:59:57  <_Tenchi_>so the manta SDKs all use http to talk to manta?
21:00:06  <_Tenchi_>s/so/do
21:00:17  <rmustacc>https
21:00:19  * abraxasjoined
21:00:20  <nahamu>https, but yes
21:00:25  <_Tenchi_>oh ok
21:00:40  <nahamu>http-over-ssl, if you will. ;)
21:00:47  <_Tenchi_>heh yeah
21:02:36  <_Tenchi_>but that http interface... is it stable and published?
21:03:04  <_Tenchi_>or the SDKs are meant to be the de facto way to talk to manta?
21:03:56  <_Tenchi_>doh
21:04:11  <_Tenchi_>sorry... i just found the rest api... i'm just having a problem navigating the docs at the moment
21:04:44  * abraxasquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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21:07:28  <rmustacc>_Tenchi_: I'm pulling down a bunch of stuff and I'm not seeing any dumps like that.
21:07:38  <_Tenchi_>hmm
21:08:03  <_Tenchi_>rmustacc: you're using similar files sizes? between 500mb and 3gb
21:08:06  <rmustacc>_Tenchi_: The HTTP interface is considered public.
21:08:28  <rmustacc>_Tenchi_: Well, the first one I'm still pulling down is in the couple hundred mb.
21:08:48  <_Tenchi_>my mgets all die before 20MB
21:09:00  <_Tenchi_>it dies pretty quickly
21:09:21  <nahamu>This is in a zone in us-east-1?!
21:09:25  <_Tenchi_>yeah
21:09:38  <_Tenchi_>i tried it with 3 different instances now
21:09:47  <_Tenchi_>in us-east-1
21:10:07  <nahamu>sanity check, can you use curl or wget against an object under public/?
21:10:36  <rmustacc>_Tenchi_: With what image?
21:10:46  <rmustacc>I'll spin something up in there.
21:10:53  <_Tenchi_>nahamu: you mean upload a file to public and then try to use curl/wget to pull it back down?
21:10:54  <nahamu>e.g. "wget http://us-east.manta.joyent.com/Joyent_Dev/public/SmartOS/20140807T193112Z/platform-20140807T193112Z.tgz"
21:11:02  <_Tenchi_>oh, lemme try that
21:11:03  <nahamu>or just pull down an existing file
21:11:22  <rmustacc>_Tenchi_: And what size zone?
21:11:23  <nahamu>then try to mget it with "mget /Joyent_Dev/public/SmartOS/20140807T193112Z/platform-20140807T193112Z.tgz"
21:11:23  <_Tenchi_>rmustacc: base64/14.2.0
21:11:40  <nahamu>oh, I hadn't considered running of memory...
21:11:42  <_Tenchi_>rmustacc: g3-standard-0.25-smartos
21:11:57  <_Tenchi_>yes... only 256MB of memory haha
21:12:07  <rmustacc>Ah.
21:12:44  <_Tenchi_>the wget works fine
21:12:49  <nahamu>does mget buffer lots of it in memory?
21:12:59  <rmustacc>It may be buffering more in memory than it should.
21:13:56  <_Tenchi_>the mget dies
21:14:07  <_Tenchi_>after downloading 65MB
21:14:26  <_Tenchi_>i'll bump the memory up to 512 and see what happens
21:21:47  <_Tenchi_>well, i didn't bump up the memory yet, but ran the mget against that platform file a few time and now it's not failing
21:23:10  <_Tenchi_>maybe there's no longer enough memory pressure to make an larger allocation fail
21:27:49  * mcavagejoined
21:28:20  <_Tenchi_>heh, updated to 512MB and it gets a little further with downloading, but fails after 500MB
21:29:54  <_Tenchi_>now updating to 640
21:30:40  <rmustacc>Okay, I see that as well.
21:31:24  <_Tenchi_>updated to 640 and now it gts even further... but still dies
21:31:35  <tjfontaine>node process is dying because of enomem?
21:31:38  <_Tenchi_>surely it's not trying to buffer the whole thing in memory?
21:31:40  <rmustacc>tjfontaine: Yeah.
21:31:45  <tjfontaine>core please and thank you
21:31:56  <rmustacc>tjfontaine: Just got one.
21:32:08  <tjfontaine>rmustacc: coolio
21:32:14  <rmustacc>I'll put it up in manta.
21:32:18  <tjfontaine>thanks
21:32:43  * quijotejoined
21:37:37  * quijotequit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
21:39:54  <_Tenchi_>after pushing it up to 1GB... mgets are consistently working
21:40:02  <_Tenchi_>ups
21:40:03  <_Tenchi_>spoke too soon
21:40:27  <rmustacc>_Tenchi_: Instead, can you do something like npm [email protected]
21:40:30  <rmustacc>Err.
21:40:33  <rmustacc>_Tenchi_: Instead, can you do something like npm install [email protected]
21:41:08  <_Tenchi_>actually, i already tried that yesterday.. when i discovered the problem with 1.4.0, i tried to install 1.3.1 and that's when i started to see the core dumps
21:41:15  <_Tenchi_>i can try it again if it helps
21:41:22  <rmustacc>No worries, that's fine.
21:46:52  * mcavagequit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:47:08  <rmustacc>_Tenchi_: Thanks for reporting this. With the core and zone I have I can probably go from here.
21:47:19  <_Tenchi_>thanks for helping me to trouble shoot this... was just using smaller instances for testing... but seems like bigger instances consistently mget the 500MB files fine
21:47:40  <_Tenchi_>i'll move on to trying the java sdk now :)
21:47:53  <_Tenchi_>doh
21:48:08  <_Tenchi_>just discovered that you can't downgrade an instance
21:48:17  <_Tenchi_>oh well... re-provision it is
21:50:12  <_Tenchi_>hmm, java sdk only supports objects and not jobs... i wonder if that's just because it's not implemented in the java sdk yet, or if there are some other technical barriers :/
21:50:55  <rmustacc>I don't know of any technical barriers with it.
21:51:03  <rmustacc>Let me confirm.
21:51:30  <_Tenchi_>there doesnt seem to be much to the java sdk actually
21:51:58  <_Tenchi_>it looks like it only works when the keys are on the host... i dont see where it's interacting with ssh-agent
21:52:44  <_Tenchi_>currently we dont distribute privates keys onto all of the instance's storage
21:53:31  <rmustacc>The Java SDK is not as fully featured compared to the node one.
21:53:39  <_Tenchi_>yeah that's what it looks like
21:53:48  <_Tenchi_>the source code is super simple hehe
21:53:49  <rmustacc>None of it is really for technical reasons.
21:53:57  <_Tenchi_>ok... cool
21:54:13  <rmustacc>It wasn't the case that someone tried and said oops, that's never going to work.
21:55:47  <_Tenchi_>wait, there's a commit here that says "support for in-memory private keys" so maybe i'm just not reading the source close enough
21:56:58  * yunongjoined
21:57:02  <_Tenchi_>er, no... that commit just makes it possible to use private key info that's not read directly from a local file
22:04:44  * mcavagejoined
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23:06:12  <nahamu>_Tenchi_: you might want to try using the 1.2 version of the SDK
23:13:53  * jperkinquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
23:19:15  <_Tenchi_>1.2 version of the node sdk ?
23:19:34  <rmustacc>_Tenchi_: I think we have a fix for the issue in question.
23:20:07  <_Tenchi_>oh, that sounds good
23:25:24  * jperkinjoined
23:30:03  * pmooneyquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:31:37  <_Tenchi_>nahamu: i installed 1.2.8 and it still core dumps
23:32:01  <tjfontaine>yes it's been there for a while
23:34:09  * quijotejoined
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23:39:01  <tjfontaine>_Tenchi_: npm install joyent/node-manta#d2155ad
23:39:52  <_Tenchi_>thanks, installing now...
23:42:08  * quijotequit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
23:42:21  <_Tenchi_>mgetting now... it's noticably slower.. but hasnt died yet
23:43:12  <_Tenchi_>no, it's the same speed... i just checked it with others
23:43:32  <_Tenchi_>but it's pulled down over 1GB on a 256MB instance... was never able to get this far before
23:43:38  <_Tenchi_>it's still going
23:45:11  <tjfontaine>good.
23:45:36  <_Tenchi_>it finished succesfully
23:46:11  <tjfontaine>mcavage: ok to publish then :) I'm satisfied
23:47:15  <_Tenchi_>I guess now the env var is MANTA_USER instead of MANTA_ACCOUNT ?
23:47:32  <tjfontaine>to be fair it was always MANTA_USER
23:47:36  <_Tenchi_>oh
23:47:43  <mcavage>[email protected] out
23:47:47  <tjfontaine>aside from an odd release here where there was a miscommunicaiton :)
23:48:11  <_Tenchi_>i wonder where i got MANTA_ACCOUNT from
23:48:20  * nfitchpart
23:48:40  <tjfontaine>_Tenchi_: we'll just act like you didn't see it :)
23:49:10  <_Tenchi_>yep, sounds like the right way to handle it haha
23:59:36  <_Tenchi_>ok, mgets are consisntely working
23:59:40  <_Tenchi_>thanks for all the help guys