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01:11:23  <fusionstorm>how can I test Manta after initial deployment?
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01:47:52  <fusionstorm>getting: service "nameservice": provisioning
01:47:56  <fusionstorm> image_uuid: 19253760-e482-11e4-90f9-f397306f88ff
01:47:56  <fusionstorm>manta-adm: first of 1 error: Request parameters failed validation
01:48:44  <fusionstorm>when trying to manta-deploy-lab
01:51:18  <fusionstorm>manta-adm update -y /var/tmp/lab-config.json nameservice is faling
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02:42:43  <fusionstorm> manta-adm update -y /var/tmp/lab-config.json nameservice is failing with service "nameservice": provisioning
02:42:46  <fusionstorm> image_uuid: 19253760-e482-11e4-90f9-f397306f88ff
02:42:46  <fusionstorm>manta-adm: first of 1 error: Request parameters failed validation
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14:04:59  <cxe1_>service "nameservice": provisioning
14:04:59  <cxe1_> image_uuid: 19253760-e482-11e4-90f9-f397306f88ff
14:04:59  <cxe1_>manta-adm: first of 1 error: Request parameters failed validation
14:05:12  <cxe1_>anyone knows how to fix it?
14:07:00  <jperkin>check your json syntax, using json(1) is a good way to do that, i.e. 'json < file.json'
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14:10:57  <cxe1_>looks just fine
14:16:56  <cxe1_>does manta-create-topology.sh require any parameters?
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14:35:10  <cxe1_>manta-create-topology.sh generate wrong config for both coal and 3-nodes deployment. to fix that <any> entry in the config.jason need to be modified.
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15:37:53  <cxe1_>getting: service "marlin": provisioning
15:37:53  <cxe1_> image_uuid: bb9264e2-f134-11e3-9ec7-478da02d1a13
15:37:54  <cxe1_>manta-adm: first of 1 error: Invalid VM parameters
15:38:13  <cxe1_>in coal and multimode deployment. Any thoughts?
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18:53:10  <fusionstorm>Getting: service "marlin": provisioning
18:53:10  <fusionstorm>image_uuid: bb9264e2-f134-11e3-9ec7-478da02d1a13
18:53:10  <fusionstorm>manta-adm: first of 1 error: Invalid VM parameters
18:53:10  <fusionstorm>in coal and multimode deployment. Any thoughts?
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19:26:22  <fusionstorm>'manta-adm genconfig" requires a parameter lab or coal. What if I am running not in the Joyent lab?
19:32:53  <dap_>You can always start with the lab one and modify it as you see fit. The docs describes in a lot of detail the different choices you might make with respect to the configuration. "genconfig" is just a means to get a couple of common sample configurations.
19:43:36  <fusionstorm>it is failing with service "nameservice": provisioning
19:43:36  <fusionstorm> image_uuid: 19253760-e482-11e4-90f9-f397306f88ff
19:43:36  <fusionstorm>manta-adm: first of 1 error: Request parameters failed validation
19:43:59  <fusionstorm>in both environments. coal (which I assume Joint was suppose to test first)
19:44:15  <fusionstorm>and lab (which is my 3 nodes environment)
19:44:31  <fusionstorm>Joyent.
19:54:06  <fusionstorm>dap_ do you have a "working" example anywhere?
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20:20:56  <dap_>fusionstorm: I don't think you're doing anything wrong. There have been a few issues recently around this (all fixed, AFAIK). Here's one thread about it from the mailing list:
20:20:57  <dap_>http://www.listbox.com/member/archive/247449/2015/04/sort/time_rev/page/1/entry/2:20/20150408141330:ECEC7DE2-DE1A-11E4-BED3-D00826C395B8/
20:37:05  <fusionstorm>I found on my own and replaced <any> but after much excitement now it is failing with nameservice install (Request parameters failed validation). If there is a fix where one can find it?
20:46:18  <dap_>There were a few different issues. The best thing is probably to update the "manta" [deployment] zone, which is actually an SDC component. This may be MANTA-2636 (https://smartos.org/bugview/MANTA-2636).
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20:46:34  <dap_>As I mentioned there, you're likely to run into MANTA-2175 after you hit that, so you'll probably want to manta-factoryreset before trying again.
20:47:22  <fusionstorm>tried that too getting "Error: Attempting to factory reset in a production stage. Failing..."
20:47:43  <dap_>Ah, yeah. Sorry. There should probably be a way to override that, but it errs on the side of safety.
20:48:03  <dap_>Your best bet for that is probably to comment out that check.
20:53:32  <fusionstorm>dap_ pardon my ignorance at this moment. How would you update manta zone. I used the latest available image already
20:54:08  <dap_>fusionstorm: On the HN, what is the output of:
20:54:08  <dap_>[[email protected] (emy-10) ~]# sdcadm instances svc=manta
20:54:08  <dap_>65ecb734-93d7-49ac-a3e0-aa89e9ca949d manta headnode master-20150413T213811Z-gf3c4aa6 manta0
20:54:12  <dap_>sorry, that's my output :)
20:54:15  <dap_>Just the command part.
20:54:19  <dap_>sdcadm instances svc=manta
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20:55:11  <fusionstorm>78bbb03f-d47b-4918-8413-228057a64952 manta headnode release-20150402-20150402T072045Z-g2fb4f78 manta0
20:55:35  <dap_>That image corresponds to this repo: https://github.com/joyent/sdc-manta
20:56:13  <dap_>Your version is based on SHA 2fb4f78, so you're missing two commits, both of which were related to setup issues like this (https://github.com/joyent/sdc-manta/commits/master)
20:56:20  <dap_>You can update that zone with "sdcadm"
20:56:49  <dap_>It looks like you were on the latest release, which was two weeks ago. These bugs were fixed in the last two weeks, and they should be in the release that was either cut yesterday or today.
20:57:26  <fusionstorm>shall I redeploy SDC7?
20:57:27  <dap_>You're going to want something like "sdcadm update manta"
20:57:40  <dap_>You could, but you shouldn't need to do all that. Just updating the "manta" zone should be enough.
20:57:54  <fusionstorm>ah. Now I am filling silly
20:59:17  <dap_>No worries. :) It looks like you'll want this version: release-20150416-20150417T040644Z-gb25b8f6
20:59:22  <fusionstorm>what else should I update while I am at it.
20:59:25  <dap_>and that's what "sdcadm update manta" is showing for me right now.
21:00:49  <dap_>For Manta: you may as well could re-run manta-init to get the very latest images, and if you factoryreset and then deploy, you'll be deploying the very latest. As for SDC, I don't know because I don't follow the changes as closely. You could update everything if you want…up to you.
21:01:25  <fusionstorm>Reprovisioning manta VM 78bbb03f-d47b-4918-8413-228057a64952
21:01:25  <fusionstorm>Update error: {"message":"error reprovisioning VM 78bbb03f-d47b-4918-8413-228057a64952: exit code 1, signal null\n stdout:\n stderr:\n Failed to reprovision VM 78bbb03f-d47b-4918-8413-228057a64952: Command failed: /lib/svc/bin/svc.configd: unable to get current directory: I/O error\n svccfg: Repository server failed (exit 100).\n \n ","code":"InternalError","exitStatus":1}
21:01:36  <dap_>Ugh. That's a new one for me.
21:01:54  <fusionstorm>shall I nuke manta0 and restart?
21:02:22  <dap_>Either that or try to debug. Up to you.
21:03:12  <dap_>As a developer, I'd probably dig in, but if you're just trying to get it set up, deleting that zone and redeploying it probably makes more sense.
21:03:27  <dap_>Depends on your time and interest :)
21:03:38  <fusionstorm>deployment. I am not a developer
21:05:20  <fusionstorm>dap_ what is my fastest way to get a new release for SDC7. Just dowload late USB?
21:05:33  <dap_>Normally, you'd use "sdcadm" to update everything.
21:05:50  <fusionstorm>sdcadm update manta
21:05:50  <fusionstorm>Finding candidate update images for the "manta" service.
21:05:50  <fusionstorm>Up-to-date.
21:06:12  <fusionstorm>seems like it think I have latest version
21:07:00  <fusionstorm>I will run "sdcadm update --all"
21:07:13  <dap_>It may be that the reprovision basically did finish
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21:17:42  <joshw>fusionstorm: any chance you could grab the machine_reprovision log from /var/log/vm/logs/ ?
21:20:16  <fusionstorm>joshw: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19346734/1429304677129-039633-machine_destroy.log
21:21:24  <joshw>fusionstorm: there's no machine_reprovision?
21:21:36  <fusionstorm>nope
21:21:59  <fusionstorm>still running "sdcadm update --all""
21:25:56  <joshw>ok, when did the failure happen? Is it possible to get the latest rolled up version from /var/log/vm? I'm thinking the failure machine_reprovision will be in there.
21:27:33  <fusionstorm>let me check
21:30:09  <fusionstorm>sent you access in PM
21:30:32  <joshw>thanks
21:34:58  <fusionstorm>joshw: after "sdcadm update --all" will setup_manta_zone.sh work or I still need to fix it?
21:38:02  <joshw>fusionstorm: the thing that failed here was using svccfg to set a property on the mdata:execute service. That alone shouldn't cause any problems to manta I don't think.
21:38:19  <joshw>But I'm not that familiar with the manta setup. Only with the vmadm side of these things.
21:38:27  <fusionstorm>gotcha
21:38:46  <fusionstorm>glad to help with whatever I can
21:39:46  <joshw>did you delete this zone after the reprovision failed?
21:40:02  <joshw>the vmadm_headnode_2015-04-17T21\:00\:00.log log file has the reprovision info
21:40:02  <fusionstorm>yes.
21:40:06  <joshw>ok.
21:41:19  <joshw>at this point I'm not sure what more help I can be here unfortunately. All I've got to go on is the logs. I'll take a quick look to see if there are any other useful bits in there but at that point I'm not sure there's much more I can do here to help.
21:42:41  <fusionstorm>josh. No worries. You helped a lot already
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22:21:47  <fusionstorm>where was an update script for setup_manta_zone.sh
22:22:01  <fusionstorm>O know there is a new version but cannot find it
22:22:22  <fusionstorm>etup_manta_zone.sh
22:30:56  <fusionstorm>joshw: I know setup_manta_zone.sh was fixed. Where would one find an update code?
22:39:26  <joshw>fusionstorm: I *think* the way to do that is: sdcadm experimental update-gz-tools --latest
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