00:05:03  <Trott>Looks like maybe OS X is stalled?
00:06:24  <Trott>https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-osx/nodes=osx1010/8685/ finished over 2 hours ago, but https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-osx/8686/ has been waiting for next available executor for about 2 hours.
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01:40:12  <Trott>test-requireio_bengl-debian7-arm_pi1p-1 showing problems again, I disconnected it from Jenkins again but I guess it will reconnect after a certain period of time or something. My attempts to ssh into it time out. rvagg
01:47:40  <rvagg>Trott yeah, there's two types of disconnection in Jenkins on top of actual disconnection! I'll go ahead and unplug it, it looks like the disk needs replacing on this one unfortunately
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03:47:18  <Trott>test-requireio_bengl-debian7-arm_pi1p-1 continues to be problematic. I'm going to try the "Delete Agent" button this time...
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05:54:27  <rvagg>FYI I've killed the Jenkins process on test-requireio_bengl-debian7-arm_pi1p-1 for now, will investigate soon, will try and wipe/reimage the disk on it first but usually if a disk is bad (microsd) then a reimage fails silently and you end up with the same image you had before, very strange behaviour
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11:56:21  <jbergstroem>so... whatsup at digitalocean
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12:04:49  <mylesborins>jbergstroem do issues?
12:05:00  <jbergstroem>just looking at above offline warnings
12:05:09  <jbergstroem>java was dead at least
12:05:11  <jbergstroem>(brought it back online)