00:02:40  <ljharb>hmm, if my node repo is in a path with a space in the name, make fails :-(
00:09:15  <devsnek>really
00:09:20  <devsnek>interesting
00:09:28  <devsnek>i'm tempted to test that
00:09:36  <devsnek>but it would require creating a folder with a space in the name
00:09:42  <devsnek>and i don't know if i could forgive myself for that
00:09:42  <ljharb>lol
00:09:47  <ljharb>dropbox did it
00:09:57  <devsnek>you have the node source code in your dropbox?
00:10:03  <ljharb>when you're in a dropbox org, your dropbox folder automatically is named "Dropbox ($org)"
00:10:09  <ljharb>i have every single one of my git repos in my dropbox
00:12:28  <devsnek>wow
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03:54:30  <ljharb>is there a way to make `make -j4 test` in the node repo not spam my computer with a dialog asking to allow incoming network connections
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06:08:01  <devsnek>ljharb: disable all that macos bloatware
06:08:19  <ljharb>the firewall can't be disabled on corporate macs
06:08:27  <ljharb>but normally node just automatically gets permission
06:08:41  <ljharb>so there's something different about the node tests that spews permission requests
06:08:41  <devsnek>probably because official builds are signed
06:08:48  <ljharb>yeah maybe so
06:08:59  <ljharb>but then there should be a way to skip those tests - is there?
06:09:57  <devsnek>i don't think so
06:10:13  <devsnek>all we took into account before was being able to run them offline
06:10:31  <devsnek>not that the system would actively troll the user :(
06:11:46  <ljharb>oof
06:13:12  <devsnek>and you can't just untick that box in privacy and security?
06:13:38  <ljharb>no, the enterprise security policy doesn't let me alter any settings in the firewall prefpane
06:13:52  <ljharb>except that i can individually allow/deny a process
06:17:17  <devsnek>might open an issue
06:17:24  <devsnek>atm we categorize tests that require internet access separately
06:17:36  <devsnek>maybe we need to just start tagging tests by the features they use
06:18:36  <ljharb>yeah i'll probably file one
06:20:47  <devsnek>personally i gave up on mac as a development platform
06:22:56  <ljharb>¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i'd give up on development first
06:23:27  <ljharb>if i wasn't using my work laptop i'd be able to disable the firewall as needed for node tests.