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00:00:55  <broofa>Hmm... so, I take it that deploying an app with soft links between files doesn't work...?
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00:02:34  <AvianFlu>broofa: what are you trying to do?
00:02:49  <AvianFlu>and what happens when you do it?
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00:04:10  <broofa>@AvianFlu - briefly, I have a JS file that I'd like to use as a module on the server, but also load as a script on the client. The file is located in my node.js module path, and I've 'ln -s'ed to it from the public html directory.
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00:04:34  <AvianFlu>it's possible that `npm pack` ignores symlinks
00:04:51  <kohai>@sonnyt Probably going to start building my first node.js app soon :) excited!
00:04:54  <broofa>@AvianFlu - in practical terms, file is at $ROOT/Cookie.js and ln -s'ed to $ROOT/html/js/Cookie.js
00:05:07  <AvianFlu>and the client just doesn't find the file?
00:05:14  <broofa>Right - Getting 404's
00:05:27  <AvianFlu>run `npm pack` from your app dir and see if the symlink is in there
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00:05:39  <AvianFlu>another idea: run fs.symlink when you start the server
00:05:44  <AvianFlu>just like, make the link locally real quick
00:05:54  <AvianFlu>cause if it's a symlink with an absolute path in it from your local
00:06:05  <AvianFlu>the remote won't have that same absolute path
00:06:56  <broofa>@AvianFlu - no, it's a relative link ("[email protected] -> ../../Cookies.js"). But tar -tvzf (npm-packed archive) doesn't show the link'ed file. :(
00:07:43  <AvianFlu>yeah, that would then be npm fail
00:07:52  <AvianFlu>so yeah, make the link in your app with fs.symlinkSync or whatever
00:08:02  <AvianFlu>or, just duplicate the file, if nothing else
00:08:09  <AvianFlu>non-ideal, but one js file can't be that big
00:08:20  <broofa>yeah... just annoying. :)
00:08:24  <broofa>thx.
00:08:49  <AvianFlu>yeah, I would have thought that this was fixed when they implemented those fake symlinks for windows
00:08:53  <AvianFlu>apparently not
00:10:08  <kohai>@cmeik Every time someone mentions node.js in public, @shojberg says "don't" because he knows what's coming.
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00:29:39  <kohai>@npmupdates Updated: storify to v0.0.19. Storify API client for node.js https://t.co/uczZtH3z
00:29:54  <kohai>@nodenpm storify (0.0.19): http://t.co/fojZjld3 Storify API client for node.js
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00:31:57  <kohai>@ZRJobs Creative Solutions Services, LLC is hiring senior engineer, node.js http://t.co/VyRxum3O #jobs
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00:32:35  <digitxp>is this the right place for help on flatiron?
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00:33:46  <AvianFlu>digitxp: yes
00:34:14  <digitxp>great :)
00:34:59  <digitxp>I was wondering how best to test a relationship between documents of the same model
00:35:16  <digitxp>so, for example, a CMS that allows subpages
00:37:55  <AvianFlu>digitxp: how best to test the relationship?
00:38:07  <digitxp>yeah
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00:38:46  <AvianFlu>I'm not completely sure, I don't think resourceful has anything built-in for that, but it doesn't seem too hard to set up
00:40:09  <AvianFlu>this would be a great question for pksunkara, but he's probably not awake right now
00:40:12  <AvianFlu>(he's in india)
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00:46:20  <digitxp>avianflu: thanks, I'll try to stay awake at a convenient time :)
00:48:10  <kohai>@joefeser Why Microsoft Developers Should Care About Node.js http://t.co/OPYCzwlh
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00:51:29  <Init--WithStyle->Where should i go for information on how to properly set up my package.json file?
00:51:49  <blakmatrix_>Init--WithStyle-: http://package.json.jit.su
00:51:49  <kohai>Init has -18 beers
00:52:02  <Init--WithStyle->thanks
00:52:22  <Init--WithStyle->wow awesome haha
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00:55:41  <kohai>@npmupdates Updated: urza to v0.1.3a. Urza is a node.js framework built for rapid development. https://t.co/c2OxL1aD
00:56:08  <kohai>@micheletitolo Looking for a simple guide for starting a #nodejs plugin via server.js. Kind of weird, I know >.<
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01:04:00  <kohai>@elliotttf Hacking on some node.js code to make @Pressflow releases happen closer to when @drupal releases do.
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01:06:36  <Init--WithStyle->"there was an error while checking app name / subdomain availability".. hmm
01:07:47  <Init--WithStyle->Also in my package file i have "main": "./app.js", but it is still asking me to set the scripts.start...
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01:09:04  <Init--WithStyle->Any ideas about that error?
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01:11:06  <kohai>@ceehart @bigfleet the Tyler Durden of node.js
01:12:38  <kohai>@anoemi How to explain the amazingness of #nodejs to non-technical people? Hmm...
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01:15:12  <marciopuga>we hit the news in australia again
01:15:14  <marciopuga>http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/digital-life-news/aussies-provide-instagram-window-to-the-world-20120810-23y2v.html
01:15:55  <AvianFlu>marciopuga: ++
01:16:24  <kohai>marciopuga has 4 beers
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01:38:39  <rvagg>nodejitsu need to come up with a deal to 'sponsor' you guys somehow to put their branding on your pages, it's a great example app
01:40:59  <Init--WithStyle->I'm a bit confused about something... I want to put a server up on nodejitsu that I usually start with an argument... eg. node location/of/server -a location/of/helper/app ... is there any way to have nodejitsu startup in this way?
01:48:26  <Init--WithStyle->Also... in the web interface it says my app has the domain "Domainhttp://efehtml.nodejitsu.com " but when trying to start it, it says that I don't have a subdomain.....
01:48:56  <kohai>@NodeJSAtSO Node.js variable getting reset - undefined http://t.co/r7QIFM77
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01:51:16  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: any idea regarding this?
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01:51:58  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: our web interface is undergoing a total rewrite
01:51:58  <kohai>Init has -19 beers
01:52:03  <AvianFlu>I'd use jitsu if at all possible
01:52:07  <AvianFlu>(the CLI tool)
01:52:07  <Init--WithStyle->oh
01:52:24  <AvianFlu>as for the helper app, how much work does it do?
01:52:40  <kohai>@mhuggins Making some awesome progress in learning Node.js :)
01:52:44  <AvianFlu>the server you're deploying to has 256MB of ram and one virtual core, so two busy processes won't be that happy on the same drone
01:52:47  <Init--WithStyle->jitsu gives the same error
01:53:04  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: gist me your package.json?
01:53:04  <kohai>Init has -20 beers
01:53:08  <Init--WithStyle->ok
01:54:04  <Init--WithStyle->https://gist.github.com/3310271
01:54:41  <Init--WithStyle->when prompted for a subdomain I put "efehtml" and let my scripts.start be app.js and the default for node version
01:54:48  <Init--WithStyle->the error I get is "error: There was an error while checking app name / subdomain availability."
01:55:04  <AvianFlu>your package.json eventually needs a subdomain in it
01:55:11  <AvianFlu>jitsu will usually do it, but try adding it by hand
01:55:18  <AvianFlu>"subdomain": "mysubdomain"
01:55:39  <AvianFlu>the web UI can produce odd inconsistencies sometimes
01:55:40  <Init--WithStyle->"subdomain": "efehtml" should work right?
01:55:44  <AvianFlu>yep
01:55:57  <AvianFlu>well, if I'm right, anyway XD
01:56:27  <Init--WithStyle->Putting the subdomain in the package.json worked
01:56:45  <Init--WithStyle->er
01:56:46  <Init--WithStyle->mostly
01:57:08  <Init--WithStyle->ended with the error "error: Error running command deploy" // "error: Nodejitsu Error (400): Bad Request"
01:58:09  <Init--WithStyle->maybe there is something funky going on with the nodejitsu network right now?
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02:01:07  <Init--WithStyle->:/
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02:02:22  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: have you seen this error before?
02:02:44  <AvianFlu>400 bad request means something in your package.json isn't kosher
02:02:52  <AvianFlu>try running `jitsu apps destroy` from that dir
02:02:58  <AvianFlu>then deploy it again
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02:06:47  <Init--WithStyle->er will that delete my app off my local HD?
02:08:14  <Init--WithStyle->ok I ran it and got an error 404 ... item not found
02:08:26  <Init--WithStyle->"could not find path: /apps/myusername/nameoftheapp
02:09:00  <Init--WithStyle->I suppose that means it was never deployed?
02:09:54  <kohai>@Solidsoft_AJ Combining Clouds: Accessing Azure Storage from Node.js Application in Cloud Foundry: I recently did a p... http://t.co/smSTn12d #BizTalk
02:09:54  <Init--WithStyle->can you see any other problems in my package file?
02:10:45  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: what's the name of the app
02:10:46  <kohai>Init has -21 beers
02:10:47  <Init--WithStyle->I wish it would tell me *what* is causing the Bad Request..
02:10:52  <Init--WithStyle->"Epic Fantasy Empires"
02:11:25  <Init--WithStyle->lol..
02:11:29  <Init--WithStyle->i cut out the spaces and it works
02:11:30  <Init--WithStyle->sigh
02:12:44  <Init--WithStyle->Are there any things I need to be aware of trying to deploy an express server to nodejitsu?
02:12:52  <AvianFlu>not generally, no
02:12:58  <AvianFlu>are you using 0.6.x or 0.8.x?
02:13:06  <Init--WithStyle->0.8.x node version
02:13:16  <AvianFlu>cool
02:13:21  <AvianFlu>express should give you no trouble
02:13:40  <Init--WithStyle->how do I check the current express version actually being deployed along with my app?
02:14:03  <Init--WithStyle->hmm i'm going to ensure the dependancies are up to date..
02:16:06  * jryansquit (Quit: Linkinus - http://linkinus.com)
02:16:35  <Init--WithStyle->looks like my express version was old
02:17:10  <AvianFlu>that's likely
02:17:15  <AvianFlu>you can always `npm view express`
02:17:19  <AvianFlu>and see the details of it
02:18:56  * anoemiquit (Quit: anoemi)
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02:24:56  <llad>has anyone gotten webhooks running for github pushes?
02:25:54  <llad>I keep getting failure with "Authorization failed with the provided credentials." but my password and username are same as my login.
02:28:15  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: looks like my problem was firstly having spaces in my app's name and secondly not updating my express version
02:28:19  <Init--WithStyle->thanks for all the help :)
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02:29:38  <Init--WithStyle->One last thing.... in my express server I set it to listen to port 9006.. however when I deploy via jitsu connecting to subdomain.jit.su:80 connects me through...
02:29:46  <Init--WithStyle->is the port being changed somehow by jitsu?
02:30:48  * joshvermairepart
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02:34:41  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: you're going through our load balancers
02:34:41  <kohai>Init has -22 beers
02:34:46  <AvianFlu>everything gets balanced over 80
02:35:58  <Init--WithStyle->but.. don't I need to specify port 9006 when I connect?
02:36:19  <Init--WithStyle->usually when I run locally I need to specify the correct port
02:37:31  <AvianFlu>our load balancer does that
02:37:39  <AvianFlu>we watch what port you listen on
02:37:45  <AvianFlu>and then the balancer forwards from 80 to that
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02:38:57  <kohai>@TheReddest @Socketubs What kind of performance do you see on the Pi? Does it run #nodejs well?
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02:44:19  <kohai>@silviogalea With its $11.2M in Series A funding, @meteorjs may be the web framework that pushes node.js to the webdev mainstream in the coming months.
02:45:39  <AvianFlu>!tweet [email protected] It's a mistake to think of [email protected] as node. It is completely at odds with all core philosophies of node.js.
02:45:41  <kohai>@NodeKohai [email protected] It's a mistake to think of [email protected] as node. It is completely at odds with all core philosophies of node.js.
02:48:32  <kohai>@bradrick Hey, don’t you have a diaper to change? “@silviogalea: With $11.2M in Srs A funding, @meteorjs may be the framework that pushes node.js …”
02:48:36  <flockonus>any idea why socket.on('disconnect', function() {}) is never called?
02:49:22  <AvianFlu>flockonus: depends, what's the context?
02:50:08  <flockonus>page refresh, browser close
02:50:22  <flockonus>the docs on it seems incomplete: https://github.com/LearnBoost/socket.io/wiki/Exposed-events
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02:55:10  * broofaquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
02:56:57  <AvianFlu>flockonus: yeah, not completely sure
02:57:13  <AvianFlu>I was mostly asking if you meant net.Socket or socket.io or what
02:57:46  * lladpart
02:59:14  <flockonus>oh, socket.io, sorry :P
02:59:23  <flockonus>when I get home I will nerd more on it
02:59:26  <flockonus>thanks
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03:07:13  <kohai>@HunterLoftis Usain bolt should be the new mascot for #nodejs
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03:21:14  <kohai>@gblock Sentimental moment about the node community. I love it! It's been so awesome getting deep into it the past year! Thank you #nodejs!
03:23:48  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: how do you ask nodejitsu to startup an app with "-" options?
03:24:34  <AvianFlu>you can put them in your scripts.start
03:24:39  <AvianFlu>in your package.json
03:29:03  <kohai>@rauschma Curious bug: Node.js gets stuck reading stdin if a line has more than 1025 characters https://t.co/IRyYoynm
03:29:51  <kohai>@dhhodgin Tried to install bcrypt node.js module and it failed. Fixed the problem, filed a bug, and submitted a pull request. @humphd taught me well
03:32:07  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: scripts.start? I don't understand... instead of App.js .... app.js -option "some/place/here" ?
03:32:22  <AvianFlu>yeah
03:32:53  <Init--WithStyle->so instead of "start": "app.js" ->> "start":"app.js -option go/here/yes" correct?
03:33:05  <Init--WithStyle->nodejitsu automatically runs node on the string in start?
03:33:53  <jcrugzz>AvianFlu: I find a core principle of meteor quite ironic. "Embrace the Ecosystem. Meteor is open source and integrates, rather than replaces, existing open source tools and frameworks."
03:33:56  * gtuckerkelloggjoined
03:34:28  <AvianFlu>jcrugzz: I find that sentence insulting, because they've thrown away most of node's way of doing things
03:34:35  <AvianFlu>in favor of fibers and sync methods
03:34:53  <AvianFlu>the first person to use it in major production is likely to sue them when it fails spectacularly, IMO
03:35:06  <jcrugzz>AvianFlu: The controlled ecosystem must be more friendly to investors eh?
03:35:13  <AvianFlu>they also are trying to replace NPM
03:35:20  <AvianFlu>with their own proprietary package management
03:35:21  <AvianFlu>and like, fuck that
03:35:37  <AvianFlu>jcrugzz: honestly, I think it's one of those secret-handshake ycombinator deals
03:35:52  <AvianFlu>where somebody's cousin gets the investment, and they're told to pay companies X, Y, and Z
03:35:59  <AvianFlu>thinly veiled pyramid scheme, I'd wager
03:36:05  <jcrugzz>AvianFlu: its absolutely ridiculous, and that seems plausible.
03:36:58  <AvianFlu>yeah, this is one of the situations where I kind of wish I was just crazy
03:37:01  <jcrugzz>and with how the startup ecosystem is becoming bloated with companies that add little value, ive started to question ycombinator..
03:37:02  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: it seems that the option I need to add here wants a full path name.... IE ./location/server doesn't work ... /Users/myuser/location/server does..
03:37:19  <Init--WithStyle->Is there any way to say via this option "Look in the current folder..
03:37:21  <AvianFlu>jcrugzz: they're a pyramid scheme
03:37:35  * TooTallNatequit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
03:37:38  <Init--WithStyle->nvm
03:37:38  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: you'll probably have much better luck spawning a child process from inside your code
03:37:38  <kohai>Init has -23 beers
03:37:40  <Init--WithStyle->please ignore me
03:37:55  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: it's not to spawn a helper, it's just to load the correct follow on files
03:38:00  <Init--WithStyle->the main process is like a bootstrapper
03:38:13  <Init--WithStyle->nvm I figured it out anyways! should be fine :)
03:38:20  <Init--WithStyle->going to see If i can get the start script working correctly
03:39:03  <jcrugzz>AvianFlu: Its the beauty of what money does to people ha. Gotta love it.
03:40:03  <AvianFlu>yep.
03:40:24  <AvianFlu>if I end up with too much money, I'm gonna try to troll PG into finally getting himself indicted.
03:40:29  <AvianFlu>but, dreams.
03:41:15  * TooTallNatejoined
03:42:49  <jcrugzz>haha, hopefully dreams can become a reality as open source moves forward. I'm hoping I can go to the KIRT conference and see what they have to say for themselves
03:43:02  <jcrugzz>meteor of course
03:44:22  * uglybluedolphinquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
03:44:48  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: it seems the startup script "./server/test" works , but "./server/test -g ./wonka/test" does not
03:45:01  <Init--WithStyle->says the package file is invalid
03:45:17  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: what does your script do with the command-line arg
03:45:18  <kohai>Init has -24 beers
03:45:38  * jcrugzzquit (Quit: leaving)
03:45:53  <Init--WithStyle->It checks the location and starts scripts from that location
03:45:56  <Init--WithStyle->the location is inside of the package
03:46:39  <Init--WithStyle->ok
03:46:45  <Init--WithStyle->looks like it didn't like the \ \
03:46:50  <Init--WithStyle->jitsu really hates spaces
03:47:37  <Init--WithStyle->I don't think starting script is working how I think it is...
03:47:54  <Init--WithStyle->In my mind the start script is basically just the cli input that nodejitsu runs node with
03:48:17  <Init--WithStyle->eg.. start: "fools -g whops -f gogo" becomes node fools -g whops -f gogo when the server is started on nodejitsu..
03:48:57  <Init--WithStyle->is there an example startup.script somewhere?
03:49:43  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: it seems like what you're trying to do, you should just be doing with require statements
03:49:43  <kohai>Init has -25 beers
03:49:49  <AvianFlu>package.json.jit.su has some examples
03:49:59  <AvianFlu>but your scripts.start should just be read as a string
03:50:01  <AvianFlu>it really shouldn't care
03:50:48  <Init--WithStyle->"start":"node ./server/test.js" ends up with a 500 error "cannot find starting script"
03:50:58  <Init--WithStyle->i guess it things "node ./blah" is a script, not a string?
03:51:16  <kohai>@goranhalusa "Send postcards with JavaScript" Node.js module for sending postcards with the Ship API by ... #nodejs #javascript http://t.co/fKlGoklV
03:51:24  <Init--WithStyle->oh..
03:51:29  <Init--WithStyle->the startup script is for npm start..
03:51:36  <Init--WithStyle->not actually starting the application on nodejitsu...
03:52:12  * shykeschanged nick to zz_shykes
03:52:29  <Init--WithStyle->when nodejitsu starts up the server I just want to somehow tell it to run the "node" command with an option...
03:52:37  * Leeoljoined
03:55:14  * Leerp3quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
03:55:18  * lladquit (Remote host closed the connection)
03:56:36  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: I don't see an option on starting the app with an option "-" tag anywhere..
03:56:46  * ramitosjoined
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04:02:57  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: we generally respect scripts.start
04:02:58  <kohai>Init has -26 beers
04:03:02  <AvianFlu>otherwise, it's not something most people do
04:03:56  <Init--WithStyle->I can't find any examples of scripts.start
04:04:02  <kohai>@vrouesnel Every #nodejs dev should know about Mincer "Sprockets for Node". https://t.co/fkrr386Y
04:04:02  * marciopugaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:04:11  <Init--WithStyle->I checked the package cheetsheet link you gave me..
04:05:07  <Init--WithStyle->And passing in a string like "node something.js -g whatever" ends up with a package.json error "can't find starting script"
04:05:40  <Init--WithStyle->the cheatsheet shows ""start": "node ./bin/http-server"," as working, but when I lay it out like that it doesn't :)
04:06:15  <Init--WithStyle->it's like it doesn't recognize that this is a string and not the actual script's name...
04:09:41  <blakmatrix_>Init--WithStyle-: you can call strings like that with child process
04:09:41  <kohai>Init has -27 beers
04:11:18  <Init--WithStyle->I don't understand..
04:11:35  <Init--WithStyle->i usually just use node myapp -a go/go
04:11:46  <Init--WithStyle->why can't I tell nodejitsu to start my app in the same way?
04:11:57  <Init--WithStyle->"nodejitsu please start my app by running node myapp -a go/go
04:12:45  <blakmatrix_>I believe it runs `npm start`
04:12:55  * indexzerojoined
04:12:55  * indexzeroquit (Client Quit)
04:13:02  <blakmatrix_>so if you get that working on your system it will work on our
04:13:47  <blakmatrix_>run `npm start` on your dev machine
04:14:13  * indexzerojoined
04:15:18  * adambreenjoined
04:15:22  <Init--WithStyle->its working on my dev machine
04:15:40  <Init--WithStyle->the error says it isn't even finding hte starting script
04:15:47  <Init--WithStyle->it things my startup string is a script name or something
04:15:50  <Init--WithStyle->*thinks
04:16:11  <adambreen>hey #nodejitsu guys - sorry if this has already been reported, but I'm getting a socket error on jitsu deploy atm:
04:16:12  <adambreen>prompt: Is this ok?: (yes) info: Creating snapshot 0.0.1-10 info: Updating app meeting info: Activating snapshot 0.0.1-10 for meeting info: Starting app meeting error: Error running command deploy error: socket hang up error: Error: socket hang up error: at createHangUpError (http.js:1263:15) error: at CleartextStream.socketCloseListener (http.js:1314:23) error: at CleartextStream.EventEmitte
04:16:21  * AvianFlutopic: Nodejitsu - Host applications. Keep them up. | We will be performing brief scheduled maintenance tonight from 2:00am to 2:30am ET.
04:16:34  <Init--WithStyle->Is there someway I can put this string inside of an actual startup script name then just declare the startup script file blakmatrix_ ?
04:16:37  <AvianFlu>adambreen: check the URL
04:16:39  <adambreen>oh wait, my last one actually worked. failed twice though
04:16:50  <AvianFlu>sometimes, the deploy works, but you get a local timeout before you get the 200
04:17:12  <AvianFlu>we recently lengthened the timeout in jitsu, but not always long enough for everyone
04:17:26  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: do it in your app and use a require statement
04:17:27  <kohai>Init has -28 beers
04:17:31  <AvianFlu>skip the whole args thing
04:17:36  <adambreen>hmm... i looked in the web gui and it showed the snapshot prior was still running - the two new (failed deploy) snapshots were showing, just not started
04:17:42  <adambreen>I
04:17:48  <AvianFlu>adambreen: the web UI is being completely rewritten
04:17:50  <adambreen>The timeout makes sense though - I'm in Australia
04:17:51  <Init--WithStyle->do what in my app?
04:17:52  <AvianFlu>I don't recommend its use
04:18:02  <AvianFlu>it has a habit of lying
04:18:16  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: you're ultimately trying to include another file
04:18:16  <adambreen>np - was just using it to double-check. point noted :)
04:18:17  <kohai>Init has -29 beers
04:18:20  <AvianFlu>use a require statement
04:18:23  <AvianFlu>don't use CLI args for that
04:18:33  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: no, not just a file, a directory
04:19:01  <Init--WithStyle->If this CLI arg would just work correctly...
04:19:13  <AvianFlu>put an index.js in the directory that requires each file in the directory, and then require the directory
04:19:16  <AvianFlu>what's in the dir that you need?
04:19:25  <adambreen>@AvianFlu: is there a way to lengthen that timeout with conf locally?
04:19:31  <AvianFlu>just modules? separate worker code?
04:19:36  <blakmatrix_>Init--WithStyle-: the arguments are stored in process.argv
04:19:37  <kohai>Init has -30 beers
04:19:46  <Init--WithStyle->seperate code
04:19:47  <AvianFlu>adambreen: `grep -R "timeout" node_modules/nodejitsu_api`
04:19:52  <AvianFlu>adambreen: from your jitsu directory
04:20:01  <Init--WithStyle->the main app.js file is a bootstrapper that loads the directory
04:20:05  <AvianFlu>blakmatrix_ that's not the question
04:20:17  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: you're doing a bunch of stuff you can just do with require()
04:20:18  <kohai>Init has -31 beers
04:20:20  <Init--WithStyle->the -a option specifies the directory
04:20:22  <AvianFlu>you're making extra work for yourself
04:20:33  <Init--WithStyle->The bootstrapper is part of an engine I am using for my app
04:20:59  <Init--WithStyle->in the first place I don't understand why jitsu thinks my CLI args are a script file
04:21:23  <Init--WithStyle->npm start runs fine using whats in the package.json
04:22:50  * ferloresquit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:24:27  <kohai>@NodeJSAtSO Node.js Heroku Environment Variables and Database Connection Strings http://t.co/XUyAyF9J
04:25:20  * Delapouitequit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:26:34  <Init--WithStyle->I have pretty much exactly what is on the package cheatsheet but instead of running, it just plops out and things I an trying to find a script file...
04:26:47  <Init--WithStyle->Do you have any idea how this is happening?
04:26:52  <AvianFlu>can you gist your package.json again?
04:27:24  * TooTallNatequit (Quit: ["Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com"])
04:27:52  <Init--WithStyle->https://gist.github.com/3311062
04:29:28  * appinsanity-mikequit (Quit: appinsanity-mike)
04:29:56  * thepumpk_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:30:04  * adambreenquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
04:30:30  * thepumpkinjoined
04:31:21  * ricardobeatjoined
04:33:14  <ricardobeat>hello
04:33:29  * ricardobeatquit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:33:43  <Init--WithStyle->if that is helpful
04:33:45  <Init--WithStyle->hi
04:33:52  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: a guess: put the whole thing in backticks
04:33:52  <kohai>Init has -32 beers
04:34:12  <Init--WithStyle->what do you mean?
04:34:19  * ricardo_joined
04:34:36  <ricardo_>anyone getting those pesky ECONNREFUSED errors again?
04:35:36  * jcrugzzjoined
04:35:51  <ricardo_>An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}
04:36:55  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: what do you mean all backticks?
04:37:47  <AvianFlu>``
04:37:52  <kohai>@onkursen I've been working on a web site built with Node.js and Twitter bootstrap. Any and all suggestions are welcome! http://t.co/unXH10E6
04:38:00  <AvianFlu>ricardo_: try `jitsu apps start`
04:38:06  <AvianFlu>also ricardo_ what port are you listening on
04:38:09  <AvianFlu>and what's your engines field
04:39:00  * tmpvarquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
04:40:34  <ricardo_>I'm on port 3000
04:40:45  <ricardo_>was 8000 before
04:40:48  <ricardo_>it shouldn't matter, should it?
04:41:08  <ricardo_>engines 0.6.x
04:41:09  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: you mean... instead of "node ./server/blah" 'node ./server/blah' ?
04:41:55  * stagasjoined
04:42:11  <AvianFlu>"`node ./server/blah`"
04:42:20  <AvianFlu>it's bash, just try it and see what happens
04:42:24  <Init--WithStyle->just tried.. same error except with backticks now :D
04:42:33  <Init--WithStyle->e.json error: can't find starting script: 'node ./server/ige -g ../EpicFantasyEmpires'
04:42:47  * bradleymeckquit (Quit: bradleymeck)
04:43:15  <ricardo_>AvianFlu: switched to 0.8.x, now it's working
04:43:16  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: I've got no idea, I've seen this work on a number of other occasions
04:43:17  <kohai>Init has -33 beers
04:43:21  <AvianFlu>ricardo_: excellent
04:43:45  <Init--WithStyle->strange
04:43:57  <Init--WithStyle->maybe it just doesn't like me..
04:44:11  <Init--WithStyle->is there some way I can put a string inside of a .js file and just have it read out?
04:44:12  * tmpvarjoined
04:48:36  * stagasquit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
04:51:13  * caasiHuangjoined
04:52:26  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: I pulled something up from the IRC logs
04:52:28  <Init--WithStyle->"<jesusabdullah> tombh: change it to "app.js" 22:46:30 <jesusabdullah> tombh: Think of that line as though it's what you'd type into the shell. In fact, npm start *does* use sh. 22:46:34 <blakmatrix> tombh: can yo ugive me a gist of your package.json ? It sounds like it cant find the file it references 22:46:51 <jesusabdullah> blakmatrix: I'll bet you the file's app.js and not app"
04:52:41  <Init--WithStyle->Tombh had the same exact problem...
04:52:46  <Init--WithStyle->what is jesus trying to say here?
04:53:05  <Init--WithStyle->He says it's as if typing into the shell...
04:53:23  <AvianFlu>that's not a relevant bit of logs
04:53:29  <AvianFlu>that guy was using node app instead of node app.js
04:53:35  <AvianFlu>and the app file didn't actually exist
04:53:43  <Init--WithStyle->your memory is good :)
04:54:23  * stagasjoined
04:55:11  <Init--WithStyle->I don't understand why it keeps thinking i'm giving it a file name instead of a shell command..
04:56:09  * marciopugajoined
04:56:53  <marciopuga>anyone alive?
04:56:55  <marciopuga>losangeles-now.jit.su ECONNREFUSED
04:57:33  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: look at this
04:57:34  <Init--WithStyle-> ?in my package.json 00:40:39 <jesusabdullah> EhevuTov: Haibu may not support passing cli flags 00:40:45 <jesusabdullah> EhevuTov: Try a shim node script
04:57:45  <Init--WithStyle->Haibu not supporting the CLI flags i'm trying to use???
04:57:49  <Init--WithStyle->What is a shim node script?
04:57:55  * stagas_joined
04:58:02  <AvianFlu>listen
04:58:02  <AvianFlu>if you have another .js file
04:58:05  <AvianFlu>and you need it in your app
04:58:08  <AvianFlu>set it up with exports
04:58:10  <AvianFlu>and use require()
04:58:13  <AvianFlu>nothing else will be a good idea
04:58:25  <AvianFlu>if it's client code, use browserify
04:58:32  <AvianFlu>if it's server code, make it a module and use require
04:59:28  * stagasquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
04:59:34  * stagas_changed nick to stagas
04:59:38  <Init--WithStyle->the part that needs the cli flag is not my app
05:00:40  <Init--WithStyle->which means if i change it to pull in using require, i will need to change it every time a new version comes up.. not to mention I might break something :/
05:02:25  <SubStack>you could put that stuff in a config file
05:02:33  <SubStack>and read the config in your start script
05:05:37  <kohai>@npmupdates Updated: authom to v0.4.0. A dependency-free multi-service authentication tool for node.js https://t.co/FQP1PFug
05:06:04  <kohai>@NodeJsCommunity http://t.co/xRhkSFQg will most probably be released on September 10th, 2012. #nodejs http://t.co/W0mnqq8G
05:06:25  * tmpvarquit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
05:07:05  <Init--WithStyle->SubStack: how so?
05:09:58  <Init--WithStyle->The bootstrapper works by taking in the location of the server/client files I am using via the -g CLI flag... if i can't use that flag then I can just modify the bootstrapper but i would rather not mess with the bootstrapper's code since it's an engine i'm building on top of...
05:15:11  * tmpvarjoined
05:15:53  * wesbosquit (Quit: Leaving...)
05:17:56  <Init--WithStyle->If i manually include dependancies in the node_Modules folder of my project, will that node_modules folder be packaged with the project or do I need to have the package.json file include all of the dependencies?
05:19:38  * jcrugzzquit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
05:21:50  * raphiejoined
05:27:16  <kohai>@zswap_stackover Implement plugin-in architecture with JavaScript/Node.js: Below is a simple node.js using express var express =... http://t.co/I5cioFTf
05:29:20  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: I chopped out the CLI flag code and got it going further now
05:29:41  <Init--WithStyle->The problem now is that it's not finding a file that is being found correctly when run on a local machine
05:29:52  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: .gitignored? .npmignored?
05:29:52  <kohai>Init has -34 beers
05:29:58  <AvianFlu>jitsu respects those the same as npm would
05:30:00  <Init--WithStyle->ah...
05:30:09  <Init--WithStyle->npm ignore..
05:30:12  <Init--WithStyle->why is it even through
05:30:14  <AvianFlu>any .npmignore will ignore your .gitignore
05:30:17  <Init--WithStyle->even there >.<
05:30:18  <raphie>hey, so I'd like to host a server that has one port for files and one for websockets. is this possible on nodejitsu?
05:30:22  <Init--WithStyle->sigh
05:30:24  <Init--WithStyle->annoying
05:30:40  <AvianFlu>raphie: we load-balance everything over port 80
05:30:54  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: instead of just deleting the npmignore file is there a better way?
05:31:31  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: re-think which files you're ignoring?
05:31:31  <kohai>Init has -35 beers
05:31:34  * jcrugzzjoined
05:31:40  <raphie>AvianFlu: hmm. perhaps express vhost might be better instead of multiple ports
05:31:49  <AvianFlu>raphie: I'd say so
05:32:05  <AvianFlu>I can't think of a reason you'd actually *need* multiple ports for that
05:32:34  <Init--WithStyle->oh AvianFlu ... so because socket IO has a npm ignore on it, when jitsu uses the package.json file, it complete skips over the NPM-ignored socket.io folder?
05:32:41  <AvianFlu>no.
05:32:57  <AvianFlu>that's not how that works. it only reads the .npmignore in the app root
05:34:37  <Init--WithStyle->then why would a npmignore cause a jitsu deployed app to not work, while working fine on the local machine?
05:36:34  * towskijoined
05:36:52  <Init--WithStyle->It's erroring at "var client = require('socket.io-client'); " ... this is inside the socket.io library
05:37:51  * jcrugzzquit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
05:38:04  <Init--WithStyle->it's a node_module that is in node_modules as far as I can see...
05:38:06  <Init--WithStyle->:/
05:38:25  * jcrugzzjoined
05:38:56  <kohai>@oligoglot @logic @azhaguselvan @yuvipanda and do start adding articles on jQuery, Node.js if you wish.
05:41:32  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: any idea why the socket.io-client module would be... missing.. or unfindable when deployed via jitsu?
05:41:37  <Init--WithStyle->I removed the npmignore files
05:41:54  <AvianFlu>is it in your dependencies in your package.json?
05:42:24  <Init--WithStyle->yes: "dependencies": { "socket.io": ">=0.9.x" },
05:43:01  * hij1nxjoined
05:43:27  <Init--WithStyle->the missing socket.io-client module is inside socket.io's node_modules
05:43:51  * mmaleckijoined
05:44:22  <Init--WithStyle->I wish I could SSH into the server and see if the file is actually missing..
05:45:37  * jcrugzzquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
05:46:22  <Init--WithStyle->Any ideas?
05:46:48  <kohai>@pedelman I'm now ready for Real-Time because of node.js http://t.co/n4uLuhar via @codeschool
05:47:39  <jesusabdullah>Init--WithStyle-: run "npm pack" and check the resulting tarball
05:47:40  <kohai>Init has -36 beers
05:48:39  <Init--WithStyle->socket.io node_modules are not being packaged at all..
05:48:48  <Init--WithStyle->the socket.io module has no node_modules folder at all..
05:48:58  <Init--WithStyle->But i don't see a npmignore file.....
05:48:58  * jcrugzzjoined
05:49:21  <Init--WithStyle->what the???
05:49:35  * hij1nxquit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
05:49:40  <Init--WithStyle->How is this happening jesusabdullah ?
05:50:19  <jesusabdullah>You tell me
05:50:26  <Init--WithStyle->:(
05:50:38  <jesusabdullah>i can't tell you what your computer's doing. none of us can.
05:50:46  <Init--WithStyle->me either, evidently lol..
05:50:50  <jesusabdullah>Well
05:50:53  <jesusabdullah>you have the advantage
05:50:58  <jesusabdullah>of having all the files in front of you.
05:51:00  * hij1nxjoined
05:51:12  <Init--WithStyle->maybe my mac is trying to hide some files :/
05:51:22  <jesusabdullah>I will tell you this: That's expected behavior if you don't have socket.io bundled.
05:51:31  <jesusabdullah>So now, try a clean npm install, locally, and see what you got.
05:51:37  <Init--WithStyle->bundled?
05:51:45  <jesusabdullah>http://package.json.jit.su
05:51:50  <jesusabdullah>^^ Get to readin'
05:51:55  <Init--WithStyle->a clean npm install of what?
05:52:02  <jesusabdullah>your project.
05:52:02  <Init--WithStyle->I've been on the page for the last 5 hours jesus haha :)
05:52:38  <jesusabdullah>Between that, npm's documentation and npm pack, I'm confident you can figure this one out.
05:53:21  <Init--WithStyle->i certaintly hope so
05:53:38  <jesusabdullah>Good luck!
05:54:02  <jesusabdullah>You get npm bundling your stuff properly locally, and it will most likely work on nodejitsu.
05:54:45  <Init--WithStyle->jesusabdullah: if i don't include any dependancies, jitsu deploy should package everything including the node_modules folder under my current socket.io module, right?
05:55:09  * spolujoined
05:55:28  <Init--WithStyle->my head is exploding right now at why npm pack isn't packing files that I see right in front of me >.<
05:56:20  <blakmatrix_>Init--WithStyle-: maybe you should take a breather, it usually helps me when things arent making sense... clear my head and then come back to it
05:56:20  <kohai>Init has -37 beers
05:56:28  * jcrugzzquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
05:57:36  <kohai>@s9tpepper @simpulton one of the angularjs guys said they thought about it but didn’t really see a need since node.js is for servers and angularjs isnt
05:57:58  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: you absolutely need to either include dependencies or use bundleDependencies
05:57:58  <kohai>Init has -38 beers
05:58:05  <AvianFlu>otherwise nothing will be present on the server
05:58:08  * soroushjoined
05:58:22  <soroush>Hi all. When trying to migrate by running jitsu deploy I am getting ' Nodejitsu Error (500): Internal Server Error '
05:58:37  <Init--WithStyle->AvianFlu: isn't the default just to package everything in the current directory?
05:58:38  * hij1nxquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
05:58:40  <soroush>Anyone know what this error is about?
06:00:48  <Init--WithStyle->When declaring a dependency, is it possible to also push that dependancy to another node_modules folder? like ../../node_modules ?
06:00:53  <Init--WithStyle->in the package file i mean
06:01:22  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: the default is to package nothign
06:01:22  <kohai>Init has -39 beers
06:01:38  * lpinjoined
06:01:55  <Init--WithStyle->if nothing is packaged then there is nothing for jitsu to deploy?
06:02:29  <AvianFlu>no dependencies, no
06:02:41  <AvianFlu>your code will still be deployed, but the require statements will all fail, and such
06:02:56  <Init--WithStyle->it is packaging most of the dependancies that I already have in the working directory
06:03:03  <Init--WithStyle->all except for the node_modules of socket.io
06:03:07  <Init--WithStyle->that already exist there
06:03:10  <Init--WithStyle->it's just ignoring them
06:03:17  <Init--WithStyle->even though there is no ignore file
06:03:21  <lpin>morning guys
06:03:46  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: please gist me your current package.json
06:03:46  <kohai>Init has -40 beers
06:03:54  <AvianFlu>actually, strike that
06:04:02  <AvianFlu>please run `npm pack` and send your app to [email protected]
06:04:22  <Init--WithStyle->Avian i think it's an NPM error
06:04:36  <Init--WithStyle->before having you waste your time, let me dig deeper into the NPM docs and try to solve it on my own
06:04:58  <kohai>@npmupdates Updated: sequelize to v1.5.0. Multi dialect ORM for Node.JS https://t.co/yt7swb75
06:05:23  <kohai>@nodenpm sequelize (1.5.0): http://t.co/DRibAz8i Multi dialect ORM for Node.JS
06:08:33  * towskiquit (Remote host closed the connection)
06:10:02  <Init--WithStyle->ok holy crap
06:10:14  <Init--WithStyle->when the node_modules folder is under the socket.io folder, npm pack ignores it
06:10:19  <Init--WithStyle->when i move it one step above
06:10:22  <Init--WithStyle->it packages correctly
06:10:35  <Init--WithStyle->but i can't see any ignore files in the socket.io folder?!?
06:12:52  * blevsquit (Remote host closed the connection)
06:14:20  <lpin>i still get ELF error if i deploy with version number and no error if i use link
06:14:35  <lpin>"canvas": "0.12.x" --> doesn't work
06:14:52  <lpin>"canvas": "https://github.com/LearnBoost/node-canvas/tarball/master" --> works
06:15:49  <AvianFlu>lpin: every server in the cloud is now properly 64 bit
06:15:58  <AvianFlu>so I really don't know why that's the case
06:16:23  <mmalecki>cache?
06:16:44  <AvianFlu>maybe
06:16:57  <lpin>deploying with node 0.6 now
06:17:14  * chakritjoined
06:17:14  * chakritquit (Changing host)
06:17:14  * chakritjoined
06:18:00  * sreeixjoined
06:18:07  <lpin>aw yeah, worked with "canvas": "0.12.x" and node 0.6
06:18:09  <lpin>mmm
06:18:19  <soroush>error: Error running command deploy error: Nodejitsu Error (500): Internal Server Error <-- anyone know why this happens on jitsu deploy?
06:19:12  <AvianFlu>soroush: please take the rest of the output and paste it into gist.github.com
06:19:19  <AvianFlu>that's not enough info to help you
06:20:05  * DTrejoquit (Remote host closed the connection)
06:23:46  <soroush>AvianFlu: https://gist.github.com/3311729
06:24:23  <AvianFlu>did you elide your domains, or is it actually four dots ther
06:24:24  <AvianFlu>e
06:24:31  <soroush>Sorry, elided them
06:24:39  <AvianFlu>that's fine
06:32:09  <lpin>npm v1.1.46 issue?
06:33:15  <soroush>ill try updating npm
06:35:00  <lpin>soroush that was for nodejitsu guys
06:35:04  <soroush>Ok
06:35:23  <soroush>AvianFlu: Ive got to go but if you know a solution youd be very kind to mail it to [email protected] . Thanks alot!
06:36:01  <lpin>soroush still getting error 500?
06:36:49  <lpin>soroush try engines: { node: '0.6.x' },
06:37:00  <lpin>without 'v'
06:39:39  * soroushquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
06:42:02  * blevsjoined
06:47:48  * graeme_fjoined
06:49:26  <kohai>@nodejitsu Our scheduled maintenance is now over; go practice your @nodejitsu!
06:55:29  <ricardo_>http://thatsjustlikeyouropinion.info/on/nodejitsu/awesome/sux
06:56:49  <Init--WithStyle->Can anyone provide an actual example of a correctly created bundleDependencies list?
06:57:09  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
06:57:38  * flockonusjoined
06:58:29  <lpin>"bundleDependencies": [ 'mybunble1', 'mybundle2'],
06:58:40  <AvianFlu>the names must exactly match the folder names
06:58:44  * ramitosquit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
06:59:02  <Init--WithStyle->can the folder's be buried a few levels below the top directory?
06:59:08  <Init--WithStyle->does it do a recursive search?
06:59:22  <Init--WithStyle->and bundle refers to a folder under node_modules correct?
06:59:46  * robhawkesjoined
07:00:12  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: why don't you just try using regular dependencies
07:00:13  <kohai>Init has -41 beers
07:00:27  <AvianFlu>you're overthinking all of this by about 100x
07:00:42  <AvianFlu>"dependencies": {"socket.io": "*"}
07:00:44  <Init--WithStyle->Regular dependencies causes it to create a new node_modules folder on the root level of the project, but I need it to reside in ./server/node_modules
07:00:45  <AvianFlu>do that for all your deps
07:00:53  <AvianFlu>why?
07:01:06  <Init--WithStyle->because of the way the engine i'm using has been coded...
07:01:15  <AvianFlu>sounds like the engine you're using is your biggest problem
07:01:21  <Init--WithStyle->yup
07:01:37  <Init--WithStyle->It wasn't designed to be used with nodejitsu thats for sure
07:02:02  <AvianFlu>Init--WithStyle-: what is this engine, anyway?
07:02:03  <kohai>Init has -42 beers
07:02:22  <Init--WithStyle->A game engine
07:02:32  <stagas>Init--WithStyle-: don't input the path to the modules manually, use require.resolve if you want to find it
07:02:33  <kohai>Init has -43 beers
07:02:33  <ricardo_>Init: do you have multiple versions of libraries in that?
07:03:16  * jcrugzzjoined
07:03:37  <Init--WithStyle->i'm not sure ricardo_
07:03:55  <Init--WithStyle->and btw, bundledDependencies need to be declared with " ... ' doesn't work
07:04:17  <ricardo_>if you don't, there's no point in not using the root node_modules
07:05:21  <Init--WithStyle->I'm trying to use bundleDependencies but it still isn't packing them when npm pack is used..
07:05:39  <Init--WithStyle->Do I need to name dep->deps ?
07:05:50  <Init--WithStyle->or if i name socket.io does it automatically extend to all of it's dependencies?
07:07:36  * jcrugzzquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
07:09:53  * ricardo_quit (Quit: Page closed)
07:09:56  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
07:15:02  * blakmatr_joined
07:16:01  <kohai>@npmupdates Updated: shark to v0.3.10. A new develop framework for Node.js https://t.co/jzhairvy
07:16:23  <kohai>@nodenpm shark (0.3.10): http://t.co/TCCd7t8s A new develop framework for Node.js
07:17:02  * ramitosjoined
07:17:31  * blakmatrix_quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
07:20:46  * MannyCaljoined
07:21:07  * raphiequit (Remote host closed the connection)
07:23:13  * MannyCal_joined
07:24:09  * Delapouitejoined
07:25:04  * MannyCalquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
07:26:19  <kohai>@jdahlq Busy working on my new personal website http://t.co/ZKzzFG2f. Running node.js on EC2. Time to experiment!
07:27:50  * AvianFluquit (Quit: AvianFlu)
07:34:28  * tmpvarquit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
07:35:14  * yawnjoined
07:35:22  * yawnchanged nick to yawnt
07:35:32  * `3rdEdenjoined
07:35:47  <yawnt>protip, don't follow travisbot on github even if it's for a joke
07:36:03  <yawnt>got my news feed full of his activities
07:36:04  <yawnt>:(
07:36:25  <blakmatr_>kinda like people who followd my migratorbot lol
07:36:46  <blakmatr_>had like 40 followers one minute then none a day later :P
07:36:51  <yawnt>btw my jitsu version still uses path
07:37:01  <yawnt>should i upgrade or is it something not fix'd yet?
07:37:23  <blakmatr_>upgrade to node 8.6 :P
07:37:28  <blakmatr_>and upgrade jitsu
07:37:33  <blakmatr_>what are you waiting for
07:37:37  <blakmatr_>:P
07:37:40  <yawnt>i'm using .8.6
07:37:47  <yawnt>FOR THE FINAL COUNTDOWN
07:37:50  <yawnt>TURUTURU
07:38:12  <yawnt>anyway, i guess people think following is like github's Like button
07:38:13  <yawnt>=\
07:38:24  <blakmatr_>haha
07:38:31  <blakmatr_>thats what star is for :P
07:38:51  <yawnt>i know, i was kidding =(
07:38:54  <blakmatr_>follow is for lik eI LOVE YOUR WORK AND I WANNA KNOW WHAT UR DOING
07:39:15  * tmpvarjoined
07:39:17  <yawnt>no
07:39:20  <yawnt>follow is like
07:39:44  <blakmatr_>and gists
07:40:05  <yawnt>and also what you stare
07:40:12  <yawnt>it's pretty much a window into your coding life
07:40:26  <yawnt>damn github, and it doesn't even have privacy options
07:40:29  <yawnt>>:(
07:42:20  <flockonus>Can somebody take a look at my app? log is flooding http://fabianops-proof-boiler.jit.su/
07:42:35  <flockonus>the weird part is that it seems working
07:43:39  <flockonus>app name: exp3-swig-redis-boiler
07:45:05  * yawntquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
07:45:54  * marciopugaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
07:45:58  <kohai>@catalinmunteanu A 'meeting' of all NODE.JS related websites :D : http://t.co/NIEsvBBI #nodejs #node #cloud #javascript #js
07:48:49  <booyaa>yeah i'm still not sure about star and watching
07:48:57  <booyaa>is watch now follow?
07:49:54  * yawntjoined
07:52:33  <flockonus>if any solution is found, please ping me at
07:52:52  <flockonus>twitter.com/flockonus
07:52:53  * yawntquit (Read error: Operation timed out)
07:53:11  <flockonus>The problem is at the redis connection, which btw is wrong: http://handbook.nodejitsu.com/#Redis
07:53:28  <lpin>booyaa you don't get notification if you only star a repo
07:54:12  <lpin>if you follow you get notified for everything (you can customize your notifications)
07:55:06  * yawntjoined
07:56:18  <lpin>btw don't really like this new watch/star system, not yet
07:57:34  * flockonusquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
07:58:50  <booyaa>i've yet to see how much you can tweak the notifications, i want the ability to filter when someone branches or tags a release
07:59:05  <booyaa>i'd prolly keep checkin notifications for someting like node.js
08:00:11  <kohai>@epergaboni Node.js + css3 + html5 = awesome
08:01:40  * theColejoined
08:07:29  * indexzeroquit (Quit: indexzero)
08:08:26  <yawnt>lpin: welcome to teh club
08:08:34  <yawnt>hategithubstars.com
08:09:02  <lpin>proud member
08:09:08  <yawnt>i need to go to the grocery store
08:09:13  <yawnt>dammit
08:09:16  <yawnt>ohwell
08:09:18  <yawnt>LIFE CALLS
08:09:21  <yawnt>l8r
08:09:32  <lpin>later
08:09:34  * yawntchanged nick to yawnt`grocery
08:12:28  * chakritquit (Quit: leaving)
08:13:59  * yawnt`groceryquit (Quit: Lost terminal)
08:16:08  * graeme_fjoined
08:19:05  <kohai>@catalinmunteanu Use MySQL with NODE.JS: http://t.co/eRx6DQEK #nodejs #mysql #database #javascript
08:20:25  * theColequit (Quit: theCole)
08:21:01  <kohai>@NodeJSAtSO NPM Pack / Nodejitsu ignores buried Node_modules folders http://t.co/xxDiPSqQ
08:21:59  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
08:23:17  <kohai>@natthaof มาคุ้มเลยฮะ มี node.js โด้ย
08:24:08  * blakmatr_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
08:27:36  <lpin>srsly i have no idea on why this happen http://pastebin.com/Dnxcs5W3
08:30:19  <kohai>@flywheeltech Oh hey! @trello is built on node.js and mongodb! #howaboutthat #node #mongodb #awesomesauce
08:34:48  <mmalecki>lpin: neither do I, unfortunately
08:34:50  * deoxxaquit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
08:37:30  * deoxxajoined
08:41:17  <lpin>mmalecki now deploy doesn't work at all
08:42:33  <lpin>app get started in no time looks like no deps are being installed
08:42:45  <mmalecki>looking
08:45:42  <mmalecki>lpin: can you try now?
08:46:29  <lpin>deploying
08:47:19  <lpin>worked now, thank you
08:48:59  <MannyCal_>I keep getting "code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect" - the logs look like a module suddenly disappeared
08:49:16  <MannyCal_>is this my apps fault or some problem with haibu?
08:49:25  <mmalecki>lpin: a minor hiccup on our side here, everything is back up
08:49:34  <mmalecki>MannyCal_: hey
08:49:49  <mmalecki>MannyCal_: your app might be in a crash loop or something. what's the username and appname?
08:50:06  <MannyCal_>user: dkolba app:flakes.jit.su
08:50:52  * mmaleckitopic: Nodejitsu - Host applications. Keep them up. | Cloud status: battle station fully operational.
08:51:05  <mmalecki>MannyCal_: looking
08:51:12  <MannyCal_>thx
08:52:42  <mmalecki>MannyCal_: yeah, it keeps crashing
08:52:57  <mmalecki>error: Error: Cannot find module '../build/default/validation'
08:53:01  <mmalecki>let's see what I can do
08:55:29  <mmalecki>MannyCal_: I started it again, looks like it didn't get built correctly last time
08:55:34  <mmalecki>it's up now
08:56:01  <kohai>@NodeJSAtSO How to get access to the inner structures of coffee-script files to node.js app? http://t.co/WJ4za3cB
08:57:05  <kohai>@francoisz #NodeJs is like PHP in the 00s: Already ubiquituous, just not detected yet. [blog] http://t.co/MEETCkoW
08:57:57  <MannyCal_>mmalecki: great, thanks
08:58:10  <lpin>mmalecki is there a way to go back with version number? i mean if i delete snapshots why can't i got back with version if i change it in package.json?
08:58:19  <MannyCal_>mmalecki: any suggestions how to avoid this?
09:00:35  <mmalecki>MannyCal_: not sure why that happened in the first place. did jitsu tell you that npm install failed?
09:01:18  <MannyCal_>mmalecki: nope, the app worked fine for the last 24hs
09:01:29  <mmalecki>lpin: no, no way to do that, looking at our code, why do you need to do that?
09:01:56  <lpin>asking because i have like 30 failed deploys i wish i could remove keeping version number consistent
09:02:24  <mmalecki>MannyCal_: hrm, very weird then, looks like this file got deleted or something, that happened for the first time ever
09:03:35  <Init--WithStyle->mmalecki: I found an answer to my previous question a few hours ago
09:03:42  <Init--WithStyle->Not sure if this iwll be helpful for anyone else coming here but..
09:03:55  <Init--WithStyle->in the latest versions of NPM, things regarding packaging node_modules has changed a bit
09:03:55  <kohai>@AndrewGiffordHW Web Developer AND great with customers? http://t.co/wEjm86Kh … training in California! #Bristoljobs #JQuery #Nodejs #JavaScript #Bristol
09:04:17  <Init--WithStyle->If the package.json file of a module does not have "bundledDependencies" properly set, NPM pack will completely ignore them
09:04:27  <Init--WithStyle->So for example, socket.io has it's own node_modules folder
09:04:28  <Init--WithStyle->however
09:04:39  <Init--WithStyle->the socket.io package.json file does not define any bundledDependencies
09:04:54  <Init--WithStyle->thus, when socket.io is NPM packed, it excludes all of the node_modules files and folders
09:05:09  <Init--WithStyle->what this means is, when jitsu packages everything up, it also misses these node_modules files and folders
09:05:31  <Init--WithStyle->The only way to fix this is to add bundledDependencies manually if the module author has not added them to the package.json file yet
09:05:37  <Init--WithStyle->:)
09:05:51  <Init--WithStyle->Link to the issue page: https://github.com/isaacs/npm/issues/2490
09:06:58  <Init--WithStyle->People trying to jitsu projects that have node_modules like socket.io with their own node_modules folders are going to run into deploy problems
09:07:19  <mmalecki>Init--WithStyle-: good to know, glad to hear you investigated it
09:07:19  <kohai>Init has -44 beers
09:07:25  <mmalecki>kohai: stupid bot
09:07:26  <kohai>'Bot' is a derogatory term, and I'm offended.
09:07:35  <Init--WithStyle->It's ok, i'm going for maximum negative
09:07:36  <Init--WithStyle->:)
09:07:55  <Init--WithStyle->I suppose this isn't really an issue.. the NPM guys want module makers to explicitly define the dependencies they have bundled in
09:08:08  <Init--WithStyle->so I guess it's up to those authors to update things, or for the users to update it for them..
09:10:36  * hichaelmartquit (Remote host closed the connection)
09:11:38  * stagasquit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
09:11:45  <lpin>mmalecki shoul i contact [email protected] to suggest that feature?
09:12:27  <mmalecki>lpin: I'll open an issue on our master API
09:12:34  * Init--WithStyle-quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
09:12:50  <lpin>ok, thanks
09:12:53  <mmalecki>lpin: what's your github username?
09:12:58  <lpin>lpinca
09:12:59  <mmalecki>could use that for tracking
09:13:01  * caasiHuangquit (Remote host closed the connection)
09:14:05  * eldiosjoined
09:14:26  <mmalecki>created
09:14:57  <mmalecki>lpin: we'll look into it
09:15:09  <lpin>thank you again
09:15:45  <kohai>@npmupdates @NodeKohai I didn’t know about @nodenpm, there are a lot of twitter users. You could maybe try being supportive instead of insulting.
09:16:31  <kohai>@npmupdates @NodeKohai also, i have split additions @npmadditions from updates @npmadditions which I believe is different from @nodenpm
09:17:29  <kohai>@deepcell How to get access to the inner structures of coffee-script files to node.js app?: I have a basic Node.js+socket.... http://t.co/fJQXUejZ
09:17:34  <mmalecki>lpin: pleasure :)
09:18:09  <lpin>mmalecki the repo is private right?
09:18:53  <mmalecki>lpin: yeah
09:18:56  <lpin>ok
09:20:36  * ramitosquit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
09:20:57  <mmalecki>lpin: I'll keep you updated
09:21:48  <lpin>mmalecki sweet
09:22:45  <MannyCal_>mmalecki: my websocket module tries to load a c++ lib, so that's that
09:24:28  <MannyCal_>mmalecki: does something like a nodejitsu node modules compatibility cheat sheet exist?
09:25:06  <mmalecki>MannyCal_: all modules should be compatible, there might be some problems with compiled modules, but things generally work after last fix
09:28:44  <MannyCal_>mmalecki: thanks
09:29:01  <kohai>@NodeJSAtSO Deploy a node.js application (windows) http://t.co/4c7hiehN
09:31:06  <lpin>mmalecki mind to check if my app is in a crash loop?
09:31:26  <lpin>lupin/binb
09:32:23  <mmalecki>lpin: sure, looking
09:33:15  <mmalecki>lpin: yeah, unfortunately, error: ld.so.1: node: fatal: relocation error: file /opt/haibu/apps/lupin/binb/package/node_modules/redis/node_modules/hiredis/build/Release/hiredis.node: symbol redisReaderCreate: referenced symbol not found
09:33:46  <lpin>oh right
09:33:59  <lpin>gonna use js parser
09:37:11  <kohai>@ThatMrDan @EwanToo node.js and some random framework in a late alpha. Using something matured?! Why do that?!?!
09:38:12  <mmalecki>actually, haibu should report that as a startup failure...
09:38:17  <mmalecki>not sure why it doesn't
09:40:39  <lpin>with minor tweaks everything is back had to use engine 0.6.x for canvas and js parser for redis
09:45:05  <mmalecki>that's good. sorry for problems/
09:47:18  <lpin>np
09:48:12  <lpin>compiled modules are really a pain in SunOS :)
09:49:01  <lpin>luckily node_redis will remove hiredis soon
10:00:25  <kohai>@GianPaJ I love when it takes two people and 24 hours to find a one character typo in the code! #nodejs
10:04:44  * hichaelmartjoined
10:06:12  <kohai>@purcaholic Yahoo! Scale Node.js - YouTube Video - http://t.co/sfxJ5H8C
10:12:38  * gtuckerkelloggquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
10:14:34  <standoo>node_redis removing hiredis?
10:14:50  * yawnjoined
10:14:53  <mmalecki>standoo: yeah, finally :)
10:14:58  * yawnchanged nick to yawnt
10:14:59  <standoo>why so?
10:15:09  <yawnt>back, and alive
10:15:12  <standoo>i thought it would be much faster with the c/c++ binding?
10:15:36  <lpin>standoo the new js parser is 15-20% better than hiredis
10:15:42  <yawnt>c++ is usually slower cause you don't take advantage of v8's optimizations
10:15:42  <kohai>c has 16 beers
10:15:46  <yawnt>oh
10:15:48  <yawnt>:(
10:17:08  <yawnt>http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=OF8nNm9YwIo#!
10:17:09  <yawnt>hhahahah
10:18:04  <mmalecki>L3
10:18:05  <mmalecki>:3
10:18:30  <mmalecki>sweetest thing I've seen today
10:18:44  <mmalecki>well, second sweetest thing I've seen today
10:18:48  <mmalecki>but still!
10:19:00  <lpin>those eyes!
10:20:41  <yawnt>remembers me of
10:21:01  <mmalecki>dang, I need new clips :/
10:21:04  * cjmpart ("Leaving")
10:21:35  <yawnt>http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-rsIAuK6iZqs/TyRxyS5rxXI/AAAAAAAAHfE/YI_0rplUQAk/s600/Mort.jpg
10:21:38  <yawnt>this.
10:21:49  <mmalecki>yawnt: ++ hahaha
10:21:50  <kohai>yawnt has 9 beers
10:24:17  <yawnt>http://die.socialisten.at/2012/08/tweetsheets-twitter-directly-from-within-google-docs/
10:24:20  <yawnt>this is sick :|
10:25:31  <mmalecki>I mean
10:25:43  <mmalecki>doing that is silly
10:28:59  <yawnt>i mean
10:29:03  <yawnt>get a 5$ vpn
10:29:32  * tmpvarquit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
10:29:35  <mmalecki>hahahahaha http://what-if.xkcd.com/imgs/a/6/glass_people.png
10:30:39  <yawnt>lpin: it's official
10:30:43  <yawnt>peroni IS the worst beer ever
10:30:55  <yawnt>lol mmalecki
10:31:15  <lpin>why? peroncino is not so bad
10:31:28  <yawnt>tastes awful :|
10:31:36  <yawnt>at least regular peroni
10:31:39  <yawnt>dunno bout peroncino
10:32:11  <mmalecki>have you guys ever tried san miguel?
10:32:25  <mmalecki>it's like, water tasting kinda like beer
10:32:29  <lpin>well you can't compare peroni with real beer
10:32:47  <yawnt>mmalecki: worst beer i've ever tasted was called
10:32:47  <lpin>mmalecki lol
10:32:50  <yawnt>lemme think
10:32:59  <mmalecki>basically, we were on a beach in Barcelona with my friends
10:33:03  <yawnt>name had to do with King Arthur
10:33:14  <yawnt>maybe it was named camelot? something like that
10:33:18  <mmalecki>of course, we need a beer
10:33:24  <mmalecki>so I send my friend to a shop
10:33:28  <mmalecki>he comes back with that beer
10:33:41  <mmalecki>turns out he bought 10 more than he should have
10:33:50  <mmalecki>it was so awful
10:34:06  <mmalecki>we managed to drink it, obviously
10:34:09  <yawnt>so, we went to the shop.. it was one of those shops you could get like 3 liters of vodka for 5,99€ .. we found this beer that was 90 cents/ liter
10:34:24  <mmalecki>yawnt: wait, where can you get 3 liters of vodka for 6 euro?
10:34:30  <yawnt>drank a glass of it, the rest went down the toilet
10:34:46  <yawnt>first and only time i've ever wasted beer
10:35:05  <yawnt>it tasted like rotten flesh
10:35:17  <lpin>ahah
10:35:27  <mmalecki>lol
10:35:33  <yawnt>SERIOUSLY like rotten flesh, i'm not even kidding
10:35:34  <yawnt>it was sour
10:35:40  <yawnt>but not good sour like lemon,
10:35:50  <lpin>i like this beer Franziskaner
10:35:55  <yawnt>franziskaner is good
10:36:17  <yawnt>mmalecki: well in italy there are shops who have really cheap stuff, it's usually (read always) crap
10:36:26  <mmalecki>ah, okay.
10:36:38  <yawnt>we got a liter of Sambuca
10:36:44  <yawnt>for 6,99
10:36:55  <mmalecki>also, where the hell is AvianFlu when you need his bartender skills?
10:36:58  <yawnt>it usually costs 3 times more if it's a good one
10:37:12  <yawnt>he's making the scubadive joke to his high school friends
10:38:16  * stagasjoined
10:42:06  <mmalecki>damn it, I'm too lazy to go to the shop :/
10:42:11  <mmalecki>and I need those clips!
10:42:30  <mmalecki>and some ammo too, probably
10:43:09  <yawnt>http://www.explosm.net/db/files/Comics/Dave/comicsurprisehappy1.png
10:43:15  <yawnt>clips?
10:43:16  <yawnt>ammo?
10:43:17  * graeme_fjoined
10:43:18  <yawnt>shop?
10:43:46  <mmalecki>yeah lol, airsoft
10:43:46  <yawnt>i'm right now imagining a shop in poland where you are like "uhm i'll get popcorns, meat, milk, .44 magnum, butter..."
10:43:58  <yawnt>oh :(
10:46:01  <mmalecki>that kind of shop would be cool tho
10:46:17  <kohai>@mza Nice update - Node.js modules for talking to #AWS APIs: https://t.co/Rl6vXq2k
10:46:35  <yawnt>i'm thinking of going to birmingham for a while
10:46:43  <yawnt>there are nice paintball fields there
10:46:59  <yawnt> and i got friends that can host me
10:48:05  <yawnt>"A drunk Norwegian tourist crawled onto a baggage conveyer belt at Rome's Fiumicino airport and fell asleep next to his luggage. He traveled on the conveyer for about 15 minutes, sound asleep, before being spotted on the security X-ray scanner."
10:48:13  <yawnt>> norway
10:48:14  <mmalecki>hahahaha
10:48:38  <yawnt>he got charged for false alarm though
10:50:14  * standoopart
10:50:39  * hichaelmartquit (Remote host closed the connection)
10:52:57  <kohai>@nodejsTweets NodeJsCommunity: Scaling node.js to 100k concurrent connections! http://t.co/BhsMfMYD #nodejs http://t.co/w9wYaxGq
10:52:59  <kohai>@nodejsTweets magnetikonline: These are the sort of tests I love to see - scaling node.js to 100k concurrent connections  http://t.co/hl54ZQhX #nod...
10:56:08  <kohai>@NodeJsCommunity Some more research into the #threads vs context switch #performance regarding #NodeJS. http://t.co/4EyMbQYS http://t.co/VP7WriAw
10:59:21  * lemonadjoined
11:01:00  * No9_quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
11:02:09  * No9_joined
11:02:30  <yawnt>"Every year in America, about $25 billion is spent on beer alone!"
11:03:43  * zemaneljoined
11:05:02  <kohai>@airrider3 @ffrechina By the way, the server-side is in Node.js ;)
11:05:03  * mmaleckichanged nick to mmalecki[away[
11:05:06  * mmalecki[away[changed nick to mmalecki[away]
11:05:49  * yawntchanged nick to yawnt`gnam
11:11:01  <kohai>@hrimiuc Introducing the Microsoft Driver for Node.JS for SQL Server - Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server Team Blog... http://t.co/scpWjsrt
11:11:39  * lemonadquit (Quit: lemonad)
11:16:08  <kohai>@airrider3 @ffrechina Oh, okay :) I believe the Node.js team has made a better version of Node.js, but I can't remember its name...
11:16:53  * hichaelmartjoined
11:17:53  * stagas_joined
11:19:53  * stagasquit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
11:20:01  * stagas_changed nick to stagas
11:21:46  <kohai>@airrider3 @ffrechina I mean, like an upgraded one, with a different name, it's a different new framework! Yeah, Node.js has A LOT of potential!
11:22:19  * redirquit (Quit: ...)
11:23:12  * redirjoined
11:23:48  * ejeklintjoined
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11:28:38  <kohai>@dizballanze Forever - удобный запуск nodejs процессов с автоматическим перезапуском в случае ошибки https://t.co/1Fh29jGO
11:29:05  * ejeklintpart
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11:52:08  <kohai>@alan_kish @senkorasic, tnq for super ql explanation of what node.js really is. Hope gonna use it soon :)
11:53:08  * yawnt`gnamchanged nick to yawnt
11:53:10  <yawnt>ohai
11:53:18  <kohai>@StreetsAheadLLC Dynamically Generate Histogram Images with Node.js and Canvas | Streets Ahead LLC http://t.co/JidwDneK #nodejs #html5
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12:03:09  <kohai>@DZone "A Little Gotcha With Node.js Async and Streams" http://t.co/gYR74SyO #JavaScript #Nodejs
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12:07:12  <kohai>@npmupdates Updated: flatconfig to v0.4.4. Simple node.js config file and arguments parser. https://t.co/BErmU7w5
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12:13:57  <kohai>@npmupdates Updated: watchr to v2.1.3. Better file system watching for Node.js https://t.co/dRt7eiRm
12:14:22  <kohai>@kevteljeur [email protected] You're all about the Node.js now. In years to come, they'll say stuff like "You really nialled on that new technology!"
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12:26:18  <kohai>@patrickpietens Nice! I'll be working on a commercial project (multiplayer game) utilising #nodejs and #socketio starting next week!
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12:45:43  <kohai>@NodeJSAtSO 'this' losses scope in Node.js HTTP callback http://t.co/uIo6cg8c
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12:54:30  <kohai>@JAXenter Geek Videos of the Week: e(fx)clipse, CraSH, node.js Secrets - und 5 Gründe, Java 7 zu nutzen http://t.co/uau37ORn
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13:04:30  <kohai>@rhoml Te interesa #AWS and #nodejs http://t.co/jxqI9tNY
13:09:08  <kohai>@glennjones Playing with a new node.js based social graph api, revisiting http://t.co/u9O9dv29 code
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13:15:51  <kohai>@bdufresne Webmake by @medikoo allows you to organize JavaScript code for the browser the same way as you would for Node.js https://t.co/q8TUYmAI
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13:25:58  <yawnt>yo
13:27:22  <kohai>@bunkertor Scaling node.js to 100k concurrent connections! http://t.co/zgjgGRSZ
13:29:23  <kohai>@smithatlanta 50 async rest calls, same mongolab back end, same website code. local: 4.3 secs; nodejitsu: 16.2 secs; azure: 27 secs. Same after 3 runs.
13:34:55  * bradleymeckjoined
13:36:34  <kohai>@travisci Have a Node.js project and want to try out Travis Pro? email [email protected] and we will see what we can do ;)
13:39:03  * standoojoined
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13:43:26  <kohai>@netoneko Госдума в третьем чтении приняла закон о запрете пропаганды Node.js среди несовершеннолетних.
13:44:01  <yawnt>right.
13:44:33  * uglybluedolphinjoined
13:45:27  * bradleymeckjoined
13:46:08  <kohai>@ApocalypseCowUK so, spent the day diving head first into node.js and socket.io just to see how difficult it can be. turns out, not that difficult #winning
13:47:55  <kohai>@NinjaTux2K Preparing a #nodejs workshop aimed for beginners, suggestion?The course takes 8 hours and needs also a brief introduction to node itself.
13:51:41  * joshvermairejoined
13:51:44  * joshvermairepart
13:56:51  <yawnt>deoxxa: ++
13:56:51  <kohai>deoxxa has 1 beer
13:56:59  <yawnt>doesn't work on #node.js
13:57:01  <deoxxa>wew
13:57:14  <yawnt>how comes you only have a beer?
13:57:25  <deoxxa>i had -1 before
13:57:27  <deoxxa>:<
13:57:37  <yawnt>i shall watch it
13:57:40  <yawnt>err. STAR IT
13:57:41  * panzijoined
13:57:54  <AvianFlu>deoxxa: ++
13:57:54  <kohai>deoxxa has 2 beers
13:58:02  <panzi>did you change something in the last ca. 24h that broke binary modules AGAIN?
13:58:20  <panzi>because my app was down again and I had to redeploy it to get it running again
13:59:11  * kuryaki1joined
14:00:00  * cronopiojoined
14:00:23  * lemonadquit (Quit: lemonad)
14:00:23  <AvianFlu>panzi: did it deploy when you redeployed?
14:00:28  <AvianFlu>if it did, we didn't break binary modules
14:01:04  <AvianFlu>if your app went down suddenly, it was probably in a crash loop of some kind
14:01:30  * scott_gonzalez_joined
14:01:40  <panzi>AvianFlu: I just executed `jitsu deploy` and now it works. `jitsu restart` or `jitsu start` did not work
14:01:45  <booyaa>kohai: searches for node.js and nodejitsu stuff? will he pick up hashtags too?
14:01:45  <kohai>I am Kohai, semi-useful communications-facilitating pseudointelligence!
14:02:04  <AvianFlu>booyaa: yeah pretty much, although he's rate-limited based on the activity in this room
14:02:10  <booyaa>ah okay
14:02:11  <AvianFlu>panzi: what kinds of errors?
14:02:14  <panzi>AvianFlu: there wasn't anything in the logs about a crash
14:02:28  <booyaa>deoxxa: you may have to wait a while (trust me it will make more sense later on)
14:02:36  <AvianFlu>panzi: loggly has been throttling us very aggressively, the log data might not be up to date
14:02:41  <deoxxa>i wha
14:02:41  <AvianFlu>panzi: what's the app name?
14:02:42  <panzi>jitsu restart said "ok" but it didnt run
14:02:49  <deoxxa>booyaa: what am i waiting for..?
14:02:50  <AvianFlu>panzi: don't use jitsu restart
14:03:11  <booyaa>do a search for "deoxxa" on twitters
14:03:28  <panzi>AvianFlu: and jitsu start said: http://pastebin.com/Gtk9uqfQ
14:03:32  * deoxxasearches
14:03:51  <deoxxa>ha
14:03:53  <panzi>AvianFlu: the app is greattuneplayer.jit.su
14:04:41  <panzi>AvianFlu: how would I look into /opt/haibu/apps/panzi/GreattunePlayer/package/npm-debug.log?
14:04:41  <booyaa>please tell me someone has put ju.jit.su and brazillianju.jit.su to go use
14:04:46  <yawnt>https://github.com/deoxxa/bittorrent.js/pull/1 <- deoxxa
14:05:04  <AvianFlu>panzi: those files are all deleted on deploy failures
14:05:25  <deoxxa>fastest pull request i've ever gotten
14:05:30  <panzi>thats helpfull for debugging
14:05:37  <yawnt>deoxxa: i know, i'm the best
14:05:44  <yawnt>just kidding but i wanted to be the first to submit a pr :(
14:05:49  <deoxxa>haha
14:05:51  <yawnt>(on that repo)
14:05:58  <yawnt>now i can say HEY I CONTRIBUTED
14:06:12  * optikfluffeljoined
14:06:45  <deoxxa>woooo
14:06:54  <deoxxa>i'll make a contributors list
14:06:58  <deoxxa>and you can be *the first*
14:07:31  <kohai>@ShaunITRecruit Are you a good fit for this job? Senior Software Engineer-Node JS in Miami, FL http://t.co/lyDHgw1J #job #nodejs #java
14:07:40  <deoxxa>#java
14:07:41  <deoxxa>wat
14:08:03  <yawnt>deoxxa: i am flattered
14:08:09  <yawnt>i think i'm about to cry
14:08:11  <yawnt>ç_ç
14:08:22  <deoxxa>there there bb
14:08:24  <deoxxa>it's ok
14:08:38  <yawnt>i can submit a PR with the Contributors list
14:08:39  <yawnt>|:
14:08:47  <yawnt>just kidding, one stupid pr is 'nuff
14:09:04  <deoxxa>haha
14:09:15  * coderarityjoined
14:09:47  <yawnt>ò/ coderarity
14:09:54  <coderarity>hi
14:11:43  * Destosjoined
14:16:07  * sirkitreejoined
14:16:22  * scott_gonzalez_changed nick to scott_gonzalez
14:16:37  <deoxxa>https://github.com/deoxxa/bittorrent.js/tree/develop#contributors
14:16:38  <deoxxa>wooo!
14:17:07  <yawnt>hahaah
14:17:25  * c4milojoined
14:17:31  <yawnt>weird.. looks like mocha makes node postgres crash
14:17:39  <yawnt>if i call done
14:17:40  <yawnt>:|
14:17:50  <deoxxa>take that, postgres
14:17:59  <deoxxa>mocha up in your face
14:20:36  <yawnt>if tests don't pass now
14:20:40  <yawnt>i swear imma kill travis
14:20:52  <yawnt>YOU BETTER WORK
14:26:28  * blevsquit (Remote host closed the connection)
14:28:08  * kuryaki1quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.7)
14:28:18  * kuryaki1joined
14:32:57  <kohai>@nashdotnet Interactive Developers of Nashville is hosting "An Intro to Node.js & NoSQL" Aug 21, 2012. Looks like a great talk! http://t.co/9OvDkbCx
14:32:58  * jcrugzzjoined
14:33:34  <kohai>@CodeBeard @ryah C++ = conservative. Node.js = liberal. You are like the UK - ConLib coalition.
14:35:52  * chiragjoined
14:36:29  * spolujoined
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14:39:26  * chirag_joined
14:40:06  * chiragquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
14:48:26  <kohai>@rseroter [blog post] Combining Clouds: Accessing #WindowsAzure Storage from #nodejs app in #cloudfoundry. http://t.co/FcM2AXtK
14:48:29  <kohai>@markku_nikkanen Exclusive: How LinkedIn used Node.js and HTML5 to build a better, faster app | VentureBeat: http://t.co/udzQLssL
14:48:53  <kohai>@inventur_es @albertlo we're working on something that will blow Wordpress etc away. Think fully featured CMS + social + realtime built on Node.js = FAST
14:49:25  * chirag_quit (Quit: Page closed)
14:50:33  <AvianFlu>wow! that guy used ALL THE BUZZWORDS!
14:50:36  <AvianFlu>he MUST be serious!
14:50:45  <coderarity>what is this cloudant thing? is it just a couchdb service?
14:51:03  <AvianFlu>no clue
14:51:22  <coderarity>i hate things that don't come out and say what they are
14:51:27  <mmalecki>what's "fully featured realtime"?
14:51:36  <mmalecki>I kinda, uhm.
14:51:53  <mmalecki>I think it's called life dude
14:52:22  <mmalecki>lol
14:57:19  * theColejoined
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15:00:49  * joshvermairepart
15:01:01  <kohai>@npmadditions Added: mongoose-3x-auth. User authentication plugin for mongoose node.js orm https://t.co/d18MhLv0
15:01:05  * robhawkesquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
15:01:14  * stagasquit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
15:01:19  * stagas_changed nick to stagas
15:01:23  <kohai>@nodenpm mongoose-3x-auth (0.0.12): http://t.co/R7Hm57G7 User authentication plugin for mongoose node.js orm
15:02:42  * MannyCal_quit (Quit: Page closed)
15:02:53  <kohai>@smithatlanta I don’t get that ever with #nodejitsu. It’s consistently betw. 15 and 18 secs. It’s like #azure is spinning up an app pool.
15:05:23  <yawnt>OH SO IS THAT
15:05:25  * sreeixjoined
15:05:35  <yawnt>i spent the last 50 minutes on a bug
15:05:44  <yawnt>wanna now what it was (i'm gonna tell it anyway)
15:05:59  <yawnt>i was return if(this.rows && this.rows.insertId)
15:06:02  <yawnt>from node-mysql
15:06:12  <yawnt>if table is empty insertId is 0, which is falsey
15:06:43  <yawnt>WEAK TYPING, FUCK YOU
15:07:31  <yawnt>im hungry
15:07:32  <yawnt>:|
15:09:39  <yawnt>but this is why i love tests, wouldn't have spotted that bug so early :D
15:10:06  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
15:15:06  * jcrugzzjoined
15:16:20  <kohai>@adam757 @huikau while you were away, you can now use JS in the backed too; see Node.js :)
15:17:06  <kohai>@workfreelancer Linode VPS server setup with node.js and MongoDB by ericbenjaminjr: First of all I need the ser... http://t.co/J28B2igr #Freelance #Jobs
15:18:44  * stagasquit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
15:20:04  <kohai>@bsgbryan Dear recruiters: Please stop telling me you have a "HOT Java position". Those don't exist. Sincerely, Node.js developer
15:24:49  * iamdustanquit (Quit: iamdustan)
15:24:51  <yawnt>lol
15:25:19  * stagasjoined
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15:27:48  <kohai>@GuruChaseWatts Chase Watts Academy: Linode VPS server setup with node.js and MongoDB by ericbenjaminjr: First of all I need the... http://t.co/4VlXLI40
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15:34:57  <kohai>@Work__Freelance Freelance Linux Job - Linode VPS server setup with node.js and MongoDB http://t.co/6K93SB0w #freelance #jobs
15:36:59  * kenperkinsquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
15:38:45  <yawnt>http://browserver.org/
15:41:53  * jcrugzzquit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
15:42:53  * jcrugzzjoined
15:45:53  <kohai>@makeusabrew The @github changes continue to baffle me. I'm now 'watching' node.js properly, and I'm getting email notifications about every issue??
15:47:44  * sreeixquit (Quit: sreeix)
15:48:13  * jcrugzzquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
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15:54:06  <kohai>@earino OH HOLY SHIT: http://t.co/vuTo6FkG #nodejs #jsception
15:54:26  * indexzerojoined
16:00:28  <kohai>@npmupdates Updated: node-xml-lite to v0.0.2. Pure javascript XML ANSI/Unicode SAX parser for Node.js https://t.co/IPm7ueMi
16:01:04  * stagasquit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88-rdmsoft [XULRunner])
16:02:17  * domino_joined
16:03:35  <domino_>hey all. quick question. what is the easiest way to set up a simple socket.io server on nodejitsu?
16:03:57  * iBooyaajoined
16:05:47  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
16:06:11  * appinsanity-mikejoined
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16:10:17  * dmj_joined
16:10:59  <kohai>@indutny So now vock support more NAT traversal techniques (like NAT-PMP and UPnP): https://t.co/UuSdVhao #vock #nodejs
16:11:25  <cronopio>domino_: the example of the webpage of socket.io should work, is very simple example
16:17:26  <domino_>cronopio: so I would just clone the socket.io client and launch it along with my server.js on nodejitsu, or is there a way to npm install socket.io onto nodejitsu
16:19:54  <AvianFlu>domino_: just put your dependencies in your package.json
16:19:55  <AvianFlu>we
16:20:03  <AvianFlu>auto-install them for you
16:20:29  <domino_>AvianFlu, oh awesome, thanks!
16:21:14  <AvianFlu>I accidentally hit the enter key there
16:21:16  <AvianFlu>it
16:21:18  <AvianFlu>wound up sounding
16:21:21  <AvianFlu>like william shatner
16:21:22  <AvianFlu>in
16:21:23  <AvianFlu>my head
16:21:57  * graeme_fjoined
16:22:10  <domino_>haha
16:23:59  * shamajoined
16:25:04  <kohai>@yooStartups Browserver: a node.js HTTP server, in your browser http://t.co/ofrrHayr #startups
16:27:35  <kohai>@LinuxJobs1 Linode VPS server setup with node.js and MongoDB by ericbenjaminjr http://t.co/gKqOJWET
16:28:31  * soupasouniqjoined
16:31:19  * soupasouniqpart
16:31:19  * dmj_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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16:33:03  * ramitosquit
16:34:06  * soupasouniqjoined
16:34:18  <soupasouniq>hi
16:35:37  * lemonadjoined
16:35:57  <soupasouniq>im a new user to nodejitsu and having some issues with redis during deployment
16:36:03  <soupasouniq>wondering if anyone here can help?
16:36:03  <kohai>@sh1mmer Still lots of Node.js work let me know if you are looking for a Node.js job or just some freelancing.
16:36:42  <soupasouniq>basically wanna know if theres any way to run the "redis-server" command to startup the redis server on nodejitsu?
16:37:19  <soupasouniq>is this already enabled on nodejitsu by default or is there some config I have to setup?
16:37:35  <soupasouniq>tried searching this on google for ages and couldnt find any answer -
16:37:53  <soupasouniq>does this mean the answer is SO obvious no one needs to ask? :)
16:39:39  * st_lukejoined
16:40:17  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
16:40:56  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
16:40:58  <kohai>@twilowen @bdkjones is it possible to pass some node.js code over to Jade in code kit? See related Stack Overflow (http://t.co/kJd3Pe83)
16:41:30  * yawntquit (Quit: Lost terminal)
16:42:40  * coderarityquit (Quit: dumb laptops)
16:42:47  * towskijoined
16:43:48  * lpinquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
16:45:50  * iBooyaaquit (Quit: doh!)
16:48:20  <kohai>@metamarkets New blog post: how Metamarkets tweaked Node.js for use in our enterprise application server http://t.co/RRtkMmXT
16:49:00  * broofaquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
16:49:08  <soupasouniq>hi guys, anyone?
16:49:55  * DTrejojoined
16:51:17  * iBooyaajoined
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16:52:10  * DTrejoquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:53:26  * slloydjoined
16:53:29  <AvianFlu>soupasouniq: we don't host databases on the same servers as your apps
16:53:32  <AvianFlu>we don't host databases at all
16:53:37  * jcrugzzjoined
16:53:37  * joelongstreetquit (Quit: joelongstreet)
16:53:39  <AvianFlu>the drone servers are way too small
16:53:43  <AvianFlu>you'd just kill your performance
16:53:52  <AvianFlu>get a redistogo instance, or somethign
16:54:09  * `3rdEdenjoined
16:57:12  * iBooyaaquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:58:06  * `3rdEdenquit (Client Quit)
16:58:22  * towskiquit (Remote host closed the connection)
16:58:23  * jcrugzzquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
16:59:09  <soupasouniq>@AvianFlu - I see, so nodejitsu doesnt host redis
17:00:02  <kohai>@summari_es #Summary: Browserver: a node.js HTTP server, in your browser (http://t.co/at6a3BIv) http://t.co/XBm6MXMe
17:00:19  <AvianFlu>correct
17:00:29  <AvianFlu>you can make an instance very easily with `jitsu databases create`
17:00:34  <AvianFlu>but it will be hosted by redistogo
17:00:49  <soupasouniq>strangely I saw a post on google groups where this guy posted about using redis on nodejitsu with derbyjs - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/derbyjs/Vqap7kJxoL4
17:01:11  <soupasouniq>so I continued hunting for the solution..
17:01:34  <soupasouniq>I see.
17:01:51  <soupasouniq>Btw I'm actually using joyent servers on production
17:02:07  <AvianFlu>we're in us-east-1
17:02:12  <soupasouniq>but just testing my development on the trial nodejitsu servers -
17:02:15  * robhawkesjoined
17:02:17  <AvianFlu>if you get your own server there, it will be about 5-10ms from ours
17:02:30  <soupasouniq>Im wondering if joyent servers will also not support redis?
17:02:41  <AvianFlu>soupasouniq: when you get servers from them, you're just getting VPSes
17:02:46  <AvianFlu>so you can put redis on one just fine
17:03:01  <AvianFlu>we're just giving out servers that only have 256MB of ram and one virtual core, right now
17:03:15  <AvianFlu>so running a node process and a database at the same time is just gonna be slow
17:03:54  * coderarityjoined
17:04:42  * broofajoined
17:05:34  <soupasouniq>@AvianFlu - i see, thanks for explaining. Couldnt see any limitations on the nodejitsu "Features" page, and totally new to this so I assumed anything I could run locally would go on nodejitsu too
17:05:46  * indexzeroquit (Quit: indexzero)
17:06:01  <AvianFlu>it's a logical assumption, but we just can't co-host the databases right now
17:06:13  <AvianFlu>maybe 6 months from now, but it's not something on our roadmap at present
17:06:21  <soupasouniq>yupp no problem, appreciate the explanation.
17:06:31  <soupasouniq>thanks, jitsu deployment totally rocks
17:06:55  <soupasouniq>deployment is such a breeze, even for command line noob like me
17:07:54  <coderarity>it's so easy that i jitsu deploy don't even realize i'm doing it
17:08:05  <kohai>@cayasso High-Performance, Garbage-Collector-Friendly Code - Build New Games http://t.co/VyvywagJ via @buildnewgames #javascript #nodejs #html5
17:08:12  * ferloresquit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:08:23  * blakmatrix_joined
17:09:29  <soupasouniq>heard joyent will be using jitsu for their new servers too
17:09:40  <soupasouniq>awesome
17:10:02  * ferloresjoined
17:10:37  <kohai>@npmupdates Updated: brow-client to v0.0.2. ෴ A node.js HTTP server in your browser ෴ https://t.co/0y8ryWae
17:11:14  * Destosquit (Quit: Destos)
17:14:35  * TooTallNatejoined
17:17:35  * wesbosjoined
17:18:09  <uglybluedolphin>in Resourceful, is Resource.get supposed to take in the _id or the given id?
17:19:27  * eldiosquit (Quit: bye =))
17:19:30  * Domenic_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:19:46  * Domenic_joined
17:20:05  * DTrejojoined
17:21:10  <domino_>what causes this: An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}
17:21:10  <domino_>everytime i deploy and refresh the page? am I just not waiting enough time for the server to reload?
17:22:25  <coderarity>domino_, try `jitsu apps start`, and if that doesn't work, then your app is probably crashing on the server
17:22:31  <coderarity>domino_, I can check the logs out for you
17:22:54  <coderarity>domino_, i need your app name/username though
17:23:38  <soupasouniq>hmm can't domino_ access the https://develop.nodejitsu.com/ to get to his logs?
17:23:59  <soupasouniq>I found out about this only today, I assumed its something open to all nodejitsu users?
17:24:03  <soupasouniq>super handy btw
17:24:36  <domino_>coderarity: when it happens i just stop and start the server again from the web ui, and it works fine
17:24:53  <domino_>let me try that command really quick
17:25:06  <coderarity>domino_, yeah, you should check `jitsu logs` first
17:25:17  <soupasouniq>domino_ - im no expert, but from my experience my ECONNREFUSED are always due to my code problems :(
17:25:31  <coderarity>soupasouniq, yeah, usually
17:26:08  <kohai>@t2t2 @RealHorseboy I'm not saying all my node.js @NSFWshow shenanigans are inspired by that episode, but they totally are
17:26:31  <domino_>coderarity: im guessing i need to check the logs via the cli? because on the web interface its just "no logs found"
17:26:38  <kohai>@teflonted anybody played with http://t.co/d2SiWZ3X ? looks like they did a pretty decent job of cloning rails in coffeescript for node.js
17:27:03  <coderarity>domino_, just use the CLI, the web interface isn't nearly as stable as jitsu
17:27:12  * indexzerojoined
17:27:16  <coderarity>we're working on fixing the web interface, until then, stick to jitsu
17:27:24  * indexzeroquit (Client Quit)
17:28:00  <soupasouniq>great, thanks for that headsup @coderarity
17:28:05  * elguapo99joined
17:28:19  * dmjquit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:28:44  * joshonthewebjoined
17:28:52  * blevsjoined
17:29:54  <soupasouniq>hey btw im not sure if anyone else is getting this - but as of about 3 hours ago, the link https://develop.nodejitsu.com/ started coming up in chrome with the "The site's security certificate is not trusted" page
17:30:18  <mmalecki>soupasouniq: hey, that's weird, it works for me
17:30:22  <mmalecki>what browser?
17:30:34  <soupasouniq>i resolved this by manually adding the godaddy cert to my trusted sites
17:30:45  <soupasouniq>yea seems fine now though, I assumed there was some maintenance going on
17:30:54  <soupasouniq>Chrome browser
17:31:00  <soupasouniq>even with incognito window and all
17:31:12  * Domenic_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:31:28  * Domenic_joined
17:32:14  <soupasouniq>it would intermittently load the error page (without the "Proceed Anyway" link)
17:32:19  * Destosjoined
17:32:33  <soupasouniq>or just the loading spinner (that would just keep spinning)
17:32:45  <mmalecki>hm, that's weird
17:32:47  <domino_>coderarity: jitsu deploy start seems to work just fine
17:32:48  <mmalecki>maybe some hiccup
17:32:56  * joshonthewebquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
17:33:05  <soupasouniq>It loads now in chrome (without having to restart my browser) so yea I guess it was just a small hiccup
17:33:41  <coderarity>domino_, cool
17:35:10  * appinsanity-mikequit (Quit: appinsanity-mike)
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17:35:20  * zz_shykeschanged nick to shykes
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17:43:53  * Destosquit (Quit: Destos)
17:44:30  <kohai>@chakrit You know your node.js app is too complicated when you can't view the whole error stack in one screen. :(
17:45:02  * BRGjoined
17:46:03  * dmj_joined
17:46:49  * BRGquit (Client Quit)
17:49:19  * towskijoined
17:50:36  <kohai>@sachindavids #Useful #NodeJS tools, tutorials and resources http://t.co/0LRdQjdn
17:52:11  * domino_part
17:53:33  <kohai>@robby_pelssers Took me a while to realize that our #nodejs expert @dscape actually has a very strong #database background. #marklogic #xquery
17:54:36  * appinsanity-mikequit (Quit: appinsanity-mike)
17:55:22  * appinsanity-mikejoined
17:58:14  * uglybluedolphinquit (Quit: Leaving)
17:58:15  <kohai>@0xBAD1DEA And it's CoffeScript + node.js - https://t.co/MapllTQW
17:58:16  * panziquit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 14.0.1/20120717123745])
17:58:57  * gaston_joined
17:59:13  <soupasouniq>hi just to confirm - nodejitsu paid packages DO host databases right?
17:59:39  * sreeixjoined
17:59:54  <soupasouniq>its just the trial servers that are too small to host databases with the app together?
17:59:58  <gaston_>hi all. Question: I'm trying to deploy a socket.io app, but -- where should I connect the socket *to*? Is there a local app socket of some sort? Any known address or API?
18:00:18  <blakmatrix>gaston_: what do you mean?
18:00:53  <blakmatrix>gaston_: you connect a client to s server both running socket.io in most cases
18:01:02  <blakmatrix>your jistsu app should be the server
18:01:11  <blakmatrix>and the browsere would be the client
18:01:44  <gaston_>@blackmatrix In my app there're several references to socket.io, opening and closing sockets. I create the socket by /code/ var socket = io.connect('localost') /code/ for instance.
18:02:00  <gaston_>@blackmatrix so, my question is - what's localhost's parallel in nodejitsu
18:02:58  <blakmatrix>you should use socket.io's discovery feature... in browser code use ```var socket = io.connect();```
18:03:18  <gaston_>@blackmatrix thanks, I'll give it a try.
18:03:36  * sreeixquit (Client Quit)
18:04:14  <blakmatrix>gaston_: check out https://github.com/blakmatrix/boilerplates/blob/master/socket.io/views/layout.jade#L10
18:04:50  <gaston_>@blackmatrix thanks again!
18:04:52  <blakmatrix>gaston_: https://github.com/blakmatrix/boilerplates/tree/master/socket.io is a boilerplat for express3 and socket.io
18:05:07  * sirkitreechanged nick to sirkitree|lunch
18:05:42  <gaston_>@blackmatrix wow, I got way more than I was looking for. Much thanks, this seems very interesting.
18:06:16  * benvjoined
18:06:29  * tmpvarjoined
18:06:31  <kohai>@npmupdates Updated: storify to v0.0.20. Storify API client for node.js https://t.co/uczZtH3z
18:09:35  * elguapo99quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
18:11:46  * wesbosquit (Quit: Leaving...)
18:11:54  <blakmatrix>gaston_: your welcome haha
18:15:31  * xaqjoined
18:16:27  * joelongstreetjoined
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18:16:50  * AvianFlu_changed nick to AvianFlu
18:19:31  <kohai>@mrejfox Thanks to @enjalot for getting me back on track with my Node.js journey. Got rid of jade, rocking mustache. Much happier. Here we go!
18:24:41  * robhawkesquit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
18:25:51  <kohai>@jeffwilcox Using the great Node.js `wns` npm module for #win8dev #wns notifications, thanks @tjanczuk https://t.co/zTEhPbKl
18:26:37  * robhawkesjoined
18:29:00  * digitxpjoined
18:30:35  <kohai>@npmadditions Added: stdlog. A Node.js log utility that logs messages to stderr by default. https://t.co/8CcbL7z7
18:31:35  * gaston_quit (Quit: Page closed)
18:31:45  * robhawkesquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
18:32:37  <digitxp>something really weird is going with resourceful for me O.o
18:33:16  <digitxp>it won't send a request to couchdb when to do a #save() and then says the document is missing in the database
18:33:23  * CarterRabasajoined
18:34:38  <CarterRabasa>Anyone having any problems with their app's logs?
18:35:09  * AvianFlu_joined
18:35:32  * Destosjoined
18:36:16  * sirkitree|lunchchanged nick to sirkitree
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18:37:02  * AvianFlu_changed nick to AvianFlu
18:38:10  * domino_joined
18:38:43  <domino_>is there a good way to have an http server listen to a remote domain? can I just do something like this:
18:38:44  <domino_>var app = require('http').createServer(handler)
18:38:44  <domino_>app.listen('http://remote.domain.com/');
18:39:27  * jcrugzzjoined
18:43:00  * dmj_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:43:14  * robhawkesjoined
18:43:23  <blakmatrix>domino_: what are you listening for ?
18:43:46  <blakmatrix>or what are you trying to do i mean
18:44:16  * AvianFlu_joined
18:44:19  * my200joined
18:44:50  * lpinjoined
18:45:14  <domino_>blakmatrix, essentially i'm trying to use nodejitsu as a socket.io server. I created an app (index.html, server.js) and have it hosted here, and it works great. now im hoping to move the index.html to another server, and still have the server.js socket.io stuff listen for messages from the index.html
18:45:18  * coderarityquit (Quit: dumb laptops)
18:45:31  * soupasouniqquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:46:24  <domino_>so really just have my index.html and server.js communicate from two completely different servers
18:46:47  * AvianFluquit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
18:46:48  * AvianFlu_changed nick to AvianFlu
18:47:21  <blakmatrix>your socket.io app will still need to start an httpserver
18:47:34  <blakmatrix>but yes you can seperate them out
18:48:25  <kohai>@sadasant Node.js <3 thank you @gklst I owe you.
18:48:50  * ramitosjoined
18:49:24  <domino_>blakmatrix: something like this: https://gist.github.com/b63251407a393f06ebe3 ?
18:49:28  <blakmatrix>your Actual HTTP server will need to a client to talk to your main socket.io server, and it will also need to relay socket.io connections from clients... meaning it will need to also be a socket.io server
18:52:22  <my200>I'm considering choosing nodejitsu for hosting. Do socket.io rooms scale as I add servers, or will I have to do some work to figure that out?
18:52:46  * AvianFlu_joined
18:53:18  <domino_>blakmatrix: so basically whoever is hosting the index.html, will also have to have a socket.io/httpServer running to then communicate with the 'remote' socket.io server?
18:54:29  * AvianFluquit (Disconnected by services)
18:54:29  * AvianFlu_changed nick to AvianFlu
18:54:32  <blakmatrix>domino_: yes that will work... basically you want to creat two of those, but in the one actually serving up content you will create a socket io client to connect to your other app
18:54:58  * ramitos_joined
18:55:30  * ramitos_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:55:49  <blakmatrix>my200: what do you mena by socket.io rooms ?
18:56:29  * AvianFlu_joined
18:57:10  <kohai>@markmuhleder http://t.co/ZR6fvWfK Why has this been posted into the node.js group?
18:57:50  * digitxpquit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
18:58:03  * hij1nx_quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:59:22  <kohai>@nodenpm polpetta (0.3.2): http://t.co/ck4rk98Y Creates a web server in any folder and with runtime node.js modules capability plus g...
18:59:33  * theColequit (Quit: theCole)
18:59:47  * AvianFluquit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
19:00:15  <my200>blakmatrix: Rooms are a socket.io feature where clients join or leave a room and can broadcast messages to the room.
19:00:41  * AvianFlujoined
19:00:49  <CarterRabasa>[bumping] Can someone help me access my logs. They're not showing up in the web console or jitsu logs.
19:01:40  * AvianFlu_quit (Disconnected by services)
19:02:16  * DTrejoquit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:02:33  <blakmatrix>my200: each drone is liek a 256mb vm
19:02:49  <blakmatrix>CarterRabasa: Hi, what is your user/appname?
19:03:02  <CarterRabasa>crabasa/votr
19:03:39  <blakmatrix>my200: so as many connections as that size will allow... usually its around 400+ or so before it starts to max out
19:04:09  <blakmatrix>CarterRabasa: btw Hi :) I med you at startupweekend gov SW
19:04:14  <blakmatrix>*met
19:05:33  <my200>blakmatrix: i've been reading about scaling socket.io apps, and apparently you can use redis as a global storage medium to scale across multiple servers. does nodejitsu support this?
19:05:43  <CarterRabasa>blakmatrix: no way! are you based here in Seattle?
19:06:03  <blakmatrix>Yeah I was on the Whichbus team
19:06:08  * AvianFlu_joined
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19:07:23  * AvianFlu_changed nick to AvianFlu
19:08:35  <kohai>@jalbertbowdenii hater: "you only want to learn node.js because all the hipsters use it" me;"everything bleeding edge is in node; nice webmaster title"
19:08:36  * DTrejojoined
19:10:44  <blakmatrix>CarterRabasa: pm'ed you
19:10:52  * zotjoined
19:11:19  <zot>is this the place to ask node-http-proxy dev questions? or is there another place for that? :)
19:13:30  <mmalecki>zot: it's good to ask here ;)
19:13:51  <zot>cool.
19:14:51  <willwh>;o
19:14:56  <willwh>npm install kohai \o/
19:15:01  <willwh>and it works ;o
19:15:08  <blakmatrix>my200: using a redis DB is fine, we dont host dbs though if thats what your asking
19:15:09  <willwh>I need to stop sleeping under my desk ;]
19:15:16  <zot>what is the expected way to use proxyRequest() when redirecting to a new host/ip? the code itself has inconsistencies in the function docs, and the examples are also inconsistent.
19:15:49  * redirquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
19:15:58  <zot>i'm unfortunately new enough to js/node/socket.io/http-proxy that asking is as useful as stepping through code in this entirely new context
19:16:08  <zot>and this way i can submit patches, of course.
19:17:13  * elguapo99joined
19:19:37  * zot1joined
19:20:20  * zotquit (Disconnected by services)
19:20:39  * zot1changed nick to zot
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19:23:02  * AvianFlu_changed nick to AvianFlu
19:23:19  <CarterRabasa>blakmatrix: that doesn't appear to be output from my app (looks like Nodejitsu output). also, why don't I see that when I "jitsu logs" ?
19:23:44  <AvianFlu>CarterRabasa: we're having a lot of trouble with loggly
19:24:13  <AvianFlu>they've instituted bandwidth caps, raised their prices, and started dropping 100% of data past the cap
19:24:19  <blakmatrix>CarterRabasa: the only thing i see output in that log i sent you is near the bottom "info: info: socket.io started"
19:24:21  <AvianFlu>needless to say, we're going to roll out our own logging service soon
19:25:14  <CarterRabasa>AvianFlu: gotcha, thanks for the explanation.
19:28:13  <kohai>@npmadditions Added: sails. MVC framework for Node.JS https://t.co/lmOufjxE
19:28:23  <kohai>@nodenpm sails (12.08.05): http://t.co/U93itw3M MVC framework for Node.JS
19:28:55  <AvianFlu>WHOA
19:29:01  <AvianFlu>somebody made an MVC FRAMEWORK!?
19:29:03  <AvianFlu>HOLY SHIT!
19:29:18  <AvianFlu>I can't believe there's finally one of those for NODE!
19:29:19  <AvianFlu>XD
19:29:37  <mmalecki>OH YES
19:29:46  * mmaleckirewrites all of his code
19:30:29  * AvianFlu_joined
19:31:24  <kohai>@Brightcove Boston Ruby & Node.js in the Wild meetups next week at Brightcove Boston. Read more at http://t.co/loIO6UDv. @BostonRB.
19:31:50  <blakmatrix>lol sails
19:31:57  * AvianFluquit (Disconnected by services)
19:31:58  * AvianFlu_changed nick to AvianFlu
19:32:10  <blakmatrix>wonder if it runs on fleet @substack
19:32:18  <CarterRabasa>How the hell is Sails up to v12 already??
19:32:22  * standoojoined
19:32:40  <blakmatrix>CarterRabasa: he is using date i think
19:32:51  <blakmatrix>Aug 5th 2012
19:33:00  <blakmatrix>would be my guess
19:34:54  * bawwwllerjoined
19:35:24  <kohai>@JanVanRyswyck Blazing fast node.js: 10 performance tips from LinkedIn Mobile http://t.co/AZ2CllXa #nodejs #shared
19:38:11  <AvianFlu>blakmatrix: very observant
19:38:24  <blakmatrix>haha :P
19:40:31  * AvianFlu_joined
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19:42:14  * AvianFlu_changed nick to AvianFlu
19:43:56  * yawnjoined
19:44:02  * yawnchanged nick to yawnt
19:44:11  <yawnt>hai
19:45:12  <kohai>@npmadditions Added: flickr-with-uploads. Simple Flickr API for Node.js using OAuth 1.0a, supporting uploads. https://t.co/H5tsq5JS
19:45:30  * Nodejitsu-Githubjoined
19:45:30  <Nodejitsu-Github>[node-http-proxy] mmalecki pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/mR3I8A
19:45:30  <Nodejitsu-Github>[node-http-proxy/master] [minor] Remove `setEncoding` on incoming socket - Maciej Małecki
19:45:30  * Nodejitsu-Githubpart
19:45:37  * jstrebjoined
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19:46:41  * Nodejitsu-Githubjoined
19:46:41  <Nodejitsu-Github>[node-http-proxy] mmalecki pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/Q9D_YQ
19:46:41  <Nodejitsu-Github>[node-http-proxy/master] [minor doc] Correct comment - Maciej Małecki
19:46:41  * Nodejitsu-Githubpart
19:46:53  * travis-cijoined
19:46:53  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] nodejitsu/node-http-proxy#24 (master - 812868d : Maciej Małecki): The build passed.
19:46:53  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/nodejitsu/node-http-proxy/compare/1783ab062574...812868ddfc72
19:46:53  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/nodejitsu/node-http-proxy/builds/2089291
19:46:53  * travis-cipart
19:47:20  <mmalecki>oh, we have it on travis now? cool
19:48:01  * travis-cijoined
19:48:01  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] nodejitsu/node-http-proxy#25 (master - cee27fe : Maciej Małecki): The build passed.
19:48:01  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/nodejitsu/node-http-proxy/compare/812868ddfc72...cee27feeddf9
19:48:01  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/nodejitsu/node-http-proxy/builds/2089299
19:48:01  * travis-cipart
19:48:10  * Nodejitsu-Githubjoined
19:48:10  <Nodejitsu-Github>[node-http-proxy] mmalecki pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/9UuMzA
19:48:10  <Nodejitsu-Github>[node-http-proxy/master] [test] Add `node v0.9` testing, test all branches - Maciej Małecki
19:48:10  * Nodejitsu-Githubpart
19:49:38  * travis-cijoined
19:49:38  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] nodejitsu/node-http-proxy#26 (master - 4f6387c : Maciej Małecki): The build passed.
19:49:38  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/nodejitsu/node-http-proxy/compare/cee27feeddf9...4f6387c17f55
19:49:38  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/nodejitsu/node-http-proxy/builds/2089330
19:49:38  * travis-cipart
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19:51:33  <kohai>@sjwalter Hey! My node.js library node-twilio got a chapter in @davidmarkclem's new book, Node Cookbook. Check it out: http://t.co/ki6iZDOM
19:53:18  * Leeolquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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19:54:58  * bradleymeckquit (Quit: bradleymeck)
19:56:58  <zot>hrm. have I asked something below the lowest of lows? or perhaps should i modify the question somehow?
19:57:34  <mmalecki>zot: oh, hm, I missed your question :(
19:57:55  <mmalecki>zot: you should use routing proxy, I think
19:59:14  * eldiosjoined
19:59:58  * towskiquit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:00:50  * jryansquit (Quit: Be back later)
20:03:15  * joshonthewebjoined
20:04:04  <zot>that's what i'm now trying. but i'd be happy to do a bit of cleanup in the docs/examples. is it now intended that no host/port proxying is done without using the routingproxy interface?
20:04:12  <zot>mmalecki: that was aimed at you
20:04:57  * TooTallNatequit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
20:04:59  <mmalecki>zot: let me see the code
20:06:48  <zot>https://github.com/nodejitsu/node-http-proxy/blob/master/lib/node-http-proxy/http-proxy.js#L113
20:07:38  <zot>mmalecki: examples/http/standalone-proxy.js examples/balancer/simple-balancer.js
20:08:23  <mmalecki>zot: also, https://github.com/nodejitsu/node-http-proxy/blob/master/examples/http/proxy-table.js
20:08:45  <mmalecki>that's the redirection thing
20:08:56  <mmalecki>if you want to redirect from one host to another
20:09:52  * AvianFluquit (Quit: AvianFlu)
20:10:22  <yawnt>mmalecki: you in a commit rage?
20:10:39  * coderarityjoined
20:10:46  <mmalecki>yawnt: attempting to regain lost focus
20:10:57  <kohai>@NodeDC Still looking for lightning talks for Wednesday's meetup http://t.co/E3qTkQFS Message us if you want to present! #dctech #nodejs
20:10:59  <mmalecki>before I move to some stuff
20:11:14  <yawnt>gotcha :D
20:12:29  * elguapo99quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:12:42  * TooTallNatejoined
20:12:57  <zot>mmalecki: tnx. atm i'm working on a dynamic load balancer demo, to see if it can be cleanly done in http-proxy :)
20:13:36  <mmalecki>zot: we're using RoutingProxy in our load balancer :)
20:13:51  * bradleymeckjoined
20:14:09  * anoemijoined
20:14:21  <kohai>@npmupdates Updated: http-proxy to v0.8.2. A full-featured http reverse proxy for node.js https://t.co/HdzpsbpL
20:14:49  <mmalecki>hm, not really
20:15:03  <mmalecki>btw, that first commit should reduce memory and cpu usage for a bit
20:18:46  * my200quit (Quit: my200)
20:21:48  * my200joined
20:21:53  * my200quit (Client Quit)
20:22:26  * bradleymeckquit (Quit: bradleymeck)
20:23:14  <kohai>@billmaya @samccone Just bought "The Node Beginner Book" and Hands-On Node.js - https://t.co/G7ONNAok. Brave new world, etc.
20:23:50  <kohai>@affinitybridge Our first node.js app is now open source! Introducing My2Cents http://t.co/g0z2q2Lt #nodejs #twillio #opennorth
20:24:27  * bradleymeckjoined
20:24:30  * stagasjoined
20:29:10  <yawnt>http://tetsubo.org/home/montage/about/
20:29:11  <yawnt>gosh
20:35:31  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
20:37:07  * joshonthewebjoined
20:37:29  * bradleymeck_joined
20:39:13  <yawnt>UUUUH
20:39:14  <yawnt>FINALLY
20:39:17  <yawnt>I KNEW MUSIC COULD HELP
20:39:20  * bawwwllerquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:41:11  * bradleymeckquit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
20:41:11  * bradleymeck_changed nick to bradleymeck
20:43:29  * spolujoined
20:47:07  <domino_>hmm. my app as been working all day but all-of-a-sudden im getting NPM errors
20:47:14  <domino_>any ideas what could cause that?
20:47:42  <coderarity>domino_, can you gist it?
20:47:49  <domino_>sure
20:48:45  * ramitosquit
20:48:50  <domino_>coderarity: https://gist.github.com/c0f24a6de391d8189ce8
20:51:14  <coderarity>domino_, try deploying again? that server might need an `npm cache clean`
20:51:50  <domino_>same error
20:52:25  <coderarity>domino_, hmm, this might be socket.io's fault
20:52:47  * DTrejo_joined
20:52:47  * DTrejo_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:53:00  * cjmjoined
20:53:01  <domino_>weird. It's been working all day. I'll retrace my steps and see if I introduced a bug in the last deploy or 2
20:53:02  <mmalecki>domino_: getting the same thing locally
20:53:03  * DTrejo_joined
20:53:10  <mmalecki>try `npm install socket.io` on your box
20:53:13  <domino_>hmm. ok. must be me then
20:53:18  <kohai>@npmupdates Updated: socket.io-client to v0.9.10. Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js https://t.co/Ci7CvLbv
20:53:20  <coderarity>domino_, yeah, this is guillermo's fault
20:53:26  <mmalecki>oh haha
20:53:28  <mmalecki>try again :D
20:53:49  <coderarity>or like i said before, could be `npm cache clean`
20:53:52  <mmalecki>also, deploy now :)
20:53:56  <mmalecki>it just got published
20:54:11  * ramitosjoined
20:54:31  <coderarity>domino_, do what mmalecki says
20:54:38  <domino_>there we go. seems to be working now. thanks guys :)
20:54:55  <coderarity>domino_, guillermo decided to release socket.io before socket.io-client
20:55:07  <domino_>ahh. nice haha
20:56:08  * DTrejoquit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
20:56:14  * theColejoined
20:57:11  * kmiyashirojoined
20:57:34  * kuryaki1joined
20:57:51  * flockonusjoined
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20:58:17  * crabdudejoined
20:59:29  <kohai>@sgucukoglu node.js http://t.co/TCwXKhnE If it weren't for JavaScript, this'd be the right way to write fast, scalable network applications.
21:00:31  * sirkitreechanged nick to sirkitree|afk
21:01:03  * appinsanity-mikequit (Quit: appinsanity-mike)
21:01:14  <kohai>@jdbevan Inaugural: Twitter streaming with node.js and HTML5 WebSockets http://t.co/BxgyOcn5
21:02:40  <kohai>@stackful_io Mongoose v3 Released http://t.co/XCiGWvqU #mongo #mongodb #nodejs #developer #backend #coding ** VPS -> http://t.co/96LQHaQz
21:03:43  <kohai>@netmikey Geek-gf: What r u doing? - Geek: I'm playing with #nodejs, I'm having a chat running in my browser - Geek-gf: A CHAT? WITH WHOM?! #truestory
21:04:38  * benvquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
21:05:36  * benvjoined
21:08:13  * iamdustanquit (Quit: went to sleep)
21:09:35  * benvquit (Client Quit)
21:10:40  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
21:11:14  * upstreamjoined
21:11:58  <kohai>@asavar А то, что node.js сегфолтится еще во время компиляции это нормально?
21:12:38  <mmalecki>indutny: ooc, what does ^ mean?
21:16:53  * redirjoined
21:18:26  <yawnt>is that even russian?
21:18:37  <crabdude>howdy howdy howdy, I'm having trouble understanding the union wrt before/after
21:18:44  * Heboquit
21:19:21  <crabdude>not entirely sure from the source what's happening, but it looks like the after streams are being piped together independent of / in parallel with the before middle wares?
21:19:25  * Hebojoined
21:19:52  * cjmquit (Quit: Leaving)
21:19:57  <mmalecki>wow, I actually can read it when it's converted to latin!
21:20:09  <mmalecki>A to, čto node.js segfoltitsja eŝe vo vremja kompiljacii èto normal’no
21:20:13  <mmalecki>kind of
21:20:24  <yawnt>segfoltitsja looks like segfaults
21:20:26  <yawnt>i get nodejs
21:20:33  <mmalecki>the fact that node.js segfaults during compilation is normal
21:20:34  <yawnt>komiljacii == compilation?
21:20:38  <mmalecki>something like that
21:20:39  <mmalecki>yeah
21:20:42  <yawnt>I ALMOST KNOW RUSSIAN
21:20:45  <yawnt>in italian
21:20:49  <mmalecki>lol
21:20:56  <yawnt>il fatto che nodejs segfaulti durante la compilazione è normale
21:21:03  <mmalecki>:)
21:21:12  <yawnt>looks like english
21:21:14  <yawnt>almost
21:21:24  <yawnt>https://github.com/yawnt/hater/blob/master/lib/relationships.js
21:21:25  <jesusabdullah>more like bizarro spanish ;)
21:21:25  <mmalecki>crabdude: before is just a chain of middlewares
21:21:28  <yawnt>now relationships look like this
21:21:31  <mmalecki>not sure about after tho
21:21:34  <yawnt>SUPAH MINIMAL
21:21:40  <yawnt>gotta do the parser for sync nao
21:22:50  <yawnt>jesusabdullah: well bizzarro is italian.. AND IT WAS THE SPANISH WHO COPIED US
21:22:53  <crabdude>mmalecki: yup. it doesn't look like after is too documented, but they're essentially a chain of streams that are piped together with an originating stream that has the request set on it....
21:22:56  <yawnt>tl;dr spanish are copycats
21:23:29  <yawnt>am i the only one who tries to write __tests__ (not code) as human readable as possible?
21:23:46  <jesusabdullah>yawnt: Remember, English doesn't borrow words, it actively steals them. ;)
21:24:00  <yawnt>true story
21:24:08  <yawnt>but that's for other languages too
21:24:13  <yawnt>eg: everyone uses computer
21:24:17  <yawnt>except the french |
21:24:18  <yawnt>|:
21:24:32  <jesusabdullah>le frenchois are a funky people
21:24:48  <mmalecki>don't even get me started on France.
21:24:48  <yawnt>http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/400x/24762672.jpg
21:24:55  <yawnt>^
21:25:00  <yawnt>totally agree
21:25:03  <yawnt>i get along with everyone
21:25:04  <yawnt>EVERYONE
21:25:09  <yawnt>but the french.. OH THE FRENCH
21:25:10  <mmalecki>I walked through half of Beziers at 2 AM, barefoot just to get to know that the bar is closed.
21:25:24  <yawnt>yep
21:25:27  <jesusabdullah>weak
21:25:27  <jesusabdullah>haha
21:25:28  <yawnt>here in italy too actually
21:25:30  <yawnt>there's a law
21:25:36  <yawnt>says if you don't have
21:25:38  <yawnt>how do you call it
21:25:39  <jesusabdullah>the US also closes bars after midnight in many areas
21:25:48  <yawnt>the stuff that measures how much alcohol you've got in your blood
21:25:49  <yawnt>jesusabdullah: ^
21:25:50  <coderarity>yawnt, ++
21:25:50  <kohai>yawnt has 10 beers
21:25:54  <coderarity>ponies in readme
21:25:57  <jesusabdullah>breathalyzer?
21:25:57  <yawnt>coderarity: obv
21:26:03  <yawnt>wanna see the coolest gif evah coderarity ^
21:26:05  <yawnt>*?
21:26:07  <yawnt>jesusabdullah: dat
21:26:11  <coderarity>yawnt, sure
21:26:13  <yawnt>you have to have one in your bar
21:26:20  <yawnt>or you have to close at midnight
21:26:23  <jesusabdullah>that's a good idea
21:26:24  <jesusabdullah>I mean
21:26:29  <yawnt>coderarity: http://i.imgur.com/j9v4F.gif
21:26:36  <jesusabdullah>it's an objective test to see if you're legally okay to drive
21:26:51  <yawnt>jesusabdullah: i'm not saying it's bad
21:26:55  <yawnt>i'm saying there is
21:26:56  <mmalecki>I'd +1 the breathanalyzer
21:26:56  <yawnt>:D
21:27:00  <coderarity>yawnt, nice
21:27:05  <mmalecki>but closing bars at 2 AM is just lame.
21:27:18  <yawnt>you see a lot of people going to bars by bike
21:27:20  <yawnt>guess why
21:27:25  * jryansjoined
21:27:27  <mmalecki>but then we were drinking french moonshine, which was awful
21:27:32  <yawnt>coderarity: i laughed a lot.. facial expression is hilarious
21:27:40  <yawnt>moonshine
21:27:42  <mmalecki>we drank whole bottle
21:27:43  <yawnt>we have black moon here
21:27:49  <yawnt>it's a liquorice liquor
21:27:56  <mmalecki>or more...?
21:28:00  <slickplaid>bronies
21:28:05  <mmalecki>`3rdEden might know better
21:28:12  * AvianFlujoined
21:28:22  <yawnt>oh
21:28:25  <yawnt>talking about bars
21:28:30  <yawnt>guess who joins
21:28:44  <mmalecki>lol
21:28:46  <yawnt>kohai must have twilio highlights linked to AvianFlu 's cellphone
21:28:48  <coderarity>slickplaid, ++
21:28:49  <kohai>slickplaid has 2 beers
21:29:44  <yawnt>or maybe it wasn't black moon
21:29:46  <yawnt>oh well whatever
21:29:48  <yawnt>it was good anyway
21:29:53  <kohai>@eliocapella 0.0.2 of ENVy has been released! Support for nested properties has been added. https://t.co/q4ixEgU9 #nodejs
21:30:20  <yawnt>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_yXDFEv75c
21:30:33  * DTrejojoined
21:30:38  <yawnt>there.. if you wanna make some on your own
21:30:59  <yawnt>if you need translations, just ask
21:31:53  * sirkitree|afkchanged nick to sirkitree
21:32:03  <slickplaid>hehe
21:32:17  <slickplaid>man, it's been tough today
21:32:27  <slickplaid>hardly anything came up in my feed to distract me from work
21:32:37  <slickplaid>i actually got some stuff done today, not without trying not to
21:34:29  <yawnt>lol
21:34:39  <yawnt>i got the opposite problem
21:34:43  <slickplaid>http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/129226-do-humans-dream-of-android-prostitutes
21:34:44  <yawnt>gotta do but stuff keeps coming up
21:34:45  <yawnt>:(
21:34:58  <yawnt>BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!
21:35:06  <slickplaid>beets & beer
21:35:19  <slickplaid>oh, and bears
21:37:21  * bradleymeckquit (Quit: bradleymeck)
21:37:42  * Destosquit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
21:38:07  <kohai>@igorwesome [email protected] awesome, I did not know that _.bind could curry args. Thanks! It's a node.js project, sitting between websocket and amqp.
21:38:23  * eldiosquit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
21:39:13  <coderarity>slickplaid, hey, there's a lot of girls that would do that with male robots too
21:39:21  <coderarity>i feel discriminated against
21:39:38  <coderarity>like my ex, she'd have like 5 of those things
21:40:31  <mmalecki>wait, 5 android robots?
21:41:16  <coderarity>yeah man
21:41:52  <coderarity>this thing says I can marry a robot in 2050
21:42:17  <yawnt>i'd never do that
21:42:27  <yawnt>well except in the case of a robot becoming human
21:42:29  * crabdudepart
21:42:52  <yawnt>like cylons in battlestar.. those ain't "skinjobs"
21:43:14  <coderarity>yawnt, but like, in 38 years, it'll totally be normal
21:43:51  * wesbosjoined
21:44:19  <yawnt>yeah i kno
21:44:21  <yawnt>*knw
21:44:24  <yawnt>but still
21:44:28  <yawnt>sounds creepy right now
21:44:51  * jcrugzzquit (Quit: Lost terminal)
21:44:52  <yawnt>i guess that's because you can't imagine a robot that passes the turing test
21:45:01  * Destosjoined
21:45:04  <yawnt>or has facial mimics etc
21:45:14  <coderarity>yeah
21:45:30  <coderarity>they've already got rat brains controlling robots too
21:45:41  <coderarity>i mean, by that time, a robot might be an actual human, you know?
21:46:44  <yawnt>yeah yeah
21:46:47  <yawnt>i'm not saying you're wrong
21:46:53  <yawnt>i'm just saying it sounds weird, to me
21:47:22  <yawnt>but we're all going to die in december
21:47:24  <yawnt>SO WHO CARES
21:47:30  <coderarity>yep
21:49:26  * anoemiquit (Quit: anoemi)
21:54:50  * anoemijoined
21:57:21  * cjmjoined
21:58:02  * jryansquit (Quit: Be back later)
21:58:22  * joelongstreetpart
21:59:15  * yawntquit (Quit: Lost terminal)
21:59:42  * digitxpjoined
22:01:26  <kohai>@extrafuture Blog: node-etsy, An Etsy API Library for Node.js http://t.co/DsZcvefl
22:01:38  * digitxpquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:05:59  * therealkoopaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:06:13  * sirkitreequit (Quit: Leaving...)
22:07:23  * wesbosquit (Quit: Leaving...)
22:08:02  * graeme_fjoined
22:08:07  <kohai>@FlockonUS @fabienallanic http://t.co/z2Me9CKJ -> "Mastering Node" was made from perhaps the star of Node.js community, but still incomplete
22:08:17  * eldiosjoined
22:09:22  * fsargentjoined
22:10:36  * fsargentpart ("Textual IRC Client: http://www.textualapp.com/")
22:16:04  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
22:16:26  * anoemiquit (Quit: anoemi)
22:16:39  * tmpvarquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:17:10  * appinsanity-mikejoined
22:17:38  * theColequit (Quit: theCole)
22:20:02  <kohai>@nodejsTweets johndmitchell: "Node.js Is Bad Ass Rock Star Tech" http://t.co/BfLnofDB #nodejs #webscale I almost spit my lunch up all over the screen.
22:20:14  * bawwwllerjoined
22:20:45  * towskijoined
22:21:38  * mdgkjoined
22:21:40  <mdgk>hi
22:21:42  * tmpvarjoined
22:21:57  <mdgk>is there somethign special i need ot do to setup socket.io?
22:22:11  <coderarity>mdgk, no
22:22:19  <mdgk>getting error: Error: Cannot find module 'socket.io' when I try to start my app
22:22:28  <bawwwller>npm install socketio
22:22:30  <blakmatrix>mdgk: rain dances can be helpful ;)
22:22:42  <bawwwller>in the folder ur script lives
22:22:49  <AvianFlu>mdgk: your dependencies need to be in your package.json
22:22:51  <bawwwller>or npm install socketio -g to make it global
22:22:51  <blakmatrix>mdgk: ^^^ true
22:22:53  <coderarity>mdgk, you need to add a package.json, check out package.json.jit.su
22:23:03  <mdgk>ahhh dependencies it is
22:23:08  <mdgk>thanks
22:23:20  <coderarity>mdgk, also you need to sacrifice three sheet cakes
22:23:22  <bawwwller>can i use nodejs on iphone?
22:23:31  <coderarity>mdgk, you can just send them to me, i'll do it for you
22:23:47  <bawwwller>iv jailbroken my iphone and i get a ssh connection to the device
22:23:53  <bawwwller>was wondering i can install nodejs on it
22:24:10  <jesusabdullah>bawwwller: what's that, an ARM processor?
22:24:16  <bawwwller>i think so
22:24:17  <jesusabdullah>bawwwller: you might be able to, but it won't be trivial
22:24:31  <AvianFlu>bawwwller: there are mentions of iOS compilation targets in node's build stuff
22:24:34  <AvianFlu>but I know nothing about it
22:25:24  <bawwwller>AvianFlu did you work on the node core?
22:25:33  <bawwwller>i see a lot of your projects on github
22:25:46  <AvianFlu>bawwwller: I have some node and libuv commits, yeah
22:25:51  <AvianFlu>mostly little stuff though
22:26:05  <bawwwller>:) have you got a degree in computer science
22:26:08  <bawwwller>?
22:26:11  * appinsanity-mikequit (Quit: appinsanity-mike)
22:26:21  <bawwwller>because iv been accepted into uni but not sure if wanna go
22:26:25  <bawwwller>im too used to making money
22:26:48  <bawwwller>but ultimately i would like to be as skilled as you are
22:26:58  <bawwwller>after reviewing your classes you have created
22:26:59  <AvianFlu>lol
22:27:02  <mmalecki>bawwwller: nowadays github is what you need
22:27:02  <AvianFlu>I have a degree in acting
22:27:06  <mmalecki>not degree
22:27:15  <bawwwller>hmm
22:27:16  <mmalecki>I didn't, uhm...
22:27:19  <AvianFlu>I started coding when I was 9
22:27:20  <mmalecki>finish high school.
22:27:26  <AvianFlu>took C++ and did web stuff in high school
22:27:34  <AvianFlu>then like, read a bunch of books and did a lot of hacking
22:27:37  <AvianFlu>broke a lot of systems
22:27:41  <AvianFlu>made some fun toys
22:27:44  <AvianFlu>and then node came along
22:27:45  <bawwwller>yea iv been using php since i was 12
22:27:58  <AvianFlu>and I got dared into making an IRC bot
22:27:59  <AvianFlu>and got a job :)
22:28:17  * lemonadquit (Quit: lemonad)
22:28:23  <bawwwller>thats cool i wanna start working on some github projects
22:28:31  <AvianFlu>it's the best way to get noticed
22:28:37  <bawwwller>iv been using git full tiem at work for 8 months
22:28:42  <mmalecki>I can confirm ^
22:28:42  <bawwwller>so im pretty bawwllerr at it now
22:29:03  <AvianFlu>lol I see what you did there
22:29:04  <AvianFlu>nicely done
22:29:05  <mmalecki>AvianFlu and me got hired because we made awesome stuff on github :)
22:29:13  <AvianFlu>it's true
22:29:21  <bawwwller>u guys in silicon valley?
22:30:24  <bawwwller>avianflu ur ntwitter script is running full blast on 12 of my vms at the moment :P
22:30:32  <AvianFlu>lolnice
22:30:46  <bawwwller>yea its so stable
22:30:51  <bawwwller>been on for a week now
22:30:56  <bawwwller>not having to restart a single instance
22:31:23  <bawwwller>how old are you?
22:32:18  <mmalecki>I'm 18, not in Silicon Valley. I live in Poland
22:32:31  <mmalecki>(remote country when people drink vodka and ride polar beers)
22:32:32  <AvianFlu>I'm 28
22:32:35  <mmalecki>s/when/where/
22:32:39  <AvianFlu>from NY, live usually in SF
22:33:12  <bawwwller>24 Cape Town
22:33:18  <bawwwller>but been in Manchetser for 7 months now
22:33:19  <coderarity>mmalecki, you're still 18?
22:33:27  <coderarity>mmalecki, when's your birthday?
22:33:38  <mmalecki>coderarity: hell yeah I am. February 9th
22:33:40  <AvianFlu>bawwwller: from south africa to the UK? nice
22:33:47  <coderarity>mmalecki, dude, that makes me older than you
22:33:52  <bawwwller>british passport
22:33:59  <bawwwller>or dual nationality
22:34:05  * sreeixquit (Quit: sreeix)
22:34:06  <mmalecki>coderarity: I think I'm the youngest here, actually
22:34:07  <AvianFlu>just like Tolkien :D
22:34:09  <coderarity>mmalecki, my birthday is in 2 months and 12 days
22:34:17  <bawwwller>lol
22:34:23  <bawwwller>a bit more creative i think
22:34:26  <mmalecki>I think that my intern is older than me...
22:34:44  <mmalecki>chjj: unless you're 18 too?
22:34:48  <bawwwller>imagine what a beast tolkien would have been if he could code node
22:35:56  * mdgkquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:36:26  <AvianFlu>lolol
22:36:29  <AvianFlu>bawwwller: ++
22:36:30  <kohai>bawwwller has 1 beer
22:36:35  <mmalecki>bawwwller: ++
22:36:36  <kohai>bawwwller has 2 beers
22:37:05  <bawwwller>are u at work atm avianflu?
22:37:06  <mmalecki>lord of the async!
22:37:10  <bawwwller>what time is it in new york
22:37:21  <bawwwller>mmalecki++
22:37:22  <kohai>mmalecki has 115 russian champagnes
22:38:01  * hij1nx_joined
22:38:03  <bawwwller>how do i get started on github
22:38:05  <bawwwller>like what do i do
22:38:18  <bawwwller>do i troll the bug lists
22:38:20  <AvianFlu>bawwwller: just start making stuff, and open-source everything
22:38:23  <bawwwller>to see if i can fix stuff
22:38:27  <AvianFlu>and start using stuff
22:38:28  <AvianFlu>exactly
22:38:31  <AvianFlu>just like
22:38:35  <AvianFlu>read through all the code you're using
22:38:39  <AvianFlu>try to see how it works
22:39:05  <bawwwller>im gonna go read your recent history
22:39:10  <bawwwller>on github
22:40:10  <bawwwller>oh shit u own nodejitsu lol
22:41:12  <AvianFlu>nah, I just run devops :D
22:41:20  <bawwwller>oh :)
22:41:44  <bawwwller>i had an argument with one of my colleagues at work he was saying php can do everything node can do
22:42:16  <bawwwller>i kinda disagreed with him for a while but i dont really know any better
22:42:23  <jesusabdullah>well technically? Maybe.
22:42:29  <jesusabdullah>There *are* libuv bindings for php now
22:43:09  <bawwwller>node is fresh, and you dont need to switch between php and jquery to get a project done
22:43:13  <bawwwller>that was my argument
22:43:25  <bawwwller>but im still a phpfanboy :P
22:43:50  * hij1nx_quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
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23:33:25  <nlognbob>jitsu logs app nlogn seems to show logs for 3 apps!
23:34:29  * kuryaki1joined
23:34:58  * EhevuTovjoined
23:35:08  * digitxpjoined
23:35:36  <AvianFlu>nlognbob: unrelatedly, we just added your SSL cert
23:35:43  <AvianFlu>but, about the logs
23:35:51  <nlognbob>thanks on the cert!
23:35:58  <AvianFlu>loggly is becoming uncooperative again
23:36:14  <EhevuTov>what's the jitsu cmd to get a list of supported databases? something like 'jitsu databases ...'
23:36:20  <AvianFlu>we're going to roll out our own logging shortly after our billing goes live
23:36:37  <AvianFlu>EhevuTov: `jitsu databases create` should give you a list
23:36:44  <AvianFlu>but I think it's also just redis couch and mongo
23:36:51  <EhevuTov>ah, thanks!
23:36:57  <EhevuTov>yeah, playing around with geocouch
23:37:34  <EhevuTov>kinda don't want to use mongodb just for its geo query stuff
23:37:44  <nlognbob>ok. when is billing planned to start? will it come with scaling feature?
23:37:58  <AvianFlu>nlognbob: it will let you control your max drones, yes
23:38:10  <AvianFlu>as for when, I think the 21st or so
23:38:17  <nlognbob>and you chose the min drones according to load?
23:39:04  <AvianFlu>I don't think we'll be automatically scaling in the first weeks
23:39:11  <AvianFlu>you'll just have control of how many are running
23:39:17  <EhevuTov>ls -la
23:39:21  <nlognbob>thats fine!
23:39:22  <EhevuTov>lol wups
23:42:19  <kohai>@deepcell Node.js Heroku app shows blank data: When I create an app through Facebook and select node.js as my language, th... http://t.co/7ZGSz17Q
23:44:47  <nlognbob>SSL works great. thanks!
23:46:21  * tcolarjoined
23:46:53  <tcolar>Hi there, is this the place to ask a Flatiron question ?
23:47:18  * jcrugzzjoined
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23:50:02  <tcolar>Anyway here the question ~ When using flatiron & plates for tempates. The examples how in memory strings, but i'd like to server templates from physical files ... i guess ic ould use fs.read, but that would be kinda inneficient. I see Flatiron has Resourceful for caching but that seem more for database docs than files ? So anyway does Flatiron provide some streaming/cahing feature for such files ? thnaks.
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23:57:08  * standoopart
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