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00:06:01  <dragon>It's back up. Thanks!
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00:06:38  <jesusabdullah>You're welcome :)
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00:08:18  <dragon>It's.... An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}
00:08:21  <dragon>again. :(
00:10:37  <jesusabdullah>aww :(
00:10:58  <jesusabdullah>I have to admit, I haven't been able to find someone with the keys yet <_<
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00:18:33  <_claudiu>jesusabdullah, blakmatrix: fyi, still getting socket hang up on v0.8.8 :( i'll probably go offline now, will give it another shot tomorrow
00:18:58  <blakmatrix>_claudiu: alright we should have everything resolved by tonight
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00:19:19  <_claudiu>awesome, thanks! any idea when the individual plans are coming out?
00:20:07  <_claudiu>nevermind, just saw, next month :)
00:20:16  <_claudiu>Oh well, thanks for the help! Bye
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00:54:37  <goferito>thanks jesusabdullah, i solve the problem with jitsu
00:54:58  <goferito>ive deployed my app with 'nodejistu ok'
00:55:30  <goferito>but now when i load it in the browser i have the same problem as dragon described
00:55:39  <goferito>An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}
00:55:53  * anoemiquit (Quit: anoemi)
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00:56:41  <goferito>i use a redis db instance of redistogo, and connecting from my localhost it works ok
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00:59:38  <katjang>there has been server issues from a couple of hours ago.. last time I checked, there still working on the fixes..
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01:00:40  <goferito>so its maybe not my fault
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01:01:15  <goferito>thats good :)
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01:25:18  <dylang>jesusabdullah: i'm still having issues deploying.
01:25:37  <jesusabdullah>oh no
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01:26:24  <jesusabdullah>sshing into the last two tries
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01:28:54  <geraldyeo>Hi, i deployed my app <http://instawed.jit.su/> with a static html fix, and i'm getting "An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}" again
01:28:56  <jesusabdullah>dylang: looks like something you're trying to install doesn't want to compile on our system
01:29:15  <jesusabdullah>hi geraldyeo, we're having some minor balancer issues, we're working through them
01:29:21  <geraldyeo>roger
01:29:38  <geraldyeo>thanks for the hard work!
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01:30:40  <dylang>jesusabdullah: i took out nodetime, even though it works on my joyent smartos machine, and it seems to get farther - but still failed to start up in time.
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01:31:49  <dylang>jesusabdullah: "Script took too long to listen on a socket'" - how long do we have?
01:31:51  <jesusabdullah>dylang: npm ERR! Error: version not found: 0.12.1x : canvas/0.12.1x
01:32:11  <jesusabdullah>scripts get like 20 seconds from spawn
01:32:14  <dylang>jesusabdullah: i fixed that and removed canvas req
01:33:01  <jesusabdullah>are you using any clustering stuff?
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01:33:18  <dylang>jesusabdullah: looks like it's timing out after 2 seconds from startup. i compress the css and js and upload to s3 during startup but it should be listening before then.
01:33:29  <dylang>jesusabdullah: not using cluster on jitsu
01:33:35  <jesusabdullah>okay just making sure
01:33:53  <jesusabdullah>well this is weird, it says it was listening
01:34:38  <jesusabdullah>like, I found successfully starting logs
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01:35:39  <jesusabdullah>dylang: based on these logs it looks like 2 seconds from here as well
01:35:46  <jesusabdullah>dylang: I'm gonna have to talk to someone on devops about this
01:36:06  <jesusabdullah>dylang: canvas should be supported btw, maybe 0.12.1x isn't a valid semver?
01:36:36  <dylang>jesusabdullah: it's not a valid version, it's a typo - but i took it out in case the compile time was too long
01:36:53  <jesusabdullah>also dylang that's weird that nodetime works for you and not us, you should talk to avianflu about that sometime, maybe you can help him figure out how to make that work right or something
01:36:58  <jesusabdullah>just an idea
01:38:43  <dylang>jesusabdullah: haha, i would love to lend a hand, wish i knew more about the server side of things.
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02:16:44  <filiped>Hi guys! How are you? Is everything ok with jitsu servers? I'm receiving an "socket hang up" error message while trying to deploy.
02:16:51  * anoemiquit (Quit: anoemi)
02:22:16  <dragon>filiped: It's ok, you're not the only one.
02:22:24  <dragon>We're all in the same boat.
02:22:32  <filiped>ah great :)
02:22:50  <filiped>dragon, thank you for your feedback.
02:23:04  <dragon>You're welcome!
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02:25:42  <blakmatrix>filiped: looks like your last try deployed
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02:25:59  <blakmatrix>filiped: did it report a socket hang up instead though?
02:26:13  <filiped>are you guys also receiving this error message while trying to access the domain? An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}
02:26:24  <filiped>blackmatrix, yes
02:27:03  <filiped>I can't figure it out if it's a code error or the server is unstable. I couldn't isolate the problem yet.
02:27:21  <blakmatrix>filiped: we have people working on it, balancers sometime don't balance to your app
02:27:26  <blakmatrix>sorry
02:27:44  <filiped>blackmatrix no problem :)
02:28:10  <filiped>I'm a noob coder, so sometimes I don't know if it's my mistake or server.
02:29:36  <filiped>blakmatrix: if I hit http://insidernewsbeta.nodejitsu.com/ ... everytime it will send me to a different server?
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02:30:15  <jesusabdullah>filiped: only if you're using our clustering
02:30:25  <jesusabdullah>filiped: apps use one machine apiece by default
02:30:56  <filiped>jesusabdullah I'm using the free version
02:31:09  <jesusabdullah>filiped: yup, each app is its own machine
02:31:14  <jesusabdullah>at least, its own virtual machine
02:31:29  <jesusabdullah>that's the thing with the cloud, it's machines all the way down
02:31:35  * towskijoined
02:31:36  <filiped>funny fact is, If I keep hitting that link, sometimes it returns me an ugly error, but sometimes dont
02:31:48  <jesusabdullah>a json error, an econnrefused?
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02:31:56  <jesusabdullah>That's our balancers :(
02:32:49  <filiped>jesusabdullah yes
02:33:18  <filiped>So I just need to wait until it balances it to everywhere, right?
02:33:48  <jesusabdullah>sort of, normally it's instantaneous, we're having some minor issues today with a few balancers coming out-of-sync
02:34:15  <filiped>ah, so that's ok :)
02:34:22  <jesusabdullah>brb sunset
02:34:41  <filiped>ah, perfect :)
02:34:46  <filiped>thanks again guys!
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02:49:01  * illumntrpart
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03:00:15  <dragon>sunset? Cali I'm assuming.
03:03:46  <dragon>SF. Makes sense.
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03:05:51  <Cygnus_X>is there a problem with the servers?
03:07:20  * dragonsmiles.
03:07:36  <dragon>Cygnus_X: see room topic?
03:08:00  <Cygnus_X>sorry, freenode had it greyed out
03:08:59  <Cygnus_X>the balancer issues seem to have knocked my app out
03:09:27  <bardu>not just yours
03:10:24  * harbhubjoined
03:10:32  <harbhub>hey fellas
03:14:37  * towskiquit (Remote host closed the connection)
03:15:27  <jesusabdullah>hey
03:15:51  <nrw>Is this the place for a flatiron question?
03:15:58  * mdedetrichjoined
03:16:01  <jesusabdullah>sorry guys, I'm doing what I can to get someone here
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03:22:33  * sjjoined
03:23:16  * bardupart
03:23:18  <sj>does nodejitsu support https://github.com/Worlize/WebSocket-Node ?
03:23:44  <jesusabdullah>blakmatrix: you tested that out before right?
03:24:12  <blakmatrix>no, but people have got it working
03:24:35  <blakmatrix>it uses alot of memory though
03:24:49  <harbhub>guys i need some help
03:24:50  <blakmatrix>so you need to bundle as many deps as possible
03:24:53  <harbhub>i'm making a file upload
03:25:02  <harbhub>and i want it to save to the gallery directory
03:25:03  <harbhub>fine
03:25:04  <harbhub>but
03:25:14  <harbhub>i want it to name the first file '1'
03:25:19  <blakmatrix>jesusabdullah: i gotta step out, dinner
03:25:23  <sj>which websocket lib does it officially support?
03:25:25  <harbhub>basically just give the files a unique name
03:25:27  <harbhub>is what i want
03:25:51  <harbhub>any simple var i can create to add to the file's location?
03:27:08  * towskijoined
03:29:30  <mdedetrich>sj: nodejitsu does support websockets
03:29:44  <mdedetrich>sj: there is only one standard for websockets?
03:30:12  <katjang>harbhub: you can use a hash from timestamp and add it on files name.. is that what you mean?
03:30:17  <sj>there is one standard but there are different libs build for it. Not sure which one is supported by node
03:30:23  <mdedetrich>sj: web sockets have to run over port 80 after a HTTP handshake
03:30:25  <harbhub>yes
03:30:31  <mdedetrich>sj: well they are different libraries
03:30:36  <harbhub>katjang: can you give me some more guidence using timestamp?
03:30:41  <harbhub>this will be my first time using it
03:30:46  <mdedetrich>sj: you either support websockets or you dont
03:30:51  <harbhub>i have all the file upload logic in place
03:31:06  <katjang>harbhub: filename + "_" + Date.now() should work
03:31:16  <harbhub>for now i am renaming the uploaded file to the /public/images/blackwhite/ directory
03:31:19  <mdedetrich>sj: so the answer to your question is yes, if the library uses web sockets than nodejitsu will support it
03:31:31  <harbhub>so just add Date.now()
03:31:33  <harbhub>to the end
03:31:38  <harbhub>ok one sec
03:31:42  <katjang>yea
03:31:44  * dylangquit (Quit: dylang)
03:32:17  <harbhub>thanks
03:32:20  <harbhub>that does the trick
03:32:22  <harbhub>but
03:32:24  <harbhub>what it
03:32:28  <harbhub>i want multiple uploads
03:32:31  <harbhub>with one submit?
03:32:51  <harbhub>i'd like to completely erase the original file name, as i have done
03:33:05  <harbhub>fs.rename(__dirname + '/' + req.files.fileblackwhite.path, './public/images/blackwhite/' + Date.now(), function(err){if(err) throw err});
03:33:08  <harbhub>that is my current code
03:33:40  <harbhub>the file was uploaded into the /uploads directory, then it was moved to the /public/images/blackwhite directory
03:33:50  <harbhub>but
03:33:58  <harbhub>if multiple uploads on submit
03:34:01  <harbhub>then
03:34:05  <harbhub>date wont work?
03:34:16  * cgsawtellquit (Quit: cgsawtell)
03:34:17  <harbhub>i need some logic to make each file a unique name
03:34:32  <katjang>you mean, it might use the same timestamp on several files uploaded at once?
03:34:34  <harbhub>and i would like to use a multi-upload drag/drop submission style
03:34:37  <harbhub>yes
03:34:42  <harbhub>katjang: yes that is my fear
03:34:48  * stimblejoined
03:35:01  <harbhub>right now, the file name is simply the Date.now()
03:35:14  <harbhub>and it is located in the /public/images/blackwhite/ dir
03:35:26  <harbhub>my test file is here:
03:35:49  <harbhub>hey
03:36:14  <harbhub>grr
03:36:30  <harbhub>here: /public/images/blackwhite/1346902274509
03:36:32  <katjang>hash the timestamp should make it unique
03:36:46  <harbhub>how do i hash the timestamp, please?
03:36:51  <harbhub>i understand hash in theory
03:36:56  <harbhub>basically a one-way function
03:37:05  <harbhub>input my timestamp, output univerally unique
03:37:06  <harbhub>id
03:37:10  <harbhub>correct?
03:37:23  <sj>is there any example of a working websocket for nodejitsu somewhere?
03:37:58  <harbhub>katjang: what module should i use to hash the timestamp (or any data for that matter)?
03:37:59  <katjang>yeah..
03:38:37  <katjang>crypto is enough: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5878682/node-js-hash-string
03:38:40  <nrw>harbhub: i use node_hash (because it's api is really simple)
03:38:47  <jesusabdullah>sj: try https://github.com/nodeapps/boilerplates/tree/master/socket.io
03:39:00  <nrw>node_hash.sha256('string')
03:39:17  <harbhub>thanks both of you
03:39:35  <harbhub>let me hash it, then i have another separate question
03:40:00  <harbhub>about how to react to the post request by adding html to a file (express framework)
03:40:30  * kmiyashiroquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
03:40:54  <harbhub>my overall goal: upload an image, move it to the appropriate gallery, add an img tag to an html file that references the newly uploaded image
03:41:04  <harbhub>so far i have parts 1 and 2 complete, now i need part 3
03:41:15  <harbhub>normally i use jquery to add html
03:42:16  <nrw>jesusabdullah: do you know if resourceful array properties are implemented in commandful? there doesn't seem to be any valid input.
03:42:22  <nrw>jesusabdullah: This is what I'm getting: http://pastie.org/4671777
03:42:39  <harbhub>$('img:last').after()
03:43:22  <jesusabdullah>nrw: I don't know off-hand
03:43:41  <harbhub>thanks katjang, crypto did the trick
03:43:49  <jesusabdullah>nrw: that would be a good issue for the project
03:43:51  <harbhub>now that i have a unique name for each file
03:44:01  <harbhub>i need to add logic to the html
03:44:02  <nrw>jesusabdullah: i just saw that you are a committer, so i thought i'd ask. :)
03:44:03  <harbhub>so
03:44:07  <nrw>jesusabdullah: i'll open an issue
03:44:32  <katjang>harbhub: if jquery works, then why need another solution? :)
03:44:37  <harbhub>well
03:44:41  <harbhub>how would i do it?
03:44:48  <harbhub>i'm thinking of using the submit event
03:44:55  <harbhub>but
03:45:09  <harbhub>hmm
03:45:12  <harbhub>two ways:
03:45:26  <harbhub>hmm
03:46:04  <harbhub>ideally i would have it add the img tag once the img has been renamed
03:46:33  <harbhub>but also it might work to have it somehow add an img tag for any new img in the dir?
03:46:40  <harbhub>katjang: i need your help with this one :)
03:47:20  <harbhub>can i use jquery in the app.js?
03:47:32  <harbhub>to add stuff to my jade file o.0
03:47:39  <harbhub>that'd be sweet
03:47:48  <katjang>not directly, you can render a view file, with jquery in it
03:48:00  <katjang>view file = jade file
03:48:59  <harbhub>hmm
03:49:20  <katjang>once upload and renaming is done, does your app call the same route?
03:49:24  <harbhub>not sure how that view file would affect adding the tags in the existing jade file
03:49:32  <harbhub>yes
03:49:33  <harbhub>i used
03:49:39  <harbhub>res.redirect('back')
03:49:41  <harbhub>at the end
03:49:52  <harbhub>so basically there are a few things at play here
03:49:53  <harbhub>it is express
03:50:01  <harbhub>so the routing is basically done automatically
03:50:11  <katjang>yeah.. so just rerender the jade view
03:50:20  * kmiyashirojoined
03:50:34  <harbhub>but
03:50:45  * ramitosjoined
03:50:46  <harbhub>the jade view needs some logic in it
03:50:48  <harbhub>to add
03:51:18  <katjang>yeah, you can insert data in jade
03:51:19  <harbhub>img(src='../images/blackwhite/hashedfilename')
03:51:43  <harbhub>what event do i use to begin the adding process?
03:51:58  <harbhub>i can use the selector $('img:last')
03:51:59  <harbhub>and then
03:52:15  <katjang>res.render("view.jade", { images: array_of_image_names})
03:52:18  <harbhub>.after(img)
03:52:33  <harbhub>hmm
03:52:37  <harbhub>what i'm doing is
03:52:46  <harbhub>using the images
03:52:48  <harbhub>in a gallery
03:52:56  <harbhub>so i'm setting up a few different galleries
03:52:59  <harbhub>a blackwhite gallery
03:53:04  <harbhub>and some others like a wedding gallery
03:53:10  <harbhub>thats why
03:53:27  <harbhub>i needed to use the fs.rename logic to make sure that a certain upload goes to the correct dir
03:53:39  <harbhub>i'm going ot have a separate upload action for each gallery
03:53:44  <harbhub>then
03:53:47  <harbhub>once the file is there
03:53:58  <harbhub>i want to make sure it is added to the view
03:54:01  <harbhub>that goes with the gallery
03:54:03  <harbhub>so three galleries
03:54:05  <harbhub>three views
03:54:13  <harbhub>three file uploaders
03:54:35  <sj>@jesusabdullah, thanks for the socket.io link. Got it working ;-)
03:54:50  <harbhub>we have the upload logic down, but i'm still not sure how res.render('blackwhite.jade', { images: array })
03:54:52  <harbhub>will work
03:55:03  <harbhub>sorry if i'm coming off as a newb lol
03:55:42  <harbhub>like
03:55:48  <harbhub>in the view
03:56:13  <harbhub>the structure is something like a div with the images inside
03:56:32  <harbhub>and i already have it set up to display that with big image and then clickable thumbnails
03:56:34  <harbhub>i did all that
03:57:17  <harbhub>can i make the view have a script in it that responds to new files being added to a specified directory?
03:57:32  <katjang>sure you can
03:58:03  <katjang>as for not using client side scripts, you can pass array data to jade and have jade iterate
03:58:06  <katjang>https://github.com/visionmedia/jade#a9
03:58:41  <harbhub>don't use client side scripts? why? just curious if there is security implications with client side scripts :)
03:59:17  <harbhub>hmm
03:59:25  <katjang>hmmm no, i'm not saying using client side scripts is harmful.. just an option.. elaborating my first idea with sending array to jade
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04:00:21  <harbhub>so
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04:00:25  <harbhub>i can send an array
04:00:28  <harbhub>of the image files
04:00:33  <harbhub>in the blackwhite directory
04:00:36  <harbhub>then
04:00:40  <harbhub>it will add them
04:00:40  <katjang>to add client script, i'd suggest using a separate js file, so in jade all you need is a conditional..
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04:01:42  <katjang>yeah.. my idea is rather simple, galleries usually have iterations of img tags, right
04:01:46  <katjang>either in a list or div
04:01:49  <harbhub>img(src='#{items}')
04:02:02  <katjang>just iterate on that, it should show
04:02:15  <harbhub>let me make a repo on github
04:02:26  <harbhub>because i have no idea how your idea would actually be implemented
04:02:35  <harbhub>although i do understand what you are saying
04:03:12  <katjang>use the 'each' tag
04:03:24  <katjang>each item in items
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04:08:00  <harbhub>grr i suck with git lol
04:08:04  <harbhub>still a newb to git
04:08:10  <harbhub>in my root dir
04:08:15  <harbhub>i did: git init
04:08:32  <harbhub>then: git remote add origin https://github.com/harbhub/marquee.git
04:08:47  <harbhub>then: git push origin master
04:08:51  <harbhub>but i get a fatal
04:08:54  <harbhub>o.0
04:09:36  <harbhub>katjang: how do i make an array that contains the file names from the specified directory?
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04:10:51  <katjang>you can use fs.readdir or fs.readdirSync
04:10:52  <blakmatrix>are everyones apps resolving now?
04:11:12  <katjang>harbhub: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2727167/getting-all-filenames-in-a-directory-with-node-js
04:11:38  <harbhub>thanks
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04:16:13  <harbhub>katjang: fs.readdir(__dirname + '/' + 'public/images/blackwhite', function(err,files){ console.log(files); });
04:16:16  <harbhub>it works :)
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04:16:27  <harbhub>so now that i have an array of the file names
04:16:41  <harbhub>returned like this: [ '1346902274509', '19.png' ]
04:16:48  <harbhub>they will all be hashed
04:16:53  <harbhub>but for now that is the names
04:16:58  <harbhub>anyways
04:17:01  <harbhub>i have my array
04:17:06  <harbhub>so i need to use the each
04:17:09  <harbhub>with jade
04:17:10  <harbhub>but
04:17:12  <harbhub>i'm scared
04:17:37  <katjang>cool :)
04:17:48  <katjang>don't be scared.. the force is with you #deapinhale
04:18:03  <katjang>#deepinhale
04:18:05  <katjang>:P
04:18:28  <harbhub>lol
04:18:46  <harbhub>how do i send that array
04:18:48  <harbhub>into the view?
04:18:58  <harbhub>so that i can use the each
04:19:10  <harbhub>i.e.
04:19:14  <harbhub>i want to make a var
04:19:45  <harbhub>var images = fs.readdir(....)
04:19:50  <harbhub>or something
04:19:52  <harbhub>idk
04:19:55  <katjang>res.render("view.jade", {"images":array_from_readdir});
04:20:11  <harbhub>hmm
04:20:45  <katjang>if you look at the example from the last url, it is stored in 'files' variable
04:21:02  <harbhub>res.render('blackwhite.jade', { "images": myArray });
04:21:09  <harbhub>that will render the same view
04:21:16  <harbhub>but include that object?
04:21:42  <katjang>yeah.. as long you don't forget to add each image in images somewhere at your jade file
04:22:39  <harbhub>#inhale
04:22:40  <harbhub>lol
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04:22:54  <katjang>:P
04:22:55  <Init--WithStyle->There seems to be a limit to single-collection storage on my jitsu-provided mongoDB..
04:22:58  <harbhub>so
04:23:03  <harbhub>in my routes.js
04:23:11  <harbhub>mind you, this is all done in v3 of express
04:23:15  <Init--WithStyle->I can have a bunch of collections with ~ 50MB of data, but I can't have one collection with 100MB...
04:23:17  <harbhub>i just renamed index.js to routes.js
04:23:20  <harbhub>in the routes folder
04:23:22  <Init--WithStyle->this seems a bit strange to me..
04:23:24  <katjang>yeah.. i'm using express myself
04:23:30  <harbhub>cool
04:23:32  <harbhub>ok
04:23:35  <harbhub>so in my routes folder
04:23:46  <harbhub>i will render with that
04:23:48  <harbhub>but
04:23:50  <harbhub>that means
04:23:55  <harbhub>i need to require fs
04:23:59  <harbhub>in the routes folder?
04:24:04  <harbhub>grr
04:24:05  <harbhub>i mean
04:24:10  <harbhub>require fs is the routes file?
04:24:16  <harbhub>know what i mean?
04:24:42  <katjang>yea.. if the code for reading directory is located at route, then you should require fs
04:24:54  <harbhub>ok
04:24:56  <harbhub>let me try that
04:25:03  <Init--WithStyle->Does anyone know why I might be capped in the size of one collection but I can start additional collections on my database no problem?
04:26:16  <harbhub>wait
04:26:19  <harbhub>how do i do this
04:26:25  <harbhub>i can get the var
04:26:28  * Costajoined
04:26:29  <harbhub>hmm
04:26:38  <harbhub>i need that var of the files array
04:26:39  <Costa>Hey guys, can't deploy again
04:26:43  <harbhub>to not just be stuck
04:26:45  <harbhub>in the function!
04:26:47  <Costa>creativespace.nodejitsu.com
04:26:47  <harbhub>o.0
04:26:56  <Costa>socket hang up
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04:27:15  <harbhub>katjang: how do i get the images variable to work OUTSIDE of the function that is is in?
04:27:45  <harbhub>i.e. since i'm using fs.readdir(path, function(err,files){var images = files;});
04:27:51  <harbhub>i need that images var
04:27:55  <harbhub>to work outside the function
04:28:10  <harbhub>so that i can call in in the object that renders with the jade view
04:28:13  <harbhub>can i do this?
04:28:18  <katjang>put var images outside then
04:28:25  <katjang>in the same level as app
04:28:32  <jesusabdullah>okay one sec Costa will have a look
04:28:48  <harbhub>katjang: how is that possible?
04:28:55  <harbhub>like
04:29:08  <harbhub>the files are retrieved in the callback
04:29:14  <harbhub>from readdir
04:29:16  <harbhub>so
04:29:29  <harbhub>inside the callback function i set the var images = files
04:29:32  <harbhub>but
04:29:33  <harbhub>then
04:29:43  <katjang>yeah.. if you declare var images = []; outside, it will be 'global'
04:29:45  <harbhub>how do i make is so that images var is not local to the function
04:29:52  <harbhub>ohhh
04:29:56  <harbhub>thats why people do that
04:29:57  <harbhub>o.0
04:30:00  <harbhub>let me try
04:30:30  <harbhub>so
04:30:32  <harbhub>the object then
04:30:41  <harbhub>would be: images: ???
04:30:52  <katjang>what object?
04:30:53  <harbhub>oh nvrmind
04:30:58  <harbhub>the res render
04:30:59  <harbhub>but
04:31:04  <harbhub>i can call images: images
04:31:13  <harbhub>to keep the key the same name as the value
04:31:32  <harbhub>or: myImages: images
04:31:34  <harbhub>would also work
04:31:45  <katjang>yeah.. or if you're edgy about the key using the same name as the value, you can write it as {"images": images}
04:31:54  <harbhub>huh
04:32:00  <harbhub>so make images a string
04:32:03  <harbhub>why?
04:32:16  <harbhub>i understand it is to make them technically different
04:32:16  <katjang>yeah.. the left one is the key
04:32:17  <harbhub>but
04:32:20  <harbhub>i know
04:32:22  <harbhub>lol
04:32:24  <harbhub>right one is the value
04:32:32  <harbhub>the images var is the value on the right
04:32:37  <katjang>it's an alternative for writing keys, you can write it with "" or not
04:32:37  <harbhub>the key is just a key
04:32:42  <harbhub>to store that value
04:32:47  <harbhub>but
04:32:50  <harbhub>the "" does what?
04:32:55  <harbhub>images: images
04:32:57  <harbhub>versus
04:33:01  <harbhub>"images":images
04:33:09  <harbhub>i don't understand the difference
04:33:13  <katjang>does nothing actually.. :D.. just makes you not worry.. hehe
04:33:13  <harbhub>since the key is just a key
04:33:25  <katjang>just try it.. it wont destroy node or your pc
04:33:26  <harbhub>ohhh lol well actually all it did was make me worry! lol
04:33:36  <harbhub>i'll try both methods
04:33:47  <harbhub>first: images:images
04:33:53  <harbhub>then: "images":images
04:33:56  <katjang>ok
04:33:58  <harbhub>so now
04:34:01  <harbhub>i need the logic in the view
04:34:06  <harbhub>so inside the blackwhite.jade
04:34:13  <harbhub>each item in images
04:34:19  <harbhub>is that how i phrase that?
04:34:42  <katjang>yeah
04:34:46  <harbhub>ok
04:34:46  <harbhub>also
04:34:51  <harbhub>in the readdir
04:35:03  <harbhub>since i made a var images = [];
04:35:06  <harbhub>THEN
04:35:11  <harbhub>do i say
04:35:12  <harbhub>the readdir
04:35:16  <harbhub>var images = files
04:35:17  <harbhub>or
04:35:20  <harbhub>images = files
04:35:21  <harbhub>?
04:35:34  <harbhub>inside the callback function
04:35:44  <jesusabdullah>Okay so I found a few dirty machines, not too many though
04:35:48  <jesusabdullah>who was having issues?
04:36:06  <jesusabdullah>Costa: What's your username again? I don't remember
04:36:08  * BrandonGriggsjoined
04:36:51  <BrandonGriggs>Hi, I'm getting connection errors at http://knack.jit.su/ after trying to deploy. Can someone take a look?
04:36:57  <Costa>jesusabdullah: wamoyo
04:37:18  <BrandonGriggs>tried jitsu apps start and even activating a previous snapshot that was working fine....same error
04:38:11  <katjang>images = files
04:38:12  <harbhub>katjang: it isnt working
04:38:17  <harbhub>ok that might be why lol
04:38:43  <harbhub>hmm
04:38:45  <harbhub>got an error
04:38:54  <harbhub>let me gist you the view
04:39:21  <harbhub>https://gist.github.com/3651295
04:39:24  <harbhub>check that out
04:39:27  <katjang>ok
04:39:37  <harbhub>i added p Hey just to make sure it renders
04:40:00  <harbhub>it worked with that, but then i added the each item in images / li= item
04:40:02  <harbhub>and it broke
04:40:04  <harbhub>500 error
04:40:24  <Costa>jesusabdullah: So I know I don't sleep, but do you guys ever sleep?
04:40:25  <harbhub>'cannot read property 'length' of undefined'
04:40:32  <jesusabdullah>barely
04:40:39  <jesusabdullah>;)
04:40:48  <katjang>how about adding p #{images} below p Hey
04:40:51  <Costa>Haha, crazy town
04:40:57  <harbhub>i'll try that
04:41:20  <harbhub>nope
04:41:21  <harbhub>doesnt work
04:41:26  <harbhub>no error
04:41:28  <harbhub>but it only renders
04:41:34  <harbhub>the Hey
04:41:41  <jesusabdullah>yeah costa, looks like I got them
04:41:49  <harbhub>let me gist you the routes.js
04:41:56  <katjang>ok.. before res.render, if you console.log("IMAGES: " + images); does it show anything on console?
04:41:56  <Costa>Okay that went through in less than a second
04:42:00  <Costa>what did you do?!
04:42:21  <harbhub>lets try
04:42:49  <Costa>Never mind it didn't work, haha. Let me deploy again
04:43:07  <harbhub>nope
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04:43:21  <timhudson>I'm getting a ECONNREFUSED. This was happening for me earlier today as well. kindbeard/boomtrainBeta
04:43:33  <timhudson>I've tried a 'jitsu start' to no avail
04:43:34  <katjang>harbhub: you mean it's empty?
04:43:54  <harbhub>not sure
04:43:55  <katjang>you might try console.log before images = files on readdir callback
04:44:04  <timhudson>Can anyone help?
04:44:05  <katjang>check what's inside files
04:44:23  <Costa>jesusabdullah: Yeah, not working, sorry man
04:44:33  <jesusabdullah>I'm lookin' one sec
04:44:37  <katjang>harbhub: well, at least the console shows 'IMAGES: ', if not, then that line of code isn't called
04:44:44  <jesusabdullah>ssh only goes so fast y'know
04:44:45  <harbhub>ohhhhhhh
04:44:51  <harbhub>i still had the code in the app.js
04:44:58  <harbhub>let me comment it out of there
04:45:03  <harbhub>might be interfering somehow
04:45:06  <Costa>jesusabdullah: I'm getting one of these now: An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}
04:45:08  <katjang>ok
04:45:12  <Costa>No pressure, no worries
04:45:29  <harbhub>nope
04:45:37  <harbhub>not showing anything
04:46:27  <harbhub>ok
04:46:28  <harbhub>listen
04:46:34  <harbhub>in the console.log
04:46:35  <harbhub>it works
04:46:37  <harbhub>it shows
04:46:43  <harbhub>OH
04:46:45  <harbhub>no it doesnt
04:46:48  * sjquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
04:46:50  <harbhub>IMAGES; undefined
04:46:52  <Costa>lmao
04:47:03  <harbhub>katjang: IMAGES: undefined
04:47:33  <katjang>ok that means images variable isn't 'global' somehow,.. or overridden with an undefined value
04:47:40  <harbhub>hmm
04:47:53  <katjang>you might need to check what's inside files on readdir callback
04:48:02  <harbhub>now
04:48:14  <harbhub>it shows IMages:
04:48:18  <harbhub>and it is empty
04:48:30  <harbhub>i added the console log after the readdir
04:48:50  <harbhub>https://gist.github.com/3651295#comments
04:48:52  <harbhub>check my comment
04:49:00  <harbhub>that is what i have in the routes.js
04:49:25  <harbhub>added another comment
04:49:30  <harbhub>that is also in the routes.js
04:50:30  <jesusabdullah>is one of you 'knack' ?
04:50:37  <harbhub>ok
04:50:39  <harbhub>for some reason
04:50:44  <harbhub>it works when i add the quotes...
04:50:56  <jesusabdullah>or chanode?
04:51:00  <harbhub>wait
04:51:02  <harbhub>now it doesnt
04:51:05  <harbhub>the app.js file
04:51:07  <harbhub>is affecting it
04:51:37  <harbhub>app.js: fs.readdir(__dirname + '/' + 'public/images/blackwhite', function(err,files){ console.log(files); });
04:51:51  <Costa>jesusabdullah: Not I, are those usernames?
04:51:53  <harbhub>for some STRANGE reason
04:51:59  <harbhub>when i add that it works..
04:52:13  * Hebo_quit
04:52:22  <harbhub>when i remove it
04:52:26  <harbhub>it doesnt
04:52:28  <harbhub>what.the.heck
04:52:29  <jesusabdullah>indeed, just some usernames I ran into
04:52:53  <BrandonGriggs>jesusabdullah: yep, that's me
04:53:40  <katjang>harbhub: i don't understand the relation with app.js.. :(.
04:53:58  <harbhub>me neither
04:54:05  <harbhub>weird that it makes it work
04:54:15  <katjang>harbhub: but in the first comment, before images=files, add a console.log(files);.. does it show anything?
04:55:14  <harbhub>nope
04:55:16  <harbhub>undefined
04:55:30  <harbhub>i console.log("FILES: " + files);
04:55:36  <harbhub>and got FILES: undefined
04:55:40  <harbhub>IMAGES:
04:55:53  <harbhub>hmmm
04:56:00  <harbhub>i think
04:56:06  <harbhub>man
04:56:12  <harbhub>i need to somehow
04:56:16  <harbhub>get this array
04:56:23  <harbhub>grr
04:56:45  <harbhub>wait
04:56:51  <harbhub>i know why..
04:56:53  <harbhub>__dirname
04:57:00  <harbhub>in routes/routes.js
04:57:04  <harbhub>is not the right path
04:57:06  <harbhub>lmao
04:57:13  <harbhub>katjang: that is the problem i think!
04:57:52  <harbhub>yep /Users/harbhub/tests/Marquee/routes
04:57:56  <katjang>is route.js the same location at app.js?
04:58:00  <harbhub>that is what i get from console.log __dirname
04:58:02  * anoemiquit (Quit: anoemi)
04:58:05  <harbhub>nope
04:58:10  <harbhub>it is in a separate place
04:58:12  <harbhub>so
04:58:17  <katjang>that makes sense
04:58:19  <harbhub>i need to add ".."
04:58:34  <harbhub>__dirname + '..' + the rest
04:58:38  <harbhub>let me try
04:59:44  <harbhub>nope
04:59:46  <harbhub>how do i do that
04:59:53  <jesusabdullah>Costa: you were wamoyo? I'm ssh-ing into the last deploy here
04:59:54  <harbhub>i need the dirname of course
04:59:58  <harbhub>then i want it to go back
05:00:05  <harbhub>then i want to take the directory
05:00:07  <harbhub>so like
05:00:08  <harbhub>the path
05:00:13  <Costa>jesusabdullah: Cool, let me know what I should do
05:00:22  <Costa>jesusabdullah: Yes wamoyo is right.
05:00:28  <jesusabdullah>Costa: hiredis >_<
05:00:29  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: would something like https://github.com/ncb000gt/node-cron work with nodejitsu?
05:00:34  <harbhub>__dirname + '..' + '/public/images/blackwhite'
05:00:39  <harbhub>is what i have in the path
05:00:40  <jesusabdullah>mdedetrich: Hell yeah that lib's pure js
05:00:43  <harbhub>but that isnt working
05:01:07  <jesusabdullah>Costa: the redis package attempts to install hiredis and there's a linker error on sunos that doesn't get caught during compile
05:01:22  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: well its scheduled tasks, so I am not sure if it will work out of the box in clustered environments
05:01:43  <jesusabdullah>Costa: but if you get rid of it using bundledDependencies or shrinkwrap it should deploy
05:01:48  <Costa>jesusabdullah: Hmm... that's probably from socket.io right?
05:02:05  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: as In, it needs to run ONLY ONCE at every interval, and not more often
05:02:29  <jesusabdullah>mdedetrich: oh, in that case you just don't horizontally scale that app, yeah?
05:02:38  <Costa>jesusabdullah: because I'm not using redis directly at all, but I believe socket.io i dependent on hiredis.
05:02:45  <jesusabdullah>mdedetrich: you make a one drone app that triggers crons, and have those get served out to another scaled-out app
05:02:52  <jesusabdullah>Costa: yes, that sounds right
05:02:56  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: well nodejitsu does horizontal scaling by default
05:03:18  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: so I am just wondering if this is something outside of nodejitsu's scope
05:03:33  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: or if nodejitsu offers a scheduled task service itself
05:04:06  <jesusabdullah>mdedetrich: not a task service itself, but you can easily choose to use only one drone
05:04:07  <Costa>jesusabdullah: "bundledDependencies": ["hiredis"], like that?
05:04:17  <harbhub>guys
05:04:21  <harbhub>how do i do this
05:04:26  <harbhub>i want to SUBTRACT
05:04:28  <harbhub>or GO BACK
05:04:31  <harbhub>a directory
05:04:38  <katjang>harbhub: maybe add "/.." ?
05:04:38  <jesusabdullah>Costa: No, you want to bundle socket.io, then in socket.io edit the package.json to not include redis,...
05:04:50  <jesusabdullah>Costa: ... then add redis to your package.json's bundled dependencies
05:04:55  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: yeah thats obvious, just wondering how you would approach horizontal scaling with scheduled tasks on nodejitsu
05:05:05  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: would you guys think of adding such a service?
05:05:18  <harbhub>nope returns: /Users/harbhub/tests/Marquee/routes/..public/images/blackwhite
05:05:19  <jesusabdullah>Costa: ... and then cd into your bundled redis and remove the optional dep for hiredis
05:05:26  <jesusabdullah>Costa: A bit of a goat rope but not too bad
05:05:30  <harbhub>how do i take that directory string
05:05:31  <harbhub>and remove
05:05:32  <harbhub>routes
05:05:35  <harbhub>add
05:05:37  <harbhub>then
05:05:41  <harbhub>public/images/etc
05:06:04  <Costa>jesusabdullah: uh oh, okay... I trying, haha. I hope I don't mess this up.
05:06:19  <jesusabdullah>Costa: Don't worry! :D
05:06:30  <harbhub>guys
05:06:37  <harbhub>how do i change dir
05:06:39  <harbhub>?
05:06:44  <harbhub>in node lol
05:06:57  <jesusabdullah>idk if it has the ability to do that..?
05:07:15  <jesusabdullah>but why do you need to do that?
05:07:35  <jesusabdullah>you can pass paths like, '../../../foo/bar/baz' to all the methods
05:07:44  <harbhub>nope
05:07:45  <jesusabdullah>My recommendation is to do a path.resolve() on it
05:07:46  <harbhub>that didnt work
05:07:52  <harbhub>jesus
05:07:58  <harbhub>when i dirname
05:08:09  <harbhub>i get this: /Users/harbhub/tests/Marquee/routes
05:08:16  <harbhub>what i want is this: /Users/harbhub/tests/Marquee/
05:08:21  <mdedetrich>harbhub: why are you traversing the filesystem in the first place
05:08:30  <harbhub>lol
05:08:34  <harbhub>long story
05:08:36  <harbhub>basically
05:08:47  <harbhub>to make an object using fs.readdir
05:09:01  <harbhub>of the image files in a gallery (a special directory)
05:09:04  <harbhub>then
05:09:13  <harbhub>i'm going to use jade's each item in images
05:09:23  <harbhub>to add those images to my jade view
05:09:25  <mdedetrich>you really shouldn't be storing persistent data on the filesystem
05:09:26  <harbhub>but
05:09:32  <harbhub>huh
05:09:40  <harbhub>wel
05:09:42  <harbhub>well
05:09:44  <harbhub>the reason is
05:09:48  <harbhub>i want an uploader
05:09:51  <mdedetrich>you will run out of room and your app won't scale
05:09:57  <harbhub>so my photographer can just upload his files
05:09:59  <mdedetrich>plus you can't horizontally scale such a system
05:10:00  <harbhub>and it goes to the gallery
05:10:06  <harbhub>and it appears in the view :)
05:10:08  <mdedetrich>you are supposed to store files on a cloud
05:10:16  <mdedetrich>not on the filesystem
05:10:29  <harbhub>these are internal files
05:10:32  <harbhub>that are rendered
05:10:35  <harbhub>in the html
05:10:40  <harbhub>it is a photo gallery
05:10:43  <mdedetrich>so static files?
05:10:47  <harbhub>yep
05:10:49  <mdedetrich>if these files
05:10:51  <mdedetrich>are going to change
05:10:59  <mdedetrich>as in someone is going to upload more images or photos
05:11:01  <mdedetrich>through your website
05:11:04  <harbhub>yep
05:11:09  <mdedetrich>it has to go into the cloud
05:11:16  <mdedetrich>not on the filesystem
05:11:19  <harbhub>what cloud
05:11:42  * malkomalkojoined
05:11:49  <mdedetrich>well there are plenty
05:12:11  <harbhub>but
05:12:12  <harbhub>i want
05:12:17  <harbhub>them in the filesystem
05:12:23  <harbhub>in the /public/images/gallery
05:12:24  <harbhub>dir
05:12:30  <mdedetrich>and I just told you
05:12:34  <mdedetrich>why that won't work
05:12:52  <harbhub>it works but i'm just not putting the correct path
05:12:53  <mdedetrich>you will
05:12:59  <mdedetrich>#1. run out of room (eventually)
05:12:59  <harbhub>because the dir that i'm running it from
05:13:03  <harbhub>is not the root
05:13:04  <mdedetrich>#2. Will not work, at all
05:13:05  <harbhub>so i need
05:13:08  <mdedetrich>with horizontal scaling
05:13:12  <harbhub>to be able to cut off the "routes" part
05:13:22  <mdedetrich>you do realize that nodejitsu servers
05:13:22  <harbhub>then add the "/public/images/gallery" part
05:13:25  <harbhub>and it will work just fine
05:13:26  <mdedetrich>have limited room?
05:13:36  <harbhub>i'm adding maybe 30 photos
05:13:37  <mdedetrich>you will not be able to store that many photos
05:13:43  <harbhub>30...?
05:13:51  <mdedetrich>and it will not work if you have more than one drone
05:13:52  <mdedetrich>at all
05:13:55  <harbhub>i'm pay for hosting from jitsu
05:14:06  <harbhub>i'll pay for a private little server
05:14:07  <mdedetrich>do you understand what horizontal scaling is?
05:14:10  <harbhub>nope
05:14:17  <harbhub>nor do i understanding vertical scaling
05:14:18  <mdedetrich>well read about it then
05:14:22  <mdedetrich>and you will see why it won't work
05:14:32  <harbhub>it is only 30 photos
05:14:34  <mdedetrich>your app will not work with horizontal scaling, period
05:14:36  <mdedetrich>that doesn't matter
05:14:39  <mdedetrich>and is irrelevant
05:14:47  <harbhub>o.0
05:14:58  <harbhub>i could put them in the directory myself
05:15:01  <mdedetrich>if your website allows people to upload photos and change them
05:15:02  <harbhub>and it would work
05:15:07  <mdedetrich>then it won't work with horizontal scaling
05:15:13  <harbhub>it lets one person
05:15:17  <harbhub>add 30 photos
05:15:22  <mdedetrich>then it won't work
05:15:30  <harbhub>it works for me
05:15:34  <harbhub>i uploaded the images
05:15:35  <mdedetrich>thats because
05:15:38  <mdedetrich>its only a single machine
05:15:39  <harbhub>and they went where i told them to
05:15:43  <mdedetrich>please read
05:15:46  <harbhub>ok
05:15:46  <mdedetrich>horizontal scaling first
05:15:54  <harbhub>so you mean
05:15:59  <harbhub>when he uploads the photos
05:16:03  <harbhub>it wont
05:16:06  <harbhub>go to each machine
05:16:07  <harbhub>then
05:16:10  <harbhub>it sounds like
05:16:11  <mdedetrich>yes
05:16:15  <harbhub>i need a separate database
05:16:20  <harbhub>that the images get stored in
05:16:22  <Costa>jesusabdullah: I have no idea what I did, which makes me kinda nervous, but it is kind of working, I still got a socket hangup, but the app is no longer down
05:16:22  <mdedetrich>you need cloud storage
05:16:23  <harbhub>and all the machines
05:16:24  <mdedetrich>which is what i said
05:16:27  <harbhub>just grab from the database
05:16:30  <mdedetrich>10 minutes ago
05:16:33  <harbhub>lol
05:16:33  <harbhub>well
05:16:34  * standoojoined
05:16:37  <harbhub>now i understand why
05:16:40  <mdedetrich>database stores data, not files
05:16:57  <harbhub>image files are information
05:16:58  <mdedetrich>(i mean you can store files in a database, its definitely not designed for it)
05:17:01  <harbhub>which is just data
05:17:17  <harbhub>well
05:17:20  <harbhub>i want to store
05:17:21  <mdedetrich>database doesn't imply files
05:17:22  <harbhub>images
05:17:23  <mdedetrich>it implies text data
05:17:28  <mdedetrich>ok so you use a cloud storage
05:17:38  <harbhub>cant i just use
05:17:41  <harbhub>mongodb
05:17:42  <harbhub>?
05:17:47  <harbhub>for the image file storage?
05:17:54  <mdedetrich>you don't store files in mongodb
05:17:58  <mdedetrich>its not designed for that
05:18:02  <harbhub>hmm
05:18:05  <mdedetrich>each document in mongodb has a 4mb limit
05:18:09  <harbhub>oh
05:18:11  <harbhub>that is small
05:18:14  <mdedetrich>database is for storing DATA not FILES thats why its a DATABASE
05:18:19  <harbhub>well
05:18:22  <harbhub>i need a filebase
05:18:28  <harbhub>does that exist?
05:18:45  <harbhub>google time
05:18:46  <katjang>you can start with dropbox
05:18:54  * malkomalkoquit (Remote host closed the connection)
05:19:03  <mdedetrich>i would recommend amazon s3, google cloud storage or backspace cloudfiles
05:19:04  <harbhub>katjang: i want to make this thing we have work first
05:19:13  <harbhub>backspace = rackspace?
05:19:14  <mdedetrich>*rackspace
05:19:16  <harbhub>ok
05:19:17  <harbhub>lol
05:19:39  <harbhub>katjang: is there a way in javascript to cut off the last 6 letters of a given string?
05:19:52  <katjang>yeah.. substr
05:20:24  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: I am getting socket hang up errors again when deploying
05:20:32  * ankurjoined
05:20:40  <mdedetrich>katjang: does dropbox even have a node.js api?
05:20:51  <katjang>yea
05:21:08  <katjang>there's a nodejs lib for dropbox
05:21:24  <mdedetrich>well I wouldn't use dropbox, because its performance isn't that great
05:21:35  <mdedetrich>all the options provided above also have CDN's
05:21:36  <katjang>but probably look at other alternatives, like mdedetrich suggests
05:21:42  <harbhub>substr wont work
05:22:12  <mdedetrich>also all the options I stated store unlimited files
05:22:38  <harbhub>i need to take off the last 6 letters
05:22:45  <harbhub>not find a sub str
05:22:57  * Costaquit (Quit: Page closed)
05:23:15  <mdedetrich>harbhub: try using google, it really helps
05:23:16  <harbhub>the __dirname
05:23:22  <harbhub>i did use google
05:23:28  * Hyper_Coderjoined
05:23:28  <harbhub>im looking at w3 school
05:23:31  <harbhub>but
05:23:44  <Hyper_Coder>Okay, back for another attempt
05:23:46  <harbhub>the problem is: __dirname
05:23:54  <harbhub>is going to be different on the nodejitsu server
05:23:58  <harbhub>than on my local computer?
05:24:02  <katjang>mdedetrich: thanks for the info.. i'm so out of space.. didnt know google has cloud storage now :O
05:24:10  <harbhub>i.e. i cant predict the placement of the string values
05:24:13  <jesusabdullah>what's your username mdedetrich ?
05:24:26  * thepumpkinjoined
05:24:26  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: 3dot, application is brandtemper
05:24:39  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: 3dot.brandtemper.jit.su
05:25:19  <mdedetrich>katjang: yeah it just came out, nice thing about google cloud storage is its a CDN by default
05:25:27  <mdedetrich>katjang: your data gets cached around the world
05:25:35  <mdedetrich>katjang: by default
05:25:35  <harbhub>hmm
05:25:40  <katjang>nice!
05:25:47  <harbhub>maybe i can export the __dirname from the app.js file
05:26:03  <harbhub>and then import that value into the routes.js file
05:26:04  <harbhub>or
05:26:11  <mdedetrich>backspace is also nice because they use akamai, which servers practically everywhere
05:26:14  <mdedetrich>*rackspace
05:26:18  <harbhub>i could just take the routes.js file out of the routes directory
05:26:23  <harbhub>and leave it in the route dir
05:26:25  <mdedetrich>Amazon's CDN isn't bad, but there aren't as many locations
05:26:26  <harbhub>but i'd rather now
05:26:39  <mdedetrich>like there isn't one in australia, which is where I am
05:26:55  <harbhub>australia!
05:26:58  <harbhub>you are awesome
05:27:06  <harbhub>kangaroo and veggiemite lol
05:27:09  <harbhub>guys please
05:27:17  <harbhub>how do i take off the last 6 letters of a string
05:27:25  <mdedetrich>yeah I ride a kangaroo to work every day
05:27:27  <harbhub>substr seems to RETURN those letters
05:27:34  <harbhub>i want to remove the letters
05:27:35  <mdedetrich>while eating vegimite
05:27:35  <harbhub>o.0
05:27:47  <katjang>lol
05:27:54  <harbhub>can i search for 'routes'?
05:27:59  <harbhub>then use that return placement
05:28:03  <harbhub>to splice off
05:28:04  <harbhub>?
05:28:22  <harbhub>i mean split
05:28:24  <harbhub>split into two
05:28:26  <jesusabdullah>mdedetrich: yeah, you hit bad drones
05:28:27  <harbhub>then take the first
05:28:30  <harbhub>and toss the routes
05:28:32  <harbhub>??
05:28:52  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: are you going to report me to the authorities ;)
05:29:03  <jesusabdullah>I'm-a let you off with a warning
05:29:31  <mdedetrich>aww thanks
05:30:02  <Sly>harbhub, string.substr(0, string.length - 6)?
05:30:16  <Hyper_Coder>okay..
05:30:19  <mdedetrich>I'm wondering whether I should just set up a massive server on joyent to do scheduling
05:30:23  <Hyper_Coder>so i installed node jitsu
05:30:25  <Hyper_Coder>now what?
05:30:26  <mdedetrich>or figure out how to do horizontal scaling
05:30:42  <mdedetrich>with scheduling in node on some IaaS
05:30:43  <Hyper_Coder>how do I login
05:30:52  <mdedetrich>even then though, I would have to use cluster.js
05:31:07  <mdedetrich>since node is just single core
05:31:12  <mdedetrich>complications, complications
05:31:18  <timhudson>jesusabdullah: I'm stuck with ECONNREFUSED. Can you help get my app back up? kindbeard/boomtrainBeta
05:32:00  <Hyper_Coder>do i login from my windows cmd?
05:32:09  <mdedetrich>katjang: whats your opinion on this
05:32:45  <jesusabdullah>timhudson: https://gist.github.com/30ae13f478f387ce3ab8 I'm sorry :(
05:32:50  <jesusabdullah>timhudson: do you need this on the server?
05:32:58  <jesusabdullah>Hyper_Coder: what do you want to login to?
05:33:08  <Hyper_Coder>nodejitsu I suppose
05:33:17  <jesusabdullah>do you have node installed?
05:33:19  <Hyper_Coder>My goal is to get started with node.js in production
05:33:23  <Hyper_Coder>yes
05:33:27  <jesusabdullah>okay, then type
05:33:32  <jesusabdullah>npm install jitsu -g
05:33:35  <harbhub>sly: i love you!
05:33:50  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: would you let me know when you fix the problem regarding bad nodes
05:33:51  <harbhub>thanks for the simple, correct, and consise answer :)
05:34:12  <jesusabdullah>mdedetrich: I'm watching the feed, I got the ones you were on and a few more so you should try again and I should see them when they go bad
05:34:12  <timhudson>jesusabdullah: Not needed. It's probably in the devDependencies.
05:34:14  <Hyper_Coder>where do I type that? in my CMD?
05:34:20  <jesusabdullah>Hyper_Coder: yup
05:34:24  * Slytips hat.
05:34:30  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: tried 20 secs ago, didn't work
05:34:30  <Sly>Try to not inflate my ego too much, okay?
05:34:31  <Sly>:P
05:34:32  <mdedetrich>ill try again
05:34:37  <Hyper_Coder>i get an error
05:34:40  <jesusabdullah>Hyper_Coder: Also, user powershell, trust me
05:34:43  <timhudson>jesusabdullah: I'll look closer and see where that is at.
05:34:51  <Hyper_Coder>use powershell?
05:34:54  <Hyper_Coder>what is that?
05:35:03  <jesusabdullah>Hyper_Coder: can you copy and paste the error into a gist? http://gist.github.com
05:35:08  <mdedetrich>isn't powershell for windows
05:35:10  <Hyper_Coder>yes 1 sec
05:35:20  <jesusabdullah>Hyper_Coder: The copy-paste controls are a bit awkward fyi, if you're not used to them
05:35:27  * ryan_stevensquit (Quit: Leaving.)
05:35:30  <katjang>mdedetrich: what's up with the bad nodes? are you using cluster?
05:35:32  <Hyper_Coder>https://gist.github.com/3651713
05:35:53  <mdedetrich>katjang: its a problem with nodejits, it just fails when I use jitsu deploy command
05:35:55  <jesusabdullah>Hyper_Coder: powershell is like a way newer rewritten version of cmd
05:36:16  <Hyper_Coder>oh kk
05:36:24  <Sly>harbhub, I just read exactly what you're doing. If you want to split up __dirname, I would do it like...
05:36:27  <mdedetrich>powershell also ties into .net framework
05:36:28  <mdedetrich>iirc
05:36:29  <jesusabdullah>Hyper_Coder: Are you sure you installed node? All those commands should work
05:36:41  <jesusabdullah>mdedetrich: indeed it does
05:36:48  <Sly>dir = __dirname.split('/'); file = dir.pop(); dir = dir.join('/');
05:36:51  <Hyper_Coder>yes
05:37:25  <harbhub>sly: what?
05:37:37  <Sly>One sec. I'll post running it in Node.
05:37:44  <harbhub>thanks
05:37:52  * BrandonGriggsquit (Quit: Page closed)
05:38:00  <jesusabdullah>who here is 3dot?
05:38:03  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: still failing
05:38:07  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: me
05:39:04  * nrwquit (Quit: Leaving.)
05:39:25  <Sly>Oops, harbhub. Sorry. I was thinking about __filename for a sec there.
05:39:33  <harbhub>o.0
05:39:39  <Sly>Why are you trying to strip off the last 6 letters?
05:39:42  <harbhub>still, i'm interested
05:39:48  <harbhub>i'll show you in a sec why :)
05:40:06  <mdedetrich>I wonder if powershell is better then the unix shell
05:40:12  * __lucasquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
05:40:15  <Sly>https://gist.github.com/23fc06d49fa665be8953 @ harbhub
05:40:15  <jesusabdullah>I'd say it's not
05:40:18  <jesusabdullah>from my experience
05:40:19  <Sly>That's what I was thinking about.
05:40:26  <jesusabdullah>it's like "bizarro bash" but with cmdlets
05:40:33  <mdedetrich>ah ok
05:40:44  <jesusabdullah>but it's loads better than cmd
05:40:55  <mdedetrich>well cmd is just awful
05:41:17  <harbhub>katjang: so now that is working
05:41:18  <jesusabdullah>it's still the same cli though, like, the shell is different but the tty is the same
05:41:21  <jesusabdullah>:(
05:41:29  <harbhub>katjang: what do i do with the each item in images?
05:41:44  <harbhub>sly: me and katjang have been making this file transfering and viewing thingy
05:42:25  <harbhub>each item in images
05:42:30  <harbhub> li= item
05:42:32  <harbhub>works
05:42:33  <harbhub>now
05:42:36  <katjang>harbhub: cool :)
05:42:39  <harbhub>i need it to do that but
05:42:43  <harbhub>inside image tags
05:42:50  <harbhub>so like
05:42:56  <harbhub>how?
05:43:03  * Slydoesn't know Jade.
05:43:05  <harbhub>each item in items
05:43:31  <harbhub>would that work
05:43:32  <harbhub> img(src='item')
05:43:32  <harbhub>?
05:43:50  <harbhub>nope that wont work i dont think
05:43:54  <harbhub>but thats what i'm trying to to
05:43:58  <Sly>It would probably be src=item, I would assume.
05:44:00  <harbhub>insert each item
05:44:03  <harbhub>well
05:44:06  <harbhub>not really
05:44:06  <Sly>Because it would probably try to handle 'item' as a string itself.
05:44:10  <harbhub>i want the src
05:44:14  <harbhub>hmm
05:44:19  <harbhub>ya
05:44:21  <Sly>Again, just assuming. I don't know Jade.
05:44:22  <harbhub>but
05:44:29  <harbhub>hmm
05:44:35  <mdedetrich>Sly: jade is awesome
05:44:42  <harbhub>src='../images/blackwhite/' + item
05:44:44  <mdedetrich>Sly: best node.js html template out there
05:44:46  <katjang>img(src={item})
05:44:49  <harbhub>i'm going to try that
05:44:59  <Sly>mdedetrich, I've never tried it.
05:45:03  <katjang>oh, yea you need the full path
05:45:25  <harbhub>that doesnt work katjang
05:45:30  <harbhub>yep i'll need full path
05:46:07  <Sly>mdedetrich, I haven't really been focused on much lately other than working on my sandbox project. lol.
05:46:20  <harbhub>hmm
05:46:22  <harbhub>this isnt working
05:46:35  <harbhub>lol how the heck do i make it insert all the items
05:46:41  <harbhub>maybe i need to use some jquery
05:46:44  <harbhub>?
05:46:48  <katjang>how about img(src=#{item})
05:47:10  <harbhub>nope
05:47:14  <harbhub>that just returned
05:47:19  <harbhub>the file name
05:47:26  <mdedetrich>Sly: jade for html and stylus for CSS is the way to go
05:47:35  <timhudson>jesusabdullah: I've redeployed without csslint but nothing seems to be spinning up. We're still stuck with ECONNREFUSED.
05:47:37  <harbhub>GET /blackwhite 200 13ms - 170 GET /undefined1346902274509undefined 404 2ms GET /undefined19.pngundefined 404 1ms
05:48:12  <katjang>oh.. then use img(src="path/to/images/#{item}")
05:48:45  <katjang>+1 mdedetrich
05:49:21  <harbhub>that works
05:49:22  <harbhub>:)
05:49:32  <harbhub>so now i can display the images
05:49:33  <harbhub>but
05:49:42  <harbhub>i just want the image tabs
05:49:44  <harbhub>tags
05:49:45  <harbhub>so
05:49:48  <harbhub>let me try
05:49:52  <harbhub>putting them in my gallery
05:49:58  <harbhub>and see if it works
05:50:37  <jesusabdullah>timhudson: what was your username again? I don't remember
05:50:38  <Sly>mdedetrich, I'll have to check them out.
05:50:45  <timhudson>kindbeard
05:50:52  <timhudson>app boomtrainBeta
05:51:08  <jesusabdullah>kindbeard, right
05:51:23  <katjang>brb
05:51:41  <jesusabdullah>shelling into last kindbeard deploy
05:51:48  <harbhub>it works
05:51:50  <harbhub>:)
05:51:56  <jesusabdullah>^5
05:52:21  <jesusabdullah>timhudson: bcrypt
05:52:30  <jesusabdullah>timhudson: bcrypt seems to have issues on sunos right now too
05:52:32  <harbhub>thanks katjang, sly, jesus, mdedetrich
05:52:37  <harbhub>i love you all immensely
05:52:38  <timhudson>jesusabdullah: That damn bcrypt
05:52:46  <jesusabdullah>timhudson: I don't know why none of these errors are showing up in everyone's output >_<
05:52:49  <jesusabdullah>but one thing at a time I guess
05:52:57  <Sly>No problem, harbhub.
05:53:36  <jesusabdullah>I do what I can :)
05:53:39  <timhudson>jesusabdullah: any ideas on getting bcrypt to work? Find another module?
05:54:04  <jesusabdullah>ohhhh, umm
05:54:09  <jesusabdullah>let's see if this output suggests anything to me
05:54:44  <jesusabdullah>yeah, no hints as to why it doesn't build that I can see
05:54:51  <jesusabdullah>Yeah, see if you can find something that's pure js to replace it
05:54:54  <jesusabdullah>that's the safest bet usually
05:55:17  <timhudson>jesusabdullah: Thanks for the help.
05:56:22  * ryan_stevensjoined
05:57:25  <harbhub>hmm
05:57:26  <harbhub>guys
05:57:28  <harbhub>it seems that
05:57:33  <harbhub>i need to restart the server
05:57:44  <harbhub>because nodemon keeps a cache of the view i guess?
05:57:54  <harbhub>idk but i had to cntrl c
05:57:58  <harbhub>then nodemon app.js
05:58:08  <harbhub>to make the newly uploaded file appear
05:58:22  * lushiousquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
05:58:49  <Sly>harbhub, if it's using require() to load then it's probably Node that's caching it.
05:59:13  <harbhub>how can i prevent the cache?
05:59:15  <harbhub>or
05:59:22  <harbhub>just reset it when a file is uploaded?
05:59:28  <jesusabdullah>harbhub: file watching sounds like a good idea but it's actually not
05:59:32  <jesusabdullah>harbhub: trust me :)
05:59:42  <harbhub>why not? lol
06:00:05  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: just as a note
06:00:12  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: it suddenly deployed correctly
06:00:23  <jesusabdullah>interesting
06:01:14  <jesusabdullah>harbhub: it's really hard to get right, and it's nice to be able to save multiple times before restarting
06:01:36  <harbhub>did you ever get it right?
06:01:47  <harbhub>i just need to watch one directory
06:01:54  <harbhub>when a file is added/removed
06:01:57  <harbhub>then restart
06:04:01  * lushiousjoined
06:07:45  <harbhub>An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNRESET"}
06:07:51  <harbhub>what does that mean?
06:07:58  <harbhub>i tried uploading my image on the deployed site
06:07:59  <harbhub>but
06:08:03  <harbhub>it doesnt work right
06:08:04  <harbhub>o.0
06:08:20  <Sly>mdedetrich, are you busy at the moment?
06:08:34  <mdedetrich>Sly: that depends
06:08:38  <mdedetrich>what do you need
06:08:50  <Sly>mdedetrich, if it depends then don't worry about it. :P
06:08:53  <Sly>It's nothing major.
06:08:57  <harbhub>grrrrrrr
06:09:17  <harbhub>maybe i should stick to the cloud like mdede suggested
06:09:20  * __lucasjoined
06:09:50  <harbhub>mdedetrich: i would want the uploaded files from the cloud to be rendered via an image tag in my jade view
06:09:51  <harbhub>but
06:10:04  <harbhub>i kinda wanted to have separate galleries for separate images
06:10:09  <harbhub>grrr
06:10:30  <mdedetrich>you can do that with all the solutions I posted earlier
06:10:34  <mdedetrich>they have containers/buckets
06:10:54  <mdedetrich>in any case, you should reference images by a UUID
06:11:08  <mdedetrich>and use a database which links that UUID to some 'gallery'
06:12:22  <harbhub>yes but
06:12:31  <harbhub>i want each image
06:12:35  <harbhub>that exists in said gallery
06:12:41  <harbhub>to be inputted
06:13:01  <harbhub>as a single img(src='http...../img1')
06:13:12  <harbhub>then img(src='.....img2')
06:13:29  <harbhub>and basically input an img tag with the src automatically
06:13:32  <harbhub>like a list of the images
06:13:33  <harbhub>o.0
06:14:42  * blevsquit (Remote host closed the connection)
06:15:29  * ramitos_quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
06:16:24  <harbhub>well i'll work on file uploading at a later date, for now i am watching bill clinton 2012 dnc
06:20:19  * ramitosjoined
06:22:53  <mdedetrich>you should refer to images by a UUID, not a filename
06:23:15  <mdedetrich>you will have some database collection in mongodb called 'images'
06:23:33  <mdedetrich>which gives a link from UUID to actual filename (which will be stored in the cloud)
06:26:29  * booyaa_joined
06:32:57  * FUUFREENODESTOPBjoined
06:34:02  * FUUFREENODESTOPBchanged nick to `3rdEden
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06:35:55  * mdedetrichquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
06:37:34  * booyaa_quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
06:37:43  * AvianFluquit (Client Quit)
06:48:42  * mdedetrichjoined
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06:54:24  * booyaa_joined
06:57:04  * towskiquit (Remote host closed the connection)
06:59:58  * booyaa_quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
07:00:05  * chakritquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
07:00:25  * blevsjoined
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07:04:50  * ramitosquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
07:05:32  * ramitosjoined
07:07:09  <harbhub>mdedetrich: hey
07:07:39  <harbhub>your idea is awesome
07:10:32  * katjang_joined
07:10:43  <mdedetrich>harbhub: which one?
07:10:52  <harbhub>haha
07:10:54  <harbhub>basically
07:11:06  <harbhub>the collection in mongodb called 'images'
07:11:17  <harbhub>uses UUID for each file
07:11:38  <harbhub>store each file in cloud storage (which is scalable horizontally and vertically?)
07:11:43  <mdedetrich>thats the standard way of doing this type of work
07:11:49  <harbhub>it sounds epic
07:11:53  <harbhub>i'd like to do it
07:11:59  <mdedetrich>well, the cloud storage you have no control over
07:12:05  <mdedetrich>the company does the scaling for you
07:12:07  <harbhub>what do you mean?
07:12:11  <harbhub>oh
07:12:12  <mdedetrich>you just put files into it
07:12:15  <mdedetrich>and get files out of it
07:12:18  <harbhub>ok
07:12:21  <harbhub>that is fine
07:12:39  <harbhub>i love this type of work
07:12:56  <harbhub>can you help me make a simple mongodb
07:13:03  * katjangquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
07:13:03  * katjang_changed nick to katjang
07:13:13  <harbhub>i've never made a collection in a node project
07:13:23  <harbhub>i went through the website and the tutorial on it
07:13:23  <mdedetrich>uh what do you mean by make a simple mongodb
07:13:27  <harbhub>well
07:13:30  <mdedetrich>as in using the database?
07:13:32  <harbhub>a mongodb collection
07:13:36  <harbhub>called users
07:13:41  <harbhub>that i can store user names
07:13:44  <harbhub>and passwords
07:14:01  <harbhub>like a simple registration using mongodb and node
07:14:08  <harbhub>that way i learn how to make a collection
07:14:10  <harbhub>and call it
07:14:17  <harbhub>i.e. do stuff with it
07:14:38  <mdedetrich>just use mongoskin
07:14:52  <harbhub>ok, what is that, and why?
07:15:15  <harbhub>i know your advice is good (actually, i PRESUME it is good) based on past conversations with you
07:15:18  <harbhub>so i trust you
07:15:20  <harbhub>but
07:15:32  <harbhub>i like to know the reasoning for personal learning
07:15:37  <mdedetrich>well its a library for mongodb
07:15:38  * Heboquit
07:15:44  <harbhub>ok
07:15:45  <mdedetrich>I assume you just want to enter info into the database
07:15:47  <harbhub>i like libraries
07:15:52  <harbhub>yep
07:15:55  <mdedetrich>its a node.js library
07:15:56  <harbhub>lets enter user names
07:16:00  <harbhub>and assign passwords to them
07:16:12  <harbhub>i like nodejs library since we are talking about node and mongo
07:16:16  <mdedetrich>well you need to setup a db first, usually a local db and the actual server db
07:16:24  <harbhub>i have the local db
07:16:24  <mdedetrich>local db is just for local use
07:16:30  <harbhub>i made a test collection a while ago
07:19:59  * shamaquit (Quit: shama)
07:20:32  <mdedetrich>how did you make the collection
07:20:35  <mdedetrich>was it directly?
07:20:59  <harbhub>yes
07:21:02  <harbhub>it was in the console
07:21:07  <harbhub>just a test collection
07:21:14  <harbhub>mongoskin looks friendly
07:21:26  <harbhub>var mongo = require('mongoskin');
07:21:47  <harbhub>mongo.createCollection('myCollection')
07:22:14  <harbhub>hmm
07:22:17  <harbhub>i like this
07:22:24  <harbhub>i will spend time on it over the weekend and on friday
07:22:32  <harbhub>i'll make my first 'user' collection
07:22:42  <harbhub>that lets user's sign up on my node site
07:22:46  <harbhub>and validates them
07:22:51  * vvojoined
07:22:52  <harbhub>and creates a UUID for them
07:23:00  <harbhub>and hashes their password
07:23:06  <harbhub>:)
07:23:23  <harbhub>sounds like a lot, but once i do it, i can do it again and again quickly
07:24:04  * booyaa_quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
07:24:57  <timhudson>I just switched my domain from one app to another in my package.json. Will this take time to propagate?
07:24:57  <harbhub>node-validator
07:24:59  <harbhub>looks awesome
07:25:03  <harbhub>i will look into that, too
07:25:11  <harbhub>thanks mdedetrich, now i have a starting point
07:25:18  <harbhub>soon i want to have user logic
07:25:23  <harbhub>and file uploads to a cloud
07:25:33  <mdedetrich>well the beautiful thing about mongodb, is, its just javascript
07:25:37  <harbhub>and a jade view that renders stuff from the cloud
07:25:41  <harbhub>wow
07:25:46  <harbhub>mongodb is javascript!?
07:25:46  <mdedetrich>so to insert an object into a mongodb collection
07:25:49  <harbhub>that is beauty
07:25:49  <timhudson>the domain is still pointing to the original app
07:25:53  <mdedetrich>you must make a javascript object
07:25:57  <mdedetrich>and insert it as a collection
07:25:58  <harbhub>awesome
07:26:05  <harbhub>l love making objects in js
07:26:09  <mdedetrich>you also get back javascript objects (well an array of objects)
07:26:10  <harbhub>so that is PERFECT
07:26:14  <harbhub>it fits with node perfectly
07:26:23  <mdedetrich>well to be exact
07:26:24  <mdedetrich>its JSON
07:26:30  <harbhub>yep
07:26:31  <mdedetrich>which is a subject of javascript
07:26:38  <harbhub>javascript object notation
07:26:39  <mdedetrich>but it automatically eta turned into a JS object
07:26:43  <mdedetrich>*gets
07:26:56  <harbhub>i've watched a talk by the guy who wrote Javascript The Good Parts (he made JSON)
07:27:03  <harbhub>well he standardized json
07:27:08  <harbhub>that is sweet
07:27:16  <harbhub>once i learn mongodb and sharding
07:27:19  <harbhub>i will be a pro!
07:27:47  * jetiennejoined
07:27:47  * ryan_stevensquit (Quit: Leaving.)
07:30:16  * jetiennequit (Client Quit)
07:31:25  * toonketelsquit (Remote host closed the connection)
07:31:39  * toonketelsjoined
07:32:34  <harbhub>mdedetrich, on saturday i want to spend the day learning mongodb (and mongoskin and node-validator)
07:32:53  <mdedetrich>yup, I use mongoskin and node-validtor
07:33:00  <harbhub>like a boss
07:33:01  <harbhub>:)
07:34:12  <Sly>Anyone want to provide me with some test cases or suggestions for system commands that should be blocked by default in a sandbox?
07:34:31  <Sly>So far, I have things like sudo, su, exec, reboot, shutdown, openssl, and base64.
07:34:51  <mdedetrich>Sly: may I ask, what are you trying to do?
07:34:53  <harbhub>you are a sly one, Sly
07:34:59  <Sly>mdedetrich, https://github.com/Southern/armour
07:35:03  <Sly>That'll explain everything.
07:35:31  <mdedetrich>oh
07:35:41  <mdedetrich>I'm not sure you can answer that question properly
07:35:48  <mdedetrich>because its non deterministic
07:35:54  <mdedetrich>it depends on what OS you have
07:36:00  <mdedetrich>for example Solaris doesn't even have sudo
07:36:16  <Sly>Yes, but this shouldn't execute the command anyway.
07:36:19  <Sly>It blocks it within the sandbox.
07:36:23  <Sly>Even if it doesn't have "sudo", it'll still block sudo.
07:36:39  <Sly>That's the point of blocking it. :P
07:36:39  <mdedetrich>so is this a whitelist or a blacklist
07:36:49  <Sly>Blacklist.
07:36:54  * cgsawtelljoined
07:37:00  <Sly>It's allowed until it's blocked.
07:37:09  <Sly>But it can also be unblocked.
07:37:14  <Sly>Sandbox.unblock('sudo')
07:37:26  <harbhub>Sly: are you a hacker?
07:37:35  * jetiennejoined
07:37:36  * MannyCaljoined
07:38:05  <harbhub>sly: you should hack yahoo
07:38:22  <Sly>harbhub, I'll pass.
07:38:27  <mdedetrich>harbhub: not sure why you would, they don't have any money
07:38:31  <Sly>^
07:38:33  <harbhub>lol
07:38:41  <harbhub>love ya both
07:38:50  <harbhub>you are both pro
07:39:08  <harbhub>we should really all team up
07:39:10  <harbhub>and make something great
07:39:10  <coderarity>so pr0
07:39:22  <harbhub>lol
07:39:26  <harbhub>codeee hey
07:39:35  <coderarity>hi
07:40:04  <mdedetrich>hey coderarity, I asked jesus earlier and I didn't think he had time to answer me
07:40:11  <harbhub>i'm going to make a chess game in javascript to better my understanding of game logic in javascript
07:40:17  <mdedetrich>coderarity: is there any solution for a horizontally scalable job schedular
07:40:18  <coderarity>mdedetrich: not unlikely, but what's up?
07:40:27  <mdedetrich>on nodejitsu
07:40:52  <mdedetrich>or is this something I should just do on an IaaS like joyent
07:41:00  <coderarity>job scheduler? like something that creates multiple drones that each run a job?
07:41:15  <mdedetrich>well like a crontab, however it horizontally scales
07:41:34  <mdedetrich>like I could use node-cron, however it would only work if its a single server instance (or drone or whatever you want to call it)
07:41:43  <harbhub>i haven't looked up horizontal scaling, but i think i get it from what you say
07:41:47  <coderarity>well, no, but you could build one
07:42:02  <harbhub>horizontal as in it can work across a bunch of servers? i.e. add more servers
07:42:13  <mdedetrich>harbhub: yes
07:42:23  <harbhub>:)
07:42:29  <harbhub>so what the hell is vertical scaling?
07:42:29  <mdedetrich>coderarity: well yeah, I could build one, but there is a reason why I am asking
07:42:31  <harbhub>lol
07:42:42  <mdedetrich>harbhub: increasing memory/CPU of a single machine
07:42:51  <coderarity>yeah, but you wouldn't necessarily needjoyent for that, if you built it with node
07:42:53  <harbhub>so a mongodb can be shared across numerous servers?
07:43:02  <mdedetrich>harbhub: yup
07:43:10  <harbhub>like i could have 20 servers accessing the 'users' collection?
07:43:21  <harbhub>cool
07:43:21  <mdedetrich>yes
07:43:28  <mdedetrich>coderarity: well it was just an example
07:43:36  <coderarity>harbhub: nodejitsu does horizontal scaling, we don't really have vertical scaling
07:43:41  <harbhub>horizontal > vertical
07:43:46  <harbhub>in this context at least
07:43:47  <mdedetrich>coderarity: but since nodejitsu is a PaaS, it doesn't seem like its possible
07:43:54  <mdedetrich>harbhub: not always, depends on what you do
07:44:01  <coderarity>mdedetrich: why wouldn't it be?
07:44:17  <coderarity>mdedetrich: if it's on node it'll run
07:44:25  <mdedetrich>coderarity: thats not the issue
07:44:35  <mdedetrich>coderarity: i would need the ability for the nodes in the cluster to talk to eachother
07:44:46  <coderarity>mdedetrich: i see
07:44:46  <mdedetrich>coderarity: like if I used node-cron
07:44:59  <mdedetrich>coderarity: then every node in the cluster would execute the task
07:45:09  <mdedetrich>coderarity: you only want it to be executed once
07:45:15  <coderarity>yes, of course
07:45:35  <mdedetrich>its a very real problem for non trivial apps
07:45:38  <coderarity>mdedetrich: well, we're working on getting hook.io working on nodejitsu, which might end up making that much moe possible
07:45:53  <coderarity>mdedetrich: but I think it is possible now if you use something like rabbitmq
07:46:13  <coderarity>the idea is to have each node connect to the messaging server to communicate with eachother
07:46:34  <mdedetrich>yeah, its just that the process is very manual
07:46:48  <mdedetrich>like it would be awesome if you can just specify a script in your package.json
07:47:03  <mdedetrich>that would execute every X, and nodejitsu would take care of the rest
07:47:15  <coderarity>yeah, we don't have that at this point
07:47:33  <harbhub>you know what else would be awesome?
07:47:37  <coderarity>i'm not sure there are plans to add that, but afaik it is still planned to get hook.io to run on nodejitsu
07:47:40  <harbhub>if we all worked on one project together
07:47:45  <harbhub>and made an awesome 3-d game
07:47:48  <harbhub>o.0
07:48:28  <mdedetrich>coderarity: for now I will probably just run a big server on joyent
07:48:36  <booyaa>harbhub: join the next node knockout
07:48:37  <mdedetrich>that will do the scheduling
07:48:43  <booyaa>then you can realise your dreams
07:49:00  <harbhub>booya: ok lets all join
07:50:13  <timhudson>codearity: Can I get some help with my custom domain? I just switched it from one app to another but it isn't taking. Does it need to propagate?
07:50:28  * graeme_fjoined
07:51:02  <coderarity>mdedetrich: that may be a good idea for now
07:51:44  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
07:51:46  <coderarity>timhudson: no, it shouldn't
07:51:53  <mdedetrich>coderarity: yup exactly, however the idea i had earlier would be awesome, its one of the reasons why java got such high penetration into clustering servers
07:52:20  <coderarity>timhudson: which apps are you migrating from/to?
07:52:46  <timhudson>I deleted the first app (boomtrainBeta) and then deployed the second (boomtrainapp) with the domain set in the package.json.
07:52:56  <timhudson>I was switching users too
07:53:13  <coderarity>and did it deploy successfully?
07:53:15  <timhudson>was kindbeard, now deployed with boomtrain
07:53:55  <timhudson>No, not initially. I had to 'jitsu start'.
07:54:12  <coderarity>timhudson: i see, maybe the database didn't update correctly. try deploying again?
07:54:35  <timhudson>ok, I'll try that. Thanks
07:56:38  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
07:58:19  * flockonuspart
08:00:24  <mdedetrich>coderarity: oh btw, how powerful are the nodes on nodejitsu?
08:00:57  <coderarity>mdedetrich: i believe it's 256 MB drones
08:01:06  <mdedetrich>hmm
08:01:31  <mdedetrich>coderarity: would there be business/enterprise plans that have the ability to change this?
08:01:39  <coderarity>lemme go check
08:02:44  * mmaleckijoined
08:03:10  <mdedetrich>coderarity: its not completely urgent, just asking in general
08:04:06  <harbhub>hey guys
08:04:09  <harbhub>so with mongodb
08:04:12  <harbhub>using mongoskin
08:04:16  <harbhub>and deploying on nodejitsu
08:04:17  <coderarity>free: 48421896 on a clean drone
08:04:22  <harbhub>do i use localhost?
08:04:39  <coderarity>no
08:04:40  <mdedetrich>harbhub: check the nodejitsu websote
08:04:47  <mdedetrich>coderarity: it def would not be localhost
08:04:50  <mdedetrich>woops
08:04:51  <mdedetrich>wrong person
08:04:57  <harbhub>lol
08:05:09  <coderarity>mdedetrich: i agree!
08:05:23  <mdedetrich>coderarity: oh really?
08:05:36  <coderarity>mdedetrich: yes, also it's definitely 256 MB
08:05:45  <mdedetrich>coderarity: and CPU?
08:05:55  <coderarity>mdedetrich: it's 1 virtual core
08:06:04  <harbhub>so i use the cloud from mongohq?
08:06:20  <coderarity>harbhub: gotta connect to the mongohq url they gave you
08:06:41  <harbhub>i need to get one from mongohq then
08:06:47  <harbhub>so i can cloud store my mongodb
08:06:53  <harbhub>and horizontally scale my app
08:06:54  <harbhub>:)
08:06:59  <coderarity>harbhub: `jitsu databases create`
08:08:00  <harbhub>hmm
08:08:04  <harbhub>this is going to take a lot of work
08:08:15  <harbhub>will be nice to have my cloud hosted db though
08:08:30  <coderarity>harbhub: also, you're right, you need to host it on mongohq for scalability
08:09:12  <coderarity>harbhub: hmm, it's actually super easy, `jitsu databases create mongo myDatabase`
08:09:26  <harbhub>then
08:09:28  <coderarity>and then it basically tells you everything you need to know
08:09:32  <harbhub>i can add collections to myDatabase?
08:09:42  <coderarity>harbhub: yes
08:09:44  <harbhub>and sharding?
08:09:49  <coderarity>harbhub: ehhh no
08:10:03  <harbhub>do i need to shard?
08:10:04  <coderarity>harbhub: if you actually need that, contact us and we'll work something out
08:10:09  <coderarity>harbhub: no, not yet
08:10:16  <harbhub>when do i need sharding?
08:10:19  <coderarity>harbhub: only if your database starts struggling to keep up
08:10:27  <coderarity>harbhub: when you're rich ;P
08:10:27  <harbhub>i watched a talk from the guy that made craigs list
08:10:34  <harbhub>sweet
08:10:36  <harbhub>:)
08:11:11  <mdedetrich>coderarity: nodejitsu does support replication for mongodb databases?
08:11:44  <coderarity>mdedetrich: `jitsu databases create mongo myDatabase` creates a mongohq database
08:11:53  <coderarity>mdedetrich: so if mongohq supports it, you can move to that
08:12:07  <harbhub>mongodb://<user>:<password>@alex.mongohq.com:10099/harbhub
08:12:10  <mdedetrich>oh its mongohq database
08:12:11  <mdedetrich>my bad
08:12:32  <coderarity>the things we give you are just little sandboxes
08:12:40  <coderarity>but we can talk to mongohq to move it up if we need to
08:12:40  <harbhub>that is the uri for my free mongohq database
08:12:49  <harbhub>ok
08:12:55  <harbhub>i'm using my baby box for now
08:13:01  <harbhub>so i have the uri
08:13:02  <harbhub>but
08:13:14  <harbhub>i feel like i'm supposed to add myself as a user of something
08:13:16  <harbhub>mongodb://<user>:<password>@alex.mongohq.com:10099/harbhub
08:13:30  <harbhub>mongodb://[email protected]:[email protected]:10099/harbhub
08:13:34  <coderarity>no
08:13:36  <harbhub>is that how i enter?
08:13:38  <coderarity>it should have given you something
08:13:59  <coderarity>well, that's how you enter the username and password
08:14:06  <harbhub>it says i can add users
08:14:14  <harbhub>should i add myself?
08:14:21  <coderarity>harbhub: oh, is this on the mongohq website?
08:14:27  <harbhub>yes
08:14:37  <coderarity>harbhub: oh yeah, then that's probably right, you need to add a user
08:14:40  <harbhub>can i do it all through jitsu databases?
08:14:47  <coderarity>no
08:14:56  <coderarity>just use the mongohq website if you're that far
08:15:00  <coderarity>it's just a little convenience
08:15:13  <harbhub>harbhub
08:15:15  <harbhub>is my username now
08:15:16  <harbhub>:)
08:15:39  <harbhub>so
08:15:50  <harbhub>do i use my USERNAME? or my database username?
08:16:00  <harbhub>[email protected] is the username i signed up wiht
08:16:08  <harbhub>harbhub is the database username i entered
08:16:14  <harbhub>when i created/added a user
08:16:15  <harbhub>o.0
08:16:51  <coderarity>use your database username
08:17:00  <harbhub>ok
08:17:08  <harbhub>i'm confused on how to get started
08:17:26  <harbhub>var mongodb = require('mongodb');
08:17:37  * toonketelsquit (Remote host closed the connection)
08:17:59  * toonketelsjoined
08:18:06  <harbhub>var db = new mongodb.harbhub
08:18:06  <harbhub>?
08:18:17  <coderarity>what? no
08:18:17  <harbhub>i named the database harbhub
08:18:23  <coderarity>look at the documentation
08:18:30  <coderarity>mongodb has a TON of documentation
08:18:32  <harbhub>where?
08:18:43  <harbhub>oh
08:18:45  <harbhub>well
08:18:47  <coderarity>http://mongodb.github.com/node-mongodb-native/
08:18:51  <coderarity>it's pretty great actually
08:18:58  * timhudsonquit (Quit: Lost terminal)
08:19:01  <harbhub>i mean specifically with using nodejitsu
08:19:05  <harbhub>i'll check that out
08:19:06  <coderarity>i just finished the resourceful mongodb driver
08:19:18  <coderarity>harbhub: it doesn't matter that it's on nodejitsu, just that it's using node,js
08:19:21  <coderarity>node.js*
08:19:31  <coderarity>should work like any other node.js mongodb connection
08:19:40  <harbhub>ok
08:19:48  <harbhub>this is my very first mongodb + node
08:19:50  <harbhub>ever
08:20:07  <harbhub>yea i still dont know where to start
08:20:12  <harbhub>i just want to make a collection
08:20:18  <harbhub>is that too much to ask for?
08:20:23  <harbhub>heh
08:20:53  <harbhub>var mongodb = require("mongodb"), mongoserver = new mongodb.Server(host, port, server_options), db_connector = new mongodb.Db(name, mongoserver, db_options); db_connector.open(callback);
08:20:58  <harbhub>this is where i am stuck
08:21:01  <harbhub>host = ?
08:21:15  <harbhub>and i mean
08:21:18  <harbhub>i made a db already
08:21:23  <harbhub>harbhub is its name
08:21:34  <harbhub>so i dont know if i create new or just somehow call that one
08:22:09  <harbhub>my first goal is to access the database from mongohq
08:22:13  <harbhub>in my app
08:22:23  <harbhub>so that i can start using stuff like .createCollection()
08:24:04  <harbhub>do i use the default port?
08:24:11  <harbhub>27017
08:25:51  <harbhub>i'm going to sleep
08:25:53  * spolujoined
08:25:56  <harbhub>night all
08:26:04  <harbhub>night coderarirty
08:26:11  <harbhub>coderarity*
08:26:17  * harbhubquit (Quit: Page closed)
08:26:18  <coderarity>night
08:28:47  * limptwigletjoined
08:29:04  <Sly>coderarity, okay to PM you?
08:30:32  * limptwigletquit (Client Quit)
08:31:21  * spolu_joined
08:32:08  * spoluquit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
08:35:29  * spolu_quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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08:46:18  * hichaelmartquit (Remote host closed the connection)
08:48:26  * cgsawtellquit (Quit: cgsawtell)
08:48:37  * eldiosjoined
08:49:50  <coderarity>Sly: sure
08:50:21  <coderarity>Sly: surprised I missed that, my computer beeps at me on every message :P
08:50:27  <Sly>:P
08:50:31  * thepumpkinquit (Remote host closed the connection)
08:54:31  * limptwigletquit (Quit: Leaving.)
08:56:39  * graeme_fjoined
09:05:46  * limptwigletjoined
09:15:50  <shiawuen>I do a deploy using jitsu and it says server started, but when I accessing the page I got "An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}"
09:16:00  <shiawuen>what did I do wrong?
09:16:27  <coderarity>mmalecki: is this still something you should know about? ^
09:17:16  <shiawuen>previously I wasn't using redis, after I start using redis then this error start occur
09:18:17  <shiawuen>in the log it keeps complain about this "ld.so.1: node: fatal: relocation error: file /opt/haibu/apps/shiawuen/fm-muxtape-asset/package/node_modules/redis/node_modules/hiredis/build/Release/hiredis.node: symbol redisReaderCreate: referenced symbol not found"
09:18:27  <coderarity>oh
09:18:48  <shiawuen>I did sth wrong?
09:18:48  <coderarity>shiawuen: you may not use hiredis, because it won't build on the smartmachines correctly
09:18:55  <shiawuen>ah
09:19:05  <coderarity>shiawuen: so just like, bundl the redis dependency, and remove hiredis from the redis package.json
09:19:06  <shiawuen>I removed it from the package.json already
09:19:14  <shiawuen>but it still persist =\
09:19:15  <coderarity>oh, most interesting
09:19:24  <coderarity>are you sure that's recent?
09:19:31  <shiawuen>just today
09:19:48  <shiawuen>added redis today
09:21:28  <shiawuen>Here is the dependencies definition I have: "dependencies": { "express": "3.0.0rc4", "jade": "*", "redis": "0.7.x" }
09:21:55  <shiawuen>hired is was there, after I got the error then I remove it
09:22:13  <shiawuen>arr…stupid auto spelling correction
09:22:26  <coderarity>shiawuen: i see
09:22:50  <coderarity>shiawuen: but you've also got to remove it from redis's package.json
09:22:54  * hichaelmartjoined
09:23:05  <shiawuen>:O
09:23:14  <coderarity>shiawuen: so you should bundle the redis dependency, by adding "bundleDependencies": ["redis"]
09:23:32  <coderarity>and then cd node_modules/redis; vim package.json and remove the hiredis dependency
09:24:04  * yawn_joined
09:24:27  <mmalecki>coderarity: YES
09:24:29  <yawn_>who loves me and wants to signup with my referral on blitz.io so i get free connection?
09:24:32  <yawn_>:3
09:24:36  * yawn_changed nick to yawnt
09:24:42  <shiawuen>hiredis is not defined in the redis package.json
09:24:47  <mmalecki>I'm considering comitting suicide if I can't figure those out
09:24:51  <coderarity>shiawuen: https://github.com/mranney/node_redis/blob/master/package.json#L15-17
09:25:00  <yawnt>coderarity: yo, how did the bread go?
09:25:20  <coderarity>yawnt: well, except the bread got stuck to the paper it was cooking on
09:25:29  <coderarity>it still tasted good, though
09:25:30  <coderarity>:P
09:25:32  <yawnt>nice :D
09:25:46  <yawnt>you should put some milk on it
09:25:52  <yawnt>with a brush
09:25:58  <yawnt>so it doesn't get stuck
09:25:58  <coderarity>i did
09:26:00  <coderarity>on the TOP
09:26:04  <coderarity>but i didn't do it on the bottom
09:26:05  <coderarity>:P
09:26:08  <yawnt>lol
09:26:17  <coderarity>well, i'll remember to do that next time :D
09:26:26  <yawnt>yup
09:26:48  * Init--WithStyle-quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
09:26:57  <coderarity>and also there was tons of bread and i didn't know what to do and then i got drunk and ate it all and that ended terribly
09:28:09  <coderarity>but it was very good bread :D
09:28:13  <yawnt>hahaha
09:28:27  <yawnt>bread helps when you're drunk though
09:28:37  <shiawuen>trying out…let you guys know how it goes in awhile
09:32:38  <shiawuen>looks like the one installed on nodejitsu already have hiredis as dependency =\
09:32:58  <shiawuen>removing the dependencies from the package.json not help
09:33:07  <coderarity>yawnt: yeah, unless you have too much, my stomach couldn't handle that :P
09:33:20  <yawnt>ouch
09:36:14  <yawnt>i went to get my uni flat yesterday
09:36:22  <yawnt>40 MB/s D/L - 10 MB/s U/L
09:36:24  <yawnt>:Q_
09:36:31  <coderarity>wait
09:36:33  <coderarity>no way
09:36:36  <booyaa>heh
09:36:44  <yawnt>yeah
09:36:48  <yawnt>i got the screenshot
09:36:50  <yawnt>hold on
09:37:01  <yawnt>http://www.speedtest.net/result/2161008435.png
09:37:11  <coderarity>yawnt: what do you mean by uni flat though?
09:37:20  <yawnt>apartment for the university
09:37:26  <coderarity>really?
09:37:29  <yawnt>yep
09:37:32  <coderarity>you're going to live there?
09:37:35  <yawnt>yep
09:37:35  <coderarity>with that internet?
09:37:37  <yawnt>yep
09:37:48  <coderarity>whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
09:37:52  <yawnt>i thinking of hosting a server in the fridge lol, or something like that
09:37:52  <coderarity>how do I get in on this?
09:38:02  <yawnt>come to italy
09:38:05  <yawnt>lol
09:38:10  <yawnt>well actually internet sucks a lot here
09:38:14  <coderarity>yawnt: waaait, is the speedtest server it chose in your university?
09:38:26  <yawnt>but the uni i'm going to has like special financial aids
09:38:29  <yawnt>so it's all fiber
09:38:31  <coderarity>innsbruck, i've been there!
09:38:37  <yawnt>it's not innsbruck
09:38:42  <yawnt>it's bozen, which is in italy
09:38:45  <coderarity>that's where you connected to, though
09:38:55  <coderarity>for the speedtest
09:39:00  <yawnt>yeah
09:39:04  <yawnt>bozen is in northern italy
09:39:10  <yawnt>really close to austria
09:39:15  <coderarity>i see
09:39:17  <yawnt>so that's the server speedtest chose
09:39:25  <coderarity>yawnt: i am reconsidering not living on campus now
09:39:45  <coderarity>yawnt: i need to find a university with fiber internet and transfer there
09:40:01  <yawnt>lol
09:40:04  <yawnt>it's not actually uni
09:40:06  <yawnt>basically in italy
09:40:13  <yawnt>there are a few regions (think of your states)
09:40:19  <yawnt>that because of past stuff have financial aids
09:40:24  <yawnt>bozen is in one of those
09:40:38  <yawnt>so region pays for pretty much everything when it comes to education
09:40:39  <coderarity>all college station has is suddenlink 10 Mbit/s, which I share with 3 other people who are on the internet as much as i am :P
09:40:46  <yawnt>and it provides students
09:40:53  <coderarity>oh, wow
09:40:54  <yawnt>with apartments
09:41:03  <yawnt>260€/month
09:41:04  <coderarity>there's a few states that do free college
09:41:17  <yawnt>which is really cheap.. you usually can't find anything for < 400-500€
09:41:24  <coderarity>indiana is one of them, but we left that state :\
09:41:34  <yawnt>so everyone that goes in this uni lives in the region's apartments, and they have fiber
09:41:35  <coderarity>yawnt: i see
09:42:00  <coderarity>yawnt: 260 euro a month sounds pretty good, that's what, 450$?
09:42:07  <yawnt>to be honest.. i made that speedtest when a few people where there, it's going to be slower when people start to move in, but still
09:42:17  <coderarity>i pay 312$, which is probably like 180 euro
09:42:26  <yawnt>not
09:42:28  <coderarity>yawnt: yeah, probably
09:42:31  <yawnt>it's 330$
09:42:34  <yawnt>260€
09:42:37  <coderarity>really?
09:42:39  <yawnt>yep
09:42:51  <coderarity>i guess it's been a long time since i lived in europe, :P
09:42:54  <yawnt>i get kitchen + bathroom
09:42:57  <coderarity>it was like 0.65 when i was there
09:43:00  <yawnt>+ bedroom
09:43:04  <yawnt>all for myself
09:43:08  <yawnt>330$ / month
09:43:10  <coderarity>yawnt: that's awesome
09:43:13  <yawnt>yeah
09:43:17  <Sly>Wow.
09:43:20  <Sly>I wish it was that cheap around here.
09:43:28  <yawnt>Sly: where are you from Sly ?
09:43:36  <Sly>NC
09:43:47  <yawnt>north carolina?
09:43:56  <Sly>Indeed.
09:44:14  <yawnt>got that one right :D
09:44:27  <yawnt>Sly: it isn't everywhere like that, as i said, it's a region with financial aids
09:44:33  <yawnt>they pay very little taxes
09:44:46  <yawnt>*tax
09:44:49  <yawnt>anyway
09:44:51  <coderarity>wow, it's 0.8?
09:44:57  <yawnt>yep
09:45:02  <coderarity>i guess america is catching up
09:45:07  <yawnt>grew quite a lot (unfortunately)
09:45:08  <yawnt>:P
09:45:09  <coderarity>the entire time i lived there, it was never that good
09:45:13  <yawnt>yeah
09:45:20  <yawnt>but it isn't america that's catching up
09:45:25  <yawnt>it's shit that happens in europe
09:45:30  <yawnt>greece is pretty much collapsing
09:45:35  <coderarity>well, yes
09:45:36  <yawnt>italy ain't doing any better
09:45:56  <yawnt>and spain and portugal are having a hard time
09:46:04  <yawnt>the only state that keeps up is germany
09:46:09  <Sly>Are we talking about currency conversion?
09:46:12  <yawnt>yep
09:46:22  <yawnt>coderarity: switches topic quite quickly lol
09:46:29  <Sly>lol.
09:46:44  <yawnt>i should have photos of my place
09:46:55  <coderarity>yes, i do
09:47:26  <jetienne>hi
09:47:33  <coderarity>yawnt: are there bugs? at 330$/month there must be bugs
09:47:40  <coderarity>jetienne: hey
09:47:49  <yawnt>probably software bugs
09:47:55  <yawnt>like insted of 3300$ they wrote 330
09:48:01  <yawnt>:P
09:48:32  <coderarity>yawnt: is internet included?
09:48:42  <yawnt>10 $ / month
09:48:59  <yawnt>everything else is included
09:49:03  <yawnt>they even clean the flat once a week
09:49:04  <yawnt>:)
09:49:11  <coderarity>wow
09:49:15  <yawnt>http://is.gd/gtFXyv
09:49:18  <yawnt>^ kitchen
09:49:28  <coderarity>yawnt: WOW
09:49:41  <coderarity>yawnt: you should see OUR kitchen, it's TERRIBLE compared to that
09:49:55  <yawnt>the building was opened in 2009
09:49:58  <yawnt>so everything is fairly
09:49:58  <yawnt>new
09:50:31  <coderarity>and you guys have that BETTER power
09:50:33  <yawnt>http://is.gd/AaAc3d
09:50:41  <coderarity>i miss having 220v
09:50:46  <coderarity>or was it like 240v?
09:50:53  <yawnt>220
09:50:55  <mmalecki>220 V
09:50:58  <yawnt>yeah
09:51:02  <yawnt>110 kinda sucks
09:51:03  <yawnt>sup mmalecki
09:51:09  <mmalecki>yawnt: just cooked a dinner!
09:51:16  <yawnt>AWESOME
09:51:18  <yawnt>what did you do?
09:51:27  <mmalecki>sauteed pasta with mushrooms and onion
09:51:34  <yawnt>nice :D
09:51:43  <yawnt>onion with olive oil?
09:52:12  <yawnt>http://is.gd/Fsqte9 also bed
09:52:23  <mmalecki>yup, olive oil
09:52:28  <coderarity>man, i miss europe
09:52:32  <coderarity>europe had the BEST beds
09:52:33  <yawnt>get on a plane
09:52:37  <coderarity>so comfortable
09:52:41  <mmalecki>yawnt: any ideas for tomorrow?
09:52:44  <yawnt>we can all go party at mmalecki's place
09:52:51  <mmalecki>OH HELL YEAH.
09:52:53  <yawnt>aha
09:52:58  <mmalecki>AvianFlu will be here after LXJS btw
09:53:02  <yawnt>really
09:53:03  <yawnt>cool
09:53:13  <yawnt>i'd be happy to self-invite myself
09:53:16  <yawnt>but i have uni :(
09:53:30  <mmalecki>I mean, week ain't gonna change anything man
09:53:36  <yawnt>i mean
09:53:38  <yawnt>there's exam
09:53:41  <yawnt>FIRSt WEEK
09:53:43  <yawnt>FIRST EXAM
09:53:45  <yawnt>fuck college.
09:53:51  <yawnt>math assesment test
09:53:59  <yawnt>anyway what do you have in the fridge?
09:54:01  <yawnt>WIAT
09:54:02  <yawnt>I KNOW
09:54:25  <yawnt>do you have ricotta cheese?
09:54:33  <yawnt>or can you get it somewhere
09:54:38  <mmalecki>I don't have any cheese, but I can buy it easily
09:54:43  <yawnt>you need ricotta
09:54:46  <yawnt>not like cheese, ricotta
09:54:54  <yawnt>http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/40/Ricotta_salata_e_zucchina.jpg/220px-Ricotta_salata_e_zucchina.jpg
09:54:54  <mmalecki>okay
09:54:57  <yawnt>pic
09:54:59  <yawnt>it's the white thing on the right
09:55:09  <mmalecki>oh, sure
09:55:13  <yawnt>great
09:55:15  <mmalecki>yeah, I've seen it here
09:55:27  <yawnt>then you need
09:55:28  <yawnt>basil
09:55:30  <Sly>Cheese <3
09:55:31  <yawnt>fresh basil leaves
09:55:37  <mmalecki>easy
09:55:44  <yawnt>olive oil
09:55:58  <yawnt>parmesan cheese, as fresh as you can find it
09:56:01  <yawnt>garlic
09:56:08  <yawnt>fresh tomatoes.. like 3 of them
09:56:15  <yawnt>salt and pepper
09:56:28  <yawnt>and pine nuts
09:56:30  <yawnt>that's all
09:56:31  <yawnt>:D
09:56:34  <yawnt>super awesome
09:56:58  <mmalecki>do I, like, do anything with them?
09:57:05  <mmalecki>or just eat them all at once :D ?
09:57:07  <yawnt>lol
09:57:08  <yawnt>sure
09:57:15  <yawnt>i was waiting for you to say anything
09:57:15  * mdedetrichquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
09:57:16  <yawnt>ayway
09:57:18  <yawnt>grab a bowl
09:57:25  <yawnt>put basil leaves, pine nuts
09:57:31  <yawnt>garlic
09:57:33  <yawnt>parmesan
09:57:38  * stagasjoined
09:57:39  <yawnt>ricotta cheese and oil
09:57:41  <yawnt>all at once
09:57:42  <yawnt>then
09:58:05  <yawnt>cut the tomatoes in half, take out the inner part.. they should be as dry as possible
09:58:11  <yawnt>(but don't buy dry tomatoes, fresh)
09:58:21  <yawnt>just take out the inner part with a spoon
09:58:25  <yawnt>then cut them in little blocks
09:58:35  <yawnt>and mix em in the bowl
09:58:46  <yawnt>take everything you have in the bowl, put it in a mixer, start mixing
09:58:55  <yawnt>cook some pasta, mix everything and voilà
09:58:56  <yawnt>you're done
09:58:59  <yawnt>pretty simple :D
09:59:09  <mmalecki>oh, I need a mixer then
09:59:27  <yawnt>i can also give you the dosage
09:59:29  <yawnt>if you need me to
09:59:38  <mmalecki>meh, I can imagine
10:00:42  <yawnt>150 gr ricotta, 150 ml oil, 50 gr pine nuts, 1 garlic clove, 100gr parmesan
10:00:43  <yawnt>too late :P
10:00:53  <yawnt>imagine the rest lol
10:00:57  <mmalecki>lol okay
10:01:02  <mmalecki>~/irclogs is my cookbook!
10:01:05  <yawnt>hah
10:01:17  <yawnt>next up is pizza mmalecki
10:01:20  <yawnt>that's even easier
10:01:20  <coderarity>mmalecki: that's what I did with the bread :P
10:01:42  <yawnt>coderarity: i'm having a hard times finding hamburgers
10:01:43  <yawnt>:(
10:01:48  <yawnt>they taste like plastic here
10:02:14  <coderarity>yawnt: go pay some american to buy you food at the BX, :P
10:02:18  <yawnt>i should just learn how to butcher a cow i guess |:
10:02:24  <yawnt>coderarity: yeah you know the Ederle Base?
10:02:27  <yawnt>northern italy?
10:02:36  <coderarity>nah, i haven't heard of it
10:02:48  <yawnt>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caserma_Ederle
10:02:56  <yawnt>i kinda live near there
10:03:51  <Sly>Rawrrrrrr...
10:04:01  <Sly>This food talk has me hungry.
10:04:05  <Sly>>:|
10:04:25  <mmalecki>yawnt: I bet they can fly to the closes walmart
10:04:27  <coderarity>yawnt: idk if they have a BX there, though
10:04:44  * sven__joined
10:04:51  <coderarity>they might have something small there, though
10:05:03  <coderarity>like there was a british store on base where i was in germany
10:05:38  <coderarity>tbh there might not be american troops there anymore, they've been shutting down bases and stuff
10:05:44  <yawnt>i buy roasted coffee from them
10:05:53  <coderarity>oh, well, tehre you go :P
10:05:56  <Sly>yawnt, come cook what you were just telling mmalecki about.
10:05:59  <yawnt>i got an american coffee machine, but you can't find coffee here
10:05:59  <Sly>Please and thank you.
10:06:07  <yawnt>Sly: i made it two days ago
10:06:11  <yawnt>gotta do other stuff next
10:06:19  <yawnt>i'm thinking of doing a danish recipe i tried once
10:06:23  <yawnt>and it came out pretty good
10:06:33  <yawnt>they're basically meat balls, cooked in beer and lime juice
10:06:36  <yawnt>:3
10:06:36  <coderarity>idk how long I could live without a good dunkin donuts coffee
10:06:44  <coderarity>or starbucks, they're pretty good
10:06:50  <yawnt>starbucks's good
10:07:08  <yawnt>Sly: i'll cook something this evening and link a pic okay? :P
10:07:12  <yawnt>let's see what i can do
10:07:18  <Sly>yawnt, no. No, no, no. Don't tease me.
10:07:36  <yawnt>har har
10:07:48  <coderarity>yawnt: europe sounds like it's way easier to cook stuff fresh, in america we stick to cans and frozen food :P
10:08:07  <yawnt>http://www.giallozafferano.it/images/ricette/20/2053/Anguriata_450.jpg
10:08:12  <yawnt>:O
10:08:14  <coderarity>man, this makes me want to make something like my mom cooks
10:08:15  * Slyrefuses to click.
10:08:17  <Sly>I see food in the URL.
10:08:19  <yawnt>now that looks awesome
10:08:27  <coderarity>yawnt: WOAH
10:08:31  <yawnt>Sly: click, i promise, it wont hurt you
10:08:32  <yawnt>maybe
10:08:38  <yawnt>coderarity: it's also super easy to do
10:08:53  <yawnt>you just need A LOT of fruits
10:08:54  * hmalphettesjoined
10:08:56  <Sly>Be back never. Going to jump off a bridge.
10:08:56  <coderarity>yeah
10:09:01  <yawnt>ananas, strawberries
10:09:02  * Slysobs.
10:09:06  <yawnt>raspberries
10:09:08  <yawnt>blueberries
10:09:11  <yawnt>lemons
10:09:14  <yawnt>peaches
10:09:21  <coderarity>yawnt: the problem here is, that looks nicer than any part of my house
10:09:25  <yawnt>lol
10:09:26  <yawnt>haha
10:09:32  <coderarity>it wouldn't fit here
10:09:37  <yawnt>coderarity: btw i heard they opened a fresh vegetables store in NY
10:09:53  <yawnt>coderarity: have you ever heard of roof gardens?
10:10:16  <yawnt>tomatoes grow pretty much everywhere, just give em some soil, sun and water
10:10:16  <coderarity>yawnt: yeah
10:10:24  <yawnt>carrots and potatoes are trickier
10:10:44  <coderarity>well, i mean, we do have farmers markets and stuff
10:10:46  <coderarity>at least, last i checked
10:10:48  <yawnt>but you could buy stuff like a basil plant and keep it for cooking
10:10:52  <yawnt>i have one
10:11:00  <yawnt>and it's wonderful.. basil makes everything taste better
10:11:11  * `3rdEdenquit (Quit: Leaving...)
10:11:23  <Sly>yawnt, are you a chef or something?
10:11:27  <yawnt>nop
10:11:37  <yawnt>i'm just starting actually
10:11:46  <yawnt>i like cooking :D
10:11:53  <yawnt>and i found a website with super easy recipes
10:12:01  <coderarity>yeah but yawnt's the best of us
10:12:09  <yawnt>if you start cooking then it all comes natural
10:12:12  <coderarity>mmalecki will soon pass me
10:12:15  <yawnt>haha
10:12:19  <coderarity>like, tomorrow probably
10:12:26  <yawnt>coderarity: but you have the big handicap of fresh stuff
10:12:27  <Sly>yawnt, I know what you mean. My grandmother ran a restaurant for a number of years.
10:12:36  <Sly>We still own the building, but we rent it to another woman since my grandmother passed.
10:12:37  <yawnt>it's easier to cook in europe
10:12:38  <mmalecki>coderarity: lol, I doubt it
10:12:44  <mmalecki>I started yesterday XD
10:12:48  <yawnt>lol
10:12:54  <yawnt>recipes.jit.su
10:12:54  <Sly>It's quite fun to cook, as long as it's not shit like McDonald's.
10:12:57  <coderarity>mmalecki: i startd a week or two ago
10:13:12  <yawnt>Sly: i started because when i travel
10:13:13  <coderarity>Sly: HEY I USED TO WORK AT MCDONALD'S
10:13:15  <yawnt>i eat stuff
10:13:17  <yawnt>i can't eat here
10:13:25  * therealkoopajoined
10:13:29  <yawnt>so i'm like, HEY I WANT TO EAT *, ad then i cook it
10:13:41  <Sly>coderarity, nothing wrong with that.. but.. McDonald's isn't exactly what I consider real food.
10:13:47  <yawnt>started with the danish meatballs i mentioned (which ironically i havent tried in denmark)
10:13:50  <yawnt>then tacos
10:13:54  <yawnt>then hotdogs
10:14:02  <coderarity>Sly: oh, it's not so bad, most of the grease gets off the floor, and I clean the grill alot
10:14:10  <coderarity>and the grill gets cleaned daily
10:14:23  <yawnt>i love mexican :(
10:14:28  <coderarity>i mean, i clean it before i cook stuff, and then we also do a full cleaning daily
10:14:43  <coderarity>yawnt: i am afraid to make mexican food
10:14:43  <yawnt>http://www.giallozafferano.it/images/ricette/5/555/Bruschette-capresiok_450ingr.jpg coderarity
10:14:49  <yawnt>this is trivial to do
10:14:50  <Sly>coderarity, it's not about the cleanliness of the restaurant. It's about the actual food itself. I'm not a fan of processed meat.
10:14:58  <yawnt>and it also looks great, you could star with that :D
10:14:58  <coderarity>yawnt: my roommate's mom is from ome mexico-ish
10:15:01  <Sly>I'd rather know what I'm eating is *meat*. Not bone and all sorts of other shit.
10:15:26  * geraldyeoquit (Quit: geraldyeo)
10:15:48  <Sly>Just like.. a burger I got at McDonald's one time had a hair cooked into the burger, and I know McDonald's workers don't make their own patties.
10:16:01  <yawnt>nice
10:16:02  <coderarity>Sly: that was probably because of the person working the grill
10:16:06  <Sly>Not on top of it, or under it. Literally inside of it.
10:16:37  <yawnt>i saw a pic of a girl who found a chicken head in the mcNuggets
10:16:37  <yawnt>fried and everything
10:16:44  <Sly>^
10:16:51  <mmalecki>I don't
10:16:54  <mmalecki>I don't even
10:17:00  <mmalecki>ugh.
10:17:04  <Sly>Processed meat. No go.
10:17:05  <mmalecki>I'm not eating there anymore.
10:17:08  <sven__>hi!
10:17:09  <yawnt>lol
10:17:11  <yawnt>hi
10:17:13  <mmalecki>no matter how hungry I am
10:17:16  <coderarity>mcdonald's usually is pretty good about it
10:17:21  <yawnt>decided
10:17:28  <yawnt>i'm making kartoffelnsalat
10:17:31  <yawnt>any german here?
10:17:38  <mmalecki>I mean, I wouldn't eat there unless there was a real emergency or shit
10:17:41  <yawnt>i need to know how much vinegar i gotta use
10:17:44  <coderarity>yawnt: i lived there
10:17:47  <mmalecki>theCole I think
10:17:48  <yawnt>where's mAritz
10:18:01  <mmalecki>at least, he lives in Berlin!
10:18:10  <sven__>are there any bandwith restrictions for an app on nodejitsu? or some max data transfer per month etc?
10:18:16  <Sly>mmalecki, I would probably go vegetarian if McDonald's was the last place on Earth to get meat.
10:18:18  <yawnt>when i was in Landshut i learned how to do that stuff, but i forgot
10:18:19  <yawnt>shame on me
10:18:19  <mmalecki>sven__: no
10:18:24  <sven__>oh my
10:18:30  <sven__>thanks! :3
10:18:37  <mmalecki>pleasure :)
10:19:43  <yawnt>OHOH weiner schnitzel mit kartoffelnsalat
10:19:43  <yawnt>3
10:19:45  <yawnt>*:3
10:19:46  <coderarity>i do like mcdonald's coffee, though, it's only like 1$ to refill
10:19:51  <yawnt>*wiener
10:19:58  <yawnt>coderarity: i like mc's ice cream
10:20:01  <coderarity>yawnt: man that sounds good
10:20:07  <yawnt>it's what tastes most like italian's around the world
10:20:21  <yawnt>*more
10:20:28  <coderarity>yawnt: i like it with the mushrooms and stuff, yagerschnitzel
10:20:46  <yawnt>yup
10:20:49  <coderarity>yawnt: ice cream is better in europe, fact
10:20:50  <yawnt>the hunter's schnitzel
10:20:51  <yawnt>:D
10:21:22  <yawnt>oh great.. recipes are in german
10:21:23  <coderarity>and gnocchi is soooooo good
10:21:30  <yawnt>i make them homemade!
10:21:35  <yawnt>with mashed potatoes
10:21:42  <coderarity>yawnt: WOW
10:21:50  <yawnt>they're easy you know?
10:21:53  <yawnt>it's nothing magic really
10:22:11  <yawnt>you can make some too, you just need potatoes
10:22:13  <yawnt>flour
10:22:16  <yawnt>and an egg
10:22:17  <yawnt>that's all
10:22:27  <coderarity>i don't have potatoes
10:22:30  <yawnt>oh
10:22:32  <yawnt>:(
10:22:33  <MannyCal>I am from Germany, what you wann know?
10:22:34  <coderarity>but i can get otatoes
10:22:39  <coderarity>potatoes*
10:22:41  <Sly>kasdfpawienfapsdfinapaoiwnefpoiansdfzpdxionf
10:22:47  <yawnt>MannyCal: awesome, do you know how to make kartoffeln salat?
10:22:52  <Sly>I'mma have to break down and fix something to eat so my stomach will stop trying to feast on itself during these conversations.
10:22:53  <Sly>;\
10:22:58  <yawnt>lol Sly
10:23:02  <coderarity>MannyCal: what does beforderungsbedindsgungen mean?
10:23:09  <coderarity>i saw it on a bus
10:23:15  <yawnt>lol
10:23:32  <MannyCal>depends, there is like 1001 recipes
10:23:49  <coderarity>there were umlauts i can't type though, on the first o, then next u, and the last u
10:24:07  <yawnt>MannyCal: i was in Landshut so i'm guessing Bayerische?
10:24:20  <MannyCal>where did you read that? in a bus?
10:24:21  <yawnt>but they're all good, so i don't mind if you can suggest another recipe
10:24:25  <coderarity>MannyCal: yeah
10:24:37  <yawnt>coderarity: ou is ö eu is ü
10:24:42  <coderarity>i translated it as "beware the bus rules"
10:25:01  <coderarity>yawnt: yeah but i can't stand seeing it like that
10:25:10  <yawnt>also have some umlauts ö ü ä
10:25:15  <yawnt>they're free of charge
10:25:19  <coderarity>:D
10:25:22  <mmalecki>lol
10:25:37  <MannyCal>it means something loosly like "restrictions/constraints for getting you from a to b"
10:26:06  <coderarity>i see
10:26:17  <MannyCal>"beware the bus rules" it is
10:26:46  <coderarity>germany was fun, people actually sold computer hardware in stores!
10:27:28  <coderarity>man now i feel bad living in america, i need to go get me some fast food to make me feel better
10:27:36  <mmalecki>MannyCal: I mean, it's one word?
10:27:42  * therealkoopaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
10:27:54  <yawnt>mmalecki: you should see the longest one
10:28:06  <yawnt>when i was in junior high they told us it was something like
10:28:10  <yawnt>admiral of the fleet and something else
10:28:14  <yawnt>and it was all one word
10:28:23  <nathan7>German is all stringing shit together
10:28:28  <nathan7>almost like jQuery
10:28:30  <yawnt>yup
10:28:41  <nathan7>it becomes unreadable quickly
10:28:43  <nathan7>like jQuery
10:28:45  <MannyCal>in German, you can put many words behind each other and build new words (kinda like prototypal inheritance :)
10:29:01  <deoxxa>pretty sure japanese has german beat in that regard, at least with verbs
10:29:24  <yawnt>lol
10:29:30  <yawnt>MannyCal: do you have a recipe for kartoffelnsalat?
10:29:36  <yawnt>http://www.gutekueche.at/rezepte/815/kartoffelsalat.html
10:29:38  <yawnt>i found this one
10:29:48  <yawnt>it just has two steps!
10:29:50  <coderarity>deoxxa: isn't it like the opposite, they have single letters for words
10:30:06  <MannyCal>.at is Austria
10:30:11  <yawnt>yeah
10:30:11  <MannyCal>;)
10:30:18  <yawnt>it's still german :(
10:30:19  <yawnt>lol
10:30:20  <deoxxa>coderarity: single characters, sometimes, but the real meat is in the verb conjugations
10:30:26  <yawnt>do you have a recipe to suggest?
10:30:38  * hmalphettesquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
10:30:38  <deoxxa>coderarity: and even in the case of single characters, the pronouciation is often 2 or 3 syllables
10:30:39  <yawnt>deoxxa: do they really put the -masu ?
10:30:50  <MannyCal>1 table spoon mustard from Dijon
10:30:52  <deoxxa>yawnt: depends on how formal you want to be
10:31:03  <coderarity>deoxxa: do you know japanese?
10:31:06  <MannyCal>400g potatoes
10:31:18  <deoxxa>coderarity: yep
10:31:23  <deoxxa>coderarity: i'm not fluent, but i can get around
10:31:23  <yawnt>MannyCal: i have regular mustard.. no dijion available :(
10:31:30  <MannyCal>5 table spoons soup (beef flavour)
10:31:42  <yawnt>ook
10:31:46  <coderarity>deoxxa: do people actually memorize all of those letter-words? what is it called, like kanji or something?
10:31:53  <deoxxa>kanji, yeah
10:31:56  <MannyCal>a little salt/pepper
10:31:58  <deoxxa>actually, it's interesting
10:32:05  <yawnt>^
10:32:10  <yawnt>i love kanji, they're elegant
10:32:12  <MannyCal>5 table spoons white wine vinegar
10:32:17  <yawnt>but they do make sense coderarity
10:32:23  <yawnt>there's a way of reading them
10:32:25  <MannyCal>a little sugar (blargh)
10:32:28  <yawnt>lol
10:32:29  <MannyCal>100 onions
10:32:34  <yawnt>WAT?
10:32:35  <deoxxa>coderarity: back in the day, people would memorise at least 2,000 kanji just for regular use - and often more for specific things like their job or where they live
10:32:36  <yawnt>100 ONIONS?
10:32:39  <MannyCal>100g onions
10:32:41  <yawnt>oh
10:32:42  <MannyCal>sry
10:32:43  <yawnt>lol
10:32:50  <yawnt>i was ordering a truck of onions
10:32:50  <deoxxa>coderarity: i mean, reading and writing
10:33:17  <deoxxa>coderarity: but these days, a lot of japanese people can only write relatively few kanji, despite being able to read a lot more
10:33:33  <MannyCal>Kartoffel kochen (cook potatoes), schälen (peel) und noch lauwarm (when almost cold) in Scheiben schneiden (chop).
10:33:33  <deoxxa>you can thank the damn convenient IME software that comes on cell phones and computers for that
10:33:40  <coderarity>i see
10:33:51  <deoxxa>by relatively few, i still mean hundreds
10:33:55  <yawnt>MannyCal: nono wait, i know german
10:34:00  <deoxxa>but nowhere near as many as people needed to before
10:34:06  <yawnt>i can read that, i thought it was YOUR recipe
10:34:10  <coderarity>hmmm, i see
10:34:14  <deoxxa>anyway, i think it's home time
10:34:16  <deoxxa>bbl
10:34:31  <yawnt>i was just asking if it sounded good
10:34:43  <yawnt>or if you knew some other stuff
10:34:45  <yawnt>:)
10:34:45  <MannyCal>well, I like Kartoffelsalat made with (home made) mayonnaise
10:34:58  <MannyCal>but that's a lot of work
10:35:03  <yawnt>can't make mayonnaise right know
10:35:10  <yawnt>because it's kinda hot, it will go all crazy
10:35:16  <yawnt>and i'm not really sure i can make it anyway+
10:36:05  <MannyCal>making good mayonnaise is like programming erlang (I guess)
10:36:30  <yawnt>ouch
10:36:35  <yawnt>oh well i'll try
10:36:43  <yawnt>(the kartoffelnsalat, not the mayonnaise)
10:36:48  <yawnt>let's see what comes out
10:37:43  <MannyCal>good luck
10:38:41  <yawnt>thanks
10:40:13  <Sly>Decided to walk the dog instead of fix food.
10:40:16  <coderarity>problems with recipe websites: i always go straight to the desert section
10:40:20  <Sly>Almost time for breakfast anyway.
10:40:29  <yawnt>it's 12:40 here
10:40:34  <Sly>rofl, coderarity. I always go for things to grill.
10:40:44  <Sly>Including deserts.
10:40:47  <yawnt>coderarity: deserts > *
10:40:52  <coderarity>Sly: you have a grill?
10:40:58  <Sly>Indeed.
10:41:04  <coderarity>MEATLOAF
10:41:09  <coderarity>i love meatloaf
10:41:15  <Sly>Dude, I can make some killer meat loaf.
10:41:17  <Sly>Grandma's recipe. ;D
10:41:23  <coderarity>:D
10:41:32  <yawnt>http://www.giallozafferano.it/images/ricette/21/2109/biscotti-fiammifero-450ingr.jpg
10:41:35  <yawnt>matches cookies
10:41:37  <coderarity>Sly: i should get a grill, i really like grilled food
10:41:43  <Sly>I usually like doing things like honey bbq pork chops, things like that.
10:41:45  <coderarity>george foreman JUST ISN'T THE SAME
10:41:52  <Sly>Omnomlicious.
10:42:13  <coderarity>Sly: were you raised in NC?
10:42:18  <Sly>Yup.
10:42:24  <Sly>Born and raised.
10:42:29  <yawnt>never seen NC
10:42:31  <coderarity>Sly: I do like some good BBQ
10:42:39  <Sly>Lucky you, yawnt. It's boring as fuck.
10:42:40  <yawnt>i want to ND though
10:42:42  <Sly>To put it as nicely as I can.
10:42:45  <yawnt>ND was cool
10:42:49  <coderarity>yawnt: it's a lot like VA, but more souther
10:42:51  <coderarity>southern*
10:42:57  <Sly>^
10:42:58  <Sly>Pft.
10:42:59  <yawnt>Sly: i liked KS so i guess my boring isnt the same as yours :P
10:43:04  <Sly>We have REAL sweet tea in NC, too.
10:43:06  <Sly>;x
10:43:09  <coderarity>^
10:43:13  <yawnt>lol
10:43:18  <yawnt>never been to VA too
10:43:21  <yawnt>i've been to
10:43:23  <yawnt>WY
10:43:24  <yawnt>KS
10:43:27  <yawnt>Nebraska
10:43:32  <yawnt>Utah colorado
10:43:34  <Sly>I want to live in Wyoming.
10:43:39  <Sly>The scenery is beautiful.
10:43:40  <yawnt>north dakota south dakota
10:43:42  <yawnt>iowa
10:43:43  <yawnt>ohio
10:43:47  <yawnt>arizona
10:43:49  <yawnt>nevada
10:43:52  <yawnt>that's all i think
10:43:56  <yawnt>oh idaho too
10:44:03  <yawnt>pretty much the central part
10:44:32  <Sly>coderarity, my grandma had a recipe for "backbone".
10:44:51  <Sly>Which is really just 1 1/2 inch thick pork chops, cooked in her gravy for about 3 hours until it falls off the bone with a fork.
10:45:07  <coderarity>yawnt: out of all of those, i've been to ohio, and i was living there :P
10:45:19  <coderarity>Sly: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
10:46:10  <coderarity>i am a casserole person
10:46:22  <coderarity>my mom makes amazing * casserole
10:47:46  <mmalecki>my facebook map says pretty much everything about my trips https://www.facebook.com/malecki.maciej/map
10:48:11  <Sly>coderarity, it's actually pretty simple to fix that backbone.
10:48:21  <Sly>The gravy is really just the juice from it cooking with some things mixed in.
10:49:03  <coderarity>Sly: if you give me a recipe I can give it a shot, :P
10:49:37  * dylangjoined
10:49:38  <coderarity>actually cooking meat sounds prett intense
10:49:42  <coderarity>i haven't done that yet
10:49:57  <coderarity>maybe i can get a grill cheap on craigslist
10:50:26  * FUUFREENODESTOPBjoined
10:50:30  <Sly>Well, actually.. you cook that in the oven.
10:50:34  <Sly>Although, you could do it on a grill too..
10:50:38  * FUUFREENODESTOPBchanged nick to `3rdEden
10:50:42  * stimblequit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
10:51:13  <Sly>All it takes is the meat, which you'll probably have to ask the butcher to slice for you. I doubt they have 1 1/2 inch pork chops readily available.
10:51:37  * mesoquit (Remote host closed the connection)
10:51:39  <Sly>Then you put a thin layer of flour over the meat, and pour water into the pan.
10:52:06  <Sly>Let it cook for about 2 1/2-3 hours at 350.
10:52:19  <yawnt>mmalecki: but you've been to london and stuff haven't you?
10:52:30  * mesojoined
10:52:31  <Sly>Then when you take it out, drain the juice from the pan, mix in some corn starch and pepper, and pour it back over the meat.
10:52:40  <Sly>And voila.
10:52:49  <coderarity>wow, that sounds like something i can do
10:52:54  <coderarity>i just gotta find that meat, somehow
10:53:01  <coderarity>idk if we even have butchers here
10:53:03  <Sly>Just ask the butcher at your local grocery store.
10:53:05  <Sly>They should be able to do it.
10:53:09  <Sly>That's how we did it at our restaurant.
10:53:12  <coderarity>oh, at the deli thing?
10:53:23  <coderarity>Sly: i've got walmart, do they do that there?
10:53:29  <yawnt>uh
10:53:32  <yawnt>that sounds sweet
10:53:34  <Sly>I doubt Walmart does it.
10:53:43  <Sly>Go to an IGA or something.
10:53:45  <Sly>They'll do it for you.
10:53:47  <yawnt>i don't know where i can find corn though
10:53:51  <yawnt>we just have precooked one
10:54:18  <Sly>Corn *starch*, yawnt.
10:54:21  <Sly>Not actual corn. xD
10:54:23  <yawnt>oooh
10:54:26  <yawnt>i read corn
10:54:26  <yawnt>lol
10:54:28  <yawnt>my bad
10:54:42  <Sly>Yeah. The corn starch is to just thicken the juice up some.
10:54:42  <yawnt>i can find that
10:54:47  <Sly>Turns it into a gravy-like texture.
10:54:52  * mAritzjoined
10:55:03  <yawnt>there we go
10:55:07  <coderarity>i think HEB might do it
10:55:12  <coderarity>the nearest IGA is in Chicago :P
10:55:13  <yawnt>mAritz: you join when i don't need you anymore
10:55:33  <mAritz>i join when i need to whine about some issue with c9 :D
10:55:35  <Sly>coderarity, most stores with their own butcher will do it.
10:55:47  <yawnt>mAritz: i was looking for a kartoffeln salat recipe
10:55:48  <Sly>I say I don't think Walmart will do it, because the Walmart around here just sells meat that comes to them already packaged.
10:55:49  <mAritz>(and my irc client auto-joins this channel as well ;) )
10:55:53  <Sly>They don't actually cut the meat themselves.
10:56:11  <limptwiglet>sorry to interrupt, was wonering if anyone could help me debug a deployment issue i've been having for a while now
10:56:15  <coderarity>alright, i think i know where to do it
10:56:21  <coderarity>limptwiglet: oh, you're not interrupting at all, what's up?
10:56:27  <mAritz>yawnt: i'm the wrong person for that. i could make a nice lasagna, but couldn't even give you a recipe because i pretty much just do whatever :D
10:56:41  <yawnt>already found
10:56:41  <yawnt>np
10:56:45  <mAritz>^^
10:57:00  <limptwiglet>coderarity: thanks, every time i try to deploy my app i get a socket hang up, im guessing something is taking forever and hanging up the jitsu client connection,
10:57:17  <coderarity>limptwiglet: what's your username/app name?
10:57:24  <limptwiglet>limptwiglet / void
10:57:29  <limptwiglet>coderarity: thanks!
10:58:17  <Sly>By the way, you two.. You have to make sure the water level is above the meat so you don't have a burnt flour crust on top of it.
10:58:31  <yawnt>comes out microsoft hands free nokia lumias
10:58:39  <coderarity>Sly: will do
10:58:39  <yawnt>if you create win phone apps
10:58:39  <yawnt>neat
10:59:11  <limptwiglet>coderarity: some background, jesusabdullah tried helping before and mentioned that for some reason my app was trying to install hiredis, but i ran npm shrinkwrap and it showed no deps requiring hiredis
10:59:15  <Sly>yawnt, I'd rather die than help Microsoft. I'd rather just watch them slowly fade away into the sunset.
10:59:29  <coderarity>limptwiglet: I see
10:59:46  <yawnt>Sly: nah
10:59:59  <yawnt>i like ms better than apple
11:00:12  <yawnt>sure, an android smartphone would be better
11:00:25  <Sly>I'd rather have Apple's patent trolling than Microsoft's idiotic ideas..
11:00:27  <Sly>Like Metro UI.
11:00:27  <yawnt>but.. it's still a free smartphone
11:00:31  <Sly>On a desktop computer.
11:00:37  <yawnt>i like metro
11:00:40  <yawnt>especially for web stuff
11:00:46  <yawnt>but i know none of design
11:00:53  * shiawuenquit (Quit: shiawuen)
11:00:55  <Sly>Metro is useless.
11:01:00  <Sly>All of the new Win8 features are tied in with Metro.
11:01:08  <Sly>If you disable Metro, you also disable the new ribbon and all of that.
11:01:16  <Sly>Which is absolutely ridiculous.
11:03:19  <coderarity>windows 8 is just microsoft moving towards mobile, i think
11:03:27  <coderarity>and their other interface just didn't cut it so they made a new one
11:03:45  <yawnt>i get all m$ stuff for free
11:03:49  <Sly>Yeah.. but to force everyone to use Metro in order to use your new UI features, like the explorer ribbon?
11:03:49  <yawnt>MSDN Academic Account
11:03:52  <Sly>I mean, come on..
11:03:56  <yawnt>so i guess it's time to start using visual studio
11:03:57  <coderarity>yawnt: I had one of those for a while
11:04:18  <yawnt>i'm still waiting for them to set up visual studio decently for node
11:04:27  <yawnt>webmatrix sucks badly
11:04:28  <coderarity>Sly: yeah, well, they need someone to change their apps some time
11:04:38  <coderarity>at least they still support old stuff
11:04:44  <coderarity>but people are going to have to change things for mobile/ARM
11:04:55  <coderarity>and that's what microsoft wants
11:05:11  <coderarity>of course microsoft is going where the money is, like many companies
11:05:25  * eoinmurrayjoined
11:05:27  <mAritz>yawnt: i tried installing webmatrix once, it actually destroyed my windows
11:05:30  <Sly>Of course, because money speaks.
11:05:35  <yawnt>mAritz: yeah, it sucks
11:05:48  <Sly>And since most companies want to limit what their employees do, it makes sense to use Metro since hardly anyone can figure out how the fuck to use it.
11:05:48  <Sly>xD
11:05:49  <yawnt>coderarity: it's a company, company target money
11:05:50  <yawnt>that's all
11:06:18  <coderarity>Sly: well, it sucks for developers
11:06:29  <coderarity>Sly: but from a user standpoint it's a benefit
11:06:38  <coderarity>Sly: microsoft isn't exactly making it easy, of course :P
11:06:51  <coderarity>i'm not supporting microsoft by any means, but they do have motives
11:06:53  <Sly>Well, not necessarily. Like I said, a lot of people don't know how to correctly use the MetroUI.
11:06:55  <coderarity>they're not complete idiots :P
11:06:59  <Sly>As much as I dislike Chris Pirillo..
11:07:04  <Sly>He made a video of his dad one day trying to use Win8..
11:07:12  <Sly>And it was the funniest shit I've seen in a while..
11:07:15  <eoinmurray>hi guys, i tried deploying an express based blog on nodejitsu, but i get the following error: An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}, my deploy went fine, no errors or anything, in my app im listening on prosess.env.port OR 5000. Any idea what the prob could be?
11:07:17  <coderarity>Sly: yes, I got TOP COMMENT on that video
11:07:22  <coderarity>so many likes
11:07:28  <coderarity>it was like, a dream come true
11:07:32  <Sly>rofl
11:07:40  <Sly>I'm assuming you also use G+, then?
11:07:40  <mmalecki>eoinmurray: what's your username and appname?
11:08:13  <coderarity>Sly: nah, it was a youtube comment
11:08:15  * katjangquit (Quit: katjang)
11:08:18  <Sly>Oh, and I know Microsoft isn't full of idiots. They just have a lot of stupid ideas.
11:08:18  * ankurquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
11:08:22  <coderarity>Sly: I am starting to use google+ though because I like google
11:08:25  <eoinmurray>username: amonecho, app-name: node-example
11:08:33  <Sly>And yeah, I know it was on Youtube.. but he posted that video on G+ first. I just assumed you may have seen it on his G+ page.
11:09:14  <coderarity>Sly: it's because the metro UI defies that one rule in the Apple human interface guide :P
11:09:23  <coderarity>Sly: basically, you should be able to see what you're doing
11:09:36  <coderarity>Sly: windows has a lot of "gestures" that no one knows about or exactly how they work
11:09:49  <Sly>Well, the thing that gets me..
11:09:59  <coderarity>Sly: oh, interesting, I didn't know he had a google+ page
11:10:02  <Sly>Microsoft boasts that MetroUI is "made with touch devices in mind".
11:10:14  <Sly>Okay.. Tell me how many people you know with a touch screen monitor on a desktop..
11:10:15  <Sly>And, go.
11:10:18  <Sly>jk, none.
11:10:25  <Sly>It's like.. Really? That's your excuse for making it?
11:10:30  <coderarity>you can buy one, it's only like 3.8k
11:10:45  <coderarity>Sly: don't use desktops with windows 8?
11:10:50  <coderarity>Sly: don't use desktops with windows?
11:10:53  <eoinmurray>@mmalecki: username: amonecho, app-name: node-example
11:11:11  <deoxxa>Sly: better metric - tell me how many people you know with a tablet but no desktop
11:11:24  <deoxxa>now tell me how many people you knew like that 5 years ago
11:11:28  <deoxxa>now it makes more sense ;)
11:11:35  <coderarity>deoxxa: i know a lot more people with phones than tablets
11:11:53  <Sly>deoxxa, but you also have to think.. Win8 is what.. 4GB?
11:11:57  <coderarity>deoxxa: i mean, android/ios phones
11:11:59  <Sly>What is the typical memory on a phone/tablet?
11:12:05  <coderarity>i forgot that people consider those other things phones
11:12:22  <deoxxa>Sly: something like 32GB for recent models
11:12:27  <Sly>For *recent* models.
11:12:30  <deoxxa>yes
11:12:40  <Sly>Which means you would have to buy a *recent* model to run Win8.
11:12:48  <coderarity>Sly: yes, but it's also not running as many things, there's not really background apps, and the operating system is toned way down
11:12:52  <deoxxa>sorry, should MS be targetting 10 year old hardware? :/
11:12:53  <coderarity>also ARM
11:13:45  <deoxxa>Sly: i only take this position because you're implying that they should have kept targetting hardware that's clearly becoming less popular
11:13:54  <yawnt>need electro music
11:14:05  <yawnt>anyone has any good one on youtube?
11:14:49  <deoxxa>yawnt: plz hold
11:14:59  <Sly>deoxxa, how are desktops becoming less popular? O_o
11:15:04  <coderarity>limptwiglet: looks like that was just a bad drone, give it another shot?
11:15:18  <yawnt>deoxxa: thanks
11:15:28  <Sly>Also, there are quite a number of new phones that don't have 16GB+ of internal memory.
11:15:38  <coderarity>Sly: not many people are buying new desktops
11:15:43  <deoxxa>yawnt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkhOTTpyDX8
11:15:48  <coderarity>Sly: no one cares if you already own one, they don't make money off of that :P
11:16:04  <deoxxa>yawnt: do you want more WUBWUB or more dnb kind of stuff
11:16:16  <Sly>coderarity, exactly. That was my point to begin with. They don't want consumers, they want businesses.
11:16:19  <deoxxa>coderarity: +1
11:16:23  <Sly>OEMs that will put the bloatware on phones.
11:16:37  <coderarity>they want money, because they're a company
11:16:55  <coderarity>which is right by all means, that's why people make companies, to earn money
11:17:17  * limptwigletquit (Quit: Leaving.)
11:17:32  <Sly>Understandable, but is it also understandable that it leaves a bad taste in consumers mouths when their requests aren't heard?
11:17:43  <Sly>Which was my initial point about Microsoft fading into the sunset.
11:17:49  <Sly>At least, from a consumer point of view.
11:18:01  <deoxxa>s/consumer/OS/
11:18:08  * limptwigletjoined
11:18:14  <limptwiglet>coderarity: will try it now, thanks!
11:18:24  <Sly>True, deoxxa.
11:18:53  <yawnt>deoxxa: looking
11:19:13  <coderarity>Sly: I mean, it kinda sucks that no companies are considering letting me have control over the processes I run on my hardware
11:19:23  <yawnt>deoxxa: looks nice, do you have like 1h long compilations?
11:19:33  <deoxxa>yawnt: on youtube?
11:19:38  <yawnt>deoxxa: yeah
11:19:44  <deoxxa>not really
11:19:46  <deoxxa>buuuuuuuuut
11:20:02  <coderarity>to me, that's the worst part of the whole Microsoft/Apple moving to super closed platforms like mobile and stuff
11:20:05  <yawnt>can be also soundcloud
11:20:07  <yawnt>or whatever
11:20:33  <deoxxa>yawnt: http://block.fm/program/tcyradio.html
11:20:46  * ankurjoined
11:20:58  <yawnt>damn
11:21:05  <coderarity>Sly: as a consumer, I'm pretty dissatisfied, so I choose not to buy Microsoft things anymore
11:21:07  <yawnt>thank you deoxxa :D
11:21:08  <deoxxa>\o/
11:21:15  <deoxxa>block.fm ftw
11:21:35  <Sly>coderarity, I'm just waiting for Linux to finally catch on with consumers. That will be the real downfall of Windows and Apple, as far as desktop/laptop OSes go.
11:21:55  <coderarity>Sly: well, the whole open source community, for that matter
11:22:02  <Sly>True.
11:22:10  <yawnt>linux is good at what it does
11:22:25  <yawnt>it just isn't user friendly enough to play with the big guys
11:22:33  <yawnt>ubuntu tried to fix the gap but unity kinda made it worse
11:22:56  <Sly>I actually like Unity. Reminds me of OSX a bit, with the integrated menus and such.
11:23:06  <coderarity>i think that's the big thing, making linux consumer friendly
11:23:21  <limptwiglet>coderarity: sorry, but its still failing with the same error
11:23:29  <coderarity>once that really gets somewhere, we might be able to see consumers adopting linux
11:23:33  <coderarity>limptwiglet: alright, lemme check it out
11:24:22  <limptwiglet>coderarity: thanks, hoping its not my fault and wasting your time, just cant see any more error logs so i can debug
11:24:35  <coderarity>limptwiglet: it's no biggie
11:25:22  <Sly>coderarity, the general consensus (from the people I know) get scared by Linux's terminal commands.
11:25:50  <Sly>Afraid they're going to run something that will detrimentally impact their system.
11:25:57  <Sly>But it's not like it couldn't happen on Windows or OSX, too.
11:27:07  <coderarity>i mean, if they actually taught people how to use computers anymore, it wouldn't be a problem
11:28:12  <coderarity>limptwiglet: it looks like it's still trying to build hiredis
11:28:28  <limptwiglet>ack :S
11:28:30  <yawnt>coderarity: what is he using in package.json?
11:28:55  <coderarity>limptwiglet: can I see your npm shrinkwrap file?
11:28:57  <yawnt>that requires redis i mean
11:29:03  <limptwiglet>sure 1 sec coderarity
11:29:37  * ray__joined
11:29:47  <ray__>hello
11:29:56  <ray__>anyone there
11:30:12  <coderarity>ray__: hallooooooo
11:32:28  <limptwiglet>coderarity: https://gist.github.com/3655150
11:33:06  * ankurquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
11:33:33  * coderarityquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
11:33:39  * ramitosquit
11:33:45  * coderari1yjoined
11:33:51  * coderari1ychanged nick to coderarity
11:34:00  <Sly><limptwiglet> coderarity: https://gist.github.com/3655150
11:34:02  * coderarityquit (Changing host)
11:34:02  * coderarityjoined
11:34:09  <Sly><limptwiglet> coderarity: https://gist.github.com/3655150
11:34:10  <Sly>lol
11:34:12  <coderarity>seems i ran out of atteries
11:34:53  <coderarity>i can't believe i ran out of batteries while i was reading about winnie the pooh
11:35:01  <Sly>ROFL
11:35:03  <ray__>missed you - can i ask a quiestion
11:35:09  <coderarity>ray__: yes
11:35:29  <Sly>There has to be a quote bot so I can quote that, coderarity.
11:35:37  <ray__>I created an account but need to install and run jistsu from github
11:35:44  <coderarity>Sly: it's a remix of a quote from a jontron video
11:36:00  <Sly>I almost choked on my food.
11:36:13  <coderarity>:P
11:36:29  <coderarity>ray__: you mean, git push deployment?
11:36:39  <ray__>yes i am a newbie
11:36:45  <ray__>with github
11:36:48  * lushiousquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
11:37:09  * eoinmurray_joined
11:37:12  <coderarity>we don't really support github push deployement yet
11:37:13  * eoinmurrayquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
11:37:14  <coderarity>but we're working on it
11:37:15  <ray__>the zip file pushed to my win7 has no exe to run
11:37:25  <yawnt>mmalecki: ping
11:37:48  <coderarity>ray__: wait, I think I misunderstand you
11:37:53  <mmalecki>yawnt: PONG
11:38:05  <ray__>how to run jitsu - do I need to install node.js first
11:38:34  <coderarity>ray__: alright, I gotcha
11:38:44  <coderarity>ray__: yeah, you should install the latest version of node.js
11:38:51  <Sly>ray__, you have to have Node because the jitsu binary is coded in Node.
11:38:58  <Sly>"binary", I should say.
11:39:05  <coderarity>ray__: then open up your terminal or cmd.exe and run `npm install jitsu -g`
11:39:06  <ray__>ok that makes sense
11:39:22  <coderarity>well, jitsu script
11:39:23  * broofajoined
11:39:24  <coderarity>but yeag
11:39:26  <coderarity>yeah*
11:39:34  <Sly>That's why I changed to "binary". xD
11:39:56  <yawnt>mmalecki: are there news with zombie? you said it was going to get fixed but i still get a hangup if i deploy
11:39:59  <ray__>ido i need to install python and visual studio on win7 for node.js?
11:40:33  <Sly>Node doesn't need Python or VS in order to run. Neither have anything to do with Node itself.
11:40:37  <mmalecki>yawnt: ah, the devDependencies?
11:40:41  <yawnt>mmalecki: yuk
11:40:43  <yawnt>*yup
11:40:48  <coderarity>limptwiglet: that's quite a file there, lol :P
11:41:02  <limptwiglet>coderarity: sorry i just realised thats from my vagrant box
11:41:08  <limptwiglet>so it has lots of crap in there
11:41:13  <limptwiglet>want me to make one just for my app?
11:41:44  <coderarity>limptwiglet: i mean, whatever you're deploying to nodejitsu is what I need to see
11:41:56  <coderarity>limptwiglet: do you actually have redis as a direct dependency?
11:42:25  <coderarity>ray__: with that said, you'll probably want python to build binary modules that will actually build on windows
11:42:40  * lushiousjoined
11:42:51  <mmalecki>yawnt: I thought my changes were deploye, looks like they weren't... can schedule that for Friday, today most of the devops team is getting shitfaced at the summercamp
11:42:56  <limptwiglet>coderarity: nope, no redis at all
11:43:20  <coderarity>whaaat
11:44:11  <coderarity>looks like all the redises in that npm-shrinkwrap.json were from socket.io
11:44:23  <limptwiglet>:S
11:44:24  <yawnt>mmalecki: gotcha thanks.. i wanted to use travis-ci hooks to deploy on nodejitsu :3
11:44:37  <ray__>ok npm install jitsu -g working installing away
11:44:57  <coderarity>it is
11:45:16  <Sly>mmalecki, sounds like fun (the shitfaced part).
11:45:18  * ankurjoined
11:45:19  <Sly>Where do I sign up? ;x
11:45:20  <coderarity>limptwiglet: alright, do you need socket.io redis stuff?
11:45:27  <mmalecki>Sly: unless you're the only devops left
11:45:28  <ray__>err! cb() never called
11:45:31  <mmalecki>yeah, that's really fun.
11:45:39  <limptwiglet>coderarity: nope
11:45:40  <ray__>err! not ok code 0
11:45:43  <Sly>mmalecki, irlol'd.
11:45:51  <coderarity>limptwiglet: try removing all the "redis" lines then, and give that a deploy
11:46:08  <limptwiglet>coderarity: does jitsu look for a shrinkwrap file?
11:46:14  <mmalecki>Sly: also, a bit too late to sign up http://nodeconf.com/
11:46:23  * eoinmurray_quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
11:46:28  <coderarity>limptwiglet: yeah, it just runs npm install, and npm install looks for it
11:46:46  <limptwiglet>coderarity: thanks, will give it a whirl now
11:46:48  <Sly>mmalecki, I heard some people talking about it the other day. I'm no where close to Cali to even attend. Wish I were, though.
11:47:03  <coderarity>limptwiglet: oh, well, the jitsu command line still expects a package.json, even though it might not use that to `npm install`
11:47:09  <coderarity>it needs those other variables
11:47:49  <coderarity>ray__: can you paste the entire output from `npm install jitsu -g` to gist.github.com?
11:49:35  <coderarity>ray__: also, what's your `node -v` and `npm -v`?
11:51:33  <Sly>Ugh.. My stomach is hurting now. Ate too fast. xD
11:52:13  * ray__quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
11:52:36  * standooquit (Quit: Leaving.)
11:53:06  <Sly>coderarity, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZV7akaSo0s
12:00:06  * stagasquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
12:02:06  * lushiousquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
12:07:39  * lushiousjoined
12:08:49  * spolujoined
12:08:51  <coderarity>man, i need coffee
12:08:58  <coderarity>brb
12:09:01  <yawnt>ice coffee
12:09:03  <yawnt>> *
12:09:03  * limptwigletquit (Quit: Leaving.)
12:09:07  <yawnt>*iced
12:09:40  <trodrigues>moar coffee
12:10:03  <Sly>Man.. I don't know why, I just don't like iced coffee.
12:10:07  <Sly>Just something about it.. I can't figure it out.
12:10:13  <trodrigues>Sly: it has to be done properly
12:10:17  <Sly>Then again, I'm not a big fan of coffee to start with..
12:10:20  <Sly>So maybe that's the problem. xD
12:10:31  <trodrigues>the guys here at Workshop Coffee in London (old St. Ali) make the most amazing iced latte
12:10:50  <trodrigues>if you just get coffee and ice together it doesn't always work so well
12:10:57  <yawnt>trodrigues: also they make great irish coffee in london
12:11:02  <yawnt>cant remember where though
12:11:34  <coderarity>half the reason i like coffee is because it's warm
12:11:44  <trodrigues>which reminds me
12:11:48  <trodrigues>i need to get my hands on a chemex
12:14:56  * lushiousquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
12:16:13  * glennjonesjoined
12:19:41  <yawnt>i like tea
12:19:44  <yawnt>English Breakfast
12:19:58  <coderarity>several people have told me that tea is better than coffee
12:19:59  <yawnt>friend of mine buys it in the UK and brings it when he comes down here
12:20:03  <coderarity>i've never had tea
12:20:07  <yawnt>you just can't find it here
12:20:10  <yawnt>coderarity: wat?
12:20:14  <yawnt>o,o
12:20:17  <yawnt>never?
12:20:28  <coderarity>if it's anything like iced tea, i probably wouldn't even like it
12:20:33  <yawnt>no
12:20:33  <coderarity>yawnt: at least, warm tea
12:20:33  * glennjonesquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
12:20:37  <yawnt>iced tea sucks
12:20:38  <yawnt>well
12:20:41  <yawnt>american ice tea
12:20:44  <yawnt>*iced
12:20:49  <yawnt>because it doens't have milk or lemon
12:21:05  <trodrigues>i like both tea and coffee
12:21:11  <yawnt>^
12:21:11  <trodrigues>i think each have their time and place
12:21:21  <coderarity>i probably wouldn't like it, and even if i did i wouldn't drink it
12:21:28  <trodrigues>a nice green tea at the end of the day
12:21:35  <deoxxa>most tea is nice
12:21:36  <trodrigues>english breakfast or darjeeling in the morning
12:21:41  <deoxxa>i can't really get into oolong
12:22:09  <trodrigues>coderarity: there's so many different types. you'd just have to try and find something you'd like :)
12:23:36  * cgsawtelljoined
12:24:17  <coderarity>trodrigues: any suggestions then?
12:24:42  <trodrigues>well, you can try the ones i talked about
12:24:51  <coderarity>green tea?
12:24:52  <trodrigues>I also like camomile a lot
12:24:54  <trodrigues>and red tea
12:25:07  <coderarity>darjeeling? what does that mean?
12:25:08  <trodrigues>green tea, darjeeling, english breakfast, earl grey
12:25:15  <trodrigues>it's the name of a flower or something
12:25:23  <trodrigues>from india i guess
12:25:34  <trodrigues>earl grey and english breakfast are usually stronger
12:25:53  <coderarity>which of these can you buy at walmart?
12:25:57  * ankurquit (Read error: Operation timed out)
12:26:35  <trodrigues>no idea
12:26:40  <trodrigues>i live in london :p
12:26:44  <coderarity>i see
12:26:49  <trodrigues>but green tea probably
12:26:57  <coderarity>that's what i get for staying up all night
12:27:02  <trodrigues>haha
12:27:21  <coderarity>walmart is fairly pleasant in the early morning though
12:27:31  <coderarity>it's quiet but sunny
12:28:38  <coderarity>it feels so wrong buying a new loaf of bread when we have a full, untouched loaf in the kitchen :\
12:28:50  <coderarity>my roommates insist on not sharing, but then just waste the food they buy
12:29:03  <coderarity>like "NO DON'T EAT MY BREAD THAT'S FOR GETTING MOLDY"
12:29:16  * ferloresjoined
12:29:24  <coderarity>alright, i'm off to walmart, if anyone needs support, i'll return shortly :D
12:30:32  <trodrigues>heh
12:33:37  * jetiennequit (Quit: jetienne)
12:35:24  * jetiennejoined
12:36:10  * jetiennequit (Client Quit)
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13:02:01  * __lucasquit (Quit: __lucas)
13:04:40  <yawnt>lol
13:04:44  <yawnt>14:28 @coderarity> like "NO DON'T EAT MY BREAD THAT'S FOR GETTING MOLDY"
13:10:02  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
13:11:19  * graeme_fjoined
13:13:57  <coderarity>looks like i didn't miss anything
13:14:17  <coderarity>man, 40 minutes to go to wal mart, not shabby
13:15:14  * thdquit (Remote host closed the connection)
13:15:51  * garrettwilkinquit (Quit: garrettwilkin)
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13:34:06  * thdjoined
13:35:29  * garrettwilkinjoined
13:36:39  * mmaleckitopic: Nodejitsu - Host applications. Keep them up. | Cloud Status: balancer issues appear to have been rectified. Please notify support if any issues arise.
13:36:52  * jetiennequit (Quit: jetienne)
13:42:12  * jetiennejoined
13:43:44  * cgsawtellquit (Quit: cgsawtell)
13:43:46  <yawnt>hey
13:43:52  <yawnt>node library to send html mails
13:43:54  <yawnt>suggestions?
13:44:07  <theCole>yawnt: i have never done that in node before
13:44:10  <theCole>sounds interesting
13:44:22  <yawnt>there are plenty
13:46:42  * stagasjoined
13:46:59  * papachanjoined
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13:47:48  * FUUFREENODESTOPBchanged nick to `3rdEden
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13:53:33  * mmaleckiquit (Quit: Lost terminal)
13:54:15  * mmaleckijoined
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14:23:05  * IrishGringoquit (Remote host closed the connection)
14:23:56  <yawnt>i love so much ternary operators :3
14:24:02  <yawnt>they make everything look cleaner
14:24:03  <yawnt>? : ;
14:24:45  * hmalphettesjoined
14:27:27  * jbasdfquit (Quit: jbasdf)
14:27:51  * limptwigletquit (Quit: Leaving.)
14:30:13  * dylangjoined
14:30:20  * sirkitreejoined
14:30:46  <theCole>yawnt: clearner?
14:30:51  <theCole>cleaner*
14:31:02  <theCole>i dunno if that is the word i would use for that =P
14:33:44  * limptwigletjoined
14:34:56  * __lucasjoined
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14:38:27  * bardupart
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14:54:53  * jbasdfjoined
14:58:44  <yawnt> if this was a single-threaded app, it could handle about 905,100 hits/day from this location, or about 10 users/sec.
14:58:47  <yawnt>really
14:58:52  * c4milojoined
15:01:49  * dylang_joined
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15:21:33  <AvianFlu>LULZ FOR EVERYBODY!
15:21:51  <yawnt>nop.
15:22:02  <yawnt>if you give lulz to everyone
15:22:15  <yawnt>everyone would be at the same level, therefore lulz would be meaningless
15:22:16  <yawnt>:(
15:22:31  <yawnt>HAI! :D
15:23:11  <AvianFlu>EXISTENTI-LULZ
15:23:35  <yawnt>capslock day is in a month and a half
15:23:38  <yawnt>better get ready
15:24:40  <yawnt>yes i see
15:24:48  <yawnt>still, your nick is camelcased
15:24:50  <yawnt>pf.
15:25:02  * AvianFluchanged nick to AVIANFLU
15:25:04  <AVIANFLU>HA
15:25:25  <yawnt>predictable
15:25:27  <yawnt>:>
15:25:51  <yawnt>node mailer is pretty cool btw <- theCole
15:25:58  <yawnt>i mean, it works
15:26:00  <yawnt>which is something :D
15:26:27  * toonketelsquit (Remote host closed the connection)
15:33:06  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
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15:36:41  * travis-cijoined
15:36:41  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] flatiron/resourceful#210 (fs-engine - c206424 : Pavan Kumar Sunkara): The build was broken.
15:36:41  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/flatiron/resourceful/compare/66c8128d88d5^...c206424345b4
15:36:41  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/flatiron/resourceful/builds/2358472
15:36:41  * travis-cipart
15:37:21  * yawntquit (Quit: Lost terminal)
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15:41:53  * AVIANFLUchanged nick to AvianFlu
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16:21:49  * paolojoined
16:22:13  * mAritzquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
16:22:59  <paolo>hello there
16:23:08  <paolo>i got a bug with jitsu on win8
16:23:10  * stimblequit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
16:23:16  <paolo>can anyone help?
16:24:12  * Cygnus_Xjoined
16:25:25  <paolo>anyway on win8 rtm
16:25:31  <paolo>jitsu deploy
16:26:24  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: http://www.textualapp.com/)
16:26:34  <paolo>will throw an error, when requiring the password: "has no method getWindowSize'
16:26:46  * ramitosquit
16:27:15  * stimblejoined
16:29:23  * Cygnus_Xquit (Quit: Page closed)
16:33:28  * alstequit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
16:34:25  <AvianFlu>paolo: what node version
16:34:39  <AvianFlu>if you update to latest it should fix that
16:36:06  * AvianFluquit (Quit: AvianFlu)
16:36:12  * garrettwilkinquit (Quit: garrettwilkin)
16:39:19  * slloydjoined
16:41:41  <paolo>yes sorry
16:41:54  <paolo>i have now latest version working correctly
16:42:13  * fatjonnyjoined
16:42:29  <paolo>anyway can you explain what kind of file should i provide from the web admin interface as a 'snapshot'?
16:46:51  * shiawuenjoined
16:54:31  * ramitosjoined
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17:06:07  * jtomasrljoined
17:06:11  * `3rdEdenquit (Quit: Linkinus - http://linkinus.com)
17:06:41  <jtomasrl>i have problems when deplying a node app
17:06:41  <jtomasrl>https://gist.github.com/9c54d157f03d4540aab6
17:07:35  <paolo>done :)
17:08:00  <paolo>multiplayes jenga variant based on physis.js example http://msdb.s.jit.su/jenga.html
17:08:17  <paolo><3 jitsu
17:08:23  * paoloquit (Quit: Page closed)
17:08:57  * timoxleyquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
17:09:02  <sven__>lol oops
17:09:10  <jtomasrl>awesome
17:09:55  * paolojoined
17:10:57  * ryan_stevensjoined
17:11:01  * AvianFlujoined
17:12:04  <paolo>ifa anyone wants to try jenga
17:12:14  * shiawuenquit (Quit: shiawuen)
17:12:20  * kmiyashiroquit (Quit: kmiyashiro)
17:12:27  <paolo>we can start togheter, same window size required by now
17:12:39  <jtomasrl>paolo: cant stop playing lol
17:12:52  <paolo>ah ah :)
17:12:58  <paolo>lets restart togheter
17:13:36  * ramitosquit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
17:13:44  * ramitosjoined
17:13:55  * TooTallNatejoined
17:13:55  <jtomasrl>how does this work, when i refresh i get a new game, what happend to the old one and how do new players join without restarting game
17:14:00  <mmalecki>jtomasrl: hey, are you using os.cpus()?
17:14:09  <mmalecki>or in fact, cluster module?
17:14:13  <jtomasrl>mmalecki: yes
17:14:16  <paolo>it is not really plyable anyway i have to figure out lot of things
17:14:24  <mmalecki>os.cpus() calls are broken on joyent, we'll be deploying a fix really soon
17:14:25  <paolo>i use socket.io
17:14:28  <mmalecki>also, don't use cluster
17:14:30  * garrettwilkinjoined
17:14:31  <mmalecki>on nodejitsu
17:14:40  <paolo>just to replicate mouseevents
17:14:42  <mmalecki>if you need scaling, tell us :)
17:14:52  <paolo>all players are brodcasted togheter
17:15:00  <paolo>so not really a game now
17:15:21  <paolo>first i have to figure out how to make physic effects consistent on each client
17:15:29  <jtomasrl>mmalecki: i use it locally, is there a way to make an "if on nodejitsu, then dont use cluster"
17:15:49  <mmalecki>jtomasrl: if (process.env.NODE_ENV === "production") or something
17:15:54  <mmalecki>also, why use it locally?
17:16:07  <jtomasrl>mmalecki: benchmark
17:16:13  <Sly>Ohai, mmalecki. I'm back. :P
17:18:11  <paolo>try http://msdb.s.jit.su/jenga.html#4 the number is height of tower
17:18:40  <paolo>i'll try to figureout out to make effect the same on all clients
17:18:59  <jtomasrl>mmalecki: it's working now :P
17:19:09  <mmalecki>jtomasrl: well, I doubt it matters in benchmark, but okay :)
17:19:49  <paolo>hey lets all restart right now ok?
17:20:22  <jtomasrl>how many requests can a single drone handle
17:20:40  * cronopiojoined
17:20:53  <paolo>also which is the limit for sockets data on free nodejitsu?
17:21:53  * mikeputnamjoined
17:24:13  * BrandonGriggsjoined
17:25:07  <garrettwilkin>looks like my app is not responding to curl again
17:25:11  <garrettwilkin>'curl -i -X GET "http://hackerclub.jit.su/force"'
17:25:31  <garrettwilkin>garrettwilkin / HackerClubProjectOne
17:26:06  <blakmatrix>paolo: http://legal.nodejitsu.com/acceptable-use-policy look at quotas section
17:26:15  <paolo>thanks
17:26:40  <mmalecki>well, we don't limit the bandwidth in any way
17:27:31  <BrandonGriggs>could someone take a look at http://knack.jit.su/ ? its showing connection errors after a deploy. Nothing in logs
17:28:21  <paolo>looks like i cannot reload the app anymore...
17:28:28  * Hyper_Coderquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
17:29:00  <mmalecki>BrandonGriggs, garrettwilkin: fixing
17:29:26  <paolo>ok is working again
17:29:37  <mmalecki>AvianFlu: ^, eh.
17:29:56  <BrandonGriggs>looks fixed. What was the issue?
17:32:21  * joshonthewebjoined
17:33:12  <paolo>no idea, maybe my internet connection, i'm in rome, italy, where are nodejitsu servers?
17:33:23  <mmalecki>paolo: usa
17:33:47  <mmalecki>BrandonGriggs: our load balancers appear to be experiencing some issues sometimes unfortunately
17:37:19  * lushiousjoined
17:44:02  * hmalphettesquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
17:44:18  * ryan_stevens1joined
17:44:24  * iBooyaajoined
17:45:35  * ryan_stevensquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
17:46:19  * ramitosquit
17:47:29  <paolo>cant connect again, outputs on page: An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}
17:49:20  <blakmatrix>paolo: thats the load balancer causing that error
17:50:12  <paolo>ok, maybe it is a bit rude output to the end user
17:51:04  * kmiyashirojoined
17:51:44  <blakmatrix>paolo: I', sorry if the error offended you
17:54:03  <paolo>:)
17:54:07  <paolo> no not me
17:54:49  <paolo>i like json style, just thinking of a production app
17:55:16  * ankurquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:58:00  * Slyis off again. :P
17:58:51  * jtomasrlquit (Quit: Linkinus - http://linkinus.com)
17:59:27  <paolo>bye people thank you for support. lots of love to jitsu best think i came across lately!
18:00:26  * hallasquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
18:00:42  * lushiousquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
18:00:52  * st_lukejoined
18:01:10  * `3rdEdenjoined
18:02:40  <garrettwilkin>mmalecki: maybe i will write a nodejitsu monitoring services
18:02:41  * Nodejitsu-Githubjoined
18:02:41  <Nodejitsu-Github>[require-analyzer] fb55 pushed 3 new commits to master: http://git.io/YqLrqA
18:02:41  <Nodejitsu-Github>[require-analyzer/master] prefer fs.exists instead of path.exists - wibuni
18:02:41  <Nodejitsu-Github>[require-analyzer/master] bump version 0.4.1-1 - wibuni
18:02:41  <Nodejitsu-Github>[require-analyzer/master] Merge pull request #55 from wibuni/master - Felix Böhm
18:02:41  * Nodejitsu-Githubpart
18:03:06  <garrettwilkin>does Nodejitsu already have a monitor in place?
18:03:44  * timhudsonjoined
18:03:45  * travis-cijoined
18:03:46  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] nodejitsu/require-analyzer#21 (master - 1034bd6 : Felix Böhm): The build passed.
18:03:46  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/nodejitsu/require-analyzer/compare/e42d54731d12...1034bd6f8ff1
18:03:46  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/nodejitsu/require-analyzer/builds/2359900
18:03:46  * travis-cipart
18:03:53  * paoloquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:04:48  * iBooyaaquit (Quit: doh!)
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18:30:15  <mmalecki>garrettwilkin: we're actively looking into the issue
18:30:24  <mmalecki>also, yes, we do have monitoring
18:30:51  * ankurjoined
18:30:52  * aheckmannjoined
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19:14:24  * sicularsjoined
19:14:56  * Hebojoined
19:15:03  <nathan7>mmalecki: any timeline on the fixin'?
19:16:06  <mmalecki>nathan7: is your app affected?
19:16:20  <nathan7>mmalecki: yeah
19:16:30  <mmalecki>nathan7: username/appname?
19:16:40  <nathan7>mmalecki: An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}
19:16:49  <nathan7>mmalecki: same as my nick, http://techinc.notefaction.jit.su/
19:17:10  <nathan7>mmalecki: it runs the open/closed notifications for the Amsterdam hackerspcae
19:17:12  <nathan7>*hackerspace
19:18:32  * standoojoined
19:19:36  * DTrejo_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:19:42  <mmalecki>now that was some weird condition, this app wasn't running for some reason
19:19:55  <mmalecki>at least, haibu said so
19:19:59  <mmalecki>I'm starting it
19:20:05  <mmalecki>but not related to balancers
19:20:19  <nathan7>odd
19:20:21  <nathan7>And no logs
19:20:23  <mmalecki>appears to be running fine
19:22:05  <nathan7>odd
19:22:22  * aheckmann_joined
19:22:27  * st_lukejoined
19:22:37  <mmalecki>yeah, it is
19:22:42  * aheckmannquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
19:22:42  * aheckmann_changed nick to aheckmann
19:23:28  * lushiousjoined
19:23:34  <nathan7>mmalecki: and it's inaccessible?
19:23:55  <mmalecki>now, wtf.
19:24:13  * dylang_quit (Quit: dylang_)
19:24:58  * garrettwilkinquit (Quit: garrettwilkin)
19:25:21  <nathan7>mmalecki: wtf indeed :|
19:25:57  * garrettwilkinjoined
19:25:58  <mmalecki>that actually triggered something interesting...
19:26:12  <mmalecki>also, working on getting it back up :)
19:27:49  <mmalecki>back up, had to give LBs a kick
19:27:57  <mmalecki>good news it, it helped me debug LBs
19:28:20  * lushiousquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
19:28:52  * st_lukequit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:30:00  * ryan_stevens1quit (Quit: Leaving.)
19:31:45  <mmalecki>oh...
19:31:55  <mmalecki>any couch geek in here?
19:32:12  <mmalecki>dscape: ^ ?
19:32:30  <mmalecki>so, using _changes feed
19:32:44  <mmalecki>if there were many updates to one document since `since` revision
19:32:55  <mmalecki>is it normal for couch to return one change only?
19:33:22  * MerlinDMCquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:33:49  * standooquit (Quit: Leaving.)
19:36:00  * broofaquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
19:37:03  * jmpequit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
19:40:01  * `3rdEdenquit (Quit: Leaving...)
19:40:51  * jmar777joined
19:42:33  * broofajoined
19:43:11  <garrettwilkin>how does the balancer work?
19:43:34  <mmalecki>right now, barely ;)
19:43:35  <garrettwilkin>monitors a stream of couch changes?
19:43:38  <mmalecki>(kidding)
19:43:40  <garrettwilkin>haha
19:43:42  <mmalecki>also, yeah
19:43:58  <mmalecki>so we don't have to do a db lookup with every request
19:44:14  <mmalecki>access is just an object lookup, blazingly fast
19:44:39  <garrettwilkin>oh… is that what results in the EACCES error?
19:44:58  <mmalecki>that's what I'm looking at right now, yeah
19:45:08  <garrettwilkin>& so if there are too many updates, you don't get all of them in the stream?
19:45:29  <garrettwilkin>if the updates come in higher than a certain threshold ?
19:45:48  <mmalecki>couch should return all of them
19:45:55  <garrettwilkin>another system that i work with, proprietary, has this thing called "guaranteed ticks", i have no idea how it works
19:46:05  <mmalecki>*should* being the keyword here
19:46:07  <garrettwilkin>but it ensures that you get every update
19:46:12  <mmalecki>guaranteed ticks, lol, nice name
19:46:41  <garrettwilkin>well its financial, so you know, price ticks in instruments, I'm sure it originated from a market data applcation
19:47:05  * CoverSlidequit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
19:47:47  <mmalecki>ah, financial applications, gotta love those
19:48:05  * st_lukejoined
19:48:29  <garrettwilkin>creating frustrated engineers since… you know, a long time ago
19:48:31  <mmalecki>st_luke: hey, you guys are still on the camp?
19:48:36  <mmalecki>garrettwilkin: hahaha
19:49:17  * kokotronjoined
19:50:00  <st_luke>mmalecki: yeah
19:50:09  <mmalecki>st_luke: did Avian leave to SF already?
19:50:23  <st_luke>nah he's here still, the bus hasn't gotten here yet
19:51:08  <mmalecki>ah. mind telling him that removeApp might be failing/not being called? he'll know what's up
19:51:09  * dtrejoquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
19:52:17  <garrettwilkin>no escape at camp :)
19:53:15  * st_lukequit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:53:22  * sicularsquit (Quit: siculars)
19:53:56  <mmalecki>hell no
19:56:06  * MerlinDMCjoined
19:57:10  <mmalecki>fuck, I lost my glasses >.<
19:57:28  <mmalecki>lately I can barely code without them
19:58:01  * blakmatrixquit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:05:40  * blakmatrixjoined
20:05:57  * dylangjoined
20:06:26  * st_lukejoined
20:07:34  * ankurquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
20:10:12  <kokotron>what proggy you use to code?
20:10:34  <mmalecki>vim
20:11:42  <kokotron>cool
20:11:47  * Hyper_Codejoined
20:12:34  * mikey_pchanged nick to mikey_p|afk
20:13:29  <garrettwilkin>i like vim too. I was recently talking to a friend who's considering learning node, among other options for a college course. he said that node intimidated him because there was no IDE, and he's always programed in an IDE. I thought that was really interesting, since I never saw an IDE until I had been programming for a few years.
20:15:01  <nathan7>I started with an IDE
20:15:14  <Hyper_Code>How I do get started with nodejitsu
20:15:18  <nathan7>then as I switched to teh lunix
20:15:18  <Hyper_Code>I tried to install it
20:15:25  <nathan7>Hyper_Code: jitsu?
20:15:31  <nathan7>I switched to vim
20:15:34  <Hyper_Code>but....it is telling me I havnt installed node
20:15:34  <nathan7>no wait
20:15:35  <Hyper_Code>but I did
20:15:37  <nathan7>I switched to nano
20:15:43  <nathan7>Hyper_Code: is it in your PATH?
20:15:44  <Hyper_Code>I even have node.js terminal
20:15:51  * CrypticSwarmjoined
20:15:53  <Hyper_Code>no
20:15:54  <Hyper_Code>https://gist.github.com/3651713
20:15:55  <nathan7>nano was limiting
20:15:58  <nathan7>I switched to vim
20:15:59  <Hyper_Code>I do I get it in my path?
20:16:04  <nathan7>oh jesus
20:16:05  <nathan7>windows
20:16:07  <Hyper_Code>do I cd up?
20:16:08  <Hyper_Code>yes
20:16:09  <Hyper_Code>windows
20:16:12  <Hyper_Code>=(
20:16:19  <Hyper_Code>I been trying for 2 days now
20:16:22  <Hyper_Code>trying to get this going
20:16:30  <Hyper_Code>I know javascript and how powerful it is
20:16:33  <nathan7>PATH=C:\whatever\dir\your\node\is\in;%PATH%
20:16:45  <Hyper_Code>now running it on the server would wonderful
20:17:05  <Hyper_Code>so I need to cd .. into it?
20:17:05  <kokotron>:)
20:17:19  <jesusabdullah>Yeah, windows plus path issues
20:18:05  <Hyper_Code>gosh
20:18:12  * st_lukequit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
20:18:14  <Hyper_Code>i cannot find the path
20:19:41  <Hyper_Code>C:\Program Files\nodejs\
20:19:47  <Hyper_Code>is that right?
20:20:54  * Gottoxquit (Quit: Server Upgrade)
20:20:56  * dylangquit (Quit: dylang)
20:21:12  * ankurjoined
20:21:45  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
20:21:56  <nathan7>Hyper_Code: yeah
20:22:11  <nathan7>Hyper_Code: PATH="C:\Program Files\nodejs\";%PATH%
20:22:15  <nathan7>Hyper_Code: and then do stuff
20:22:20  <nathan7>you can set it somwehere
20:22:23  <nathan7>*somewhere
20:26:32  * spolujoined
20:29:53  <Hyper_Code>how do i get into a directory
20:30:09  <Hyper_Code>when I type "cd .. directory name" gives me a error saying its non existant
20:30:50  <blakmatrix>use tab, type part of the directory then hit tab
20:31:03  <Hyper_Code>kk 1 sec
20:31:39  <Hyper_Code>wont work
20:31:50  <Hyper_Code>"The System cannot find the path specified"
20:32:15  <blakmatrix>and what path is that?
20:32:19  * ryan_stevensjoined
20:32:25  * nrwjoined
20:32:25  <Hyper_Code>Program Files
20:32:42  <Hyper_Code>i want up to C:\
20:32:46  <Hyper_Code>then typed
20:32:53  <Hyper_Code>cd .. Program Files
20:33:03  * ramitosjoined
20:33:15  <blakmatrix>take out the `..`
20:33:29  <Hyper_Code>lmao
20:33:31  <Hyper_Code>thank you worked
20:33:31  <blakmatrix>also you might need to backslash the space in program files
20:34:21  * joshonthewebjoined
20:34:28  <Hyper_Code>now nodejitsu is installing
20:34:30  <Hyper_Code>yay lol
20:35:33  <blakmatrix>what um... what system are you on
20:36:00  <Hyper_Code>windows
20:36:05  <Hyper_Code>64 bit
20:36:10  <blakmatrix>7?
20:36:14  <blakmatrix>xp?
20:36:15  <Hyper_Code>yes
20:36:17  <Hyper_Code>7
20:36:46  * broofaquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
20:37:14  <blakmatrix>Hyper_Code: check out http://www.itechtalk.com/thread3595.html
20:37:43  <blakmatrix>Hyper_Code: when you get to the part whare it says System variables, look for on that says PATH
20:38:11  * jmar777quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:38:28  <Hyper_Code>i already got it
20:38:32  <Hyper_Code>installing express now
20:38:44  * jmar777joined
20:39:04  <nrw>my express app is running at its .jit.su subdomain, but not at its top level domain. this looks like an issue i saw here yesterday. some issue with joyent? did it get fixed?
20:39:06  * broofajoined
20:39:45  <blakmatrix>Edit it, go to the very end, you might need to put a semicolon on the very end, then open explorer, navigat to the binary locations of node and npm, coppy the location out of the adress bar and then append it to the PATH variable and put a semi colon at the end
20:40:00  <blakmatrix>then from you shell you can typm npm and node and whatnot
20:40:02  * Destosjoined
20:40:30  <blakmatrix>without having to specify the path the binaries exist at
20:41:37  <blakmatrix>nrw: what do you mean top level domain is the .su part
20:42:26  * TheJHquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:42:52  <nrw>my app is available here sotn.jit.su but not here sotncomp.com
20:43:14  <nrw>nevermind
20:43:27  <nrw>it just disappeared from both
20:43:29  * ramitosquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:43:32  <nrw>hang on. :P
20:43:34  * jmar777quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
20:43:44  <blakmatrix>both of them load or me, its probably our balancer issues that our devops team is working on
20:43:50  <blakmatrix>sorry for the trouble
20:44:17  <nrw>blakmatrix: i get this at both urls:
20:44:17  <nrw>An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}
20:44:53  <nrw>blakmatrix: is there a fix for me? or do i wait for balancer issues to be resolved?
20:45:17  <blakmatrix>there is nothing you are doing wrong
20:45:52  <nrw>blakmatrix: thats a good start. :) is there a hack to make either url load for me?
20:47:26  * Hyper_Codequit (Quit: Page closed)
20:48:41  <blakmatrix>as far as browsers go it looks like they get stuck using a particular host to connect to, if you use curl you'll see it requests it from various balancer IPs randomly
20:49:06  <blakmatrix>i dont know if thats a cache issue or a host file or whatever
20:50:13  <nrw>blakmatrix: i think that'll be enough to go on. thanks.
20:51:48  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
20:52:31  * xottoGjoined
20:54:09  * xottoGquit (Client Quit)
20:54:09  * nrwquit (Quit: Leaving.)
20:54:18  * xottoGjoined
20:54:34  * xottoGquit (Client Quit)
20:54:35  * sirkitree|lunchchanged nick to sirkitree
20:56:56  * timhudsonjoined
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20:57:19  * ramitosjoined
21:02:29  * richwestcoastquit (Quit: ( www.nnscript.com :: NoNameScript 4.22 :: www.esnation.com ))
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21:10:52  * thd_joined
21:13:00  * thdquit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
21:16:30  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
21:17:57  <TooTallNate>jesusabdullah: ping
21:19:01  * ryan_stevensquit (Quit: Leaving.)
21:19:45  * LuckySMackjoined
21:20:54  * LuckySMackpart
21:22:27  * jtomasrljoined
21:23:57  * MorangoTantojoined
21:24:01  * ramitosquit
21:24:32  <MorangoTanto>hi
21:24:35  <MorangoTanto>"Error spawning drone"
21:24:48  <MorangoTanto>halp
21:25:04  * MorangoTantochanged nick to MorangoTango
21:25:24  <blakmatrix>MorangoTango: do you have gist
21:25:29  * jmpejoined
21:25:35  <blakmatrix>username/appname
21:26:21  * lwicksjoined
21:27:58  <jtomasrl>is it normal that sometimes my app is down? even though the dashboard says it's started?
21:29:28  * benvjoined
21:30:52  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
21:31:44  <blakmatrix>jtomasrl: no
21:32:02  <blakmatrix>MorangoTango: can you gist me your package.json
21:32:14  <jtomasrl>blakmatrix: what could it be
21:32:16  * ramitosjoined
21:32:30  <blakmatrix>jtomasrl: our balancers are acting up
21:33:15  <garrettwilkin>blakmatrix: that's interesting about the browsers and the curl issue
21:33:23  <garrettwilkin>i've been wondering what it was
21:33:37  <garrettwilkin>cause I saw both issues, since my app is a website and an HTTP API
21:33:53  <jtomasrl>oh
21:34:57  * ryan_stevens1joined
21:35:59  * ryan_stevens2joined
21:36:00  * ryan_stevens1quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:36:33  * TooTallNatequit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
21:37:07  * jmar777joined
21:39:46  * TooTallNatejoined
21:41:47  * Heboquit
21:42:03  <blakmatrix>MorangoTango: try redeploying while i watch
21:43:22  * lwicksquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:44:48  <tralamaz>hi, I'm having problems deploying an app (error 500).
21:48:16  <tralamaz>any place where I can find some logs/dumps ec?
21:48:22  <tralamaz>etc*
21:48:28  * therealkoopaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:50:21  <blakmatrix>MorangoTango: your app is crashing when it starts, yo ucan see the output by typeing `jitsu logs` I tried google searching and best i could come up with is maybe malformed input
21:50:38  * lwicksjoined
21:50:45  <blakmatrix>look at the trace it might help you get an idea where something is going wrong in your app
21:51:08  <MorangoTango>I will, thank you for your patience
21:51:09  <blakmatrix>tralamaz: same thing `jitsu logs`
21:51:51  * spolujoined
21:52:17  <timhudson>blakmatrix: My app has been up and down lately. When the balancers are acting up is there anything I can do to help get my app back up?
21:52:18  <tralamaz>blakmatrix: no logs
21:52:57  <blakmatrix>timhudson: unfortuenately nothing can be done on your end
21:53:14  <blakmatrix>tralamaz: can you gist me what you're trying to do
21:53:29  <blakmatrix>i mean all the commands that arent working
21:53:38  <MorangoTango>blakmatrix: log says: "Error: Uncaught, unspecified 'error' event." No clue..
21:54:36  <blakmatrix>MorangoTango: do yo uhave anonomous functions in your app, if you do you might benefit from naming them so yo ucan get a better stack trace
21:57:07  <mmalecki>shipping me some energy drinks would be considered helpful in solving load balancer problems
21:57:10  * Slyquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
21:59:02  * bardujoined
21:59:03  * Slyjoined
22:00:24  * jtomasrlquit (Quit: Linkinus - http://linkinus.com)
22:02:52  * Destosquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:03:17  <MorangoTango>is there any known problem with ntwitter?
22:04:45  <tralamaz>MorangoTango: careful with twitter api, they changed something recently
22:05:22  * ramitosquit
22:07:15  * sirkitreechanged nick to sirkitree|afk
22:08:38  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
22:08:40  <blakmatrix>tralamaz: can you try redeploying again whil i watch our master logs
22:08:46  * kokotronquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:09:13  * spolujoined
22:09:17  <bardu>still having balancer issue: An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED", "errno":"ECONNREFUSED", "syscall":"connect"}
22:10:15  * Rachinjoined
22:10:17  <bardu>the funny think is I can connect from my laptop to my app, but not from my desktop and Android phone
22:11:09  <tralamaz>blakmatrix: just did
22:11:35  <mmalecki>bardu: fixing it
22:11:51  <Rachin>Hi Ninjas, I am a newbe to nodejitsu and want to know how can I download files created by my app.
22:13:20  <blakmatrix>tralamaz: do you have a package.json?
22:14:11  * kokotronjoined
22:14:16  <tralamaz>blakmatrix: yup
22:14:24  <tralamaz>blakmatrix: in the repo on that gist
22:14:24  <blakmatrix>Rachin: `jitsu snapshots fetch`
22:14:30  <mmalecki>bardu: did that fix it?
22:14:53  * ramitosjoined
22:14:56  <mmalecki>Rachin: does your app create files on runtime?
22:14:59  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
22:15:23  <Rachin>blakmatrix: Fetch give me the code that was originally deployed and not the updated/created files.
22:15:43  <mmalecki>Rachin: just serve them as static files over http
22:15:52  <mmalecki>no way to download whole tarball from the server
22:16:08  <Rachin>ok, thankyou
22:17:17  <bardu>mmalecki: no, just re-deployed with ok and still get the error message in browser, now on all my devices
22:18:50  <bardu>mmalecki: hmm... is okay with www.myapp.com but not with myapp.com
22:20:33  * Rachinquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:20:38  <mmalecki>I think I just discovered the initial cause of these problems, working on a solution as we speak
22:21:24  <mmalecki>bardu: interesing, can you find out what IP are you hitting?
22:21:58  * garrettwilkinquit (Quit: garrettwilkin)
22:27:36  * Destosjoined
22:28:10  <mmalecki>confirmed it to be the actual cause, working on a patch
22:28:33  <bardu>mmalecki:
22:31:25  <tralamaz>thanks blakmatrix
22:33:22  * ramitosquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:33:33  * ramitosjoined
22:33:53  <mmalecki>bardu: what's the domain/subdomain once again?
22:34:43  * MorangoTangoquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:36:22  <bardu>mmalecki: yxyapp: yxyapp.com, www.yxyapp.com, whitehorseapp.com, www.whitehorseapp.com
22:37:21  * lwicksquit (Quit: lwicks)
22:39:22  * kokotronquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
22:41:24  * Destosquit (Quit: Destos)
22:43:38  * kokotronjoined
22:48:23  * aheckmannquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:48:28  <mmalecki>I just rolled out a fix for the ECONNREFUSED problem
22:48:33  <mmalecki>bardu: check now please
22:48:59  * xottoGchanged nick to Gottox
22:49:36  <mmalecki>https://twitter.com/maciejmalecki/status/243842711529066497 is kinda relevant here.
22:50:10  * therealkoopajoined
22:50:14  * aheckmannjoined
22:50:28  <sven__>lol
22:51:14  <chilts>heh, that's awesome ... so is the 'fixed' image too
22:51:52  <mmalecki>hahaha, nice
22:52:12  <mmalecki>fix was actually one line
22:52:29  <mmalecki>there's noone to highfive around, but I totally would.
22:52:46  <mmalecki>instead, I'll just get drunk, like I usually do.
22:52:52  * katjangjoined
22:54:01  * katjangpart
22:54:31  * katjangjoined
22:54:38  * mmaleckitopic: Nodejitsu - Host applications. Keep them up. | Cloud Status: software fix was rolled out to prevent ECONNREFUSED when accessing the application. If it keeps happening, please notify support.
23:03:21  * st_lukejoined
23:03:45  <st_luke>Yo jesusabdullah
23:05:24  * thepumpkinjoined
23:05:31  <mmalecki>st_luke: he's out
23:06:30  <st_luke>Oh damn, I'm outside stackhouse. Was gonna say hello
23:06:47  <bardu>mmalecki: great works on all devices with all domains
23:07:09  <mmalecki>bardu: *fuck* *yeah*.
23:07:37  <mmalecki>st_luke: well, he said he'll be back in few hours, maybe call him up?
23:08:35  <bardu>mmalecki: now, you can get drunk;-)
23:09:12  <st_luke>mmalecki: I don't have his number. Was gonna ring the doorbell but the gate is locked
23:09:25  <mmalecki>st_luke: KICK IT OUT
23:09:26  * thepumpkinquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
23:09:47  <mmalecki>also, substack might be awake
23:10:04  * thepumpkinjoined
23:10:30  <st_luke>I think he's at the post summercamp stuff
23:10:35  * stagasquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
23:11:17  <mmalecki>st_luke: I mean, I think I can give you his phone number in that case
23:11:31  <mmalecki>but like, don't call, text him, he mentioned some meeting
23:11:39  <st_luke>Ah I see
23:11:56  <mmalecki>sec, digging it up
23:13:56  * __lucasquit (Quit: __lucas)
23:14:11  * thepumpkinquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:14:44  * thepumpkinjoined
23:15:21  * ryan_stevens2quit (Quit: Leaving.)
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23:44:45  * bardupart
23:49:05  * PatFjoined
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23:51:33  * PatFchanged nick to Destos
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