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00:10:06  <joemccann>hey guys
00:10:08  <joemccann>quick questin
00:10:09  <joemccann>n
00:10:22  <joemccann>i have an app that is writing to a file, a json file
00:10:46  <joemccann>yet, at some point, I'm gonna want to download that file from my nodejitsu app
00:10:57  <joemccann>is there anyway to download from a deployed app?
00:11:02  <joemccann>openwebsxsw.com
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00:11:05  <joemccann>is the app
00:11:11  <coderarinux>well
00:11:13  <coderarinux>yeah
00:11:17  <joemccann>github.com/joemccann/openwebsxsw
00:11:26  <coderarinux>just add code to let you download it from your website
00:12:05  <joemccann>hmm
00:12:07  <joemccann>yeah
00:12:09  <joemccann>the problem is
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00:12:21  <joemccann>i want that filethat I'm downloading to only be downloaded by me
00:12:22  <joemccann>and
00:12:25  <joemccann>the app is open source
00:12:33  <coderarinux>i think in express it's just res.sendfile
00:12:46  <joemccann>it is
00:12:47  <joemccann>actually
00:12:56  <coderarinux>just add basic https authorization
00:12:57  <joemccann>i'll just write some logic that will require a key with the route
00:12:58  <coderarinux>for that route
00:12:59  <joemccann>yeah
00:13:06  <joemccann>cool thx
00:13:10  <coderarinux>and then, you can upload the usr/pass with `jitsu env`
00:13:17  <jcrugzz>joemccann, id consider using couchdb or something personally. If you ever redeploy the app, the file will be gone
00:13:31  <joemccann>redeploy destroys the file?
00:13:36  <coderarinux>yes
00:13:38  <joemccann>wtf
00:13:40  <joemccann>that sucks
00:13:46  <coderarinux>or just store the file on S3
00:14:20  <joemccann>i see whenever i deploy
00:14:30  <coderarinux>joemccann: it's gotta clean the drone and move to a new one, otherwise you might get stuck on a bad drone
00:14:32  <joemccann>it will transfer up the original file
00:14:34  <coderarinux>and that'd be way worse
00:14:38  <joemccann>right
00:15:18  <coderarinux>joemccann: it uploads a new snapshot (which is a tarball of the current directory) and then puts that on a drone every time you deploy
00:15:25  <coderarinux>joemccann: to save state, just upload stuff to S3
00:15:25  <joemccann>right
00:15:34  <joemccann>that requires an S3 account
00:15:41  <joemccann>trying to limit complexity here
00:15:52  <coderarinux>well, you can upload it to couchdb too
00:15:59  <coderarinux>mongodb also supports this i think
00:16:12  <joemccann>couch as an attachment?
00:16:19  <coderarinux>yeah
00:16:23  <joemccann>well it's a json file
00:16:28  <joemccann>might as well just put it in couch
00:16:31  <coderarinux>well, yeah
00:16:38  <coderarinux>just upload a couch doc if it's json
00:16:53  <joemccann>haven't used couch in a while
00:16:56  <joemccann>is there quick code for that
00:18:18  <jcrugzz>checkout https://github.com/dscape/nano
00:18:27  <coderarinux>just send a POST request with the document to the couchdb
00:20:59  <coderarinux>curl -XPOST https://yourcouchdb.com/db -d '{document: "stuff"}'
00:21:00  <coderarinux>basically
00:22:45  <joemccann>werd thx
00:25:14  <joemccann>hhmm can't create a database
00:25:14  <joemccann>:/
00:25:24  <coderarinux>what are you seeing?
00:25:54  <joemccann>https://gist.github.com/joemccann/4747727
00:25:58  <joemccann>telling me it exists
00:25:59  <joemccann>but
00:26:18  <joemccann>when i do
00:26:22  <joemccann>jitsu databases list
00:26:37  <joemccann>https://gist.github.com/joemccann/4747727
00:26:43  <joemccann>it doesn't show up in the liswt
00:26:44  <joemccann>???
00:27:32  <coderarinux>hmm
00:27:57  <coderarinux>try a different name
00:28:00  <coderarinux>i was able to create one
00:28:44  <coderarinux>could add like -couch at the end or something
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00:30:30  <coderarinux>or, maybe the same name will work
00:30:47  <coderarinux>maybe it was recently fixed, they're usually on top of that
00:31:01  <joemccann>ok
00:34:23  <joemccann>that workd
00:34:24  <joemccann>thx
00:34:30  <coderarinux>cool
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00:39:09  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] flatiron/errs#24 (master - 35b10e0 : Christopher Jeffrey): The build was broken.
00:39:09  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/flatiron/errs/compare/034291ea4eb4...35b10e0d9275
00:39:09  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/flatiron/errs/builds/4695014
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01:33:22  <ill0>hello! errormsg: https://gist.github.com/illourr/f80f943eaf6e61028806
01:34:00  <coderarinux>ill0: can I see your package.json?
01:34:19  <ill0>sure i'm trying to deploy a Opa-lang app
01:34:24  <ill0>so that may part of the problem
01:35:09  <coderarinux>you should generate the javascript before deploying
01:35:23  <coderarinux>and make sure you use the right javascript file in the "start" field of your package.json
01:35:27  <coderarinux>and it should be fine
01:35:29  <coderarinux>but this error is something else
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01:36:20  <ill0>yah i will try using jitsu install first or changing the start field
01:38:45  <coderarinux>`jitsu deploy` will help you set up a package.json if you don't have one
01:39:09  <coderarinux>the reason you got that error is because it needs to contain "engines": { "node": "0.8.x" }
01:43:15  <ill0>x not the actualy version
01:44:43  <coderarinux>yes
01:44:52  <coderarinux>because x signifies anything in the 0.8 series
01:45:00  <coderarinux>because we don't have every version in the 0.8 series, only some
01:45:09  <coderarinux>.x will choose the highest version available
01:45:24  <coderarinux>which is probably what you want, because the latest version contains the latest bug fixes
01:45:33  <ill0>cool
01:48:11  <ill0>coderarinux: do basic deployments require billing info now? i havent been here since beta sorry
01:48:37  <coderarinux>you can use the sandbox for one month, and an additional month if you put in billing info
01:48:52  <ill0>ah okay.
01:49:08  <ill0>i heard you guys had fun during nodeknockout :)
01:49:27  <coderarinux>yeah
01:49:31  <coderarinux>that was a while ago now
01:49:43  <ill0>i just listened to a nodeup episode that talked about it..
01:50:05  <coderarinux>cool
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01:54:21  <ill0>coderarinux: can you explain or link me what a drone is?
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01:56:09  <Nodejitsu-Github>[godot] chjj created parted (+1 new commit): http://git.io/Pvko8g
01:56:09  <Nodejitsu-Github>godot/parted 0cd3f4f Christopher Jeffrey: [api] use parted for streaming json parser. see #2.
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01:56:15  <coderarinux>a drone is a small, isolated VM that runs your app
01:56:34  <ill0>is that a unix term?
01:56:42  <coderarinux>no, it's a nodejitsu thing
01:56:48  <ill0>okay
01:57:04  <coderarinux>it's 256 MB of RAM and a single virtual core
01:57:08  <coderarinux>so only want to run 1 thread
01:57:39  <ill0>oh cool. i may just use 1 drone then, im intending on just deploying experimental testing type stuff
01:58:02  <ill0>is there any chance of that kind of use counting as open-source if my repo is public
01:58:38  <ill0>:p
01:59:10  <coderarinux>yeah, as long as it's public and open source
01:59:17  <coderarinux>just drop an MIT license in or something
01:59:25  <ill0>nice. thats the idea
01:59:42  <coderarinux>https://computing.llnl.gov/tutorials/parallel_comp/#DistributedMemory if you want to read a bit about the type of scaling we do
01:59:59  <ill0>thanks
02:00:06  <coderarinux>basically each red+blue block is a drone
02:02:06  <ill0>some of this is a bit out of my range of expertise
02:02:38  <coderarinux>well, the graph shouldn't be too hard to understand
02:03:00  <coderarinux>most of the words it uses is explained earlier in the page if you need to look back
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02:04:49  <jcrugzz>coderarinux: nice link
02:05:38  <ill0>so nodejitsu using distributed memory
02:09:16  <coderarinux>yeah, nodejitsu uses a model like this
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02:09:49  <coderarinux>it's easily scalable as long as you build your app correctly
02:10:24  <coderarinux>could jump from 1 drone to 10 just by running a command
02:10:51  <ill0>interesting
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03:05:26  <min|dvir|us>Is this the right place to ask about packages like forever?
03:05:39  <coderarinux>yes
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03:05:48  <coderarinux>or github issues if you prefer
03:06:14  <chrisevans1001>hi. i notice nodejitsu only supports access from port 80. do you support TCP via 80 or does it have to be websockets / http?
03:06:55  <min|dvir|us>https://gist.github.com/dan-transparensee/e03f7c9f6adf3765024a
03:07:02  <min|dvir|us>That's my bash output.
03:07:18  <min|dvir|us>I don't understand why I can't list a forever process.
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03:11:20  <jcrugzz>chrisevans1001: just http/websockets refer to http://handbook.jit.su/a-quickstart/faq#faq-how-can-i-make-my-app-use-a-port-other-than-port-80
03:11:38  <chrisevans1001>thats what i thought. oh well
03:11:50  <jcrugzz>min|dvir|us: havent dealt with anything like that before. coderarinux?
03:12:03  <min|dvir|us>?
03:12:24  * chrisevans1001part
03:12:34  <coderarinux>min|dvir|us: did you start it with the command line?
03:12:48  <min|dvir|us>No, I have it in an upstart script. Want to see?
03:13:03  <coderarinux>that's probably why
03:13:08  <min|dvir|us>How do I fix it?
03:13:45  <coderarinux>https://github.com/nodejitsu/forever#using-forever-module-from-nodejs
03:14:08  <coderarinux>follow those instructons
03:14:10  <coderarinux>instructions*
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03:40:44  <min|dvir|us>My solution was was to not use forever.
03:40:49  <min|dvir|us>I'm just doing a raw upstart script now.
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04:00:31  <coderarinux>min|dvir|us: i sent you the solution
04:00:51  <coderarinux>min|dvir|us: read the part that says "Remark:"
04:00:52  <coderarinux>https://github.com/nodejitsu/forever#using-forever-module-from-nodejs
04:01:23  <coderarinux>but if you don't want to use forever anyways, that's up to you. I'm just saying, the solution is clearly documented
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04:26:36  <jaxon_>I am looking for a way to have a failed instance failover to a second instance. Can someone point me in he right direction?
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04:31:08  <jcrugzz>jaxon_: I don't believe thats exactly how the drones work. The requests are distributed between the drones that you have allocated to it I believe. cc coderarinux
04:32:32  <jaxon_>Hmmm. Of my 10 sites, one will randomly go down here and there
04:32:57  <jaxon_>trying to keep this from hapenning.
04:33:06  <jaxon_>happening
04:33:34  <jaxon_>Guess I'll have to rely on monitoring.
04:34:02  <jcrugzz>julianduque: any ideas?
04:34:37  <jcrugzz>jaxon_: I'm trying to ping someone who may be able to look into it, i dont believe that should be happening.
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04:37:03  <jaxon_>thaks
04:37:45  <gistya>I can't deploy .. Error: Subdomain chosen belongs to another user
04:37:59  <gistya>What do I do?
04:38:20  <jaxon_>I get ECONNREFUSED or a simlar error. Forgot to write it down in the panic to get it back online
04:39:56  <jcrugzz>anoemi: anyone around who can help these guys out?
04:46:47  <anoemi>jcrugzz: hey there
04:47:03  <anoemi>just a minute we're looking into some things on our end
04:50:41  <anoemi>jaxon_: where are you seeing ECONNREFUSED?
04:52:00  <jaxon_>Sorry, I am not even sure if this iwas the error. I went to my site rubytooth.com and it had an error string in JSON
04:52:22  <jaxon_>I redeployed and it worked
04:52:36  <gistya>I can't deploy .. Error: Subdomain chosen belongs to another user
04:52:39  <gistya>???
04:53:06  <anoemi>jaxon_: you probably just migrated yourself from the old production environment to the new one
04:53:11  <jaxon_>but my sites will go down randomly. I have ten sites in nodejistu and it seems on of them will go down within a given week
04:53:20  <jaxon_>oh, ok,
04:53:37  <jaxon_>maybe I should redeploy all my sites
04:54:16  <anoemi>jaxon_: yea, we just upgraded our entire cloud, so a lot of the errors which were persistent before should have been eliminated
04:54:28  <anoemi>and redeploying all your sites is probably a good idea
04:54:48  <jaxon_>sweet
04:54:50  <jcrugzz>gets them on those new drones
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04:55:31  <anoemi>gistya: ill need your username, appname and subdomain name
04:55:33  <jaxon_>doing that now
04:55:54  <jcrugzz>jaxon_: `jitsu start` will automatically put it on a new drone
04:58:17  <gistya>anoemi: nko3-silence-is-deadly .. app name swrp .. subdomain SHOULD be swrp. i tried deleting and re-deploying and it put me at nko3-silence-is-deadly.nko3-silence-is-deadly.nko3-silence-is-deadly
05:00:00  <anoemi>jcrugzz: thx :)
05:01:21  <jaxon_>In the process of redeploing all my instances, I got the error again: An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}
05:01:30  <jcrugzz>anoemi: np, here to help :)
05:01:44  <jaxon_>It's viewable at http://tidbot.com/
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05:04:07  <jcrugzz>jaxon_: try a `jitsu start`
05:05:12  <jaxon_>yes, that will fix it. But how to I keep it from happening while the site is running.
05:06:05  <jcrugzz>jaxon_: i believe these are just the last lingering errors after the major overhaul they just did.
05:06:38  <anoemi>gistya: you may have hit an issue that we just patched a little bit ago
05:07:20  <anoemi>gistya: because of that, the best way to handle this is to delete the app, change the package.json back to what its supposed to be, and redeploy
05:08:09  <jaxon_>ok
05:08:57  <jaxon_>change the package.json back to what its supposed to be?
05:09:55  <anoemi>jaxon_: i was talking to gistya about his issue just now
05:10:12  <anoemi>jaxon_: as for you, how many drones are you running?
05:10:49  <jaxon_>10
05:11:20  <jaxon_>the same code is deployed to different drones with different config setup to make each site different
05:12:45  <jaxon_>anoemi: I will redeploy them all from jitsu and hopefully that will solve it.
05:17:54  <gistya>ok
05:18:10  <gistya>sorry i'm watching a 5-OT NCAABB game lol
05:19:48  <anoemi>gistya: lolz no worries
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05:22:40  <gistya>anoemi: https://gist.github.com/gistya/4748500 <--- that's the full error
05:22:46  <gistya>keeps happening on jitsu deploy
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05:25:22  <anoemi>gistya: this is after you've deleted, changed the package.json, and attempted to redeploy right?
05:25:37  <gistya>is it because my subdomain is the same as one of my domains
05:25:38  <gistya>?
05:25:54  <gistya>anoemi: changed the package.json to.. what?
05:26:08  <gistya>anoemi: want me to gist my package.json?
05:26:08  <anoemi>gistya: to the subdomain you want to deploy to
05:26:25  <gistya>anoemi: let me gist my package.json and tell me if there's something there that's wrong
05:26:52  <anoemi>gistya: first we need to confirm which subdomain you want to be using
05:26:58  * thl0quit (Remote host closed the connection)
05:27:06  <gistya>anoemi: https://gist.github.com/gistya/4748508 is my gist
05:28:00  <gistya>it has the same domain and subdomain listed that it has had all along, and I've not had this error before.
05:28:08  <gistya>the domans are www.swrp.net, and swrp.net
05:28:14  <gistya>the subdomain is listed as www.swrp.net
05:28:28  <gistya>When I have been running it the uRL has been www.swrp.net.jit.su
05:28:50  <gistya>once the app is deployed I will point the actual swrp.net domain at it
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05:33:06  * lresendequit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
05:33:07  * lresende_changed nick to lresende
05:35:53  <anoemi>gistya: can you try changing the subdomain to 'swrp'
05:37:19  <gistya>sure
05:42:00  * therealkoopaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
05:45:33  <gistya>anoemi: that time I got the good ole ECONNREFUSED
05:45:38  <gistya>shall I delete and start over once more
05:45:47  <anoemi>k
05:46:09  <gistya>well
05:46:10  <gistya>weirdly enough
05:46:14  <gistya>the app is up and running
05:46:18  <gistya>i guess i don't need to redeploy
05:46:24  <gistya>Weird.
05:48:35  <anoemi>gistya: there's a good chance that having more than one dot in your subdomain was the issue
05:48:43  <anoemi>glad its up and running now though
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05:50:50  <gistya>thc
05:52:11  * anoemipart
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06:18:51  <ill0>anyway to login to mongohq on their website with the database i created through nodejitsu dashboard?
06:20:33  <jcrugzz>i110: i dont believe so but I've never tried.
06:22:13  <ill0>or anyway to view the logs?
06:22:35  <ill0>i got the actual db working and logged into it with mongo cli
06:22:47  * eephilli_joined
06:24:10  <jcrugzz>i110: `jitsu logs` if your hosted app is interacting with the db
06:24:35  * joemccannquit (Quit: joemccann)
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06:30:54  <ill0>ah k
06:31:18  <ill0>i tried to auth in the mongodb cli, and it worked then i tried to runCommand({getLog}) and it says i needed to login :p
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07:02:32  <devinrhode2>can I get sub-sub-domains? like extra.user.jit.su and even extra.extra.user.jit.us?
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07:12:03  * anoemipart
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07:21:35  <devinrhode2>ugh I hate running my irc client
07:21:37  <devinrhode2>pye
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07:24:29  <ill0>lol
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07:58:28  * lpinjoined
07:59:57  * astrismjoined
08:00:10  <astrism>hey there
08:00:43  <astrism>I'm attempting to deploy my server, and i keep getting an error saying my subdomain is taken
08:13:58  * yawntjoined
08:31:04  * Samuel_Roldanjoined
08:32:07  * astrismquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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09:38:12  * nlognbobjoined
09:38:36  <Samuel_Roldan>hi, I'm having the following error: https://gist.github.com/sam3k/96cf9239c8ecf6598bd0
09:39:01  <Samuel_Roldan>i created a post deploy that adds back the "views" symlink but does not seem to find it or use it
09:39:05  <Samuel_Roldan>any thoughts?
09:39:48  <nlognbob>deployment problems. Is latest version of jitsu 0.9.6?
09:40:00  <yawnt>nlognbob: no, it's 0.11.7
09:40:17  <nlognbob>hmmm
09:40:25  <yawnt>Samuel_Roldan: symlinks aren't bundled with npm
09:41:30  <Samuel_Roldan>right, i heard about that, but i was hoping, i could add back the symlinks after deploy. no?
09:41:49  <yawnt>yeah i think you can
09:42:00  <yawnt>i mean what you should do is
09:42:02  <yawnt>remove symlink
09:42:07  <nlognbob>npm update jitsu doesn't seem to fix it. I guess I need to read about npm some more.
09:42:10  <yawnt>copy whole folder to app/views
09:42:22  <yawnt>delete app/views
09:42:25  <yawnt>restore symlink
09:42:36  <yawnt>nlognbob: what issue are you having? can you gist jitsu's full output?
09:43:10  <nlognbob>my jitsu is version 0.9.6 and I can't figure out how to update it
09:43:19  * sreeixjoined
09:43:32  <yawnt>nlognbob: npm install -g [email protected]
09:43:42  <yawnt>although npm update -g jitsu should work
09:44:50  <nlognbob>it was the -g I was missing. Sorry, simple mistake
09:45:19  <yawnt>no prob :)
09:46:58  <Samuel_Roldan>@yawnt, i was afraid you will tell me to copy the folder. :)
09:47:15  <yawnt>Samuel_Roldan: hehe that's the only way if you want npm to bundle the views :P
09:47:31  <Samuel_Roldan>bummer
09:47:33  <Samuel_Roldan>kk
09:47:43  <Samuel_Roldan>ill go ahead and do it
09:52:54  * sreeixquit (Quit: sreeix)
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10:02:24  * jeffrgjoined
10:10:30  <Samuel_Roldan>so i got it to deploy successfully and copy content instead of symlink but for some reason, the app is appending .html to my templates. It does not do that locally: Error: ENOENT, open '/opt/haibu/apps/sam3k/sam3k/package/backend/views/layouts/basic/opt/haibu/apps/sam3k/sam3k/package/backend/views/partials/debug.html.html'
10:17:59  * b|lotusjoined
10:20:04  <Samuel_Roldan>any thoughts?
10:25:09  <Samuel_Roldan>basically, in express, i must include the file format (.html) when including partials
10:29:46  * defunctzombie_zzchanged nick to defunctzombie
10:32:54  * defunctzombiechanged nick to defunctzombie_zz
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10:47:49  * Tam2joined
10:48:21  <Tam2>Hi, i'm getting the following error when going to my site - An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}
10:48:23  * b|lotusquit (Quit: brb)
10:49:34  * defunctzombie_zzchanged nick to defunctzombie
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11:08:37  * gistyaquit
11:11:23  <nlognbob>I think I setup jitsu to point to a particular server during your DNS attack long ago. How can I access that setting and put it back to normal?
11:13:45  <`3rdEden>Tam2: Try starting your app again
11:13:58  <`3rdEden>a `jitsu start <app>` should be suffectient
11:14:27  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
11:14:28  <`3rdEden>nlognbob: you can remove the ~/.jitsu dotfile and it will use it's original settings again
11:14:47  <nlognbob>thanks
11:15:15  <`3rdEden>it's actually .jitsuconf sorry about that nlognbob
11:15:48  * thealphanerdpart
11:16:45  * toonketelsjoined
11:25:59  <Tam2>`3rdEden it seems to be back up now, do you know why it gave that error?
11:26:15  <`3rdEden>Tam2: You can probably check your application logs for that
11:27:02  <`3rdEden>if it doesn't show up anything, it was probably related to the maintenance a couple of days ago
11:28:38  <Tam2>yea u cant see anything in the logs
11:29:04  <Tam2>i*
11:30:00  <`3rdEden>Tam2: You can probably email support if you want a more definitive answer, I don't have the resources here atm to digg in to our servers
11:30:09  <Tam2>okay thanks
11:31:07  <jeffrg>Hi, i'm getting an untrusted certificate error on a custom domain name in chrome only? Any thoughts why that might be?
11:38:33  <`3rdEden>jeffrg: are you using your own SSL cert or ours?
11:38:43  <jeffrg>my own
11:42:26  <jeffrg>`3rdEden it's my own
11:43:50  <`3rdEden>jeffrg: Well that's odd then
11:44:35  <`3rdEden>Not sure what is going with it jeffrg
11:44:51  <jeffrg>`3rdEden I know. I don't understand. If you go to coordel.com in chrome, do you get the insecure cert error? I can't tell if it's local or global?
11:45:36  <`3rdEden>jeffrg: it says that the cert is for work.coordel.com and not for coordel.com
11:46:07  <`3rdEden>wait, nvm, miss read the details
11:46:29  <jeffrg>`3rdEden it should support both, hopefully ;)
11:46:50  <`3rdEden>jeffrg: safari also gives me the same error
11:46:55  <`3rdEden>so it's not chrome only
11:47:30  <jeffrg>`3rdEden really? i don't get it in safari…hmm
11:47:38  <`3rdEden>But i'm not an SSL specialist
11:48:15  <jeffrg>`3rdEden me either…when i run the apps in ssl mode locally, the certs work fine.
11:48:34  * thealphanerdjoined
11:48:55  <`3rdEden>jeffrg: I would suggest e-mail support about this, someone with more knowledge about ssl might be able to help you with it
11:49:11  <thealphanerd>I just deployed my first jitsu! http://auto.ma.gic.jit.su/
11:49:22  <jeffrg>`3rdEden okay, will do thanks!
11:49:40  <jeffrg>`3rdEden will there be someone there today?
11:50:24  <`3rdEden>jeffrg: I think so
11:50:41  <jeffrg>`3rdEden tnx
11:51:42  <`3rdEden>thealphanerd: whoohoo :p
11:51:50  <thealphanerd>if you go into the console
11:51:56  <thealphanerd>check instrument.model
11:52:01  <thealphanerd>you can update anything with instrument.update
11:52:06  <thealphanerd>and it will re render
11:52:09  <thealphanerd>and change algorithms
11:56:17  * Tam2quit
11:57:49  * `3rdEdenchanged nick to `3E|AFK
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12:15:54  * harbhubjoined
12:16:03  <harbhub>can a micro drone use ssl?
12:17:22  <nathan7>SSL is always available, harbhub
12:17:41  <nathan7>Well, on nodejitsu subdomains
12:17:52  <nathan7>(.jit.su, .nodejitsu.com)
12:19:47  * lwicksquit (Quit: lwicks)
12:30:23  <eins78>thealphanerd: nice! but i don't get the "auto" part. is this work in progress or maybe brwoser-spezific?
12:31:51  * arushjoined
12:32:08  <arush>hey guys getting ECONNREFUSED when trying to visit the site, deploys ok
12:32:13  <arush>what could be wrong?
12:39:09  <harbhub>nathan7, so if i use my own domain, can i use ssl?
12:39:46  <harbhub>or are all nodejitsu application/servers doomed to being insecure *or* using the jitsu domain?
12:43:18  <eins78>harbhub: i don't think so. just get your own certs (for your own domain), deploy that.
12:43:37  <eins78>http://docs.nodejitsu.com/articles/HTTP/servers/how-to-create-a-HTTPS-server
12:43:39  * thealphanerdjoined
12:44:29  <harbhub>i don't understand
12:44:41  <harbhub>where would i store the key?
12:44:47  <harbhub>in the local env?
12:45:22  <eins78>harbhub: jep, that would work
12:46:06  <harbhub>is that safe?
12:46:09  <mmalecki>eins78: that won't work
12:46:15  <harbhub>can't someone just hack the local env?
12:46:22  <mmalecki>if you want SSL for custom domain, please email [email protected]
12:46:36  <mmalecki>harbhub: we actually sandbox applications in their own context
12:46:45  <mmalecki>you run as a different user with limited rights
12:46:53  <harbhub>what does that mean?
12:46:54  <mmalecki>so storing private data is possible
12:46:59  <harbhub>that is what i want
12:47:03  <mmalecki>also each app is a different server
12:47:15  <eins78>var my key = process.env.MY_SECRET_KEY; won't work?
12:47:20  <harbhub>i want to have a reverse proxy server, too
12:47:21  <mmalecki>it will
12:47:34  <eins78>s/var my key/ var mykey/
12:47:44  <harbhub>hmm
12:47:47  <mmalecki>however, SSL for custom domains is set up on our load balancers
12:47:53  <mmalecki>thus, the need to email support
12:47:59  <harbhub>hmm
12:48:08  <harbhub>even my micro drone can have ssl?
12:48:13  <harbhub>or do i need a bigger plan?
12:48:17  <eins78>mmalecki: yeah, that makes sense. forgot out that extra layer
12:49:25  <harbhub>i need to get the ssl connection set up
12:49:32  <harbhub>so that my entire server serves up securely
12:50:57  <mmalecki>harbhub: please email them, they'll have you set up
12:54:56  * arushquit (Quit: Leaving)
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13:26:56  <dscape>helo
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16:52:03  * arkanymjoined
16:52:59  <arkanym>Hello, I'm trying to deploy my first app on nodejitsu. There are some unmet dependencies. Is it possible to know what they are? Thx
16:53:30  <arkanym>error: Error running command deploy error: Nodejitsu Error (500): Internal Server Error error: No matching versions found
16:57:05  * `3rdEdenquit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
16:57:47  * c4milojoined
17:01:00  <mmalecki>arkanym: hi. what's your engines:node version in package.json?
17:05:32  <arkanym>Hi, thanks for replying. I progressed a bit further. I made a mistake in the redis version number in my package.json.
17:05:45  <mmalecki>ah :)
17:05:48  <arkanym>Engine is 0.8.x
17:06:15  <arkanym>Error: .put() requires callback functions but got a [object Undefined]
17:06:46  <mmalecki>oh? do you happen to have a stacktrace?
17:08:38  <arkanym>Yes .. same thing with delete ... Here's the stack trace
17:09:05  <arkanym>error: /opt/haibu/apps/arkanym/posterade/package/node_modules/express/lib/router/index.js:252 error: throw new Error(msg); error: ^ error: Error: .delete() requires callback functions but got a [object Undefined] error: at Router.route.Route.sensitive (/opt/haibu/apps/arkanym/posterade/package/node_modules/express/lib/router/index.js:252:11) error: at Array.forEach (native) error: at Router
17:09:17  <arkanym>oops, hard to read
17:20:06  * eephillipjoined
17:22:05  <mmalecki>arkanym: that looks like some error in your app - does it work locally?
17:23:23  <arkanym>Yes it works locally. When deployed it seems the put and delete routes are not accepted
17:23:32  * Samuel_Roldanjoined
17:24:41  <arkanym>Oh wait ... I may have made a mistake. Thks
17:26:43  * Samuel_Roldan_joined
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17:59:44  <fweber>Hi, I'm setting up my pass instance, any chance to use Libxml2?
18:01:47  <fweber>I need that to generate the Atom feeds for my blog
18:14:21  * dcabrerajoined
18:15:17  <Samuel_Roldan>hi all, i keep getting this error when trying to load templates; but it only happens in nodejitsu. It works locally fine: Error: ENOENT, open '/opt/haibu/apps/sam3k/sam3k/package/backend/views/layouts/basic/opt/haibu/apps/sam3k/sam3k/package/backend/views/partials/debug.html.html'
18:16:39  <dcabrera>been getting socket hang up on deploy for days now. any suggestions?
18:17:43  * sreeixjoined
18:25:12  * andris9joined
18:29:13  * thl0quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:30:30  <coderarinux>fweber: you can use libxml
18:34:43  * eephillipquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
18:35:58  <fweber>coderarinux: I was getting an error. Let me check it again.
18:36:35  <coderarinux>Samuel_Roldan: there's .html.html, maybe you did a +".html" somewhere?
18:36:38  * `3rdEdenjoined
18:36:48  <coderarinux>dcabrera: what's your username/appname?
18:37:15  <Samuel_Roldan>@coderarinux i did not. i have triple checked everywhere + the app works on my local machine just fine
18:37:24  * ramitosquit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:37:45  <coderarinux>Samuel_Roldan: do you have a blank .npmignore? you shouldprobably have one
18:38:36  <Samuel_Roldan>not blank. it has one rule sass-cache
18:38:40  <Samuel_Roldan>.sass-cache
18:38:51  <coderarinux>sounds fine
18:39:17  <coderarinux>Samuel_Roldan: that path is definitely wrong, though...
18:39:25  <Samuel_Roldan>yeah
18:39:27  <coderarinux>Samuel_Roldan: can I see your code?
18:39:34  <Samuel_Roldan>sure, let me gist it
18:40:03  * `3rdEdenquit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:40:08  * BretFisherquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:40:12  <Samuel_Roldan>https://gist.github.com/sam3k/9f5bc164bc6dfe8ecffd
18:41:04  * andris9quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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18:42:22  <jitsu_2q7xxc>Hello #lhkm8
18:42:33  <coderarinux>wat
18:42:48  <dscape>LOL coderarinux you are freakin out #lhkm8
18:42:58  * cjmjoined
18:43:03  <coderarinux>WAT
18:43:28  * andris9quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:43:47  <jitsu_2q7xxc>Ok this seems to work in chrome #lhkm8
18:43:57  <jitsu_2q7xxc>Firefox here #dudl37
18:44:09  <coderarinux>i get it now
18:44:16  * andris9joined
18:44:30  <jitsu_2q7xxc>okay #afd3w2
18:44:31  <dcabrera>coderarinux: sorry for the delay, my username is dcabrera and my app name is emurgent
18:44:42  <dscape>nice talking to you coderarity #afd3w2
18:44:56  <coderarinux>i see
18:45:35  <jitsu_2q7xxc>i need help #4hg83q
18:45:46  <coderarinux>no you don't #4hg83q
18:47:52  * c4miloquit (Remote host closed the connection)
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18:54:51  <martin123>morning everyone. Checking in to see what's the status on the ECONN refused bug
18:56:08  * cjmquit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
19:03:39  <Samuel_Roldan>i think the issue might be on my dependency being a fork?
19:03:55  <Samuel_Roldan>how does nodejitsu handle fork dependencies like:
19:03:55  <Samuel_Roldan>"consolidate": "git://github.com/simov/consolidate.js.git"
19:06:13  <Samuel_Roldan>i needed to use that fork as consolidate has not added partials support yet
19:06:57  <fweber>coderarinux: Maybe it's blocking before arriving to that. Is it possible to run node-inspector?
19:10:44  * toonketelsjoined
19:10:55  * btfordjoined
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19:13:01  * YoYjoined
19:14:35  <Samuel_Roldan>switching to https gets worse: https://gist.github.com/sam3k/b67485f31fd73b63b721 can anyone help? deploying to nodejitsu is unnecessarily frustrating =
19:14:50  <coderarinux>Samuel_Roldan: you should use HTTP
19:16:15  <Samuel_Roldan>coderarinux, thanks deploying with http now
19:17:11  <Samuel_Roldan>do you have a troubleshoot section on nodejitsu? i feel like many of the issues I'm having were probably discovered by someone else in the past. Would be happy to contribute to it as well.
19:17:40  <Samuel_Roldan>btw, http did not work: "consolidate": "http://github.com/simov/consolidate.js.git"
19:18:21  * joshonthewebjoined
19:21:11  * lpinquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
19:21:43  <dcabrera>still getting socket hang up on deploy. days now. username dcabrera application emurgent
19:21:53  <coderarinux>dcabrera: checking it out
19:22:02  * lpinjoined
19:22:04  <coderarinux>Samuel_Roldan: one sec, i'll look into it a bit more in a sec
19:22:24  <Samuel_Roldan>thank you coderarinux. i appreciate it.
19:23:50  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
19:24:17  <fweber>coderarinux: Quick question, does more than one drone is needed to spawn a secondary process? In that case I've figured out why it's not working as expected
19:24:44  <coderarinux>fweber: each drone should run one process
19:24:47  <coderarinux>in a separate VM
19:26:15  <Samuel_Roldan>seems like nodejitsu accepts tar balls from github but tar balls option has been removed AFAIK: https://github.com/simov/consolidate.js.git
19:26:24  <Samuel_Roldan>sorry, this link: http://package.json.nodejitsu.com/
19:26:26  <fweber>coderarinux: make sense, so i need to upgrade to spawn a separate process. Thanks
19:26:52  <coderarinux>Samuel_Roldan: naah, the downloads were removed
19:28:12  <coderarinux>Samuel_Roldan: tarballs still work
19:28:25  * BretFisherquit
19:28:26  <coderarinux>Samuel_Roldan: https://github.com/simov/consolidate.js/tarball/master
19:28:34  <Samuel_Roldan>just notice, yeah. deploying now
19:28:42  <Samuel_Roldan>crossing fingers
19:29:11  * jitsu_2q7xxcquit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:32:04  <harbhub>harbhub.com isn't working
19:33:42  * joshonthewebjoined
19:34:23  <coderarinux>dcabrera: can I see your package.json?
19:34:48  <coderarinux>harbhub: do you see an error? have you checked `jitsu logs`?
19:34:55  * rickibalboaquit (Quit: rickibalboa)
19:35:01  <harbhub>http://harbhub.com/ it says internal server error
19:35:05  <harbhub>let me check the logs
19:35:41  <harbhub>it is redis error i think
19:36:30  * andris9quit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:37:25  * toonketelsquit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:37:32  * andris9joined
19:38:33  * thl0joined
19:39:55  * cotamirjoined
19:40:47  <harbhub>coderarinux, i fixed it
19:41:02  <harbhub>i had deployed the development mode of my server lol
19:41:10  <harbhub>so i had to deploy it with the correct redis credentials
19:41:19  <coderarinux>oh, lol
19:41:30  * anoemijoined
19:42:32  <cotamir>Hello, I'm looking to use Node.js for Video and Live forms in HTML5 Drupal Platform, is Nodejitsu right for me?
19:42:37  <Samuel_Roldan>is there a way to check the contents of node_modules on nodejitsu?
19:43:14  * anoemipart
19:44:06  <coderarinux>cotamir: so, you're hosting Node.js API that you access from an HTML5 page?
19:44:37  <coderarinux>Samuel_Roldan: I think you can see it in the snapshot, check out `jitsu snapshots fetch`
19:46:51  <Samuel_Roldan>coderarinux, that returns a table with values like: data: 0.1.9-28 active 02/10 14:29:28 EST 68a9ab22812de9432c67e366dc1264f1
19:46:51  * i_m_caquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:47:22  <cotamir>I would like to develop in Node.js , don't have nothing yet, and thinking what is the best option, as i understand that I should use VPS rather than hosting , I thought perhaps there is a hosting service that has Node.js already running
19:48:00  * i_m_cajoined
19:48:00  <Samuel_Roldan>nm
19:48:03  <coderarinux>cotamir: you're planning to host your content on drupal, but use Node.js as the backend, correct?
19:48:17  <coderarinux>Samuel_Roldan: yeah, gotta choose one
19:48:20  <coderarinux>probably the latest
19:48:24  <Samuel_Roldan>got it
19:49:08  * DTrejoquit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:51:37  <cotamir>can you please explain? I understand that node.js is replacing the server, as apache , can't I use node.js to run drupal and the "live" sevices that node.js offers?
19:52:03  <Samuel_Roldan>sweet, i can now replicate locally. Thanks coderarinux
19:52:45  <coderarinux>cotamir: drupal is built on PHP as I understand it, so you wouldn't be able to run it on Nodejitsu
19:52:53  <coderarinux>Samuel_Roldan: cool
19:53:26  <coderarinux>cotamir: if you ran drupal somewhere else and connected to Nodejitsu from there, it could work
19:54:53  <coderarinux>Samuel_Roldan: btw, we have http://errors.jit.su
19:55:07  * thomasfrjoined
19:55:25  <Samuel_Roldan>NICE!
19:55:28  <Samuel_Roldan>bookmarking
19:55:45  <Samuel_Roldan>this is neat
19:57:10  <cotamir>ok, that's great stuff
19:57:29  <cotamir>and we can't run PHP through Node.js in general?
19:57:40  <Samuel_Roldan>who, so i decided to copy and paste the consolidate i have in my working app to the snapshot and BAM it works
20:02:26  * lresendequit (Quit: Zzzzzzz ...)
20:03:02  * lresendejoined
20:05:11  <coderarinux>cotamir: no
20:10:49  * fweberquit (Remote host closed the connection)
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20:45:26  * federicoweberchanged nick to fweber
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20:47:50  * coffeecuppart
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20:50:40  * switzjoined
20:53:22  <fweber>coderarinux: I've updated the profile and also done some modifications to the codebase, but right now it's not properly deploying, you can find the console output here http://fw-d.me/12Eq0nm
20:53:37  * `3rdEdenjoined
20:54:23  <coderarinux>oh, uh
20:54:38  <coderarinux>tha bindings.gyp needs updated
20:55:04  <coderarinux>it only works with mac and windows
20:55:13  <coderarinux>libxmljs
20:56:11  <coderarinux>fweber: gonna have to pull request this
20:56:52  <coderarinux>fweber: but, maybe check out node-libxml
20:58:44  <fweber>umm, if I let npm install an updated version of libxmljs it is abble to deploy properly
20:59:18  <coderarinux>hmm
20:59:36  <fweber>let's see if it's not breaking anything
21:00:06  <coderarinux>actually, yea
21:00:09  <coderarinux>that makes sense
21:00:14  <coderarinux>they just use the little else thing
21:00:54  * andris9quit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:03:16  * andris9joined
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21:12:41  * mdedetrichquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
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21:15:09  <fweber>ok this fix the deployment, but I still have some small problem
21:15:21  <coderarinux>what is that?
21:15:47  <fweber>with cheerio
21:15:59  <fweber>i need to update some code to make it work with the new libs
21:16:14  <fweber>I'm trying to force the old one but it's not getting it
21:17:09  <fweber>There is any command to see which version of a lib is running?
21:23:14  <fweber>coderarinux: Umm no, it seems cheerio is fine, the error is not caused by that, but from multimarkdown which I'm running with exec. Is it supported?
21:23:30  <coderarinux>i don't think we have multimarkdown
21:23:38  <coderarinux>but there's tons of modules that do the same thing
21:23:57  <coderarinux>like, a lot
21:24:49  <fweber>umm not really, multimarkdown is definitely more powerfull compared to some node modules I've checked. Can you suggest me a good one?
21:25:27  <fweber>or better there is any chance to have it running?
21:25:29  <coderarinux>i mean
21:25:35  <coderarinux>node-multimarkdown, probably does the same thing
21:25:56  <coderarinux>but chjj has https://github.com/chjj/marked
21:26:32  * erichoceanjoined
21:27:22  <fweber>i need to check that, usually they do not support the custom headers
21:28:08  <fweber>the bad part, even if they do work is that i need to rewrite a considerable part of the app
21:30:12  <fweber>coderarinux: can you please check if it's possible to have multimarkdown up and running?
21:30:32  <fweber>i will really appreciate :)
21:30:32  <coderarinux>yes
21:30:38  <coderarinux>but it will take a while
21:30:45  <coderarinux>send an email to [email protected]
21:30:54  <coderarinux>and i'll respond when i have more info about it
21:31:02  * jeffrgquit (Quit: jeffrg)
21:31:11  <fweber>thank you
21:34:55  * thomasfrjoined
21:35:27  * indexzerojoined
21:36:27  <coderarinux>fweber: no need, already have a response - we can't do it
21:36:52  <fweber>I was just writing it.
21:36:57  <fweber>that's unfortunate
21:37:05  <coderarinux>fweber: should use a module that does the same thing
21:37:12  <coderarinux>or build one, if you really have to
21:38:20  <fweber>I see, i will check the one you suggested
21:38:31  <fweber>i hope it will be enought
21:38:59  <coderarinux>honestly, if it doesn't meet your needs, building a module is a great way to fix it - not only for you but for other people as well
21:39:03  * sreeixquit (Quit: sreeix)
21:39:03  * jcrugzzquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
21:39:06  <coderarinux>but of course, pull request first if you can
21:39:47  <fweber>sure, I prefer to update something, if possible instead of writing the module from scratch in this case
21:41:01  <fweber>i was just hopping for a faster way :)
21:41:17  <fweber>by the way thanks for helping
21:41:31  <coderarinux>np
21:43:30  * Samuel_Roldanquit (Quit: Samuel_Roldan)
21:45:48  <fweber>test it out now, no luck it's not getting the headers. it seems i have to extend the module
21:46:00  * yawntquit (Quit: leaving)
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22:30:27  <switz>any idea how many users a drone can handle (non-websockets, just express), obviously it depends on the app + queries, but ballpark?
22:31:07  <coderarinux>a few hundred
22:31:26  <coderarinux>oh, non-websockets
22:31:29  <coderarinux>more than a few hundred
22:32:03  <coderarinux>probably like a thousand
22:32:33  * mdedetrichjoined
22:38:31  * nlognbobquit (Quit: Page closed)
22:39:25  * anoemijoined
22:42:44  <mdedetrich>@anoemi: sorry to sound repetative, but did the last round of updates fix a lot of the issues that I was experiencing?
22:43:23  <coderarinux>mdedetrich: what were your problems? I think it did
22:43:55  <mdedetrich>coderarinux: the .tmpdir issue coming up all the time (due to deploying on misconfigured drones)
22:43:57  <mdedetrich>that was the main one
22:43:59  <mdedetrich>also socket errors
22:44:20  <coderarinux>yeah, misconfigured drones were fixed
22:45:07  <mdedetrich>and the random socket errors on deploy?
22:45:19  <coderarinux>yes, that was due to bad drones as well
22:45:22  <coderarinux>so that was fixed
22:45:35  <coderarinux>it's still possible to get socket errors, but a lot of them were fixed
22:46:57  * indexzeroquit (Quit: indexzero)
22:49:22  <jcrugzz>coderarinux: the battle has been won, but the war is not quite over
22:51:01  <coderarinux>indeed
22:55:36  * `3rdEdenquit (Remote host closed the connection)
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23:05:16  * anoemipart
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