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00:05:34  <capelio>nathan7: hyperquest did the trick, now streaming multiple gigs of files between node http servers :) thanks again
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00:39:31  <kenperkins>!seen cronopio
00:39:34  <kenperkins>:S
00:40:08  <julianduque>Oh, that reminds me...
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00:46:17  <Nodejitsu-Github>[jitsu] julianduque pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/Jh_VBw
00:46:17  <Nodejitsu-Github>jitsu/master 7f1cb6a Julian Duque: [fix] New apps failed when deployed with cloud options
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00:48:27  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] nodejitsu/jitsu#431 (master - 7f1cb6a : Julian Duque): The build passed.
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01:00:00  <kenperkins>is cronopio the primary maintainer of pkgcloud, or do others also gatekeep master?
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01:00:33  <julianduque>kenperkins: yes, he is the primary maintainer :)
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01:22:23  <kenperkins>I have lots of refactoring still in progress, but I was hoping to get some feedback on my PR :P
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02:05:01  <indexzero>kenperkins: I look at things, but I've been swamped with other work
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02:24:19  <kenperkins>indexzero: no worries, I can work on the next PR without worrying about this one :)
02:24:24  <kenperkins>I just didn't know what the expecations are
02:24:30  <indexzero>kenperkins: I'm actually reviewing now
02:24:30  <kenperkins>bbiab, kds going to bed
02:24:39  <indexzero>I need to add net mask support tonight
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02:30:02  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] nodejitsu/pkgcloud#13 (master - 0dba9de : indexzero): The build is still failing.
02:30:02  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/nodejitsu/pkgcloud/compare/527b2d6e9bc2...0dba9de9db60
02:30:02  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/nodejitsu/pkgcloud/builds/6269470
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03:12:40  <kenperkins>indexzero: I'm fine if you want to make the style consistent, but there's already lots of places in the code that it's not
03:12:49  <indexzero>kenperkins: I know
03:12:53  <indexzero>that's why I'm writing this styleguide
03:13:03  <indexzero>because pkgcloud is the first project where I've truly needed it
03:15:15  <kenperkins>did you highlight braces because you didn't like their use somewhere?
03:15:54  <indexzero>kenperkins: No, that was just a copy/paste error
03:16:00  <kenperkins>gotcha
03:16:01  <indexzero>but there are braces style I don't like
03:16:09  <indexzero>e.g.
03:16:10  <indexzero> callback && callback({
03:16:10  <indexzero> message: 'Unable to identify regionless endpoint for Service',
03:16:11  <kenperkins>i was like I hate braces that start on their own line :P
03:16:11  <indexzero> serviceName: service.name });
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03:16:21  <kenperkins>what would you prefer there
03:16:33  <indexzero>closing braces on their own line
03:16:44  <indexzero>so \n after service.name
03:16:45  <kenperkins>i've already thrown away my personal preferences here, so it's not like I have any skin in the game
03:16:51  <indexzero>kenperkins: Thanks, I appreciate it
03:16:57  <indexzero>you're right about the inconsistencies
03:17:01  <indexzero>which is why I'm writing this draft
03:17:11  <indexzero>got to a point where I can't deal
03:17:20  <kenperkins>i jsut don't want to hold up the PR on that. Let's evaluate the code first, and I can reformat the code automatically when you get the guide more defined
03:17:50  <kenperkins>agreed btw, that closing should have been on it's own line :S
03:18:02  <indexzero>kenperkins: sure, I need to test it
03:18:04  <indexzero>then cp it
03:18:10  <kenperkins>cp?
03:20:59  <julianduque>indexzero: +1 on the styleguide, I really like it :)
03:21:47  <indexzero>kenperkins: cp === cherry-pick
03:21:56  <indexzero>kenperkins: You have to always throw Errors
03:22:03  <indexzero>http://www.devthought.com/2011/12/22/a-string-is-not-an-error/
03:22:13  <indexzero>e.g. if (!region) {
03:22:14  <indexzero> throw ('You must specify a region');
03:22:15  <indexzero> }
03:26:34  <kenperkins>pushed a fix for the closing brackets in serviceCatalog
03:26:47  <kenperkins>that's easy to fix, and just sloppy (throwing non errors)
03:26:48  <kenperkins>sorry
03:26:57  <indexzero>kenperkins: No sweat, you're a rockstar for implementing this
03:27:11  <indexzero>don't let my little style-freakout discourage you
03:27:16  <kenperkins>you have to realize
03:27:23  <kenperkins>i ***hate*** 2 space js
03:27:28  <kenperkins>so since I can't change that
03:27:32  <kenperkins>might as well roll with it
03:27:44  <indexzero>wow, I can't stand anything else
03:27:51  <kenperkins>since my editor does it all for me, it's easy to deal with
03:28:00  <indexzero>there you go
03:28:01  <kenperkins>well, to me, 2 spaces compromises readability
03:28:05  <kenperkins>but whatever
03:28:08  <kenperkins>not a big deal
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03:30:54  <indexzero>kenperkins: I feel the same way about 4-space
03:31:00  <indexzero>so agree to disagree :-D
03:31:11  <indexzero>I've always wanted to write a parser that applied style to an AST
03:31:18  <indexzero>like "auto" JSHint
03:31:22  <indexzero>don't just warn me, fix it
03:31:29  <indexzero>and know that it's semantically the same thanks to static analysis
03:31:49  <indexzero>so you can get the code, apply your rules, write code you love, apply my rules back onto it and commit it
03:31:52  <indexzero>everyone is happy!
03:32:17  <kenperkins>that's what my editor does
03:32:25  <kenperkins>oh, I see what you're saying
03:32:35  <kenperkins>yea that would be neat
03:32:38  <kenperkins>but not that big a deal
03:32:50  <indexzero>exactly
03:32:55  <kenperkins>once you start working in other peoples code, you start caring less about style
03:32:57  <indexzero>it's a problem always solved by people
03:32:59  <kenperkins>and more about the code itself
03:33:25  <kenperkins>so
03:33:31  <indexzero>kenperkins: true, but whenever I have to commit something to npm I disagree with that sentiment
03:33:37  <indexzero>then I remember how awesome Isaac is and I suck it up
03:33:53  <kenperkins>next priority for me after I get this identity stuff is to fix the broken ass tests
03:33:57  <kenperkins>not deterministic at all
03:34:08  <kenperkins>take a look here
03:34:08  <kenperkins>https://github.com/nodejitsu/pkgcloud/pull/102#commits-pushed-5ccc73f
03:34:08  <indexzero>yes, determinism is a bitch in this stuff
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03:34:25  <kenperkins>merge from master passed, but then my completely unrelated to test change broke it?
03:34:26  <kenperkins>WAT
03:35:10  <indexzero>tests may not be deterministic I'm seeing
03:35:38  <kenperkins>I'll fix it in time :P
03:38:21  <kenperkins>ok not throwing Error fixed
03:39:42  <indexzero>kenperkins: so is Rackspace v2 all just pure OpenStack?
03:39:48  <indexzero>I thought it had backwards compat with v1
03:40:00  <kenperkins>we still are maintaining a v1 compute service, but not for long
03:40:08  <kenperkins>realize that openstack is not a straight match for rackspace
03:40:13  <kenperkins>there is a delta, in some cases both ways
03:40:18  <kenperkins>but I'll address that :D
03:40:38  <kenperkins>for example, rackspace storage api always things like direct token form post (openstack doesn't)
03:40:50  <kenperkins>openstack storage support file and container acl's (rax doesn't)
03:40:52  <kenperkins>(yay)
03:43:08  <kenperkins>my priority is to 1) make all rackspace/openstack services uses identity for auth 2) reuse as much code between compute and storage as possible 3) start adding the other products
03:50:36  <indexzero>got it
03:50:53  <kenperkins>obviously good tests/docs/etc are expected for all of those pieces
03:51:27  <indexzero>kenperkins: What are your thoughts on this? https://github.com/nodejitsu/pkgcloud/pull/96/
03:51:35  <indexzero>We haven't added back the CDN support from node-cloudfiles yet
03:51:44  <kenperkins>reading.
03:52:27  <kenperkins>so, as I understand it, rax exposes two storage endpoints right? one normal, one akamai backed
03:52:42  <kenperkins>(sorry, I'm weakest on my Cloud files knowledge, we used S3 at clipboard)
03:53:11  <indexzero>kenperkins: Ah, yeah, that's basically it
03:53:28  <kenperkins>so, the question is, how do we reconcile these in the SDK
03:53:29  <kenperkins>right?
03:54:18  <indexzero>yeah, basically
03:54:23  <indexzero>it used to be a simple thing in v1
03:54:28  <indexzero>but with v2 it's going to get complicated
03:55:50  <kenperkins>reading...
03:56:03  <indexzero>so kenperkins your PR has no tests, should I wait for you to finish them before merging?
03:56:22  <kenperkins>well, this didn't really introduce anything new (mostly just refactoring)
03:56:26  <kenperkins>that said I'm happy to write more tests
03:56:39  <kenperkins>and there's the open question about no region
03:56:39  <indexzero>kenperkins: The identity doesn't introduce new things?
03:56:54  <kenperkins>well, it's not really exposed through createClient()
03:56:58  <kenperkins>but yes, it's new
03:57:00  <kenperkins>I'll write tests.
03:57:20  <kenperkins>i feel pretty strongly that no region should throw an error
03:57:40  <indexzero>kenperkins: we have some people using this in large private openstack installs, so having no region is assumed
03:57:54  <indexzero>unless region is required when running openstack
03:58:03  <indexzero>actually, now that I think about it, I want them to review this
03:58:24  <kenperkins>let me be more clear
03:58:38  <kenperkins>if a service (say cloud files) provides region based end points and you doin't have a region, it throws
03:58:51  <kenperkins>however, if you don't specify a region, and the service is region agnostic, it doesn't
03:59:08  <kenperkins>i.e. it allows for cases where if there's no service in the endpoints, you're fine
03:59:11  <indexzero>I'm talking about this: https://github.com/nodejitsu/pkgcloud/pull/102/files#L2R29
03:59:34  <kenperkins>I'll fix that, shouldn't have been there
03:59:38  <kenperkins>should be empty by default
03:59:40  <kenperkins>brb
04:00:09  <indexzero>kenperkins: Ok
04:00:19  <indexzero>kenperkins: I'm going to have our large openstack user review this tomorrow
04:00:47  <kenperkins>will they be at OpenStack summit? I'd love to meet them :D
04:01:25  <kenperkins>ok pushed the change for that default region
04:01:27  <kenperkins>(empty now)
04:03:04  <kenperkins>so, the reason I feel region should be required (if the endpoints are region specific) is because the endpoint order of services is not deterministic
04:03:34  <kenperkins>which means a caller could unknowingly create servers in different regions on different calls (assuming new clients each time)
04:03:39  <kenperkins>which is very bad
04:03:48  <indexzero>ok
04:04:06  * mmaleckijoined
04:05:04  <kenperkins>mmalecki: did you ever get any traction on your streams2 PR for request?
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04:09:51  <indexzero>kenperkins: Just introduced you to one of the people who is using pkgcloud + rackspace + openstack
04:10:03  <kenperkins>fucking rackspace
04:10:10  * kenperkinsgoes off to find cloud files owner
04:10:34  <kenperkins>somehow I have a container that's *only* in the CDN endpoint, which shouldn't be possible
04:10:51  <mmalecki>kenperkins: yo
04:10:56  <kenperkins>LOL indexzero
04:10:59  <mmalecki>kenperkins: I think it was merged?
04:11:01  <kenperkins>he and i have been talking all day
04:11:15  <kenperkins>well, 3 or 4 times anyway
04:11:22  <indexzero>kenperkins: great
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04:28:07  <kenperkins>indexzero: I think delete(foo.bar) is to delete foo.bar as typeof foo is to typeof(foo)
04:28:20  <indexzero>kenperkins: ok
04:28:51  <kenperkins>that said, we should probably be consistent so I'll remove em
04:29:52  <indexzero>kenperkins: Cool
04:30:10  <indexzero>making a backlog of things I need to document in the styleguide https://gist.github.com/indexzero/5368926#to-document
04:31:04  * generalissimoquit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:34:32  <kenperkins>so, why not jsdoc? :D
04:35:01  * cjmjoined
04:40:55  <indexzero>https://gist.github.com/indexzero/5368926#code-comments
04:41:00  <indexzero>"RULE:: block comments should only be used in file headers."
04:41:54  <kenperkins>yea, but it's important for me to be able to generate SDK docs from the entire code base :(
04:42:32  <indexzero>kenperkins: I've been meaning to get around to writing a library to parse that style of comments
04:42:44  <indexzero>we use docco
04:42:47  <indexzero>which does parse those
04:42:55  <indexzero>but not in a JSDoc extracted kind of way
04:43:42  <kenperkins>tbh, I want both all in one
04:43:51  <kenperkins>docco with methods/classes extracted
04:44:06  <kenperkins>would you be ok to table that for now?
04:44:53  * ttdevelopquit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:47:41  <indexzero>kenperkins: sure
04:53:57  * joey_joined
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04:54:24  <joey_>hello – I'm looking for a bit of help with a deploy timing out
04:54:48  <joey_>(I've already the timeout config to an astronomical number)
04:54:57  <julianduque>joey_: what is the size of the package?
04:55:10  <julianduque>joey_: you can check it with `npm pack` and then look for the size of the tarball
04:55:24  <joey_>looking, but small
04:55:45  <joey_>3.7 MB
04:57:31  <julianduque>joey_: can you create a gist with the output (also it would be very useful if you deploy with --debug param)
04:59:34  <joey_>sure, give me a bit while it timesout again, but FWIW, it's clone of an error I had last week: https://gist.github.com/joeybaker/464eebad78958ce9e4bf
05:00:43  <joey_>It's a different app, but the error is the same, as soon as this timesout I'll give you the updated data
05:01:08  <julianduque>joey_: I'll wait and take a look on that
05:01:31  <joey_>sure
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05:02:27  * Nodejitsu-Githubpart
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05:03:57  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] nodejitsu/pkgcloud#21 (feature-customize-private-ips - 08495ab : indexzero): The build failed.
05:03:58  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/nodejitsu/pkgcloud/commit/08495ab9dd0f
05:03:58  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/nodejitsu/pkgcloud/builds/6272012
05:03:58  * travis-cipart
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05:06:21  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] flatiron/winston#165 (log-format - 0b7dd8b : Christopher Jeffrey): The build failed.
05:06:21  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/flatiron/winston/commit/0b7dd8b2b013
05:06:21  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/flatiron/winston/builds/6272028
05:06:21  * travis-cipart
05:06:51  <joey_>@julianduque: You were right to wait: I got a new/different error this time: https://gist.github.com/joeybaker/2121aa5adafdcc8dc4bf
05:06:57  * switzquit (Quit: Leaving...)
05:09:00  <julianduque>joey_: well, there it is! optipng is not supported on sunos (smartos)
05:09:27  <joey_>I see… but I only have that listed as a dev dependency
05:09:50  <julianduque>oh
05:09:54  <joey_>Should that matter?
05:10:00  * Nodejitsu-Githubjoined
05:10:00  * Nodejitsu-Githubpart
05:11:38  * distilledchaosjoined
05:11:55  <distilledchaos>any of you able to help with ECONNREFUSED?
05:12:01  <distilledchaos>i'm getting that lovely message again
05:12:16  <julianduque>distilledchaos: I got your ticket
05:12:24  <julianduque>distilledchaos: when happened, just in this moment?
05:13:05  * svnltoquit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
05:13:21  <julianduque>distilledchaos: and when, openning your app or deploying?
05:13:34  <julianduque>joey_: let me investigate this
05:14:13  * romainhuetquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
05:14:14  <distilledchaos>so
05:14:19  <distilledchaos>i'm using engine.io
05:14:22  <distilledchaos>and all requests work
05:14:32  <distilledchaos>except for the one that opens the polling transport
05:14:45  <distilledchaos>it's reliable
05:14:51  <distilledchaos>every other request succeeds
05:14:56  <julianduque>distilledchaos: which app?
05:15:02  <distilledchaos>distilledchaos
05:15:03  * sveisveiquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
05:15:25  <distilledchaos>just head to distilledchaos.net and open up the network tab on developer tools (assuming chrome)
05:15:35  <joey_>@julianduque: thanks
05:15:38  <distilledchaos>you should see a 500 request for /engine.io/?transport=polling
05:15:56  <distilledchaos>body: "An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}"
05:16:21  <julianduque>distilledchaos: right, let me see whats happening
05:16:24  <distilledchaos>kk
05:16:24  <distilledchaos>thx
05:16:40  <julianduque>app crashing
05:17:00  <julianduque>https://gist.github.com/julianduque/32d16d38cc04e5f12043
05:17:49  <julianduque>distilledchaos: ^
05:18:50  <joey_>@juliandunque: FWIW: rm the package grunt-contrib-imagemin (the offending package), still causes a failure: https://gist.github.com/joeybaker/ab64054e850d9d629a64, I can't quite tell if it's phantomjs this time or not. Either way, that would still be a dev package.
05:20:01  * switzjoined
05:20:02  <julianduque>joey_: let me take a look on something first
05:20:20  <joey_>sure, sure, np. thanks
05:21:31  * ChaoticJorgejoined
05:21:53  * ttdevelopquit (Remote host closed the connection)
05:23:48  <distilledchaos>and...that was it
05:23:58  <distilledchaos>i guess the load balancers scarred me
05:24:03  <distilledchaos>and i didn't bother checking my logs
05:24:04  <distilledchaos>>.>
05:24:35  <julianduque>distilledchaos: Yes :D we are working on improving then and the fear will be gone! :p
05:24:37  * eschnoujoined
05:24:45  <julianduque>distilledchaos: but thanks for letting us know :)
05:24:57  <distilledchaos>hahaha
05:25:15  <distilledchaos>well, thanks for your help--it's working now :)
05:25:18  * travis-cijoined
05:25:18  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] flatiron/winston#166 (log-format - 833f0b7 : Christopher Jeffrey): The build is still failing.
05:25:18  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/flatiron/winston/compare/0b7dd8b2b013...833f0b790066
05:25:18  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/flatiron/winston/builds/6272217
05:25:18  * travis-cipart
05:26:10  <distilledchaos>cya
05:26:13  * distilledchaospart ("Leaving")
05:26:15  <julianduque>:D
05:36:28  * Swaagiejoined
05:37:08  <julianduque>joey_: can you create a gist with your package.json please, I'm trying to reproduce the error :)
05:37:13  * Domenic__quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
05:37:43  * eschnouquit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
05:37:45  * fafafajoined
05:37:53  * iDushanjoined
05:38:20  <fafafa>hey
05:38:25  <fafafa>aslkjñlasdf+
05:38:30  * fafafaquit (Client Quit)
05:38:38  <julianduque>:o
05:38:49  <joey_>https://gist.github.com/joeybaker/f0302bc06a7ecb78900b
05:38:56  <joey_>thanks!
05:39:02  * iDushanquit (Client Quit)
05:39:32  * iDushanjoined
05:43:47  * eschnoujoined
05:45:33  * distilledchaosjoined
05:45:38  <distilledchaos>welp
05:45:40  <distilledchaos>different problem now
05:45:46  <distilledchaos>cannot connect to redis
05:45:50  <distilledchaos>either on jitsu or locally
05:45:55  <distilledchaos>without changing config or webops
05:46:31  * ryni15joined
05:46:41  * ryni15quit (Client Quit)
05:46:48  * ChaoticJorgequit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
05:46:58  <julianduque>distilledchaos: irisredis?
05:47:06  <distilledchaos>yep
05:47:17  <distilledchaos>just trying to launch redis-commander with the appropriate options causes a flood of repeated errors
05:47:24  <distilledchaos>distilledchaos for the database name
05:48:44  <julianduque>joey_: hmm I tried with the exact package.json and worked (just without the predeploy/postdeploy hooks because don't have the grunt tasks here)
05:48:53  <julianduque>distilledchaos: can you create a gist with the errors
05:49:11  <julianduque>distilledchaos: if contains privatestuff you can send it to me via privmsg
05:49:14  <joey_>@juliandunque: okay, I'll try removing those?
05:49:59  <julianduque>joey_: give it a try
05:52:26  * ttdevelopjoined
05:52:43  <joey_>@juliandunque: no go: two tries, two different errors: https://gist.github.com/joeybaker/0f4dfc96fba5c9e324c6
05:53:35  <joey_>@juliandunque: whoops. huh, that debug output shows a package.json with the deploy hooks in, but I removed them. hang on, sorry.
05:55:47  <joey_>@juliandunque: yup, that appears to have done it. So, something with deploy hooks?
05:56:21  <julianduque>joey_: if it works, can you send an email to [email protected] with more information about what you are doing on the hooks and I will be doing the follow-up of that
05:56:34  <julianduque>I will be going to sleep right now (really tired here) but want to take a look on this
05:56:47  <julianduque>because, is an interesting case
05:57:58  <joey_>Yea, and I spoke too soon: more errors: https://gist.github.com/joeybaker/463cf722d749a89df18c
05:58:03  <joey_>but, sure, I'll email – thanks!
05:58:13  <julianduque>joey_: please, attach all details and mention me in the email
06:00:44  * ttdevelopquit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
06:01:37  * travis-cijoined
06:01:38  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] flatiron/winston#167 (master - 64e66ce : Christopher Jeffrey): The build was fixed.
06:01:38  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/flatiron/winston/compare/e8d17217f088...64e66ce1fa86
06:01:38  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/flatiron/winston/builds/6272706
06:01:38  * travis-cipart
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07:31:09  * Domenic__joined
07:33:26  <jesusabdullah>`3rdEden: There's a private repo in flatiron that's like 80% of an argv array parser
07:33:37  <jesusabdullah>`3rdEden: that's the closest thing to what you're asking for on twitter that I am aware of
07:33:41  <`3rdEden>jesusabdullah: I'll check it out
07:33:54  <jesusabdullah>`3rdEden: yeah, ask maciej about it
07:33:58  <`3rdEden>I was thinking of just ripping out the argv parser from optimist if I couldn't find anything
07:34:13  <jesusabdullah>really, optimist is pretty close
07:34:17  <jesusabdullah>you can use it as an argv parser
07:34:38  <jesusabdullah>but there's a lot of stuff for supporting the chaining api that you don't need, and it's hard to read
07:34:59  <`3rdEden>Sure, but it adds to much stuff on top if it
07:35:08  <jesusabdullah>really? Isn't it like only 150 lines?
07:35:11  * sandfoxjoined
07:35:32  <`3rdEden>500~
07:35:36  <jesusabdullah>I mean, I feel you, there's a reason that argv parser got put together (hard to depend on a subtly broken optimist)
07:35:39  <jesusabdullah>ah, well
07:35:48  <jesusabdullah>still, I'm a pragmatist, I'll take extra code if it gets me there
07:35:51  <nathan7>'moin, earthlings
07:35:55  <jesusabdullah>yo dawg
07:35:57  <`3rdEden>jesusabdullah: yeah, anyways I'll check it out. Thanks for the heads up
07:36:04  <jesusabdullah>nathan7: I think I'm gonna buy one of your n8pl8s
07:36:13  <nathan7>jesusabdullah: \o/
07:36:28  <nathan7>Everyone seems to love them
07:36:50  <nathan7>it's pretty amazing when you design something and someone decides to make them and people decide to buy them and everyone is happy about it
07:37:13  <nathan7>and even throw extra money at you
07:37:19  <jesusabdullah>word
07:37:20  <jesusabdullah>Yeah, I mean
07:37:26  <jesusabdullah>at this point my reprap is in poor shape
07:37:28  <jesusabdullah>india was hard on it
07:37:32  <nathan7>heh
07:37:32  <jesusabdullah>and the MG design is terrible
07:37:49  <jesusabdullah>but I'm trying to enlist the help of the local maker group to get it going again
07:37:50  * thealphanerdjoined
07:37:52  <nathan7>Yeah, I've played with it, almost went with something like it for the nateplate
07:38:09  <nathan7>and after some testing and thinking immediately abandoned it
07:38:12  <jesusabdullah>hahaha
07:38:13  <jesusabdullah>yeeah
07:38:32  <jesusabdullah>I gotta figure out where to source the fucking bearings the MG prusa uses
07:38:38  <jesusabdullah>I should post to reddit about that
07:38:44  <nathan7>then I went "okay, you have a set of bearings and a plate. they need to connect. what do you *really* need for that?"
07:38:53  <nathan7>jesusabdullah: doesn't it just use LM8UUs?
07:39:07  <nathan7>You can source LM8UUs from any bearing place
07:39:15  * sreeixjoined
07:39:21  <nathan7>we probably have over 9000 kthx factoids about sourcing LM8UUs
07:39:59  <nathan7>though don't get the really cheap Chinese ones
07:40:04  <jesusabdullah>nathan7: nobody at the local bearing place had any idea what they were
07:40:04  <nathan7>they're godawful
07:40:08  <jesusabdullah>they're sleeve bearings, no balls
07:40:39  <jesusabdullah>also for some reason I've had a really hard time with the MG support channel
07:40:47  <jesusabdullah>nobody's ever on when I need them, and/or they ignore me
07:40:50  <jesusabdullah>not sure what's up with that
07:41:24  <nathan7>Yeah, MG has gotten worse
07:41:36  <standoo1>MG?
07:41:40  <nathan7>A few years ago it was all "Want a good RepRap kit? MG."
07:41:44  <nathan7>MakerGear, standoo1.
07:41:51  <nathan7>and everyone was happy with Rick
07:41:58  <jesusabdullah>I see
07:42:03  <nathan7>and then came the closed-source M2 and the makergear IRC channel
07:42:03  <jesusabdullah>Some of the design ideas are good
07:42:20  <jesusabdullah>Yeah I don't think I ever even saw Rick type anything in there
07:42:29  <jesusabdullah>Yeah, I think I'm gonna post about these bearings on reddit
07:42:50  <jesusabdullah>they might be lm8uus but they also have these plastic sleeves on them which may or may not need to be sourced elsewhere
07:43:08  <nathan7>pics?
07:43:22  <nathan7>The extruder is definitely good
07:43:50  <nathan7>but in the land of open-source, a good idea is not your property
07:44:45  * andreypoppquit (Quit: andreypopp)
07:45:24  <jesusabdullah>yeah the extruder isn't bad
07:45:42  <jesusabdullah>and the camera here is pretty much dead but I'll be taking pics soon
07:45:49  <jesusabdullah>as soon as I get AAs basically
07:45:51  <nathan7>We have various wonderful gearmotor extruders now
07:46:11  * sportoquit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com)
07:47:04  <jesusabdullah>cool
07:47:14  <jesusabdullah>Yeah, I'm going to be rebuilding the y axis and the z axes as it is so
07:47:19  <jesusabdullah>>_<
07:47:36  <jesusabdullah>z axis isn't as bad though if I can't source the bearings I'll need a redesign
07:47:46  <jesusabdullah>versus just downloading the stls and getting someone to print them for me
07:48:50  <jesusabdullah>also I don't know if I'll need to replace the slides or not
07:48:55  <jesusabdullah>they're rusted up ;_;
07:49:41  * kaspertidemannjoined
07:50:45  <nathan7>jesusabdullah: o_O
07:51:03  <jesusabdullah>yeah man
07:51:15  <nathan7>damnit I just want to be a billionaire so I can send everyone i3s
07:51:21  <jesusabdullah>i3s?
07:51:24  <jesusabdullah>new printer model?
07:51:26  <nathan7>You get a printer! And you get a printer!
07:51:28  <nathan7>jesusabdullah: prusa3
07:51:35  <jesusabdullah>ahh
07:51:39  <nathan7>jesusabdullah: the first RepRap with me in the dev team :D
07:51:48  <nathan7>I'm to blame for the shitty belt holders, for example
07:51:53  <jesusabdullah>It'll come together, especially if I get some lackeys to help me out
07:52:00  <jesusabdullah>lol
07:52:08  <nathan7>I thoroughly hated myself for those during assembly
07:52:09  <jesusabdullah>that's cool nathan7
07:52:28  <jesusabdullah>I think belt holders are hard
07:52:31  <nathan7>mhm
07:55:53  <jesusabdullah>man
07:55:58  <jesusabdullah>I wish I didn't need to eat so much food
07:57:29  * sandfoxquit (Quit: sandfox)
07:57:37  * Baastrupjoined
08:01:25  * edehdejoined
08:04:49  * andreypoppjoined
08:05:52  <nathan7>jesusabdullah: ++
08:08:19  * sandfoxjoined
08:09:09  * sandfoxquit (Client Quit)
08:10:18  * chakritjoined
08:10:18  * chakritquit (Changing host)
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08:12:44  * johnnodejoined
08:12:53  * defunctzombiechanged nick to defunctzombie_zz
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08:15:13  * admcjoined
08:17:14  * xymoxquit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
08:18:03  * Siyfionjoined
08:20:03  <Siyfion>Is there a way to see the folder structure of the files deployed with a jistsu deploy?
08:20:11  * gr2mpart ("Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com")
08:20:12  * xymoxjoined
08:21:30  <jcrugzz>Siyfion: run an `npm pack` (but make sure to delete it afterwards). That will show you how your app is deployed
08:21:42  * mesoquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
08:21:49  * meso_joined
08:22:34  <Siyfion>Argh.. I see the problem :\
08:22:48  <Siyfion>Okay, so when does the .jitsuignore file kick in?
08:23:29  <Siyfion>jcrugzz: Sorry, those were aimed at you.
08:23:44  * meso_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
08:23:59  <Siyfion>jcrugzz: And it seems as though npm pack only packs up things that are in the git repo...?
08:24:08  * mesojoined
08:24:34  * robinson1kjoined
08:24:34  <jcrugzz>npm pack by default uses your .gitignore
08:24:44  <jcrugzz>unless you have a .npmignore
08:24:49  <jcrugzz>Siyfion ^^
08:25:12  <Siyfion>jcrugzz: So, jitsu deploy uses `.jitsuignore` by default?
08:25:37  <jcrugzz>Siyfion: there is no .jitsuignore. just .npmignore and .gitignore
08:25:54  <johnnode>i deployed jitsu said ok but i see 404 when visit the page? any help
08:25:58  <jcrugzz>create an empty .npmignore and everything will be deployed up
08:26:13  <Siyfion>jcrugzz: Weird... don't know where I heard about .jitsuignore from then.. :s
08:27:00  <jcrugzz>johnnode: run a jitsu start and see if that fixes it. gotta get off. Later
08:27:10  * jcrugzzpart
08:28:51  <johnnode>info: Welcome to Nodejitsu socialbiz
08:28:51  <johnnode>info: jitsu v0.12.10-1, node v0.8.5
08:28:53  <johnnode>info: It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok
08:28:54  <johnnode>info: Executing command start
08:28:56  <johnnode>info: Starting app netimg
08:28:57  <johnnode>info: App netimg is now started
08:28:58  <johnnode>info: http://mininetimg.jit.su on Port 80
08:28:59  <johnnode>info: Nodejitsu ok
08:29:01  <johnnode>but i got 404
08:30:35  * sreeixquit (Quit: sreeix)
08:31:20  <johnnode>jcrugzz: do u have any idea?
08:32:25  <johnnode>also see started (green color) in here https://webops.nodejitsu.com/apps/netimg but have the same 404
08:37:44  <johnnode>jcrugzz: are you still there?
08:40:28  <Siyfion>johnnode: He said he had to go.
08:40:45  <Siyfion>johnnode: Try asking `3rdEden
08:41:01  * Siyfionruns away and hides from `3rdEden
08:41:08  <`3rdEden>oh noes
08:41:29  <`3rdEden>sup?
08:42:02  <Siyfion>johnnode is having issues... But if he ain't quick, I'm going to get in first..
08:42:21  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: Any idea why I can't seem to increase the drone count on my app?
08:42:33  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: username in simon.mansfield
08:42:45  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: tried CLI a few times...
08:42:53  <`3rdEden>Siyfion: does it give any errors?
08:42:58  * iDushanjoined
08:43:09  <Siyfion>error: Error running command apps setdrones 4 error: socket hang up
08:43:18  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: eventually.
08:43:23  <`3rdEden>Siyfion: and you still have drones available in your plan?
08:43:44  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: Yeah, I only have 1 app running.. although I did delete and re-create it..?
08:44:05  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: I wonder if the "old" apps drone count is somehow still in effect?
08:44:12  <johnnode>3rdEden: when you are ready, pls let me. thanks!
08:44:21  * sreeixjoined
08:45:21  <`3rdEden>Siyfion: I don't see anything odd by quicly looking at your account
08:45:32  <`3rdEden>Siyfion: does it also fail when you try to increase it from webops?
08:45:41  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: Not sure, 1 sec
08:46:21  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: lol... It says: "label-logic-live is now running on 4 drones" but it's reporting only 1
08:47:02  <`3rdEden>Siyfion: ye, the ux for the drone count isn't that optimal in webops, the 4 is probably the amount of drones you set through CLI
08:47:13  <`3rdEden>and 1 the amount of drones it's actually running on
08:47:18  * iDushanquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
08:48:35  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: Hmm.. odd
08:49:08  <`3rdEden>Siyfion: it seems that were some disturbances in the API
08:49:13  <`3rdEden>i've set your app to 4 drones
08:49:13  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: CLI now reports: data: label-logic-live started labellogiclive 4/4 simon.mansfield-label-logic-live-0.0.2.tgz
08:49:21  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: Ah okay ;)
08:49:46  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: Cool, thanks :)
08:49:52  <Siyfion>johnnode: All yours now mate ;)
08:49:55  <`3rdEden>Siyfion: Your welcome :)
08:50:07  <johnnode>thank you
08:50:22  <johnnode>so i always see 404 for my app
08:50:33  <johnnode>also see started (green color) in here https://webops.nodejitsu.com/apps/netimg but have the same 404
08:51:04  <johnnode>i run jitsu start
08:51:06  <johnnode> jitsu start
08:51:07  <johnnode>info: Welcome to Nodejitsu socialbiz
08:51:08  <johnnode>info: jitsu v0.12.10-1, node v0.8.5
08:51:10  <johnnode>info: It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok
08:51:11  <johnnode>info: Executing command start
08:51:13  <johnnode>info: Starting app netimg
08:51:14  <johnnode>info: App netimg is now started
08:51:15  <johnnode>info: http://mininetimg.jit.su on Port 80
08:51:16  <johnnode>info: Nodejitsu ok
08:51:21  <johnnode>but still see 404
08:51:29  <`3rdEden>oddd
08:52:08  <`3rdEden>it seems that your snapshot isn't active
08:52:13  <johnnode>now it stopped
08:52:35  <johnnode>Starting snapshot 0.0.1, this might take a minute.
08:52:38  <johnnode>ok.
08:52:43  <johnnode>i am waiting
08:53:01  <johnnode>started in green but 404 :(
08:53:40  <`3rdEden>johnnode: can you try to redeploy for me?
08:53:57  <johnnode>jitsu redeploy ??
08:54:03  <`3rdEden>yep
08:55:08  <johnnode>the redeploy not there, i did use the deploy command. is it ok?
08:55:18  <johnnode>30%...
08:55:34  <`3rdEden>That's okday
08:55:44  <johnnode>40%...
08:55:47  * Nodejitsu-Githubjoined
08:55:47  <Nodejitsu-Github>[node-http-proxy] indexzero tagged v0.10.1 at 4277e03: http://git.io/6mHT6w
08:55:47  * Nodejitsu-Githubpart
08:56:02  <johnnode>55%...
08:56:35  <johnnode>77%..
08:56:55  <johnnode>88%.
08:56:57  * ttdevelopjoined
08:57:04  <`3rdEden>it's getting there ;o
08:57:44  * travis-cijoined
08:57:44  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] nodejitsu/node-http-proxy#152 (master - 9c13ad4 : indexzero): The build was fixed.
08:57:44  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/nodejitsu/node-http-proxy/compare/3763dc935fb5...9c13ad46e416
08:57:44  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/nodejitsu/node-http-proxy/builds/6275299
08:57:44  * travis-cipart
08:57:50  <johnnode>still waiting...
08:57:57  * indexzeroquit (Quit: indexzero)
08:58:59  <johnnode>info: Updating app netimg
08:58:59  <johnnode>info: Activating snapshot 0.0.1-1 for netimg
08:59:00  <johnnode>info: Starting app netimg
09:00:05  <johnnode>still 404
09:00:12  * mesoquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
09:00:25  <`3rdEden>I did saw an error popping by in our API
09:00:37  * meso_joined
09:00:45  <`3rdEden>not sure why it says it was successful
09:00:49  <johnnode>prompt: Is this ok?: (yes)
09:00:50  <johnnode>info: Creating snapshot 0.0.1-1
09:00:51  <johnnode>warn: Snapshot is larger than 50M!
09:00:53  <johnnode>warn: This is not recommended practice.
09:00:54  <johnnode>info Uploading: [=============================] 100%
09:00:56  <johnnode>info: Updating app netimg
09:00:57  <johnnode>info: Activating snapshot 0.0.1-1 for netimg
09:00:59  <johnnode>info: Starting app netimg
09:01:00  <johnnode>info: App netimg is now started
09:01:01  <johnnode>info: http://mininetimg.jit.su on Port 80
09:01:01  <johnnode>info: Nodejitsu ok
09:01:06  <johnnode>the console stated that it actives 0.0.1-1
09:01:13  <`3rdEden>Might be because you snapshot is to large
09:01:24  <johnnode>yes
09:01:29  <johnnode>i see the warn
09:01:40  * ttdevelopquit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
09:01:49  <johnnode>it is more than 50M
09:01:55  <johnnode>is that ok?
09:02:25  <`3rdEden>Is there anything you can do to reduce the weight?
09:02:27  * gr2mjoined
09:02:30  <johnnode>yes
09:02:35  <johnnode>i wanna know
09:02:37  * chakritquit (Quit: leaving)
09:02:38  <johnnode>i see that
09:02:48  <johnnode>the node_modules in my app is too big
09:02:52  <johnnode>it cost 50M
09:03:07  * gr2mpart
09:03:07  <johnnode>how can i just define in package.json
09:03:38  <johnnode>just the dep modules
09:04:01  <johnnode>and ignore node_modules
09:04:14  <`3rdEden>just git ignore your node_modules
09:04:28  <Swaagie>johnnode, https://www.nodejitsu.com/documentation/a-quickstart/faq/#why-is-the-subdirectory-or-its-content-not-deployed-to-nodejitsu
09:04:29  <johnnode>i mean that
09:04:48  <Swaagie>although its opposite of what you require it will hekp you out
09:06:08  <`3rdEden>echo "node_modules" > .gitignore ;)
09:06:11  <johnnode>do you mean that i can rm -rf my local node_modules
09:06:29  <johnnode>or just use the command you stated above
09:06:34  <`3rdEden>you probably a devDependency which is to large :)
09:07:23  * kaarealjoined
09:07:24  <`3rdEden>and then try to deploy again
09:07:30  <johnnode>okie
09:07:45  <`3rdEden>it will ignore your node_modules folder when it tries to pack your app
09:07:48  <johnnode>plz wait
09:07:59  <`3rdEden>you should probably see a faster uploading as well ;)
09:08:05  <`3rdEden>you can confirm it
09:08:09  <`3rdEden>by running `npm pack`
09:08:11  <`3rdEden>in your directory
09:08:32  <`3rdEden>it will produce the same tarball as jitsu deploy would send to our servers
09:08:37  <johnnode>prompt: Is this ok?: (yes)
09:08:37  <johnnode>info: Creating snapshot 0.0.1-2
09:08:38  <johnnode>warn: Snapshot is larger than 50M!
09:08:39  <johnnode>warn: This is not recommended practice.
09:08:40  <johnnode>hey hey
09:08:43  <johnnode>i still see it
09:08:57  <johnnode>even i got "node_modules" in .gitignore file
09:09:25  <`3rdEden>if you run npm pack, does the generated tar file also have the node_modules included?
09:09:40  <johnnode>let me check
09:10:29  * sreeixquit (Quit: sreeix)
09:10:43  <`3rdEden>otherwise just rm -rf node_modules
09:10:50  <`3rdEden>and try to deploy again
09:11:20  <`3rdEden>(you can npm install . after that again ;))
09:11:21  <johnnode>ok
09:11:31  <johnnode>i see it
09:11:49  <johnnode>the tar does not contain the node_modules
09:11:58  <johnnode>but my data file is too large
09:12:05  <johnnode>it more than 70M
09:12:14  <johnnode>then the tar is more than 50M
09:12:22  <johnnode>what can i do now?
09:12:47  <johnnode>the whole project cost me 187M
09:13:19  <johnnode>get rid of node_modules just reduce 55M :(
09:13:45  <johnnode>56M Apr 12 16:10 netimg-0.0.1-2.tgz
09:15:29  <`3rdEden>mmalecki: do we have any app size limitations?
09:17:18  * cjmquit (Remote host closed the connection)
09:17:34  * sreeixjoined
09:18:03  * kaspertidemannquit (Quit: kaspertidemann)
09:18:11  <johnnode>yeah. how can we extend the limit..
09:18:13  * iDushanjoined
09:22:06  * Albertjoined
09:22:28  * Albertchanged nick to Guest31836
09:22:51  <Guest31836>hey
09:23:29  <Guest31836>one question, the micro individual plan, how many space give to me?
09:24:36  * admcquit (Quit: Leaving.)
09:26:16  * hallasjoined
09:28:25  * Guest31836quit (Quit: Page closed)
09:30:20  * sreeixquit (Quit: sreeix)
09:32:11  * jkarsrud_changed nick to jkarsrud
09:35:30  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: I've just tried a deploy and I got an Error 500, not sure if it's related to the issues earlier... I'll try a redeploy
09:36:35  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: Nope same thing.. hmm
09:36:57  * thepumpkinjoined
09:37:11  * gr2mjoined
09:38:36  <Siyfion>`3rdEden: Here's a gist of the output: https://gist.github.com/Siyfion/87248892165879c61aee
09:38:42  * gr2mpart
09:39:14  * thepumpkinquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
09:39:32  * thepumpkinjoined
09:39:44  <`3rdEden>hm odd
09:39:51  <`3rdEden>maybe you hit a bad drone
09:40:01  <Siyfion>very.. app.js is there! ;)
09:41:17  * sandfoxjoined
09:43:05  <`3rdEden>Siyfion: can you try again?
09:46:51  * arushjoined
09:47:37  <arush>yo guys we have some sort of emergency
09:47:52  <arush>our site is not loading, it is loading other nodejitsu sites instead!
09:48:22  * ForbesLindesayjoined
09:49:06  <arush>mmalecki, you there?
09:49:26  <arush>yawnt, hello?
09:50:23  * thepumpkinquit (Remote host closed the connection)
09:50:29  <Swaagie>arush, hey there
09:50:39  <arush>Swaagie, hey man
09:50:43  <Swaagie>arush, appname/username please?
09:50:51  <arush>escobar / brandid
09:50:53  <Swaagie>what you could try quickly is a restart
09:51:20  <arush>how can this happen?
09:51:21  <ForbesLindesay>I've been getting `An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}` when attempting to access my website. Restarting fixed it but only really briefly.
09:51:33  <arush>getbrandid.com / www.getbrandid.com both show different sites, and none of them are mine!
09:51:49  <arush>escobar.jit.su is different from www.getbrandid.com
09:51:54  <arush>and it shouldn't be
09:52:02  <arush>even escobar.jit.su is not showing our app
09:52:06  <arush>somebody elses!
09:52:08  * `3rdEdenchanged nick to `3E|BRB
09:52:36  <Swaagie>arush getbrandid.com is the correct app?
09:52:42  <arush>Swaagie, nope
09:52:53  <Swaagie>so neither are showing yours
09:52:56  <arush>the app should look like capone.jit.su (that's our dev site)
09:53:30  <arush>jitsu apps restart escobar is 500 error
09:53:49  <Swaagie>hm that is just plain wrong, I'm atleast gonna escalate this
09:53:55  <Swaagie>but first lets get you back on the road
09:55:05  <Swaagie>somehow the balancers sometimes go out of sync, but rest assured within the next days we'll upgrade the architecture so stuff like this happens never again
09:57:18  <arush>Swaagie, ok so what to do now?
09:57:40  <Swaagie>arush, I'm checking atm why your app has no drones appointed
09:57:59  <arush>ok i just did a jitsu apps start escobar lets see if it worked
09:58:32  <arush>Swaagie, we had a lot of traffic yesterday
09:58:40  <arush>but it coped through the peak of the traffic
09:58:48  <arush>and was fine until 12am GMT
09:59:54  <arush>ok the site is back
10:00:00  <arush>wtf happened
10:00:09  <Swaagie>arush, I doubt the volume of traffic matters, I forced some starts on it
10:00:26  <Swaagie>something in the balancers was out of sync not sure what yet
10:02:21  <Swaagie>ForbesLindesay, hey there, sorry for the holdup
10:02:33  <ForbesLindesay>hi
10:02:50  <Swaagie>what is your appname/username please?
10:02:59  <ForbesLindesay>ForbesLindesay/MAPS
10:03:16  <ForbesLindesay>(ForbesLindesay is the user, MAPS is the appname)
10:03:40  <ForbesLindesay>I've ended up allocating an extra drone to it, which seems to have fixed things
10:03:52  <ForbesLindesay>but it's not under heavy load or anything
10:04:47  <Swaagie>ForbesLindesay, good that worked out but I think you can reduce the drone allocation again, afaik that would reallocate your application to other drones, circumventing the problem
10:05:36  <ForbesLindesay>Cool, I'd rather leave that till tonight so I don't disrupt things in business hours.
10:05:38  * kaspertidemannjoined
10:05:47  <Swaagie>ForbesLindesay, sure thing no problem
10:06:02  <ForbesLindesay>I'd like to know what went wrong though
10:06:31  <ForbesLindesay>shouldn't nodejitsu be able to automatically detect when an app is down and then move it to another drone as appropriate?
10:07:10  <Swaagie>ForbesLindesay, it should but it won't change drones, there are edge cases in which the restart fails
10:07:36  <Swaagie>devops has manual shifts to pick out those drones and keep stuff running/fix edge cases
10:09:02  <ForbesLindesay>Based on pingdom logging, my app was down for about 4 hours though, I'd hope that devops would notice & fix something that had been down for that long without the automated systems managing to fix them.
10:11:03  <Siyfion>Is there any way of "attaching" to the logs, so that you can view the logs in realtime?
10:11:20  <Swaagie>we can improve on that for sure, it should be up sooner, personally I lack experience to check what your previous drone IP was and check the issue
10:11:38  <Swaagie>Siyfion, not yet, that is being worked on atm though
10:11:55  <Swaagie>as soon as you can we'll let people know
10:12:03  <Siyfion>Swaagie: Ah okay, cool. Would be very useful!
10:12:20  <Siyfion>Swaagie: Also, alas.. my issues with deploys still seem to be effecting me..
10:12:47  <Siyfion>Swaagie: `3E|BRB was looking at it before he went brb, it worked for one deploy... now it's not again
10:13:02  <Siyfion>Swaagie: I'll try a redeploy again quickly..
10:13:27  <Swaagie>Siyfion, sec gimme your subdomain please
10:13:38  <Siyfion>labellogiclive
10:13:50  <Siyfion>just trying to start the app now
10:13:52  <Swaagie>k
10:13:53  <Swaagie>go ahead
10:14:00  <Swaagie>I got the current IP's now
10:14:10  <Siyfion>nope... same issue as before
10:14:20  <Swaagie>which datacenter are you on btw?
10:14:27  <Siyfion>Swaagie: Essentially, same output as :https://gist.github.com/Siyfion/87248892165879c61aee
10:14:36  <Swaagie>also https://nodejitsu.uservoice.com/forums/177247-public-cloud-suggestions-and-feature-requests/suggestions/3234217-ability-to-monitor-resources-usage
10:14:50  <Siyfion>Swaagie: us east?
10:15:22  <Swaagie>Siyfion, ok sec let me inspect your app, us east should be default and rules out telefonica issues we experienced
10:17:03  <Siyfion>Swaagie: No problem.. Also, voted ;)
10:18:34  <Swaagie>Siyfion, what is your username please? read up but couldn't find it quickly ;)
10:18:44  <Siyfion>Swaagie: simon.mansfield
10:18:51  * ryni15joined
10:19:55  <Swaagie>Siyfion, I see your app up atm, but is this an older or the correct version?
10:20:22  <Siyfion>older
10:20:29  <Siyfion>0.0.2 yeah?
10:20:33  <Swaagie>ye
10:20:39  <Swaagie>I see the newer snapshots now
10:20:47  <Siyfion>Swaagie: Should be 0.0.3-4~
10:20:50  * andreypoppquit (Quit: andreypopp)
10:24:18  <Swaagie>Siyfion, checking the master API atm to see whats up, cause this is not right
10:24:30  <Siyfion>Swaagie: Yeah, cheers :)
10:27:23  <Swaagie>Siyfion, ok I think I found something
10:27:58  * ForbesLindesayquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
10:28:23  * arushquit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
10:30:44  <Siyfion>Swaagie: Okay...my bad? Or...?
10:30:54  <Swaagie>Siyfion, its attempting to deploy your application against some econnfusing drones
10:30:58  <Swaagie>will retry x times
10:31:03  <Swaagie>but not omit the bad drones
10:31:11  <Siyfion>Swaagie: Ah..okay
10:31:45  <Swaagie>Siyfion, gimme 10mins to fix up those drones so it atleast deploys
10:31:51  <Swaagie>after i'll escalate this stuff
10:32:23  <Siyfion>Swaagie: Yeah, no problem.
10:35:07  * Sacha_joined
10:36:07  * thl0joined
10:37:51  <Sacha_>Hi everybody: Can anyone help me with some tips??? At one point deployments started to stuck at one specific snapshot... Console says snapshot activated but in the webinterface an older snaphshot is marked as active... Cant even start newer snapshots from the webinterface... Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
10:41:13  <Swaagie>Sacha_, hey there, will be with you in a sec
10:41:25  * `3E|BRBchanged nick to `3E
10:41:40  <Swaagie>Siyfion, I think your app is now running on 0.0.3-4, can you confirm?
10:43:02  <Siyfion>Swaagie: 1 sec
10:43:24  <Siyfion>Yup, seems to be
10:43:29  <Siyfion>Swaagie: All good ;)
10:43:34  <Swaagie>nice
10:44:40  <Sacha_>Swaagie: No problem, will stay here in the chat till you have time :)
10:45:05  <Swaagie>Sacha_, almost done, need to escalate the previous issue to make sure fix it :D
10:49:04  <Siyfion>Swaagie: trying another deploy... *crosses fingers*
10:49:46  * Siyfioncheers, as it works 1st time ;)
11:01:17  <Swaagie>Sacha_, sorry for the hold up, do you have an gist of the error output?
11:02:10  * thealphanerdquit (Quit: thealphanerd)
11:03:28  <Sacha_>Swaagie: There was no error output
11:03:42  <Sacha_>What happened:
11:03:43  <Sacha_>Okay: just for the record... What i have observed: deployments began to stuck at a specific snapshot 0.0.1-123... I figured out that even if the console printed that the snapshot had been activated the webinterface showed the opposite. From within the webinterface I couldnt switch to a newer snapshot (e.g. 0.0.1-124) till i shifted the version number in the package.json to 0.0.2-0 and deployed again. First deploy failed with an erro
11:04:07  <Sacha_>(for the last error message i have a gist .))
11:04:20  <Swaagie>Sacha_, username/appname please?
11:04:45  <Sacha_>User: mllrsohn
11:04:49  <Sacha_>App: campusupdate
11:04:55  <Sacha_>(Its running now...)
11:06:24  <Sacha_>Gist with the error after i switched the version number: https://gist.github.com/SachaMPS/668cc2c80b85189edf30
11:07:35  <Swaagie>Sacha_, seems rackspace was acting up, the host our snapshots so if there was a glitch between our systems it might have affected your deployment
11:08:22  <Swaagie>Sacha_, 0.0.2-1 is the snapshot name you tried to activate/deploy?
11:09:02  <Sacha_>Yes, but this one is running... All the snapshots with version 0.0.1 couldnt be activated above snapshot number 123
11:09:34  <Sacha_>So 0.0.1-124 up to 0.01-128 couldnt be activated
11:13:00  <Swaagie>Sacha_, my best bet atm is a glitch between us and rackspace, they had some issues as well yesterday https://status.rackspace.com/
11:13:56  <Swaagie>checking the master API if you hit some bad drones today by accident
11:13:58  * IrishGringoquit (Remote host closed the connection)
11:20:27  * ryni15quit (Quit: ryni15)
11:27:53  * alucardXquit (Quit: leaving)
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11:42:31  * johnnodepart
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12:01:12  * chi5bpart
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12:21:47  * arush1joined
12:21:56  * itzmjauzjoined
12:24:32  <nathan7>itzmjauz: \o
12:27:32  * thealanwattsriotjoined
12:36:08  * jeffrgjoined
12:36:13  * switzquit (Quit: Leaving...)
12:37:53  <jeffrg>Hello. I'm getting ECONNREFUSED error when connection to an iris couch db. I can connect to it with futon and locally, but deployed code (that hasn't changed) isn't working. I've tried stopping and starting a couple of times.
12:40:48  <jeffrg>account is coordel
12:43:58  * arush1quit (Quit: Leaving)
12:48:04  * jeffrgquit (Quit: jeffrg)
12:49:15  * jeffrgjoined
12:51:29  * b|lotusjoined
12:51:30  * b|lotusquit (Changing host)
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12:51:43  * barrynagelquit (Quit: Leaving.)
12:55:00  * raushanjoined
12:55:17  * rangajoined
12:56:39  <raushan>@nathan : my app (ccc.nodejitsu.com) is wrongly routed to flight night Q&A website ..after redeploying the app
12:57:06  <raushan>@swaagie : my app (ccc.nodejitsu.com) is wrongly routed to flight night Q&A website ..after redeploying the app
12:57:47  * barrynageljoined
12:58:05  * metaxaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
12:58:45  <raushan>this is the 2nd time it is happening ...2 days back it happened as and as far i remember swaagie told it is a some scheduling prob..and did something and fixed it..
12:59:11  <raushan>@juliangruber : my app (ccc.nodejitsu.com) is wrongly routed to flight night Q&A website ..after redeploying the app
12:59:15  <nathan7>impressive
12:59:32  <nathan7>checking it out
13:01:12  <Swaagie>raushan, :( nathan7 yup I helped him but just redeploying
13:02:25  * Siyfion_joined
13:03:23  * raushanquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
13:03:23  * Sacha_quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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13:04:13  * rangaquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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13:06:36  * raushanjoined
13:07:04  <raushan>@nathan7 : should i restart my app or what ?
13:07:28  <nathan7>raushan: Yeah
13:07:45  <nathan7>raushan: I found the cause
13:08:27  <raushan>wht was that
13:08:30  <raushan>?
13:09:24  <nathan7>a bad drone
13:09:41  * nathan7can't wait for the new app host / provisioning arch to be deployed
13:10:42  <raushan>@nathan7: it is not connecting...saying connection refeused
13:11:46  * thl0quit (Remote host closed the connection)
13:12:03  <nathan7>raushan: it's crashlooping
13:12:29  <raushan>why ?
13:12:48  * Slyjoined
13:13:05  <nathan7>raushan: error: path.exists is now called `fs.exists`.
13:13:34  <raushan>nathan7 : got it
13:13:39  <raushan>thanks
13:13:42  <nathan7>[=
13:13:51  <nathan7>raushan: locally, that will be a warning
13:13:59  <nathan7>raushan: in NODE_ENV=production, that's an error
13:22:44  <raushan>@nathan7: again path is changed to FLIGHT NIGHT q&A
13:23:00  <raushan>after i restarted my app(ccc.nodejitsu.com)
13:23:45  * defunctzombie_zzchanged nick to defunctzombie
13:26:25  <raushan>@nathan7 : my app(ccc.nodejitsu.com) is not getting started at all...
13:26:50  <Sly>raushan: What's your username and application name?
13:27:18  <raushan>user_name : rangarajan app-name : ccc
13:31:07  <raushan>i think when we stop the app..it is not killing the drone properly..and its creating zombie drones..Hence while restarting it is failing somewhere..just a guess
13:31:09  <Sly>raushan: Please check your application logs. You have a fatal error, and it's not the `path.existsSync` error as Nathan was pointing out.
13:31:27  <Sly>It's a redis based error, something to do with a callback.
13:31:30  * darlamjoined
13:32:40  <darlam>Hi. My application has crashed today, seems like it cannot connect to remote database. Can you help me?
13:32:54  <darlam>www.coisasparacasar.com.br
13:33:14  <Sly>darlam: what kind of database are you using?
13:33:18  <Sly>And from which provider?
13:33:28  <darlam>mongo database
13:33:59  <Sly>What provider?
13:34:16  <raushan> Sly> I agree abt redis error when number of redis connection exceeds... But "Error: Error spawning drone" while trying to start using jistu activate snapshots ccc with version..looks strange
13:34:29  <darlam>mongolab
13:35:18  <darlam>I am using my company computer and don't have the development environment in here
13:35:38  <Sly>raushan: it actually looks like that error is happening on startup.
13:35:46  <Sly>Look at the time between "socket.io started" and when it happened.
13:36:02  <Sly>It's not even off by a second.
13:36:04  <Sly>It immediately crashes.
13:37:26  <Sly>darlam: I haven't seen anyone else reporting Mongo issues. Does your company's network have a proxy or firewall that could potentially be blocking it?
13:37:32  * b|lotusquit (Quit: brb)
13:37:36  * sreeixquit (Quit: sreeix)
13:37:53  <raushan>@sly : can u clean-up the drones i will restart my redis and i will test it fresh
13:37:57  <darlam>No, the problem is happenning in other computers as well
13:38:05  <darlam>try to connect and you'll see
13:38:12  <Sly>raushan: The drones are already clean. They clean themselves. :)
13:38:20  * generali_joined
13:38:39  <Sly>darlam: other computers behind the same network, or on a different network?
13:39:05  <darlam>Yesterday, my partner reported that the application was out as well. When I went checking it was already back up. I'm not sure if it was the same issue.
13:39:11  * sreeixjoined
13:39:17  <darlam>on a different network
13:39:36  <Sly>What's your Nodejitsu username?
13:39:50  <Sly>And which database? (Just the name)
13:40:27  <darlam>well the developer is my partner that is travelling now. He uses thalesfsp as user name
13:40:30  * sandfoxquit (Quit: sandfox)
13:41:04  <Sly>That's fine. What's the database name?
13:41:49  <darlam>I'm not quite sure. coisasparacasar probably
13:42:02  <Sly>Yup. That one exists.
13:43:22  <Sly>Give me one minute. My mongo shell is apparently having issues.
13:43:26  <Sly>Upgrading it.
13:43:57  <darlam>OK
13:44:07  <darlam>did you try to connect to the website to see the issue?
13:44:59  <Sly>I'm not seeing any issue on the site?
13:45:16  <Sly>Well, now I do.
13:45:20  * andreypoppquit (Quit: andreypopp)
13:45:21  <Sly>Didn't at first.
13:45:32  * metaxajoined
13:45:40  <Sly>The first time, it loaded fine. After that, it's telling me that Mongo can't be reached.
13:45:55  <darlam>strange, for me it crashes directly
13:46:43  <Sly>darlam: is the app under this same user?
13:46:50  <darlam>yes
13:47:11  <darlam>the app has been running fine for a couple of months
13:47:40  <darlam>last update was around 10 days ago with no issues
13:48:19  <Sly>darlam: https://gist.github.com/Southern/3197dab2450888dc8a31
13:48:30  <Sly>That's the good request that I made, followed by the error that happened the next time I tried.
13:48:51  <Sly>It looks like, to me, that your database connection is simply being closed for some reason.
13:51:24  <darlam>strange
13:51:24  <Sly>darlam: I'm able to get my mongo shell to connect to the database, so it's not down.
13:51:25  <Sly>connecting to: ds****.mongolab.com:43927/nodejitsu_thalesfsp_nodejitsudb*******
13:51:25  <Sly>Error while trying to show server startup warnings: need to login
13:51:25  <Sly>The last line is just where I didn't provide credentials.
13:51:26  <darlam>I see
13:51:33  <Sly>But it dropped into the shell and lets me execute commands.
13:52:16  <darlam>last week we had problems with load balancer cache, but the error message was totally different. Could it be the same issue?
13:53:30  <Sly>darlam: Load balancer issues wouldn't be showing up in your application logs.
13:55:24  * andreypoppjoined
13:55:24  * andreypoppquit (Client Quit)
13:56:24  <darlam>I have cleared my cookies, than I can manage to connect one time, and after it crashes.
13:57:20  <Sly>darlam: yeah, same happened to me.
13:57:22  * barrynagelpart
13:57:30  <Sly>Connect once, and then it shows the 500 error.
13:57:44  * bradleymeckjoined
13:57:50  <jeffrg>still getting the ECONNREFUSED error at coordel-app.nodejitsu.com
13:57:53  <Sly>darlam: wait a second.
13:58:17  <Sly>darlam: yeah, just confirmed Mongo is still online.
13:58:20  <Sly>Shell still works.
13:58:27  <jeffrg>sorry…coordel-ideas.nodejitsu.com
13:58:41  <Sly>jeffrg: what's the username and app name?
13:59:03  <jeffrg>coordel is the app username is coordel
13:59:06  * ttdevelopjoined
13:59:12  <jeffrg>sorry coordel-ideas
13:59:58  <Sly>jeffrg: it looks like the ECONNREFUSED may be coming from your application. I'm seeing some logs in it with ECONNREFUSED errors.
14:01:19  <jeffrg>sly i see them as well, but i'm not sure why? nothing has changed in the app and it's been working for weeks. it seems to be related to couchdb connections it's trying to make
14:01:30  * DarkGlassjoined
14:02:47  <Sly>jeffrg: I'm actually not seeing any couch databases listed under that user.
14:03:45  * ttdevelopquit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
14:03:53  <jeffrg>sly i'm using iris couch instances…i've not registered them with you before…do they have to be?
14:04:25  <Sly>jeffrg: did you register directly with IrisCouch or did you register through us? I'm not seeing a couchdb listed under your username that's tied in with us.
14:04:38  <jeffrg>directly with IrisCouch
14:04:40  * sreeixquit (Quit: sreeix)
14:05:03  * raushanquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
14:05:13  <Sly>jeffrg: okay. As much as I would love to help you with that, you will need to contact IrisCouch. We have *no* control over databases that weren't created with us.
14:05:23  <Sly>jeffrg: that is, if you suspect your couch is down.
14:05:47  * sreeixjoined
14:05:47  <jeffrg>sly the couch isn't down, I can connect to it. I can't get to it from my app hosted with you?
14:06:28  <Sly>jeffrg: If the database is online, it should work fine on our platform. We've never had problems with external databases refusing connections, except MongoHQ.
14:07:10  <jeffrg>sly I've never seen it before either and I've been using it for over a year. this is the first time, which is why I'm confused.
14:07:56  <Sly>jeffrg: that's why I was saying... if you think it's the database, *you* will need to contact IrisCouch. We can't do anything on your behalf with databases that aren't registered through us.
14:08:08  * sandfoxjoined
14:08:31  <JasonSmith>jeffrg: I work at Iris Couch. What's up?
14:09:00  <darlam>Sly - the problem jeffrg is having could be something similar to what I'm having?
14:09:20  <Sly>darlam: not really. Two completely different databases, and two completely different providers.
14:09:49  <darlam>I know, but both are running, and cannot be connected from an application running on nodejitsu
14:10:00  <jeffrg>jasonsmith thanks for helping. I'm not sure why, but connections to my instance aren't working from my deployed app. It does work, though, using production parameters from my local environment. This has been working for quite some time, nothing has changed, so I'm not sure what's happening.
14:10:29  <Sly>darlam: I don't think they're related at all. Your mongo database isn't even down. :|
14:10:33  <jeffrg>sly i can connect to my dbase locally using production values
14:10:49  <jeffrg>sly the deployed app can't connect
14:11:23  <jeffrg>sly my couch database isn't down either
14:16:02  <lmjabreu>humm, can't create new couchdb
14:17:03  <lmjabreu>info: A new couch has been created
14:17:03  <lmjabreu>error: Database does not exist
14:17:05  * andreypoppjoined
14:17:10  <Sly>jeffrg: does the "ideaAllocations" view exist on your database?
14:17:15  <jeffrg>sly yes
14:17:18  <Sly>Well, nevermind. That shouldn't cause econnrefused.
14:17:50  <Sly>https://gist.github.com/Southern/9e165c6a93096fc7febd
14:18:04  <Sly>That's where the error is, but I don't see it trying to connect anywhere there.
14:18:17  <Sly>What are you using for your couch module?
14:18:43  <jeffrg>sly cradle
14:18:51  * andreypoppquit (Client Quit)
14:19:45  <nathan7>cradle is unmaintained
14:20:55  <mmalecki>well, it kind of is
14:21:00  <mmalecki>I'm the maintainer
14:21:07  <mmalecki>but don't look into it too much
14:21:13  <mmalecki>I guess I could give it some love today
14:21:41  <nathan7>mhm
14:21:43  <jeffrg>i've never had a problem with cradle…but there is a change…now production parameters aren't working locally any more
14:22:24  <mmalecki>JasonSmith: ^
14:22:37  * Domeni___joined
14:24:09  * sreeixquit (Quit: sreeix)
14:24:40  <darlam>sly, there is something I can do from here?
14:24:54  * andreypoppjoined
14:25:07  <jeffrg>mmalecki is there something your expect might have changed?
14:25:11  <Sly>darlam: one minute.
14:26:34  <mmalecki>jeffrg: nope, not really. JasonSmith will know better tho
14:28:34  * Swaagiechanged nick to swaagie[brb]
14:28:37  <Sly>darlam: I just checked the drone that is giving that error, and it's able to reach Mongo.
14:28:57  <Sly># ping ds043927.mongolab.com
14:28:57  <Sly>ds043927.mongolab.com is alive
14:29:35  <Sly>darlam: the only thing I can think of is that the connection is getting closed somewhere in your code when it's not meant to be closed.
14:30:40  <darlam>but this has been running for quite some time now
14:31:06  <darlam>and it is the first time we see this error
14:33:22  <Sly>darlam: from what I'm seeing in Google, it seems that the mongo database restarting or something of that nature could also cause this problem... since that would also terminate the connection.
14:33:29  * bradleymeckquit (Quit: bradleymeck)
14:33:35  <Sly>Perhaps you just need to make a fallback to try reconnecting if the connection is lost?
14:33:51  <Sly>https://github.com/kcbanner/connect-mongo/issues/23
14:33:57  <Sly>https://github.com/mongodb/node-mongodb-native/pull/605
14:34:12  <kenperkins>morning folks
14:34:18  <Sly>'morning, kenperkins.
14:35:11  * bradleymeckjoined
14:36:55  <lmjabreu>Sly: any idea on the database creation failure?
14:37:10  <Sly>lmjabreu: I didn't see anything about it. What's going on?
14:37:29  <jeffrg>JasonSmith do you have any thoughts? what i'm seeing locally is that the connection can be made intermittently locally with the production parameters.
14:38:06  * bradleymeckquit (Client Quit)
14:38:10  <lmjabreu>https://gist.github.com/lmjabreu/95e01cda727b1232cea1
14:38:13  <jeffrg>JasonSmith connections are over https
14:38:50  * b|lotusjoined
14:38:51  * b|lotusquit (Changing host)
14:38:51  * b|lotusjoined
14:39:28  * ryni15joined
14:39:40  <Sly>lmjabreu: what was the name of the database you tried creating?
14:39:48  <Sly>Oh, nevermind. Says it in the gist.
14:40:02  <Sly>I'm not sure why it wasn't created.
14:40:15  <lmjabreu>yeah, might be something with iriscouch
14:40:23  <lmjabreu>I'm also getting a ECONNREFUSED when requesting a specific document
14:40:40  <Sly>JasonSmith: ^
14:45:16  * Samuel_Roldanjoined
14:45:55  * andreypoppquit (Quit: andreypopp)
14:46:00  * z0w0quit (Quit: Leaving.)
14:48:49  * hallasquit (Quit: ["Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com"])
14:50:15  * Domeni___quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14:50:57  * Domeni___joined
14:51:50  * andreypoppjoined
14:59:49  <darlam>Sly, I was checking the code, and it seems that we are using db: 'greicethalesvaocasar', host: 'linus.mongohq.com', instead of the one I have mentioned before
15:00:10  * swaagie[brb]changed nick to swaagie
15:00:26  <darlam>That's strange, because I have been working on the other one, and the changes are reflected on the application
15:00:42  <darlam>I cannot ping linus.mongohq.com
15:00:51  <Sly>darlam: I'm able to connect to that database.
15:00:52  * Sacha_joined
15:01:05  <Sly>connecting to: linus.mongohq.com:10034/nodejitsudb****
15:01:05  <Sly>>
15:01:13  <Sacha_>Hey guys... Got the same error again but this time the webinterface gives me an error
15:01:23  <Sacha_>Failure: conservatory Error (500): Internal Server Error
15:01:33  <Sacha_>Any hint?
15:01:46  <swaagie>Sacha_, `3E ^ what are you trying to do?
15:01:53  <Sacha_>Activating a snapshot
15:02:11  <`3E>hmz
15:02:27  <`3E>looks like a broken api to me
15:02:59  <Sacha_>User: mllrsohn
15:03:06  <swaagie>Sacha_, which snapshot ID are you trying to activate?
15:03:14  <Sacha_>app: campus
15:03:25  <swaagie>still got your earlier work in my terminal history ;)
15:03:36  <Sacha_>Version: 0.0.2
15:03:51  <swaagie>0.0.2-0?
15:03:55  <Sacha_>yes
15:04:04  <`3E>Sacha_: does it happen always, or is it the first time your tried it?
15:04:11  <Sacha_>First time
15:04:26  <`3E>I don't see any other related errors in the webops logs
15:04:29  <Sacha_>but i got an error :) So i thought it might be the right moment to contact you again
15:04:39  <`3E>;D
15:05:46  <Sacha_>shall i try it again or?!
15:06:14  <swaagie>Sacha_, sec
15:06:18  <Sacha_>ok
15:06:57  <swaagie>Sacha_, go ahead, tailing master api atm
15:06:58  * JonMarkGojoined
15:09:17  * DarkGlassquit (Remote host closed the connection)
15:11:24  * iDushanquit (Quit: iDushan)
15:11:32  * robmozartjoined
15:11:43  <Sacha_>So tried to activate though webinterface... didnt work... Now i am running a jitsu deploy once more (Actually the first deploy of v 0.0.2 didnt ask me the ususal "Is this ok" so it appared a bit strange to me... (but mybe i hitted enter without noticing :))
15:12:30  <`3E>Sacha_: it only ask for a OK if it updates the package.json version
15:12:46  <Sacha_>ah :)
15:13:03  <swaagie>also deploying creates a new snapshot
15:13:12  <swaagie>its not equal to activating an older one
15:14:04  <Sacha_>yeah thats clear
15:14:21  <Sacha_>at least this :)
15:15:47  <kenperkins>wish me luck folks
15:16:41  * bardujoined
15:16:42  <Sacha_>Okay guys: this is what my console says:
15:16:45  <Sacha_>http://cl.ly/image/2p1X2h2z250n
15:16:56  <Sacha_>ANd this is what the webinterface says:
15:17:17  <Sacha_>http://cl.ly/image/033v342A3m14
15:18:25  * jgablejoined
15:20:08  <swaagie>Sacha_, to make it more confusing
15:20:19  <swaagie>mine claims 0.0.2-1 is active
15:20:42  <Sacha_>yes?
15:21:50  <swaagie>we're looking in to it atm
15:22:08  <Sacha_>App: campus
15:22:15  <Sacha_>NOT: campusupdate
15:22:54  <swaagie>sorry
15:22:56  <swaagie>I see now
15:24:14  <swaagie>ye 0.0.1-113 is listed as active
15:24:47  <swaagie>but 2-1 would be expected
15:24:51  <Sacha_>:) Yes... it shouldnt :)
15:25:00  <Sacha_>jup
15:25:52  * orocejoined
15:26:59  * andreypoppquit (Quit: andreypopp)
15:28:24  * devdazedquit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
15:29:43  * DarkGlassjoined
15:29:53  * devdazedjoined
15:32:07  * `3Equit (Remote host closed the connection)
15:36:57  * flippyheadjoined
15:37:42  <flippyhead>after deploying my custom domain now points to some other website!
15:39:28  * kaarealquit (Remote host closed the connection)
15:39:45  * wamoyojoined
15:40:10  <Sacha_>Couldnt resist and clicked the activate button again: No free servers available. Please visit #nodejitsu on irc.freenode.net or email [email protected] for further information.
15:40:30  <wamoyo>So, my site can't seem to hit it's iriscouch from the cloud, but hits it fine from localhost
15:40:45  <wamoyo>This issue just arose, everything's been peachy for months before.
15:41:03  * mattfieldjoined
15:41:08  <mmalecki>JasonSmith: ping ping ping
15:42:16  <wamoyo>Okay, I noticed a change, my couch has been upgraded to 1.3, which rocks, cause I plan on doing some interesting PouchDB work, but would still love some help understanding the current bug.
15:44:03  * nevtepjoined
15:44:16  <wamoyo>mmalecki: Are you trying to ping Jason for me?
15:44:18  <nevtep>Hi support team, I'm getting the no free servers error again :S
15:44:19  <wamoyo>Haha
15:44:25  <mattfield>hey all, been trying to deploy and the past three attempts return either a 500 error or an error message that there are no free servers available. Do we know if there are any issues? A snapshot is created but immediately archived.
15:46:29  * Baastrupquit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
15:46:54  * mattfieldquit (Quit: Page closed)
15:47:25  <flippyhead>awesome well, I guess i"ll just hope my site doesn't turn into some other nodejitsu customer on a future deploy
15:47:39  <flippyhead>here's hoping!
15:48:44  <mmalecki>flippyhead: I'm rolling out new balancing architecture today
15:48:50  <mmalecki>wamoyo: yeah, I am
15:49:09  <wamoyo>mmalecki: Thanks so much!
15:49:45  <flippyhead>mmalecki: OK, and after that I can expect my site to not spontaneously point to a different nodejistu customer?
15:52:59  * jcrugzzjoined
15:53:12  * edehdequit (Quit: Leaving.)
15:53:54  * bradleymeckjoined
15:55:27  <jeffrg>JasonSmith FYI i've tried using both nano and cradle to make connections and both fail. I've used curl to connect successfully (all using production connection parameters). Still really at a loss…fyi creating a database with jitsu is failing for IrisCouch as well.
15:55:33  * eschnouquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
15:56:29  * bradleymeckquit (Client Quit)
15:57:55  <nevtep>any news?
15:59:11  <bardu>none of my app running on nodejitsu getting any data from iriscouch
15:59:26  <mmalecki>flippyhead: correct
15:59:32  <mmalecki>JasonSmith: JASON!!!
15:59:44  <mmalecki>nevtep: what RAM and DC?
16:00:15  <flippyhead>mmalecki: OK. It sounds like I should assume that nodejitsu is ready for my production sites
16:01:04  <nevtep>mmalecki I have 1 drone set for my app
16:02:53  <nevtep>https://gist.github.com/Nevtep/b02765e886a7ce128dc2
16:03:02  <nevtep>I'm randomly getting that error
16:03:11  <nevtep>I deployed 3 times
16:03:16  <nevtep>first 2 got that
16:03:19  <nevtep>last succeeded
16:03:34  <mmalecki>nevtep: yeah, I just freed some and we're spawning next
16:05:04  <wamoyo>mmalecki: No Jason yet, huh?
16:05:10  <mmalecki>wamoyo: nah
16:05:14  * bradleymeckjoined
16:05:17  <mmalecki>I'll try investigating it tho
16:05:27  <mmalecki>wamoyo: it's most likely some connectivity issue
16:05:31  <wamoyo>mmalecki: Thanks! I'll be online, so just ping me
16:05:34  * lresendejoined
16:05:36  * jcrugzzquit (Quit: leaving)
16:05:36  <mmalecki>pm me your url, please
16:05:41  <mmalecki>(couch url)
16:05:52  <wamoyo>mmalecki: http://tedxgramercy.com, wamoyo.iriscouch.com
16:06:25  <svnlto>so I've noticed that my app went down for no reason the 2nd time this week
16:06:50  <svnlto>thought id be alright with a restart but now I just get a app not found page
16:07:02  * swaagiequit (Quit: Leaving)
16:07:02  * jcrugzzjoined
16:07:07  <mmalecki>svnlto: hmm, can you check logs?
16:07:13  <mmalecki>we stop apps which crash very often
16:07:13  <svnlto>logs say ok
16:07:19  <mmalecki>but that involves a crash loop
16:07:21  <svnlto>no crashes
16:07:33  <svnlto>crash loop sends out email notificatinos
16:07:36  <svnlto>been there :)
16:07:50  * petecoopjoined
16:08:38  * vlad___joined
16:08:42  * bradleymeckquit (Client Quit)
16:08:52  <jcrugzz>snvlto: whats your username/appname?
16:08:58  <svnlto><
16:09:10  * Siyfionjoined
16:09:14  <svnlto>app name is 'outofme'
16:09:14  <vlad___>Anyone getting 'Error: No free servers available.' error?
16:09:32  <jcrugzz>vlad___: are you trying to deploy to us-east-1?
16:09:38  * Sacha_quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
16:10:03  * wamoyoquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
16:10:25  <vlad___>jcrugzz: how do I check where my cloud is?
16:10:28  * Siyfion_quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
16:10:59  <jcrugzz>vlad___: ill take that as a yes :). There will be more free servers soon. Individual plans are all in joyent-us-east-1
16:11:03  <nathan7>if you're on an individual plan or dev sandbox, us-east-1
16:11:58  <jcrugzz>svnlto: so what exactly happened? it seems your app is stopped
16:12:07  * Eric__joined
16:12:12  <vlad___>ok, just making sure it's not me because I just migrated my app to another account. When do you think we will have more servers?
16:12:16  * b|lotusquit (Quit: brb)
16:12:26  * Sacha_joined
16:12:41  <mmalecki>vlad___: as soon as 5 minutes
16:12:43  <mmalecki>or 3
16:12:48  <vlad___>thanks :)
16:12:49  <svnlto>jcrugzz: i was trying to access it and I got an error
16:12:52  <svnlto>so i restarted
16:13:02  <svnlto>webops says its started
16:13:17  <Sacha_>Hey guys, any hint when activiating snapshots is back normal
16:14:05  <svnlto>ok its back. its odd. i attempted to start it 3times
16:14:27  <jcrugzz>svnlto: you may have gotten on a bad drone. We are cleaning all of them up :)
16:14:45  <jcrugzz>Sacha_: what are you seeing?
16:14:52  <svnlto>jcrugzz: ok, any word on iriscouch connectivity issues?
16:14:54  * swaagiejoined
16:15:05  <JasonSmith>What is the issue?
16:15:36  <Sacha_>Random errors: Failure: Unknown failure, No Server available, no errors at all
16:15:37  <svnlto>Hey JasonSmith, there's a few I guess
16:15:44  <Sacha_>But my snapshots dont get activated
16:15:58  <svnlto>JasonSmith: timeouts ECONNREFUSED
16:16:30  <jcrugzz>Sacha_: we are currently spinning up more servers :). give it a minute and try it again with a --debug flag? Gist me the output if there are any issues
16:16:50  <kenperkins>fucking TLS
16:17:12  * flippyheadpart
16:17:22  <mmalecki>JasonSmith: apparently we can't connect to your couches from our DCs
16:17:29  <mmalecki>well, us-east-1, at least
16:18:54  <JasonSmith>ECONNREFUSED is fixed now
16:19:14  <JasonSmith>one of the 2 IP addresses was not responding
16:19:18  <JasonSmith>fixed
16:21:10  <Eric__>I'm trying to deploy my first app and I'm getting a 500 error. Here is the gist https://gist.github.com/ericleslie/5373206
16:21:20  <jcrugzz>Eric__: let me see
16:21:31  <kenperkins>jesusabdullah: did a message formatting function ever get into winston?
16:22:31  <jcrugzz>Eric__: we currently do not support 0.10.x. Change your engine to 0.8.x and you should be fine :)
16:23:07  <Eric__>jcrugzz: thank you
16:23:15  <jcrugzz>np :)
16:27:19  <nevtep>thanks mmalecki
16:28:16  <Sacha_>Heres the complete gist:
16:28:17  <Sacha_>https://gist.github.com/SachaMPS/aa4fc1afb9125a4d2dd7
16:28:23  <Sacha_>Still no luck
16:28:42  <Sacha_>new snapshots dont get activated
16:29:53  * ohamaquit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
16:30:22  * petecoopquit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
16:32:19  * orocequit (Quit: Leaving.)
16:35:02  <jcrugzz>Sacha_: one sec
16:35:38  <Sacha_>jcrugzz: App is live after several tries
16:36:12  <Sacha_>(Hope its bug free and i dont have to deploy again.. at least for now :) )
16:37:16  * ohamajoined
16:37:29  <jcrugzz>Sacha_: sometimes the communication with rackspace cloudfiles is finicky with activating snapshots. Their API returns a 201 before it actually exists >.>
16:37:40  * wamoyojoined
16:38:01  <wamoyo>mmalecki: Woah, did you do something? Everything's workin' peachy.
16:38:10  <jcrugzz>Sacha_: if that happens again just run a jitsu snapshots list, to make sure its there and activate it :). We are working towards a better solution
16:38:53  <Sacha_>Well... i tried to activate it through the webinterface several times and it just didnt work
16:39:05  <Sacha_>Is it better with console?
16:39:33  <jcrugzz>Sacha_: id give it a try on console next time
16:39:56  * Siyfionpart
16:42:13  <Sacha_>i will
16:42:15  <Sacha_>thx
16:42:25  * rudasnjoined
16:42:46  <jcrugzz>np :)
16:44:06  * r0thajoined
16:44:13  * nevtepquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
16:44:18  <kenperkins>jcrugzz: why not just wrap the put to CloudFiles in a status checker then?
16:45:02  <nathan7>kenperkins: do eet
16:45:09  <nathan7>kenperkins: nodejitsu/node-cloudfiles
16:45:17  <kenperkins>nathan7: DEPRECATE THAT FUCKER
16:45:20  <kenperkins>pkgcloud!
16:45:29  <kenperkins>:)
16:45:33  <nathan7>make it a shim that uses pkgcloud
16:45:43  <jcrugzz>nathan7: thats dirty
16:45:48  <nathan7>this would result in happiness and unicorns
16:45:50  <jcrugzz>kenperkins: but yes i agree
16:46:03  <nathan7>jcrugzz: it means we can pretty much drop that module
16:46:03  <kenperkins>sorry, we're already seeing a ton of Rackspace/openstack packages
16:46:13  <kenperkins>so it's on all of use to help coalesce these into pkgcloud
16:46:32  <jcrugzz>kenperkins: yes :)
16:46:34  <nathan7>mkay
16:46:44  <jcrugzz>and you have been doing a hell of a job lately
16:47:02  <mmalecki>wamoyo: JasonSmith did :)
16:47:26  <wamoyo>mmalecki: That guy's a superstar
16:47:31  <wamoyo>mmalecki: Thanks, man!
16:47:54  <kenperkins>jcrugzz: well, it's what I'm paid for, so I better :D
16:48:06  <mmalecki>wamoyo: running iriscouch all by himself indeed is impressive :)
16:48:24  <mmalecki>nathan7: node-cloudfiles is deprecated
16:48:35  <mmalecki>pkgcloud is what you should be using
16:48:48  * Sacha_quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
16:49:20  * rudasnquit (Quit: rudasn)
16:49:41  * Baastrupjoined
16:50:36  <wamoyo>mmalecki: wow, I didn't know, that's beast.
16:51:42  * TooTallNatejoined
16:52:13  <nathan7>mmalecki: does our infra use pkgcloud for cloudfiles yet?
16:52:28  <kenperkins>eat your own dogfood!
16:52:41  <nathan7>we're working on it, I believe
16:52:49  <nathan7>node-cloudfiles is our own dog food too
16:53:37  <mmalecki>nathan7: it does
16:53:56  <mmalecki>nathan7: except haibu but that doesn't matter anymore
16:54:06  <nathan7>mmalecki: oh, cool
16:54:26  <kenperkins>nathan7: I know
16:54:46  * ChaoticJorgejoined
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17:05:07  * wamoyopart
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17:05:17  * wamoyopart
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17:10:53  * chrisdotcodejoined
17:12:28  * thl0joined
17:16:34  <kenperkins>any winston people here?
17:16:39  * thl0quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
17:16:53  <kenperkins>it seems you can't define a new transport in winston.transports anymore
17:17:01  <kenperkins>i.e. in your custom transport
17:17:06  * chrisdotcodequit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:17:20  <kenperkins>https://github.com/indexzero/winston-mongodb/blob/master/lib/winston-mongodb.js#L80
17:18:42  <kenperkins>or I'm smoking crack. brb
17:19:48  <mmalecki>kenperkins: share some, will you?
17:19:53  <mmalecki>I never smoked crack
17:20:05  * chrisdotcodejoined
17:20:12  <Sly>LOL
17:22:36  * albertd_joined
17:23:03  <albertd_>Hi, getting 404 on eu-ams1 (metrological/mas) can someone check the balancers
17:23:45  * lresendequit (Quit: Zzzzzzz ...)
17:24:45  <kenperkins>mmalecki: found a wierd random npm issue when using link that was totally confusing me
17:24:48  * DarkGlassquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:25:31  <jcrugzz>albertd_: on it :)
17:25:40  <albertd_>jcrugzz: thx
17:25:51  * AvianFlujoined
17:27:26  <albertd_>jcrugzz: any timeline on a permanent solution?
17:27:34  * chrisdotcodequit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:28:12  <jcrugzz>albertd_: working with mmalecki today in rolling out the new balancer logic :)
17:29:51  * admcjoined
17:29:52  <albertd_>jcrugzz: good news :)
17:30:13  <albertd_>jcrugzz: i like joining the chat, but not for the 404 :)
17:30:46  * chrisdotcodejoined
17:31:16  <jcrugzz>albertd_: ha i feel you there man :). We appreciate your understanding, im pretty excited about the things to come
17:31:43  * darlamquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
17:32:23  * Baastrupquit (Quit: Leaving.)
17:32:30  <nathan7>kenperkins: explain?
17:34:54  <albertd_>jcrugzz: me2 any new features that you can tell?
17:35:39  <mmalecki>albertd_: when you hit a drone which ECONNREFUSEs (for example, application crashed), it'll try new one
17:35:46  <mmalecki>I mean, different drone
17:35:59  <albertd_>mmalecki: nice
17:36:22  <albertd_>mmalecki: also auto scale then?
17:36:28  * sandfoxquit (Quit: sandfox)
17:36:32  <jcrugzz>albertd_: our infrastructure is getting smarter and smarter :). And we should have lots more data about whats going on as well
17:36:37  <jcrugzz>mhmm :)
17:37:05  <mmalecki>albertd_: this rollout is part of autoscale, but we won't roll autoscale out tonight
17:37:56  <jcrugzz>its the beginning of a lot of cool shit to come
17:38:24  <albertd_>mmalecki: nice looking forward to the new features
17:38:45  <albertd_>jcrugzz: do you have a page with a roadmap?
17:39:27  <jcrugzz>albertd_: not currently. but i do like the idea
17:40:36  <nathan7>roadmaps are nice fairytales, to me
17:40:44  <nathan7>unexpected shit happens, we're in reality
17:40:51  <albertd_>jcrugzz: would be very helpful to see the features when they are approx coming
17:41:12  <albertd_>nathan7: i agree, maybe just when you are sure it's coming
17:41:49  <jcrugzz>albertd_: it would be good to show what we are working towards. its hard to show the exact timing aspect as we do live in the real world of software
17:42:49  <albertd_>jcrugzz: completely agree
17:43:04  <mmalecki>albertd_: see PM :)
17:44:38  * vlad___quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
17:47:32  * coffeecuppart
17:49:56  * sandfoxjoined
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17:50:54  * iDushan_changed nick to iDushan
17:57:41  <kenperkins>nathan7: it's common in winston custom transports to do this: winston.transports.YOURTRANSPORT = YOURTRANSPORT
17:57:46  <kenperkins>(in the js file for your transport)
17:59:04  <kenperkins>well, that doesn't work when your custom transport is being accessed via a linked npm package
17:59:09  <kenperkins>was pulling my hair out
17:59:22  * generali_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:59:34  * ramitosjoined
17:59:45  <nathan7>kenperkins: mhm
17:59:49  <nathan7>it's a bad pattern imho
17:59:54  <nathan7>anyway, you should peerDepend on winston
18:00:02  <kenperkins>peerDepend?
18:00:15  * generalissimojoined
18:01:21  <nathan7>kenperkins: peerDependencies!
18:01:45  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
18:01:56  <nathan7>kenperkins: a peerDependency is for when you want a dep to be installed at the same level as your module
18:02:00  <kenperkins>yep found it
18:02:03  <nathan7>kenperkins: it's meant for plugins and such
18:02:03  <kenperkins>http://blog.nodejs.org/2013/02/07/peer-dependencies/
18:02:05  <nathan7>Yep
18:06:43  * Gues_____joined
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18:23:17  <mmalecki>all, we'll be adding one new balancer to our DNS pool. no downtime should occur and we'll be monitoring situation closely.
18:24:47  * admcquit (Quit: Leaving.)
18:24:56  * joey_joined
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18:30:27  * joey_joined
18:31:08  <jesusabdullah>kenperkins: unsure, I haven't contributed to winston in months
18:31:23  <kenperkins>no biggie
18:31:24  * mondojoined
18:31:31  <kenperkins>I just submitted a pr either way
18:32:36  * joey_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:33:44  <rossk>hiya kenperkins
18:33:55  <kenperkins>hiya rossk
18:34:16  <rossk>I see you're keeping busy
18:34:21  <kenperkins>trying
18:34:56  <kenperkins>I'm dreading re-writing all of the pkgcloud tests, but c'est la vie
18:35:15  <rossk>yeah -- I started looking at that and cringed
18:35:37  <rossk>just mocking all the different responses is a PITA
18:36:57  * joey_joined
18:38:39  * joey_quit (Client Quit)
18:40:34  <mondo>Am trying to install jitsu for first time. I went through the GitHub issue list, but trying to install older version of node (0.8.22) didn't work for me. I get a bunch of warnings talking about version "wants" and "installed", but no errors. And at the end it shows what looks like a tree of jitsu modules. No "jitsu
18:40:44  <mondo>" command is usable
18:44:27  * DarkGlasspart
18:44:55  * b|lotusjoined
18:44:55  * b|lotusquit (Changing host)
18:44:56  * b|lotusjoined
18:48:14  <nathan7>mondo: What version of node, what version of npm?
18:48:17  <nathan7>mondo: node -v, npm -v
18:48:27  <nathan7>mondo: what OS?
18:51:38  <mondo>node: v0.10.4, npm: 1.2.10, OSX 10.8.3
18:52:07  * papachanjoined
18:52:09  * joeblaujoined
18:52:20  <mondo>tried with node 0.8.22 too
18:52:35  <joeblau>something going on with the servers?
18:52:43  <mmalecki>joeblau: what are you seeing?
18:52:54  <joeblau>ah it's back
18:52:56  <joeblau>I got a timeout
18:53:00  <joeblau>and my friend had the same issue
18:53:38  <joeblau>I think she's paying so she's not happy, but I have an OSS drone
18:53:56  <mmalecki>interesting, what's your username and appname?
18:54:09  <mmalecki>can you ask her to jump into this channel real quick?
18:54:28  <joeblau>I'm joeblau app name is gitignore.io
18:54:35  <joeblau>She's non-techinal
18:54:59  <joeblau>You'd have a better chance asking Kim Jeong Un to stop the madness
18:55:05  <mmalecki>ahahahhaha
18:55:32  <mmalecki>joeblau: what domain/subdomain were you hitting?
18:55:41  <joeblau>http://gitignore.io
18:55:58  <joeblau>Ah seems to be doing it again
18:56:15  <mmalecki>joeblau: I'm getting it immediatelly
18:56:33  <joeblau>mine is timing out
18:56:40  <mmalecki>joeblau: are you guys on the same net?
18:57:08  <joeblau>Nah, she's at NASA in Silicon Valley and I'm in SOMA in SF
18:57:17  <mmalecki>joeblau: actually...
18:57:23  <mmalecki>joeblau: you won't believe what's going on
18:57:28  <mondo>nathan7: looks like i hadn't linked v0.8.22. Fixed that, attempted to rebuild, now I only get warnings about no Readme.md files, but still no jitsu
18:57:34  <mmalecki>joeblau: you mistyped balancer IP address
18:57:35  <mmalecki>
18:57:40  <mmalecki>when it's
18:57:42  <joeblau>oh crap
18:58:03  <joeblau>how is it working then?
18:58:14  <mmalecki>joeblau: there are few balancers
18:58:34  <mmalecki>joeblau: so when you connect to it, your browser/OS randomly chooses one
18:58:34  * Nijikoquit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:58:42  <mmalecki>you have like 8 good
18:58:45  <mmalecki>and this one invalid
18:58:54  <mmalecki>so, 1/9 chance it fails
18:59:27  <joeblau>Ah hah!
18:59:45  <nathan7>HOLY SHIT WE'RE DEPLOYING
18:59:45  <joeblau>mmalecki: YOU'RE A GENIUS!
18:59:51  * nathan7puts the fire-resistant hat on
19:00:13  <mmalecki>nathan7: we indeed are
19:00:35  <nathan7>hair has been prevented from catching fire, you may proceed
19:01:15  <joeblau>mmalecki: Updated, thanks
19:01:42  <mmalecki>joeblau: does she have the same IPs in there?
19:03:56  <joeblau>Not sure
19:04:01  <joeblau>I'll get her admin in here
19:04:12  <mmalecki>joeblau: if you can tell me her domain, I'll know
19:04:34  <joeblau>http://stemboard.com/
19:06:32  <mmalecki>those look good
19:06:35  <mmalecki>I'll dig in
19:06:41  <joeblau>alright
19:07:12  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
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21:17:20  * Zugwaltjoined
21:18:01  * joey_joined
21:18:28  <Zugwalt>Does nodejitsu piggy back off of other ignore files? I may have messed something up it seems to upload very fast and doesn't find any of my modules :(
21:20:10  <julianduque>Zugwalt: be careful of .npmignore and .gitignore
21:20:10  * joey_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:20:20  <julianduque>if no .npmignore is present npm will use .gitignore
21:21:05  <Zugwalt>ah so it tries npmignore first, and then .gitignore?
21:22:15  <julianduque>yup
21:22:31  <julianduque>so, if it's ignoring file from your gitignore, you can create an empty npmignore :)
21:22:32  <Zugwalt>cool thanks for clarifying, reverting some of my changes now :-P
21:22:35  <julianduque>it's how npm works
21:22:39  <julianduque>:D
21:23:58  * joey_joined
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21:26:47  <wesbos>Hey guys, I'm getting a socket hangup when running my app
21:26:51  <wesbos>starting it, rather
21:27:16  <julianduque>wesbos: can you provide a gist with the log?
21:27:51  <Zugwalt>hmm still not working, even with an empty .npmfile
21:28:17  <Zugwalt>.npmignore*
21:28:50  <wesbos>julianduque https://gist.github.com/wesbos/27c7632645da717b5f31
21:28:53  <Zugwalt>webos I'm getting that too and when I look at the log it seems like it cannot find any of my modules, are you seeing that?
21:29:33  * joey_joined
21:30:43  <poorman>will the system not activate my new snapshot if there are users on the site?
21:30:44  * joey_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:31:08  <julianduque>poorman: no, it will activate if the snapshot is good
21:31:21  <julianduque>let me check
21:31:54  <julianduque>wesbos, Zugwalt: I will be checking from here, I will ask you to redeploy again in a couple of mins right?
21:32:03  <wesbos>sounds good
21:35:01  * joey_joined
21:35:27  <poorman>yeah it seems to be having a problem when I upload the snapshot: https://gist.github.com/nickpoorman/6b50c8b7b9a0501faa07
21:35:49  <julianduque>poorman: do yoy have the file app.js in the package?
21:36:01  <poorman>yes
21:36:57  <Zugwalt>sure thing (if I have service, doing some car coding)
21:37:01  <Zugwalt>got gist of log up here https://gist.github.com/Zugwalt/1abfae231235ce923122
21:37:13  <Zugwalt>looks like its trying to start several times simultaneously and only uploading package.json
21:38:44  * switzjoined
21:38:44  * joey_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:39:06  <julianduque>Zugwalt: give me a couple mins i'm looking at this
21:39:26  * kaarealjoined
21:40:06  <jesusabdullah>GREAT NEWS EVERYONE https://twitter.com/jesusabdullah/status/322826256162885635
21:40:21  <julianduque>jesusabdullah: you removed the tweetmygh?
21:40:22  <julianduque>lol
21:40:30  <jesusabdullah>Did I?
21:40:39  <jesusabdullah>I delete some of the TmGH tweets when I spam the repo
21:40:45  <julianduque>hehe
21:40:48  <Zugwalt>cool thanks julianduque!
21:41:21  <poorman>so I spun the number of drones down to 1 and the snapshot upload worked
21:41:38  <poorman>not sure if it's just a coincidence or what
21:42:22  <julianduque>poorman: increase the number of drones please and see if it fails
21:42:27  * joey_joined
21:42:46  <julianduque>Zugwalt: can you retry again with the deploy please?
21:43:04  <julianduque>wesbos: can you retry again with your deploy please?
21:43:28  <wesbos>yep deploying now
21:44:33  * joey_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:45:03  * Zugwaltquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:45:17  <poorman>julianduque: seems to be working with 2 drones now
21:46:39  <julianduque>poorman: 2 was the original number of drones?
21:46:42  <wesbos>julianduque: looks somewhat good, I'm getting a new error but I think thats on my side
21:47:35  * Samuel_Roldanquit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:47:42  <poorman>julianduque: yeah
21:48:14  <poorman>I tried the deploy like 4 times, then decreased the number of drones to one and now it works again
21:48:37  <poorman>it's working with two drones now which is what I had up originally
21:48:54  <julianduque>poorman: I don't know why but our master-api entered on a strange spam loop, it's fine now. I will investigate the cause
21:49:01  * joey_joined
21:49:10  <julianduque>poorman: thanks for the report. I will be keeping an eye on this
21:49:15  <julianduque>sorry for the incoveniences :)
21:49:57  <wesbos>julianduque: Now I get "An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}"
21:50:01  <wesbos>in the browser
21:50:08  * eschnouquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:50:20  <julianduque>wesbos: whats the subdomain?
21:50:29  <wesbos>julianduque flipthelid
21:51:36  * JonMarkGoquit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:51:41  <julianduque>flipthelid.jit.su ?
21:51:49  <wesbos>yep
21:51:56  <wesbos>it says that error for a few mins and then 404s
21:52:01  * lwicksjoined
21:52:11  <julianduque>the app isn't running
21:52:21  * Zugwaltjoined
21:52:23  <julianduque>let me start it and see whats happening on the drone
21:52:27  <wesbos>let me restart it
21:52:29  <wesbos>okay
21:52:31  <wesbos>go ahead
21:52:33  <Zugwalt>sorry about that, went through tunnel under mountain
21:52:42  <wesbos>julianduque: okay its on now flipthelid.jit.su
21:52:44  <jesusabdullah>dishes time
21:53:02  <julianduque>wesbos: let me check the cause
21:53:20  * therealkoopaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:54:11  <julianduque>wesbos: it's crashing because you are trying to connect to a localhost mongodb instance
21:54:24  <julianduque>wesbos: error: Error: failed to connect to [localhost:27017]
21:54:42  <wesbos>julianduque: whats the timestamp on that error
21:54:45  <wesbos>pretty sure I fixed that
21:54:54  <julianduque>it's the last error i'm seeing on the drone
21:55:23  <Zugwalt>tried to deploy again and it worked! Whatever youd id julianduque thanks!
21:56:21  <julianduque>Zugwalt: thanks to you for your report. I will be investigating the root cause
21:56:29  * bogdanbivquit (Remote host closed the connection)
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22:03:00  * joey_joined
22:03:15  <wesbos>julianduque I think I figured it out, spelling mistake in my production config file so it was trying to connect to a database locally
22:04:14  <wesbos>that was it
22:04:14  <wesbos>thanks julianduque
22:04:58  <julianduque>:)
22:05:03  <julianduque>awesome wesbos
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23:04:16  * standoopart
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23:20:44  <wesbos>hey guys, is there something going on with the jit.su SSL cert?
23:20:48  <wesbos>nodejitsu.com works fine
23:21:02  * joey_joined
23:22:02  * jedirezajoined
23:22:37  <jedireza>hey guys i had an app setup during my free trial under https://drywall.nodejitsu.com/
23:22:44  <jedireza>my trial expired and my app went bye bye
23:22:51  <nathan7>Yar
23:22:54  <jedireza>i submitted a request for free open source project hosting
23:23:02  <jedireza>and i'm waiting to hear back
23:23:13  <jedireza>but i noticed that flightjs is coming up instead of a 404 page now
23:23:27  <jedireza>does that mean they essentially reserved drywall. now?
23:23:44  <nathan7>whoops, deployment oddness
23:24:16  * therealkoopajoined
23:25:00  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
23:27:12  <jedireza>i did notice that random subdomain still shows 404
23:27:13  * joey_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:27:13  <jedireza>https://drywallz.nodejitsu.com/
23:30:00  <nathan7>we're figuring this out
23:30:03  <nathan7>thanks for the heads up
23:30:13  <jedireza>@nathan7 is that reply for me?
23:30:27  <mmalecki>jedireza: I got it, we have a one off in domain check
23:30:48  <jedireza>ok cool :) thx
23:31:02  * joey_joined
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23:33:00  <kenperkins>has anyone ever run pkgcloud tests in NON-mocha mode?
23:33:01  * joey_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:33:02  <kenperkins>err
23:33:04  <kenperkins>non MOCK
23:33:36  <mmalecki>kenperkins: yeah
23:33:45  <mmalecki>jedireza: fixed
23:33:50  <kenperkins>can you help me understand what the motivation is and why?
23:34:03  <jedireza>mmalecki: thx
23:34:21  <jedireza>i look forward to re-activating the project on nodejitsu soon
23:34:34  <jedireza>any idea on where we're at in the os hosting queue?
23:34:58  * standoo1joined
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23:37:30  <kenperkins>mmalecki: the reason I ask is the current pkgcloud tests aren't deterministic. and there are some calls that happen in some of the callbacks that are bad design (for cleanup when you're using non-mocked tests)
23:37:44  <kenperkins>I want to solve the most important problem: make the tests deterministic
23:38:45  * joey____quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:40:15  <jcrugzz>kenperkins: because of how nock works its not deterministic
23:40:23  <jcrugzz>i think [0] made an issue there
23:40:29  <kenperkins>well it is if your tests are in series
23:40:45  <kenperkins>but vows runs in parallel which means you lose control unless each test is in it's own batch
23:40:52  <kenperkins>which multiples the boilerplate
23:42:19  <kenperkins>jcrugzz: https://github.com/nodejitsu/pkgcloud/issues/95 ?
23:43:01  * joey____joined
23:43:51  * jdolitskyquit (Quit: Leaving)
23:44:30  <jcrugzz>kenperkins: no i was referring to a case that i forgot was already fixed in nock. dont mind me, i dont know what im talking about haha
23:44:43  <jcrugzz>different aspects of nondeterminism
23:44:48  <kenperkins>:S
23:47:12  <kenperkins>I just want the same results every time
23:47:13  * joey____quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:47:17  <kenperkins>whether it's local box or Travis
23:48:31  <jcrugzz>kenperkins: i feel you, it drives you crazy
23:48:53  <kenperkins>indeedydo
23:50:33  * joey____joined
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23:56:26  <kenperkins>down to 16 failures :S
23:57:11  * YoYquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:57:47  * defunctzombiechanged nick to defunctzombie_zz
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