17:38:23  <nathan7>like, we won't actually run a web server for you, your node code ends up being a web server either way
17:38:27  * ipalreadytakenjoined
17:39:08  * daviddi__quit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:39:46  * daviddiasjoined
17:41:11  * daviddiasquit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:42:14  * joeybakerquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
17:42:39  * daviddiasjoined
17:43:23  * ipalreadytakenquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
17:44:02  * joeybakerjoined
17:44:38  <xxx_>Will my app have server processing? To read request parameters and make calls to external APIs?
17:44:48  <xxx_>(with Jeckyll)
17:46:15  * mcarterquit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:47:44  <xxx_>Because Github pages says no dynamic Content with Jeckyll --> jekyllrb.com
17:48:15  * TooTallNatequit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
17:48:29  <xxx_>@nathan7 Do you know of any examples using Jeckyll that have dynamic content?
17:49:05  * mokesquit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:49:07  <sberryman>xxx_: i hate to jump in the middle but it sounds like you need more than static pages
17:49:38  <xxx_>sberryman: Yes, I need dynamic content, a blog, and static pages.
17:49:42  * mokesjoined
17:50:13  <sberryman>what is the dynamic content?
17:50:41  <xxx_>sberryman: I need for timeout testing for testing FOUC, proxying to flickr, google, and for Ajax examples.
17:50:51  * jcrugzzquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
17:51:33  * thealanwattsriotjoined
17:51:44  <sberryman>there are plenty of blog frameworks out there for nodejs
17:52:15  <xxx_>sberryman: That comment does me 0 good. Once again: ...
17:52:33  <xxx_>sberryman: I need dynamic content, a blog, and static pages.
17:52:34  * alxjoined
17:52:34  <sberryman>or just use something like drupal or wordpress and then host the dynamic content on nodejs
17:52:55  <nathan7>xxx_: you can postprocess things that are generated
17:53:10  <nathan7>Jekyll generates HTML
17:53:17  <nathan7>like, a pile of files
17:53:21  <nathan7>what you do with them is up to you
17:53:30  <nathan7>you can have a node app that processes them and serves them
17:53:37  <nathan7>dynamically.
17:53:53  * mokesquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:55:22  * lukesargeantjoined
17:55:54  <xxx_>@nathan7: can you point me to a dynamic code example using Jeckyll? (and if so, pls do.
17:56:53  <nathan7>like, have REPLACE THIS in your blog post
17:57:13  <nathan7>and have your node code do .replace('REPLACE THIS', Date())
17:58:33  * balint2quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
17:58:35  <xxx_>@nathan7 But do you know of any examples with Jeckyll that do that? I want to see it before I commit to building the app...
17:59:02  <xxx_>@nathan7: Or I have to re-learn java and go back to that?! Please god no...
17:59:15  * armijoined
18:01:39  * lukesargeantquit (Quit: lukesargeant)
18:04:07  * lukesargeantjoined
18:04:12  <armi>hi, what if my app gets userids from a different site (soundcloud, fb, twitter, etc) and I decide to store hashes of them. So all dbs will contain the hashes and in the master db there is a table which converts them to userIds (for when these need to be outputted to the 'requestor'). running Bcrypt is quite heavy (even though it's asynchronous). I can only find that SHA3 should not be used for passwords. But I'm hashing a uid, so what
18:04:12  <armi>hashing should I use for this. reasonably secure but not too expensive cpu wise (itś node.je..) ?
18:04:17  <armi>node.js*
18:05:18  * tbjerschanged nick to tbjers[afk]
18:05:29  * thealanwattsriotquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
18:06:20  <Sly>armi: may be best to ask that in #node.js. There are a lot more people there that could give suggestions.
18:06:40  <xxx_>@Sly: Ill try asking there instead.
18:07:57  * lukesargeantquit (Client Quit)
18:07:59  * TooTallNatejoined
18:08:28  * drgerdjoined
18:10:55  <nathan7>xxx_: I don't know of any examples, but it's a fairly obvious case to me
18:11:16  <nathan7>xxx_: if you want someone to build an app for you I'll unfortunately have to redirect you to The Node Firm and such
18:11:42  <xxx_>You don't know even 1 live example of using Ajax to process request params?
18:11:49  <xxx_>(@nathan7:)
18:12:59  * bthesorcerorjoined
18:12:59  <nathan7>There's probably one out there
18:13:19  <nathan7>#node.js might want to help you, but I'm actually here for when you have issues with Nodejitsu
18:13:30  <bthesorceror>is there a known issue with adding an iris couch database?
18:13:40  <nathan7>bthesorceror: What's your IrisCouch subdomain?
18:14:13  <bthesorceror>I am actually trying to add it through the nodejitsu web interface
18:15:03  * frenchto1stquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
18:15:05  * thealanwattsriotjoined
18:15:09  * thealanwattsriotquit (Max SendQ exceeded)
18:15:15  <nathan7>bthesorceror: hmm, a moment
18:15:42  * thealanwattsriotjoined
18:15:45  * thealanwattsriotquit (Max SendQ exceeded)
18:16:21  * thealanwattsriotjoined
18:16:25  * thealanwattsriotquit (Max SendQ exceeded)
18:17:04  <nathan7>bthesorceror: I'm seeing your issue
18:20:29  <xxx_>@nathan7 Do you recommend anything other than Jeckyll for dynamic content, or is Jeckyll the way to go?
18:20:46  <xxx_>@nathan7: Also, I'm very green with Node.js (but not js or web dev)
18:22:26  * kaspertidemannjoined
18:26:15  * alxquit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:27:07  * mokesjoined
18:29:39  <nathan7>xxx_: Not really, no
18:29:54  <nathan7>xxx_: #node.js probably knows more than I do alone
18:30:38  * `3E|FOODchanged nick to `3rdEden
18:33:18  <xxx_>@nathan7: nobody replied to meso on #node.js
18:33:34  <xxx_>@nathan7: nobody replied to me on #node.js
18:33:38  * benjaminbenbenquit (Quit: benjaminbenben)
18:34:25  * jetiennejoined
18:34:35  * evangeni_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:35:11  <nathan7>xxx_: can't help you any further I'm afraid
18:39:34  * rudasnquit (Quit: rudasn)
18:40:19  * jcrugzzjoined
18:40:37  * martin__joined
18:40:56  <drgerd>hi, our app (user: engawa, app: slidecaptain) crashed some hours ago and we were not able to restart it until about 30 minutes ago. can you please check what went wrong.
18:40:57  * xxx_quit (Quit: Page closed)
18:40:59  <martin__>Hi guys, I need help with SSL upload in the dashboard
18:49:01  <Sly>martin__: what's up?
18:49:06  <martin__>hi there.
18:49:27  * devdazedquit (Quit: Bye)
18:49:30  <Sly>drgerd: is there an error in `jitsu logs`?
18:49:31  <martin__>So I am at the dashboard to enter the ssl key (my old one is expired). Now The terminology used is a bit confusing.
18:49:45  * devdazedjoined
18:49:52  <martin__>1. how do I get the .key file?
18:50:09  <martin__>I have a crt, pem, der, cer file
18:50:31  * jcrugzzquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
18:50:32  <martin__>and what is the CA Certificate cacer file?
18:50:33  <Sly>martin__: the .key file would be whatever key you used when signing the request to be signed.
18:51:57  <martin__>ok, I have that in p12 format.. Is that the same as the .key format?
18:52:10  <Sly>They all need to be in PEM format.
18:52:46  <Sly>Google p12 to PEM. I remember finding an article on it when I was helping someone else.
18:52:56  <martin__>honestly, whoever invented all the different terminologies for SSL files should burn in hell.
18:53:02  <Sly>LOL
18:53:05  <Sly>Tell me about it.
18:53:48  * andrewhodel__joined
18:55:26  * alxjoined
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18:56:09  * benjaminbenbenjoined
18:58:04  * andrewhodel_quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
19:00:51  <martin__>now i get a failed to parse response
19:01:25  <martin__>SSL seriously makes me wanna punch someone in the face
19:01:35  <martin__>first they rip you off, then they waste your time
19:02:19  <martin__>what is the CA Certificate cacert.pem - are those the chained certificates that are attached to the certificate?
19:07:01  * drgerdquit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
19:09:10  * alxquit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:09:51  <Sly>martin__: right.
19:09:59  <Sly>CA certs are what validate your certificate.
19:10:27  <nathan7>clearly Karl Marx was really writing about the SSL trust chain
19:10:28  <martin__>so basically the certs between my cert and the top most root one.
19:11:08  <Sly>martin__: yup. If you have more than one, you can put them in one file. Just make sure it has a blank line between the end of each one and the start of the next one.
19:11:22  <martin__>ok, forgot the blank line. lets try it again.
19:12:22  <martin__>hmm still get failed to parse response
19:12:32  <Sly>Hold on.
19:13:48  <Sly>martin__: try again.
19:14:40  <martin__>ok, I used my decrypted key and got this: Certification Check: Error: The given key does not match the certificate
19:15:07  <Sly>martin__: not sure what's going on there. o_o
19:15:22  <martin__>I'll take a break. Would it help if I mail you all that stuff?
19:16:34  <Sly>Not really. If it keeps failing, sign a new request with a new key. Most CAs will resign it.
19:17:06  <martin__>ok, will take a break and see what happens.
19:18:03  * aquariusquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
19:18:19  * aquariusjoined
19:22:44  * Paul_joined
19:23:08  <Paul_>Hi, I'm having some issues deploying my app, can anybody help me out?
19:23:41  * jbprosjoined
19:24:45  <nathan7>Hey Paul_
19:25:24  <Paul_>Hey, I'm getting this error when I try to deploy the app
19:25:25  <Paul_>Subscription limit reached. No drones started. Current using all1 256mb drones
19:25:33  <Paul_>but my limit is ok
19:25:55  <Paul_>I have 3 drones, and 3 deployed apps
19:26:37  <nathan7>with 1 drone each?
19:26:43  <Paul_>yes
19:26:58  <nathan7>What's your username?
19:27:07  <Paul_>Steelcase
19:28:00  <martin__>so when I upload with the decrypted key it gives me a fail to parse error. If I upload the encrypted key it gives me the keys don't match error, probably because it does not have the password
19:29:12  * frenchto1stjoined
19:29:45  * alxjoined
19:35:26  * tbjers[afk]quit
19:37:02  * jbprosquit (Quit: jbpros)
19:38:50  <martin__>ok, heading to the reissue page now. Any specific web server type I should select
19:39:31  * alxquit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:41:03  * indexzeroquit (Quit: indexzero)
19:41:07  * DTrejojoined
19:42:07  * Paul_quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
19:54:28  * Hebojoined
19:56:01  * Heboquit (Client Quit)
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20:00:34  * kirbysayshiquit (Quit: Leaving...)
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20:05:45  * jbprosquit (Client Quit)
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20:18:23  * Jan____changed nick to jan____
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20:24:23  * atomlessjoined
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20:37:45  <martin__>so, i tried a reissued certificate. same errors
20:39:34  * joeybakerquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
20:40:05  * jcrugzzquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
20:40:33  * inxilprojoined
20:40:41  <martin__>Those are the steps I took:
20:40:42  <martin__>1. exported the cert
20:40:43  <martin__>2. openssl pkcs12 -in api-modeista-com.p12 -nocerts -out api-modeista-com.key
20:40:43  <martin__>3. openssl rsa -in api-modeista-com.key -out api-modeista-com-d.key
20:40:59  <martin__>4. combined the other crts, with an empty line in between
20:40:59  <inxilpro>I'm getting a 502 error on my account
20:41:18  <inxilpro>Deploy went OK
20:41:37  <inxilpro>jitsu logs show normal operation
20:42:38  <inxilpro>restarting doesn't help
20:42:52  <Sly>martin__: sounds like it should have worked as long as you used the cert, ca certs, and correct key.
20:44:03  <Sly>inxilpro: what's the username/app?
20:44:23  <inxilpro>inxilpro
20:44:23  <inxilpro>jobs.api.nachi.org
20:46:16  <Sly>inxilpro: looks like a bad drone. Ran a `jitsu start` on it. See how it is now.
20:47:17  <inxilpro>Looks good
20:47:19  <inxilpro>Thanks
20:47:33  <inxilpro>In the future I should do start instead of restart if this happens?
20:48:02  * joeybakerjoined
20:48:10  * jonykrausejoined
20:49:01  * sol_invictusjoined
20:50:49  <martin__>sly what does failed to parse the response mean. that seems like a nodejitsu error
20:51:10  <Sly>inxilpro: it would be best to try that.
20:52:23  <Sly>martin__: node exited for some reason.
20:52:27  <Sly>o_O
20:53:06  <martin__>do you have log files for that?
20:54:06  * mokesquit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:55:25  <Sly>martin__: let me PM you
20:58:23  * inxilproquit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
21:00:26  * kaspertidemannjoined
21:09:47  * kirbysayshiquit (Quit: Leaving...)
21:14:03  * jbprosjoined
21:15:41  * francoisfrischjoined
21:18:39  * sreeixquit (Quit: sreeix)
21:23:41  <bthesorceror>I appear to be having a problem with my logging, even after app is stop the logs continue
21:26:34  <poorman|work>I'm trying to deploy my app for the first time. Am I missing something? https://gist.github.com/nickpoorman/e2ecfae65a3606f10b75
21:26:51  * mokesjoined
21:27:16  <julianduque>bthesorceror: like the app is still running?
21:27:48  <julianduque>poorman|work: change the engine from 0.10.22 to 0.10.x
21:28:01  <poorman|work>ok I'll try that
21:28:33  <bthesorceror>julianduque: seems like the logs are backed up and I think I tracked down the problem but can't be sure as there is too much noise
21:29:11  <julianduque>bthesorceror: username/appname
21:29:28  <bthesorceror>bthesorceror / sentimental_streams
21:30:44  <julianduque>bthesorceror: you are trying to connect to a local instance of Redis and the app is crashing
21:30:59  <julianduque>bthesorceror: because on the drones there is no Redis running
21:31:25  <bthesorceror>I changed that and stopped the app ( missing env variable ) but the logs continue
21:31:59  <julianduque>bthesorceror: let me check if there is a zombie
21:33:21  <bthesorceror>julianduque: I am hooked into the twitter streaming api, shear volume of logs might be causing problems
21:34:07  * tbjersjoined
21:35:03  <julianduque>bthesorceror: done, the process stopped
21:35:15  <bthesorceror>thank you very much
21:36:08  * joombarquit (Quit: joombar)
21:36:27  * mokesquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
21:36:43  * kaspertidemannquit (Quit: Free soup for everybody!)
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21:43:00  * Efremquit (Quit: Efrem)
21:45:40  * skeet70joined
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21:46:03  * mlb5000quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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21:56:23  * DTrejoquit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:57:01  * mons54joined
21:57:08  <mons54>Hello nodejistu
21:58:01  * bthesorcerorquit (Quit: bthesorceror)
21:58:47  <mons54>Sorry, but primus + engine.io is more bugged than socket.io
21:59:45  <julianduque>`3rdEden: ^
22:00:49  <mons54>Otherwise, I use two drone but I feel that one works. You can watch please?
22:00:54  <`3rdEden>mons54: bugged in what way
22:01:31  <`3rdEden>mons54: and if you feel that engine.io is bugged, set the transformer to sockjs to see if that helps
22:01:52  <`3rdEden>that could help with diagnosing the problems.
22:02:23  * mokesjoined
22:03:16  <mons54>With primus, data were not sent at once I had a lot of complaints for games lost unfairly.
22:03:44  <`3rdEden>mons54: so you’re saying that you miss data?
22:04:00  <`3rdEden>like messages that are never send at all?
22:04:18  <mons54>occasionally, emit does not work
22:04:55  <`3rdEden>which emit are we talking about here? Primus doesn’t a have an “emit” method, unless you’re using the primus emiter
22:05:12  <mons54>i use a connection[socket.id] = socket and after emit but occassionally does not work
22:05:35  * mdedetrichjoined
22:06:18  <mons54>The sockets are a real problem with node, I can not find the proper functioning
22:06:20  <`3rdEden>are you sure that the connection is still connected then?
22:06:29  <`3rdEden>As you’re storing the connections your self
22:06:35  <mons54>when socket.end i delete a connection
22:06:42  <mons54>yes
22:06:52  <mons54>because i use uid facebook
22:06:59  <mons54>for key
22:07:04  * mokesquit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:07:46  <mons54>else if I have foreach all sockets for emit
22:08:09  <mons54>I'd have to show you my code
22:08:24  <`3rdEden>mons54: yes, that might help
22:09:26  * Heboquit
22:10:56  <poorman|work>I'm trying to setup continuous deployment with github and travis and it doesn't seem to be working. I followed this: https://www.nodejitsu.com/documentation/features/webhooks/ ... and this is my setup: https://gist.github.com/nickpoorman/cea7f7c78e03a30e66fd ... any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
22:11:13  <mons54>https://gist.github.com/mons54/5e9d645bcd7c26898e59
22:11:18  <mons54>you can see here ?
22:11:55  <mons54>else you can look for my drone nodejitsu ?
22:12:07  <mons54>because i think only one drone working
22:14:08  <`3rdEden>mons54: I fail to see the primus part in it
22:15:49  * airandfingersquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:15:58  <mons54>yes
22:16:08  <mons54>it's socket.io version
22:16:10  <mons54>wait
22:17:06  * airandfingersjoined
22:18:29  * jonykrausequit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:20:09  <`3rdEden>with a small test in node, i’m sending 100k messages without any message drops using engine.io on node
22:20:32  <mons54>https://gist.github.com/mons54/09f6e04ae9d0679ce028
22:20:33  <`3rdEden>so you would need to narrow your issue down to a browser/os combination
22:20:51  <`3rdEden>to see if theres something that causes this
22:20:51  <mons54>here it's engine.io
22:21:28  * andreypoppquit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:21:58  <mons54>yes but you use only a socket for send, dont storing a connection
22:24:10  <mons54>else you can see for my drone ?
22:24:17  <mons54>mons54/chess
22:24:39  * jbprosquit (Quit: jbpros)
22:25:09  <`3rdEden>mons54: it cant atm, i’m on my laptop and it’s 11pm here so i’m going to bed in a couple of minutes
22:25:16  <`3rdEden>but maybe julianduque can take a look
22:25:59  * martin__part
22:26:28  <`3rdEden>mons54: all I can see atm is that I cannot reproduce message loss in engine.io with a simple test by sending 100k message using a setInterval. In addition to that, I see you have a if (verifUser()) call in your socket.on(end) listener
22:26:37  <`3rdEden>could this cause connections to not be deleted
22:26:58  <`3rdEden>as there isn’t a if (verifUser()) check in the socket.on(create) which actually creates the connections
22:27:35  * andreypoppjoined
22:28:42  <mons54>yes but verifUser() is call when not empty socket.uid
22:29:06  <`3rdEden>good point, and thats why I should go to bed lol
22:29:07  <mons54>create is call when socket is open
22:29:25  <mons54>lol
22:30:24  <julianduque>mons54: as `3rdEden suggested try with sockjs as transport if engine.io is causing the issue
22:30:37  <`3rdEden>but in all seriousness, if you can somehow narrow it down your connection issues we might be able to fix it. If people report these game disconnections make sure you get their OS, Browser & version and ask for possible virus scanners and firewalls on their pcs in order to see a pattern
22:30:55  <`3rdEden>as it’s not reproducible using a small load test that sends 100k messages over a single connection.
22:31:22  <`3rdEden>and yes, switching to sockjs as transport might be a good test to see if engine.io is the cause of this
22:31:33  * `3rdEdenchanged nick to `3E|Zzz
22:31:56  <mons54>:)
22:32:31  * DTrejojoined
22:32:58  <mons54>and why not use socket.io which certe the bug works but still not bad.
22:33:13  <mons54>Here i have 600 socket connected and work good
22:33:54  <mons54>The problem with socket.io is a reconnection
22:34:14  <mons54>whith hanshake
22:35:35  * kirbysayshijoined
22:36:57  <julianduque>if it works for you :)
22:37:18  <julianduque>tricky realtime
22:38:14  * skeet70joined
22:38:19  * skeet70quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
22:40:07  * skeet70joined
22:40:12  * skeet70quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
22:43:13  <poorman|work>@julianduque: could I get some help with this continuous deployment? I'm not getting any kind of errors so I can't figure out whats going wrong.
22:43:36  * skeet70joined
22:46:05  * Hebojoined
22:46:34  * jlinesjoined
22:47:04  <jlines>im unable to deploy, getting the "No servers available" error
22:47:04  <jlines>Error: No servers available error: at checkFree (/root/nodejitsu/lib/nodejitsu/resources/app/controller.js:669:23)
22:52:21  * Proditorquit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
22:53:25  <julianduque>poorman|work: the webhooks api isn't working as expected, sorry for the inconveniences
22:53:35  <julianduque>jlines: let me check
22:53:50  <poorman|work>ok thanks well I guess I'm gonna call it a night then
22:54:13  <julianduque>jlines: are you trying to deploy to a different dc than us-east-1?
22:55:02  * ChrisMathesonquit
22:55:31  * mwbrooksjoined
22:55:42  * mwbrookspart
22:56:03  <jlines>i am not specifying any different dc, the page on webops for my app says Northern Virginia
22:56:03  * jmar777joined
22:57:04  * papajuansquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:57:06  <julianduque>ok, let me check
22:57:34  * papajuansjoined
22:58:54  <julianduque>jlines: can you try again?
22:59:49  * cronopiojoined
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23:01:12  <jlines>it seems to be working now, thanks
23:02:01  * mattinslerjoined
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23:04:01  <julianduque>jlines: awesome
23:04:31  <DServy>I'm having a problem with a certain package on Nodejitsu. Express-CDN seems to be pumping out a ton of errors on deployment https://gist.github.com/DServy/e5d7265cc080241d46ec
23:05:03  * Proditorquit (Ping timeout: 241 seconds)
23:05:22  <DServy>Though it works fine locally
23:05:50  <jdp23>hi all, i just had a weird glitch: for a couple of minutes, the browser reported my nodejitsu-hosted site was uneachable; and, when i tried status.nodejitsu.com or webchat.nodejitsu.com i got a similar message. i don't think it was a problem with my connection because i was able to get to other sites. it's okay now obviously ... any idea what might have caused it?
23:06:25  <jdp23>i was able to ping my site and got a valid response.
23:06:36  * Proditorjoined
23:06:53  <julianduque>jdp23: it was a glitch due to the joyent service maintenance, but everything is fine now
23:07:30  <jdp23>ok thanks!
23:07:31  <julianduque>DServy: it's complaining about a missing image?
23:07:59  <DServy>@julianduque Its funny, I only get that issue when I run a deployment from jitsu
23:08:14  <DServy>if I deploy it after it makes the snapshot from the web ui, its fine
23:08:57  <julianduque>weird
23:11:43  <DServy>@julianduque just gonna chalk that one up to a fluke?
23:12:28  <DServy>something due to the fact we Just upgraded ourselves to a business account *highfives all around*
23:12:35  <julianduque>DServy: where are you seeing that message?
23:13:08  <DServy>https://webops.nodejitsu.com/apps/glory-bowl under logs, User is AllTrips
23:13:24  <julianduque>DServy: let me check
23:15:35  <julianduque>DServy: if you run locally with `NODE_ENV=producton npm start` it works?
23:15:59  <DServy>yep
23:16:23  <DServy>and it also works if I use your UI to push it, Only fails when I use Jitsu
23:17:55  <julianduque>DServy: can I see your package.json in a gist please?
23:18:00  <DServy>sure
23:18:52  * atomlessquit (Quit: My iMac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
23:19:29  <DServy>https://gist.github.com/DServy/c0e7becec34ae03370c3
23:21:53  * DTrejoquit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:22:50  <julianduque>DServy: next time try a deploy with `jitsu deploy --debug` and share the full output in a gist
23:23:33  <DServy>@julianduque will do, Also apparently one of my co-works is getting a 502 error when visiting the site http://alltrips.nodejitsu.com/ however it works fine for me
23:24:35  * papajuansquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:24:46  <julianduque>will restart the app
23:25:00  * papajuansjoined
23:25:28  <DServy>@julianduque hold off
23:25:33  <DServy>doing a new deployment
23:25:45  <julianduque>ok
23:31:10  <DServy>@julianduque https://gist.github.com/DServy/366a33938da38e7990ab that is the latest from my last deploy
23:32:09  * kenperkinsjoined
23:33:07  <julianduque>DServy: the express-cdn error is causing issues
23:34:28  <DServy>same one as my first gist?
23:35:07  <julianduque>DServy: yes, it's failing when invoking the client, knox
23:36:34  <DServy>@julianduque just ran it again locally with NODE_ENV=production node server, no problems
23:37:37  <julianduque>DServy: can you write to [email protected], I'll investigate deeper
23:37:54  <DServy>k
23:38:11  <DServy>@julianduque, anything you want me to refrence?
23:41:36  * Sonicridaquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
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23:44:22  <julianduque>DServy: both gists and username/appname
23:44:23  <julianduque>:)
23:45:00  <DServy>@julianduque also, just did a UI deploy, worked fine. . .strraaannngggeee
23:45:04  * jdp23quit (Quit: Page closed)
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23:45:21  <julianduque>DServy: maybe the date?
23:45:37  <DServy>@julianduquqe ?
23:46:57  * bthesorcerorjoined
23:48:21  <julianduque>DServy: nevermind
23:48:25  * Fishrock123quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:48:36  <julianduque>DServy: maybe a timestamp difference between server and local
23:48:40  * TooTallNatequit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
23:49:03  <julianduque>but not sure
23:49:24  <DServy>@julianduque not a bad guess. . .
23:50:01  <julianduque>never used express-cdn before, I'll investigate why is failing
23:50:33  * frenchto1stquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:51:32  * TooTallNatejoined
23:51:40  <DServy>@julianduque, we are getting some general freakyness with it, not sure who/whats going on. For instance, we are getting forever caches on our amazon s3 bucket items. so I can remove the file completely in the bucket and it will still render on our sites
23:52:56  * DTrejojoined
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23:53:35  <julianduque>DServy: maybe take a look at npmjs.org/versions
23:53:44  <julianduque>is the cdn solution we use at Nodejitsu
23:54:08  <DServy>@julianduque but does it auto push to a service like amazon s3?
23:54:09  * poorman|workquit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
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23:55:14  <julianduque>DServy: not sure
23:56:08  <DServy>@julianduque, I talk to you guys a few days ago about the issue, it sounded like there's a plugin that needed to be written for it