00:00:33  <maxogden>SubStack: i wanna use yarnify to release my ios ui framework
00:00:44  <maxogden>SubStack: you should come hack somewhere so i can bug you about it
00:01:03  <SubStack>sure!
00:01:42  <SubStack>but first, burritos
00:02:05  <SubStack>maxogden: are you in the east bay?
00:02:20  <maxogden>yep at monkey forest road on grand
00:02:31  <SubStack>oh sweet
00:02:54  <maxogden>i can pay you in argentinian pesos
00:02:56  <SubStack>so how abouts I will stop at tacos mi rancho and meet you there?
00:03:04  <maxogden>werd
00:03:26  <SubStack>roger, leaving in just a bit
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00:14:22  <SubStack>ok leaving now!
00:14:25  * SubStack&
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01:27:10  <maxogden> var range = document.createRange();
01:27:10  <maxogden> range.selectNode(document.body);
01:27:11  <maxogden> text = range.createContextualFragment(text);
01:27:13  <maxogden>WOOT
01:27:15  <maxogden>SubStack: o/
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01:39:08  <guybrush->SubStack: in yarnify, why no just add another class instead of a prefix (at least with classes) - that way you can use dom-selectors to find multiple "widgets"
01:40:05  <guybrush->but maybe i am wrong, have to give it a try
01:43:06  <SubStack>the environment you drop an app in could be using dom selectors for the same names
01:43:16  <SubStack>and then it would erroneously pick off your local elements
01:43:25  <guybrush->i see
01:43:43  <SubStack>yarnify's goal is to sandbox reusable components as much as possible
01:44:04  <guybrush->but its not possible to write "global" css isnt it? (i havnt tried it yet, just got here to while i started reading code :D)
01:44:24  <guybrush->have to install it and try it out
01:44:25  <SubStack>all css rules are global, that is the problem
01:44:40  <guybrush->i did something "similiar" somehow
01:44:40  <SubStack>except there is this nice <style scoped></style> thing but that isn't supported very many places yet
01:44:48  <SubStack>and it still doesn't solve the problem of global selectors
01:44:50  <guybrush->with unique class-names for everything
01:45:00  <guybrush->autogenerated ids
01:46:19  <guybrush->can i do something like $('.widgetA').each(function(){$(this).find('.widgetB')}) ?
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01:46:49  <guybrush->$('.widgetA .widgetB')
01:47:16  <guybrush->i will try the example now :D couldnt wait to get my hands on that
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01:49:45  <SubStack>you can use the wrapped querySelectors
01:50:12  <SubStack>var elem = widget('bleep')
01:50:43  <SubStack>var nodes = elem.querySelectorAll('.widgetB')
01:50:49  <SubStack>and iterate over those results
01:51:24  <guybrush->i thought '.widgetB' would be come '.<someprefix>-widgetB'
01:51:29  <guybrush->*become
01:51:47  <SubStack>they get wrapped at the top-level node
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02:02:13  <guybrush->woah i just realized i can do make.bat on windows :DD
02:03:28  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
02:03:49  <guybrush->(i have windows host with linux-vms in virtualbox mounting my projects through samba)
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02:15:41  <guybrush->hmm so you cant style elements from outside the bundle, at least not with class/id-selectors
02:15:59  <guybrush->or are there regexp selectors?
02:20:57  <guybrush->e.g. i write a bunch of buttons and i use ah dropdown-menue from npm, now in the css of my app how can i change the color of the dropdown-menue
02:21:18  <guybrush->i have to patch the dropdown-menu-module right?
02:21:45  <guybrush->or use the js-selector if provided from the dropdown-module
02:46:17  <SubStack>you go through the js api if you want custom behavior
02:46:51  <SubStack>the point of yarnify is that you can only do things that the api lets you do
02:47:12  <SubStack>and in exchange the bundles won't interfere with your environment
02:48:11  <SubStack>just like how if you use modules you give up global namespacing in exchange for more robust isolation
02:48:42  <maxogden>i need a domain name for oakland related hacker organizations
02:48:46  <maxogden>kid friendly
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02:49:25  <maxogden>oak-town.com is available hehe
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02:52:32  <SubStack>oaktowne.org
02:53:26  <maxogden>oaktown.ca
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02:54:14  <guybrush->SubStack: oh i get it
02:54:39  <guybrush->and it makes sense
02:55:39  <guybrush->but it makes the initial "default" css of the module unavoidable
02:56:27  <guybrush->oh forget that
02:56:41  <maxogden>zombiesteve.jobs is available for just 99 bucks
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02:58:46  <guybrush->well still, the default css will be built anyways
03:00:19  <guybrush->but that could be handled with the js-api the modules provides
03:01:07  <guybrush->like i write a yarnify-module which uses jade and stylus - which you can modify through the js-api
03:01:22  <dools>my friend went to a silicon valley networking event at halloween dressed as zombie steve jobs
03:01:25  <dools>too soon
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04:03:59  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
04:04:34  <maxogden>i wonder if anyone uses browserling to look at pr0n from their middle school
04:15:15  <jesusabdullah>SubStack: http://stevehanov.ca/blog/index.php?id=132 seems up your alley
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04:21:10  <maxogden>someone should buy mittromneyisacreepymormon.com
04:23:18  <SubStack>over 1000 watchers on dnode now hooray
04:23:27  <SubStack>browserify should catch up pretty soon at the rate it's going
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06:45:08  <guybrush->isaacs: what do you think about making npm put the raw git-repo of a git-package (git+ssh,..) into cache/<package-name>/.git
06:45:08  <guybrush->it would be like:
06:45:08  <guybrush->1) clone into tmp/random/.git (or git fetch and then do 3) )
06:45:08  <guybrush->2) mv tmp/random/.git cache/<package-name>/.git
06:45:08  <guybrush->3) git archive <gitrefOrMaster> | tee cache/<package-name>/<gitrefOrMaster>/package.tgz | tar -x cache/<package-name>/<gitrefOrMaster>/package
06:46:33  <guybrush->this way npm doesnt need to clone the whole repo repeatedly
06:47:26  <guybrush->the .git-bare repo could have multiple remotes
06:48:35  <guybrush->if you dont tell me that this is complete nonsense i will try to hack it up
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07:16:36  <guybrush->oh i didnt consider that i dont know the package-name without cloning it first
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10:08:34  <SubStack>beep boop
10:16:31  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
10:16:46  <SubStack>at least those servers seem to bounce back
10:20:40  <guybrush->ha i got it https://github.com/guybrush/npm/commit/9fce9f7a160a4e0c5e448fcea869252098f86d21
10:21:36  <guybrush->that way npm "caches" git-repos per git-remote and only fetches for updates upon `npm install git+..`
10:22:08  <guybrush->but i am not sure at all about $npmCache/.gitRemotes directory
10:22:17  <guybrush->i think this isnt even possible on win?
10:26:01  <guybrush->this would be huge win for me since i am deploying packages with git-dependencies which are pretty big (one got 250mb bare)
10:51:10  <tanepiper>i think will be an issues, since node/npm is gradually moving towards compatibility across the platforms
10:51:19  <tanepiper>but you might get away without windows support for now
10:52:30  <guybrush->deploying a new version takes now like 10sec instead of 1min :D
10:52:59  <tanepiper>if git submodules worked, that might have been an idea :) Then caches could just be a big list of submodules that update
10:53:20  <guybrush->weeeellll
10:53:21  <tanepiper>(by 'worked' I mean good, they do work but OH GAWD THE BREAKAGE)
10:53:37  <guybrush->i think
10:53:43  <guybrush->the .gitRemotes is ok
10:53:50  <guybrush->since git is doing .git too... on win
10:54:21  <guybrush->also i could make .gitRemotes itself a git-repo with all the remotes in one repo haha
10:55:05  <guybrush->and npm does then git checkout remotes/foo/gitRefX
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12:37:28  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
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13:01:34  <dominictarr>hey whats up?
13:02:33  <SubStack>ahoy
13:02:50  <SubStack>I'm fixing browserify to properly retarget filenames finally
13:02:53  <SubStack>so you can require('../')
13:02:59  <dominictarr>SWEET
13:03:10  <SubStack>good thing I have all these tests
13:03:16  <dominictarr>I do that a quite a lot actually
13:03:22  <SubStack>although I'm still having to modify the tests a bit
13:03:45  <SubStack>since I had to get rid of some interfaces that were stupid and getting in the way
13:04:45  <SubStack>also I hacked up a sweet slider lib thing
13:04:56  <SubStack>since it was getting nightmarish to maintain that part of the browserling ui
13:05:42  <dominictarr>UI sliders?
13:05:51  <SubStack>oh I meant "slides"
13:06:06  <dominictarr>now I'm more confused
13:06:21  <dominictarr>like presentation slides?
13:06:35  <SubStack>sort of
13:06:51  <SubStack>I can't up with a better term for it but basically a way to advance between html files in a single page app
13:06:55  <SubStack>by hiding and showing them
13:07:15  <SubStack>with links to other content or you can call .show(name) to jump to a slide
13:07:16  <dominictarr>right, yeah. a brosure
13:07:20  <dominictarr>BRO
13:07:23  <dominictarr>-SURE
13:07:25  <SubStack>could be!
13:07:44  <SubStack>one sec, I'll throw it on github
13:07:50  <SubStack>so you can get a better idea
13:08:19  <dominictarr>what I need is a nice lib for mapping UI elements to an Array/List
13:09:03  <SubStack>ui elements in an existing document or from separate files?
13:09:04  <dominictarr>with good controls for inserting, removing, reordering elements both from code and from drag on drop and keys controls.
13:09:48  <dominictarr>I just mean visually representing an interactive array
13:09:54  <dominictarr>of things
13:10:13  <dominictarr>like here: http://everybodyisadj.koha.as/everybody/playlist1
13:10:30  <dominictarr>(that is using jquery ui, but it's a bit henious.
13:10:33  <dominictarr>)
13:12:12  <dominictarr>I've got a bug with cookies and how I was doing my balancer stuff
13:12:40  <dominictarr>which I've gotta throw out, since I've developed new techniques that are better now.
13:13:51  <dominictarr>and then I've gotta replace with your stuff.
13:14:09  <SubStack>oh sweet
13:14:43  <dominictarr>basically, I need to be able to proxy to multiple apps, but I want sticky sessions, because I'm keeping loads of stuff in-memory
13:15:50  <dominictarr>can I do that with bouncy?
13:16:45  <dominictarr>oh, that reminds me, bouncy started out as a minimal-parsing over tcp, how come you added a full parser?
13:21:56  <SubStack>because the node parser had an edge case I couldn't work around
13:22:13  <SubStack>but isaacs is aware of the issue and 0.9 is going to have a reworked http parser I am told
13:23:43  <dominictarr>oh, did you call the node http parser in C?
13:23:56  <SubStack>I was using the node api originally
13:24:11  <SubStack>it doesn't expose enough hooks is the problem
13:24:30  <SubStack>so you can't reconstruct the raw stream fully because it eats the trailing framing data
13:25:46  <dominictarr>there a voice in my head telling me that if you just read the first header, then you can proxy the stream to the right place, and the rest will be right,
13:26:11  <dominictarr>because it's not allowed to request different origins in the same connection
13:26:33  <SubStack>maybe
13:26:36  <SubStack>https://github.com/substack/swoop
13:27:12  <dominictarr>but I'm a bit suspucious of the idea...
13:27:18  <dominictarr>seems TOO simple.
13:28:23  <dominictarr>so yarnify combines multiple html pages, etc into a single page?
13:28:32  <SubStack>yeah pretty much
13:28:42  <SubStack>oh no swoop does that I mean
13:28:58  <SubStack>yarnify is all about bundling up and prefixing html and css files into a javascript file you can require()
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13:33:13  <dominictarr>so, you deliver all your content via browerify?
13:33:24  <dominictarr>can google index that?
13:34:10  <SubStack>meh that's google's problem
13:34:32  <SubStack>I'll make a pushState hash route library at some point
13:34:43  <SubStack>google knows how to treat those
13:35:10  <dominictarr>it all depends on what sort of app your building.
13:35:41  <SubStack>yep
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13:39:56  <dominictarr>hmm, are there any querks to getting socket.io to reconnect?
13:40:02  <SubStack>http://substack.net/projects/swoop-example/
13:40:09  <SubStack>dominictarr: oh goodness yes
13:40:09  <dominictarr>I'm getting socket.io not reconnecting.
13:40:32  <SubStack>I had to fiddle some of its exposed properties to get it to work for browserling
13:41:08  <dominictarr>first it connects with xhr-polling (thats another problem) bit then it trys to reconnect with websockets and doesn't give up
13:41:17  <dominictarr>what did you do?
13:42:33  <SubStack>socket.options.reconnect = false
13:42:43  <dominictarr>what does that do?
13:42:54  <SubStack>tells it not to keep trying
13:43:10  <SubStack>then you can socket.disconnect()
13:43:21  <SubStack>then you can socket.reconnect()
13:52:05  <dominictarr>hmm. my problem is that it's not giving up on websockets when reconnecting
13:53:56  <SubStack>pesky
13:58:42  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: []
13:58:50  <dominictarr>it works the first time though.
13:59:12  <dominictarr>could just destroy it and make a new connection.
13:59:24  <dominictarr>but that isn't really my vibe.
13:59:38  <dominictarr>another option is https://github.com/sockjs
13:59:48  <SubStack>yep
14:00:02  <dominictarr>it's got less baggage. it just gives you a stream interface.
14:01:50  <SubStack>pretty ideal
14:02:23  <SubStack>the next big release of dnode I'm going to not be bundled to socket.io
14:02:45  <SubStack>I'll just show people how to use dnode with something like browser-stream if they want
14:04:31  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) [email protected] successfully signed up for developer browserling plan ($20). Cash money! /!\
14:04:32  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) paid account successfully upgraded /!\
14:04:36  <SubStack>woo!
14:04:49  <SubStack>124
14:04:49  <dominictarr>sweet
14:04:55  <dominictarr>and counting
14:04:58  <SubStack>yep
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14:05:34  <dominictarr>there is another thing too BrowserChannel, which comes from gchat
14:06:01  <dominictarr>it just uses long-polling but is rock solid and works behind proxies
14:06:07  <dominictarr>supposedly
14:06:30  <SubStack>neat
14:06:37  <dominictarr>either way, I'm gonna get browser-stream to work with multiple communication layers.
14:07:05  <SubStack>super excellent
14:07:13  <SubStack>all with a readable/writable stream?
14:07:57  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
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14:28:37  <guybrush->wow! rpc-stream looks fantastic!
14:30:48  <guybrush->why has it only 3 followers rofl
14:45:57  * dominictarrjoined
14:48:24  <dominictarr>hmmm.... sockjs has no reconnect logic...
14:48:33  <dominictarr>can add that, easy
14:48:55  <dominictarr>but will produce bugs if I don't know where the stream failed.
14:49:17  <dominictarr>so, a transparently reconnecting stream is probably not what I'm wanting...
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15:10:43  <dominictarr>aha, good news. sockjs and browserchannel have the same API
15:11:46  <dominictarr>they both replicate the WebSocket api
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15:13:21  <dominictarr>heh, I know. make a wrapper to give socket.io the websocket api, then the circle will be complete.
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15:19:07  <tanepiper>http://demojs.org/
15:20:29  * isaacsjoined
15:20:50  <tanepiper>Yarnify/swoop makes me thing of www.stanford.edu/~ouster/cgi-bin/papers/fiz.pdf
15:20:54  <tanepiper>*think
15:21:57  <tanepiper>SubStack: cool on the non-socket.io based dnode
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15:39:48  <dominictarr>SubStack: I'm thinking of putting reconnect logic into browser-stream ... is that the right place for it you think?
15:39:58  <dominictarr>because you have stuff for that already?
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15:40:39  <dominictarr>basically, the job of browser-stream is to allow multiplexing streams over a single stream.
15:40:48  <dominictarr>wow, that thing is going crazy!
15:41:09  <dominictarr>thats like 3 in the last little bit.
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16:04:14  <tanepiper>hmm, apart from bootstrap there really isn't any good > 960 frameworks
16:06:43  * perlbotquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:07:42  <tanepiper>isaacs: you going to funconf?
16:07:51  <isaacs>tanepiper: yes.
16:08:10  * simcop2387quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:09:02  <tanepiper>i'm tempted, since the price is all in, and Eamon looks like he can organise a good, fun conf :)
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16:09:21  <tanepiper>and unlike JSConf and LXJS it's not around my wedding!
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16:12:15  <isaacs>that's important :)
16:12:20  <tanepiper>not sure if my work will pay for it though without more than just a LOST-inspired webpage and "Do you trust us"?
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18:44:57  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
18:55:49  <maxogden>SubStack: sweet https://github.com/CrabDude/buffer-browserify
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19:27:26  <kurapikats>hi, how do i include jquery on testling?
19:27:56  <kurapikats>http://pastie.org/3997157
19:28:28  <kurapikats>i get -> log: undefined on t.log($);
19:30:08  <kurapikats>and i use this -> curl -u [email protected]:abcd123 -sSNT test.js testling.com/?browsers=iexplore/9.0&script=http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js
19:34:27  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
19:36:02  <pkrumins>testling already has jquery in it, when you call t.createWindow(url, cb), cb gets passed the $
19:36:42  <kurapikats>why do i get 'undefined' when i try to log it?
19:37:52  <kurapikats>oh, it worked, even though i get 'undefined'...
19:38:11  * tilgoviquit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
19:46:23  <pkrumins>i dont know that
19:50:28  * tilgovijoined
19:51:27  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
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19:57:57  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:,
19:58:42  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: []
19:58:42  <rowbit>Daily usage stats: []
19:58:51  * kurapikatsjoined
20:01:31  <kurapikats>hi, i tried to logged $('body') on testling, i could see the html, but my html page have dynamically loaded js div. if i view it on firefox using firebug i could the fully loaded html page with dynamic loaded divs and js. how do i view it on testling? thanks.
20:02:57  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
20:03:55  <pkrumins>try matching the dynamically generated html
20:04:20  <pkrumins>like $('body .dynamic')
20:04:24  <kurapikats>here's how it looks like if i use the view source on firefox -> http://pastie.org/3997332
20:04:47  <kurapikats>and also when trying to log using t.log() on testling.
20:05:15  <kurapikats>and here's what i looks like on firebug, with dynamically loaded divs and js. http://pastie.org/3997340
20:05:55  <kurapikats>if i try to log the dynamically loaded div. i get 'null' on testling.
20:07:15  <pkrumins>i don't know the answer
20:07:27  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
20:08:13  <kurapikats>thanks pkrumins, anyone here encountered same problem?
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20:58:42  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: []
21:06:24  * tilgovijoined
21:16:49  * dopaminejoined
21:17:01  <dopamine>can somebody help me with a browserling problem?
21:18:31  <dopamine>we have a developer account, but when we try testing a site in IE8 it takes forever to load, like 10 minutes
21:18:50  <dopamine>http://lab.smw12.lark.dopa.mn/schedule/
21:19:08  <dopamine>it loads in a couple seconds in all other browsers, just a little longer than that on browserling IE9
21:20:56  <pkrumins>IE 6, 7 and 8 are slow as hell
21:21:03  <pkrumins>there is i can do about it
21:22:25  <dopamine>did you mean [something] or [nothing] ?
21:23:19  <pkrumins>oops, i mean [nothing].
21:23:40  <pkrumins>i've no idea what's going on and i'm hellofa tired of debugging windows problems
21:23:56  <dopamine>i hear you
21:24:15  <pkrumins>it's on windows 2003 and for some reason it's super slow compared to windows 2008
21:24:50  <dopamine>i wonder if it's some kind of 32-bit / 64-bit conflict -- i'm sure you've tried everything
21:25:20  <pkrumins>IE9 is on windows 2008 and it's nice and speedy
21:25:31  <dopamine>but I have many 2003 and 2008 VMs on dell server hardware, and i've actually had the opposite problem - 2003 blazes but 2008 can slow down to a crawl
21:25:53  <pkrumins>it's 32 bit windows 2003 on rackspace cloud.
21:26:11  <pkrumins>even rdp is noticably slower compared to 2008
21:26:13  <dopamine>same RAM allocation?
21:29:10  <pkrumins>in what sense?
21:29:33  <pkrumins>we've 1 gig of ram for each instance
21:29:50  <pkrumins>and win 2003 uses 400 megs
21:30:31  <pkrumins>the whole interaction is just slow
21:30:57  <pkrumins>moving mouse is slow, and when we stream it over vnc it's even slower
21:32:27  <dopamine>i don't know how hard it is to change but maybe 2GB RAM would work better for 2003. otherwise, disk speed could be an issue. their hardware could just be slow and <= IE8 amplifies the problem. my hardware is 3 years old and 2003 is almost desktop speed, but I have 4 GB RAM allocated
21:32:43  <dopamine>per VM
21:33:03  <dopamine>wish I could offer a panacea
21:33:27  <pkrumins>i dont think it's either speed or ram issue
21:33:35  <pkrumins>moving mouse over rdp is slow
21:34:00  <pkrumins>but let me try actually booting up a vm with 2gigs
21:47:22  * misterinterrupt1part
21:49:00  <dopamine>anyway i just want to add my two cents that 2003 isn't inherently THAT slow, since it blazes on my system better than 2008 (although <= IE8 are so slow that they can amplify the problem of slow hardware or misconfigured settings). Also, be very sure your swap settings are correct. I agree with you that a slow mouse pointer is very strange. Could be network connectivity issues - have you tried running speedtest.net from the server?
21:50:14  <dopamine>could be worth running the network idea by rackspace tech support - they're always very helpful and pretty quick to respond on web chat
21:50:33  <pkrumins>yeah it shouldn't be slow
21:50:49  <pkrumins>gonna try speedtest
21:51:03  <pkrumins>i'll talk to rackspace techs too maybe
21:51:27  <pkrumins>ok 2 gig machines booted up
21:51:27  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
21:51:31  <pkrumins>trying
21:56:18  * mikealjoined
21:56:57  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
21:57:26  <pkrumins>i shall try optimize for -> applications
21:57:32  <pkrumins>in the server settings, rather than services.
21:57:40  <pkrumins>i dont have it on ie9 either though
21:57:53  <pkrumins>but maybe it helps these 2003's
21:58:42  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: []
21:58:53  <dopamine>yeah - good idea - could be a significant difference
21:59:26  <pkrumins>ok it's rebooting
21:59:41  <pkrumins>trying it on one server
22:00:11  * kurapikatsjoined
22:01:06  <kurapikats>hi, if i try to load the page on testling, then updated it, i'm still seeing the old version of my page. how do i disable caching?
22:01:22  <pkrumins>which browser
22:01:27  <pkrumins>between runs cache gets cleared
22:01:33  <pkrumins>like if you run test twice
22:05:21  <kurapikats>but i've updated the page, i tried to load it, i'm still seeing the old one. by t.log($('body'));
22:07:04  <pkrumins>you're right
22:07:09  <pkrumins>browsers werent getting killed
22:07:11  <pkrumins>between runs
22:08:36  <kurapikats>how do we get around it?
22:09:40  <pkrumins>i'm fixing it
22:10:08  * TheJHquit (Read error: Operation timed out)
22:12:08  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) [email protected] successfully signed up for developer browserling plan ($20). Cash money! /!\
22:12:08  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) paid account successfully upgraded /!\
22:12:40  <Raynos>isaacs: thanks for rewriting negotiator to JS. I would have been oh so sad if the source was still coffeescript when I came to read it
22:14:16  <dopamine>Raynos: http://js2coffee.org/ -- click on Coffee -> JS
22:14:39  <Raynos>dopamine: compiled JS makes my eyes bleed as much as the coffee source
22:14:49  <dopamine>lol
22:15:07  <dopamine>(me too)
22:25:17  <pkrumins>kurapikats: fixed
22:25:56  <kurapikats>thanks pkrumins
22:27:42  <SubStack>fixed! :D
22:28:44  <dools>thrumins
22:40:57  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
22:58:42  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: []
22:59:01  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) [email protected] successfully signed up for developer browserling plan ($20). Cash money! /!\
22:59:01  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) paid account successfully upgraded /!\
22:59:10  <SubStack>wowsy
23:02:20  * xaqquit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:05:55  * nrfjoined
23:09:43  <tanepiper>things are sure picking up!
23:11:44  <SubStack>seems like it!
23:11:58  <maxogden>pretty soon substack will get a car and fat
23:12:14  <maxogden>and change his name to fatstack
23:13:25  <kurapikats>hi, i have a dynamically generated iframe -> http://www.adgentsocial.com/t30/trunk/examples/slide/boa_300x250/ how do i view/log the contents of the iframe in testling?
23:14:01  <SubStack>kurapikats: did you try t.createWindow('http://www.adgentsocial.com/t30/trunk/examples/slide/boa_300x250/', function (win, $) { /* ... */ }) ?
23:14:26  <kurapikats>SubStack, yep. i could see the iframe, but there's no content.
23:14:30  <SubStack>then inside the callback you can t.log(win.document.documentElement.innerHTML)
23:14:54  * mikealquit (Quit: Leaving.)
23:15:34  <SubStack>or .outerHTML but not all browsers can do that
23:16:31  <SubStack>although if there is a redirect on the page that will confuse hacks we use to get around the single-origin policy
23:17:12  <SubStack>I have a prototype that gets around this with the postmessage api in my dev build but it's not quite ready yet
23:21:08  <kurapikats>this is what i see if i log the .innerHTML -> http://pastie.org/3998371
23:21:20  <kurapikats>on testling.
23:21:48  <kurapikats>this is what i see on firebug -> http://pastie.org/3998389 <- how do i access those elements on testling?
23:21:53  <SubStack>kurapikats: perhaps your site adds content after the domready?
23:21:57  <SubStack>you could try adding a setTimeout
23:22:05  <SubStack>oh you just want to access the elements?
23:22:15  <SubStack>you can use the second parameter you get in the callback, $
23:22:27  <SubStack>it is a jquery handle that is bound to the iframe window
23:22:29  <kurapikats>i'm already using settimeout.
23:22:52  <kurapikats>yep, i'm using jquery's selectors.
23:23:15  <SubStack>are you using an external jquery or the one provided by the callback?
23:23:30  <kurapikats>the one provided by the callback.
23:23:38  <SubStack>ah
23:23:52  <SubStack>so then you were asking how to access the elements?
23:24:11  <kurapikats>yes, those dynamically added elements inside the iframe
23:24:18  <SubStack>you just use jquery or get at the elements through the iframe window object
23:24:23  <jesusabdullah> wow, so my mom knows how to buy electronics
23:24:27  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
23:24:40  <jesusabdullah>"Is this one okay?" *links a reasonable Acer Aspire*
23:24:42  <jesusabdullah>"Yeah"
23:24:46  <SubStack>kurapikats: and you can make assertions about the elements or log things
23:25:19  <SubStack>t.equal($('#addtouch-ad').attr('class'), 'ad')
23:25:45  <SubStack>t.ok($('style').text().length > 20)
23:26:03  <SubStack>and then just call t.end() when you're done doing assertions
23:26:11  <kurapikats>here's my current script -> http://pastie.org/3998407
23:27:16  <kurapikats>i'm getting empty log.
23:27:17  <SubStack>giving it a spin
23:27:26  <SubStack>how are you executing the script with curl?
23:27:42  <kurapikats>yep -> curl --no-sessionid -u [email protected]:nyEh12mRnU -sSNT test.js testling.com/?browsers=firefox/9.0
23:27:51  <kurapikats>opps
23:27:54  <SubStack>oh don't paste your pass >_<
23:28:03  <SubStack>anyways
23:28:30  <SubStack>you can change that from the account page on browserling.com
23:29:13  <dopamine>pkrumins: Did those RAM or Priority setting changes make any difference?
23:30:25  <SubStack>kurapikats: this could be related to the hacks to get around the single-origin policy
23:30:50  <kurapikats>how do we get around it?
23:31:38  <SubStack>you could try using relative paths instead of absolute paths
23:31:40  <SubStack>that might help
23:32:04  <pkrumins>dopamine: they didn't. however we restarted the node processes on those machines and it's working better now.
23:34:46  * mikealjoined
23:35:32  <kurapikats>SubStack, sorry, our framework requires full path.
23:35:45  <dopamine>pkrumins cool - good to hear it's at least a little better now
23:37:54  <nrf>thx for browserling!
23:38:03  <nrf>would like to know if I can reset my initial ssh pass
23:38:32  <SubStack>ahoy!
23:38:37  <SubStack>yep we can do that
23:38:43  <SubStack>what's your browserling account email?
23:38:51  <SubStack>oh wait I see it in an email
23:38:57  <nrf>yep, thx
23:40:29  <SubStack>ok done
23:40:52  <nrf>perfect, thank you
23:40:53  <SubStack>so if you go to the browserling ui and click the tunnel button it will ask you to give it your ssh public key
23:41:20  <SubStack>and then when you do the ssh tunnel command you just use your private ssh key passphrase to sign in
23:48:58  * dopaminequit (Quit: Page closed)
23:53:39  <nrf>somehow, still getting access denied at ssh passphrase
23:53:45  <nrf>for reverse tunnel
23:54:42  <nrf>using ssh2 rsa
23:55:11  <SubStack>super strange!
23:55:16  <SubStack>did it used to work?
23:55:35  <nrf>generated a new key to double check passphrase
23:55:47  <nrf>first time trying on browserling
23:55:51  <SubStack>ah
23:55:53  <nrf>otherwise, yeah, works on our network
23:55:58  <SubStack>and you uploaded the public key right?
23:56:03  <nrf>yep
23:56:14  * SubStackhas messed that up before and accidentally copied the private one around
23:56:29  <nrf>nope, public
23:57:20  <nrf>used putty gen
23:57:23  <nrf>yeah, windose
23:57:35  <SubStack>using plink.exe?
23:57:41  <nrf>yep
23:58:42  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: []
23:59:09  <kurapikats>SubStack, is that an issue? we are using the same domain?
23:59:11  <SubStack>perhaps pkrumins has some ideas