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00:19:10  <jesusabdullah>holy shit
00:19:23  <jesusabdullah>I think 'npm search versioning' actually returned useful things! I did not expect this at all
00:20:30  <jesusabdullah>wait wtf
00:20:37  <jesusabdullah>what the Hell is this library even doing
00:20:43  <jesusabdullah>fucking clojure hippies
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00:34:46  <guybrush>http://abowlofstupid.com/wp-content/2008/02/hippies.jpg
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00:59:54  <SubStack>new version of browserify is smart about exporting require and process
01:00:15  <SubStack>only exports require when you don't specify entry files
01:02:53  <dominictarr>SubStack, jesusabdullah remember gravy rainbow ?
01:03:21  <dominictarr>here is the new disasteradio video that I helped make and am in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0S-HOOp_VY
01:04:34  <SubStack>yep
01:04:36  <SubStack>haha awesome
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01:12:37  <dominictarr>you would not belive how much labor went into making this
01:12:38  <dominictarr>it look so long.
01:12:50  <dominictarr>about 4 of us spent about a month just building the set. that was in jan
01:14:31  <chapel>where are you in it?
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01:16:36  <dominictarr>I have "free-wifi" tattooed on my knuckles. near the start.
01:17:16  <Raynos>o/
01:17:16  <dominictarr>also, I'm a mutant at some point later.
01:17:36  <Raynos>your a mutant?
01:20:46  <dominictarr>in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0S-HOOp_VY
01:23:41  <Raynos>I see
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04:17:04  <SubStack>beep boop
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08:06:51  <SubStack>https://github.com/substack/number-script
08:22:01  <tanepiper>SubStack: yes, i am building the client with browserify - i'm basically copying your example
08:22:16  <tanepiper>https://github.com/tanepiper/dnode-stream-testcase/blob/master/static/client.js
08:22:54  <tanepiper> i tried it with your own example, in all cases I could not get the remote event on the server side to fire, local would fire - and there were no fails or errors - on the client side, both local and remote were find
08:22:56  <tanepiper>*fine
08:23:47  <tanepiper>https://github.com/tanepiper/dnode-stream-testcase/blob/master/client.js is the base code and https://github.com/tanepiper/dnode-stream-testcase/blob/master/server2.js is a server for example, those remote functions never fire
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08:40:23  <SubStack>oh no!
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08:55:41  <SubStack>tanepiper: it's because you need to create a new dnode instance for every connection
08:55:49  <SubStack>https://github.com/substack/dnode/blob/master/example/sockjs/server.js#L11
08:56:37  <SubStack>^ new instance created every 'connection'
08:56:51  <tanepiper>ahh, gotcha!
08:57:17  <tanepiper>before i would just create a generic DNode, and handle within connection.on('ready')
08:57:36  <SubStack>yes
08:57:42  <jesusabdullah>SubStack: gurl yo' crazy
08:57:42  <SubStack>but this way is more symmetric
08:57:48  <SubStack>jesusabdullah: I know right?
08:57:59  <jesusabdullah>hmm
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09:01:20  <SubStack>isaacs: hahah http://search.npmjs.org/#/number-script
09:01:29  <SubStack>that desc bug >_<
09:01:44  <SubStack>do I need to upgrade or can this all be fixed on the registry end?
09:02:42  <SubStack>aha I just upgraded and it's fine
09:03:38  <tanepiper>hmm, wait - I was creating a new dnode connection each time :/ Because dnode-session no longer works, as I can't get access to the socket.io handshake which stored the req.session data, i put the code inside a express route - hmm on the wrong machine anyway, let me dig this code out again on my laptop
09:08:07  <tanepiper>https://gist.github.com/c9609b3c03798a5f940a
09:08:30  <tanepiper>so get_home.js is my express route - when the user hits that I create a new sockjs server for that session, then within that I create a new dnode instance
09:10:18  <SubStack>you install a new server?
09:10:52  <SubStack>won't they clobber each other?
09:10:52  <SubStack> server.installHandlers(instance.express, { prefix : '/dnode' });
09:10:57  <SubStack>^ all a the same prefix
09:11:21  <SubStack>*at
09:11:37  <SubStack>I haven't messed with spinning up multiple sockjs servers
09:12:02  <tanepiper>so really both my express and sockjs servers should be global, and just the dnode instance ephemeral with the user session?
09:12:17  <tanepiper>makes sense i suppose - i've never used sockjs before
09:23:36  <jesusabdullah>SubStack: wtf @ number-script
09:23:50  <jesusabdullah>SubStack: Is that just a numerical encoding of javascript?
09:23:59  <SubStack>yes
09:24:13  <jesusabdullah>lulz
09:24:14  <SubStack>but it's more READABLE
09:24:17  <jesusabdullah>orite
09:24:23  <jesusabdullah>can it decompile?
09:25:11  <jesusabdullah>Oh, uses number or string?
09:28:50  <SubStack>number-script -d
09:31:13  <jesusabdullah>cool
09:41:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
09:42:48  <tanepiper>SubStack: hope you don't mind - given you access to my private repo: https://github.com/tanepiper/tweetifies
09:43:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
09:43:35  <tanepiper>https://github.com/tanepiper/tweetifies/tree/newdnode/server is where server is created for express, routes to handle oauth and sockjs instance
09:44:01  <tanepiper>https://github.com/tanepiper/tweetifies/blob/newdnode/server/express/paths/get_home.js is the file where once oauth is done the user is send
09:44:35  <tanepiper>local is fine, I can fire these functions from the client side (https://github.com/tanepiper/tweetifies/blob/newdnode/apps/twitter/client/index.js for the code that's browserified)
09:46:22  <tanepiper>but it never fires remote on the server side here still, which means i can never bind the streaming twitter part of the app to send data to the client functions
09:52:50  <SubStack>tanepiper: probably it doesn't work to create sockjs servers on the fly like that
09:53:01  <SubStack>just create all the ones you're going to use at initialization
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10:12:41  <tanepiper>oh, so attach the stream to my instance - then use the stream itself within the route?
10:15:49  <SubStack>well just have a single sockjs handler probably
10:16:14  <SubStack>and get the client to authenticate with a token it fetches over ajax
10:19:58  <tanepiper>ahh see i was thinking that - i wanted to try avoid adding more routes, but i think some ajax stuff may have to sneak into the app for this
10:21:25  <SubStack>could be pretty simple, it just needs to issue and revoke tokens
10:21:42  <SubStack>checking req.session or whatevs first
10:22:03  <tanepiper>eh wait, hang on you are saying i'm creating sockjs servers on the fly - but i'm not now - i am only creating one on instansiation of the app - it's only streams i am creating on the fly
10:22:29  <tanepiper>the other issue is I don't really want to be exposing oauth secrets and keys over ajax
10:22:54  <tanepiper>i wanted to try avoid that coming anywhere near the client
10:23:29  <SubStack>yes that's why I'm saying you can just generate tokens
10:24:47  <SubStack>app.post('/token', function (req, res) { if (!req.session) return; var token = Math.random().toString(16).slice(2); tokens[token] = req.session.username; res.end(JSON.stringify(token)) })
10:25:23  <SubStack>or to be more secure you could save the originating IP too
10:26:21  <SubStack>and then in the dnode server just have a auth : function (token, cb) { var u = tokens[token]; if (!u) return cb('invalid token'); ... })
10:26:50  <SubStack>oh and delete the token in the ... part
10:27:15  <SubStack>and for more security set a timestamp and reject ones that are older than 10 seconds
10:28:48  <tanepiper>right gotta have meeting then i shall come back and process this - seems like a sensible solution - i'm just trying to roll back what i did recently in my head - dnode-session made it easy (i.e. lazy) for me
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11:21:11  <tanepiper>SubStack: right! I think I can see how this can work well :D
11:32:50  <tanepiper>so I've done it as a two form auth - do the ajax, request a token - then auth() with the token, this creates a ntwitter instance for the user - then all function calls to the server now require the token as the first parameter
11:33:35  <tanepiper>maybe nothing like you were suggesting, but it works :) Now just to get the server on remote working, so i can stream data from twitter to client side functions :)
11:49:06  <tanepiper>tbh it's not the best solution but i need something quick and working for tuesday
11:49:23  <tanepiper>since i also still need to finish up the actual talk bit, and slides over the weekend too
11:54:50  <SubStack>um taking the token as the first arg is a bit silly
11:55:27  <SubStack>just do { auth : function (token, cb) { if (valid(token)) cb(null, protectedThings) else cb('ACCESS DENIED') }
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12:02:36  <tanepiper>yea, i've done something like that
12:03:41  <SubStack>but then you don't need to ask for the token again :p
12:08:36  <tanepiper>yea, that's what I'm doing - i'm returning an object with the functions attached
12:10:33  <tanepiper>like this: https://gist.github.com/50a5b30d05310fd41261
12:10:56  <tanepiper>ignore line 8, i haven't refactored yet ;)
12:16:04  <tanepiper>the only issue with this is it's quite transient - I wanted to have the twitter session running in teh background even if the user isn't logged int
12:16:58  <tanepiper>i'd probably have to spin that off to some seperate thing really, but tbh i'm not that fussed - as long as I can get the server remote event working at some point this weekend, then I can show off the app :)
12:17:34  <SubStack>right-o
12:18:33  <tanepiper>tbh i wouldn't have to do this if a former client wasn't being an asshole and let me show some other stuff i wrote
12:18:46  <tanepiper>but we didn't part on good terms, so he's not letting me
12:19:14  <SubStack>sux
12:19:33  <SubStack>are you going to roll a streaming thing in that code?
12:19:49  <SubStack>using the pass-the-emit function hat dance?
12:20:12  <tanepiper>https://gist.github.com/84d238498242eb333fd0
12:20:32  <tanepiper>with the old dnode, i've got this working well
12:20:52  <tanepiper>http://tweet.ifies.org/
12:21:12  <tanepiper>except for the annoying aggressive cache after login in, where you need to refresh your browser, this is a good working implementaion
12:21:22  <SubStack>separate files for each event?
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12:21:51  <tanepiper>yea, because the data event for the twitter stream has a lot of conditionals
12:22:15  <tanepiper>https://gist.github.com/51d1d65906e139fbc8d3
12:22:57  <tanepiper>there is a few things i have to check it's not, before it's a tweet because the streaming API just sends JSON objects, it's up to the app to differenciate
12:23:35  <tanepiper>tbh i was getting there with the old dnode, but i'd rather use the new API if I can
12:24:19  <tanepiper>i do the rendering of the output on the server side now, and return is as part of the return object - a hell of a lot faster than doing it all client side
12:24:46  <tanepiper>oooh, lunch - it's curry week :D
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13:16:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:16:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:20:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:21:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:22:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:26:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:30:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:32:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:36:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:40:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:43:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:45:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:46:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:50:00  <tanepiper>yea SubStack https://gist.github.com/6d78246c752b0db47782 <-- a setTimeout after 10 seconds on the server, nothing on the remote object
13:54:18  <SubStack>tanepiper: maybe start with the working sockjs example and incrementally add pieces into your app?
13:55:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:55:35  <tanepiper>SubStack: I did!
13:55:48  <SubStack>oh noes!
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13:56:24  <SubStack>well can you jump back to the last working code and examine the diff?
13:56:42  <SubStack>or git diff HEAD^ or whatevs
13:57:01  <tanepiper>i've never got on remote on the server side to work, works fine on the client side
13:57:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
13:57:13  <tanepiper>I'll update my test cases
13:58:47  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: []
14:00:24  <tanepiper>https://github.com/tanepiper/dnode-stream-testcase
14:00:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
14:01:06  <tanepiper>if you run both servers, the local functions defined work, but remote.clientFoo('beep booop'); never fires
14:04:19  <tanepiper>as far as I can tell something is not firing when the client side constructor is finished, so it never emits a remote event on the server side - i played with this most of yesterday trying to get it to work
14:07:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
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14:22:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
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14:23:53  <isaacs>SubStack: yeah, it's fixed on the new npm. that error will just fade away
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14:31:33  <SubStack>tanepiper: ok I think this is a dnode bug
14:31:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
14:31:35  <SubStack>and I have a fix
14:31:48  <SubStack>it was something I suspected when I wrote it but my example was working fine
14:33:18  <tanepiper>phew - i thought i was going mad for a bit ;)
14:34:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
14:35:23  <SubStack>tanepiper: ok do this
14:35:24  <SubStack>npm install git://github.com/substack/sockjs-node.git#browserify-npm
14:35:27  <SubStack>and it should work
14:35:49  <SubStack>sorry for the trouble >_<
14:37:14  <SubStack>the alternative is that you could use the callback in sockjs('/dnode', cb)
14:37:18  <SubStack>but that's a bit lame
14:37:32  <tanepiper>don't be sorry man :) I felt bad bugging you so much about it
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14:39:57  <SubStack>woot
14:40:10  <SubStack>I should answer some of those emails too :Z
14:42:21  <SubStack>I wonder if I should go to sleep or just suck it up and reset my schedule
14:42:34  <SubStack>07:41 PDT
14:49:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
14:50:00  <tanepiper>bahh :/ I updated sockjs-node and no luck :(
14:50:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
14:51:20  <SubStack>tanepiper: well at least try console.dir(remote) in the 'remote' handler
14:51:24  <SubStack>oh wait
14:51:34  <tanepiper>works with the cb method though!
14:51:37  <SubStack>just rebundle perhaps?
14:51:45  <SubStack>browserify client.js -o static/client.js
14:52:16  <tanepiper>ahh
14:52:24  <tanepiper>yea, works without cb too re-bundled
14:52:34  * tanepiperhighfives SubStack
14:53:37  <tanepiper>I should probably stop doing this at work when i'm getting iChatted by out accountant asking me to do stuff, and a designer asking me to push css fixes
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15:31:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
15:33:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
15:37:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
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16:19:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
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16:33:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
16:36:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
16:43:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
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17:21:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Developers waiting in the queue for ie9 (Queue length: 1 on 1 servers. Total servers: 5)
17:24:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
17:25:14  <ik>man
17:25:21  <ik>you guys should probably fix those encoders
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19:18:04  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
19:26:02  <jesusabdullah>SubStack: https://github.com/mattdiamond/fuckitjs
19:28:08  <jesusabdullah>SubStack: We should package.json this bitch
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19:57:48  <tanepiper>i thought that said matt daemon
19:57:54  <tanepiper>MATT DAEMON
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20:06:17  <tanepiper>LOUDBOT: SO TRUE
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20:40:53  <tanepiper>woop!
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21:26:34  <rowbit>SubStack, pkrumins: Encoders down:
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22:39:28  <chapel>http://blog.padmapper.com/2012/06/22/bye-bye-craigslist/
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22:56:08  <tanepiper>yea, i read that
22:56:14  <tanepiper>bit shitty :(
22:57:27  <chapel>yeah
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23:05:41  <tanepiper>so isaacs is node v0.8.0-release the branch you'll be cutting the release from?
23:09:08  <mikeal>SubStack: crazy issue
23:09:26  <mikeal>somehow, randomly, fleet hub started telling me there was nothing running
23:09:35  <mikeal>hub.ps gave me an empty object
23:09:46  <mikeal>but i know everything was still connected because the monitor still worked
23:09:55  <mikeal>i had to reboot the hub and then it was fine
23:10:15  * nrfpart
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