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04:51:34  <dominictarr_>https://twitter.com/bigthingist/status/290670924993273856
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05:02:10  <mbalho>REALTIME STREAMS http://waterdata.usgs.gov/ca/nwis/rt
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06:32:08  <Raynos>dominictarr, substack: http://www.quora.com/Node-js/Whats-the-correct-way-to-write-nodejs-modules-There-seems-to-be-discrepancies-between-experts-like-substack-dominictarr-vs-the-newd-constructor-style-of-V8-optimization-recommendations-What-gives?__snids__=86983637&__nsrc__=4 :D
06:33:07  <dominictarr>it says 'currently answering: jake'
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06:36:46  <Raynos>Answered.
06:36:58  <Raynos>I like it when quora has a question that mentions people
06:37:01  <Raynos>and both those people answer
06:37:04  <Raynos>in a matter of hours
06:38:47  <dominictarr>Raynos: don't follow a 'school' of thinking.
06:38:58  <dominictarr>any school is inherently weak
06:40:25  <Raynos>school is the wrong word
06:40:44  <Raynos>i mean I have a set of opinions that some other people agree with and some others dont
06:40:54  <Raynos>specifically I follow substacks module.exports = function () {} pattern
06:41:04  <Raynos>that's a "school" of thought wrt module definition to me
06:43:43  <dominictarr>read this book about coding best practices http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Book_of_Five_Rings
06:44:23  <substack>Raynos: your last 2 yours should be you're
06:44:35  <Raynos>blargh
06:47:12  <Raynos>i dont notice the your vs you're thing
06:47:16  <Raynos>fixed that answer to be less of a mess
06:47:44  <Raynos>dominictarr: that book has nothing to do with code
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06:51:25  <dominictarr>you should take ideas from schools, but never pledge allegiance to them.
06:51:28  <dominictarr>"Musashi indicates that during battle you should not overuse one weapon—this is as bad as using the weapon poorly since it becomes easy for an enemy to find a weakness in your style after countless uses of the same weapon."
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07:02:34  <st_luke>I bet Musashi would agree with Postel's law
07:03:55  <dools>everyone's got a fucking law
07:04:05  <dools>that was andy warhol's second most famous quote
07:04:17  <dools>"in the future, everyone will have a law with it's own wikipedia page"
07:04:51  <dools>made even more prescient by the fact he specifically referenced not only a non-existent website, but an entirely non-existent platform upon which it would eventually exist
07:05:16  <st_luke>"What's wikipedia, Andy?"
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07:08:39  <Raynos>FUCK THIS FUCKING FUCK
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07:13:43  <st_luke>it would seem that the immigration process for russia->america is really difficult
07:14:04  <Nexxy>wow guys calm down
07:14:09  <Nexxy>I could hear this channel from 3 windows over
07:14:57  <st_luke>I bet it sounded beautiful
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07:16:35  <st_luke>substack: did you guys do any connected component labeling stuff in voxel.js? I just had to do it for something - http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/rbf/HIPR2/label.htm
07:17:40  <mbalho>st_luke: here is all the science behind our approach 0fps.wordpress.com/2012/07/07/meshing-minecraft-part-2/
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07:18:51  <st_luke>mbalho: awesome
07:19:28  <fotoverite>mbalho: awesome!
07:24:02  <st_luke>the future will be awesome, because you can be like 'computer, pants' and you'll suddenly be wearing pants
07:26:17  <dools>st_luke: until you violate the Google Pants Policy
07:26:23  <dools>and then you'll have to walk around without pants
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07:32:54  <chrisdickinson>mbalho: http://didact.us/collide-2d-tilemap/
07:33:11  <chrisdickinson>(from https://github.com/chrisdickinson/collide-2d-tilemap )
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07:47:27  <Raynos>st_luke; are you russian?
07:49:31  <st_luke>Raynos: nah, i have some russian friends that are going through the process though and it sounds like a huge pain
07:49:42  <Raynos>it is
07:53:41  <Raynos>https://github.com/Raynos, 199 followers
07:55:20  <st_luke>200
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08:44:58  <Raynos>its at 199 again :D
09:03:19  <mbalho>substack: https://github.com/jwagner/voxelworlds/blob/master/src/physics.js
09:03:24  <mbalho>substack: http://29a.ch/slides/2012/voxels-on-the-web/#/9/7
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09:41:39  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) [email protected] successfully signed up for developer browserling plan ($20). Cash money! /!\
09:41:40  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) paid account successfully upgraded /!\
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09:49:57  <substack>yay
09:50:02  <fotoverite>yay!
09:50:51  <substack>more signups now that winter break is over with
09:53:41  <jez0990_>maybe next year you could have browserling giftcards
09:53:48  <jez0990_>they'd make a great stocking filler
09:56:19  <substack>passive-agressive gift cards
09:56:31  <substack>it's what you give somebody after they broke the site in ie8
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10:07:40  <Raynos>substack, dominictarr, isaacs: thought experiment. What if there was no Readable#pipe. What if there was no Writable. What if every place where we currently have something that returns a Writable we inverse it so that, that thing is a function that accepts a Readable and then just reads from it until it's empty
10:07:59  <Raynos>benefit is we get rid of the Writable class and the fact that isaacs reimplemented most of Readable's buffering in Writable
10:08:11  <Raynos>Other benefit is we get rid of pipe because it's a mess.
10:08:13  <dominictarr>Readable, and Reader
10:08:23  <Raynos>Disadvantage is that we lose multi-pipe
10:08:33  <Raynos>Disadvantage is that backcompat means it never happens
10:08:46  <Raynos>Well a Reader is just a function that takes a readable as an argument
10:09:04  <Raynos>and calls read() on it as and when it needs to. if the Reader needs to apply backpressure it stops calling read()
10:09:55  <Raynos>This is under the assumption that all Writable's can be replaced with a new "Reader" that pulls from a Readable and that there is no need for being able to push data into a Writable
10:10:18  <Raynos>for the pushing data into a Writable we could pass it an empty Readable and start filling the Readable up with data as and when we want to push
10:12:05  <Raynos>var nothing = fs.createReader(path, readable, [options])
10:12:25  <substack>I don't even care about any of this. I just want to pipe streams together
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10:12:44  <substack>so that I can build abstractions on top of these
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10:13:03  <Raynos>substack: well with this situation you would just call functions instead of piping streams and just use function composition instead of stream#pipe composition
10:13:32  <substack>that sounds like it would break all my code
10:13:36  <substack>the new streams2 is bad enough
10:13:59  <Raynos>it would break everything
10:14:02  <substack>Raynos: let software be finished :(
10:14:08  <Raynos>its a stupid thing for back compat
10:14:22  <Raynos>But it's way less complex at the implementation level
10:14:33  <substack>Raynos: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worse_is_better
10:14:47  <fotoverite>worse is better
10:14:58  <Raynos>agreed
10:15:02  <Raynos>that's what I'm going for
10:15:03  <fotoverite>is stream2 really breaking all your shit substack
10:15:24  <substack>fotoverite: no but Raynos's proposoal would
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10:16:40  <Raynos>https://gist.github.com/87ce666ea0a247cc9652
10:16:52  <Raynos>I think visionmedia said it should be like this
10:16:53  <Raynos>a while ago
10:16:57  <Raynos>and I didn't get it back then
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10:20:27  <Raynos>The main question in my head is "am I missing something"
10:21:18  <substack>I like .pipe() better
10:21:28  <substack>the other thing is too CPS and lispy
10:21:37  <substack>.pipe() is nice and procedural
10:21:40  <Raynos>that can be trivially fixed
10:21:45  <Raynos>with a thin abstraction
10:22:09  <Raynos>I do agree, CPS & lispy -> blargh why you no readable
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10:27:15  <Raynos>https://gist.github.com/87ce666ea0a247cc9652
10:27:45  <Raynos>I guess the nice thing is that node core gives you this procedural looking composable pipe operator on these things and it is the blessed path
10:28:00  <Raynos>and we like having a blessed path because people all implement the same fucking interface
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14:03:52  <tanepiper>wait, what - are the going to change the stream2 api completely before 0.10?
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15:36:12  <defunctzombie>"We also started to fall in love with the “small module” approach praised by Substack. " <-- substack
15:36:15  <defunctzombie>http://blog.superfeedr.com/nodejs-powered/
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17:07:52  <isaacs>i <3 the footnote on syntax
17:08:38  <juliangruber>https://github.com/juliangruber/traffic-light
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19:01:57  <Raynos>nodeconf ticket get.
19:02:05  <Raynos>that's a day's work done right there
19:12:06  <ralphtheninja>:( missed it
19:15:57  <fotoverite>So is nodecamp still a thing?
19:19:10  <ralphtheninja>oh it's still on
19:19:24  <fotoverite>Cool, that's the one I'm going to then.
19:19:40  <fotoverite>Can't do every conf in existence.
19:25:01  <Raynos>fotoverite: nodeconf and nodecamp are the same thing
19:25:19  <Raynos>there are still tickets left
19:27:12  <fotoverite>Wait they are this year
19:27:13  <fotoverite>Shit
19:27:30  <fotoverite>So go, or don't go at all.
19:27:55  <ralphtheninja>saweeet .. got one
19:28:15  <fotoverite>I do have to work at some point.
19:28:28  <fotoverite>Ugh I'm already going right from jsconf to nordic ruby
19:28:39  <fotoverite>and then to iceland for my birthday
19:33:06  <ralphtheninja>fotoverite: you're a hardcore conference dude :)
19:35:33  * st_lukequit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:40:46  <Raynos>fotoverite: you should go to nodeconf
19:45:15  <fotoverite>confjunkie as it were
19:45:23  <fotoverite>But there's also jsconfeu and maybe lxjs if it happens
19:45:33  <fotoverite>and node freakin dublin
19:46:56  <Raynos>ALL THE CONFERENCES
19:47:49  <fotoverite>WE ARE?!
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19:59:00  <ralphtheninja>:)
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20:07:22  <brianloveswords>HMM NODECONF/CAMP EH?
20:07:39  <brianloveswords>Considering it
20:07:47  <Raynos>brianloveswords: CONSIDER IT FASTER
20:07:54  <brianloveswords>I'M CONSIDERING IT AS HARD AS I CAN
20:07:58  <Raynos>its not sold out yet
20:08:03  <Raynos>if you dont make an impulse buy now
20:08:09  <Raynos>you'll have to pay like $50 more
20:08:15  <Raynos>for the next round of tickets
20:08:26  <fotoverite>Or ask mikeal for a discount.
20:08:45  <fotoverite>Is luke coming out this time I bet he is.
20:09:09  <Raynos>you cant do that!
20:09:11  <Raynos>Thats cheating
20:09:17  <fotoverite>Oh I know
20:09:21  <fotoverite>That why I don;t
20:10:00  <Raynos>ok
20:10:04  <Raynos>I need some linux vms
20:10:57  <fotoverite>Brave new world http://www.laweekly.com/2013-01-10/news/machinima-maker-studios-YouTube/full/
20:11:27  <brianloveswords>I still need to buy my hotel for jsconf
20:11:37  <fotoverite>See if you can pair with>>> WHA
20:11:40  <fotoverite>GO BUY THAT SHIT NOW
20:11:59  <fotoverite>they're nearly sold out and you don't want to stay at another hotel.
20:12:05  <fotoverite>Also see if anyone has a room to share
20:12:35  <brianloveswords>I think my girlfriend is trying to come this year, so the whole roomshare might not work out.
20:12:43  <fotoverite>Ah
20:12:49  <fotoverite>then def buy a room this minute
20:12:58  <fotoverite>Go to the jsconf and see if you can still get the deal.
20:16:50  <brianloveswords>fotoverite: PURCHASED
20:17:09  <brianloveswords>Hotel for JSconf, I mean. Not nodecaonfmp
20:17:40  * captain_morganjoined
20:19:04  <fotoverite>Cool
20:19:12  <fotoverite>One less thing to worry about for you brianloveswords
20:19:41  <fotoverite>yes
20:20:08  <brianloveswords>I wanna go to that but I don't know if I can jet off again in June.
20:26:42  <fotoverite>same
20:26:45  <fotoverite>already two jets
20:26:50  <fotoverite>nordic ruby is going to be insane
20:26:55  <brianloveswords>It sounds insane
20:27:21  <fotoverite>You should come if you have any interest probably best ruby conf that i've seen
20:27:27  <fotoverite>ruby is not the enemy. RAILS is the enemy
20:30:42  <defunctzombie>substack: did that browser range stuff ever land?
20:31:29  * No9quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
20:33:28  * No9joined
20:34:51  <brianloveswords>fotoverite: I haven't really done ruby in years, I don't think I can justify that.
20:42:02  * gwenbellquit (Read error: No route to host)
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20:49:48  <brianloveswords>mbalho: test image in this project is for you https://github.com/brianloveswords/base64url/tree/master/test
21:10:28  <mbalho>brianloveswords: YES
21:11:56  <brianloveswords>mbalho: are you gonna be in your city on Sunday/Monday?
21:12:51  <Raynos>fotoverite: everyone is the enemry
21:13:07  <mbalho>brianloveswords: oakland! yes
21:13:20  <mbalho>brianloveswords: theres a seat on my tandem bike reserved for you now
21:13:31  <mbalho>brianloveswords: you gotta come hack on voxel.js with me
21:14:57  <brianloveswords>mbalho: I will be in Menlo Park from Thursday – Sunday morning, then I have to fly to Irvine on Tuesday afternoon.
21:15:10  <mbalho>sickkk need a place to crahs?
21:15:17  <mbalho>crahs brah
21:15:19  <brianloveswords>Yeah, I think I might!
21:15:21  <brianloveswords>craahhss
21:15:39  <mbalho>either me or substack should be able to get you hooked up
21:15:42  <brianloveswords>Niiiiice
21:15:49  <brianloveswords>I was gonna bum around SF but I've never been to Oakland!
21:15:50  <mbalho>some of my friends are in town currently but i dunno what their sitch is by next week
21:16:07  <brianloveswords>So I figured I'd hit you guys up and see if that's something I could do.
21:16:14  <mbalho>yea totes
21:16:31  <mbalho>its crucial for anyone who has written the nodes and is visiting th ebay
21:16:47  <brianloveswords>node mecca
21:16:58  <mbalho>hajj.js
21:17:44  <mbalho>i can try to arrange for a serendipitous rendezvous across the street from a hipster juice bar
21:17:58  <brianloveswords>haha, always necessary. I'll wear my Keds
21:19:42  <mbalho>brianloveswords: ps its oddly cold in oakland at night lately, low 50s high 40s
21:19:57  <mbalho>brianloveswords: or actually probably low 40s at night
21:20:01  <brianloveswords>Ah, so NYC weather.
21:20:04  <brianloveswords>I'll be right at home.
21:20:38  <brianloveswords>Oh shit, do you have a drum kit down there?
21:21:21  <brianloveswords>mbalho: we could potentially try to kick out a jam session if you do, and know anyone with a bass I could use.
21:21:52  * mirkokquit (Quit: mirkok)
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21:33:49  * dominictarr_changed nick to dominictarr
21:49:14  <chrisdickinson>mbalho: didja see https://github.com/chrisdickinson/collide-2d-tilemap ?
21:49:14  <chrisdickinson>probably could be extended to 3 dimensions + 3d aabbs
21:52:47  <mbalho>brianloveswords: i have a full band setup at my house we can use
21:53:02  <mbalho>chrisdickinson: i did, and substack was hacking on AABB type stuff last night
21:53:15  <mbalho>chrisdickinson: he is a better person to ask about it than me right now, im focusing on multiplayer
21:53:15  <chrisdickinson>awesome
21:53:32  <chrisdickinson>seems like a simpler approach than doing the vector math
21:55:18  <brianloveswords>mbalho: SICK
21:57:47  <ralphtheninja>mbalho: need any help with the voxel stuff?
21:59:15  <mbalho>ralphtheninja: yea!
21:59:24  <mbalho>ralphtheninja: see the to-do list on the bottom of the voxeljs.com site
21:59:30  <ralphtheninja>check
21:59:31  <mbalho>ralphtheninja: and if anything seems fun lemmme know and i can give you more info
21:59:49  <ralphtheninja>damnit, my graphics card doesn't support webgl, go figure
22:00:05  <mbalho>ralphtheninja: whoa bummer
22:00:08  <ralphtheninja>good thing I have more puters :)
22:02:22  <mbalho>substack: https://github.com/shama/voxel-texture
22:04:50  <chrisdickinson>that's pretty rad
22:05:03  <chrisdickinson>ralphtheninja: get it working on 2D canvas :D
22:05:19  <ralphtheninja>hehe
22:05:25  <mbalho>chrisdickinson: i tried with the three.js canvas renderer but it doesnt handle textures very well
22:05:27  <CoverSlide>can't you just change the THREE renderer?
22:05:46  <CoverSlide>ah
22:05:53  <mbalho>it works with wireframes and can only do like 100,000 voxels instead of millions like webgl
22:06:26  <chrisdickinson>theoretically: it'd be sweet to rip out three and replace with a simple webgl runner plus a doom-style raycast renderer for 2d
22:09:58  <ralphtheninja>mbalho: you should give a talk about this
22:10:26  * gwenbelljoined
22:10:31  <ralphtheninja>hmm seems my card is supported but have shitty drivers
22:11:13  * thatguydanjoined
22:12:58  <mbalho>ralphtheninja: im talking about it at 5 minutes of fame at noisebridge in SF on thursday
22:13:11  <mbalho>ralphtheninja: im also gonna do a screencast about how to get started on hacking on it
22:14:17  <ralphtheninja>awesome!
22:14:56  <mbalho>chrisdickinson: dunno what i changed but interact started fullscreening chrome when it grabs lock
22:15:01  <mbalho>chrisdickinson: have you seen that?
22:15:13  <chrisdickinson>mbalho: yeah i saw that on the texture demo
22:16:00  <mbalho>chrisdickinson: yea its emitting needs-fullscreen
22:16:51  * exit2joined
22:18:48  * exit2quit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:20:45  <chrisdickinson>mbalho: well, i think you have to request pointer lock from inside of a click event, and the demo the guy gave immediately requests it
22:20:59  <chrisdickinson>"the guy" being shama, i mean
22:22:04  <rolnaaba>is anyone working on world saving to IndexedDB for voxel?
22:22:19  <mbalho>rolnaaba: not yet
22:22:31  <mbalho>rolnaaba: that would be awesome though, its on my todo list
22:22:42  <mbalho>chrisdickinson: ahhh
22:23:09  <chrisdickinson>at least that's my theory at the moment
22:23:15  <rolnaaba>mbalho, I've been thinking about doing it; just gots to do some research first. I will definately give it a shot in the next couple weeks
22:23:18  <mbalho>chrisdickinson: i thought you said last week that it would handle the click handler for me
22:23:27  <chrisdickinson>it does
22:23:40  <chrisdickinson>but the method being called *immediately* tries to request the pointer
22:23:46  <chrisdickinson>without being inside of a click event
22:23:46  <mbalho>rolnaaba: sweet you should converse with dominictarr and raynos about which IDB module for the browser they would recommend
22:23:59  <Raynos>rolnaaba: oh hi
22:24:01  <rolnaaba>I think the wishlist on the site said levelidb
22:24:14  <mbalho>rolnaaba: yea i put that but i wasnt 100% sure if that is optimal
22:24:17  <rolnaaba>Raynos, hey :) I came like you tweeted
22:24:18  <Raynos>mbalho: https://github.com/Raynos/levelidb
22:24:30  <Raynos>rolnaaba: who are you? :D
22:24:34  <rolnaaba>mbalho, yeah I will do some research a bit
22:24:43  <mbalho>rolnaaba: cool! im happy to help out where i can
22:24:50  <rolnaaba>I am @rolnaaba, tweeted voxel about a wishlist a bit ago, and got told to come here :P
22:25:33  <chrisdickinson>hi rolnaaba!
22:25:38  <rolnaaba>mbalho, got a prefered repo name?
22:25:58  <mbalho>rolnaaba: hah havent thought about it yet, maybe voxel-store
22:26:06  <mbalho>or voxel-storage
22:26:28  <rolnaaba>mbalho, cool I'll give it a shot. Not as experienced as most people in here but I'll see what I can come up with lol
22:27:19  <Raynos>if someone has a better idb / leveldb in browser module use that instead. ( https://github.com/Raynos/level-delete-range#level-delete-range ) some subset of levelidb works in those browsers though
22:28:10  <chrisdickinson>voxel-box
22:28:58  <mbalho>chrome and firefox matter most
22:29:15  <mbalho>iOS to a lesser extent which doesnt have IDB but we can figure something else out on there
22:29:35  <mbalho>cause to get webgl on ios you have to go the phonegap route anyway
22:33:20  <isaacs>mbalho: you guys should use voxels to make an online dnd game.
22:33:27  <isaacs>mbalho: but, not like those other online dnd games.
22:33:50  * dominictarrquit (Quit: dominictarr)
22:33:52  <isaacs>just provide voxels for dice and little character figurines that you move around a map
22:34:11  <isaacs>and simulated books that you have to flip to the right page to read bits.
22:34:22  <isaacs>Dungeons and Dragons: The Bad Parts
22:35:09  <mbalho>isaacs: haha
22:37:57  <chrisdickinson>mbalho: did that fix things?
22:38:27  <chrisdickinson>also, it'd be great if you could have an exporter for a 3d printer
22:38:35  <chrisdickinson>so you can build a world and print off components of it
22:42:05  * nk109joined
22:42:42  <Raynos>isaacs: did you look at the object stream PR?
22:43:47  <isaacs>Raynos: not too carefully yet.
22:43:56  <isaacs>Raynos: i did look into that negative awaitDrain issue.
22:44:03  <isaacs>Raynos: i think it doesn't matter.
22:44:13  <isaacs>Raynos: all that'll happen is that one extra write() will be passed to the writable.
22:44:17  <Raynos>if the number goes negative it matters
22:44:21  <isaacs>nuh uh
22:44:28  <mbalho>chrisdickinson: yea it fixed things
22:44:29  <Raynos>lets say its -2
22:44:32  <isaacs>k
22:44:34  <Raynos>when it should be 0 instead
22:44:46  <Raynos>well no
22:44:52  <mbalho>chrisdickinson: a module that needs to exist is an .stl file voxelifier
22:44:52  <Raynos>meh.
22:45:02  <Raynos>Its hard to describe but I think it breaks backpressure
22:45:02  <mbalho>chrisdickinson: for importing vector objects from thingiverse etc into games
22:45:02  <isaacs>what'll happen is that you'll have 2 extra buffered writes
22:45:04  <Raynos>if its negative
22:45:13  <isaacs>Raynos: it doesn't break it, it just makes it slightly suboptimal
22:45:16  <isaacs>i'm not saying i'ts great.
22:45:25  <isaacs>but i'm saying that it's not much of an issue, really, and the cost of working around it is worse.
22:46:07  <Raynos>i think it breaks backpressure but im not sure
22:46:10  <Raynos>its a state machine :D
22:46:19  <Raynos>But the good thing is! I added a test for backpressure
22:46:30  <Raynos>however you fix the awaitDrain thing if the test doesnt fail its cool
22:52:30  <chrisdickinson>mbalho: that'd be neat. i've got a friend who's an elementary school teacher who got really excited when i mentioned the possibility of printing off minecraft creations
22:53:11  <fotoverite>brianloveswords: why you heading down to oakland.
22:53:24  * thatguydanquit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:53:37  <mbalho>chrisdickinson: my friend @danfinlay is also an elementary school teacher who is excited about printing off minecraft creations, he lives in oakland
22:53:37  <brianloveswords>fotoverite: I've gotta go talk at Facebook for this Stanford/Facebook Open Source Mentorship thing.
22:53:38  * thatguydanjoined
22:53:53  <brianloveswords>Then I have two days where I have free, then I gotta go to Irvine for a Digital Media and Learning meeting.
22:53:55  <chrisdickinson>sounds like that needs to happen :D
22:53:57  <mbalho>haha yea
22:55:32  <juliangruber>https://github.com/juliangruber/review
23:03:58  * shamajoined
23:07:20  * thatguydanquit (Quit: thatguydan)
23:10:43  <defunctzombie>juliangruber: there is a cool bookmarklet that does responsive tests in the browser
23:10:50  <defunctzombie>just creates a bunch of iframes
23:10:54  <defunctzombie>and renders the page in those
23:10:58  <defunctzombie>you can also interact with the page
23:25:54  * devaholicquit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:28:58  <mbalho>guybrush_: do you do server side physics in your game/
23:29:27  <guybrush_>yes i have to
23:29:36  <mbalho>guybrush_: do you use three.js?
23:29:41  <guybrush_>no
23:29:51  <guybrush_>i did
23:30:16  <guybrush_>i used to have a threejs-scene on the server, but i dropped it in favor of a very simple thing
23:30:27  <mbalho>guybrush_: ahh... i think i am at that point now
23:30:48  <guybrush_>though i have still huge problems with just everything haha
23:31:40  <mbalho>guybrush_: i cant figure out how to get node to simulate what calling renderer.render(scene, camera) does in the browser
23:32:20  <mbalho>guybrush_: im sending camera rotation to the server and trying to get node to rotate its camera too but since im never rendering i feel like it isnt calulcating stuff
23:32:41  <guybrush_>oh i think i had a problem with that a full day, forgot to call updateProjectionMatrix() or something
23:33:08  <mbalho>on camera?
23:33:14  <guybrush_>no on the scene
23:33:32  <guybrush_>let me look if i can find that old commit
23:33:43  <guybrush_>basically i had just like on the client a scene on the server
23:33:54  <guybrush_>with all those object3d's
23:34:01  <guybrush_>each with its position and rotation
23:34:43  <mbalho>yea thats what i have
23:35:26  <mbalho>i tried today putting in scene.updateMatrix() and scene.updateMatrixWorld() but they arent fixing the issue (my translateX/Y/Z calls arent respecting the rotation properties)
23:38:20  <guybrush_>woahhh i cant find the old stuff, have like 20 branches everything rewritten on each lol
23:38:40  <mbalho>lol
23:38:44  <guybrush_>also i think everything changed regarding projectMatrix stuff in the latest three-versions
23:38:54  <mbalho>ah
23:39:00  <guybrush_>but im really not sure
23:39:30  <guybrush_>i have to read into your stuff at some point, you got already lots of cool examples :D
23:39:52  <guybrush_>did you get network running already?
23:39:58  <mbalho>working on it now
23:40:00  <guybrush_>like prediction and interpolation stuff?
23:40:06  <guybrush_>oh boy i have hard time with it
23:40:08  <mbalho>yea except i cant get camera rotation to work
23:41:05  <mbalho>guybrush_: yea the prediction/interpolation stuff is tricky but i just spent like 3 days on it
23:41:55  * thatguydanjoined
23:42:05  * nk109quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
23:48:15  <mbalho>guybrush_: if you do "git grep updateMatrix $(git rev-list --all)" it searches through all your commit diffs
23:48:39  <guybrush_>mbalho: i found it
23:49:10  <guybrush_>but yes all i do is scene.add(object3D)
23:49:20  <guybrush_>and on update i do scene.updateProjectionMatrix()
23:49:26  <mbalho>hmm ok
23:49:38  <guybrush_>_before_ translating and stuff
23:49:39  <mbalho>my scene doesnt even have .updateProjectionMatrix
23:50:04  <guybrush_>self.game.scene.updateMatrixWorld()
23:50:04  <mbalho>only updateMatrix and updateMatrixWorld
23:50:06  <guybrush_>sorrty
23:50:09  <guybrush_>that was it
23:50:15  <mbalho>ohh gotcha
23:50:31  <guybrush_>so i do updateMatrixWorld and THEN tickPhysics()
23:50:54  <mbalho>i think thats what im doing, ill recheck my code
23:51:08  <mbalho>guybrush_: your object3ds have .rotation values and crap right
23:51:20  <mbalho>guybrush_: do you have 2 object3ds, one for pitch and one for yaw?
23:51:31  <mbalho>guybrush_: and you add the pitch to the yaw and the yaw to the scene?
23:51:38  <mbalho>guybrush_: also do you have a camera in node or just a scene?
23:51:43  <guybrush_>i dont know what yaw is
23:51:49  <guybrush_>no camera in node
23:51:54  <mbalho>ones up/down ones left/right
23:51:54  <guybrush_>b.object3D.position.set.apply(b.object3D.position,pos)
23:52:27  <mbalho>you can also do .position.copy(anythingwithxyzproperties)
23:53:41  <guybrush_>well i dropped the three-stuff anyway, not sure if that was good or not haha
23:53:52  <mbalho>hah
23:54:07  <guybrush_>but i am running the physic just with some vectors and stuff
23:56:50  * defunctzombiechanged nick to defunctzombie_zz
23:56:53  <guybrush_>wooahh we had already multiplayer with voxel trees and a river with bridge, and even a sunrise and stars in night :D
23:56:57  <guybrush_>that was 2 weeks ago
23:57:07  <guybrush_>now we are again with some cubes running arround lol
23:57:16  <guybrush_>rewriting everything like 20x
23:58:18  <mbalho>guybrush_: lol why
23:58:53  <guybrush_>really good physic where entities have multiple bodies and stuff didnt work out with previous versions
23:58:58  * mirkokjoined
23:59:09  <guybrush_>"really good"
23:59:12  <mbalho>ahh
23:59:26  <guybrush_>just to have not 100% cpu with 200 entities
23:59:33  <mbalho>gotcha
23:59:57  <guybrush_>and still its kinda hard and doesnt work well somehow...