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00:09:21  <dominictarr>rvagg: is it possible for something like approximateSize to get the number of keys?
00:09:44  <rvagg>dominictarr: no, it's a low-level LevelDB operation
00:09:50  <dominictarr>okay
00:09:54  <rvagg>you'd have to use an iterator to do it
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00:18:03  <st_luke>substack: what a massive troll
00:18:16  <st_luke>ask him what the boundary for ripping people off on kickstarter for an open source project is
00:18:23  <st_luke>http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1397300529/railsapp
00:18:35  <st_luke>$50k to do an open source project that he never finished
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00:29:04  <dominictarr>substack: st_luke or just ignore him
00:29:25  <st_luke>dominictarr: yeah, I know, I usually do
00:29:43  <substack>dominictarr: he's on tc39 too
00:29:49  <substack>dominictarr: also! https://github.com/substack/shux
00:29:57  <dominictarr>I saw!
00:30:15  <substack>so this is pretty much ssh+screen, over http https://github.com/substack/shux/blob/master/example/http/server.js
00:30:25  <substack>23 sloc
00:30:37  <dominictarr>except without split screen?
00:30:49  <substack>yeah only attach/detach
00:31:02  <substack>but anyways this is the power of modularity
00:31:09  <dominictarr>indeed
00:31:19  <substack>you can plug tiny pieces into one another and recombine them in powerful ways
00:31:30  <dominictarr>now, we just need to get node running on the bare metal
00:32:24  <substack>boot to node
00:32:36  <substack>chromeos/firefoxos style
00:39:49  <dominictarr>and the fs is just leveldb
00:40:13  <substack>unixier than unix
00:40:22  <rvagg>javascript-on-a-chip, a.k.a JoC
00:43:28  <dominictarr>substack: the other day max and I where discussing how to get low power cyberhobo computers
00:43:52  <dominictarr>turns out you can use a kindle as a screen!
00:44:19  <dominictarr>you just have to jailbreak it, and then you ssh into a screen session from some terminal emulator
00:44:37  <substack>I read that!
00:45:02  <dominictarr>I say a video, a little weird, but good enough
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00:47:59  <substack>people walking past me have been speaking 3 different languages in the past 2 minutes
00:49:29  <substack>I should write a blog post about writing tiny pieces that work together
00:49:41  <substack>it seems that there is not much written on this topic
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00:58:41  <substack>gah naming is so hard
00:58:52  <substack>writing the actual code is so easy in comparison
00:59:49  <substack>I need a term for a function to create a botnet control instance that will have a createStream function
01:00:23  <substack>then I need a term for the function to create a botnet instance
01:00:36  <substack>.worker() I guess
01:01:44  <substack>perhaps .work() and .control()
01:03:50  <substack>.rule() and .obey() :D
01:04:20  <substack>or .reign()
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01:10:46  <substack>regime.rule(), regime.obey()
01:10:48  <substack>PERFECT
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01:21:08  <dominictarr>hij1nx: lev doesn't print out each key on a new line.
01:22:26  <st_luke>dominictarr: put "format": true in .lev
01:22:37  <st_luke>as json in your home dir
01:22:41  <st_luke>keys will get printed on a new line
01:23:17  <substack>regime.appoint()
01:23:21  <dominictarr>thanks
01:23:33  <substack>to authorize peers to rule over your workers
01:25:29  <dominictarr>substack: there was, by authors such as Lao Tzu, and Sun Tzu
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01:40:09  <substack>haha regime is basically a terminal multiplexer multiplexer
01:40:19  <substack>so much multiplexing
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02:52:03  <dools>trace buster buster buster http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iw3G80bplTg
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03:16:16  <dominictarr>simple queries on leveldb https://github.com/dominictarr/level-map-merge (simpler than map-reduce)
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03:16:31  <dominictarr>Raynos: ^ like the 'lambda' architecture
03:19:58  <rvagg>dominictarr: merge is like a batch reduce?
03:19:59  <rvagg>`little` meaning it's chunks of data?
03:20:10  <dominictarr>yeah,
03:20:33  <dominictarr>It's like a map-reduce
03:20:36  <rvagg>dominictarr: btw, I've been thinking more about your ideas on sub-databases based on prefixes + the whole modularity/pluggable architecture and I have some awesome ideas in my head but currently no time to make them come out of my fingers
03:20:37  <rvagg>soon
03:21:21  <dominictarr>the only difference is that there updates are processed in realtime
03:21:37  <dominictarr>but deletes don't get processed until the batch runs again.
03:23:58  <dominictarr>those cases are rare, of course, so you can just handle them when you read the view.
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03:45:16  <defunctzombie>instead of catering to stupid client side libs that patch globals and shit people should be migrating them to use require and exports
03:45:41  <defunctzombie>stop supporting the hordes of stupid js organization!
03:45:46  <defunctzombie>down with the evil!
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04:02:10  <defunctzombie>Raynos: multiple callback calls on error but not on success is weird
04:02:29  <Raynos>multiple errors is weird
04:03:02  <defunctzombie>the library makes it seem like the callback will be called only once
04:03:07  <defunctzombie>but breaks this rule for errors
04:03:42  <Raynos>yes
04:04:05  <Raynos>juliangruber: https://github.com/Colingo/pubnub-stream
04:04:56  <defunctzombie>Raynos: another issue with after is that I could technically call it with error over and over
04:05:14  <defunctzombie>very weird
04:05:58  <dominictarr>Raynos: make EXACTLY ONE CALLBACK
04:06:07  <dominictarr>or use an EventEmitter
04:06:17  <defunctzombie>^ this
04:07:37  <Raynos>agreed
04:07:40  <Raynos>but fuck error handling
04:07:45  <Raynos>fuck all the things
04:07:47  <defunctzombie>hahaha
04:07:50  <Raynos>I AM TOO BUSY DOING FRP
04:07:52  <defunctzombie>fuck it all
04:10:25  <st_luke>isaacs: would you take an npm patch that aliases repo to repository so you can do `npm view repo url` instead of `npm view repository url`
04:10:33  <st_luke>i mean npm view [module] repo url
04:11:07  <isaacs>st_luke: meh. sure, why not.
04:11:15  <Raynos>defunctzombie: Having used after in production I find that calling the cb multiple times is the least retarded thing
04:11:21  <isaacs>st_luke: doesn't it usually just `npm view module repo`?
04:11:48  <st_luke>isaacs: just repo returns nothing for me currently
04:11:58  <st_luke>have to type out the whole repository
04:12:05  <isaacs>st_luke: well, `npm view module repository`
04:12:06  <isaacs>yeah
04:12:10  <isaacs>not repourl
04:12:10  <st_luke>it's an awkward word to type
04:12:12  <isaacs>repo.url
04:12:14  <isaacs>repository
04:12:16  <isaacs>i dunno
04:12:20  <isaacs>seems easy enough to me
04:12:29  <isaacs>i type pacakges a lot, though
04:12:35  <st_luke>nbd either way
04:12:37  <isaacs>and node_Modules
04:12:42  <isaacs>vim alias vtw
04:12:44  <isaacs>ftw
04:12:50  <st_luke>this new laptop is awkward to type on
04:12:56  <isaacs>vtw = VIM THE WIM!
04:13:12  <defunctzombie>Raynos: :/ still seems like it is breaking what the module claims
04:13:25  <defunctzombie>returning last or first is arbitrary
04:13:28  <defunctzombie>why not Nth?
04:13:35  <dominictarr>Raynos: a callback IS a monad
04:13:37  <Raynos>> @shtylman actually, fuck error handling. Don't propagate any errors or values. Just call the callback with zero arguments after N calls
04:13:44  <Raynos>dominictarr: your mom IS a monad
04:13:48  <defunctzombie>wow
04:14:12  <substack>all talk of monads makes me glaze over
04:14:19  <dominictarr>the whole universe is a just a huge Maybe Monad
04:14:22  <Raynos>https://github.com/Raynos/after/commit/f849455887fd3113e06152aa1c3cf229f83d2e51
04:14:27  <dominictarr>Maybe,
04:14:53  <defunctzombie>Raynos: not good
04:14:57  <defunctzombie>Raynos: don't eat my errors
04:15:28  <defunctzombie>Raynos: also, when the number underflows you could call the callback again hahaha
04:15:35  <defunctzombie>;)
04:16:08  <dominictarr>at least, put a notice in the readme that says anymodule that depends on that won't work as expected
04:16:09  <st_luke>isaacs: actually never mind, it wouldn't really make sense to put it in view.js cause it's expecting an *actual* field in the package.json, so it would not work properly if someone ended up really putting a 'repo' key in it
04:16:15  <st_luke>ill just deal with typing out repository and not be lazy
04:16:38  <isaacs>st_luke: tab completion works kinda
04:16:52  <defunctzombie>hahaha
04:17:00  <Raynos>Defunctzombie: fixed is fixed
04:17:10  <Raynos>Its a proper callback
04:17:14  <isaacs>st_luke: . <(npm completion); npm view npm repo<TAB>....sitory
04:17:19  <defunctzombie>Raynos: not fixed cause you eat my errors
04:17:25  <defunctzombie>this is crap
04:17:28  <Raynos>What errors
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04:17:36  <defunctzombie>seriously
04:17:38  <Raynos>Why call it with errors
04:17:39  <isaacs>st_luke: teh `...` is waiting a long time if it's not already cached
04:17:45  <Raynos>Wait
04:18:06  <defunctzombie>Raynos: either do forwarding of arguments with capturing (if I want) or leave it like you have it
04:18:25  <defunctzombie>Raynos: personally, I wouldn't mind the .capture thing from before and let the person decide
04:18:43  <defunctzombie>and then the lib doesn't have to have any knowledge of errors or such
04:18:55  <defunctzombie>and is just a callback collecting library
04:19:35  <Raynos>defunctzombie: `npm owner ls after`
04:19:36  <Raynos>good luck
04:19:49  <defunctzombie>Raynos: wut
04:19:58  <Raynos>i dont care
04:19:59  <defunctzombie>how did this happen
04:20:00  <Raynos>its your module now
04:20:04  <defunctzombie>:(
04:20:09  <defunctzombie>you should care about your babies
04:20:12  <defunctzombie>:D
04:20:18  <Raynos>i only care about my pretty babies
04:20:21  <Raynos>the uglies ones can die
04:20:36  <defunctzombie>ouch
04:21:03  <Raynos>seriously I don't care. patch it yourself with optimum api
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04:21:13  <Raynos>bump the major version though
04:22:37  <defunctzombie>ok
04:23:25  <defunctzombie>dominictarr: https://gist.github.com/shtylman/cf3e288773a8e8e2bd02
04:23:43  <defunctzombie>I was playing around with this notion earlier today
04:24:06  <st_luke>wow: https://github.com/justinethier/node-kdtree
04:24:13  <defunctzombie>dominictarr: the idea is you can use after as is with no capture (as Raynos has in latest "fixed." haha)
04:24:17  <st_luke>just made my life a million times easier
04:24:29  <defunctzombie>or, you could capture by name certain calls
04:24:42  <defunctzombie>or take out the whole error concept altogether
04:24:52  <defunctzombie>and just allow capture by name if the person wants
04:24:54  <dominictarr>Raynos: defunctzombie it's just as easy to write that stuff inline
04:25:05  <Raynos>dominictarr: sure is!
04:25:15  <defunctzombie>easier than a single function call?
04:25:20  <Raynos>the only thing thats painful is https://github.com/Raynos/end-stream
04:25:30  <dominictarr>easier than clicking around to read your code
04:26:07  <defunctzombie>well, if you know something will be called after N times
04:26:07  <dominictarr>and then finding out that raynos is ignoring errors
04:26:56  <dominictarr>indirection is like a heaver kind of indentation
04:27:09  <defunctzombie>how would you write it nicely inline?
04:27:12  <dominictarr>it's only worthwhile if you have a bunch of uses.
04:27:20  <defunctzombie>I really like the simple nature of after
04:27:26  <dominictarr>well, you can't… it's still kinda ugly
04:27:38  <dominictarr>but it's right there and you can see it
04:27:39  <defunctzombie>really useful for testing and other little places
04:27:56  <dominictarr>and as you master the pattern you can just see it, rather than read it
04:27:57  <dominictarr>.
04:27:58  <defunctzombie>dominictarr: I tend to agree, but that is what I like about after(N, fn)
04:28:03  <defunctzombie>so clear what i wnat to happen
04:28:22  <dominictarr>oh, well, this is just my opinion
04:28:34  <dominictarr>I'm not gonna not use your modules because you do that
04:28:42  <defunctzombie>do what?
04:28:54  <dominictarr>use after (or things like it)
04:28:59  <defunctzombie>haha sure
04:29:08  <defunctzombie>I just wnat to make a nice usable api that is minimal
04:29:14  <dominictarr>but I am gonna not use Raynos 's modules that drop errors!
04:29:28  <defunctzombie>errors must not be dropped
04:29:49  <defunctzombie>there are actually very few options to this api
04:29:54  <dominictarr>it's easier to stay out of the minefield than to figure out where all the mines are!
04:30:09  <defunctzombie>1: assume nodejs style callback where error is first arg
04:30:20  <defunctzombie>capture errors and call fn with errors (but call only once)
04:30:43  <defunctzombie>2: assume no callback style, capture arguments to calls to "after" instances and return those to "fn"
04:30:47  <defunctzombie>and let the user sort it out
04:30:53  <dominictarr>it does assume that the callbacks are well behaved and will always cb exactly once.
04:31:19  <defunctzombie>3: assume nodejs api, and call the callback only if nothing errors
04:31:28  <defunctzombie>if anything errors call an error handler fn
04:31:33  <defunctzombie>after(N, fn, err_fn)
04:32:12  <defunctzombie>personally, if you don't assume a nodejs style api and just let the user decide, then I kinda think that is better ?
04:33:42  <dominictarr>yeah, better to let the user decide (not to use your module)
04:36:07  <defunctzombie>:(
04:36:16  <defunctzombie>ultimate sadness
04:37:50  <Raynos>Dominictarr: it doesn't drop errors
04:38:16  <defunctzombie>well, your latest commit to master does, but yea, otherwise it doesn't
04:38:21  <defunctzombie>just calls the callback multiple times
04:38:37  <Raynos>Well that's because you qq.
04:38:45  <defunctzombie>if the user is handling errors in the callback call then that is ok
04:38:53  <Raynos>There is no good solution to this
04:38:56  <defunctzombie>so after assumes a node style api
04:38:59  <defunctzombie>lets start with that
04:39:03  <defunctzombie>where error is first arg
04:39:05  <Raynos>Either don't handle errors
04:39:24  <dominictarr>Raynos: cb more or less than once breaks control flow assumptions
04:39:44  <dominictarr>and makes hard to debug strange behaviour
04:39:55  <Raynos>Or make some assumptions about error handling flow
04:40:35  <Raynos>The only correct thing to do is return an event emitter
04:40:41  <dominictarr>agree
04:40:56  <dominictarr>or maybe callback the first error is enough
04:41:00  <Raynos>Or throw an exception if you done(err)
04:41:17  <dominictarr>if there are more than one error, that is a unhandleable error
04:41:28  <Raynos>And say fuck you. After does not fix errors
04:43:10  <dominictarr>Everyone needs to do their part is handling errors
04:43:15  <defunctzombie>haha
04:43:19  <dominictarr>is/in/s
04:43:21  <defunctzombie>reminds me of starship troopers
04:43:24  <defunctzombie>do your part
04:43:52  <defunctzombie>ok.. so are we assuming nodejs style error first arguments?
04:44:21  <defunctzombie>if we make that assumption, I think a reasonable thing to consider is a third arg to after which is is a function to handle errors?
04:44:38  <defunctzombie>throwing seems not so how?
04:44:41  <defunctzombie>*hot
04:45:02  <defunctzombie>no clean way to capture that
04:45:50  <defunctzombie>if no error_fn provided, THEN throw?
04:46:07  <dominictarr>return an EventEmitter
04:46:17  <dominictarr>is the most established node.js way
04:46:18  <st_luke>what was the last node version to use waf
04:46:33  <dominictarr>and if they havn't registered an error listener, that is an error
04:46:53  <defunctzombie>dominictarr: this makes after way more complex :/
04:47:18  <dominictarr>either that, or just return the first error
04:47:37  <dominictarr>one error is enough to know it's broken
04:47:53  <defunctzombie>and the others?
04:48:10  <defunctzombie>just drop them?
04:48:13  <defunctzombie>:/
04:48:14  <dominictarr>well, how you react to that depends on what you are trying to do
04:48:18  <defunctzombie>yea
04:48:25  <dominictarr>they is why I just write this inline
04:48:32  <defunctzombie>certainly capturing AN error is better than not
04:48:55  <dominictarr>often, with a think like this, I'd just bail on the frist error
04:49:08  <defunctzombie>yea, I could buy that
04:49:10  <defunctzombie>ok
04:49:13  <dominictarr>like if I had to read a bunch of files and one isn't there,
04:49:19  <dominictarr>just give up!
04:49:23  <defunctzombie>Raynos: first error passed, then done, nothing else
04:49:48  <dominictarr>the trouble with thing like this is temptation to generalize
04:49:49  <defunctzombie>dominictarr: well, the other async stuff might still run or something but yea
04:49:54  <defunctzombie>I agree
04:50:17  <dominictarr>when I try to generalize stuff like this I end up with cancelable operations
04:50:48  <dominictarr>function async(arg, cb) {startAsync(cb), return function () {cancelCb(cb)})
04:50:58  <dominictarr>return a cancel function that aborts
04:51:03  <dominictarr>(if possible)
04:51:22  <dominictarr>and calls the cb with (new Error('aborted'))
04:51:30  <dominictarr>(or somethnig)
04:52:03  <dominictarr>that makes it a lot more complex, but you need that for correctness, sometimes.
04:56:29  <defunctzombie>Raynos: dominictarr: https://github.com/Raynos/after/commit/6c258ba8139b6745e7022b38ab884682904afe41
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04:56:55  <defunctzombie>Raynos: can you update the travis.ci stuff
04:56:59  <defunctzombie>it points to the wrong repo
04:57:04  <defunctzombie>and as a result doesn't run tets
04:57:07  <defunctzombie>*tests
04:59:41  <defunctzombie>ok, pushed a bunch of meta info updates
04:59:56  <defunctzombie>to bring after out of its dark deep slumber
04:59:57  <defunctzombie>haha
04:59:58  <defunctzombie>anyhow
05:00:10  <defunctzombie>callback called only once now
05:00:15  <defunctzombie>error is passed along
05:00:21  <defunctzombie>callback will not be called again
05:00:47  <defunctzombie>lib remains simple
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05:07:22  <dominictarr>Raynos this is too complicated https://npmjs.org/package/presence
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05:27:38  <defunctzombie>https://github.com/substack/node-browserify/commit/50200306282c8b1361335a0b03637067c7ef226c#commitcomment-2693188
05:27:47  <defunctzombie>my solution is to just stop using shitty ass libraries
05:28:10  <defunctzombie>if you can't be bothered to add a module.exports = line to your vendor file then wtf
05:28:27  <defunctzombie>you might need to re-evaluate your role as a developer hahaha
05:28:57  <substack>I'm inclined to agree with thlorenz
05:29:16  <Raynos>dominictarr: why?
05:29:36  <defunctzombie>substack: I am inlined to agree as well
05:29:47  <defunctzombie>substack: but my inner voice just keeps fighting me
05:29:59  <defunctzombie>;)
05:30:07  <defunctzombie>I totally get the mindset
05:30:22  <dominictarr>Raynos: well, because it had the same name I wanted to use but not the same api :(
05:30:27  <defunctzombie>but I think that the way to make a prepackaged vendor lib work with this setup is so easy
05:30:38  <defunctzombie>that it doesn't warrant more complex solutions
05:31:17  <substack>who cares, plugins will let you do this
05:31:18  <dominictarr>I just want to attach the some details of the current user, and to see who is currently connected.
05:31:25  <defunctzombie>substack: yea
05:31:27  <substack>the point of plugins is so that people can do this kind of thing without bloating core
05:31:35  <defunctzombie>yep
05:31:42  <Raynos>dominictarr: link?
05:31:45  <substack>plugins will require sending some patches to required it seems
05:31:54  <substack>to pre-process source files
05:31:59  <defunctzombie>I just like to encourage to people think about not overengineering shit
05:32:05  <defunctzombie>cause developers love to overengineer shit
05:32:08  <defunctzombie>for no reason
05:32:15  <dominictarr>Raynos: I don't have a link yet, because I havn't written my version yet
05:32:25  <defunctzombie>substack: to what end?
05:32:30  <Raynos>if you have a good api suggestion then ill listen
05:32:34  <defunctzombie>coffeescript?
05:32:37  <defunctzombie>fuck that
05:32:49  <mikolalysenko>speaking of not over engineering shit, you guys got a moment to critique a library I am working on?
05:32:51  <defunctzombie>those people can go make their own shit
05:33:03  <defunctzombie>coffescript is not javascript
05:33:10  <defunctzombie>and they need to come to terms with that
05:33:18  <substack>defunctzombie: adding hooks to make coffeescript work necessarily entails adding hooks for more interesting things
05:33:34  <defunctzombie>substack: I wanna hear the more interesting things
05:33:48  <defunctzombie>and have 0 desire for coffeescript nonsense
05:34:08  <defunctzombie>all about doing cool stuff tho
05:34:21  <substack>like require() rewriting to inline to the declarations https://github.com/substack/node-browserify/issues/296#issuecomment-14086638
05:34:46  <substack>so uglify can have an easier job of minifying browserify bundles
05:35:11  <substack>and a fs.readFileSync() plugin to load static assets
05:36:00  <defunctzombie>substack: don't follow the inlining thing
05:36:14  <defunctzombie>substack: I am 100% against the readFileSync thing actually
05:36:18  <dominictarr>Raynos: I just want to attach some info from the current user, and be able to get the data from the users who are currently connected…
05:36:29  <defunctzombie>I think the use cases presented have not been meaningful enough :/
05:36:33  <dominictarr>and for one crdt=one room
05:36:33  <Raynos>i have something similar
05:36:33  <defunctzombie>substack: this d3 stuff tho
05:36:42  <defunctzombie>substack: what was the issue?
05:36:56  <Raynos>dominictarr: https://github.com/Raynos/peer-nodes
05:37:10  <Raynos>dominictarr: Colingo/presence is aimed at managing presence information for rooms of people
05:37:11  <defunctzombie>substack: I can't believe there is that much difference between concat vs using require
05:37:15  <defunctzombie>something seems wrong there
05:37:32  <Raynos>defunctzombie: HOW I REQUIRE HTML?!
05:37:37  <dominictarr>Raynos: but does the crdt store all the rooms?
05:37:45  <Raynos>dominictarr: yes
05:37:57  <dominictarr>so, what if I have 1000 rooms?
05:38:04  <defunctzombie>Raynos: you don't require HTML
05:38:18  <Raynos>dominictarr: then dont use crdt for stuff
05:38:24  <Raynos>defunctzombie: how I template?
05:38:33  <dominictarr>it's easy to have heaps of scuttlebutts now, with rumours, so I can make it one per room
05:38:48  <defunctzombie>Raynos: template in a module?
05:38:56  <defunctzombie>write a smaller module
05:39:04  <substack>defunctzombie: that doesn't address the issue
05:39:06  <Raynos>defunctzombie: https://github.com/shtylman/typeahead/blob/master/typeahead.js#L8
05:39:06  <defunctzombie>template in your app, well that is up to you
05:39:08  <Raynos>that's bullshit
05:39:12  <Raynos>my templates are 10 lines of HTML
05:39:16  <Raynos>I want a seperate file for them
05:39:17  <substack>the issue is getting static assets into the client is really annoying
05:39:18  <defunctzombie>Raynos: that is not bullshit
05:39:21  <defunctzombie>that was a tiny line
05:39:27  <Raynos>yeah it works
05:39:28  <defunctzombie>substack: loading in js is NOT the answer
05:39:30  <Raynos>but wont scale
05:39:31  <defunctzombie>NO WAY
05:39:40  <defunctzombie>that is just not a good way to do it imho
05:39:46  <defunctzombie>you miss out on lots of caching
05:39:50  <defunctzombie>and other client specific things
05:39:56  <defunctzombie>Raynos: scales just fine
05:40:03  <defunctzombie>keep your shit modular and small
05:40:04  <substack>defunctzombie: it doesn't make sense to pull in <1k of template data with a separate io call
05:40:14  <Raynos>defunctzombie: my smallest tempaltes are 10 lines
05:40:17  <Raynos>and I keep them really small
05:40:25  <substack>there is a really good case for inlining templates into bundles
05:40:28  <defunctzombie>Raynos: are these in modules or in your final app code?
05:40:30  <defunctzombie>there is a difference
05:40:34  <Raynos>both
05:40:36  <Raynos>i spllit my app
05:40:37  <dominictarr>substack: Raynos defunctzombie does anyone have a module to tell be what the browser is?
05:40:39  <Raynos>across many modules
05:40:48  <Raynos>dominictarr: useragent
05:40:55  <dominictarr>thanks
05:41:00  <substack>defunctzombie: in node it's not a problem loading static data since you can just fs.readFileSync()
05:41:14  <defunctzombie>substack: and in the browser you can just ajax it
05:41:23  <Raynos>no you cant just ajax it
05:41:28  <Raynos>you could just ajax js
05:41:29  <Raynos>go on
05:41:30  <substack>that doesn't compose well
05:41:32  <Raynos>just ajax it
05:41:37  <Raynos>have fun with your async require
05:41:46  <dominictarr>so much documentation!
05:41:59  <defunctzombie>dominictarr: yea, but it is pretty easy to use
05:42:04  <substack>doing an external ajax call for a tiny snippet of html for ideological reasons incurs a huge performance hit
05:42:17  * tphummeljoined
05:42:27  <defunctzombie>substack: then make a string and inline it
05:42:32  <Raynos>no.
05:42:34  <defunctzombie>or use a builder
05:42:35  <Raynos>i want a html file
05:42:36  <defunctzombie>or do something
05:42:38  <dominictarr>I think I see it
05:42:38  <Raynos>that people can edit
05:42:39  <Raynos>cleanly
05:42:47  <defunctzombie>ok
05:42:57  <Raynos>the only alternative is to use hyperscript
05:43:13  <substack>fs.readFileSync() is a very clean way of supporting this in such a way that also works in node
05:43:30  <defunctzombie>that is a terrible too open ended way
05:43:35  <defunctzombie>people will read images
05:43:42  <defunctzombie>they will read bullshit, who knows what
05:43:44  <substack>I don't care if people shoot themselves in the foot
05:43:47  <substack>I'm not their dad
05:43:51  * tphummelquit (Client Quit)
05:43:51  <defunctzombie>I do
05:43:54  <dominictarr>Raynos: hyperscript is FRP
05:44:01  <defunctzombie>I try to make things that don't fuck people up ;)
05:44:03  <Raynos>i disagree
05:44:07  <substack>I'll leave the gun cupboard unlocked and even tell them where the magazine is hidden
05:44:15  <defunctzombie>I think that is bad UI
05:44:18  <dominictarr>defunctzombie: you can add you're own requires much easier with bfy2
05:44:20  <defunctzombie>and API is UI
05:44:32  <defunctzombie>dominictarr: ?
05:44:52  <defunctzombie>substack: I do not disagree that a better approach to load html templates is needed
05:44:56  <defunctzombie>substack: I found one for css
05:44:58  <defunctzombie>with npm-css
05:45:03  <substack>defunctzombie: it's very bad UI to force huge latency penalties to fetch very small amounts of static content
05:45:04  <defunctzombie>that I think is a very good approach
05:45:09  <Raynos>defunctzombie: there is no better approach for templates
05:45:12  <substack>and it doesn't compose well at all
05:45:12  <defunctzombie>but I have not heard a good answer to the html side
05:45:21  <defunctzombie>I agree
05:45:48  <substack>because when you ship a lib, users downstream will need to serve up the static content in such a way that their apps can fetch the resources with xhr
05:45:53  <dominictarr>what I don't understand, is why anyone likes HTML
05:46:00  <substack>and that scales really terribly when you have dozens of libs with static content
05:46:01  <defunctzombie>dominictarr: familiarity
05:46:08  <defunctzombie>that goes a long way
05:46:09  * tphummeljoined
05:46:12  <dominictarr>yeah, that is not a good reason.
05:46:15  <substack>because that means dozens of round-trips for static content
05:46:19  <defunctzombie>it is a very good reason actually
05:46:25  <defunctzombie>substack: I agree 100%
05:47:19  <dominictarr>defunctzombie: you can have HTML, but you have to have a build step too
05:47:23  <defunctzombie>however, I am more inclined to say you can just watch-build an html file into a js string which you can require at this time
05:47:41  <defunctzombie>I want to be convinced of a clean alternative :)
05:47:43  <substack>Raynos: ok so how should modules specify that they need to be run through particular plugins when being browserified?
05:47:49  <defunctzombie>that is not some open ended thing
05:47:52  <substack>the obvious place to put this would seem to be the package.json
05:47:57  <defunctzombie>but specific to html templates
05:48:00  <Raynos>substack: package.json ?
05:48:01  <defunctzombie>which seems to be the issue here
05:48:35  <dominictarr>it should be the author's job to bundle their shit before being published
05:48:38  <substack>Raynos: otherwise consumers of modules will need to adjust what plugins they use based on what their dependencies are
05:48:46  <dominictarr>before publishing the module
05:48:51  <substack>if we are going to have plugins, they should be module-local
05:48:53  <Raynos>defunctzombie: fs.readHtmlSync(...)
05:49:05  <Raynos>throw an exception if the file does not contain valid html
05:49:12  <defunctzombie>haha
05:49:16  <dominictarr>require.requireText(file)
05:49:22  <substack>dominictarr: that also could work
05:49:26  <substack>a prepublish hook
05:49:46  <defunctzombie>now we have to parse for that?
05:49:52  <defunctzombie>at least that is more contained
05:49:54  <substack>the api for this already exists, works in node, and is general-purpose: fs.readFileSync()
05:50:01  <dominictarr>require.requireBase64(…) <-- but this won't work in node
05:50:12  * tphummelquit (Client Quit)
05:50:37  <dominictarr>substack: so, if you only bundle things that don't have variable expressions in the name (apart from __dirname)
05:50:38  <substack>so one problem with pre-publishing
05:50:43  <dominictarr>it will work fine.
05:50:48  <substack>dominictarr: yep
05:50:53  * mikealquit (Quit: Leaving.)
05:51:02  <defunctzombie>I would not want something that doesn't work if I don't use some browserify plugin
05:51:03  <defunctzombie>personally
05:51:22  <substack>defunctzombie: you would just install it and then require() it in your app
05:51:31  <substack>users won't even know they are using plugins
05:51:36  <substack>and the plugins will be module-scoped
05:52:02  * defunctzombieis not sold yet on the idea
05:52:15  <defunctzombie>I do wanna revisit this commonjs inlining thing and d3 for a moment
05:52:28  <defunctzombie>and why the overhead percentages were so huge?
05:52:37  <dominictarr>prepublish is simplest, overall.
05:52:46  <defunctzombie>I would expect the d3.js concat and built with require to be almost hte same
05:53:15  <substack>dominictarr: there is a problem with prepublish: "main" or the "browsers" field needs to point at some generated content
05:53:26  <defunctzombie>oh, I see why, cause of all the damn require statements
05:53:43  <defunctzombie>substack: not a problem, just generate the template into another file
05:53:54  <defunctzombie>that is required by the main js or such
05:53:57  <dominictarr>exactly
05:54:14  <dominictarr>module.exports = string
05:54:33  <defunctzombie>better yet, browsers field could be used to point to generated on if available or some node one that sync loads your script and returns it
05:54:52  <substack>this seems like a poor solution
05:54:58  <defunctzombie>probably
05:55:00  <substack>browserify should build the bundle when run
05:55:08  <defunctzombie>what is a poor solution is: https://github.com/sebmarkbage/d3/blob/cjs/src/d3.geo.js
05:55:09  <defunctzombie>wow
05:55:20  <substack>generating temporary files does not seem like a very good solution
05:55:24  <substack>very easy to get out of sync
05:55:45  <Raynos>substack: the problem with fs.readFileSync
05:55:48  <defunctzombie>substack: I think the idea would be to generate a string file on publish
05:55:48  <Raynos>is __dirname
05:55:56  <defunctzombie>but yes, I agree I am not sold on that either
05:56:06  <Raynos>fs.readFileSync(__dirname + "/templates/x.html")
05:56:15  <substack>Raynos: that's not a problem
05:56:39  <substack>Raynos: it's a plugin-writer problem, out of scope for browserify core and solvable
05:57:22  * saijanai_joined
05:57:59  <substack>defunctzombie: that tightly-couples publish events with static file changes
05:58:04  <substack>I don't like that
05:58:08  <defunctzombie>agreed
05:58:24  <substack>anyways arguing about things is for tc39
05:58:28  <substack>I'm just going to build this
05:58:31  <defunctzombie>personally, I think require('foo.html') isn't so terrible but it does break the notion that you require js or json
05:58:38  <substack>that is pretty bad
05:58:44  <defunctzombie>yea
05:58:50  <substack>not ever going to support require('foo.html')
05:58:53  <substack>that doesn't work in node
05:58:56  <defunctzombie>right
05:58:57  <defunctzombie>yep
05:59:12  <substack>fs.readFileSync() works in node
05:59:15  <defunctzombie>what are your thoughts on this mess: https://github.com/sebmarkbage/d3/blob/cjs/src/d3.geo.js
05:59:17  <substack>so that's what I'll do, but in a plugin
05:59:51  <substack>defunctzombie: jump on the thread and lay down what's actually going on
06:00:03  <substack>the problem is that the dependencies will take some more to winnow down
06:00:14  <substack>everything is a global mish-mash at the moment
06:00:30  <defunctzombie>wow
06:01:11  <substack>shouldn't expect to get parity with concat right away with the first pass, it will take some work to get similar results with more explicit dependencies
06:01:22  <defunctzombie>yea
06:01:38  <defunctzombie>I would basically just tell him that it is way more maintainable as modules
06:01:41  <defunctzombie>and testable
06:01:46  <defunctzombie>versus some global god knows what
06:01:59  <substack>and with time it can be made to be more compact in the final bundle size
06:02:01  <defunctzombie>every other programming languages uses modular code
06:02:08  <defunctzombie>yea
06:02:14  <defunctzombie>I just wish I had a better response :/
06:02:22  <defunctzombie>than "be strong, fight the good fight"
06:04:08  <defunctzombie>wow: https://github.com/sebmarkbage/d3/blob/cjs/src/d3.core.js
06:04:20  <defunctzombie>I am amazed this was done by hand
06:04:38  <defunctzombie>https://github.com/sebmarkbage/d3/blob/cjs/src/d3.core.js
06:04:40  <defunctzombie>oh jesus
06:04:45  <defunctzombie>ok.. I can comment on that :)
06:04:53  <substack>just link to those files in your response
06:05:16  <substack>and show how it can be done better in a more modular way that also decreases the bundle sizes
06:05:44  <defunctzombie>yea
06:07:25  <dominictarr>argh useragent won't browserify nicely, it's MASSIVE
06:07:43  <defunctzombie>dominictarr: yea, it isn't really made for client side
06:07:52  <defunctzombie>it has a db within it basically
06:07:54  <defunctzombie>iirc
06:08:11  <defunctzombie>substack: buddy of mine has an interesting hack with testling that I think he will do
06:08:18  <defunctzombie>substack: since testling outputs json data
06:08:30  <defunctzombie>he is gonna scrape it to make feature compat tables
06:08:31  <defunctzombie>haha
06:08:32  <substack>testling or testling-ci?
06:08:35  <defunctzombie>ci
06:08:40  <substack>ok good
06:08:47  <substack>going to hide away the old stuff soon
06:09:15  <defunctzombie>he has some cool modules for compat stuff
06:09:15  <defunctzombie>https://github.com/marcello3d/browser-bencher
06:09:19  <defunctzombie>https://github.com/marcello3d/polyfill.js
06:09:24  <substack>cool
06:09:35  <defunctzombie>https://github.com/marcello3d/node-bs
06:09:38  <dominictarr>there is another lib that is not as bad
06:12:55  <defunctzombie>haha
06:14:30  <defunctzombie>substack: source processing can be done after required since you still have the source
06:14:32  <defunctzombie>and location
06:14:40  <defunctzombie>I think
06:15:00  <substack>required should parse the source after it's been transformed
06:15:22  <Raynos>ok
06:15:25  <Raynos>all I want to do
06:15:29  <Raynos>is ...
06:15:34  <Raynos>I should just write a js templating engine
06:15:34  <defunctzombie>3 dots?
06:16:39  <defunctzombie>yea, that isn't gonna end in sadness at all
06:17:33  <defunctzombie>substack: why after?
06:18:08  <defunctzombie>substack: I am tempted to make required behave in an interative manner, something like:
06:18:18  <defunctzombie>required(src, filename, cb);
06:18:24  <defunctzombie>to get the first level of deps for that source
06:18:31  <defunctzombie>and then if you want more you just keep going
06:18:48  <defunctzombie>until you have had enough hahaha
06:19:08  <defunctzombie>filename is needed for relative requires and module lookup
06:19:13  <defunctzombie>could even be pathname actually
06:19:22  <substack>defunctzombie: that'd be pretty good
06:19:30  <substack>module-deps is just a readable stream
06:19:33  <substack>so it fits better
06:19:36  <defunctzombie>yea
06:19:47  <defunctzombie>so you can just iterate it however you want
06:19:56  <substack>can required just have an opts.transform function to wrap around the src?
06:20:15  <substack>src = (opts.transform || String)(src, filename)
06:20:17  <defunctzombie>substack: it could, but I kinda feel like this approach would be simpler
06:20:26  <defunctzombie>and instead of having to hook into all sorts of things
06:20:33  <defunctzombie>that you might ever want required to do
06:20:40  <defunctzombie>you just ask it to resolve the current level
06:21:09  <defunctzombie>basically, it is resolve except it starts with a js source and return multiple resolved deps
06:21:12  <substack>but what about transforming the src?
06:21:23  <defunctzombie>substack: you give it whatever source you want
06:21:32  <defunctzombie>so transform it before you give it the source
06:21:32  <substack>with an opt?
06:21:35  <defunctzombie>substack: nope
06:21:42  <substack>yeah that's the same as I was saying I think
06:21:45  <substack>except I am confused now
06:21:46  <defunctzombie>required(src, path, cb);
06:21:48  <defunctzombie>haha
06:21:57  <defunctzombie>I am saying that instead of returning a deep tree
06:22:02  <defunctzombie>only process one level
06:22:08  <defunctzombie>based on input source and path
06:22:11  <defunctzombie>that is it
06:22:24  <defunctzombie>you get back the same list of deps but only at that level
06:22:31  <defunctzombie>so if you want to build a tree you can
06:22:40  <defunctzombie>if you don't wnat to, you don't have to
06:22:42  <substack>so just a thin wrapper on top of detective and browser-resolve?
06:22:47  <defunctzombie>basically
06:22:48  <substack>resolve is already a param
06:23:00  <defunctzombie>yea, so that would stay a param
06:23:14  <defunctzombie>since that is the point of "required"
06:23:27  <defunctzombie>is to glue detective and resolve together
06:23:43  <defunctzombie>really, you could do this without it hahaha
06:23:51  <substack>yes I was thinking that
06:24:01  <defunctzombie>it becomes really simple
06:24:20  <defunctzombie>just a function that takes src, path, opt, and cb
06:24:30  <defunctzombie>and just returns that level of deps/info
06:24:39  <defunctzombie>then you again do whatever you want to read the source
06:24:43  <defunctzombie>transform, etc
06:24:45  <defunctzombie>and call it again
06:25:11  <defunctzombie>really having browser-resolve as a separate module is the bigger win here
06:25:21  <defunctzombie>cause the detective stuff can be done in many ways
06:26:00  <defunctzombie>and I think this could fit nicer with your streaming stuff (maybe) and also open up for this source transformation or whatever crazy
06:26:44  <defunctzombie>I need to sleep
06:30:17  <defunctzombie>substack: idea for the future
06:30:22  <defunctzombie>if detective can take an AST
06:30:37  <defunctzombie>then module deps can make an AST, get detective to read it
06:30:40  <defunctzombie>get the deps
06:30:46  <defunctzombie>then minify the requires
06:30:52  <defunctzombie>down to numbers or something
06:31:06  <defunctzombie>but really, I think that is mucho overkill in most cases
06:31:33  <defunctzombie>the d3 stuff is a rare exception of massive and is not how many smaller libs are assembled
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06:34:02  * defunctzombiechanged nick to defunctzombie_zz
06:35:32  <substack>yes
06:35:45  <substack>I'm open for experimenting with AST ideas
06:35:50  <dominictarr>defunctzombie_zz: Raynos okay, fixed http://dominictarr.github.com/useragent-wtf/
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08:51:01  <Altreus>pkrumins: map { (split / /)[0,1] } :)
08:51:12  <Altreus>I will leave a comment!!
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14:33:52  <ralphtheninja>juliangruber: I like multilevel-http! :)
14:35:42  <ralphtheninja>juliangruber: and multilevel is awesome too, very good idea to wrap it like that so multiple processes can use it
14:36:49  <juliangruber>ralphtheninja: hehe :)
14:37:00  <ralphtheninja>I was actually thinking about this last night
14:37:45  <ralphtheninja>because I have this script/process that I want to use levelup, but I also want to expose the data to other processes
14:47:50  <juliangruber>jup
14:48:08  <juliangruber>does anyone have experience with /dev/udp/ in bash?
14:54:51  <juliangruber>mongostat --noheaders --all 1 | awk '{if (NR!=1) {print "mongodb01.connections:" $19 "|g"}}' | nc -w 1 -u STATSD_HOSTNAME 8125
14:55:02  <juliangruber>log the number of open connections to mongodb to statsd
14:55:43  * CryptoQuickjoined
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15:27:41  <defunctzombie>substack: this insert globals slowness needs to be resolved
15:27:50  <defunctzombie>it is impossible to use jquery
15:27:58  <defunctzombie>or really anything big
15:28:15  <defunctzombie>I think it should be dumber actually
15:28:25  <defunctzombie>and just look for a regex pattern
15:28:36  <defunctzombie>cause hte overhead of inserting the function(global) is trivial in size
15:46:03  * mikolalysenkojoined
15:46:26  <defunctzombie>substack: also, the global thing could be inserted once per bundle versus once per module
15:46:41  <defunctzombie>same with process technically
15:46:49  <defunctzombie>just __filename and __dirname aren't
15:50:05  <defunctzombie>substack: so here is what I think should happen (open to other ideas :))
15:50:16  <defunctzombie>global is always inserted into the function that calls the module
15:50:37  <defunctzombie>the overhead of this is very little after minification
15:50:55  <defunctzombie>i.e. on the same line where function(require, exports, module) are
15:51:23  <defunctzombie>for process, __filename, and __dirname use a basic regex rule
15:51:38  * saijanai_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:51:44  <defunctzombie>off the top of my head I would start with /\wprocess[.]/
15:52:05  * saijanai_joined
15:52:07  <defunctzombie>or /(\w|;)process[.]/
15:55:31  <defunctzombie>and I think the global detection is broken
15:55:38  <defunctzombie>in the current form
15:55:48  <defunctzombie>false positive
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16:10:29  <juliangruber>defunctzombie: what about process in strings or comments?
16:10:54  <defunctzombie>juliangruber: that is what the [.].* would be for in the regex
16:11:06  <defunctzombie>and in any case
16:11:07  <defunctzombie>whatever
16:11:16  <defunctzombie>the overhead of adding it is not so crazy
16:11:31  <defunctzombie>but the overhead of this smart detection is pretty bad right now
16:11:48  <defunctzombie>when the smart detection can be on part with the basic regex
16:11:53  <defunctzombie>then I think it will be ok
16:12:04  <juliangruber>v8 exposing its ast would be awesome
16:16:11  <juliangruber>https://alpha.app.net/tenderlove/post/2404890
16:16:36  <juliangruber>http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9451067/access-the-abstract-syntax-tree-of-v8-engine
16:17:17  <defunctzombie>well, we already get the AST for the source
16:17:33  <defunctzombie>I just think the overhead is not warranted
16:17:34  <defunctzombie>atm
16:17:43  <juliangruber>so getting the AST isn't the slow part?
16:18:02  <chrisdickinson>are there any plans to revisit buffer-browserify and base it on typed arrays?
16:18:02  <chrisdickinson>(the lack of array-index lookup tends to break anything that needs buffers in browserify)
16:18:05  <chrisdickinson>also, for some reason using the global Buffer object doesn't trigger the auto-require of 'buffer'
16:18:05  <chrisdickinson>(not in my code -- in a dependency of my code)
16:18:48  <chrisdickinson>cc defunctzombie ^^
16:19:20  <defunctzombie>chrisdickinson: use of global Buffer is not supported
16:19:25  <defunctzombie>use require('buffer') instead
16:19:28  <chrisdickinson>'kk, that's one problem solved
16:19:37  <defunctzombie>when in doubt, require :)
16:19:41  <chrisdickinson>that means i need to either fork or send prs to whoever's using it
16:19:42  <defunctzombie>you can require process now too
16:19:44  <chrisdickinson>(it's not me)
16:19:47  <defunctzombie>send PRs
16:19:52  <defunctzombie>global variables are bad
16:19:54  <chrisdickinson>it's also for a really old module
16:19:56  <chrisdickinson>yeah, noted
16:19:58  <defunctzombie>node should not have introduced more
16:20:04  <chrisdickinson>though a lot of the time you don't have control over that
16:20:11  <defunctzombie>send prs
16:20:11  <chrisdickinson>sub-sub-sub dependencies, etc
16:20:15  <defunctzombie>make the world a better place :)
16:20:19  <chrisdickinson>hah
16:20:28  <defunctzombie>chrisdickinson: for the buffer thing I would open an issue
16:20:35  <defunctzombie>in your own usage you can certainly override anything you want
16:20:38  <chrisdickinson>'kk. there's already an issue open
16:20:40  <chrisdickinson>how?
16:20:49  <defunctzombie>via bundle.require(/file.js, { expose: 'buffer' });
16:20:49  <chrisdickinson>just bundle my own buffer-browserify?
16:20:58  <defunctzombie>or in your module
16:21:02  <defunctzombie>use the "browser" field
16:21:14  <defunctzombie>with "buffer": "alternative buffer module or file"
16:21:18  <chrisdickinson>ah, and that'll replace buffer for sub dependencies?
16:21:29  <defunctzombie>at the module level no
16:21:31  <defunctzombie>the api one will
16:21:33  <chrisdickinson>(so, i'm using block-stream -- mostly because the original node-tar does)
16:21:49  * dguttmanquit (Quit: dguttman)
16:22:09  <chrisdickinson>sigh sigh sigh; i know it'd introduce cruft but i kind of wish there was a "support legacy globals" flag in browserify
16:22:35  * dguttmanjoined
16:22:37  <chrisdickinson>module level? you mean in my package.json?
16:23:10  <chrisdickinson>it kind of undermines "just use browserify to put your modules in the browser!" to have a bunch of cases where it becomes "roll your own browserify to use this module in the browser"
16:23:24  <chrisdickinson>especially since you only have control at the root
16:23:52  <chrisdickinson>and what if there's two packages that require different "roll your own browserify" bits?
16:24:10  <defunctzombie>chrisdickinson: buffer global was never supported iirc
16:24:26  <chrisdickinson>http://nodejs.org/api/globals.html#globals_class_buffer
16:24:38  <defunctzombie>chrisdickinson: you don't have to roll your own browserify
16:24:40  <chrisdickinson>not saying that's a *good* thing
16:24:55  * mikolalysenkoquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
16:25:17  <defunctzombie>chrisdickinson: just saying the behavior has not changed from before
16:25:25  <chrisdickinson>oh i know :)
16:25:32  <chrisdickinson>i tried it with [email protected] too
16:25:40  <chrisdickinson>but that's a bug, since we support other globals
16:25:46  <defunctzombie>chrisdickinson: also, it isn't an easy problem everyone starts to have different needs and demands, the buffer index thing we could revisit most likely
16:25:58  <defunctzombie>just takes someone to provide a working implementation we are comfortable with
16:26:09  <chrisdickinson>yeah
16:26:10  <defunctzombie>but at the same time, like I said, you can replace your use of it with whatever
16:26:13  <chrisdickinson>that's difficult :(
16:26:20  <defunctzombie>that is what makes it more powerful
16:26:32  <chrisdickinson>well, i'd need to replace it at the `tar-parse` level, *and* at the block-stream level
16:26:45  <chrisdickinson>which sucks
16:27:31  <chrisdickinson>but yeah, supporting global Buffer (do we warn on implicit globals? we should, somehow) would be awesome
16:27:43  <chrisdickinson>i'll see about making a better buffer-browserify and issuing prs
16:28:10  <chrisdickinson>it's so close to api compatibility, it's just missing index lookup / setting, which is also unfortunately the hard part
16:28:23  <chrisdickinson>had this issue with my png chunk stream as well
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17:46:51  <defunctzombie>pkrumins: https?
17:49:02  <defunctzombie>my github badges get stale :(
17:53:22  <pkrumins>ok getting https right now
17:56:17  <pkrumins>it will be done today
18:00:59  <ins0mnia>am I the only one who hates coffeescript???
18:01:59  <ins0mnia>this thing gives nausea to look at
18:02:35  <pkrumins>there is no need to hate it, it's simply irrelevant
18:02:50  <ins0mnia>pkrumins: good point
18:02:58  <pkrumins>you just ignore anything that matches /coffeescript/ in all mediums, that's all.
18:03:14  <defunctzombie>^ +1
18:03:17  <pkrumins>like you ignore ads. coffeescript blindness.
18:03:20  <defunctzombie>pkrumins: \o/ :)
18:03:29  <ins0mnia>I was reading an issue someone submitted to one of the substack's modules and he wrote the sample in coffeescript..
18:03:50  <ins0mnia>pkrumins: lol
18:04:06  <defunctzombie>ins0mnia: yea, happens more than you think
18:08:08  * mirkokquit (Quit: mirkok)
18:13:02  <lyaunzbe>Hey guys, so say I want to use path (the library) on the client side, is this something I could do with browserify?
18:15:35  * fotoveritejoined
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18:37:33  * TToivanenpart
18:40:19  <Raynos>defunctzombie, substack: Maybe put require extensions back for node compat, making coffeescript people not hate you, allowing for loading template / html assets
18:40:38  <Raynos>alternatively just export any non js file as text or buffer
18:40:39  * fotoveritequit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:40:40  <defunctzombie>Raynos: I don't care if CS people hate me
18:40:56  <defunctzombie>CS is not javascript
18:41:00  <defunctzombie>I care about bundling javascript
18:41:00  <Raynos>well yes
18:41:12  <Raynos>I will still patch your thing to just require non-js files as text
18:41:17  <defunctzombie>they can go do whatever they want in their separate language land
18:41:46  <defunctzombie>Raynos: the point of the various components was to make it easy to assemble whatever you needed
18:42:03  <defunctzombie>I personally think browserify is a great bundling tool and leave it at that
18:42:07  <defunctzombie>plugins will help with this
18:42:18  <Raynos>but I want to a way to bundle static assets
18:42:20  <Raynos>mainly templates
18:42:23  <defunctzombie>I know
18:42:24  <Raynos>or anything pre-processed
18:42:25  <defunctzombie>:D
18:42:35  <Raynos>why won't you let me run a preprocessor on my files on the fly
18:42:41  <defunctzombie>Raynos: we will
18:42:41  <Raynos>why do I need to run it seperately before the bundling
18:42:45  <Raynos>cmon!
18:42:51  <defunctzombie>Raynos: we talked about a nice way to do it
18:42:55  <Raynos>Look at your express plugins that bundle all kinds of shit on the fly
18:43:26  <defunctzombie>yea, and they work on stock browserify heh
18:43:47  * mirkokquit (Quit: mirkok)
18:43:53  <defunctzombie>Raynos: I feel your pain about templates
18:43:58  <defunctzombie>the issue gets more complex tho
18:44:02  <defunctzombie>lets say you wnat html templates
18:44:06  <defunctzombie>someone else wants handlebars
18:44:18  <Raynos>just allow arbitary preprocessors
18:44:21  <defunctzombie>now to use their shit I need to have handlebars plugins for browserify to inline
18:44:29  <defunctzombie>and then some other complex use case comes up
18:44:30  <Raynos>{ ".file-extension": "COMMAND LINE COMMAND" }
18:44:42  <defunctzombie>the reality is that a simple.. here is the file is the lowest common thing
18:44:53  <Raynos>well what about screwing those people
18:44:57  <Raynos>and only returning a string
18:45:16  <Raynos>handlebars people can still call `require("handlebars").compile(require("./templates/x.handlebars"))`
18:45:28  <Raynos>same with coffeescript
18:45:37  <Raynos>they can just compile their coffeescript down to js in the client and eval it
18:45:42  <defunctzombie>yea, if the string approach is used
18:45:45  <Raynos>Actually ignore the coffeescript use-case
18:45:48  <defunctzombie>haha
18:45:57  <defunctzombie>Raynos: I totally understand the template desire, I am not against it
18:46:09  <defunctzombie>I think it is an important part of making web components/widgets
18:46:09  <Raynos>I also want to require .svg files btw
18:46:16  <robertjd_>isaacs: how big should i expect the npm registry to be in /var/db/couchdb ?
18:46:19  <defunctzombie>but see, that is where it gets out of control
18:46:29  <defunctzombie>as a user of your lib I would not want that
18:46:35  <defunctzombie>I may have better ways to provide static assets
18:46:41  <Raynos>?
18:46:41  <defunctzombie>like images and such
18:46:51  <Raynos>tough shit, who cares
18:47:01  <defunctzombie>I care, my website, my servers
18:47:34  <defunctzombie>anyhow, because i care I can bring up arguments against supporting it in a general sense, if you want it for your thing.. have at it :)
18:47:54  <defunctzombie>personally I think it pushes app responsibility items to modules where such things shouldn't live
18:48:04  <defunctzombie>Raynos: if you want static assets, go use component :p
18:48:09  <defunctzombie>it will do it all for you hahaha
18:49:11  <defunctzombie>Raynos: what I really want to see is a clever solution to try it out and less talk about it :D
18:49:23  <defunctzombie>the browser field was this way for me
18:49:32  <defunctzombie>I just went and did it cause no one else cared
18:50:58  <isaacs>robertjd_: check it out on http://isaacs.iriscouch.com/_utils/
18:52:00  * mirkokjoined
19:00:21  * shamajoined
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19:24:05  <defunctzombie>I should probably stop trolling people on github issues
19:25:32  <mbalho>- everyone, ever
19:28:25  <robertjd_>isaacs: what does it mean if my registry.couch is 57gb, 10 larger than yours?
19:28:57  * mikolalysenkoquit (Quit: Lost terminal)
19:33:28  <Raynos>defunctzombie: +1
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20:29:44  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) [email protected] successfully signed up for developer browserling plan ($20). Cash money! /!\
20:29:44  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) paid account successfully upgraded /!\
20:38:59  <Altreus>guise I need advice
20:39:01  <Altreus>anyone around?
20:39:16  <defunctzombie>don't do it
20:39:23  <Altreus>I don't know how to resynchronise async stuff - or should I just asynch everything and pass callbacks all over the place
20:39:49  <CoverSlide>Altreus: yes
20:40:00  <defunctzombie>Altreus: maybe, no, yes
20:41:16  <defunctzombie>Raynos: https://github.com/Raynos/after/commit/6c258ba8139b6745e7022b38ab884682904afe41
20:41:21  <defunctzombie>think that is on for a 0.6.1
20:41:26  <defunctzombie>or do you want 0.7.0 for that behavior
20:41:42  <Altreus>okay
20:41:45  <Altreus>thanks :)
20:41:46  <Raynos>I think that's correct behaviour
20:41:49  <Raynos>feel free to bump minor
20:41:49  * lyaunzbejoined
20:42:05  <defunctzombie>Raynos: will do
20:42:08  <Raynos>return the first error, swallow the rest
20:42:12  <defunctzombie>yea
20:42:18  <Raynos>feel free to add some kind of hook thing
20:42:19  <defunctzombie>follows with what the readme says
20:42:29  <Raynos>like an optional argument for other errors
20:42:30  <defunctzombie>about callback called after N
20:42:36  <defunctzombie>Raynos: yea, I think that could be good
20:42:46  <defunctzombie>I will think about it and see if some nice way comes to mind
20:42:47  <Raynos>after(n, callback, otherErrors)
20:42:50  <defunctzombie>yea
20:42:53  <defunctzombie>that is what I was thinking
20:42:56  <Raynos>the problem is
20:42:59  <hij1nx>dominictarr
20:43:03  <defunctzombie>haha
20:43:04  <Raynos>multiple errors from a single thing sucks
20:43:11  <defunctzombie>I like how those statements ordered
20:43:36  <Raynos>You really want a function to either return a (value OR err) or stream of [value, value, ..., (error OR end)]
20:43:42  <defunctzombie>yea
20:43:47  <defunctzombie>but to keep after simple
20:43:51  <Raynos>even a stream should only emit one error
20:44:00  <defunctzombie>I guess the compromise is you can have an optional error fn to capture other stuff
20:44:05  <defunctzombie>if you really want
20:44:12  <defunctzombie>this way no current users are broken
20:44:21  <defunctzombie>and future users can get errors they care about
20:47:19  <defunctzombie>Raynos: what should happen if after is called more than N times?
20:47:25  <defunctzombie>should calls after N just be ignored?
20:47:35  <defunctzombie>regardless of if they have error or not?
20:49:04  <Raynos>defunctzombie: I think they should be ignored
20:49:09  <defunctzombie>k
20:49:10  <Raynos>you could throw an exception
20:49:12  <Raynos>that works too
20:49:44  <Raynos>`throw new Error("your an idiot. Fix your code")`
20:49:57  <Raynos>throw new Error("after/index.js: Raynos hates you. Fix your code")`
20:50:58  <defunctzombie>haha
20:51:22  <defunctzombie>throwing could be good here
20:51:32  <defunctzombie>it is an exceptional situation
20:53:09  * mikealjoined
20:53:30  <Raynos>I think literally putting 'Raynos makes you suffer by crashing your process' in the error message is pretty good
20:53:54  <defunctzombie>haha
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21:15:56  <defunctzombie>Raynos: I sent you some shits for review
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22:09:31  <Raynos>Captain OCD
22:09:33  <Raynos>reviews your things
22:10:42  * dominictarrjoined
22:12:07  <dominictarr>ins0mnia: hey you should publish the html-element thing we where working on the other day
22:12:35  <dominictarr>https://npmjs.org/html-element
22:12:42  <dominictarr>^needs to exist!
22:17:39  <defunctzombie>Raynos: Captain OCD misspoke
22:17:39  <Raynos>defunctzombie: https://github.com/Raynos/after/pull/5
22:18:05  <defunctzombie>Raynos: hot
22:18:12  <defunctzombie>now I think *that* can be a 0.7.0
22:18:19  <Raynos>dominictarr: what is html-element?
22:18:37  <defunctzombie>i'll go ahead and bump it, thanks for the review
22:19:09  <ins0mnia>dominictarr: y0 dominic, yeah this should be published
22:19:27  <dominictarr>it's an minimal implementation of HTMLElement, so that hyperscript works in node.
22:19:33  <defunctzombie>Raynos: dominictarr: I am guessing a wrapper around HTMLElement?
22:19:35  <ins0mnia>dominictarr: was there anything missing in the last modification you made?
22:19:40  <defunctzombie>or that
22:19:53  <Raynos>dominictarr: I wanted one of those!
22:20:04  <dominictarr>oh, there is still stuff to add, but it passes the tests we have!
22:20:11  <Raynos>does it have a toString method and does it support attributes and childNodes ?
22:20:19  <ins0mnia>dominictarr: hehe yeah :)
22:20:30  <dominictarr>but publish it now, and then we'll add features as we need them
22:20:35  <hij1nx>dominictarr: you had said something about lev earlier?
22:20:36  <Raynos>maybe I should just use hyperscript
22:20:41  <ins0mnia>dominictarr: ok then, gimme few mins
22:20:51  <hij1nx>dominictarr: im doing some work on it now.
22:21:02  <dominictarr>hij1nx: st_luke told me what I needed to know
22:21:22  <hij1nx>dominictarr: ok, btw: `lev /path/to/db` works now
22:21:35  <ins0mnia>Raynos: it has toString and childNodes
22:21:38  <dominictarr>Raynos: to has toString, but not attributes yet (5 mins PR though!)
22:21:55  <Raynos>i think thats all I need to run my widgets on the server
22:22:12  <Raynos>#winning
22:22:34  <defunctzombie>haha
22:22:50  <defunctzombie>client/server being different things my ass.
22:22:53  <defunctzombie>JS ALL THE THINGS!!
22:22:54  <dominictarr>hij1nx: sweet!
22:23:12  <dominictarr>the browser is just a VM where you don't have root access
22:24:01  <hij1nx>npm defunctzombie
22:24:16  <defunctzombie>404
22:24:26  <hij1nx>npm substack
22:24:30  <Raynos>defunctzombie: thanks for actually fixing after. I was being a dick
22:24:37  <defunctzombie>Raynos: no worries
22:24:37  * dominictarrquit (Quit: dominictarr)
22:24:38  <substack>beep boop
22:24:49  <defunctzombie>Raynos: its all fun and games!
22:24:56  <Raynos>dominictarr: do you have a strategy for "render a widget/component on the server, then find it in the client and enhance with event listeners"
22:24:58  <defunctzombie>until someone uses coffeescript
22:27:07  <Raynos>with client-side rendering you have a reference to the thing you need to attach events to
22:27:19  <substack>here's how v2 plugins will work:
22:27:43  <substack>for top-level compilation which will not affect anything in node_modules:
22:28:09  <substack>browserify -t pluginname main.js > bundle.js
22:28:39  <substack>first searches for pluginname as a module and expects it to have a module.exports that returns a through stream
22:28:59  <substack>otherwise searches for pluginname in node_modules/.bin as a command and writes to its stdin, reading its stdout
22:29:08  <substack>finally searches for pluginname in $PATH
22:29:13  <substack>and writes to its stdin
22:29:22  <substack>for module-level compilation:
22:29:32  <substack>"browserify": { "transform": "pluginname" }
22:29:58  <substack>which similar semantics but only operational on the local module files, not transferrable into parent or children node_modules
22:30:34  <defunctzombie>substack: api?
22:30:55  <substack>something like .transform('pluginname')
22:31:04  <substack>which you can call multiple times to create a pipeline chain
22:31:16  <substack>same semantics as -t
22:31:26  * lyaunzbequit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:31:36  <substack>oh and you can have multiple -t args that will just call .transform() each time to set up a pipeline chain
22:31:59  <substack>things that will not happen: overloading require() semantics to support non-js and non-json files
22:32:28  * thatguydanquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:32:37  <substack>and this can all be handled by module-deps
22:32:48  <substack>I'll just pass the options directly through to module-deps from browserify
22:32:49  <defunctzombie>substack: maybe .use is shorter? also, at what point will plugins be involved?
22:32:52  * thatguydanjoined
22:32:53  <defunctzombie>are they after module deps?
22:32:59  <defunctzombie>before? during?
22:33:19  <substack>before being parsed for require() calls
22:33:25  <defunctzombie>substack: also, sent over some insert global updates (one of them is a must have) the other a strong recommends :)
22:33:31  <defunctzombie>cool
22:33:52  <substack>but I'm open to later having some post-transform hooks
22:33:53  <defunctzombie>so Raynos will be able to have something that inlines his html
22:34:00  <substack>I'm just less clear on what the use case will be for that
22:34:02  <substack>defunctzombie: yep
22:34:05  <defunctzombie>since that doesn't change require semantics
22:34:13  <defunctzombie>awesome
22:34:14  <substack>coffee folk can have their thing too not that I like coffeescript particularly much
22:34:33  <defunctzombie>substack: you gonna roll require(d) within module-deps
22:34:41  <defunctzombie>or want required to expose that api we talked about?
22:34:53  <substack>either way works
22:35:09  <substack>I was just going to hack it into module-deps but if you want to support this in required i can wait and just use that
22:36:54  <kanzure>hi substack.
22:36:58  <defunctzombie>substack: hacking into module deps seems good by me
22:37:19  <defunctzombie>or required can expose it if we like it and want others to play with it heh
22:37:41  <defunctzombie>personally doesn't make much nevermind to me
22:39:01  * dominictarrjoined
22:39:37  <substack>the commands being executed should also have some way to know what the filename is of the file they are transforming
22:40:06  <substack>an env var seems like a good place for that
22:40:25  <defunctzombie>substack: why not just get it in the stream data?
22:40:31  <defunctzombie>I wouldn't rely on an env var
22:40:56  <substack>out-of-band communication
22:42:19  * dominictarrquit (Client Quit)
22:44:07  <defunctzombie>substack: does it have to be out of bank?
22:44:08  <defunctzombie>*band
22:44:10  <defunctzombie>jesys
22:44:29  <defunctzombie>too much money handling for me
22:46:54  * lyaunzbejoined
22:51:00  <Raynos>Let the FRP consume you ( http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/29330499 )
22:51:19  * st_lukejoined
22:51:30  * mirkokquit (Quit: mirkok)
22:52:12  <st_luke>defunctzombie: do you remember that super cheap vps place you linked a while back?
22:53:07  <defunctzombie>st_luke: digital ocean?
22:53:23  <st_luke>yeah i think thats it, thanks
22:54:06  * mirkokjoined
22:54:09  <st_luke>gonna transfer all my paas stuff to it
22:54:34  <Raynos>st_luke: transfer it to joyent!
22:54:36  <Raynos>Traitor.
22:55:09  <st_luke>Raynos: these are super unimportant sites
22:55:21  <st_luke>the important stuff goes on joyent :)
22:55:23  <Raynos>get some free goodies from nodejitsu
22:56:22  <st_luke>nodejitsu is cool but i dont think its really for me
22:56:41  <defunctzombie>st_luke: you should, it is pretty good
22:56:55  <defunctzombie>st_luke: sometimes a bit "laggy" feeling over ssh
22:57:03  <defunctzombie>because they are 1 cpu instances
22:57:05  <defunctzombie>but otherwise
22:57:06  <defunctzombie>for 5$
22:57:08  <defunctzombie>amazing
22:57:09  <st_luke>defunctzombie: no big deal, not putting anything critical on there
22:57:12  <defunctzombie>yep
23:00:05  <defunctzombie>I use nodejitsu when I have an in memory thing
23:00:10  <defunctzombie>so something like tryme
23:00:33  <defunctzombie>cause it is just a side project and I don't want to deal with deploying it
23:00:52  <defunctzombie>speaking of tryme, more people need to make interactive examples
23:01:05  <defunctzombie>all client oriented modules should have interactive examples
23:03:45  * defunctzombiechanged nick to defunctzombie_zz
23:08:02  <st_luke>defunctzombie_zz: yea, having easy deploys is nice but i think if deploys ever start to feel inconvenient then I should write my own tool
23:15:25  * dominictarrjoined
23:27:25  * mikolalysenkoquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:37:18  * mikolalysenkojoined
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