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23:25:26  <ogd>jfhbrook: ungoldman and bret wanna help run wzrd.in and do maintenance, is that cool w/ you? ive been too busy
23:25:40  <ungoldman>WHAT THE
23:25:52  <jfhbrook>ogd: absolutely
23:26:01  <ungoldman>happy to help, was just seeing if we could get requirebin up to more recent node
23:26:11  <jfhbrook>ogd: ungoldman bret there are a number of concerns about wzrdin that should be discussed
23:26:35  <ungoldman>jfhbrook: are wzdrin and requirebin on same server?
23:26:36  <bret>I would be willing to learn about it some weekend
23:26:40  <ungoldman>yeah me too
23:26:42  <jfhbrook>don't think so ungoldman
23:26:48  <toddself>i'm happy to help too
23:26:49  <jfhbrook>I think we should, the 4 of us, schedule a hangout
23:27:14  <ogd>requirebin is on gh-pages
23:27:18  <ogd>wzrd.in is on digital ocean
23:27:27  <jfhbrook>cause from my perspective, the box is owned by ogd and all I can really do is basic support, and I have a change that's really important for security reasons but is too far reaching for me to try to roll it out on my own
23:27:32  <jfhbrook>especially considering other people use it
23:28:17  <ogd>jfhbrook: can you login? i get key denied for some reason. if you wouldnt mind making sure github.com/maxogden.keys is in the authorized_keys file i'd aprpeciate it
23:28:56  <jfhbrook>ogd: yeah, you doing [email protected] ? I make that mistake sometimes
23:29:00  <ogd>yep
23:29:10  <toddself>whoa i had no clue that URL existed
23:29:27  <jfhbrook>bbiaf dad calling
23:31:07  <jfhbrook>yeah diff key ogd but adding this one
23:31:41  <jfhbrook>uh the perms are causing me grief and my sister is on the phone
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23:33:06  <ungoldman>jfhbrook: cool, happy to help with wzrd.in and help figure out the really important security change. maybe bret or toddself or i will circle back with ya later on. i too am on the phone
23:33:28  <toddself>i'm just over here debugging browser code lol
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23:39:48  <jfhbrook>ogd: ungoldman bret toddself join #wzrdin
23:39:56  <jfhbrook>so we can talk through some stuff async
23:40:06  <jfhbrook>there's some devops concerns that have been fairly major blockers
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