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15:01:42  <Guest64018>hey, i'm super new to v8, c++ and javascript. But I'm looking to create a node addon that performs faster than current execution in javascript. but all the basic benchmarking tests i've been doing for simple things in v8 in comparison to javascript are much slower.
15:02:02  <Guest64018>does anyone have any advice on when converting a module to c++ might be more performant than javascript? or maybe i'm doing something wrong
15:09:56  <caitp>Guest64018, one of the big causes of slowness is frequently jumping between JS and C++ code
15:11:56  <caitp>backends can't, except in very specialized cases, inline calls to code in C++, no way to minimize register saving, calling convention issues, it's overhead that adds up if you have to do it very frequently
15:12:29  <caitp>there are probably better reasons, but those are what I gather are the big ones
15:25:48  <Guest64018>thanks so much. what about creating a js object directly in c++ and then converting it? would that provide any performance enhancement or same issues?
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15:34:34  <caitp>converting it?
15:36:06  <caitp>what does your module do exactly?
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15:38:36  <Guest64018>it manipulates a js object by adding/removing/updating properties (1000+x)
15:39:35  <Guest64018>trying to see if i can get a speedup by writing it in c++ but the time it takes for marshaling is so slow, very discouraging. was thinking if i connect to the db directly and create the object in c++ and pass it forward after all the manipulations it will be faster but perhaps not
15:42:05  <caitp>accessing properties from js can be faster if the shape of the object is always the same
15:42:40  <bradleymeck>well the adding/removing probably invalidates that
15:43:10  <bradleymeck>Guest50070: if you are using an Object as a dictionary with that many properties, I might take a look at Map as well
15:43:13  <Guest64018>no the shape changes, which is why i was thinking there might be a speedup with c++ but even doing a basic comparison of large object manipulation between js and c++ still shows js outperforming c for me
15:44:09  <caitp>you could try CreateDataProperty(), when changing property v alues
15:44:16  <caitp>it should do a better job than Set()
15:44:54  <Guest64018>bradleymeck, what do you mean by looking at map?
15:45:22  <bradleymeck>Guest64018: the JS Map type
15:46:02  <caitp>i'm not sure that would be a performance win ._.
15:46:22  <bradleymeck>caitp: ive seen it sometimes win
15:46:39  <bradleymeck>but try them all, and then figure out which you want
15:46:39  <Guest64018>yeah thanks caitp, i was looking for setters/getters that access memory directly rather than using all the v8 constructs. saw that GetIndexedPropertiesExternalArrayData was a quick way of retrieving property data but that method has now been deprecated, any replacements on new v8 api?
15:47:00  <caitp>iirc the externalarraydata stuff was removed
15:47:19  <bradleymeck>yes it was
15:47:24  <bradleymeck>hence the node snafu
15:47:54  <caitp>CreateDataProperty() still cares about object shape and stuff, but it has the advantage of skipping a bunch of gunk in [[DefineOwnProperty]], and doesn't walk the prototype chain every time it is performed
15:48:07  <caitp>so it could cut some corners and be a bit faster
15:48:23  <Guest64018>ok cool, and it will overwrite a property if its already present?
15:49:47  <caitp>not if the property isn't configurable, but in general yes
15:50:00  <caitp>and it will fail to add a new property if the object isn't extensible
15:51:21  <bradleymeck>aklein: you ever get a chance to look at the Node ES module proposal?
15:52:10  <Guest64018>not sure what configurable or extensible means yet but i'll have a look at creating a js object in c++ and hopefully figure it out. thanks very much you guys, been working on this for a while now getting stuck and discouraged.
15:53:49  <caitp>configurable as in doesn't have that DontDelete property flag, and extensible as in the object wasn't frozen/sealed/target of Object.preventExtensions()
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16:04:12  <Guest64018>ok great, so defaults are configurable and extensible. thank you
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21:29:14  <aklein>bradleymeck: I haven't gotten a chance since it got lots of comments (and I think you said you'd updated it). Hoping to be focusing on modules real-soon-now (getting one more ES6 thing out of the way)
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21:54:44  <jugglinmike>Anybody here familiar with V8's implementation of proxies?
21:54:49  <jugglinmike>I'm interested in this behavior https://github.com/v8/v8/blob/3c3d7e7be80f45eeea0dc74a71d7552e2afc2985/src/js/proxy.js#L45-L49
21:55:20  <jugglinmike>alternatively, does anyone know if jkummerow idles here?
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21:57:49  <jugglinmike>oop, now reading https://github.com/tc39/ecma262/issues/160
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23:52:15  <aklein>jugglinmike: there was even more movement here at the last meeting, I think the Enumerate trap is gone altogether
23:52:22  <aklein>or on its last legs anyway?
23:52:40  <jugglinmike>aklein: yeah, it's on it's way out. See Brian's last comment on that github issue
23:52:47  <jugglinmike>I confirmed with him shortly after posting that
23:52:57  <jugglinmike>since from the discussion, that solution kind of comes out of left field
23:53:31  <jugglinmike>And with it goes the one conceivable use for destructuring in a `for-in` statement head
23:56:09  <jugglinmike>Can't say I'm too broken up about it
23:56:19  <jugglinmike>but Test262 will make you want to write some ugly code
23:56:33  <aklein>heheh
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