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12:03:57  <foocraft>Is there any way to tell v8 not to forward "prototype" property requests to a given v8::Object's property handlers?
12:04:46  <foocraft>It seems the requests are going to the named property handlers I'm creating and even when I return an empty handler the prototype seems to be undefined
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19:22:08  <jugglinmike>That's a new one
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19:41:16  <bradleymeck>maybe I am misreading spec, but is the catch needed for iterator closing? wouldn't a finally still perform the same steps?
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20:23:56  <littledan__>bradleymeck: The spec is extremely specific about various cases where the exception is propagated and .return() is not called
20:24:05  <littledan__>there are extensive tests in test262 for this, and V8 passes them
20:24:42  <bradleymeck>well thats a bit annoying
20:27:32  <bradleymeck>littledan__: do you have the exact reason, I am staring at 7.4.6 / any my mind is just not seeing it
20:27:49  <littledan__>there are tons of parts of the spec for this
20:28:04  <littledan__>overall, it wasn't so bad for us to implement that; the real overhead comes from having a try/catch at all
20:29:22  <bradleymeck>yea, I see it now, it is just a bit strange for throwing in a loop to not close the iterator
20:29:56  <bradleymeck>hells, that makes my use case thrown out the window for now
20:31:47  <littledan__>well, you incur the overhead on all for-of loops, not just for-of loops that use it
20:31:54  <littledan__>or what's your use case?
20:32:04  <littledan__>is it throwing from next()?
20:32:14  <littledan__>the idea is, if next() itself throws, then you can put the try/catch there to call return
20:35:36  <bradleymeck>littledan__: no, the idea is I can create resource management using iterator closing
20:35:49  <littledan__>bradleymeck: what blocks you from doing that?
20:35:58  <littledan__>iterator closing is designed for that
20:36:07  <bradleymeck>littledan__: errors won't close resources in loops
20:36:26  <littledan__>they will, if they come from the iterator user, rather than inside of the iterator itself
20:36:30  <littledan__>do you have a test case?
20:36:48  <bradleymeck>so I still need the junky finally I use in https://github.com/bmeck/managed-task/blob/master/lib/examples/lockfile.js
20:36:58  <bradleymeck>littledan__: I do not for the real syntax, but I can write one
20:37:36  <littledan__>bradleymeck: That would be nice. The iterator close feature was a ton of work and we still may be able to tweak it if it would make it more useful
20:38:54  <bradleymeck>littledan__: https://gist.github.com/bmeck/e78f0fbc486369b05027
20:38:58  <littledan__>if you have a generator, you should be able to simply use try/finally inside the generator and the finally block will always run, as long as the iterator is either exhausted or the for-of loop exits early
20:39:05  <littledan__>yeah, that example should close it
20:39:13  <bradleymeck>now I am even more confused
20:39:21  <littledan__>it's only obscure cases where .return() is not called
20:39:28  <littledan__>they only matter if you implement your own iterator
20:39:30  <bradleymeck>can you point me to an example
20:39:33  <bradleymeck>oh
20:39:38  <bradleymeck>so thats only in the iterator
20:39:47  <littledan__>It doesn't come into play if you use generators, only for custom implementations of the iteration protocol
20:40:05  <littledan__>so it should work! But bug reports are welcome
20:40:12  <bradleymeck>littledan__: ok, so eventually generators may be able to skip the catch{}
20:40:25  <bradleymeck>littledan__: about to break it in for a parser so I had to ask XD
20:40:41  <bradleymeck>thanks much for the work!
20:41:02  <littledan__>well, the catch block will not be reached if an exception is thrown by the loop body, only the finally block
20:41:18  <littledan__>the catch block will only be reached if the generator body throws
20:41:38  <littledan__>it was mostly Georg Neis! I just did a couple little fixes
21:00:50  <aklein>caitp: any reason not to stage exponentiation?
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21:24:39  <caitp>aklein: I mean there are no obvious problems with it, and the extra test coverage would be nice
21:25:34  <aklein>caitp: I would be happy to lgtm such a patch :)
21:25:44  <caitp>s/no obvious problems/no obvious (to me) problems/ --- but I've been sick the past few days and my head is a bit foggy
21:28:23  <aklein>k. seems like it wouldn't hurt to get it a bit more coverage
21:29:19  <caitp>alright, well there's a CL at https://codereview.chromium.org/1823683004
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