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15:34:35  <caitp>jonathan2: file a bug :)
15:34:59  <caitp>although it's probably already been filed in some form or other, rings a bell somehow
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15:52:12  <jonathan2>Yeah, I might. I'm trying to come up with a minimal test case.
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17:46:38  <jwolfe>i would like advice on how much comments is too much comments. I've got a draft of a patch for a very spec-picky issue, and i've thoroughly researched every change I made to to v8 with spec references and test cases. (I still feel like I'm mostly just experimenting rather than truly understanding what's going on, but that probably can't be helped.) After writing a bunch of review comments justifying my changes in the CL, it occurred to me that
17:46:38  <jwolfe>this information should really be comments in the code, and possibly new test cases for the test suite. Here's the question: is the information too much information to put into comments in the code? I'm not sure the relevance of the comments will survive as long as the comments will, resulting in the comments being clutter. Please advise.
17:46:38  <jwolfe>https://codereview.chromium.org/2048703002/diff/1/src/runtime/runtime-scopes.cc
18:02:41  * caitpdefers to adam or dan on that one
18:04:45  <caitp>there are a lot of spec references in V8 code, so I don't know if it's a real problem, but people are picky about comments, so reviewers will probably tell you to add more comments, or not to
18:20:40  <jwolfe>aklein, littledan__: ping
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19:22:55  <aklein>jwolfe: hullo
19:26:19  <jwolfe>aklein, can you give your opinion on the issue above?
19:27:34  <aklein>jwolfe: I'm personally fine with comments pointing at the spec, though the section numbers can get out of date pretty fast
19:28:21  <jwolfe>aklein, is there any stable way to refer to the spec? i suppose there can't be, right?
19:28:58  <aklein>what we have been doing is "ES#some-anchor", but that only gets you to the right section and still lets the steps get out of order
19:29:24  <aklein>I would still say the spec text itself is useful, since the internal naming often doesn't match the spec naming
19:30:17  <aklein>a side note, regarding some of these "is_const" bits: perhaps those are left over from our legacy const support?
19:30:24  <aklein>(lunchtime, bbiab)
19:47:26  <caitp>jwolfe: I believe https://tc39.github.io/ecma262/2016/ is supposed to stay put and be stable, and it's more recent than http://www.ecma-international.org/ecma-262/6.0/
19:48:01  <caitp>some people would prefer that you just link to the living standard, and urls can be updated as needed, though
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21:33:47  <jwolfe>caitp, would it be silly to just give a fragment link and not specify which version of the document i'm talking about? like "// see #sec-evaldeclarationinstantiation". those anchor ids are supposed to remain stable across multiple versions of the document.
21:35:32  <caitp>I would just add the extra 31 characters, but I don't really care all that much
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21:35:50  <caitp>go with preferences of your reviewers
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21:54:02  <jwolfe>i guess the question is: would linking against a specific "old" version of the document be better or worse than linking against no version or the unqualified version? i'm not really concerned with the number of characters; i just want to communicate the right idea, and that depends on how it would be interpreted.
21:56:23  <caitp>a lot of people would say "no, link to the living standard, that's the thing that matters"
21:56:36  <caitp>"a lot of people" including a lot of people on the chromium projects
21:57:00  <caitp>a lot of people would also say "stop adding comments all over the place, just put it in commit messages and stuff"
21:57:34  <caitp>different people would say "stop adding broken links to the codebase it makes it harder to maintain and stuff"
21:58:02  <caitp>there are different perspectives on it, and no real single "correct" answer, I guess
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23:00:26  <jwolfe>aklein, this is what i'm thinking about putting in comments. is the d8 command too much? https://codereview.chromium.org/2048703002/diff2/20001:40001/src/runtime/runtime-scopes.cc
23:02:55  <caitp>I hate when I accidentally `cmd + s` with objects.h or other big header files open :(
23:03:13  <caitp>big header files included by everything ever*
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23:21:03  <jwolfe>caitp, it's a 12 minute mistake for me. i know how you feel.
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