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01:34:04  <caitp>jwolfe: no
01:34:21  <caitp>well, at least not by default
01:34:27  <caitp>I'm sure some people have mail filters or something
01:35:06  <jwolfe>am i supposed to say it when i submit a CL for people to look at? or is adding them as reviewers and writing prose describing my change enough?
01:35:24  <jwolfe>and sending the notification email.
01:35:57  <caitp>You could say "Please take a look" or "Hey, please review" or something
01:36:10  <caitp>just sort of helps notify readers that you want it looked at now
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15:04:21  <jimrandomh>Hello. I've got a JS app that's experiencing frequent crashes in both Chrome on Windows and in Electron in Linux, and I got a stack trace on a sigsegv with v8::internal::OptimizedCompileJob::CreateGraph on the stack (v8::internal::FeedbackNexus::ExtractMaps on the top)
15:04:56  <jimrandomh>How would I go about collecting more information to debug this?
15:22:03  <caitp>jimrandom: I strongly suggest sending an email to v8-users or v8-dev, maybe one of the compiler guys will answer
15:22:51  <caitp>or other knowledgable folks
15:23:13  <caitp>does it occur in release builds, or only debug builds?
15:23:25  <caitp>jimrandomh: ^ misspelled your name =)
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15:25:56  <jimrandomh>Release
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15:27:04  <jimrandomh>Yeah, will ask on their list, just want to make my first email not-useless if possible
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15:29:26  <jimrandomh>(Given that what I currently have is not so much a reduced test case as an unpublished app with lots of non-Javascript out-of-process dependencies, which crashes about once per hour when using the UI normally)
15:32:32  * RT|Chatzillaquit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox])
15:37:17  <caitp>reading a modern version of that code, it looks like it could break during a GC or OOM scenario, but that's really just a guess, not my area of expertise at all
15:39:44  <jimrandomh>Ah, thanks for the hint - that makes my job finding a better repro case much easier
15:39:59  <jimrandomh>(it's probably a GC scenario)
15:40:32  <caitp>--trace-gc and --trace-ic may help inform you get more details for a bug report or question, at any rate
15:41:06  <jimrandomh>Nasty caveat, the renderer process doesn't have a stdout or stderr
15:41:09  * daviquit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
15:41:32  <jimrandomh>I think I can get it one, though
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17:12:17  <jwolfe>if i want to claim an issue, is it ok if i set myself to the owner on monorail? is that what i'm supposed to do? or do i ask for permission/confirmation before doing that?
17:31:52  * iamstef_changed nick to iamstef
17:36:39  <aklein>jwolfe: yeah, setting yourself as the owner is the right thing. If an issue is currently unowned, no confirmation is really necessary
17:37:14  <jwolfe>aklein, thanks.
17:37:38  <aklein>also ideally change the status to "Assigned" or "Started" (depending on whether you've started working on it or not)
17:38:12  <jwolfe>ok. and is the "Send email" checkbox recommended/discouraged/doesn't matter for that updatE?
17:38:28  <jwolfe>is the "Send email" checkbox ever discouraged?
17:40:34  <aklein>I'd say always send email
17:42:56  <caitp>I am having trouble avoiding duplicated code in the ElementsAccessor without adding a way to get an elements accessor for special receiver types
17:43:25  <caitp>but doing that means adding dummy implementations of everything that should never work for those types, and I don't want to do that because that's a lot of code
17:43:43  <caitp>it's cheaper to just have a duplicated impl
17:44:48  <caitp>so many mixed messages from different people on this thing, I dunno if it will ever land and it feels like a waste of time now :(
17:45:44  <aklein>caitp: are the different people just cbruni and bmeurer?
17:46:08  <caitp>and jkummerow now, too
17:46:27  <aklein>ah, didn't see that yet
17:47:16  <aklein>where did jkummerow comment? I don't see it on the CL
17:47:21  <caitp>on the bug
17:48:21  <aklein>ah, I see. at least he seems to be mostly on the same page as cbruni?
17:49:45  <caitp>well mostly, but the main thing is just getting rid of the duplicated impls
17:50:12  <caitp>which is very hard to do in elements.cc, since it takes a lot of work to make that work with non-JSObject types
17:52:14  <caitp>work that is probably not useful for anything else, and so should probably not happen
17:52:33  <aklein>what's special about includes that makes this tricky?
17:52:50  <aklein>I'm wondering why this isn't like the other array builtins that cbruni already moved to ElementsAccessor
17:53:45  <caitp>the CL has it implemented in the ElementsAccessor for non-special receiver types, but the "slow" algorithm is duplicated in runtime-array.cc for the slow path
17:54:22  <caitp>so understandably, we don't want duplicated code in there, but the elements accessor has some properties that make it hard to generalize
17:54:53  <caitp>the super slow case needs to support lengths up to 2^53-1, while the elements accessor is limited to kMaxUint32
17:55:28  <caitp>there's no way to get an elements kind for special receivers. I could treat them as NO_ELEMENTS (which isn't really used anywhere currently), but that seems potentially dangerous
17:56:39  <caitp>for NO_ELEMENTS types, they shouldn't have a "backing store", but the recursive template pattern requires that it has a backing store type with the usual FixedArray methods --- making it FixedArray is potentially dangerous in case it's ever used for a non special receiver type
17:58:17  <aklein>my knowledge of the ElementsAccessor seems like it might be out of date...what's a "special" receiver?
17:58:27  * Keverwjoined
17:59:49  <aklein>(wow there are a lot of things we call "special" these days, that seems like asking for trouble)
18:00:37  <caitp>the main things are JSProxy, the global proxy on the web, the global object, api-created objects with indexed element handlers, named handlers, interceptors, etc
18:01:21  <caitp>all valid receivers, all non-JSObjects
18:01:31  <aklein>well, subclasses of JSObjects
18:01:34  <aklein>er
18:01:36  <caitp>well, okay
18:01:37  <aklein>JSProxy isn't
18:01:39  <caitp>in some cases yes
18:01:41  <aklein>yeah
18:02:07  <aklein>and I assume right now we bail out of ElementsAccessor for the other array methods before we have to deal with those
18:07:05  <aklein>caitp: my reading is that the minimum right now would be to have a "slow" C++ version and the "fast" ElementsAccessor version
18:07:24  <aklein>I don't think it makes sense to teach ElementsAccessor about things that don't have easily-manipulable elements
18:08:01  <aklein>when I say my reading I'm mostly reading the tea leaves of what everyone said so far, I'm not trying to push you in any different direction :)
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18:15:51  <caitp>aklein: that's basically my read, but he is pushing me to get rid of duplicated code :x
18:16:13  <caitp>I don't think it's really worth it to do that, for the reasons discussed above
18:16:22  <caitp>anyways, back in a bit
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