01:07:11  <xaxxon>koldbrutality, commit: a05f85a3db33860f7f9651d904fd4193ee757848 `v8::internal::Runtime_KeyedStoreIC_Miss(args_length=5, args_object=0x00007fff5fbfdfb8, isolate=0x0000000104800000) + 297 at ic.cc:2488 v8::internal::__RT_impl_Runtime_KeyedStoreIC_Miss(args=Arguments @ 0x00007fff5fbfde60, isolate=0x0000000104800000) + 775 at ic.cc:2502 v8::internal::KeyedStoreIC::Store(this=0x00007fff5fbfdd60, object=Handle<v8::internal::Object> @ 0x00007
01:07:11  <xaxxon>fff5fbfdcd8, key=Handle<v8::internal::Object> @ 0x00007fff5fbfdcd0, value=Handle<v8::internal::Object> @ 0x00007fff5fbfdcc8) + 2135 at ic.cc:2207
01:07:50  <xaxxon>vs v8::internal::Runtime_StoreIC_Miss(args_length=5, args_object=0x00007fff5b03cce8, isolate=0x00007fdf49801000) + 297 at ic.cc:2460 v8::internal::__RT_impl_Runtime_StoreIC_Miss(args=Arguments @ 0x00007fff5b03cb18, isolate=0x00007fdf49801000) + 945 at ic.cc:2475 v8::internal::StoreIC::Store(this=0x00007fff5b03ca10, object=Handle<v8::internal::Object> @ 0x00007fff5b03c858, name=Handle<v8::internal::Name> @ 0x00007fff5b03c850, value=Handle<v
01:07:51  <xaxxon>8::internal::Object> @ 0x00007fff5b03c848, store_mode=CERTAINLY_NOT_STORE_FROM_KEYED) + 1748 at ic.cc:1625 v8::internal::Object::SetProperty(it=0x00007fff5b03c6d8, value=Handle<v8::internal::Object> @ 0x00007fff5b03c610, language_mode=SLOPPY, store_mode=CERTAINLY_NOT_STORE_FROM_KEYED) + 82 at objects.cc:4713
01:07:53  <xaxxon>hrmm
01:07:54  <xaxxon>that was dumb
01:07:56  <xaxxon>han gon
01:08:10  <xaxxon>but anyhow, that was the commit
01:08:59  <xaxxon>koldbrutality, both stack traces: https://gist.github.com/xaxxon/5eabcc079a3103abd0f7b3239b2cf3b2
01:19:49  <xaxxon>does it matter if the object with the interceptor comes from a template the context was created from or if it was added after the context was created?
01:48:45  <xaxxon>nope. it doesn't.
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02:58:31  <koldbrutality>it already creates an interceptor when you call it
04:14:35  <xaxxon>ok, well I'm out of ideas :( Hopefully someone on v8-users will have some ideas
04:31:09  <xaxxon>i can't seem to find anything on what it means to be a keyed store vs not
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07:22:32  <xaxxon>plutoniix, thefourtheye anyone have any idea why when I register a named property handler, when I do a set, why it would call either the query or (if there is no query) a getter callback instead of a setter? I can't repro it with simplfied code, either. The only thing I see is the one that works does a keyed store and the one that doesn't isn't a keyed store. Thank you.
07:34:02  * Keverwquit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com)
07:55:05  <xaxxon>or I guess.. it means "holder isnt receiver" but I'm not 100% on holder. that means holder != this... but still not 100% on what it means
08:02:13  * thefourtheyequit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
08:12:39  <xaxxon>reading that thread about it again
08:27:32  <xaxxon>I guess I'm seeing why it doesn't work.. because I'm not asking it to write to the object I set the handler on
08:27:44  <xaxxon>i'm not sure how/why it's a different object, but I guess it makes sense
08:32:42  <xaxxon>does it somehow know if I put an object in an internal field?
08:36:12  * plutoniixquit (Quit: Leaving)
08:36:13  <xaxxon>so maybe a better question to ask... how do I map arbitrary property sets back to a std::map embedded in the internalfield of an object?
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09:07:40  <xaxxon>got my answer on mailing list.
10:17:11  <xaxxon>but I still do'nt know exactly what it is I'm doing that causes the holder != this :(
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20:04:05  <caitp>we throw a really weird error when calling Promise with an undefined new.target
20:04:16  <caitp>"undefined is not a promise"
20:05:06  <caitp>`throw %make_type_error(kNotAPromise, this);` doesn't seem to communicate what we want, imo
20:05:18  <caitp>anyways
20:14:41  <gsathya>oh damn, ff has a better error msg and links to the mdn with a desc even
20:20:03  * Cube8quit (Quit: Leaving)
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20:48:56  <jwolfe>when i get an assertion failure in d8, i only get a meaningful stack trace in debug builds. i thought there was a way to turn on debug symbols in release builds, but maybe i was mistaken.
20:49:17  <jwolfe>passing debugsymbols=on to make doesn't work, and i don't think there's any way to make gn/ninja work.
20:51:15  <jwolfe>"make gn/ninja work" meaning get debug symbols in release builds in gn/ninja.
20:54:53  <caitp>I'm guessing it's related to the StackTrace stringification for your platform (I'm guessing stack_trace_posix.cc?)
20:54:57  <caitp>jwolfe: ^
20:56:23  <jwolfe>caitp, are you saying that you can get a stack trace from release builds on your platform?
20:57:10  <caitp>I'm using stack_trace_posix
20:57:30  <caitp>hard to see what would be broken in the release case, but it should go through there afaik
21:01:05  <caitp>looks like trace_symbols() is null, so it just takes the "output pointers" path instead
21:01:14  <caitp>if I'm reading it correctly
21:01:26  <caitp>so, what causes that to happen? no idea :>
21:01:37  <caitp>`man backtrace_symbols` likely has an answer
21:03:47  <caitp>http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6934659/how-to-make-backtrace-backtrace-symbols-print-the-function-names?rq=1 seems to have some suggestions that go beyond compiling with `-g`
21:14:21  <jwolfe>caitp, so you're saying that no one can get a stack trace in release builds? you're suggesting i change the build options beyond what the existing make and gn infrastructures can do, and/or use a different runtime library in d8. those are all a lot more complicated than throwing a command line switch on a make invocation.
21:14:54  <caitp>I'm sure there's some way, but I haven't tried. I'm just offering suggestions that could potentially work
21:15:02  <caitp>given the tools that are being used
21:23:52  * zvquit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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22:51:29  <xaxxon>can you get a stringification of a symbol?
22:52:35  <xaxxon>also, is symbol still "experimental"?
23:02:48  * Guest59joined
23:17:11  <caitp>xaxxon: v8::Symbol::Name() should get you the description
23:17:38  <caitp>symbols are part of es6, they've been around for a while
23:17:58  <xaxxon>caitp, yeah, on the docs it says "experimental use at your own risk"
23:18:25  <xaxxon>and the name() method was hiding in plain site .. just all those static member functions made me not see it. thank you
23:18:46  <xaxxon>http://bespin.cz/~ondras/html/classv8_1_1Symbol.html "This is an experimental feature. Use at your own risk."
23:18:52  <xaxxon>oops
23:18:58  <caitp>symbols aren't going anywhere
23:19:03  <caitp>the "Name" method might, but not symbols
23:19:12  <xaxxon>http://v8.paulfryzel.com/docs/master/classv8_1_1_symbol.html "This is an experimental feature. Use at your own risk."
23:19:23  <xaxxon>docs generated today
23:19:25  <xaxxon>cool
23:21:11  <caitp>yeah, the api docs have probably not been touched in 2 or 3 years re: that class
23:21:14  <caitp>if not longer
23:22:29  <caitp>yeah, that line of docs hasn't been updated since 2013, i think you're safe using it :p
23:22:46  <xaxxon>maybe I'll make a patch.
23:22:57  <xaxxon>so I can be a 2-time contributor :)
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