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01:59:50  <xaxxon>sparr, presumably you asked your question on ##javascript /
02:13:02  <caitp>v8 is bsd licensed still right? or is it apache 2.0 like everything else now?
02:15:58  <caitp>sparr: because, it (BSD)'s a pretty liberal license, you could probably fork v8 or use the extension API if you need it to do something special
02:16:10  <caitp>apache 2.0 would probably still be fine too
02:18:17  <xaxxon>someone once told me how to print out a v8::string in a debugger but I've since lost it :( anyone know how
02:20:16  <xaxxon>p v8::internal::String::cast(*name)->ToAsciiArray()
02:30:37  <caitp>that will do it for you, es
02:30:37  <caitp>yes
02:30:37  <caitp>I keep meaning to write lldb macros to make it easier to debug v8, but who has the time for that
02:30:37  <caitp>especially when the lldb api is crap
02:37:56  <xaxxon>caitp, what is your involvement with the v8 project? (I'm completely ignorant as to who is who.. you could be google's vp of internet technology and I'd have no idea)
02:39:56  <caitp>I am a VP of technology at Alphabet and oversee the v8 project
02:39:57  <caitp>just kidding
02:40:28  <caitp>I work at Igalia as a contributor to v8 for some of our customers
02:43:18  <xaxxon>ah, cool.
02:48:06  <caitp>I've been working on it for a few years, implemented template strings as a starter project in.. 2014 or something?
02:49:04  <caitp>more recently landed async functions, and have been trying to do a bunch to improve runtime performance, and fix bugs, and trying not to introduce too many new ones
02:50:36  <caitp>and, pretty soon will be doing a lot more work poking at an embedded v8 project to improve performance any way I can. but for now, it's time for a glass of wine and a good book
02:50:38  <caitp>ciao
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05:31:04  <koldbrutality>okay i found the work around but still bloated
06:33:17  <koldbrutality>grrr it's still bugged between 5.1.200-5.3.332... i'm going to have to git bisect again
06:44:54  <xaxxon>koldbrutality, what are you fighting with?
06:47:55  <koldbrutality>i am trying to get x32 v8 so i can build x32 chromium. there is no jit javascript for any current web browser for this abi.
07:38:51  <xaxxon>is the last version of 32-bit chrome that old?
07:49:14  <koldbrutality>no it says 54 on their site
07:50:41  <koldbrutality>that's for windows though
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18:39:25  <caitp>aklein: any chance of non-googlers ever being able to spawn jobs on the master.internal.client.v8 bucket?
18:39:51  <caitp>particularly for try_perf
18:41:05  <caitp>I think the Igalians mainly working on Blink have been able to spawn perf jobs on the builders they use for a long time, so it seems like it ought to be feasible
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19:03:31  <aklein>caitp: we have this problem where v8 has a single person responsible for all our infrastructure stuff, but yeah, that seems like it would be good
19:03:47  <aklein>if you file a feature request on the v8 tracker I can make sure machenbach sees it
19:09:48  <aklein>thanks!
19:09:50  <caitp>filed, and you and machenbach are both CC'd
19:15:37  <aklein>caitp: yep, my thanks was from seeing it :)
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20:22:11  <sparr>xaxxon__: yes, I did. I ended up having to play nasty tricks with Function.prototype to invade a scope I couldn't otherwise reach
20:22:39  <xaxxon__>sparr, context?
20:22:49  <xaxxon__>ahhh
20:33:12  <caitp>what
20:33:37  <caitp>"nasty tricks with Function.prototype to invade a scope..." it starts to sound interesting around there, could you provide details?
20:43:49  <bradleymeck>caitp: override Object#{toString,valueOf} and since there is not true syntax for them Function#{bind,call,apply}
20:44:13  <bradleymeck>then people randomly use .call and you can get a hold of things (especially fancy if you can start up a debugger)
20:44:31  <bradleymeck>ive done it to get a hold of things in the wild before
20:44:56  <caitp>but, what "things"?
20:45:16  <caitp>what is being exposed that wasn't normally? is this a security vulnerability v8 should care about?
20:45:21  <bradleymeck>mostly getting a hold of JWTs and nonces to make API calls that I shouldn't, its not a v8 vuln
20:45:30  <bradleymeck>its a JS language problem
20:48:12  <caitp>so, you could do the same thing in node-chakra or whatever it's called, presumably
20:48:31  <caitp>still sounds like something the committee might care about stomping out if it's dangerous in any way
20:50:01  <bradleymeck>yes
20:50:15  <bradleymeck>its part of the reasoning for frozen realms proposal and the bind syntax proposal
20:50:22  <bradleymeck>but those have stalled
20:53:49  <caitp>hm
21:23:19  <bradleymeck>caitp: did that clarify things?
21:25:34  <caitp>sure
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